Christmas And Its Relationship To Lord Jesus

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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Christmas And Its Relationship To Lord Jesus, Caxton Hall, LONDON (UK), 10 December 1979.

…this day for us to remember that Christ was born on this earth. As a human being, He came on this earth. And the task that was before Him was to enlighten human awareness with the sense of understanding, but we can say it is actualization, within the awareness of human beings, that they are not this body but they are the spirit. The message of Christ is His resurrection. That is you are your spirit an’ not your body. And He showed by His resurrection, how He ascended into the realm of spirit – which He was, because He was Pranava, He was Brahma, He was Mahavishnu – as I have told you about His birth. And when He came on this earth, in a body, like a human being, He wanted to show another thing that spirit has nothing to do with money, has nothing to do with power. It is all powerful, all pervading, but He’s born in a stable, not in a palace or to a king but He was born to a very ordinary person, a carpenter.

Because if you are the king, as we say in Hindi language, Badshah then nothing is greater than you, isn’t it? It means simply that. Nothing is higher than you, neither anything can decorate you, because whatever you are, you are at the highest. All the worldly things so called, are just like dry grass, Trinavat. So He was kept in the dried grass. To many it makes very unhappy and they feel very sorry, that Christ, the One who came to save us, was kept under such conditions and why not God provided Him with something better? But to such people it does not matter: whether you are lying in the dried grass or in the stable or in the palaces, everything is just the same for it does not touch them, they are so detached and they are completely in joy. They are the masters of themselves – nothing can master them. No matter can master them, no comfort can master them. They are masters of complete comforts within themselves, they have achieved all the comforts within themselves, they are satisfied people. That’s why they are kings, they are called as kings, not those kings who run after things, or those kings who seek comforts in life. I mean if you have comforts well and good. If you don’t have well and good, makes no difference.

So many people, specially in Latin America when I went there, they said, “But we can’t understand why Christ was born as a poor man.” This is again the human concept about God is, y’ see he wants to command God, be born in a King’s palace. You cannot order Him about. We have our own concepts about God that, “Why should He be a poor man; why should He be helpless?” He never showed His helplessness. He was much more dynamic than all your kings and all your politicians put together. He was not afraid of anyone. Whatever He had to say He said it. He was not afraid of crucifixion or any such “punishment” so called. It’s only the human beings. you see, who have these false ideas about life and that’s why they want to put these ideas onto God also and [del: MAKE…] try to make Him follow their own concepts. God is not your concept. He’s not a concept at all. To also say that, “Concept is after all is a concept” is also a concept – this I found out very recently. This is another myth people carry. Those who say that, “Oh, concept is a concept!” All right. Mataji says, “All right.” So what? But even this is a concept, because concept is thought. You have to rise beyond thought at a higher level into thoughtless awareness where you are not in thought but you are in the center of the thought. In the sense that one thought rises and falls and there is a place in between, another thought rises and fall. You are in the center of these thoughts. The Vilamba as we call it. The time where you pause. Then you will understand Christ.

He was here, partly of course to save us, because He had many aspects I should say, not only to save human beings He came on this earth. There were many more aspects. This is also human beings have a demand, you see, that that they must be saved. Why? One shouldn’t… I Mean from God’s angle if you see, why should they be saved all of them? What have they done for God? How can you demand God that, “You must save us?” Can you? You cannot ask for that. So He did come to create the passage between as you see here, the Vishuddhi and the Sahasrara, this Agnya. In the primordial being the Virat – He was born there, to open that door. In evolution, every incarnation has come on this earth to open a particular door within us and to create that opening or that enlightenment in our awareness. So Christ came precisely for opening this small little door, which is constricted by our ego and superego. Ego and superego are the two byproducts of our thought process, one the thoughts, that are of the past and the other, thoughts of the future. He came to make that gap, to cross that gap, and that’s how He has sacrificed Himself, His body.

For you it is a very big thing of remorse and repentance, but for such people it is not, it’s a play. They have to play a certain role. That’s why I do not understand why do you show Him to be such a lanky, panky, miserable creature. He was never miserable. Such people can never be miserable as you are. This is another concept of man, that He should be lanky, panky, tally, skinny, starved, bones coming out, count them one by one. Horrible! I tell you. From His childhood to His death He was jolly person, He was happiness, He was joy. To pick you all happy, to give you the light of happiness by enlightening your source of joy, that is your spirit in your heart, that He came on this earth – not only to save you – first to give you happiness, to give you joy. Because human beings in their ignorance and in this tomfoolery, are unnecessarily beating themselves and destroying themselves. When nobody asked you to go to pubs to get into trouble; nobody has asked you to go to races and become bankrupts; nobody has asked you to go to horrible gurus and get into troubles, but you seek your destruction morning till evening. Then He comes there, like a morning flower, to make you happy. First to make you happy, to give you joy. You see any child… You see any child. At least I know Myself, I don’t know about the funny people here I mean, for them flowers also look like thorns, I mean I don’t know how they manage that stuff, but you see a child anywhere, any child, such a joy giving thing it is. And this is the child of the divine – that comes on this earth as a child – is the most joy giving thing. And that’s why Christmas for all of us, for the whole Universe should be a festival of great joy. For He brought light for us by which you could see that there is someone called as “God”, there is someone who is going to remove this ignorance. This was the first beginning.

So, for us, it is necessary to be first joyous and be happy and relaxed, and not to take anything that seriously as we take. Because divine life doesn’t make you serious. Because it’s all a play, it’s a maya. I have seen in all the rituals that people follow, in all the so called religious people, they are too serious to be religious. And religious person is bubbling with laughter. He doesn’t know how to hide his joy. And he doesn’t know how to control his laughter when he sees people who are unnecessarily serious. I mean nobody’s dead. The way they people say it, it’s sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with yourself. You just can’t control. So there’s nothing in this world for a person like Christ to feel sad about. And if you really believe in Him, then please first of all give up your… this silly sadness and sulking and sitting down and becoming morose, not talking to anyone, silent bores allover. That is not the way to look at Christ. See how He went and talked to multitudes, how He opened His hands to all the people around and how He tried to give them happiness. He has said that you are to be born again. That means, He had to do this work and that you have to get it some time He had promised that you are to be born again. Christ is to be born within us. I don’t know what Christians understand out of this. How do you become born again? Not by going through a ritual of christening, somebody coming from a theological college cannot make you a Christian. Like in our India we have some paid Brahmins, as you have here paid people you see, the whole day they will eat, drink, be merry and evening time they’ll come and pray and preach, that sort of people. You have to be a person who is authorized by God. Unless and until you are authorized by God, you cannot give joy. And that’s why I’ve seen all these people the so called big pundits and the big priests and all of them are so serious because they are not authorized by God. Even on a Christmas day, I mean anybody who comes from a village may think there’s a funeral going on. And after the funeral they go home. How do you celebrate? With a champagne! And after the funeral also real funeral also they’ll celebrate thus, I don’t know why, but they take champagne. How can you celebrate Christ by insulting Him? He came to enlighten your awareness because He respected your awareness, the point at which it had reached, but you are trying to put it down. Is this the way to understand Him? And He has promised that you are to be baptized, you are to be born again. And now, in Sahaja Yoga, this promise is being fulfilled. So be joyous, that here at the Agnya chakra, again Christ is born within you and He’s there and you know how you can ask for his help, always.

But the main thing that one has to understand, that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but all the scriptures of the world, the time has come today that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a Peer, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way out. And that your last judgment is also now. Only through your Kundalini awakening, God is going to judge you. How is He going to judge you otherwise? You think of somebody now, a person comes in now, here is somebody sitting to judge you. How? By how many hair dressers you have been to? Or how many suits you have stitched for the Christmas? Or what presents you have bought and how many cards you have sent? And to how many people you have sent some other things which may not be very palatable. That’s not the way. Or is it, that at what price you bought all the things? The way we are particular? Which way are we going to be judged  by God? “Not superficially” people say. So what depth have we got, let’s see? How far can we go in our depth? At the most we reach a point where we are nothing but a concept again. So whatever depth we know goes up to only rationality, up to the concept point. Beyond that we cannot reach. So how can we be judged? How do people are judged if you go to a doctor? He has his instruments, and he works it out, puts the light in, sees for himself and says this is the position. And how your spirituality is going to be judged? How a seed is judged? By sprouting it! When you sprout the seed and when you see its germinating power you know it’s a good seed or a bad seed. In the same way, you will be judged by the way you are germinated, the way you receive your realization, the way you retain it, the way you respect it. That is how you are going to be judged and not by the kind of dresses you are wearing, by the type of matching you do and the hair dressing you go to. Not by the big positions you occupy and the big politicians and big bureaucrats you become. Not by what kind of houses you have built and what kind of so called Noble [sic] prizes you have won. You are not also going to be judged by your philanthropic work by that you think that you have given so much money, so much so, because you, if you have given so much money there will be big ego somewhere hanging and it will bring you down your scale. This is a judgment in which the little feather is going to weigh more, much more than a ship. It’s a different type of a judgment, of a personality. You can see how Christ was judged by human beings and how He was judged by God. He came and lived in the dried straw like a feather. His mother never felt His discomfort. In the same way those who have not, by their being, oppressed others or taken oppression, are going to be judged as first class.

In the Kundalini awakening itself there are inherent defects. Inherently the Kundalini has some defects, because of your previous karmas. Because what you have been doing in this lifetime. Because, the things that you have accepted as reality, which is just a concept. Because, when you have not known the absolute, whatever you will be doing, there will be a little of ignorance with it. Whatever you have done in darkness will have a particle of darkness in it. So without knowing realization if you have propagated, “Oh, we are great saints, this, that,” you’ll have no chance. If you think you are a very divine personality, and you are already a realized soul, no chances! All the priests of all the religions, will be the last to get realization. Valmiki in his Ramayana, has very clearly said. A very interesting story is there that a dog was asked, “What do you want to be in your next life?” So he told, “Make me anything but don’t make me a Mathadhish.” A person… Mathadhish is a person like a “priesthood.” So, “Make me everything but not a priest anywhere.” Just imagine a dog having that wisdom. But I do not say that all of them are like that. There may be some who are really genuine, some may be really realized people, may be authorized by God. But I am sure they are not accepted by the multitude, I am sure of that. Because I have seen your history and all that, I’ve seen all such people have been discarded and have been tortured. But now the time has come to judge the right and the wrong. You cannot crucify anymore, you cannot. Everyone is going to be judged through Kundalini awakening.

Now, we should know there are three categories of human beings. I don’t know which way to start, not to shock you. One is human beings as we are, normal. They are called as Narayoni. The second categories are Devayoni, those who are born seekers or realized souls, mostly realized souls are Devayoni. And the third ones are called as Rakshas. These [the Devayoni?] are called as Ganas. Actually these are called as Ganas. But is the… We can say the species among human beings are Rakshasas, means the people who are evil. So we have evil people, excellent people, and we have in-between people. Excellent people are very few. They are born realized. I don’t have their problem much. But one has to deal with the people who are in the center. They are looking towards good but have something hanging on to them, which is not so good. So for these people, there are inherently some defects in the Kundalini, which we must understand. The first of them is bad health, physical bad health, actual physical bad health. In this country specially people suffer from too much of cold and other troubles due to over calcium in the water. In the same way according to the countries, stanavishesh as they call it, you have your problems. Like in our country we have some problems; like in your country you have certain problems. So, the physical problems are according to the country where you have taken your birth. Most of you have decided to take birth in particular countries, that’s why you are identified also to such an extent sometimes that you think there is no defect. Every country has a variety by which you suffer a certain amount of setback in your health. So for a Sahaj Yogi one should know that health is a very important thing because this body is the temple of God and one has to look after your health. And you know also when the Kundalini rises the first thing that happens that your health improves because of the parasympathetic fulfillment, because parasympathetic gives you enlightenment which flows into sympathetic and your health improves. I will not tell about it very elaborately today because time is short, but if you read My… I would say I haven’t yet written much, but if you listen to My lectures, and some of them which are written down, you will know how Kundalini helps to cure most of the diseases, except for which are being tampered by human elements. Like a kidney trouble now has been cured by Sahaja Yoga. No doubt, we can cure kidney trouble. But a person who has been on the machine, we’ve tried, cannot be cured. We can give him longevity, but he cannot be cured. But to cure people is not your job at all by any chance, you must remember this. No Sahaj Yogi should take to curing people. They can use my photograph but not to take to curing, because it means you are a big philanthropic personality. I have seen people who have been curing, get into such a mania of curing, that they forget that they are also catching something and they are also getting some troubles and they never cure themselves. Ultimately I find they get out of Sahaj Yoga. But with the Photograph you can cure people. Do not think that it is your duty that you are a great sort-of-a… what you call a benefactor, physical benefactor, no, you are not. You are a spiritual benefactor but as a byproduct, the body of the person improves because if Christ has to be awakened, if God has to come in this body, then this body is to be cleansed. It is done by Kundalini.

But it does not have a separate work like hospitals. I have known people who [WERE …del] went so mad with their power of curing that they started visiting regularly the hospitals, and they ended up in the hospital only. They would not even come to programs; they would not even come and see Me. So this is one of the greatest hurdles you have got is the Vyadhi, is the bodily elements. And the bodily element also should not take you down too much. If [THE ..del] we have some problem, forget it. Gradually it will improve. With some people it takes time to get all right but the main thing is to get to your spirit. So do not always say, “Mother, cure me, cure me, cure me.” But just say, “Mother give me the spiritual life,” and you will be cured automatically. It may take time in some people, doesn’t matter. You have been sick all your life, doesn’t matter. Little more time. And also follow the methods which [I HAVE …del] we have told, about different diseases, specially liver in this country, colds, and what you call this gout and all these troubles. We have remedies for all this. Diabetes, we have. But work it out as a duty towards your body, towards the temple. But that should not be the end of your life, that’s a very little part. I mean it would be something like cleaning the whole place and then you get out of it. They say, “Why did you clean?” Like I have seen here people, you see, even we were in Oxstead I was surprised, you see everybody used to polish everything you know, and everything was, sort of, lawn was done very well and everything cleaned very well, and not even a rat would enter their houses even. For months together I never saw any person getting in, only getting out. And they were so particular, husband, wife, so particular about cleanliness, neatness, everything, and the both of them would never even talk to each other, I have seen that. There were seven houses, except for our house, and [SHE WAS …del] they were all surprised at how many people are coming to our house. They said, “Are you a open house?” I said, “Yes, it is a open house.” They couldn’t understand what was wrong with us. Nobody would see that polished thing or anything. So, that’s how it should be that we should not go to that extent, that it becomes a sort of real Sahaj Yoga, and the rest which is the most important, is forgotten. Health will improve gradually as I have told you. But attention should be on your spirit. Attention should be on your spirit, because it is the attention which goes into these various directions and gets stuck on. You just allow it to work out and it will work out.

The second hurdle which I feel, is called as akarmanyata. Osnath, they call it, means a person does not want to work it out. Of course those people who are useless, who do not want to have realization, forget about them. But even after getting realization, it’s an innate problem with people that they do not want to work it out. They are lazy; in simple words, they are lazy. That is very much in this country, surprisingly. I mean the other day I saw a picture where how, even from your country people went to Germany and blasted a complete machinery and a complete factory of that machinery which was sending pilot-less bombs. And they have overdone everything so then our children are having a nice time, perhaps. But, in Sahaja Yoga, you have to be alert . This what exactly happens in Sahaja Yoga when people come here: they get their realization, they feel the cool breeze, and is lost again. The reason is, they do not want to work it out. This is another danger, akarmanyata. Then, when it is lost, after one year they’ll come back, “Mother? We don’t believe in it, but I have got some pain in the stomach, will You cure me?” Instead of you becoming so equipped with all the powers that you have, you become another useless person coming here, just to take My time. These powers are all within you. This is your property. This is the property of your spirit which is there inside, which is about to manifest but, because of certain hurdles that you accept, that it does not. This is akarmanyata, we can say, which is not working it out, not knowing about it, not understanding it, what is Sahaj Yoga is, how to manipulate this, what are these vibrations are, how it works out. People just say, “Oh! It’s too much.” Because they don’t want to face the reality. Because as soon as your Kundalini comes up, as soon as the light comes in before, the eyes are closed, you see suddenly the light comes in, you don’t want to open your eyes. Because too much we have been sleeping. Even if you open your eyes a little bit, “Oh God!” you don’t want to face the light. Because you are identified with that state, you do not want to open your eyes. Kundalini opens your eyes, no doubt, but again you close it down. So it is in your freedom, to give up that akarmanyata.

Now this is also, can be very collective, I can tell you this much. It’s a very big disease, which spreads. Like, say a husband wife is there, the wife is one like that. Instead of the husband raising the wife, he will succumb to wife, specially in the West. Just the opposite in India, because [THE del] there the husband is more dominating, the women will succumb to a husband. So what happens is, that out of the two those who have got it also are just wasted. Instead of that, both of them could be very well realized, and could be there if the one who is realized, puts down his will that, “No, I’ll keep my eyes open to see. Let me see it. I must give a chance to myself.” If they accept it, then it works and then they go to the second step. Everything cannot be just like a jet liner, sit down here and next moment you are on the moon!

Even if you are in the moon, still you may start with the third danger which is there, is sanshaya, is the doubting. I don’t know how to describe this madness of doubting. For example, out of all of you who have been here, I would say, at least, I don’t know how much percentage…

(Yogi very softly: Ninety.)

(Shri Mataji laughs) …have come out with, the second day, a very great statement, “Still I am doubting.” Is that the sign of wisdom? What are you doubting? What have you found out so far? From where does this come? Is Mr. Ego, about which I have given lectures after lectures, is Mr. Ego that is doubting it? Because he doesn’t want you to find the absolute. You are identified with your Ego, and you do not want to find it because this Mr. Ego has been guiding your life throughout, and now [YOU DON’T …del] you want to doubt. Doubt what? What are you doubting? You felt the cool breeze, all right? Sit down then. It would be something like somebody entering into a college, university, and they are going sitting down firstly there, teacher says, “Now, this is the diagram, I give you.” The students get up and say, “Sir we doubt.” Really? Then what should the teacher say? But they will not say that, because they have paid the fees. They have paid it. Even if it is a horrible drama, boring one, still we go through it because we have paid, you see? To go through it, “After all, we have paid it,” you see? What to do? But for Sahaja Yoga you cannot pay. I have seen all kinds of tomfoolery people accept in so many gurus. Like somebody says, “I am going to teach you how to fly.” They’re absolutely ready for that. They’ll pay money, and not doubt, even a bit, that the fellow who is propagating is he flying? Have you seen him flying anywhere? Please at least ask that person to fly. They will see the Kundalini rising with their eyes, they will see it pulsating, rising, breaking here, still they’ll sit down and say, “I am doubting.” Now who are you? How far have you reached? Why are you doubting? What are you doubting? What have you known so far about yourself? Now, humble down yourself at this point. Humble down in your heart. “No I have not known myself. I have to know myself, I have not known myself, I haven’t got the absolute. With what instruments I am doubting?” This is one of the greatest hurdles of Kundalini awakening and in after awakening, called as Samshaya.

[THE SECOND …del] The fourth one we can call it as Pramaada, is the one by which we go on faltering all the time. Foolish questions. I mean there are certain things one has to follow. If you are going on the road, you see, you are used to, say continental driving, so always you turn on the wrong side, but in London you will be arrested. In the same way so far you have been doing continental driving. Now you are in London, so you better take to the ways of Londoners and understand the roads and the maps and the regulations that are needed, and try to follow them. But you are doubting it. That’s the main point. Then you don’t want to follow it. So the pramaada is the mistakes that arise, because Kundalini awakening is a free gift to anyone who comes here, to anyone who has been to any sort of hell or heaven or has done…

[Break in original recording, end of tape side 1]

…point about it. And why do you doubt? You are not paying any money. These two things go hand in hand – doubting and pramaada is the mistakes that we commit throughout. Because we are doubting, that’s why we do not take it up seriously, we do not understand it – the rule of the road – and we just start driving. And then we have accidents. And then when we have accidents, we blame Mataji for that. That is a very, very common thing that happens, that we blame Sahaja Yoga. We blame that spontaneous happening within us; we never take the blame upon ourselves, that, “No, I must have done this mistake. All right, doesn’t matter, if I make mistakes I will rectify, it’s all right. Mother is forgiving.” No doubt, I forgive, but sometimes my forgiveness is also of no use because unless and until you realize that it was a mistake, you should go this way instead of that you have gone that way, so rule of the road is to be understood. That is the one comes to us, called as pramaada.

After that, we have another inherent problem is called as Bhramadarshan, hallucinations. We start seeing hallucinations, specially with people who take LCD and all [THE …del] such things. They don’t see Me sometimes, they just see lights. Or any such hallucinations you see of the future or of the past. They may see Me as something else. If you see Me in dreams is all right, or see something in dreams is all right, but you start seeing some things that’s called as Bhramadarshan. ‘Bhrama’ means ‘illusion’. Then you start developing illusions. But the worst part of it is that people start telling lies about it. I know about everyone. And when this bhramadarshan starts, it’s the most dangerous thing about vibrations also. Some people are absolutely cocksure about themselves, I see that. And they’ll tell all the world, you see, they’ll dominate everybody saying that, “The vibrations of this is not good, the vibrations of that is not good,” while they have no mastery over it. Now if I, somehow or the other, see, I have to be very careful, I can’t talk like a teacher, so I somehow or other say that, “All right, you give yourself a bandhan and now you put your hands towards me and you see for yourself,” and all that. If they by any chance know that I’ve found out, that they are lying, then they are finished. I must keep up their falsehood, everything in Me. In by chance you see, I am very careful though because I know they are always on a slippery ground, so even if I mention in a way that is not so blunt or anything, still it might happen. But one must know that it is for our good, that we have to stick on to the truth. And we should not be led away by our own ideas about ourselves.

Then [THE – del] another thing comes, is Vishaychitta, in which the attention is attracted by objects of your previous identification. Like your attention has been, “You see I’m very fond of cricket.” All right, you are, but you should not be a sick person. I mean cricket doesn’t mean that you become a cricket bat and you are good for nothing. For anything else, for all practical purposes you are dead. That kind of craziness, for anything whatsoever, gets your attention into a very wrong state, and is also not good for all the Sahaja Yogis. Today’s lecture is more for the Sahaj Yogi. So I am pointing out what are the inherent dangers of sustaining our realization. Which is very important to understand.

Now the two other very big dangers which we suffer from apart from that. The people get possessed and get ideas into their heads. They start singing songs, this, that. Sometimes I am so embarrassed, I don’t know what to say, I can see a devil speaking through them, but I just don’t know how to tell them that, “Oh please stop.” Even praising Me I know what it is. But they’ll just come up and say, “Mother, we want to sing a song to you.” “All right.” Finished. I cannot say anything, because they do not know what they are singing, they do not know from where did they get this knowledge. It’s something else doing this.

Because of all these problems that you get possessed, the other day somebody came to Me and said that, “Mother I’m feeling very overconfident about myself and cocksure.”


“And I feel like doing something very high handed,” and he did it. First he saw the possession coming in to him, and then he did it, and did it in a very bad way. Everybody’s angry with him, I know. But I’m not because something is done in possession. You don’t know what madness people can do when they get possessed. I mean they should end up in lunatic asylum, but because of being Sahaja Yogis, they do all these things, but still they are not stationed where they should be.

Then there are two more stages in which, a Kundalini which rises also falls down. This is an inherent danger in a person. Many people have asked Me that, “Mother, if we get realization, does it stay?” It does stay, part of it. Sometimes it is very thin part of it, sometimes the whole thing, is sucked back. It is sucked back. Is so, then you will say, “Then we start doubting.” Where is it written that you will be lifted up and put into something great, whatever may be your problems? Is it possible? Even from here if I have to go to India, I have to get inoculations and vaccinations, and I have to get My passport, go through an interview. While if you have to enter into the kingdom of God, then you are going to be judged, not only judged, but even when supposing you give a grace mark and all that and a person is allowed to sort of, get into the plane, may be that they may ask you to get down. Is possible. And that happens with some people that the Kundalini falls down. Is very, very dangerous sign. It comes through many problems like gurus and going to wrong places, also going to spirits and doing all black magic, and also bowing before people who are not incarnations, worshipping wrong type of deities and also doing mad rituals. Fasting at wrong times and not understanding the signs of fasting and of ritualism and chakras and the connection, a complete synthesis of Sahaj Yoga. And it falls down. In some people you have seen that Kundalini rises and immediately falls down. Is a very, very dangerous thing which really is very troublesome also. But still one can fix it up.

Last danger that we have which one should know that you start feeling that you have become God or some like an incarnation or something. This is the biggest danger. And then you start taking law into your own hands and start rebuking others or doing all kind of highhanded business or getting over self-satisfied with yourself. This is a very big danger. Humility is the only way, to know that there’s an ocean before you. You have got into the boat all right, but you have to know a lot, you have to understand a lot, and you have to still attend to your attention, to your chitta, to your awareness. And you have to still work it out in such a way that you really establish your self, as a full-fledged Sahaja Yogi by which collectivity becomes a part and parcel of your being, by which you have no doubts left. From thoughtless awareness you jump into doubtless awareness. Unless and until that happens within you, is not mind, but is a state in which only the Kundalini will rise, whenever you’ll raise your hands.

Unless and until you have achieved that state, please try to work it out, don’t be lazy. You have to see around yourself, meet people, talk to them. The more you talk about it, the more you do it, the more you give it, the more it will flow. The more you sit at home, “Oh, I am doing my puja at home.” Nothing. It will stagnate and stagnate. You have to give it to others, you have to think of others. Thousands of them have to have it. And that’s why it is important that don’t get bloated with the idea that you have all the powers of the world, already manifesting. Never. When these powers really manifest, you are really not aware of them. Absolutely. I mean imagine the Sun saying, “I am The Sun.” Will he say so? When he is the Sun, what is there? If you go and ask the Sun, “Are you The Sun?” He said, “Yes, by the way I am, what can I do about it?” It’s that simple, you know, you become a very simple person, absolutely simple, because there is no camouflage, there’s no complication. You are that.

So, anybody asks you funny questions you say, “By the way, what is there to ask?, It is so. I mean, if I am a realized soul, I am, what does it matter?” With this understanding we have to go to Sahaja Yoga, which I must say I am surprised, how it is working, miraculously there. And it is working out, but it is you who can settle it, within yourself. Now, among you some are only on the periphery. We keep them on the periphery also, that you know very well. Some of them come in the center. And some are very few, who are in the inner circle. All of them are still in a state where they can be thrown out, like a tangent go down, you see? And then you don’t understand why a Sahaj Yogi behaves like that. If you see some Sahaja Yogi behaving like that, going in a tangent know that you might do the same. So be careful.

So, today, at this juncture, when we are celebrating the great event of Christ’ life, let us know that Christ is born within us, and the Bethlehem is within us. You don’t have to go to Bethlehem it’s within us. He is there, and we have to look after it. It’s still a child. You have to respect it, and you have to look after it. So the light really glows and people know that you are realized souls. Nobody will doubt that you are not.

May God bless you, all.

Is there any question? Kuli, can I have…

Are you realized? Not yet. No, those who are not realized should not ask questions, because, as I said, today is a day of realized people. Those who are not realized, still are in darkness, so I would request those who are realized should ask Me question to begin with, and those who are not realized should get realization first. You have read so many books, what more questions am I going to answer you better get your realization.

[Man:] We’ve come for realization.

[Shri Mataji:] That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that you are going to get. That’s it, that should be the spirit. Just ask for it! You have to just knock at the door and you’ll get it. You are going to get it.

Any realized soul ask Me questions, please.

They won’t. [Shri Mataji laughs.] Come along. What’s happening to My… see? Just take it out, I think. If you don’t mind, yes please, here, thank you. Been walking for miles. Ha.

[A man speaks to Shri Mataji almost inaudibly:] What is the significance of keeping the shoes on the table?

[Shri Mataji:] Significance of what?

[Mani:] …The shoes on the table. Who is She… [UNCLEAR]?

[Shri Mataji:] All right. These are My shoes are kept there. You are a Hindu you understand that. [sounds like BADAT TRAN]. You know Sanskrit or not?

[Man:] No. badat tran…can…I know the meaning of this…but what is the significance of keeping them on the table?

[Shri Mataji:] What is the significance of Bharata carrying the padoka of Rama, in the same way? All right? Have you read “Ramayana” or not, or your…

[Man:] [UNCLEAR]

[Shri Mataji:] Then all right. So that is the significance, and for this also, you have to understand first of all vibrations. Where are the vibrations? From where the vibrations are coming? Then you will know the significance. It is not mental significance, it’s actual. Then you will know “What does these shoes mean? What these hair mean?” Everything you will know. Alright? But do not put your attention to these. For example, you see Indians always ask a question “Mother why do You where a white Sari, You are a married lady?” Alright. See all funny things these – this not important. The main thing is, you must get your realization first, then you will know what everything means, what it says, because it’s in another realm altogether. Like I’ve seen in England, anybody who sees My this thing [ed: Bindi?], immediately start laughing.

[Man:] Mother, sometimes we came to [UNCLEAR] the effects of the black magic.

[Shri Mataji:] Lack of what?

[Man:] Black magic, done to us by…

[Shri Mataji:] That – I said it, you see? That possession and all that I’ve said it. Yes very true. Very true, it is so. Black magic is a very big problem, I must say.

[Man:] In India it is really a…

[Shri Mataji:] Very bad, I know. In India it is. Agree. Bahot bara hai, bahot.

[Man:] [UNCLEAR] [Everyone laughs.]

[Shri Mataji:] But, the problem is… You see I have a Chief Justice of one place who is My disciple, you see? And you must have heard about Dr Rangarajan of the High Court of the Chief Justice of the [VIRI or VERY?] High Court in Delhi who was there. He’s also My disciple. And I told him that “These laws must be changed, human laws, because God’s laws are much deeper and all-pervading, and they must be brought in.” He says “Mother, when You will have 75% people in India, realized, then we can change the laws.” Till then half of them will be finished with black magic, and whatever half are remaining, will be taken over by our gurus, falsehood. “I agree but what to do?” That’s what he said, that “The law is the 75% people in a democracy must accept that law.” Now you’ll imagine what is a tremendous task is. That great country with a big population, 75% people have to have realization. [sounds like: ABA BULI.]
[Mother calls people who have not got realization. to come forward for realization also saying:] …You have not come here to listen to lectures, there are many lectures, you can even buy some records, you see, of lectures. It’s not lectures. You should get something by coming over. Come along, have it! Now, what about you?

[Mother tells people to:] …Keep you attention free… Now keep watching on your thoughts. You will find that your thoughts have stopped, some of you not all of you. Please put your hands straight to wards Me, I mean fingers, but not under strain, but in a simple way. Just, in a simple way… Then you will find some cool breeze, light thing coming on your fingers. Before that, some of you might feel a little heat… in the hand. That’s not a very good thing, will work out. Some of might feel little tingling; some may feel pins-and-needles. Keep your mind at rest. Do not take any mood as such, just leave it, be simple, be simple… If there is any shake in the body, or pain in the body, please open your eyes.

But please put your hands straight, straight like this. If there’s any shaking in the body, please open your eyes. [Hindi.] If your eyes are flickering, also please open your eyes. If the eyelids are flickering. Sit comfortably, yes…

[Shri Mataji tells the newcomers to sit and enjoy while others balance them. Individuals are given treatments to do. In particular someone is asked:] What happens to you? What goes wrong with you? D’you sleep well? You don’t obey your mother, isn’t it? You become an Englishman. Is it? Hey? You’re not English, you are Indian. Alright? We are not to give up our bases, alright? Poor things they were very good people English also were very good people, but this war has ruined them. We have had no war. [A yogi replies in [Hindi?] to which Mother continues:] Do you drink? You drink you smoke? Now you are going to take to drugs or what? Then what? Why not take? I mean if you want to headlong… then you must become a real English, you see? First you wear a striped one alright? Striped trousers. Then wear a jean. And then go to these horrible places and have some drugs, you see? Nice! Look at them. But they are seeking God. When they are doing it they are seeking God. They are not like Indians. Indians are just doing it out of fashion. When they do it they do it because they are seeking God and the way give up we have to learn from them. They give up just like that. [Shri Mataji clicks her fingers.] Indians are not seeking God at all, they are seeking money. So why should you do all these things, those who are seeking God are doing out of mistakes. Indians are not seeking God at all.

[Another comment in Hindi from a yogi to which Shri Mataji replies in Hindi. An English yogi softly interrupts that “It’s time to go, Shri Mataji.” Mother continues in Hindi.]

[Shri Mataji:] Please open your eyes. Just a minute. You did some pranayam? Did some breathing? [UNCLEAR] Come along, come. Come forward, come on. That’s breathing has caused this problem. Otherwise you are very good but this breathing… [Shri Mataji recites some mantras and converses in Hindi while doing clearing. Some are told to keep eyes open. Another is told:] Are you alright? Have you got cool breeze in the hand? You have a liver problem, do you know that? Put your left hand on your liver, that is here. Yes, little below.

[Mother converses with a tearful Hindi lady. And then comes back to the “breathing” man:] You’ve done some pranayama is it? Breathing, have you done…?
[Man:] …Breathing, just a little.
[Shri Mataji continues and speaks to some others in Hindi and English.]

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