Seeking in The West

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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“Seeking in The West”, Public program, Caxton Hall, London, England. 21 November 1979.

I’m really thankful to Gavin, the way he has explained to you. His method is very meditative by which he permeates. I think he articulates better for the understanding of the Western mind.

Now, I have been here in this country for so many years, and I have been working on Western people, and what I find is that there is a great seeking, no doubt. People are not satisfied with their life, with their mundane life. They think it is very routinous, they are bored, they think something has to happen. Then there are some people who think that if these great books of scriptures have described that there is something Divine, there is something higher, and there is something like what we call the All-pervading Power which is ruling this universe, and if one has to enter into the Kingdom of God, then there must be some way out, and we must find it.

From inside, they don’t feel happy about themselves. They’re insecure, because they think they haven’t got what they have been seeking. So there are markets open for such things, and when the demand comes in there is a supply from everywhere. Also from our great country that is India, we have supply of people coming down.

Today I was talking to the people who have advertised and this and that, and they said that the market people have used all these adjectives, like: “It’s a new way”, “It’s a new style”, “It is what you’re seeking, is inner experience, enlightenment”, this, that, all that. Now one thing one has to say, that they are very clever, that they even say that there “No money is needed, no money will be charged, you will be accepted freely.”

So why are they doing this? I just can’t understand. Why are they playing with the Divine? What makes them do all these things? It’s a very dangerous game. If they really believe in the supreme Power of God, then they must know you cannot play with it. It’s a very serious matter. Most of them sell it, all right? Most of them sort of have a go towards it.

It happens because of two things. One is complete ignorance, what you call, they are denying about spiritual life. They don’t know what is God, what are His powers. They themselves perhaps are just leading, like a blind man, other blind people. They may be not be bad at heart. I don’t say they may want to ruin others. But the others could be really negative, horrible people, satanic, and they give you certain concepts through their books, through their advertisement or whatever it is, and that you accept, and you live by that.

Now, whatever I say, they might say the same. If I say, “This is reality”, they’ll say, “This is reality”. But saying is not the point. What should a seeker do? Seekers should ask for the real. Now, how? Say, I will say that, “Now, I’m going to give you a real cake to eat, or a real pudding to eat.” You must taste, and you must see that you feel the taste of it, and that it should be a cake and not a plastic stuff.

Now when you start testing these people also, you may get some sort of a scorpion biting in your tongue. Or maybe they might spoil you with it. It is that dangerous. They have done to many people like that. Those who come to Me, most of them were affected by some sort of a horrible person hitting them, because they are seeking.

They will also say the same thing as, “We speak the language of love and of heart.” I mean, it is very difficult and complicated in this world, where people are playing games with themselves and with others. They live with it. We should not play with ourselves. We should not play with the lives of others. It’s a very dangerous game, as I have told you. Not only that, but it may reduce your chances of Realization today. We should find out, is there something happening within us? Are we getting transformed? What actualization has taken place within us? This should be the criteria. Have you felt anything in us?

Actually, I never expected that one day I’ll have to speak like other salesmen are there, that “This is genuine”; because so many have cropped up now. But it is impossible to make people understand that “Seek thyself”, or Self Realization, means you should know about yourself and about others. It’s to jump into the collective consciousness. It’s an actualization. It is not just talking, talking, talking, or just brainwashing. It’s a living force. If it is evolution, the living force has to work it out. It has to come up by itself. You should see it, you should feel it, it should be perceptible. It’s not something in the air. But you have to give a little time to it sometimes, sometimes not.

Such complicated personalities we have developed because of our thinking and over-thinking. We want to think about everything; as if we can even think about God. We go round and round ourselves, see, like a little cat getting into the circles of wool around her, and then she doesn’t know how to get out of it. So we create our own cocoons in which we suffocate.

So it is necessary to little bit put down your speed, and then see for yourself what you should expect. When you say “Self Realization”, when you say “Self”, what is it? Now, when I’m talking to you it is theoretical; you may think so. It’s not, in a way, because Sahaja Yogis know it is not, but for normal people who are not yet realized, it’s absolutely a theory. All right? You don’t accept Me, but you don’t deny Me, right? It has to work out. If it does not work out your need, we’ll have to tell you that it has not worked out. It has to work out.

Now, aren’t you wanting your Self Realization? Why should you be attached to anything which doesn’t give you reality? This, I cannot understand. Some people, because they have paid the money, they think we should go through the, all the bad experiences. But it is not only an experience which doesn’t leave its dent in you; it leaves a very serious dents.

So now we talk about what we are seeking, that is Self and Self Realization, and mechanism about which Gavin has said. Today I will talk about Self, because I have been talking about the mechanism so far, and would be nice to change over the topic a little bit.

Now what is the Self we are talking about? What is Self Realization? As I said, you can take it as a theory for you. You can accept it as a theory for the time being. But then if it is a hypothesis, it has to be proved. Give yourself a chance. Do not jump into conclusions suddenly. Pay some attention to yourself. You have been running a rat-race. Stop it for a while. This is for you, only for you people. I don’t need it; you have to get it. It’s a gift. But that should not make your ego just stand up like that. After all, a mother can give you a gift, isn’t it? What is there to be so angry about it?

Now, the thing that we are talking about is the Self within us, in our heart. He resides within us. We should say “it” resides, it’s better, because it does not have any bias, it is detached. It is the reflection of God Almighty which is called as the light, the light that enlightens, that light that flickers within us. That is the Self. That is the Spirit. That’s not spirit the way people understand the spiritualist. This is your own expression of the reflection of God within you. God is reflecting in your heart, of which you are aware, but you cannot see through it. You need to follow My point, this one. There is light. Light enlightens, there is the flame, the light, and this light enlightens everything. There are three things. The one that is to be enlightened has to know the One that enlightens it. You’ve got your life, you are leading a human life, you are a human being. God has made you a human being. Or evolution has made you a human being. If you feel challenged even if I take the name of God, all right, let us keep it that you are a human being because of evolution, all right.

Now this human being has to know that One, the One who has brought forth this evolution. Do we know how we have become human beings? Do we know why we have become human beings? Is there is any purpose to our life? Or we are just born here to enjoy life and die, or cry and weep and die? There is something to be known, but we have not known it. So all these three things are in one personality, that is, the Self.

Now, these personalities are expressed within us in three ways. First is our attention. Through our evolution we have developed a personality by which we have an human attention. Attention is spread out like that. But directed attention is called as laksha in Sanskrit language. So we have two types of attention. One is the attention as it is, and once you put your attention to something, that is another attention, we can say, or the directed attention. This attention we have developed through our evolution; is within us, but is not yet, though directed towards Self, has not reached that.

So this Self, this Spirit, this Atma has got to enlighten that attention that is ours, because our attention is not enlightened. We have no discrimination. We are so confused. We don’t know which to believe, which not to believe. We don’t know why … is correct, or … is correct. We are so confused. Our attention is confused. Why? Because we haven’t found out the Absolute. Why? Because in the darkness we are seeing our things. If our attention is enlightened, then we can see everything clearly, but is only possible if you touch that Spirit within you, that light within you. So you are attention, you are Chit, but unenlightened one. So human attention has reached a certain stage of development, but is not yet enlightened. I say so; you believe it or not, but it has to be enlightened. I say so, and it has to be done, which you also ask for.

So the Spirit can be only known through the enlightened attention which you have, and it can be only enlightened by the light. This is the problem. Once you understand that there is a flicker within us which we cannot reach, there is Somebody who knows about us everything, Kshetragna, knows about the field, what we do. But we cannot attain that. Though we are aware of it, His being there, there is some sort of a curtain in between. What is that curtain? – is of ignorance. This ignorance also can go, only if there is light: again the same problem. There is a curtain of ignorance, and we cannot see that light which has to enlighten, because the curtains are drawn. We are in complete ignorance. So the ignorance has to go, by discovering the truth about it.

So we come to the second point, that is the truth. Now, what is the truth, people will ask, what is the truth? Without the light, how can we explain? Supposing you find a rope lying on the road or somewhere, and you’re frightened. How are you to be convinced that it is not a snake but it’s just a rope lying, unless and until you put some light on that, and show for definite that this is just a rope and a myth? So your attention has to be enlightened, first thing, and to get rid of your ignorance you have to find out the truth. And then you know that the Self, the Spirit emits joy, joy which is beyond the duality of sorrow and happiness. You have to go beyond that, beyond the duality, to be that. That’s your destination.

So how to reach to that, is the problem. There is a way inside us, already created within us. The One who has created you, the One who has made you a human being, is going to arrange for you the same thing within you. Every seed has got a primule, a germinating power within it, and it grows spontaneously by itself, and it can create a tree. Then, is it not possible that God Himself has to worry about His own creation, which has flowered into human beings, that He should Himself do something about it? It’s absolutely rational.

How much truth have you found out so far? Whatever is subjective in you, is the truth. The rest is only your endeavor, on your effort. Say, for example, if you know this is hot or cold, of course that is truth, that is subjective. If you can feel the numbness, yes, that is subjective. If you feel pins and needles, that is subjective. All the rest of it, whatever you do, is your effort, is to read something or to write something, or to inform something. God knows how much part of it is the truth and how much is not.

So the idea of truth itself is so confused, because the means of knowing the truth is so limited within our… You have to become with your Self as absolutely identified, then you can see through it what is the truth and what is not the truth. But so far, as a human being, what have we discovered so far? That there is a moon hanging in the air or in the atmosphere, and that you go and find the same sort of thing that is here. That’s not the truth, by any chance.

Who has made the moon and the earth? Who has made even us, this brain, which takes you to the moon? No questions have been answered by science so far. If you ask one simple question, why there is gravity in the Mother Earth? Why? One question, why? You ask the scientists, they cannot answer. It’s just whatever is there. You see this hall is made, all right. Then you have seen this is how it is made. Yes, it is before you. You see it. What is so special? What is to discover in it? How it is supported, why it is supported. But still why? Why is so much weight there supports so much of weight? Why? So, no questions can be answered.

Why are we human beings? Because the truth that we have found out is through our rationality, which is a limited thing, which can only tell you whatever is in the matter around us, or whatever you see in the human psyche that’s happening, which you can see clearly. But why it happens, nobody can say.

So with that, we should not develop an inferiority complex. No, that is the amount of achievement you have got now. You have to go further with it, that’s all. Not to feel inferior or in any way confused about it, or in any way guilty about anything, but just to be in the center to see that we have reached a certain point, and we have to go further, finished. This is what you are seeking today: your wholesomeness. You are seeking in that, because you are just moving alone, and you are not related to the moon. You do not know how you are related to England. You do not know how you are related to your own wife, or your children, everything. That evolution, the last bit of it where the instrument is completely created, and that evolution where you have to jump into that higher evolution, into that personality which can perceive, which can perceive, I said. Again I’m talking about actualization, which can perceive, can feel as a subjective experience, not as an objective experience, like for a poet, I would say, stand here and give you a big romantic scene out of this snow. And you may get into that imagination and enjoy it, but again you come down straight on the grass, on the ground. I am saying “the subjective experience,” means that is to be built in your awareness. It’s not just to be believed into or imagined into, but it has to be built in you, like a flower becoming a fruit. It is no imagination.

So then only you can get enlightened. Your attention will be enlightened. When the attention is enlightened within you, naturally you start seeing things from the real angle. The thing that looked like a snake to you becomes a rope. A person who looked like a bad person, starts looking something different, because you couldn’t see the person. The whole entire personality changes gradually, but this movement can be very slow in some people, absolute snail’s pace, and in some people it is very fast. It trips very fast, depending on what sort of loads you have on your head, on your attention. If your attention is too involved and too much into … and too much into all kinds of absurd things, you see, then it takes time. But if you’re like a child, it works very fast and the impact is very great. Then also not to feel bad about it, that if you do not get it very fast, it’s all right. I have patience, and you should have patience with yourself.

So this is the spiritual contract we have to have within ourselves, is that, that you have to have your experience because it is promised to you. You have to get it, and that you have to love yourself as I love you. Full faith and patience we have to see.

So these are the three things which come into place suddenly by a certain movement. And what is the movement that we have? We had gas lights before in this country, and one flicker would be burning, and when the flow of the gas would start, it would enlighten that light and the whole place would be filled with light. The flicker is burning in our heart, and that flicker is there. While something has to happen, that force has to come from somewhere, and that force is kept within you. It’s really in the purest form, absolutely preserved in the back-bone. In so many people you can see the rising of it, and it passes through the center, the central line.

Now there are three lines, as you see. The one left side is the one which is the existence, which gives you the joy. The second one in this side is the line which creates your attention, and the central one is the one that gives you the awareness or the truth, as far as you know it.

We are aware of many things. For example, we are aware of the filthy odor; an animal is not. Human beings are aware of many things, but we are not aware of sin. We talk of righteousness. We are not aware of a person, whether he is righteous or not. We are not bothered about ourselves, or whether we are righteous or not. We are very worried about our own cleanliness outside. We must have a wash, must always wash, put some good fragrance; you see, others should not feel our dirt and filth. We are not aware of the filth that we have within, and others have that filth within them. We carry on; oh, we compromise: we can live with anyone we want to, we cannot feel it.

So “something new” means, what should happen? Should we start dancing, all of us? Or should we start singing or jumping, or standing on our heads? Or saying that we are very bad, and something is wrong? There is this program coming tomorrow; they paid three hundred pounds for that nonsense. This all we can do. It’s not difficult to stand on your head. Some people were trying some tricks to fly, and they were trying the tricks in a way that you do it in a circus, to jump on a horse, you see. You practice it and then you can jump quite high to get on to a horse. So they were practicing, you see, that. You pay for it also, thinking they’re going to fly in the air like that, you see.

All this foolishness and stupidity, we can all do it. It is in our effort. We are quite capable of being very stupid. Animals cannot be. This is other awareness we have got. If we want to be, we can be really stupid. Now, we see that stupidity around. We know that people are stupid, we have been stupid, playing stupidly. It’s very interesting sometimes the way people are stupid, you know, quite flabbergasted at such things. We are ourselves. This is also human achievement, that we can be stupid if we want to.

The other achievement human beings have very nicely achieved and have maintained, is that they can disintegrate themselves. They had a gentleman coming to Me. He said that, “Mother, now I have no feelings.” I was shocked. I said, “You have no feelings?” “No, no feelings for my children, no feeling for my wife, no feeling for anybody. If somebody dies, I don’t mind.”

I was quite surprised at him. I said, “How could you achieve that? What are you doing?” He said, “Nothing. I am running for three miles these days and jogging.” I said, “With that did you develop this thing?” He answered: “Yes, and what a nice state!”

Instead of getting joy, you develop a dry, cruel personality. A tiger would be cruel, as much as he has to be. Means he has to kill people and eat, that’s all. But human beings can be cruel to any extent. I mean, you wouldn’t find anybody like Ayatollah in any animal state, you see, somebody behaving like this. We have all kinds of things we have made by our disintegration. That’s how we become spies, and all sorts of things we do. We have wars, because we start justifying everything by our rationality.

So this is the achievement we have got so far, and here we are, seeking God. Now, God is integrating. He integrates, while we are busy playing games. His game is very different. He will integrate you in such a way that you cannot disintegrate any more. He’ll give you that joy, that you will not go any more to these useless pleasures of life which are for a very short time, and then you give up. He does that. He works it out that way. That’s what we have to receive. If you try to do that, then He will know that you are doing it. After Realization you start feeling it on your fingers, that you are doing wrong. Say, we can feel everybody’s chakras on our fingers, once you are enlightened. The centers by which you can guide others, by which you can guide yourself, by which you can understand yourself and others, is only possible if you are enlightened, if the light has come in your attention.

Now I feel this, I know it is cold. I feel that, I know it is hot. But if you feel somebody who is, suddenly you feel, you see, you are feeling hot here on this finger. Every person who is a realized soul will feel this finger hot. Everyone will feel from that person. Now, what does that mean? If you feel this finger hot, what does that mean? That means the other person has a problem with his father, or he himself as a father; the fatherhood is challenged in him, just imagine. We have our father within us, and the father that we are going to be, within us, and you can feel it. No medicine, no human awareness can detect it. None of your instruments can detect it. Like, this is the problem with this man, is that he is unkind to his father, or he is unkind as a father. You go to the psychologists, they’ll ask you ten questions and end you up in the lunatic asylum. They will follow later!

This is a little child, say, who is a realized soul, can immediately say the same thing: “This is the finger that’s catching.” And also you are to be told what is the decoding, what does this mean, what does this mean, what does this mean. You need somebody to tell you, and I’m here at your service. Not only that, but you have to also know how to correct. I’ve said it a hundred times and again I’m going to say the same thing, that cancer can only be cured through Sahaja Yoga, and a Sahaja Yogi cannot get cancer. It’s a fact, but it’s not easy to convince people.

Yesterday I was watching the film made by Mr Wallace who was a very great scientist of this. What he said, that in this country it is so difficult to establish yourself, because if you try to say anything that you have got, people will immediately try to find out what you haven’t got, and they will deny you, and they are experts in it. I said, “I had it!”

But it is for you to get something. This is one thing, if you realize: “We have to get something”, then you wouldn’t be that critical, you wouldn’t be that frantic. You will settle down a little bit: ” Let’s see what I can get out of it.” You have to achieve something.
This is what is Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja – “Saha” means “with” and “Ja” means “born”. It’s born with you, spontaneously in your evolutionary process. You are here now at this point. As it is shown here, there are these seven chakras within you and there’s a Kundalini there, for which you can get a chart from these people and you can understand, as Gavin has said, that: “Four, five years I’ve been realized, and knowledge is so great.” It’s very true.

And every day I’m learning myself from human beings what sort of things they are have gone into, see: many things I have never known, that people could be that stupid or could be that cruel, or could be that funny. It is very, very surprising how people play games, how they play that cunning. I’m really flabbergasted sometimes, how they have lost their innocence, and how do they believe that others have no brains? Give it up. It has no meaning. That’s not you are here for; no, no! It’s not meant for you. It’s meant for some jugglers, or we can call them some horrible devils, not for you. You are seekers, you are saints. Evaluate yourself. If you are real saints, then you should not go in for anything that is not real: discard it.

About the mechanism, about the Kundalini also, many people have written such a lot without knowing anything about it. Look at their audacity! I cannot imagine, how can you write about something which you do not know a word? Getting a shock somewhere, you start writing about electricity, its creation and everything; how can you do it?

This is another achievement of human beings. They can write falsehood, they can tell lies, they can write lies, they can write books after books with lies. They can give you all that is non-knowledge, absurd, false, just because they think they must be significant somewhere. Or they can do anything. They can put their nose in such a way that it looks like eyes. Or something like that they are up to, something absurd. Absurdity is a quality of human beings. Human beings cannot be absurd, but they are! Now, the animals are surprised at the absurdity of human beings. They just get confused: “Why is he behaving like this?” You might see your dog or cat sometimes puzzled at you: “Why is he so like this? What’s the matter? Is he all right?” It has been happening to so many people around, you must have seen, and you must be wondering, “What is it?” The thing is, they are not yet complete.

So all these things are only possible when you have the light. For example, when you are walking in the dark, a cat will see you because cat can walk straight on. A dog can walk straight on. There are some birds who can even hear the rumbling of the stones when the earthquake has to come. But only the human beings do not know anything about the future or the past, and also does not know anything about the present. He is groping, and his groping looks stupid and looks funny. But once the light comes in, then he walks straight. But his straight walking also is not going to help you, unless and until you walk straight, and you get it.

So all the concepts we have about things may be stupid concepts. I have seen people, when they come to My program, and if they ask too many questions I know that they will be the first to leave, just to disturb the meeting and to delay, just to show off, be significant. Mostly, ninety-nine-point-nine percent ask questions and they are the first to leave. After asking the question, they are the first to leave; is a very common experience that we have had before.

So Sahaja Yoga is a way of nature, is the way of God. He has given you the right to be that. It is your right that you get it. That you establish yourself is your own doing, where you put in your effort to establish yourself. But to get the light is all right, then you establish it yourself; look after it, grow in it, mature it, enjoy it. Then only, you enjoy. Unless and until you are grown, you cannot enjoy.

So you have to grow into it, then you will enjoy, and that is the Kingdom of God which is being promised to you, in which you feel collectively conscious. This is what it is, and that is the Last Judgment, which has been told. How are they going to judge you? Are they going to weigh you on the scales like the beauty contest? Think about it: how are they going to judge you? (part missing)… of cleansing yourself, going ahead. And takes time. It’s not (part missing) be cleansed through this Kundalini. She works it. She goes round. She cleanses you completely. She cleanses all your problems, gradually, and then you start settling down. That is how you are judged. She judges you. She tells, “Here is the problem. That is the problem.” You judge yourself. You see for yourself: “This is the problem. That is the problem”; you correct yourself. Once you have corrected yourself, then you accept that correction. You are told how you correct. It’s very simple methods are there, because the radiation of Divine starts flowing through you. As Christ had said, “Something passed through My body”.

But you have your own gods, you have your own goddesses, you have everything of your own: it’s just mythical. Face it yourself. You need not believe into anything, but you need not disbelieve also. Just like as you go into a college, you have to study, not believing into anything or non-believing, but you have to see for yourself. You have to experiment yourself. In the same way, it is very individualistic in a way, but works out in a very collective method.

Now this time is over, I think. I’ve spoken today a different language, of the Self, of the Spirit. We have to think about the Spirit. The rest is all useless. We have to get to it, not by reading about it, not by talking about it, but by taking our attention to it. And you do not take it. Actually, it is the Kundalini which is going to take. But let it work out; Kundalini has to work out. It’s very simple: like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle, in the same way it works out. But if the candle is a little upset, then the same candle which is enlightened can also put it right. It is that simple. Not to allow your egos to be challenged in any way. It’s a very simple method. Just think how you have become human being, in a very simple way. You never even felt. But first time, you are going to do your evolution, that you are changed, transformed, because it will happen in this lifetime.

I hope it will work out for those who are new and those who have been coming. They’ll go deeper into it, to understand that it’s only the light of the Self which one has to achieve, and then you become that. You dissolve into that. That’s the beauty everybody has to achieve.
May God bless you all.

Now those who have come for the first time, I would request them to sit mostly on the first or the second row, and the Sahaja Yogis can sit later on, because, you see, I can put more attention to them.

Oh, nice to bring the baby over. It’s very sweet of you.

Please come forward, please.

These days I find many children who are born in England are born realized. They’re just born realized. You cannot make out between a realized person and non-realized person, but a realized person can make it out. So many children we have seen are born realized, and they have a special value. They have a special value: very special vibrations. You can make it out who are the born realized, and they recognize Me, too. So nice you brought them along, and you must also know that if you have realized children as your children, you, too, have a very special value. If you do not come up to that, that’s wrong. They have chosen you because they think there’s something about you. Otherwise, why should they choose you? Self realized people choose their parents with great care, and it would be really failing them if you do not come up to that.

So, let us have the Realization. Just put your hands like this: very simple way, is like that. If you could take out your shoes, would be better. Put both the feet on the Mother Earth, just like this.

Now, what do we do, is nothing but from your hands. As you know there are centers here, as I have told you. These centers receive the message in a subjective way. It passes through your Visshuddi chakra there, because it goes here on to this center and informs here. From there it goes up and informs the lowest chakra there, which is below the Kundalini. This is the center of innocence, the first chakra, is the most important, and that informs the Kundalini that: “All right, the message has come.”

Then this Kundalini starts rising through these different centers. These centers are landmarks of our mental, physical, emotional being, and also spiritual being. And when they pass through that, and the Kundalini when it passes through that, it starts enlightening those centers and showing what is the problem. If it cannot move, it makes an indication on the fingers of the realized soul. Then they can correct it there. Then it goes up. Then they correct it, because it flows from their hands, this, from their fingers, this power. They correct it, and then by correction they allow the Kundalini to rise and pierce this bone here, which is known as fontanelle bone. When it pierces this bone, then you become that subtle form, you become that subtle being which is collectively conscious. You become, again and again I say, you become. But first thing what happens is that your attention is enlightened, that is, you start feeling the cool in the hand. Or we can say that the subjective truth is dawned upon you, that you start feeling cool breeze in your hand.

Now, it’s written in the Sanskrit language also and also otherwise in the Bible, anywhere you read, that “Salilaam, Salilaam “. It’s the cool breeze. The Mother flows like the cool breeze. The Primordial Mother, the Adi Shakti, or the Holy Ghost, has the cool breeze. So it starts coming like cool breeze within us. That’s the light of the Spirit. That’s the Power of the Mother. That starts flowing, and you start feeling it gradually happening to you. It goes inside and you see that, once it starts coming into you, that you turn to some other person, to find that you are giving cool breeze.

It would be nice if I see some people who give Me cool breeze, but so far it has not happened. That’s the only problem, but if they could give Me, I’ll be very happy. It’s always you get it from Me. So doesn’t matter, because My style is just to give, and give, and give. I cannot take. So far, I’ve not been able to take. I wish one of you could do that; I’ll be very happy.

This is the peace. This is the bliss, and by which your fingers get enlightened, your attention gets enlightened, you start feeling others, you start understanding yourself, where are you caught up. If you put yourself into a cocoon like this, and you see watching: “Where am I caught up?”, you can see. Sitting down here, you can think about anybody, your mother, father, anybody; you will know which center you are catching, and all these centers denote something within you. But if you want Me to teach you everything in one day, it’s not possible. You have to give some time to yourself, that’s all. I think that’s the only thing needed, is that you have to give some time to yourself, and you have to value yourself. You have to do it seriously and take it upon yourself, so that your physical being, your mental being, emotional being is all completely cleansed, and you enjoy your spiritual being.

So let’s have it now. Let’s see. Just put your hands like this, like that, and you have to close your eyes. Some people cannot close their eyes because they get flickering. If that is the condition, then open your eyes. This is not hypnosis, not any brainwashing, nothing of the kind. If it does not happen, it does not happen. But we have people here who can work it out. I can work it out also.

All right, let’s have it now. Ah, I hope you don’t ask Me questions, because it’s unnecessarily a waste. Some people have something in their head, but just forget it. You get yourself realized, and then we’ll see about it.

But it’s not only today. You have to come again. Come again and establish it within yourself, and all the knowledge I will tell you, everything. No secrets will be kept, and you will become master of this.