Puja, Mantras of Sahastrara


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Puja 1980-0126


“Today I’m going to tell you what are the mantras of Sahastrara, which are very important. You start it from the back, put your right hand towards me, put your left at the back. In the centre here, or you can say that, where there’s a little getting [?] point, on that point. That is Mahaganesha.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi, asks for water; She is having Her food. She tells the Yogi which names are to be chanted. And all the Yogis repeat them]”

– Shri Mahaganesha

– Shri Mahabhairava

– Shri Mahat Manasa

– Shri Mahat Ahamkara

– Shri Hiranyagarba (Mahabrahmadeva)

– Shri Satya

– Shri Mahata-Chitta

– Shri Adi Shakti

– Shri Virata

– Shri Kalki

– Shri Sadashiva

– Shri Ardha-matra (Ardha Bindu)

– Shri Bindu

– Shri Valaya

– Shri Adi Brahma Tattwa

– Shri Sarvaswa

– Shri Sahastrara Swamini

– Shri Moksha Dayini

– Shri Mahayoga Dayini