The Significance of Brighton

Brighton (England)

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Public Program, “The Significance of Brighton”. Brighton (UK), 15 November 1979.

The name itself is so beautiful – Brighton. It has to brighten the whole country. I have been here twice before also, and I always felt that if a chance is given to Me in this place, we can really start Sahaja Yoga in a big way and can one day this become a pilgrimage. There are mixed vibrations in Brighton. You have the sea. Also, the mother earth here has a special significance, but when something Divine starts emitting itself, the evil comes in a disguise and accumulates in that place, and starts fighting, fighting the Divine, and that’s how it’s a very mixed vibrations I felt in Brighton. But on the whole it is a very good place where Sahaja Yoga can prosper.

They must have told you about Sahaja Yoga. ‘Saha’ is ‘with’, ‘ja’ is ‘born with you’. This is the Yoga, this is the Union that you are seeking with the Divine, is born with you. It is within you. Everybody has said, “You seek Him within yourself [your Self]”. Even Christ said, “You seek Him within yourself,” that means you have to seek, it is your freedom which cannot be challenged. You have to ask for it. For example, if God could at this stage of human awareness transform you to higher awareness without you coming into that play, your freedom coming into that play, He would have done it long time back. But he cannot. You have to choose Divine in your own freedom.

You are seeking, definitely. Perhaps you do not know what you are seeking. But one thing is definite, you are not satisfied with whatever you are. You think there is something beyond which you have to seek. Maybe some of you know, some of you do not know, what you have to seek. But there is something beyond, no doubt, which has been told to you by all the prophets, by all the scriptures, by all the great incarnations that came on this earth. It has been promised also, that you will be judged one day. The judgement, will be first your own, of yourself [your Self], whether you are seeking the Divine or some sort of a frivolous thing. If you are seeking the Reality and the Truth, then only you are going to be chosen, then only you are going to become the citizen of God’s Kingdom.

Now, let’s see who is this God and what am I talking about. In the beginning, it was just a Silence, complete Silence. And out of the Silence, when it awakened, the Silence was awakened. That Silence is called as “Parama-Brahma”, in Sanskrit language. I am sorry, I have to use Sanskrit language, it doesn’t mean that it is something Hindu. These ideas you must get rid of. Because in India, people have meditated much more, they didn’t have to fight the Nature like the one we were fighting now coming down to the hall. The atmosphere is so nice and warm, people can live even under a tree. They had lot of time, they didn’t have to fight the Nature so much, so they had lot of time to meditate. And in their meditations they have found out certain things, for which they have used Sanskrit language.

So, this Parama-Brahma or you can call it this Silence, the Absolute Silence, was awakened, got awakened because it itself got awakened, like we sleep and we get awakened. And then this Silence became what you call Sadashiva when it was awakened and when this Sadashiva started breaking, in the sense that It wanted, It desired to create. As we say, that the morning sun is breaking through the dawn, in the same way, when His desire started manifesting, His desire became His power and It got separated from Him. Now, whatever I say is just a story for you, you need not believe it, but I will reach up to a point where you will see something which you can believe into and then gradually, step by step, you can believe into this theory. This is just a hypothesis for you.

So, when this desire became a power, His power, It was called as Shakti or Mahashakti or Adi [Shakti] means ‘Primordial Power’. This Primordial Power assumed a personality and entity. It had to, if It had to act. If you have only a desire in your heart, it’s no good. We have to transform it into some form otherwise it will, the desire will rise and it will fall off. So, this desire got into a form, we can say, or entity which is called in the Bible as Holy Ghost and in the Sanskrit language as Adishakti.

This desire, then created out of itself two more powers, one to act and one to improve on its own creation. Like that, three powers started acting and these three powers were created. Now, as we know that people have not talked about Holy Ghost much in the Bible nor in many of these scriptures which have talked about the Father, have been able to talk about the Holy Ghost specially when Christ’s Mother Herself was an incarnation of Holy Ghost, He didn’t want to endanger Her life, He didn’t even say that She was the incarnation of Holy Ghost because if they had crucified Her, He would have come out in His own destructive powers. But, the drama was to be played and She remained a silent person.

Now, this Holy Ghost is important for us because Father is just a witness. He is witnessing the play, the game that Holy Ghost is going to play. He is going to enjoy Her creation. He is the only Witness of that game and She is trying to please Him by creating this. Because it was His desire to create, so She created with these three forces we have got, which I call: the first the Desire (Mahakali); then the second one was the Action (Mahasaraswati); and the third one is the Sustenance or you can call it the Evolution (Mahalakshmi). These three powers acted to create us, human beings. Now we are at a stage where we have reached, where one can talk about these things.

Even at the time of Christ, one could not talk of the Holy Ghost. What could you do with these fishermen? Just tell Me, how could you tell them about these things? That was just a preparatory thing, but you know what a mess they have done. Quite a mess is there and people can’t understand those who call themselves religious. How could they be fanatic? Fanaticism and religion are at dagger’s ends. They cannot be one thing. You can see now in Iran, now. You can see anywhere, people, if they are fanatics, how irreligious they are, because Religion is Love.

God is Love, and none of these “religious people” have expressed that love, so far, in a way it should be expressed. Nor have they taken over the work of seeking God. But other things they are doing, like philanthropic work they’ll do, collecting funds or having a jumble sale or sort of a thing. That’s not the job of a person who is seeking God. Under these circumstances, when we are face to face with people who are so-called religious, who have organized religions,  disorganized religions, then fake people, we really get absolutely frustrated, we get flabbergasted and we do not know what are we to do because we are born seekers. We are born as seekers. We might have made mistakes in seeking but we are definitely seekers. If you were not seekers you would have been happy attending some dinner or a ball somewhere. But, no. There is something beyond, something beautiful beyond, which is being promised, which you feel there is, you are aware of it – the existence of that beauty, you are aware of it – but so far you have not reached to the source. And that’s why you are seeking.

Now, these three powers are within us also acting and they have shown here, if you see (indicating the chart), on the left hand side is this blue line that is going down, is the power of our desiring by which we desire, by which we express our emotions, and when this desire is no more left in us – in the sense that this power, when it disappears within us – then we also disappear. And they have not shown the Spirit but, if you see this yellow lime thickened, say that that is the Spirit they have tried to show, this Spirit is the reflection of Father God or the Witness God, Who is within us in our heart, while these three powers have created like a curtain between our attention and between Him. Now the attention exists in this green coloured Void.

It is sustained by our liver, and that’s how these three curtains keep us away from that Spirit. We cannot see that Spirit, we cannot feel it. We cannot manifest it, but we know there is someone who knows us. In Gita, it is called as “Kshetragnya”, the One who is the knower of the field. So, we know there is a knower, and the knower knows all about you, and is tape-recording all that you have been doing, your seeking, your mistakes, your turbulence, all kinds of things you have gone through – all is recorded in that tape and that tape is placed down below there, in the triangular bone which is called as the Kundalini.

This is the residual energy of our desire – means when the whole universe was created, this energy of desire, Adishakti, after creating the whole, She remains the whole because She is complete, you can say. It’s very easy to understand. Supposing there is a light here and I put a film here, the whole film is reflected but the film is intact. In the same way after projecting Itself, whatever remains, is the residual energy, is this Kundalini – means you are the complete projection of that Kundalini, that power which is desire power, which manifests later on into these two powers: the right side power, the one you see with the yellow colour – it’s called the power of action; and the central power, which you have achieved up to a point and the rest is a Void –  you can see [where] the dotted lines are – is the power which is responsible for your evolution from amoeba to this stage.

We should ask a question, “Why did we become human beings from amoeba to this stage?” Supposing I have some bolts, nuts, this, that, and I gather them together, then anybody would ask, “Why are you making this?” So I can tell, “I am making a microphone.” But this microphone also has got a thread here. It is to be put to the mains. Unless and until it is put to the mains, this is not going to work out.

And this is what we have got – these three powers, and the residual power there which is the desire power, which is just sitting down there, which is going to desire your rebirth, It’s your own Mother, and when She desires it, She comes into action only when She sees somebody who’s an authority, who has a power to raise Her, who loves the same way as She loves you, then only She rises, not by any tricks, by standing on your head, or having an exercise, or beating people or all sorts of things. They have devised now, it is a spontaneous thing – Sahaja. Sa-ha-ja. Spontaneously it rises. I mean, supposing now somebody comes to Me: “Can you guarantee that my Kundalini will be awakened? Or not.” I say, “No, Sir. I am sorry. May be, may not be. If you do not argue too much, then it will.” Why? What happens with arguments?

I must tell you what happens. I mean – I don t mean you should not argue, you must argue because I know you have a problem – you are too identified with arguments, you can’t help it. Doesn’t matter. But when you argue, you use this power which is on the right hand side. By thinking, what happens is that you create that yellow stuff there and that yellow stuff in common words is Mr. E-go. And when you think, this ego rises like that and goes on pressing the other one that is the Superego which comes from your conditionings. So this Ego, when it sits on this one like that, how are we to raise the Kundalini, because what happens is that there is no place, no space. It has to be balanced like that. The more you argue, the more it goes on like that. By argument, I cannot raise the Kundalini. That’s why I say, “For the time being let Me see about it. Don’t argue just now”. But, then people don’t like it, you see, they feel challenged. So I say, “All right go ahead.” But what happens when you start arguing, the thoughts go on pressing you and that is why you cannot do it by any argument, by reading a book. You cannot pay for it. It’s absolutely impossible to pay for it. God doesn’t have a shop. No, He doesn’t know shopping, nor you can organize Him. We cannot organize God. He has to organize us. So, any sort of an organized thing cannot work it out.

It’s absolutely like sprouting a seed. You just put it in the soil, put some water – as I say I put some water of Love, I give you some water of Love – then it sprouts by itself. You have a seed, you have the primule, you have a sprout inside, and everything is just ready. It has to happen. By getting angry, it doesn’t work out. By anything that you can do, it cannot work out. You have to be effortless. You cannot put in effort for sprouting a seed. You cannot even transform a flower into a fruit. Actually we don’t do much. What we do is dead. Whatever is dead we change into another, then we change into another. That’s all. We have done nothing living. This is a living process and all living processes are to be achieved through spontaneity.

So, spontaneously it rises. It touches your Sahasrara and you start getting the cool breeze in your hand. Now, apart from the Indian Scriptures, where it is described as Saleelam-Saleelam, this cool breeze, and cool breeze comes on you like a wave. Also in the Bible you have read that, it is the cool breeze. So, the whole power is this power of desire which has manifested into these three powers, this Adishakti, is the cool breeze. It’s like a cool breeze. And it is All-Pervading. When this Kundalini rises she passes through these centers – of course there’s no time for Me to explain all those centres now – and touches you. Now these centers are the subtle centers below our plexuses, which we know in our medical science that these are the plexuses we have got within ourselves. And then you become Self-Realized.

I cannot give you a lecture on that or a brain-washing, you become Collectively Conscious. It’s actualization that we should seek. It has to happen within you, so that you become that – is not just by branding anybody ‘you are a Sahaja Yogi’ – it cannot be. A Sahaja Yogi has to get the real baptism. His fontanel bone has to become soft and the Kundalini has to pierce it, then only he is a Sahaja Yogi.

You cannot have membership, you cannot have anything like that. It is so spontaneous, and if it has not happened in you, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. Till it has happened, you are still seeking. But it just takes a split of a second to happen in people – like children I would say. But it can take quite a lot of time with some people, because we have tried to harm ourselves, destroy ourselves. Actually in this country [U.K.] I have seen that there are very beautiful people born, very genuine, honest, humble. Great seekers of the past, of ancient times have been blessed to be born in this country, and also in America. But, they became impatient, and in their impatience, they have tried to destroy themselves. And that’s how if you have destroyed those centers, then there will be a little problem for a short time. We’ll work it out. But you have to have it. You are born for this. This is evolution which has to take place. You have to know your Self. That’s your right. You must get it.

But the way is not demanding, but asking for it. “Blessed are meek, blessed are those who are meek” has been already said before. That meekness is important, not your arrogance. If you sit on My head and say, “Give us realization”, you see that is not the way. I am not the one who is giving, I should say, but it’s you who are receiving it. Like the river Ganges flows you see, if you throw stones in her, you cannot get water out of her. You have to take a pitcher, a hollow pitcher, and dip it inside, and it will fill by itself. So it is your own asking which receives that fulfilment, and you have to find out that fulfilment. Without that you cannot be happy.

Now we have Sahaja Yogis in London of course, we are progressing with the pace of an ant, I should say. The reason is, it is Reality. You see all other organizations spread because you pay the money and you become the great minister of state there, something like that. And you wear a locket, you become the great disciple of a great fake guru you see, or something like that. It is very easy to do that way, isn’t it? But to become a Sahaja Yogi, you have to face yourself, you have to see yourself, and then the beauty, when it dawns upon you, you can see that it is the Truth that you have to receive and I have to do it.

You should not feel obliged, because that’s My Job. I am paid for that, you can say. Giving you realization is My Own Job. I have to do it. Your job is to take it, because that’s what you are here for. It’s no question of any obligation. It’s Love, just Love. I have to love you and you have to receive the love from Me. It just flows, it emits, only I am telling you the way how to receive it. But our human love, you see, is so aggressive that we cannot understand someone who says, “I love you”. We’ll run away, “You love me, then I’d better run away”, because love means possession. You see human love is such, love means domination, is aggression. This is just Love which soothes you, which raises you to a new awareness, by which you can feel on your fingers, as it’s shown there, the complete enlightenment, and your hands can tell you what centers are there, what centers are catching, in you and in others.

There are so many blessings of Sahaja Yoga, which I hope to tell you about when we have a seminar perhaps there, and all these people can tell you also. But I don’t know what are your problems. I would like to talk to you if there are any problem or question – but not too long because Sahaja Yogis get quite worried about it. The reason is they all have asked Me questions, you know, quite a lot, they feel quite ashamed to remember that, firstly. Secondly, they feel excited that why aren’t you getting your realisation you see, why are you asking questions – better have it, is in your hands. So they don’t like it. And thirdly, they find sometimes that you are asking questions of no value to yourselves or to anyone.

So, one thing if you remember, there is nothing selling here. You have not paid for it. It’s something that’s just flowing, you see. Such a thing, no-one knows of, you see, in this world. It’s just flowing, something beautiful. If you have seen a scene somewhere, beautiful scene, you just watch it. In the same way, if [with] that attitude if you come, just to open your eyes to that, you have to – it’s called unmesh, means ‘opening the eyes’ – just to open your eyes to that beauty, that is your Self, for which you should be ready to do it and there should be no doubts about it because it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.

But if you have any, I would like to attend to them definitely – no doubt. Moreover, sometimes we get very good questions. I have seen that some people who ask questions, are really very good, and also give Me some idea as to what is the problem. So that will be also very much welcome. But don’t sit down with the attitude of doubting Thomas – that’s one thing. So you have to ask Me, if any question is to be asked, please ask Me because Sahaja Yoga is a very big subject, and it is rather difficult to combinate [integrate whole of it]. But this is the one by which you get your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration, because all the centers come into play and enlightenment in all these four aspects of your life, into the totality, so that you feel your wholesomeness in collective consciousness. Now is quite a complicated sentence. I have said it in short but if you have any problem about it, you can ask Me – without any fear. Because I am a Mother.


Are you all right? Good, you’re feeling. They are born realized too. You’ll feel, find out that in final mentally they are born realized. When I’ll tell you, they’ll take over till they knew all the fruit.

Some questions? Something? Better ask Me now because while realization, it should not be brought from somewhere, you know. Some of you stop thinking, if you notice. One really.  When the Kundalini rises above this center, you stop thinking.

(Question of a seeker about the image we have of the yogi living in isolation.)

Shri Mataji: Little loudly.

Seeker: One has heard, I was informed the venture of a yogi, as a half-a-yogi being I learn, and telling just himself is falling into this non-existence door specular and partnering that in isolation and continue to live in isolation and this is a protection to…

Shri Mataji: Who had?

Seeker: One has, one counselled so

Shri Mataji: Correct, correct, I agree.

Seeker: But this isolation is so, maybe he is now too captive.

Shri Mataji: But then how would you come to Brighton? You see from God’s point of view. These yogis they live in the hills. They do even now. I have told them, they know Me very well, “Why don’t you come down?” They don’t want to. They are running away from you. Why? They know you will never understand them. They do not want to be crucified. Those who dared to come down were crucified and were killed. They are not there out of their own choice. They are there because they are running away from the madding crowd. You have to have a big heart to come down on this earth to face people who are blind.

This concept that you have is very good but of no use. They cannot come to Brighton. They won’t even come down from their hills. I know so many of them in India – and they know all about it – they wouldn’t do. They said, “No, we do not want to chop off our heads. Actually, some of them have broken their legs, some of them absolutely in a paralytic condition. They are all caught up. Some of them are on bed and they don’t know what to do with themselves. I had to go and cure them.

It is true but to have such a concept itself is – we are having a concept about God again and that it should fit into that concept. Now they are not going to drop from heaven like that, are they? And are they going to talk to you? First time I have learnt English in this lifetime. How do they know English? They will just sit there with big stones in their hands. Anybody comes there they will be hitting. They don’t want to see anybody’s faces.

So, this is the idea of a yogi is and you cannot conceive of an idea of a yogi who lives in this world. Now Sahaja Yogis have to live in this world and not to run away to these far-fetched places hidden from everyone. We have to enlighten the whole world, not one – few persons individualistic, sitting down there and doing nothing. They are absolutely useless for our purpose. I tell them. They say, “After twelve years we will come.” Now, what am I going to do? Am I going to pickle them down there? They are in the pickle state, doing nothing at all. I mean, are there so many like that and they have tremendous respect for Me and I know they always – sort of they have told all the Sahaja Yogis also about it. And when some Sahaja Yogis went to see one of them he said, “How many of you are willing to give your lives for that?” So, the Sahaja Yogis didn’t know what to… They said, “We all can give life for Her.” And I said, “Why do you want to take their lives for nothing at all?”

You see, these so-called ‘Sahaja Yogis’ who lived on the things have no idea as to what the world requires today. It requires peace. It requires complete evolution. They are just bothered about their own single evolutions. How far will go? You cannot anymore go because in the nature you have seen that nothing grows like a mango tree growing up to eighty feet, does it? It doesn’t grow like that. In the same way anybody who tries to go like that goes out of place.

The yogi is a person who lives in this world. Is – the concept has come to you because some of these horrible fake ones have created this concept. You know, the great yogis of our country who are regarded and respected till today have been living in this world and never went away into the jungles. Say, like Guru Nanaka who was a great saint he says, “Kahe re ban Khojan jai,sarab niwasi sada ulepa tohi sang samai.” He says, “Why are you running away to the jungles? What are you afraid of? The one who is detached, the one who is the saint is living within you. The one who is the yogi is living within you. Where are you running away?”

So, these are the yogis and you can be one of them. And despite that I must tell you one thing, they are quite jealous of the Sahaja Yogis is a fact. Because they cannot raise the way – Kundalini – these people can raise. You’ll be amazed. It’s true. I must tell you this is a fact. They were saying that, “Mother what have you done?” Then we have a tape of a very great yogi from India. He says that, “What have these people done that You have given them vibrations while – he says – I was a frog for twenty-one thousand years I’ve practiced and then I’ve got my vibrations. And these people just like that getting vibrations. Why?” I said, “Maybe is the whim of God. Why are you sitting on the top of a hill there? For your own achievements, for your own courtesy. It’s sort of a hypocrite in a very subtle way I would say.”

And why are they there frightened of others, you see. You have to emancipate the whole world. Christ didn’t go and sit on a hilltop or somewhere. No one. Rama did not go. Krishna did not go. None of these great saints like Tukaram, Gyaneshwara we have had. And all these they lived as married people, absolutely normal. And they are the people who are respected.

So, the idea of such a yogi is all dramatic, I can tell you. You’d better go and see some of them who are there in the horrible conditions as they live.

There’s another one who lives in the Himalaya place called Amarnath. There he lives, you see – funny fellow. And he had one disciple – one disciple he had – and he sent the disciple to a suburb of Bombay, litlle – not suburb, I would say city near Bombay – small little place though and he said he formed an ashram there. And one of My Sahaja Yogini was staying there. So, he went and told her that, “My guru has told me that Mataji is going to come here after twelve years and She is going to raise my Agnya -Agnya Chakra.” So, he went and asked the lady. She called Me he said, “I’ve been waiting for You for twelve years.” Is a fact. You can go and see and find out. So, she was quite surprised that his guru has told him twelve years about Mataji coming here. It is quite surprising, you know. They didn’t know that there was something about Me. And she came to Me and she told Me about this. I said, “All right, I’m coming to your place. You tell him to come and see Me.”

He had ashram of his own. He was staying there and I said, “All right tell him, ‘I’ll come to your ashram’.” He of course came to My program and all that and he was flat on the ground because he saw some things and all that but then he said, “Mother, my guru is waiting for you. Better come in the evening.” I went down and, there, you see, I asked that guru, I said – of course first he was – all the rituals were done and then I asked him, “Why did you not clear his Agnya for twelve years?” He said, “Who cleared my Agnya? Why should I clear his Agnya Chakra?” I said, “I doesn’t matter but you know how to clear.” “Yes, I know but I will not clear his Agnya. Let him suffer.” So, I said, “But what’s the use of suffering?” He said, “It’s very easy.” “Why should you make him suffer like this?” He said, “I have suffered so much so he should also suffer.” But then he gave him a big slap – I was between them. I said, “Why? Why did you beat him? It’s very bad.” He said, “No, you know, before, just before your coming he was smoking here. He has no shame of any kind.”

And he was just, you see, going on like that. I said, “Why? What has happened?” He said, “You know, he came here, three days he put me upside down on the well and he said, ‘Your smoking has to go’.” So, that’s how they are. Then I said, “All right, come along.” And the Agnya can be cleared just like that you can also do it. But, you see, what happens there: they have achieved it through their terrible penances and all that and naturally they also expect people to do all that penance and go down there.

Now the individualistic is over. That was all right because in the beginning only one or two flowers become fruits but the blossom time comes, then many have to become. Unless and until all of them come down to this earth they are of no use. I can’t understand their use. They are just sitting down there. Of course they work out certain things sitting down. Being – being sahaj, they are also collectively conscious so they may work out certain things and all that. But still you have to come and work with the people.

Supposing if you are away from the river and if you say, “I’m thirsty”, what is so great? But if you are near the river and can keep your thirst then you are something great, isn’t it? Living in the desert, if you say, “I am controlling my hunger and I am controlling my thirst and I have no attachments”, it has no sense. Where are you great? If you are so strong enough anywhere you are, you are a sanyasin. You are detached.

Have you read the story of Sita’s father, Janaka? He was called as Videhi, Videhi. He was the only one in the whole history called Videhi. ‘Videhi’ means ‘a detached person from his being’ like that ‘he doesn’t care for’, as you can say ‘a real yogi’: ‘Videhi’. The deha is the body. He has gone beyond the body. And he was the one who had children, who had wife, who had his kingdom and who was a great, what you can call a great connoisseur of heart. And when Nachiketa went to him because he was with a guru and whenever this king came to him the guru would get up, touch his feet and make him sit on his seat, so Nachiketa asked his guru, “Sir, why do you touch his feet? He is a householder. Why should you touch his feet? Why should we all get up? Because he is the father in law of Rama, that’s why you do it, is it?”

He said, “‘No, not because of that. Because he is Videhi. He is the one only who can give Realization. Even Yoga Vashishta could not give Realization. He is the only one who is authorized to give Realization. We cannot give Realization.”

So Nachiketa went to him and asked him, “Sir, can you… (interruption) …known myself.”

He said, “Why do you want to know? It’s rather difficult.” All those things he showed and tried to see if he is really willing. See, for a non-willing person it is rather difficult. So, he took his test and all that and he said that, “All right, I’ll see about it.”

Then he asked him to sleep in a room where he saw that it was very lavishly decorated and all gold everything and he was wondering, “What sort of a yogi is this surrounded by gold and everything. He is sitting down here and he is supposed to be the greatest yogi of the ages. How is he called a Videhi?”

Because he was a king. That was his life and that’s what he was like that. He was not taking money from anybody else, or [peer else?], other people’s money. He was not a parasite. It was his own kingdom where he was living. So he looked it, he was surprised.

So, next day Raja Janaka told him that, “All right, now first of all let us go and have bath in the river.” So, they went to the river, both of them were having a bath. While having the bath a message came to the king that, “Your palace is on the fire.” So, he said, “All right. Just now I’m meditating.” He didn’t say a word and, “Don’t disturb me.” Still he was meditating. Then the message came that, “Your people have all come out of the palace and they are going away.” Then the message came that, “The fire is coming this side and your cloths and all those might get caught fire.” Still he was meditating. But this fellow who was in the – supposed to be the yogi, the one who had gone to learn detachment – ran outside for his cloths, you see. He couldn’t – even he had very few cloths but he ran outside… (Interruption.) [Nachiketa] “…about these things which are so important like a palace and your family and all of them were running away.” He said, “I was in tune with God. That is the Truth. The rest is all falsehood, is all Maya, is all illusion. And why worry about the illusions?” And he too had only one disciple only he gave Realization, is Nachiketa.

This is the trouble. If they could give Realization en-masse they may come down but they cannot. And one person born on the tenth floor, the rest on the ground floor cannot make them understand. They cannot understand him.

That’s why Sahaja Yoga had to come as Mahayoga, as the greatest Yoga.

The manifestation today is of Mahayoga where you meet the divine, where thousands and thousands have to get it. The time has come. I call it the blossom time. Some people say it’s the destruction time, some say it’s the Judgement time, but I call it the blossom time. And this is the time when you have to receive it.

These concepts are not going to help you. They have never helped you neither helped anyone. So do not have concept about it, just have it. Once you have it then you practice it here. No use doing it in the forest because when you’ll come back again then you will live in the same condition. Here you develop the immunity. In this world where you live among your family, among your people, here you develop that immunity.

You will know evil is evil and after Realization you will not like it. Gradually you will come up so well that evil will disappear. You will have to do it here in Brighton. Under all evil circumstances, we have to establish it. That’s what it is. It’s much more daring and much more challenging than to run away on the Himalayas very nicely and sit down there.

Whatever you are earning, whatever your life, wherever you live is perfectly all right. Nothing to be given up. If you are not holding to anything what is there to give up? This is a concept people don’t understand, you know. Like these ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’ they came to Me also. They said, “Mother you have such a nice house and your husband is so well placed in life and you have everything around– while we have given up everything.” I said, “What have you given up?” “Oh, we have given up this and we have given up that and that.” I said, “Really? All right.” I said, “You worship Shri Krishna?” They said, “Yes, we worship Shri Krishna.” I said, “All right, now whatever you think here on My body or in this house worth the dust particle of Shri Krishna’s feet you can take away. Even up to the dust particle you can take away if it is worth that much. So you see around everything. Whatever you think is equal to the dust particle of his feet you can take away.” Now this was too much for them, they didn’t expect. They went round and round. They said, “Now we don’t think that anything is worth it.” They gave in. I said, “What have you given up? These stones? The dust? Why do you live in myths? What are you going to give up?”…

51:18 (Interruption.)

…When it happens to you, you really enjoy it. Everything that he has created for your enjoyment. All this universe is created for your enjoyment but you don’t have that sensitivity to enjoy it because you have a sense of possession. If you possess this room – if I possess that will be a headache. It’s nice to have it for you people and I come and nicely talk here and go away. No headaches. So all these ideas are mythical. This is a myth also to feel that I possess this room. I mean, you cannot possess anything. You have to leave each and everything here.

What do you possess when you go? Your Self Realization. Then you’ll be again born like these children are Self Realized before so they are born today as Realized souls. And they have been saints. They have been living on the Himalayas also but now they have come like brave people in this world to face the reality. It’s not easy. After Realization you will know what I’m meaning.

All right? It’s good. Today you don’t have to give up anything. Nothing. It’s just here within you. But Nanaka has said, “Unless and until you have got your Self Realization, this Bhrama, this illusion, this misunderstanding won’t go. It’s the curtain has to [be] moved.”


Yogi: Three o’ clock now

Shri Mataji: Now, how many of you are noting cool breeze in the hand? Just put attention to the hands. You are all realized souls. So, no problem. You are great. They are not complicate. Put both your hands [towards Me], feet on the ground like this, you see, for mother earth to correct your problems and thinks, you see. It’s only a question of disintegrated being within, you see, like, “This is not corrected, this is loose, this is loose, this is loose, this is loose.” These things are to be properly connected and this is to be put to mains. So these are the two problems that we are also disintegrated first of all and secondly we are not connected to the mains. So this disintegration also is brought to one by the Kundalini rising because She pierces through all your beings and put you together. Once you are integrated, then it works out faster.


Now see for yourself just like this. Just like this in this way. Sit most comfortably and just await this happening to you. You may close your eyes and see if there are any thought in your mind. Ask your mind, “What are you thinking?”

(Shri Mataji and the Yogis begin helping seekers to get their Realization.)

 The back [probably Mother or a yogi is gently taping a back where there is a blocking.] You try this here.


I hear you all not forgive others. Please forgive. Just say that, “We forgive.” Forgiveness is in captioned but it’s a myth that you do not forgive. And what do we do after all by not forgiving this? Only troubling ourselves. Just forgive. Just say that, “We forgive.” Then only you can be forgiven for your mistakes. That’s why again and again you must say that, “I forgive” and “Please forgive us.”

All right? Good! You are better? See. Looks out. Are you getting cool breeze? Little.

Yogini: Good.

Shri Mataji: What about you? Are you getting? Very good. This gentleman? Are you? Not yet. Are you getting cool breeze? Not yet. Left Nabhi very much. You know the left Nabhi problem is? You are all right. Don’t you worry. Now is it? Good.

Close your eyes and enjoy. This is the best time when you get it. This is the highest. Remember it! Because you will find it that after some time you will start thinking about it, you may lose it, so petty think about it, what you call. Just feel it. Feel the relaxation.

Left Nabhi is too much. You don’t pay attention to one particular point. Keep your attention absolutely free. May people have a habit of looking into this – what you call – in between the two eyebrows or sometimes higher.


Let pay attention to your fontanel bone here on top of the head. If you find your attention to be very variably, then let us leave it alone. That’s the best way.


Better? Left Nabhi’s? Good. Where guru you have [been]? See don’t you get worried. That’s the use that they are doing to people. Is it okay? Still a little one there. Better now. It works. That’s such a collapse, quite a lot. There leave it. It’s painful absolute. Now better. Are you getting the cool breeze? Not yet. Are you? This one. Not yet? It has started.

Now how is your Hamsa today? You’re welcome.

And what about this gentleman in the corner, behind Me? No. He has got it…


… They say tendency is here a harm, here, that people sort of feel guilty about everything. There is nothing to feel guilty. In a people, you can feel this. They say something is happening in Vietnam, they feel guilty about it. Of course, if you are in the collective consciousness, if you feel that, then you can feel bothered, but otherwise mentally if you feel guilty, then it creates a problem. So just say, “I’m not guilty of anything.” Just say that. After all this [body] is the temple of God and in the temple of God, there is a light [Atma]. I mean I have no business to despise it in any way. All right?…


(Shri Mataji and the yogis pursue helping the seekers getting their Realization.)