Getting To Know Yourself

Harrow, London (England)

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Public program. Gayton Road, Harrow (near London), England. 19 October 1979.

Today we have gathered here to know something about ourselves and not about others. We know that we are human beings and that God has created us from a small little amoeba to this complicated structure called as human being. But does He have any plan behind it? Why did He make us a human being, which is such a beautiful thing according to Me? What was His purpose in creating us? Have we reached that point to understand what is the purpose behind our creation? And that is why it is necessary sometimes one has to reach that stage to know what you are. Are you only your body, your mind, your intelligence, your ego, your superego, or there is something beyond within you? Is there any undercurrent, which works out the whole creation and you? Have you got any role to play in the whole plan of God Almighty? If so, what is the role and where do you stand in relation to Him? If I have to say that there is a great meaning in your creation of your own being and that you do not know your value, you are not to just believe Me, neither to deny Me, but keep a open mind of a scientist. Like a hypothesis if I put something before you, you have to just see for yourself it works out or not.

Now within us there is an instrument, a living instrument, which is being placed very beautifully, as it is shown in this figure, created by God every time we went from amoeba to this stage. And these different lines that you see, three different lines, are the undercurrents of our autonomous nervous system, which we call as sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. We take everything for granted. We take our own being, human being, for granted. We never think. How did we get all these? We take for granted many things, many miracles, like a flower becoming a fruit, a little seed becoming a huge big tree. But now the question is to answer why and how these things happen. The time has come. This time had to come sometime, is promised in many Scriptures. Perhaps the time is there for you to see whether it is true or not. Now this instrument that is placed within us is shown here which has… (Can you take the thing from him? Just if you can lend your… we’ll be thankful. Thank you very much.) … is called as Kundalini. This is placed in the triangular bone of our being, is very nicely placed there. It is the germinating power within us, the primule. In Hindi or Sanskrit we call it ankur which when sprouts gives rise to a new being within us, which we know from all the Scriptures, is called as the second birth. We have to have the second birth. It’s described in all the Scriptures, all respectable ones.

Now what is the second birth? It’s not some artificial ritual by some unauthorized people. People talk of Self-realization. People talk of the all-pervading power beyond. But is there such a power existing? Is there something beyond that we do not see? Now it is for us to see for and to find out, but how? How did we become human beings? We don’t know, spontaneously. How did a flower become a fruit, just spontaneously. That’s a living process. It is all built in, it is within the seed, it is within the flower. It is within you to become that. It’s spontaneous, sahaja. Saha means with; ja means born. It is born with you. It is spontaneous. You cannot do anything about it. You cannot stand on your head, you cannot do any exercises, you cannot jump about, you cannot say anything, but it has to happen within you. Now how does it happen? How do you enlighten a light? Say there is a candle, which is not enlightened, you have to bring one enlightened candle and enlighten that. It’s very simple. Because the candle is ready to be enlightened, you have to just put your candle near the other candle and it just gets enlightened. It is that simple. But the difficult part is you do not get an enlightened, enlightened candle easily. And if you get it, you butcher it.

We have had many such people on this earth before who talked about it, who said about it, who would have done this job, but they were butchered, they were killed, they were poisoned and they were crucified. We always denied the truth. We would not accept it. What was the reason? Because we are identified with untruth. It is difficult to jump to something and to depend on something which we have not known, and easy to depend on something that we have known is our ego. Now within us these three powers act. One comes from the right hand side and goes to the left hand side… (No, it comes from the… yes… this comes from the right hand side, the first one… You stand up and show them.). Now, this power, (left hand side one… yes) is, in the Sanskrit language this channel is called as Ida Nadi, and this power is the power by which we exist, which gives us the power of existence. And in the same manner, the same power can destroy, because negation of existence is destruction.

The second power that we have is the power of creation, which runs from your left side of the brain downward to the right hand side. Now the central power which you see there is the power by which we have evolved. And as far as you have achieved, as far as you are a human being, as far as is your awareness is expressed, up to the point it has reached. But you can see there is gap in between and this gap has to be filled. And this is the gap I am talking about. And for this gap you have got this special power which is called as the residual power or the germinating power which is coiled up and kept there ready for your germination, is the Kundalini. Now there is an instrument here and it has a coil too. If it is not put to the mains it has no meaning. In the same way if your instrument is not put to the mains you have no meaning, because you have to find out the absolute part. You are still living with relativity. That’s why all this confusion is whether you talk of communisms or of capitalism or of democracy or of any other “cracy,” it’s all a confusion still. The reason is you have not found out your absolute, what is your absolute that is within you, in your heart there, inside, placed as your Spirit.

God is reflected in your heart as your Spirit, called as Atma. Unless and until your attention reaches that Spirit, talking about it, doing anything about it, it’s absolutely useless. You have to be really born again. It’s an actualization, which should take place. It is not talking or doing any ritual or anything else. It has to happen within you. Without the happening, it has no meaning. And it does happen and it has happened, for thousands of people have been blessed by this. Now when this Kundalini rises piercing those six centers, first of all it integrates you. These six centers represent your different aspects of being. When this Kundalini rises, She integrates you with your Self. For example, your mind goes on one side, your body goes on another side, your heart goes on the third side. All these things get integrated through this piercing of this Kundalini, through these centers which are six above and one below. The one below is for the protection.

Only human beings know that there is something like innocence. The lowest center is of your innocence. Now, we never think in science that there is something like innocence and that innocence plays a very big part in our physical being. It is impossible for human beings to [REALISE?] because they themselves are disintegrated. For example, science analyses you and disintegrates you. Maybe you will have to get one doctor for one eye and another for another eye. The condition is so bad that you are absolutely analyzed and you are, you do not know how to relate everything within yourself. Now this Kundalini when it rises it goes through all that and pierces the fontanel bone area which is called as Brahmarandra and you become one with the Divine. Then you become one with that all-pervading power and you become collectively conscious. You become. It is not lecturing that we are all brothers and sisters, we must all love each other, we must form United Nations and this and that. It is a happening that takes place. By that in your awareness it happens, by that your own being starts feeling it. Even a child gets it. Even a child may be a born-realized. And then only decoding is needed that on your fingers when there is enlightenment all these centers of the sympathetic nervous system get enlightened and you start feeling all these centers in your hand.

For example, we had somebody who first came to Me – one of the very first ones – and he just couldn’t understand how could he, he had become collectively conscious though the vibrations starting flowing through his hands and he could feel the vibrations and this. So one day he said that the base of this finger is burning. Now this is the finger for the throat, on the right hand side, for the physical side.

And he said that, “Somehow when I think of my father this base is burning.”

I said, “You telephone to him and find out what is the matter with him. He must be having a bronchitis or throat trouble. Because these are for the father and these are for the mother.”

And he telephoned and found out that mother talked to him and he said he is down with the bronchitis. But then gradually you start using this. And you are amazed that you have become really a part and parcel of the great being, like a little cell in the body of the whole, like the microcosm with the macrocosm. The relationship is established and you become collectively conscious. Again I say, you become. Then only you feel the peace, the bliss that is promised to you. And you feel that the vibrations are flowing through you like cool breeze in your hands. It is described in the scriptures, it is described in the Devi Mahatmyam that you feel it like cool breeze.

I was surprised the other day a Jew girl, one of the Sahaja Yogini, she told Me that it is called as Ruah in Hebrew language, means wind. A Holy Spirit, Spirit is called as Ruah meaning cool wind. And even in the Bible or anywhere, any scripture, if you read you’ll find the cool breeze is expressed for the Holy Ghost, for the Holy Spirit. And you start feeling the cool breeze which is all-pervading, If supposing there is a person who is possessed, then you find it little different. A person may start shaking before Me. But for a very short time, it doesn’t trouble you. All the wrong ideas about Kundalini have come from people who have been really naive about it. First of all, a person who is not self-realized and is also a very holy person, a person who is not of that level, has no business to talk about Kundalini. He’s not authorized to do that. Like a village man coming over here and putting his fingers in the plugs. If he says that Kundalini means a shock and the electricity means a shock, it’s just the same.

I haven’t seen even one person, I have been now to various countries and in My own country, thousands of people have got realization without any shock or without any dancing or without any jumping. Nothing happens outside; everything happens within. But with your naked eyes you can see the Kundalini pulsating. With your naked eyes anybody, whether realized or not realized, if there is an obstruction in these, one of the centers – the second or the third – then you can see it very clearly. You can even follow it up with the stethoscope and you can see the pulsation rising and you can see the pulsation going up in the head, here. It is that clear-cut.

Now it is better that we believe into it. We have done lot of nonsense by not believing. This is spontaneous, this is living, this is just emitting. You cannot do anything about it. You cannot pay for it, toll it. It’s insult. It’s an insulting thing to think that you can pay for anything that is spiritual. Those people who collect money in the name of God and live on that money are the most condemned ones. You cannot pay a single pie whatsoever for your spirituality. It is the love of God. How can you purchase? Only your ego people satisfy. They pamper your ego and you think you can pay for it, you go ahead with it and then you have all the money lost to them and then you start saying, “Oh, God, what has happen? We’ve lost all the money, we’ve given all the money and the fellow has run away.” They just won’t take your money; they put spirits into you, they hypnotize you. They take away your money and you are left with such problems.

I’ve seen people developing heart troubles, epilepsy, horrible possessions, cannot sleep for days together. They fall on the street, they just jump, they start shouting, screaming, growling like animals. Are we to become animals now? Or are we to become birds to fly? What are we to become now? Or there are some people who have been jumping like frogs. So are we going to go down to that level or are we going to become something more? Already if you see in psychology, Jung – I hope you have read – has described that you have to become collectively conscious if realization has to take place. Many psychologists have accepted the existence of collective consciousness. They say that there is something universal unconscious within us, which gives us dreams, and symbols of universal nature. This is what you touch when you get your realization and this has to happen to you, which cannot be argued. You cannot argue about it. I’ve seen many people who even get realization go home and think about it. What can you think about it? What can you think of a fruit becoming a seed and a seed becoming a tree and tree blossoming and again becoming the fruit? What can you think about it? What can you write? All these writings you cannot understand unless and until you have found out the absolute. It’s also relative. If you have to understand whether it is the truth or not, you must find out the absolute value of yourself.

Now it is such a wide subject that I’ve been speaking now for years all over and it could not be covered even, I would say, even a little bit so far. There’s a big book they have published – we haven’t yet received them from India – about it. So those who are intellectuals can go through that and satisfy their intellect. But it’s no question of your intellect because your rationality and intellect is limited. This I am talking about the unlimited. Something has to trigger it and that triggering takes place through this Kundalini, which is within you. No intellect can do that, only the divine love or someone who is blessed with that, and even people when they get realization they can do it themselves. It is so.

You may not just now absolutely blindly believe Me, it’s not necessary, but you must try to get to that. After all, what is the purpose of your life? Aren’t you asking for that? If you do not get it what will happen, people may say. All [negativity]. In these modern times, for example, cancer, heart attacks, physically, diabetes, all the incurable diseases, multiple sclerosis, all are awaiting, gout, all kinds of diseases, mental problems, people can’t sleep. It’s all going towards destruction. You are being destroyed because you have not achieved the absolute that is required today for your existence. Today is a very different time. One must know it’s the time of Last Judgment that has come. And this is the way you are going to be judged. This is the chance you have got to judge yourself and that God is going to judge you. So you cannot avoid this. If you try it is not going to help you. As a Mother I have to tell you, you must have patience with yourself, respect with yourself and you must know that you are extremely valuable and don’t fritter away yourself for small, small things. All the time we have wasted our life with all sorts of nonsensical things. We have no time for God, we have no time for ourselves and we have no time for something for which we are born.

May God bless you!

Let’s have the experiment. That’s the best. And if you have any questions ask Me. But should be sensible questions, you see. I’ve seen people always ask such nonsensical questions that the time is wasted and those who really want it, really don’t like it. So if you don’t want to have it you are welcome to go away. If you want to have it, it’s very simple. It will work out. There’s no problem. And if you have any sensible questions, please ask Me.

“No question at all? So you are just waiting to have it, is it?”

That’s the best, best group I ever seen so far, I must say. Let’s see what happens. All right. Just put your hands like this. Take out your shoes. Now, and don’t ask too many questions. Now people say, “Why should we take out our shoes?” You see, just to get contact with the earth, you see. Especially this place is so good I feel that we are just really on the earth itself, you see. So just take out your shoes – very simple it is – and put your hands just like this, just like this. Now, you may close your eyes, if you can. Some of you cannot because you might find a flickering in the eyes or maybe that you just cannot completely close it and some may be shaking their hands a little bit. All such people should open their eyes. The rest of them should close their eyes. Please sit with your both feet like this. Just tell this gentleman also to sit with both the feet like this on the ground. Yes, yes, would be better. Moje be neekal lijiye [in Hindi] If you take out socks would be even better. [Hindi talk]

If there is something tight, say, on your back or, say, on your waist or something, just loosen it a little, if it is tight there, very tight. If it is not it’s all right. You can take out even glasses. It’s all right. Keep your eyes shut and see that there is no shaking in the eyelids or in the hands or fingers. [Hindi talk] You will find that if you watch your thoughts most of you will find there is no thought coming to you. This is called as thoughtless awareness or I call it as thoughtless enlightened awareness because samadhi means enlightened awareness. This is Nirvichar Samadhi. It is very quickly it happens.

[Hindi] And then will be…just you feel in your own fingers, you see. You will feel first, maybe some of you may feel little hot breeze-like thing and then you will feel cool breeze coming within you. You feel very relaxed also with that.

“Feeling it? Are you feeling in the hand? How are you feeling, Feeling in the hand cool breeze? Good. Please keep your eyes shut properly, all right, till you feel the cool breeze coming in your hand.”

[Hindi] All those who are getting cool breeze in the hands, all of you, raise your hands. Let Me see. It’s good. It’s good. Aren’t you, not yet? All right, keep your eyes shut. Keep your eyes shut. It’s good.

Now all those who have been to a guru before and are not getting vibrations please raise your hands; those who have been to some guru. But you are getting vibrations all right, so it’s all right. those who have been to any other guru before and not getting cool breeze in the hands. If you have not been to any other guru then it is all right but if you have been to some guru, somebody else, then please raise your hands. It’s all right. You are all right, you’ll see. Have you been to some guru? You have been. All right. You come here. I’ll have to see you. Just come down. Come in front door. We’ll have to see you. Who else has been to the guru? Just come forward. Those who have been to the guru please come forward, just here. Now please keep your eyes shut till you get it. Just keep your eyes shut. Only the people who have been to guru I would like to meet them here if you do not mind. Please come for one minute. Just come. Please come. Nothing to be frightened of Me. I’m your Mother. Come along. Come off. Nothing will happen. Just come on. Please. Sit down, sit down. [Hindi – Shri Mataji is inquiring about the gurus every person has been to before.]

Now all those who are getting cool breeze please raise your hands again, so many of them. Now please put down your hands. Those who are not getting cool breeze please raise your hands. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Now I would like to go down and see them. [Hindi] Just go and see these people.