He is going to give you that which is promised –the kingdom of God

Patkar Hall, Mumbai (India)

1980-01-02 Public Program Mumbai NITL HD, 72'
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1980-01-02 Public Program, New Year, Mumbai

At Patkar Hall I have to speak in English language. I hope you wont start off with language problem. Because love does not have any language. I am talking about love. Of God’s love.

That He in His love has created this beautiful universe. In His love He brought you from amoeba to this stage. And in His love He is going to give you that which is promised –the kingdom of God. To do all these things you had to pass through a certain circle of evolution by which you have been brought to this stage of human being and you have to evolve to a higher awareness which is higher than that of a human being. By which you can become the instrument of God’s love and to feel His love and to be endowed by His love and to be graced by Him. And His love is His power. That is His light. Only because He loved this world He created you, the whole universe. And if you have to get your realisation also it is He who has organised within you long time back a method by which you have to have it. So even to say that sahaja yoga is something modern could not be correct. But sahaja yoga has been throughout, is the living process of the whole creation. Sahaja — is born with you. As the seed sprouts you also can sprout. This has been with us the whole universe has been created and today the time has come for human beings to be enlightened. Their awareness the human awareness is definitely higher than that of an animal’s awareness. For example if you want to take a horse through dirty places it wouldn’t work. But if you want to take a human being through some dirty lake he would immediately faint. Human beings can see the colours and can make out that this colour is not good that colour is ugly that horrible. The sense of beauty is not among animals. There are so many things that human beings have got which animals do not have. Still there is all pervading ignorance [agnyan]. Still we are ignorant. The light is not there. Still we are in the dark. We don’t know why God has created us. We don’t know what is our fulfilment. We don’t know if we have to live in this world, to be born in this world, then eat your food, then earn some money, leave some money for your children or for example have an election then break somebody’s head and then die. Is this the way we are going to live day to day? Is this what God wanted us to do? Because thousands of years have been taken from amoeba stage to this stage. And now what are you going to do out of us? Those who are supposed to be human beings who have got a proper nose eyes and everything intact. Are we going to waste our life the way we have been doing the way our forefathers have done it. What is the meaning of this human being what is the fulfillment of this being? This question must come to every sensible personality. But it does not. It does not [unclear]. We have had our food today and as long we have insurance for some thousands of rupees then why should we worry. Our attention is so limited we just think of our very very ordinary means. But within us there is a tremendous being to know why are we on this earth. What are we going to do about this being who is born again and again on this earth. What is the achievement, what is the speciality? We have not evaluated ourselves the way[UNCLEAR] ourselves till morning till evening. We are worried about all useless frivolous things. You are human beings. You are something so great. God has created you, this greatness has been given to you for some purpose. All the saints have been talking about it. We thought that these saints must be mad. We have crucified them we have killed them we have poisoned them. Most of them in the modern times have run away and sitting in some hills and mountains however they do not want to come down. So what have we achieved though this being? First and foremost question we must ask ourselves. Have we been able to know why we are here? The problem is very few people know, have knowledge and the rest of them are in ignorant. Such an all pervading ignorance is there and one blind is leading the other blind. You will reach nowhere. There must be some arrangement within us after all we became human beings spontaneously by itself. What did we do? We don’t even remember we were amoeba. We don’t even remember we were monkeys. We don’t remember anything. What we know is that we are human beings. Now here we are talking of new vibratory awareness. We are talking of human awareness which is enlightened. Which is enlight like when there is no light in this room you just can’t see anything. Everybody is blind, blindfolded and whatever they have found out on that whatever is based is blindness. Ignorance leading to ignorance. Unless and until you have found out your absolute whatever you are doing is irrelative and [relating just to relative has no meaning] like somebody said Mother are you for communism or for monarchy. I said both are madness. They said how? I said I am only for the kingdom of God. They said where is the kingdom of God? I said that is the point. If you are asking this question when you do not know where is the kingdom of God then you are ignorant like children. What can I tell you about it. You have to find out your absolute which is within you. Which is all the time present. But how to find out the absolute? How did you find out that you are a human being? What did you do to become a human being? What did we do altogether. I would like to know but for doing something that is a dead work. Like this beautiful stage is here made out of a dead thing. This whole thing is made out of a dead thing. You did not even create one carbon atom. You cannot. When you cannot create the dead how can you create the living. These are the powers of God. And these are the powers God wants to give you. He wants to give you the powers by which you handle the living. He wants you to get the power by which you control the whole universe with your love. Is a fact. But whether I am telling you a tall story or a reality is to be found out. It should not be just a brainwash of saying big big things and nothing happening. We have had lots of such people giving big lectures. I was told recently there was a big great lecturer who had come and who was describing the leelas according to him funny types of leelas of Krishna and he made one crore of rupees. Wonderful I must say. When you think that by listening to these useless talks you are going to get to your own being, you are sadly mistaken. Nobody has done so far and you are not going to get it. Something has to happen within you. There must be some sort of arrangement within you. There must be some ankuras some primule within you that should do this job. So it was said there is. Shankaracharya has said it. I mean those who call themselves Hindus. I don’t know if there is Shankaracharya. Mohammed sahab has [ Unclear]. They never wrote but about these things they have talked. Christ has said about it that you have to be born again. What is all that we should find out how are we to be born again? What is it He promised and why? Because you have not found out your absolute you have to go little further to find that out. So today sahaja yoga which has been operating from anadikaal from ancient times. It is all the time operating. Has reached a stage where it has become a mahayoga. For example when I am here to face you then only you meet me isn’t it? Till I have not come you are seeing the watch Oh! Still Mataji has not come. Till you came to this place also you were seeing the watch oh when will I reach Patkar hall. When you sat down got a nice seat also still you were thinking oh still. Is not done. The whole thing is one [UNCLEAR] but when you saw Me here then is the meeting like the train till it reaches the station it has not reached. In the same way sahajayoga becomes a mahayoga when you get your realisation. Through your evolutionary process which is sahaj throughout you have come to this state of a human being and today when you get your realisation you get it through the state of sahajayoga which is mahayog. Now Mr Pradhan has said something about Me which I never wanted anybody to say. Its a very dangerous world we are facing. People are so funny and so egoistical that they cannot bear any such thing. To them if somebody says that I am a shakti then they say all right if You are a shakti then I am going to come and hit you. That is human nature. Otherwise why did you crucify Christ? Why did you give poison to a person like Mohammad Sahab? Why did you trouble Shri Shirdi Sai Nath? All the real persons have been tortured by human beings. Why? But the unreal? They have crores of rupees they have their jet planes going on and they have got their keeps around and you see they live on luxury and they exploit you and take all your money, befool you morning till evening. But you like them. This is what so far human beings have been doing and today also doing it. In London we had a very big group of people coming to me and they were having a academy of something and all that and the fellow the director of that academy came to see me who has spent thousands of pounds on a particular nonsense. And I asked him what was it how did you pay so much money? He said in the beginning we got involved in it. Like a race horse you know. I said what did you do? He said we payed about 600 pounds to begin with. We had to take some hankerchief this that and they give you a mantra. I said what was the mantra was given to you? You are all Indian and you can see how our Indian so called people are befooling them and befooling us morning till evening. We like that than to face the reality within ourselves and what is the mantra you will be amazed was ainga and the other fellow was given another wonderful mantra was thinga. All these kinds of silly and foolish things and stupid things people are accepting. Then how can sahaja yoga work out? If you want to be stupid you can be. You are all free because at the human stage only God has given you freedom to chose the right. Now somebody asked me this morning a very interesting question that why should God do that? According to them God should have carried you direct from monkey stage to higher stage missing the human stage completely. Good idea in a way. But you just think about it. At the monkey state you have not learnt anything. For example if I have to drive a car I have to learn how to use the break and the accelerator. Now a driver or the master of the car will sit on one side and tell you alright now start your car. Use your own understanding to balance it. The wheel and also to know where to go further and where to stop. You go on learning it. This is the human stage where God himself wanted you to learn. Then at the second stage God sits at the back as the Master and watches how His children are learning to drive the car. Then at a later stage when you know how to drive the Master is happy and He says My child you come and sit on my seat. You are the master. I give you all the powers all this car and everything is your own now. Come and have it. Thats how He bestows His love upon you. Then you teach others how to drive this car. One had to learn how to manage this life. You were to be given the riddle of lthis ife to be solved by you because tomorrow when you are going to be put on the throne you should know what you have been up. This is the main reason why this freedom was granted to you human beings to learn to master life. Instead what did we do? Now here we can think or here you can[UNCLEAR there is a big one ] Within us God has placed three powers which in Sanskrit language they have named sort in English language I am sort. Can you see this one please. But on the left hand side is the power within us which gives us our existence Astitwa. This is the power for your information is of Mahakali. This Mahakali power gives us the existence and our emotional life our desire because it is the desire of God. Then the second line on the right hand side as you see is the power of creativity. Is the power within us which is given to us by God which is called as Mahasaraswati power. This is also within us. These two powers are very clearly seen that we desire. Whatever we desire we create. Now this second power also caters or looks after the body, the five elements within us. So we have two powers within us which are the undercurrents of our sympathetic nervous system which we see outside, on the outside of the spinal chord. These two sympathetic nervous systems are left and right. For doctors these two sympathetic nervous systems are one. They don’t know that there is a tremendous difference because one caters for the psychic and another for our creativity. These two powers within us are filled, coordinated, looked after, supported by the central power which we call as the power of Mahalakshmi. Also this power gives us our nature as a human being. Is the evolutionary power. For example if carbon had four valancies it is because of this power. We have evolved to this human stage because we have got this evolutionary power within us. Which acts . Otherwise how did we evolve? And on this power only, by the grace of this power only the God incarnates. His evolutionary power incarnates. Vishnu incarnates, Narayana incarnates on this earth to evolve people till the human stage and later on to the super human stage. For this evolution we are not to give any money. You cannot give any money for your evolution. How much did you pay for becoming a human being? When it comes to dharma this power gives your dharma. For example the gold has a dharma that it untarnishable. If this power this dharma has come to gold through this power which acts. If you think this picture is that of the Virat of the primordial being then we can consider that these three powers are also acting in the whole world. And also within us they are expressing . But if you see carefully in the centre of that, that power is little bit missing. There is a gap. And this gap is actually can be seen very clearly that is also within us. Because of this gap our evolution has not reached that point where we have to go. That gap exists thats why we are still in agnyana into ignorance. When this gap can be filled we will become one with that all pervading power. Like sympathetic nervous system you can use it for any emergency. You want to run you can increase the speed of your heart. But automatically it reduces so doctors say its an autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? Who is the one that controls it? Is the spirit. And this autonomous nervous system within us which is the as you call it the parasympathetic nervous system in the centre. Nobody knows how to control it how to manage it and how to look after it. So when you get to cancer you say O! Cancer! One has to die. Finished. Or else you go on taking one place take out the nose take out the eyes take out the ears and allow the person to live like a cabbage. They are no solution for cancer. Cancer can only be cured through your realisation. No other way. If you are realised you should not get cancer. If you know how to keep yourself in the centre. Now when they get the cancer then they come to Mataji. And a doctor comes to me if he gets realised and if goes tell other doctors. In Marathi words they say[Baichan adi lagla]. So now it is wisdom. We must for a change have some subuddhi that we must get our realisation. You don’t worry about anything else. First and foremost thing is that you get connected to the whole. We are not get connected to the whole we are not aware of that connection. Before the God we will go we will say alright this is a temple we are worshipping O God give me a son give me this give me that. All sorts of demands are there. But who are you to demand? Are you connected? Supposing I am not connected with this how will I talk to you? In the same way we should understand as long as we are not connected with God no amount of ritualism, Puja, Path, Namaz or anything is going to reach God. Now the question is there God or not? This question should be there for all these so called science oriented ego oriented people. Natural. Is there God? What is the proof that there is God? So I only want to tell you the time has come to prove the existence of God. Not only that but also all that has been said about God and about all that has been said about righteousness, about holiness, about religion, about all the prophets of this world whom you have tortured. All the great incarnations the time has come today and it is for you to stand up to it take the light into your hand and see for yourself that if it so or not. Whatever Adishankaracharya has said the time has come I take up the challenge for you. Whatever Christ has said the time has come I take up the challenge. Whatever Mohammed Sahab has said the time has come to prove every word of what he has said. But people have no time. This is the worst part of it. They have time for everything they have no time for themselves. You ask somebody who was coming today he said Mother I can’t I am sorry he said I don’t have time. I said really? Whats the matter where are you going? Oh you know somebody has come and I have to take him to Taj Mahal hotel. He would like to have some drinks you know. I said why . See Mother you know you have to please this fellow otherwise I won’t get the business. I said then what will you do with the business? How many business you have got? Already you have so much business that you have to worry your head about your black and white money. Now what do you want to make a blue money? We have no time. But I must warn you now that the time has come for you because this is the last judgement which is the promised. Is not that simple as you think. You better get yourself judged. Don’t miss because this is the last judgement which is being promised. After all how God is going to judge you. He is not having a big balance or a Tarazu. Your kundalini is going to rise and is going to tell whether you are selected or not. The kundalini which is the force there which is the residual force after creating the whole thing the whole body it remains just as a faith there. She is the power that is your mother own mother. She is the complete subconscious or you can say the complete Mahakali power that you have within yourself. She has recorded all the small small things that you have done. All the wrong you have done. And she sits there. She sits there with, so we say she is sleeping. But she is recording everything. And she is waiting there she knows whatever you have done and she knows what you desire. She is your loving mother. She settles down in the triangular bone down below there in the [cocyx]which is the triangular bone in the end of the spinal cord. That is the sacred place where such a force has to be kept. So she is waiting there to arise. But as usual anybody you talk now I went to America I talked of kundalini in 73. People came down they wrote down all my lectures. They took all the lectures, they have published so many books with kundalini awakening this thing that thing. I was amazed. Then the people said Mother you should have what you call that I don’t know you should have registered your lecture. I said for what? Are they mad people? They have to face God. You see even if they steal my lectures or publish it and all that what is it matters. This money are you going to take even[ UNCLEAR ]with you, even single pie with you? Such madness captures this world sometimes I feel. You have to face the most beautiful thing that is within you, your spirit which I am saying that you must face it. Instead of that you are running after these horrible things. And this money, this and this nonsense. You have the most precious thing within you hidden. Which is the source of all the joy, which is the source of all the peace, which is the source of all the knowledge. Instead of that what are you doing? So here is God has placed a kundalini within you. He has done it and that this connection has to be registered. Now on kundalini also such horrible stuff in this world. So many people have told Me Mother never write kundalini yoga better sahaja yoga. If you write kundalini yoga nobody will come to your program. Because kundalini means first of all filth according to these people. Insulting the mother all the time. They think kundalini can be raised through doing filthy things. We have to have authority to raise kundalini. Its not a easy thing to raise kundalini. Its impossible. The way people are playing with the Divine they forget that there is a hell awaiting for them. Kundalini cannot be tackled by people who have no character, who have no divine authority. They must see that don’t go to people for kundalini awakening those who are indulging into all kinds of unrighteous methods and taking money for it. You have been for your mother. You are insulting your mother. One must have an authority from God and not from some theological college or from some Shastriya Visharad from Banaras Hindu University. The authority is within. And before such an authority when the kundalini knows that such an authority is before she rises. Spontaneously. It has happened to thousands of villagers. In the villages it works out much faster and thousands of them come. But in the cities is very difficult. If we spend one thousand rupees for the advertisement in Times of India which is another difficult place then only about 600 people at the most will come. And out of them also about 50% will get realisation and 10% even remain into sahajayoga. I thank my stars. Its that difficult for city people. Why? Why because our attention is diverted. In the city we are running the mad race. In the city we have so many other competitions and so many other things. Now one may come and ask Mother how will kundalini solve the problem of poverty. I’ll say thousand fold it will solve. All your problems. Why are you poor? You are poor because your Lakshmi tattwa is not been awakened. Why your lakshmi tattwa is not being awakened? Because you have insulted it. If you know how to awaken your Lakshmi tattwa you can be very rich. Not only rich but you will be lakshmipati in the sense the Lakshmi has to be that you will be satisfied. That people will know that this man is the lakshmipati. With a [UNCLEAR] from one hand and prashreya from another hand and in the other two hands is the lotus which is the source of all the fragrance of such a personality. Such a country we could be one day. Our Bharat Mata is sakshat Lakshmi itself and we have made her so poor by our complete spiritual poverty. We all want to become english. Go to England and see what these people are doing. They have created hell out of their England. Are we going to become just like them? We are city dwellers. All right these city specially this Bombay is the place of Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi temple itself is a realised thing. Its a thing that emits vibrations. How many of us know about it? But we have made a mess out of that temple also because there we get all these bhoots on the mahalakshmi day and they will tell you the number of the horse. Look at these human beings. If you want to spoil something give it to some human being and they will do very nice work. Just think of it. Just think of it that your are belonging to a country which is yoga oriented. These are ego oriented and bhoga oriented. But what we are becoming is dhonga oriented. We are just dhongi. All our ideals have gone to dogs. And I sometimes feel all these saints are now born in the west not here. Somebody asked Me what will happen in tomorrows elections? I said what should happen to hundred thieves? I mean question is when there all the thieves [UNCLEAR]what is going to happen? I am not bothered about them. But this is the country of bhaktas of santas. And is a fact that they have played. Rama and Sita had to walk barefeet not for themselves. They [ ] had to get anything out of you. They walked because they wanted to vibrate this Dandakaranya. In this precious land of Maharashtra itself they have walked barefoot to vibrate this place and what are we doing. We have forgotten all our heritage and everything and we have become poor. It is like a person who has born in the palace as the son of a very rich king and sitting outside and begging. For us God has become a myth but this kundalini is still there waiting for that day to give you realisation. This kundalini exists. And there are seven centres within us which manifest outside in the gross these are subtle centres all the plexuses that the doctors know of. We are talking of the undercurrents within us. When you get your realisation the kundalini rises, passes through the Brahma Nadi, because time is very short I am just giving you in very short. And pierces the fontanelle bone area which is called as the Brahmarandhra and you become one with the all pervading. And what is the sign — salilam salilam. Cold breeze starts flowing. The Shiva tattwa starts emiting its coolness radiating. The radiation of that starts flowing through your hands has been described. I mean I am not the person who is describing it. Adishankaracharya has described it. But who reads Adishankaracharya? They want to read Rajneesh. The greatest saint ever born. So please come round to reality and see for yourself that God has created this beautiful kundalini within us, has put us there. She is just waiting for this occasion this beautiful happening to take place within you. It happens. It happens with many I must say. The vibrations start flowing. Then somebody has to decode and tell you what are all these. When they are emitted these five fingers– one, two, three, four, five , six and seven these are the seven centres in the hand of the sympathetic nervous system. They get enlightened –sateja . You are are aware you are sajag but you are not satej. They get enlightened. By that enlightenment this is a new awareness I am talking about, a new dimension. When you become divine you start feeling in others and in yourself your inner being. You start feeling what is the matter with another person’s chakras and centres which are the undercurrents of all the problems- physical, mental, emotional, financial, economic, political every problem. These are the undercurrents which you start feeling within yourself because it is self realisation and in another person’s also because your collective consciousness is being awakened. You become collectively conscious is the point I am trying to say. Is no lecturing, is no brainwash but you become. But the problem is even if you get realisation you must settle down in it. Its something which requires calibre [Marathi Language – bagayaye ka manoha] you need people of calibre who have to settle down with sahaj yoga for sometime but it so happens people are so frivolous. They have no value of their own self. They have no value of their own being. That they just do not bother. God bothers about you so much. While you are frittering away yourself into nonsensical things and then you come back and say Mother I could not sleep for ten nights. Mother I am suffering from mental trouble. Even when you become mad you don’t know that you are becoming mad. You go to the pagalkhanas , then you die. Everybody says you are mad you don’t know you are mad. All kinds of mental problems can be cured through kundalini awakening. All kinds of physical problems can be cured through kundalini awakening no doubt. Of course some thing is dead and finished that can’t help but even then I was surprised in London for example there was a lady very famous Aajibai I don’t know if you have been to London then you must know about her. This lady was really given up by the doctors absolutely given up. She was in coma. And they arranging for her last rites and things and thats all and I reached there. She is living and kicking and nowadays she is in Vardha. Its possible. But there are some people who stand up and say Mother no I came to sahaja yoga I did not get any benefit. Now what are you doing ? In the house you go you beat your wife, you do all kinds of vyabhicharas, and you do all kinds of violence that is possible to yourself and to others. You drink like a fish. Torturing the [ ] and the whole world and want sahaja yoga should give you a crown? Do we crown donkeys? You have to be like a king to be crowned. This is what is done through kundalini awakening because she gives you the idea of your own dignity of your pratishtha. And you start understanding oh God am I this? Because once the power starts working you are amazed that at the beckon call of you hands the kundalini rises. Just do like this and the kundalini will rise. You can see with your naked eyes the rising of the kundalini and the pulsation flowing. If you have a stethoscope you can feel it and when the kundalini comes here you can feel the throbbing there like Kabira had said “Shunya shikhar par anhad baaje” all these Kabira and all these Nanaka were they wrong? Were they false people? No they were not. But let us now with all humility open ourselves and get this experience but again and again and again as your mother who feels for you. Perhaps I love you much much more than you love yourself. Perhaps I think you are really great people. But you do not think about yourself. I wish you could know about yourself. And then go deeper and deeper into it. When one light will be enlightened you can enlighten hundred lights. But if one light is enlightened and again it is shaking it goes off then one feels like whats use of enlightening these useless lights. So I have to again and again request you that please after getting realisation also don’t think about it why because by thinking you cannot get it. It is beyond thought its a triggering. Your rationality is limited. You have to go beyond the rationality. Like I came in this room I have to give up my car by which I came. In the same same way your rationality is not going to give you realisation. You go beyond your rationality and you feel it and then your rationality watches it. But if you start thinking about it, it goes out. Because between the two thoughts a thought rises and falls off and another thought rises and falls. We can see the rising of the thought but the falling we do not see. Between the two thoughts is the place called as vilamba. And thats the place through which we push ourselves inside into that silent place which is ourselves. So as soon as you come into thought that place is lost and unless and until you are fully established into sahaja yoga you will not know how dynamic it is. But immediately you can see how it works. But give some time. Give some time to yourself. Its not a fashion. We have time for everything. We have no time for ourselves. And this is the biggest mistake you are doing. This is the greatest problem you are causing to yourself and to the whole world. Today the whole world is on the brink of taking a judgement. Perhaps some of you may be able to play a very vital role I am sure I can see that there are some here in this great emancipation of the entire human being. Which is a fact which is to be seen, felt and understood. Till then My lecture to you is like a hypothesis. It is to be verified after realisation. You all must get your realisation is My only desire. And your should be that you all should get it. May God bless you all.