Realisation is not of the Intellect

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1979-12-03 Self Realization Is Not Of The Intellect London NITL HD, 68'
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“Realisation is not of the Intellect”, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London, England. 3 December 1979.

Thanks for the nice talk he gave. And also I thank all of you for coming down here.

In his frantic effort of explaining to you that you have to get something here, is the expression of his own experiences about himself. He had problems of the same style as you had. And he knows that if you go on analysing things with your brain and with your intellect then you are going to delay. And because he knows what mistakes one may commit, and he has also seen so many doing that, that’s why he’s trying to tell you that, “At least if we have committed mistakes you be cautioned and you learn from our mistakes and try to come up fast and listen to it and take it.”

Now the seekers are there, as you know, but, as he says, they have labelled themselves as seekers: “We are seekers”. And they are so proud of seeking, that he himself has told me, that now they do not want to give up seeking even if they find it. It’s a very funny situation and I said, “Why is it so, that?” He says “No, you form a sort of a habit. Then you don’t want to give up the habit because you’ll go into sort of a funny situation if you give up the habit. And that’s why they just want to continue with it even if they have found it. I mean, all kinds of complicated situations we have faced so far.

But a simple thing is this – very simple thing – is to understand that there is something beyond which we are seeking. The beyond is the Self within us is the Spirit. The Spirit that resides in our heart. And this Spirit has to come into our conscious understanding.

We know there is someone who is watching us who knows all about it. But He is not in our conscious mind: means we cannot see through Him. He sees us. We look at Him as something hidden behind the curtains. But now how to remove that curtain and to become one with that?

By becoming one with that, what happens is that you get connected to the mains and to the whole, of which you are part and parcel.

The whole universe, the whole creation is a part and parcel of one organic Being. Through our ignorance we start thinking that we are separated from it. Till we are animal stage we are going according to the will of the Nature and we do not have the freedom, so in a way we are one with that Divine force, but we are not aware of it.

Only in the human stage, it is said that you will become aware of it. It’s said in all the scriptures: like Koran, like Bible, like Vedas, like Gita – which is a part of Veda you can say. Also great sages all over the world, right from Moses, Abraham, Socrates, Lao Tse. In India: Janaka, Nanaka, Vasishta. Later on people like, we can say in the history, about 6th century, we had a very great saint or a great personality or an incarnation like Shankaracharya.

All these people have been talking about your second birth; that you are to be born again. Unless and until you are born again you are not a Christian, you are not a Hindu you are not a Muslim. Keep it one name. There are ten names to one thing for ‘twice born’. So it boils down to one simple point that you are to be born again. You are born again and again. From amoeba to this stage you are born again and again. There must be something continuous otherwise how do you improve onto it?

So you reach a stage which is called as human being and now here it is said that you are to be born again. Only in this stage – when you’re born again – it is in your own consciousness. All other stages you never felt how you are born again and again. And this feeling that you are seeking, that you have to seek something, comes to you from the unconscious because you are to be born again. And unless and until that happens to you, you are not going to feel happy. Like anything that is made, any instrument that is made, if it is not put to the mains it doesn’t work – it has no meaning. And when you find life meaningless you turn to seeking.

But the One who has created you, so far, has made you a human being from amoeba, has made arrangements for it. What are the arrangements he had made within us for our germination for our second birth is shown in this figure.

I am today talking to people because there are lots of people who are new, and they should be able to follow it up that we have all these arrangements within ourselves.

Now this is not so complicated as we make it. If you think by reading about it you are going to have it, we have had many readers, so far. I mean we have books and books and books. We never read to breathe. We never read to have a human existence. We just have it. In the same way if you have to have your Realisation you are not going to read about it. It has to be something spontaneous, Sahaja, is born with you: “Saha-ja”. “Saha” means “with” and “Ja” is “born.” It is with you, within you. It is said everywhere. Everybody has said it is within you. Now where is it? The Spirit is in the heart. But where is the germinating power?

I am sorry for this but this is what it is. Poor Cooly has vanished in thin air! He’s feeling very, Cooly has kept outside. I’m sorry, but today is the first day we have such a small room, you know. (Laughing)  I’m sorry for this we have. Sit down, sit.

I think leave the door open otherwise it’ll bang at you. You can sit here. Marcus you can come done here in front. Nahi nahi mere ke kene. Tuhi koi ayega to khol lega, khule honee kije ke rakhiye, bas. Ha, just now. They’ll come, they know. They’ll all come. They’ll find out after all. Jab koi ayega, then you should be able to move out. This is what I am saying.

Actually in Sahaja Yoga we have very tall people with long legs  (laughing) and they find it difficult to fold them up you see.

Now, as we have got this being without any difficulties, it’s nothing serious about it: it’s just there. It’s the play of God’s desire. We have got it. In the same way our Realisation is also going to work out with that living force which has brought forth this human being.

Now that living force has also, within us, through our evolution, has created all this.

These are all different centres which are subtle centres, which are, we can say, the undercurrents of our being. These centres you cannot see with your naked eyes, because they are placed either in the spinal cord or in the brain. But they do give rise to gross centres outside.

Now these centres are beautifully placed and the first one with the four petals is called as Mooladhara Chakra. Now this centre is placed below the Kundalini. Now mark, this is a very important point: it is placed below the Kundalini.

This represents the material side or we can say the matter that is within us, is the Earth element within us, is the jada (inanimate matter) as they call it. Is the – ‘dead’ is a bad word – but, I would say, the thing that is not yet been awakened. The mother element of Earth is there, higher, but this is the child element – that is the innocence – is placed.

The embodiment of innocence is placed under the Kundalini. That is called as Mooladhara Chakra, and which controls also our sex. It gives rise to pelvic plexus which also has got four sub-plexuses.

Now it is interesting to note that it is placed under the Kundalini, so if the Kundalini has to rise She doesn’t go through this. So sex has nothing to do with Kundalini rising. Only thing is that, when the message from your hands when you are placing your hands towards me, the message – please sit with your hands like this – the message that there is somebody who can raise the Kundalini, or the message to the Kundalini or invitation to the Kundalini, goes through your fingers, down, here, passes through these two lines that you see, and informs that Deity which is sitting down there, who is Shri Ganesha; Who when [he] awakens and informs the Kundalini which is the Mother of Ganesha, Gauri, sitting in the triangular bone; which they call as a three-and-a-half coiled serpent, because it has got itself in a shape of a serpent. It is three and a half coil. It has also got a very great mathematical significance: three-and-a-half.

Now this power is the germinating power. Now it is called as the residual power. Means after creating the whole binda, the whole zygote of a human being, still it remains the full. This is the power that we call the Mahakali power, because it is the power of desire of God. He desires that you should get your Realisation. The desire of God is expressed within us through this Left Side power which you see, left side channel, is called as the Mahakali power. As long as He desires we exist and as soon as He doesn’t want, we do not exist. So the Left Side gives rise to our desires and also looks after our emotional side. Means it is not yet materialised.

The second power you see on the right hand side, yellow one, is the power to create. This is called as Mahasaraswati power. In the Sanskrit language these are expressed very clearly. We can call it the creative power. The creative power of God descends within us, through this, and is effective in giving us creative powers: of thinking power, of mental effort, and physical effort. So we put in our mental and physical efforts through this power which is called as Mahasaraswati power.

In the centre is the power which is called as the evolutionary power which as you can see has gaps. And this is the power of Mahalakshmi power, which is not yet fully connected. This is the gap. So we have three powers. In the same way, in the gross, we have three autonomous nervous systems. The one on the left is called as the left sympathetic, one on the right as the right sympathetic and the centre is called as the parasympathetic.

Now, left sympathetic acts for our emotions, the right acts for our physical and mental efforts, and the central acts for our coordination, for our balancing and for supply of this power, vital power.

But as these two side powers, left and right, start working, as a by-product of these two powers we develop two very big balloons in our head which can be called as ego and superego: one is yellow coloured another is [the] blue colour and they cross over. Because of this the head gets covered and we get separated. The fontanel bone here gets calcified and you become Mr. X and another becomes Mr. Y and another becomes Mr. Z. Now you are separated from that All-pervading Power, because now you have to know it in your consciousness. Then you start seeking.

It is something like this we can understand that evolution could not go any further. Like a little chick, bird, which does not know how to fly. So the mother hides herself somewhere and starts calling. Ultimately the chick bird gets the confidence and flies towards the mother. Because you have to know what this power is, you have to know how to manoeuvre this and you have to know how to enjoy this power of God which He wants to bestow upon you.

By this power the whole universe is ruled; is the power of divine love. It exists. It is everywhere and after Realisation you are surprised that you become, again I say ‘you become’, you are actualised. It is no lecturing that you have to be this and have to be that. It actually happens within you that you be collectively conscious: means you can start feeling others on your fingers as shown there. And you get Self-realisation by which you see within yourself what you are. You start seeing your chakras within yourself, one by one, and you can correct it and you can correct the chakras of others also.

Now I agree it’s a very difficult task, as they say. But some experts may be there, some masters could be there. For example, once upon a time, even to come to London from India was of course an impossibility. Even to go from Bombay to Banaras, people would sell out their houses, everything, and everybody would cry as if they are going to die on the way – it was that impossible, it was so very slow. But as the time has moved you have got now aeroplanes and you are going to the moon. In the same way, the Kundalini shastra has improved so much that today we have among ourselves, thousands of Sahaj Yogis in India who just get their Realisation in thousands, in thousands. In the cities of course there is a problem because people are very complicated.

In the West they get their Realisation very fast, no doubt, because they are real seekers, no doubt, but they lose it equally fast. The reason is: once they get their Realisation as usual they must have read some books of analysis of some psychologist [such as] Mr. Bowen – I have heard recently [this] name – and they go home and start analysing. Once you start analysing it’s finished.

You cannot analyse it. I am talking of synthesis. And if you start analysing it, the living thing is finished. Supposing you have to analyse this finger, just think like that, you cut it from here first of all, then you open it out one by one and see for yourself what is inside this. Here I am talking of synthesis.

Moreover one should know: by thinking you have not got it, by analysing you have not got it, you have just got it spontaneously. So why should you analyse it? You should employ the methods which are synthesising you, [which] are putting your whole being in one line or you can say in one thread [so] that all your diversified temperaments and beings are just fixed together, that you become one with the whole, that you become completely relaxed.

As I gave one example – which many people like it very much – that some people were told not to take too much luggage on their heads and in an aeroplane they went, and they said that you shouldn’t take too much luggage on the aeroplane. They put back their luggage on their heads thinking that aeroplane may be feeling more weight for that, so they were trying to reduce the weight of the aeroplane. In the same way we are trying to reduce the weight of the aeroplane.

The One who has created us, the One who has made us human being is going to make us that great. But Mr. Ego says, “No how can it be? I must do it myself.” You cannot. You cannot even transform one flower into a fruit. And we must accept: we have done nothing living, what we have done is all dead. Like creating this building now: is all dead; from dead to dead; just changing forms.

So if the smallest living thing God has to do then this thing He has to do. And He’d better do it. For Him it is better that He does it, otherwise He will lose His own significance and meaning to His Creation.

But what we have done in our freedom, is like, you were asked to sit in a small little boat, and we were about to cross, while everybody started jumping in the sea. For nothing at all you started going on to the left side or to the right side. If it came to crying, weeping and troubling yourself, destroying, self-destroying, you did everything that was possible under the sun. Then when it came to destroying others you did everything that was possible under the sun. So either to the right or to the left we have been going a bit too much, and that is why we have to correct that point. That correction also one can do with Kundalini awakening.

Everything is possible and it has to happen. It has happened to thousands and should happen.

You can see with your naked eyes the movement of the Kundalini. But in some places it is so fast that you just start feeling cool breeze flowing for your hand. It is said in the Bible that from the Holy Ghost you get cool breeze. It is said. Of course, I mean in the Indian scriptures you know that they are full of it. There’s a very beautiful shloka of Shri Shankaracharya, he says “Saleelam, Saleelam”: a cool breeze starts flowing. He calls it as “Chaitanya Lahari,” he calls it as “Saundarya Lahari,” he calls it as “Ananda Lahari.”

But many things happen when the Kundalini rises. It is not just [that it] happens that Kundalini straight off comes into it. What you call the pranalay, manalay: all these things takes place, all the Raja Yoga takes place within yourself, the  bandas takes place and then the Kundalini comes up. But it comes so fast that you do not feel any one of them. This is why this is Maha Yoga stage of Sahaj Yoga. Maha Yoga stage because, at this stage you meet. Till you have not met me, you have not met me. Maybe you might have come up to Victoria or even up to this place and if you have not met me you have not met me. So if you have to meet me, then that moment when you meet me is the real point. If you have not met me, till that moment it has no meaning. In the same way all yogas are useless, if there is no Maha Yoga.

So, the time of Maha Yoga has come and you have to get it and it has to work out. It is as simple as that.

That’s why Gregoire is very frantic because he knows that you should take it because he has been to many gurus. Most of them have been to gurus and all sort of things they have been to, and they have suffered a lot. They have gone through hell with this have really suffered a lot. They know that what they have gone through by going to gurus. And that’s why they are frantic, that, “Please now give up all that!”

For this you cannot pay, because this is love of God and you cannot pay for the love of God. You cannot pay for the love of God, is no question. Because it is insulting on the contrary, I think, that we think of paying. And anybody who talks of these things is a nonsensical fellow, is absolutely nonsensical.

So first of all you get your Realisation. Then one problem arises which I must tell you, which I have seen happening, apart from analysis and all that. The one problem that arises is that you start facing yourself. First of all some of you who have harmed yourself. Like the other day we had a gentleman who has been to a spiritualist. Now they look very harmless you see spiritualist people. But they very harmful people. Poor fellow, he had all kinds of diseases and everything when he came to me. And he has been to the spiritualist church. Now spiritualists are nothing but absolutely, what you can call them, they are the people who put possessions into you. So he was completely possessed. Apart from diseases he could not sleep and he was getting hallucinations and jumping out of his bed, and was feeling that his body is leaving him and he’s going anywhere else. All kinds of complications he had.

So, when he got his Realisation, he started feeling pins and needles first of all, when he put his hands towards me. In the hand pins and needles and things like that. He got a fright. I said “Why? Face it,” because that is the problem. In the light you start seeing everything. If there is no light everything is black, well and good, no problem. If this sari is not clean you cannot see if there are any spots. But as soon as you clean this all the permanent spots you can see clearly. In the same way you start seeing them.

Once you see them there is nothing to be frightened. Because you must know that now you are separated from yourself, which was dirtied which was spoiled which was aggressed. That personality is separated from you, believe me. And then it is very easy to cleanse that.

You have to be a little bit patient with yourself. Of course I am very patient no doubt. But you have to be patient. Sometimes it happens that, if the problem is there, you start facing it in the way that you may see that – now this finger is catching, this finger is catching, “I’m getting heat from these two fingers Mother, now what does that mean? I’m not getting cool all over?” That means something. These two fingers denote two chakras. And if there is a problem in these centres you can be cured. You can be alright.

So this Kundalini not only connects you with the Absolute, but gives you all absolute spiritual values. After that if you want to ask questions, say, “Is there God?” Immediately cool breeze will start flowing. The rapport is established. You are one with the Absolute.

Unless and until you have absolute, you cannot decide about anything. Whatever you decide is nothing but relative. And all relative values are confusing. You do not know whether it is right or wrong. For example now if I give you a ring like that, you will say “Alright, it is ring, this thing this thing. It is so much price this.” That’s all, finished. Somebody will say “It is nice,” somebody will say “I don’t like it,” Somebody will say “is yes it’s good, but this…” Depending on if you are French, if you are Indian or English. But, if you are a realised-soul, you will immediately know it is Mataji’s ring, all of you. How? Even if it is kept here and they’ll know Mataji’s ring is somewhere here. How? Because there will be vibrations oozing out. And you will know that these vibrations cannot be from anybody else but Mataji’s ring.

You’ll be amazed, we went to Kashmir and we were going in a car and suddenly in a jungle I felt tremendous vibrations. And I told my husband, “There must be some sort of a big temple here or must be some living Deity that has come out of the Earth, must be something.” So I asked the driver, “Is there any temple?” He said, “No temple here. There’s no Temple.” I said, “No, it’s not possible there must be something.” So I said, “Alright you follow this way,” and we went nearer and nearer and it became hotter and hotter, in the sense cooler and cooler, because you start feeling cooling with the vibrations. And amazement came to me. The driver said, “Yes, that is true, there is a big place here called as ‘Hazrat-bal,’ and one hair of Mohammed Sahib is kept here.” And when we went in, they were very kind to me, suddenly I don’t know what happened to them, they didn’t ask me I was Hindu, Muslim or anything, just took us inside and everything. And I was just in full enjoyment of that place, with one hair of Mohammad Sahib. So the whole value is decided and judged on vibrations.

So you get a new awareness which is called as vibratory awareness. So your awareness itself is enlightened. Means, the word that is used in Sanskrit for enlightenment is ‘pra’. You are prabuddha. Your awareness becomes enlightened. That you start seeing the things, or feeling the things, which are absolute, and knowing which are not. So your whole priorities change. And you become a dynamic personality, absolutely dynamic, because your powers start flowing, and you get such a big, canvas or you can say spectrum to work with.

As Gregoire has told you that I’m a very good cook, yes. I’m a very good housewife and I’m good at thousand and one thing. And also I run a big organisation of Sahaja Yoga and all those things I do.

(cassette side 2: Cassette label indicates side 2 as “afternoon session.”)

Come along. I wish, Djamel you had brought one of your aeroplanes here! Come along. Is there somebody else coming in? Please come in. Come, come here Djamel. He’s coming from Algeria.

Hello. Come along, come along, come along. Hello… come along, sit down. I’m sorry!

You see this is the mess in which we are today, thanks to Caxton hall. Ha aap log agar samne bhatjai, tho acha ho ga baisab. Aap jar hai? Acha ho aye ham pyas peeka aajao. Haa. lekin bahut soch ke puchega. Waje ye hai ki, koi… prashna aisa hona chahiye, ki, ha kyonki usse agar dimag logo ka uchal jaye, chiita gar unka, uchal jaye tho cheek nahi kyonki bas soch vich, nazuk kaam hai. Aap samaj hai? Ha. Kyonki is me puchne ka kuch hai nahi banne ki baat. Ugar ban jaye, tho ban jaye. Aur nahi bane to nahi bane. Aisa hai iska haal. Waise tho aapke sare savalon ko mein javab de doon gi. Par is vaje sime ker hi hoon kin ka chitta ek dam se doosre jagah le jayega. Banake cheez le jaa rahe hai. Thik?

Now he wanted to ask some questions so I have requested him that just now don’t ask me questions because just now I am putting your attention to something, your attention may be diverted. And I don’t mind any number of questions, you know that I have answered thousand and one, and I don’t mind answering, but that’s not going to give us the Realisation. What is it we want is Realisation, first of all. Let us work it out and then we’ll talk about it. Because in darkness what is the question. In light then we’ll talk. In light you can see better, then we’ll talk about it. First let us have the light.

So now we come to the end of our lecture for today. I have given an introduction. The questions that are going into your minds I know. One of them is, of those who have come now, is that they have heard horrible things about Kundalini. I have to tell you that those people who have no right, no authority to raise Kundalini, if they raise the Kundalini there is a problem. They have to be absolutely holy pure people: veetaraga (वीतराग)  as it is called. Sahaj Yogis is different, they have a special authority, but normally they have to be very highly evolved people to raise the Kundalini. If they try any tricks the Ganesha who is sitting there in the first chakra gets annoyed and they have complications.

So if, supposing, a person like me who is naive who doesn’t understand what is this instrument (microphone) is and tries to do something about it, it will only break it. In the same way, people break that Kundalini, they break that instrument, and we have had a very bad time correcting it.

But why ask such a question also? Supposing it is easy why not have it? I mean that should be the normal reaction. Why should we say that, “It is said that it is very difficult”? Alright, maybe, but we are going to do it fast, so why not? Lets have it! That should be normal attitude, isn’t it? But human beings are very funny that way, isn’t it? Because supposing I say, “There’s a diamond here free for you, come along, have it.” They’ll come all the way from Australia! Then why not for this?

So, I would request you to get your Realisation first. If you think too much about it or if you analyse it, it will not work out.

My idea is that you should get it. And that’s why I’m telling you, to take it easy. Do not take it in a frantic way. Just leave it alone, it will work out.

It’s just like germinating a seed. It’s like just enlightening a lamp. One candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle. But supposing the other candle is all the time falling this way, that way, or if the attention of the other candle is not alright, then how do you enlighten it? So keep the attention in the centre, it will work out.

The most important thing is that you should get it otherwise what is it? That life has no meaning. This is what you are here for so you should get it. If you don’t get it, then we’ll find out the question or the problem. Alright?

Now don’t put your mind into a questioning style, but just let it go. Let it go, let it work out.

Now here there are at least 60% people who are realised souls – among you, sitting. Or I would say 70%. And those who know all about Kundalini, raising of the Kundalini, everything they know. They have seen Kundalini rising. Now you have to be one of them.

Today is a very international gathering here. We have people from France, we have people from Switzerland, we have people from Algeria, we have people from America and all over the people have come today. Somehow it’s a very great day. And it should work out with all these great saints coming here it should work out. So just expose yourself and it would work out.

You must know one thing that I cannot take anything from you. I cannot receive. My nature is not to receive but just to give. So you take it from me. It’s a gift. Just take it, and have it, and enjoy it!

This is what you have been seeking, not [only] in this life but many lives before and the time has come and chance has come, so better have it. Do not miss this. That’s what I have to request you.

So please put your hands like that. Just like that. Just like that.

Very beautiful people have come today. I don’t know where were they before. I just missed them.

Just simple hands like this.

You can close your eyes if you can. Some people can’t close: they get a flickering of the eyes. If you do not get any flicker please keep your eyes closed.

If you are getting flickering of the eyes then please open them.

Something is wrong with the centre here (Agyna) if you cannot keep your eyes closed. You can’t close your eyes? Are you getting flickering? Can you close? Put your forehead little open for me to see – forehead. Just like this.

You will start feeling cool breeze in your hand.

To begin with if you watch your thoughts, there is no thought, you will find you are thoughtless. This is the Nirvichar Samadhi, is established. ‘Samadhi’ means ‘awareness that is enlightened’ and ‘Nirvichar’ means ‘thoughtless’. This is the first one that comes to you.

Second one which comes to you is Nirvikalpa, which means ‘doubtless’.

You know how it works, how you manoeuvre it. How you go about it. You practice it.

Come along.

Yogi:Should some of us go outside, Mother?

Shri Mataji:Just now we have space. When the space becomes that impossible you can go.

If you have love we can do with much less space, you see. And if you don’t have love, even big mansions are not sufficient for one man.

Just put your hands like that, just like this, simple, absolutely simple.


Now we have to forgive others. That is very important in Sahaja Yoga. We have to forgive others. First of all let us forgive others.

Then we have to forgive ourselves also, because we find lots of faults with ourselves. That’s a modern fashion.

Know that you are that beautiful thing which is the source of truth, joy and awareness.

And now you have to also ask for forgiveness, if you have done any mistakes by doing something to extremes or disobeying the laws of nature. Anything like that, if you have done, you have to ask for forgiveness. Ask for forgiveness, will help very much.

God is so generous, so compassionate, so kind, that He forgives us for all that we have done against Him, all that we have done neglecting Him, ignoring Him, His importance.

Forget the past and don’t worry about the future, because the past is over and the future doesn’t exist. You have to jump in between the two; which will happen to you it just will happen. That you’ll become thoughtless to begin with: there would be no thought in your mind, to begin with.

And then we’ll start feeling the cool breeze coming from your hand.

Today in a session, in the morning time, at least 90% of people felt the cool breeze. 90% people felt it.

But do not condemn yourself if you are not feeling, may be something wrong physically, mentally, something wrong somewhere, which we have to correct.

Left. Please forgive. Will you all say Lord’s Prayer, I think that will improve a lot.

Will you please open the door a little of this window please?

(Everyone says Lord’s Prayer)

Shri Mataji:Again. Thrice.

(Yogis repeat Lord’s Prayer)

Shri Mataji:Ha. You can say the Sahasrara mantra.

Yogis: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalakshmi Shri Mahasaraswati Shri Mahakali

Trigunatmika, Adi Kundalini Sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat,

Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Sakshat

Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat

Shri Mataji:Sahasrara Swamini, Moksha Dayini

Yogis:Shri Sahasrara Swamini Moksha Dayini Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha

Yogi:It’s very cool.

Shri Mataji:Hmm. Worked out. Hm? Superego. Mahakaliche mhanaiche (Marathi: You should say Mahakali mantra).

Yogis:Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahakali Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Sakshat

Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

Shri Mataji:You should not doubt much because your attention will be disturbed by doubting. For a while just don’t doubt. We’ll have a lot of time to do that later on.

Alright? All those who are feeling cool breeze in the hand, raise your hands. All! Great! Now, put down your hands please.

Those who have come today and are getting the cool breeze please raise your hands: today. It’s great. Good.

Those who have come today and are not getting the cool breeze please raise your hands. Are not getting. You are getting the cool breeze? No. Please raise your hands. Those who have come today and are not getting the cool breeze, please raise your hands. Please!

He’s getting the cool breeze? Are you getting? Don’t think about it, alright? Just don’t think then you’ll lose it. Just don’t think.

You are getting the cool breeze? Good.

Are you getting the cool breeze? Great! I must say, great people got it. See, very great people are there.

Who is that? Alright just a little bit if you can move a little, one more is needed. May God bless you!

See this. Ha!

Those who are not getting the cool breeze again please raise your hands.

Alright. Can I request you to come forward please? Please, come forward. Please. Aaye samne aayenge. The rest of them should move back. Now you all should those who have got cool breeze and who have come today, please sit down in meditation at the back, and go into it deeply just enjoy it.

This is yours is it? Just sit down.

But you have got it, You haven’t touched the Realisation?

Small girl: Shall I stay at this end? I want to stay at this end.

Shri Mataji: This end? Alright, you stay this end, is alright.

What have you been thinking? You’ll lose all your vibrations. You had such a lot. You’ve been thinking about it, is it?

Man: I think it’s a bit cooler here near the door.

Djamel: He wonders whether what he feels comes from the door.

Shri Mataji:Now don’t waste it on small things like that.

Now. What does he want to take her? Alright, she has to go too.

She’s better now. How are you now, better now? Better. Yes, yes take her.

May god bless you.

Take her. Are you going with? No. Hm. How will you go, how will you go there?

Man: Mother we not very far away.

Shri Mataji:Is it? Alright. May God bless you. Are you comfortable there? If need anything let me know. Blankets or anything?

Lady: No we have.

Shri Mataji:You have got?

Lady: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Alright. May God bless you.

Aise rakhega. Ye aage sarak.

Now you close your eyes. Those who have got Realisation don’t think about it just keep yourself there and feel it.

This is the greatest thing that has happened to you.

Because it has happened so simple and in such a miraculous way you are not understanding the importance of it.

Just close your eyes. You haven’t got the cool breeze, both of you? You got it? Good! You are real seekers, I must say.

Alright. Close your eyes and enjoy it. Come along. Close it. Then I will teach you what it is, what it means.

This lady she’s got it cool breeze? It’s good! Great! I must say. Great people you are.

Just close your eyes and meditate don’t think about it. Just I will teach you everything.

See this gentleman somebody has to. Christine?

(Shri Mataji responds to a man speaking Hindi:) Haa accha yaad aaya mujhe, Kahiye kya haal hai. Accha aap aaram se bathiye, aaram se. Ankhen band karega?

Now what is it, where is he catching? On the left? Koi guru hote nahi, kya gaye to kabhi?

Man: Kabhi nahi.

Shri Mataji: Kabhi nahi. Kisi ke paas nahi gaye Inko do. Sudha. Just see him. Keep your eyes shut, is better. Bas choona nahi, phir tum pakad lete. Nahi, you just do it, tell me where is the problem?

You haven’t got it?

Lady: I can feel it but I don’t know if it’s the window I can feel.

Shri Mataji: Oh no, don’t you worry. You see it is not the window. It’s Good, good. Now you go into yourself. Now don’t doubt yourself. Close your eyes. Why shouldn’t you get it? Everybody’s getting. Close your eyes. Close your eyes all of you. And you are going to learn it, alright? You are going to learn how to do it, you have to do it for others also. Just enjoy, enjoy. Close your eyes. Enjoy yourself. Now forget about everybody else. Just enjoy, close your eyes and enjoy. And then you are going to go into it.

It’s a very deep feeling.

Close your eyes.

Raise their Kundalinis all of them, those who have got also.

Raise their Kundalinis so that they feel it deeper. Those who have got, raise their Kundalinis also.

Close, keep your eyes. Don’t touch them.

Just close your eyes please. Have you got the cool breeze? Have you felt the cool breeze? Lost it again? Now what are you thinking – close your eyes – just they will give you they’ll put it back.

Now don’t lose it. It’s a very sensitive thing; it’s very subtle and sensitive. If you are gross in any way it will be lost, so be careful. Don’t lose it. Once you lose it, it’s difficult to get it back. So be careful and honour it. And know that it’s a very difficult thing, but it has happened to you so just be there.

Right? Left or right? Left problem. All left.

Now are you alright? What’s happening?

Seeker: Left hand.

Shri Mataji: Left? Put your right hand on your heart. Just. Just watch here and try not to think while watching here. He’s got it I think.

What about him? He’s got it. He’s got it. He’s got it too.

Dekhyee in hindustani ko dekhiye. Aur in logo ko kaise kata kat paar ho rahe hai. Chaliye aakh band kariye bahut padh liya na yehi gad bad hai. Haa. Now. “Ki Maa kya aap shiv ki shakti hai”, aap puchiye. aank khol ke, mujhe dekh ke. danke ki chot par boliye. Puchye

Seeker:Ma Kya aap Shiv ki Shakti hai? Ma kya aap Shiva ki Shakti hai? Ma kya aap Shiva ki Shakti hai?

Shri Mataji:Kuch to aaya garam hai na, garam hone ka yeh matlab hai ki against hai friction hai. lakin shuruaat ho gaye.

Seeker:Ye bhi bata dijiye ki abhyas kaise karna hai.

Shri Mataji:Abhi pahle shuruaat to mujhe hi karni padegi Phir aapko pura pura, haa pfir aapko is ki master kara dange. Bilkul master of sahaja yoga Pura isme koi shanka nahi. ek dum purna – sampurna.

You see this is the difference, also: for an Indian, if he knows somebody is real, then he goes all out. And he’s a very learned man, that’s the only problem. But that will help him also to understand, later on.

How is he? Aap kaunse bhagwaan ko mante hai, zyada? Sabko. Thik hai.

Right hand heart par rakhiye. idher beech me. Ek to aap log kaam bahut Mane ek zarurat se zyada kaam karna, imbalance. Andar chudega, andar. Coat ke andar jaaiye haa waha pe theek hai. Jaldi jao mein dekh loongi. Aankh band kar lijiye. Uthao left se utha aur right se. mai chodiye. Is he alright? Agnya. Just ask him to remove his… You were watching?


Rustom:Very hot though. He’s very, very hot. And he’s catching on the heart and all the left. He’s been to many gurus, he says.

Shri Mataji:You been to many gurus eh? The Kundalini is in the stomach is working out. See, it’s breathing there, in the void. You can see at the back also.

Aap bhait jaye.

John, John, look after him. Come along, You know how to give Realisation? Aaye, bathiye bhait jaye, bhait jaye.

You’ve been to many gurus? Poor thing.

Yogi:He says he doesn’t want to mention their names but he’s been to many…

Shri Mataji:Horrible!

Now, will you please hold my feet? Rub them. If you can rub them. See the breathing, at the back you can see the Kundalini. His Kundalini you can see, at the back. See, it’s moving you can see it.

Now you, you come on my feet. Tell him how to do it and we can show them the Kundalini how. Or go on your knees. Ya, now. Bring your hands under my feet. No-no, further, further back, further back, yes.

Now put your hands under my feet, yah. Now fully, and put your head down there. Let’s see the Kundalini, now how it moves, see.

Let it, Leave it. See. It has gone on the sides. Void. Complete void. It’s going like this you know.

Yogis:Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devon Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Shri Mataji Nirmala Ma, Tasmai Guruvai Namo Namaha.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Shri Mataji Nirmala Ma, Tasmai Guruvai Namo Namaha.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Shri Mataji Nirmala Ma, Tasmai Guruvai Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji:Ah!

Rustom:It’s gone to centre heart now. But the left heart is catching a lot.

Shri Mataji:Now say…

Yogis: Om twameva sakshat Shri Shiva Parvati Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji:Ha! Atman paramatman.

Yogis:Om twameva sakshat Shri Atman Paramatman Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji:Kshama Sagaradeva Sagara…

Yogis:Om twameva sakshat Shri Kshama Sagaradaya Sagara Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji:Getting it? Much more now. It’s increased isn’t it? Ha!

Rustom: Jagadamba now.

Shri Mataji: (Laughing) Ha, ha. Every chakra now? Alright. Now you can say… Jagadamba, Jagadamba.

Yogis:Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba, Jagadamba –

Shri Mataji: Done! Self-realisation.

Rustom:I think he’s catching there Mother.

Shri Mataji:Take my name, twameva sakshat Shri Nirmala

[Rustom] Om Shri Mataji

Yogi:Do the Mahamantra?

Shri Mataji:See the Kundalini …Both the sides. Ha. Worked out.

Yogis:Om twameva sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat, Shri Sahasrara Swamini Moksha Dayini, Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha. Om twameva sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat, Shri Sahasrar Swamini Moksha Dayini Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji: He’s got it also. See the depression there.


Yogis:It still catches there. Yes. Still there.

Shri Mataji:See for a person like that, remarkable, I must say. He really…

Rustom: He’s catching on Rama’s seat a lot.

Shri Mataji:Rama. Take I think.

Yogis:Om twameva sakshat Shri Sita Rama Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji:Take the name of Jesus. Take the name of Jesus.

Yogis: Om twameva sakshat Shri Mary Jesus Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji: Ha!

Yogi:You can see it in the centre heart Mother.

Shri Mataji: It’s much better. I think he’s got it.

Rustom: Shri Chakra. The Shri Chakra. The one…

Shri Mataji: Has he got opened his Sahasrara? I think he has.

Yogi:It’s partial, it’s very partial, Mother.

Shri Mataji:But still. I mean for a person like him – poor man has been to so many horrible gurus. Poor thing, his Sushumna itself is completely…

Rustom: The Sushumna is okay though eh? I mean it’s what you’d expect

Rustom:Sarva guru raksha. (Laughter) Sarva asatya guru! Mardini.

Shri Mataji:Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini, Ha!

Yogis: Om twameva sakshat Shri Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Shri Mataji:Once more.

Yogis:Om twameva sakshat, Shri Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagawati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha.

Rustom:A lot of heat. Very hot.

Shri Mataji: Too much thinking. See the heat. Sardi bahut hai na, lag raha hai .. aapko aaraha hai haat mein thanda?

Hoi gai ye to paar. Sudha inko dekho. Aap sikhiyega saab ko aap jaldi se paar ho jaiye. Aur sab ko sikhayie. sab ye to bhaite hain seekhne ke kiye. itna seekh gaya hai ki kamaal tho dekhe in logon ko. Dekhiye, hum jo nahi samjha sake vaha, yeha samjha rahe hai. vidhi to bata rahi hoon. haat aisa rakhiye. Sudha, kya bete?

Left? Uthaon, left.

Ha! I think he’s done. It’s broken.

Rustom: Now it’s done, now. Just the last bit is there.

Shri Mataji: This one is the perfection!

Ok chalo pura paar ho gaye hain. Vahi brahmin ho, vahi vidh.

Done! Feeling better? Lets see…

Lets see now – all your gurus, everything. Aha.

How are you feeling? A little cold?

Sab ka lutkay aap ke desh guruoane. Ye ladka hai uske. Lakhaon kha de. Khane ko paisa de. maheshyogi aap ki.

Rustom: Hm, he’s done now. It comes out.

Shri Mataji:It’s alright. You got it little bit eh? Feeling it? Ah, good, good.

Now, you see, because you have been to all these horrid people, you have to a work little hard eh? You don’t mind clearing them. We’ll tell you how to do it but you have to cleanse, alright? They are there, horrible things.

How much money you have given them?


Were you flying also?

He was flying also.

Aur mantra kya diya? Aur mantra kya diya. “Ainga”. Bataiye Ye koi mantra hai. Aise tamasha inhone kare. Meko bilkul gareeb hai. Paise noch noch ke. Dusht the. Maha Dhust. Ab uta ke le jayenge gathri bhand bhand ke ,bataiye aap. Aap right hand yehan rakhiye, kya hai, Kaaran teek ho raha. Karan bhi teek ho raha. Left side hai na? Emotionally problem hai.

Rustom:He comes from Indonesia, Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Is it?

Rustom:Lord Rama went there.

Shri Mataji:No, No. He doesn’t, he must be there isn’t it? No, Buddhist. Hindu, Ha? Christian? Mixture!

Doesn’t matter. Better now, you see?

Are you feeling better now; are you feeling the cool breeze? Only there. And in this one?

[Indonesian:] No.

Yogi:Look how he’s sweating.

Shri Mataji:He’ll work it out, alright? Let him stand here and put the right hand outside left hand towards me, just…. You’ll have to work it out but you must have patience, alright? Ha

Let us see this lady. Come along, come forward. She’s just gone eh? Sitting down is a problem but what to do your Caxton hall people are like that. Just come forward. What? Can you remove your headdress?

She’s got it.

Lady: But what’s wrong with that?

Shri Mataji: You are not be identified with it, you see? You are your Spirit, neither ego nor superego, neither your conditioning nor your ego. See? That’s the point.

All the problems of the West is due to ego-orientation. Everything goes well here, whatever you may do. If you want to cut your nose: they’ll cut their noses. All the idiocity they will do in the name, “Why? We like it so we are doing it.” But it is idiotic.

Ha, left Nabhi.

Rustom:Left Nabhi, However it’s mainly here, these two. That’s why it’s not going to down…

Shri Mataji:Been to some guru? No? No one like that. Thank God!

Rustom:The sushumna blocks just below the arm here…

Shri Mataji:What do you do? What job you are doing?

Seeker: In office, entering things into computer.

Rustom: Swadishthanas are both very hot. And Mooladhara’s also hot a bit.

Shri Mataji: Are you alright? (Laughing) No, you have found it now. But now you must master it. Otherwise it is no use, you see. So, you come along next Monday I’ll be here – Is there any other program we are having?

Yogi: Harrow.

Yogi:Wednesday we are having Harrow,. Thursday at Twickenham..

John Watkinson: Friday at Enfield.

Yogi: That’s where he comes from!

Shri Mataji:But I must say I cannot go on Thursday. Friday I’ll be there.

I’m sorry. Twickenham I won’t be able to do.

Seeker: Monday you are here?

Shri Mataji: Monday I will be here.

Seeker: At this same place?

Shri Mataji: Yes, same place. Monday.

He’s getting it.

Rustom: He also has the Kartikeya’s problems.

Shri Mataji: Close your eyes. You have pain here? No pain? No colds?