Seminar for the new Sahaja yogis Day 1

Cowasji Jehangir Hall, Mumbai (India)


Seminar for the new Sahaja yogis, Cowasji Jehangir Hall, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 28 January 1980.

I was told that I should address the gathering in English language. I know it would be all right for few people if I address you in English.

I think that it is time for us to think that why God has created this beautiful being, human being. Why did He take so much trouble to evolve us from amoeba stage to this? We have taken everything for granted, even to talk of God in these modern times, it is impossible, because according to the intellectuals, He doesn’t exist. They may say whatever they like, but He does, and very much so. Now the time has come, first of all, for us to know why are we here? What is our fulfillment? Have we come in this world just to be born, eat our food, produce children, amass money for them and then die? Or is there any special reason that God loved us so much, that He created a new world of human beings? Also the time has come for us to know that there is God and that His power of love exists, and not only that, but it organizes, it coordinates, it’s dynamic, that He loves and in His love He wants to grant us the kingdom of God, the greatest that was planned for human beings. Let us forget our frustrations, and our turmoils, and our so- called political and economic problems, for they do not exist. It’s only a mirage we are running after, we are the people who are created this cobweb and are entangled into it and are worried about life. There’s nothing to worry, for the Lord, God all mighty, who has created you is the All Mighty, and He is anxious to give you the bounties of joy and happiness.

If we sit down and try to understand, we will learn that God has created us into a human being without anyone of us knowing about it. We did not know how did we become from monkeys to this state. We have no idea when did we get this great personality of a human being. What did we do to become a human being? We should ask this simple question to ourselves. What do we do to breathe so easily? What do we do when our heart beats regularly? What the timing it keeps the way it works! What have we done to achieve this kind of a beautiful body which works by itself? You have done nothing so far. At the most what we can do is the dead work, like we might create a building out of dead stones, or if it dies we can create a nice, beautiful furniture. But have we done anything living so far that we are so proud that we deny the power that creates life? Thousands of flowers are turned into fruits everyday, and I am saying thousands because there is no word to that, it’s infinite. When this power is acting so minutely, infinitely, and into such detail, for example if you have a mango tree, you will get a mango fruit only. If you have a rose bush, you will get only roses out of that. All that is controlled properly managed, everything done so beautifully. You are placed on this Mother Earth, which is moving with such tremendous speed, and still you are just there, no problem. All these things, how they are happening? We do not want to face. We don’t want to face the reality. Perhaps, we think that reality would be too much. But the time has come for us to know the reality because it is the most beautiful thing, and that the reality and the truth is a very simple thing.

The truth is that God has created you all to make His power manifest to you. As we have created this instrument to make our voices go through it, in the same way, God has created you in such a beautiful manner that you can manifest His power, His shakti, through your instrument. But the only difference between this instrument and this human instrument is this that you are aware, that you know everything, that you are capable of understanding the power that is flowing through you and its manifestation and a complete maneuvering of it. And the last of it, the joy of it.

This has been told in various scriptures, especially in our country, which is endowed with God’s greatest blessings of very beautiful atmosphere. We do not realize living in this country how much the other countries have faced to live with their surroundings. Say, if you have to live in London, you must know that you have to have a very big income, because it’s so cold, you have to have a house which is central-heated, which is minimum of minimum. This country being especially made for a very simple living, without going into any encounter with the nature. We have seen that thousands of years back, in this great country of ours, there were many great saints who went into the jungle, because in this country you can live in the jungle with very little food, to find out about the underlying currents which are controlling this body. While in the West, people went outward, first of all, get their houses properly done up, to live even was a problem there. And then they went into things like science, outward, to see what comfort they can get out of matter, what help they can get out of matter.

But here the people went within themselves, they took their attention within to find out what was the underlying forces that have created this whole universe and created the human being. Supposing something goes wrong in the instrument here, and you cannot cure it then, you’ll start going to the mains and finding out if there was anything wrong with the mains. In the same way, some people are trying to do the job here, while some people were doing the job at the mains. They discovered that within us lies a power called as Kundalini. This Kundalini is the power lying at the base of the spine, at the sacral bone, we call, some people mistake it because I say it triangular, because it’s a complete triangle, the little small bones are called as triangular bones in the medical science. I mean that triangle that you can feel at the back, at the back, at the base of the bone is called the sacrum. Now this sacrum means sacred bone. Just think, how people knew that it was the sacred bone and also it is said that when a man gets burnt, whole his body can be burned, but this bone doesn’t get burnt.

This has got three and a half coils, this Kundalini. There is a special reason for having three and a half coils, because that gives the manifestation of an eternal being, but that we’ll discuss sometime later. Now, these three and a half coils of Kundalini or the energy or the shakti, it manifests the complete human being, as we call the pinda, a complete zygote is created out of it. She creates and still remains the same, like a Mother creates a child but remains the same. This Kundalini is your Mother. She is the one who is only your Mother. Every individual has got this Mother, in the triangular bone, every individual and this Mother is all the time recording, watching, coordinating and trying to give you what do you call the symbol of the universal unconscious. They say this Kundalini is sleeping. She is in a way, because She is not yet arranged it. Below this Kundalini is a center, another center you can see, which is the center of reception of all the information of what you have done in previous lives and what you are doing today. All your information is kept like a tape, in the sacrum bone of every human being.

Now you may say that “How are we to believe Mother that there is such an energy?” In our Sahaja Yoga program there may be at least thirty percent people who must have seen with their naked eyes, the pulsation of the Kundalini. You can see with your naked eyes that the Kundalini pulsates, and She rises, you can see it with your naked eyes. Not only that, with a stethoscope you can feel the rising of that “lup dup” as you see in your heart, or they say anahatha means the sound of the percussion. All this was found out long, long time back, but everything that is Indian should be discarded as useless, have been our idea, for the last, I don’t know for how many years.

Why? This is a country of yoga, we are yoga-oriented people. Basically we are yoga-oriented. You may try to change the ideas, and the new liberation and these nonsensical things, bring anything you like in this country but it’s going to be very difficult, because this has been looked after, nurtured and being put forward as the greatest leader of spirituality. You try any tricks on this country, it won’t work out because it is not one day’s job, it is not two day’s job, but thousand of years the sages have worked on this country, and this part, and please know that as you are born as Indians, you are the greatest, as far as spirituality is concerned. But the other day when they were having My television, they asked Me a direct question,

“What do you think of Western seekers that you have and the Indian seekers?”

I said, “Of course the Western seekers are ego-oriented, they go for ego trips, they will join a guru who will give them some clothes, or will call them by some names, they want to have some ego trips.”

But still they are seekers of a very long history, must have been, they might have been the great sages of this country born in other country perhaps, because the way they have gone into Sahaja Yoga and the way they have mastered it, is something so remarkable, while the pseudo-intellectuals of our country are extremely superficial. On this point they felt a little bit sad.

But I said, “I’ll have to tell you the truth.”

We have never gone into the details, into the findings of these great sages who have found out so many things for us, it’s already ready-made, just like your Kundalini being made by your Father, the Lord, God Almighty, who has put the Kundalini just there for you, ready.

Now you have the first center, these are all the subtle centers I am talking about which are manifested grossly within, as plexuses. But here I will tell you about the subtle centers. The first subtle center is called as the Mooladhara Chakra. Now all if you must be knowing this much of Sanskrit that this Mooladhara is the support of the root. What is the root? Root is the Kundalini, which is higher, and this is the Mooladhara center. This is the center that averts, that informs the Kundalini. Now, this has nothing to do with Hindu religion or Christian religion or any religion whatsoever. Everyone, whether you are from London or from India or from Timbuktu, has got this Kundalini within yourself if you are a human being.

Now we talk of one world and one great understanding, and that is not possible. That’s an impossible task that you have taken up. The reason is that you have not gone into the undercurrents of all the people. Secondly, you have not found out your absolute; it’s all relative terminology. All your economic problems, all your economic theories, and all your assumptions, as far as your political parts are concerned, are absolutely useless, because they are not based on the absolute. You are moving in on a plane which has no base. Nothing is absolute, actually that’s why we always go to extremes, like, when we are discussing about, say, politics, see our all ideologies that work out: capitalism, one extreme; communism, another extreme. This is another extreme, that is another extreme. The river flows in the center and the more you are in the center, is deeper, all these ideologies will vanish into thin air as soon as you know you know your absolute, and all these problems and turmoils, and these useless talks will finish.

Let us find out where is our absolute within us? Now, when I talk to you, I know the questions that are coming up, that’s why I have to refer to it whether I am talking to it out of something, out of the blue, or I am talking to you which is scientifically true. If you are a real scientist, I would request you to be open minded. Every scientist has to be open minded for you know that Avogadro’s hypothesis was put forward, then it was again repelled, again repelled and then another. In the same way, I am putting a hypothesis before you, and to prove it you give Me a chance, and then you’ll know that I am talking of absolute laws which cannot be changed, absolute laws of God which are written in the books of love.

This absolute resides in your heart as your Spirit, as your atma. Spirit in English language, I find English language rather tricky because I don’t think they ever had such meditative experiences as we have had. Atma is in your heart, is the reflection of God all mighty. Within our heart is the atma, is like a flickering light, we can say as the gas light, we have the flickering light, which knows everything, which knows everything, which is called as CheTrAgnya in the Gita. This one knows what you are doing, where you are going, what are your plans, and what is wrong and what is bad. And this is the one we do not know that it is the one that we have to seek. But we are aware that there is someone, who knows all about us, whether you go in the darkness or you hide things, anything you do, you know that there is someone in your heart which knows everything about you.

But what we have to do now, to go to Him? Or to got to it, or to meet it? What have we done to become a human being? I again ask the same question. Nothing, and even to know the Spirit, you don’t have to do anything. What do you do to sprout a seed, nothing. The Mother Earth, She takes care of it. In the same way, to raise your Kundalini, to meet the Spirit, what do you have to do? Nothing, and that is going to be difficult to accept that without doing anything ourselves, how are we going to achieve it? That’s why Sahaja Yoga moves very, very slowly. If I tell people that you have to stand on your head, for three hours, there will be ten times more people here. You cannot do anything about it, only an enlightened light can enlighten another light, is a simple thing you know. If you are not enlightened, how can you enlighten another light? How can you enlighten yourself? And what does it do when it enlightens another light? The another light also gives light.

This flicker that is in your heart is the Spirit, and this Kundalini is the one which is kept ready like a primule and ankura within yourself, which rises slowly through these six centers, and emerges out of this area which is the thaloo, as it is called, or you can say the fontanel area. In the fontanel area, which is called as the thaloo, the Kundalini pierces through. From the thaloo, the Kundalini pierces, and when the Kundalini pierces through this, the seat of your Spirit is on here, the seat is here. You’ll be amazed that the Spirit comes out of you every night about twelve inch, and the seat is here and when the Kundalini touches the seat, you get your Self Realization. When you get your Self Realization, then you find your own meaning, before that this life has no meaning at all. Like, unless and until it is connected to the main, this has no meaning.

What are you fighting about God, if He’s there or not, when our eyes are not yet opened? It’s like blind people fighting amongst themselves and declaring that there is no God or there is God, both the thing is just the same. Whether it is blind faith or I would say very intellectual assertion, that there is no God, just the same, it has no meaning, because both ways you are not connected with God. So the first and foremost thing is that you should be connected to your Spirit, all the rest of it, absolutely useless. Those people who indulge into other ego trips and think they are going to achieve God by jumping or by doing all kinds of nonsensical things, they are [?].

This Kundalini has to rise and has to give you Self Realization. This is what Adi Shankaracharya has said, this is what Christ has said, this is what everyone who is a person regarded as the real person has said: that you are to be born again. How are you going to be born again? This is the Mother, which is sitting down there waiting for that occasion to rise and pierce these six chakras, the centers on top, to give you the Realization. The lowest chakra it does not pierce. This is the lowest chakra which has to look after the pelvic plexus, and if you know the pelvic plexus, it also looks after the sex.

Sex has nothing to do with Kundalini, I have said thousand and one times, but people have no sense to understand. That’s your Mother. Now, understand that you are all Indians, not English. How can you say such a dirty thing about your Mother? And this is what people have been misled into. I will give them, because I am a Mother, I’ll give them also the benefit of doubt. May be they were mistaken. May be that they saw Ganesha’s trunk there and thought that this was the Kundalini because the deity, which is ruling on that center, is Shri Ganesh.

When I say Shri Ganesh, people should not think that it is about Hinduism, nobody has right on Shri Ganesha. He’s not anybody’s deity as such, who just wants to pocket Him. He is the Lord who is ruling the whole universe, and nobody can claim that He is Hindu or Christian or Muslim. This Lord Ganesha whom we worship. Even the doctors, engineers, everyone worship do not know that He resides within you, on this Mooladhara Chakra – like, like a lotus in the mud, like a little child who doesn’t understand the nonsensical side of sex, who is so pure. That child resides within you, and here I would also like to point out that many people think that abstinence is going to give them a great height in spirituality, are sadly mistaken. You are not to run away from anything. You have to have children, you have to live like normal husband and wife. That is what we have to have in Sahaja Yoga. If you are abnormally behaving like having a ascetic life and all that, I would request you that you better go and change your dresses, and come back with normal dresses.

Sahaja Yoga can only be granted to people who are normal, not to extremists who believe in running away from home, or running towards the home too much. The people who lead a good life, who think of their society as well and who are very normal people in the middle course, not the extremists. The middle course people, we have never bothered about the middle course people. We are only bothered about the absolutely poor people who are beggars or worried about the people who are very rich. Forget them, both of them are in the same rank. You’ll see this in Sahaja Yoga that they have the same characteristics, they have the same values, they are of the same standard. Only difference is one has too much money and one does not have. You see, this is the money that makes the difference, but that is the denominator to know that both are in the same condition.

Now I am telling you that Sahaja Yoga only works out for people who do not go to extremes, because you can see that it is in the center that lies the vertebral column, not on one side or other side. Those people who are simple people, who are leading a nice, good righteous life, are the best for Sahaja Yoga. There is not need to make any experiments as the Western people have done. They have really ruined their society, ruined themselves completely, finished. You may call me I am Victorian, middle class, as the intellectual have great words, you see, they brand somebody. But it’s high time that they are realizing that such a foolish tomfoolery we have done in that country. We have ruined the society, we have ruined our children, we have ruined our family relationships, we have ruined a complete nation into Doom’s Day, complete doom. If you go and see those countries – miserable. They are going to end up their lives in the pub, that’s what it is because they cannot face life. The life is so miserable for them, they have no family, no children, no wife. Where to go? So they go to pub.

So, all these experimentation are of no use. As a Mother I am telling you, “Please stop.”

Awaken your Lord Ganesha within you, by respecting your chastity. Our Indian men think that chastity has no meaning for them. Only the women have to be chaste, and men are not supposed to be chaste at all, is more surprising. Chastity is the most important thing for human beings, to be in the center because it is Shri Ganesha’s blessings one get, then only the Kundalini is going to rise. Now Shri Ganesha has incarnated in this earth, on this earth Himself as Lord Jesus Christ. He came on this earth as Lord Jesus Christ on this center, what you call the Agnya Chakra, where I am putting this red thing. But He has evolved a lot. There are eleven rudras as we call them, there are eleven rudras which are His powers. All this is described in the Devi Mahatmyam, Devi Bhagawat. His name is Mahavishnu. He is called as the support of the universe. But who reads Devi Bhagawat? Or who reads, Markandaya’s book or Adi Shankaracharya’s book? They will say that “We are great Hindus,” and they have not even heard the name of Adi Shankaracharya.

I went to Kerala and these newspaper people told Me that, “We have never read him.”

In Kerala, such a great man was born, Adi Shankaracharya, I mean they have not read about Him. He never preached any Hinduism, it’s a wrong idea.

He said, “Na yogena na sankhe.”

He said, “Not by these philosophies you are going to get to God, but through Mother’s grace only you’ll get that position.”

He clearly said it, He never believed in any such secular sort of idea or any such ideas which meant that this religion is different, secular itself means that other religions exist. There is only one religion of God that exists. There aren’t hundred religions as we think them. They are all flowers of one big tree. We have removed all these flowers, “this is my, this is my.” And them how do you talk of secularism? It is one and it has been flowered with one shakti, with one love. How can they be different? They are all one, absolutely unanimous. They are in complete concord and there is no problem with them, is the problem is with us, the human being. It is too much to believe but it’s a fact, somebody has to tell you that it was Lord Ganesha who came on this earth as Lord Jesus Christ, and what have you done to Him? Think of it. He was there for four years only, He did this kind of a work and what did you do to Him? And why did you do to Him? What was the reason? Because, again, you did not want to face the reality. Now this is the time has come that you cannot avoid reality. If you avoid, then there are great dangers waiting ahead. You have to face the reality. And why? I’ll tell you just that.

Within us lies the undercurrent of our sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. Three channels called as, first one called, on the left hand side, as the Ida Nadi. These are the undercurrents of the sympathetic nervous system, left sympathetic nervous system but you cannot see it with your naked eyes. It is inside the spinal cord, while the sympathetic nervous system is outside. On the right hand side lies the Pingala Nadi which manifests the right sympathetic nervous system. In the center lies the parasympathetic nervous system, which is really autonomous, and you cannot control it. It supplies all the energy that is being used by the sympathetic. Whenever you get into any emergency, you start using your sympathetic nervous system, any emergency, like say running. When you run your heart will start beating, but the parasympathetic brings it to normal. These are the six centers from where you get your energy for the sympathetic nervous system. Now when you overdo any activity, because you go to extreme, then that particular center refuses to produce any more energy and it is exhausted because you are not connected to the mains, and tension is built up and if you go on more with it the result is cancer.

Cancer cannot be cured, you write it down today, and ten years I have been saying, without Sahaja Yog, it cannot be cured. Why cancer is acting within us because we are exhausting our energy in different centers and there is no way of bringing back energy to us. You have to get some method by which you get connected to the mains. For example, if you are going by car, and your petrol is going to finish, then you’ll build up tension, normally. But supposing that you have a way of getting connected to the main, and the energy flows within you all the time, you are inexhaustible. You are absolutely at peace. This is the one of the reasons that people are leading themselves physically into complete destruction.

Secondly, if you do not do that, if you do not get cancer, or any other such diseases, you will get bored in life, you get bored of yourself. Then to get over the boredom, you go to the pubs, you go drink and do all these alcoholism. Of course, nowadays people are singing praise of alcohol. You go on praising it, doesn’t matter, I won’t say you don’t drink, you come to Sahaja Yog and you will give up. Thousands of people have give up drinking, and why? I mean I don’t tell them don’t drink, not at all. I say don’t drink only the bottle over here. Last time one gentleman brought a bottle over here just to hit Me, but if you come here, you find your absolute, the joy of your absolute and then you don’t want to drink yourself. Even if you want, you won’t drink. I don’t do anything to you, I don’t tell you, I do not brainwash you, or I don’t say anything about prohibition, nothing of any kind. Automatically, when you have found yourself, you are no more bored, you are so much satisfied within yourself, and you just don’t take to it. It’s a very simple thing, and that is what is to be found out and the time has come for us to get our Self Realization, is the most important thing for all of us to get our Self Realization.

Now for this, you cannot pay. I mean, it’s so absurd to tell, but people are so mad that I have to say these things. How can you pay for your Mother’s love? Can you pay for your Mother’s love? I mean Indians understand their Mothers. How can you pay for her, can you even talk about it? It’s so insulting, so funny, but you cannot pay for it, you cannot pay for God. Anybody, whether he calls himself by any name, or anything, I don’t care. But anybody who takes the name of God and takes money lives like a parasite on the society, is a very sinful man. And those who follow those personalities are also going towards the same side which goes to hell directly.

You cannot take money for this love. This love, this flows, this just flows. It doesn’t want anything, you cannot pay it back. It just flows like light. It doesn’t require anything, it just requires its flow. As long as it flows, it’s satisfied, it doesn’t want anything. Do not judge God by the norms human beings have about themselves. They are trying to organize Him also, and they are going to buy Him. There are, I know, every institutions, so called religious institutions, where the people are just parasites, living there doing no work, are making money out of religion and it is very difficult for them to accept when I say you cannot pay for it.

But I tell you that from your mother, you can know that this mother has little love for you but God Almighty has the ocean. You cannot pay for that ocean. Just accept it, it will flow, overflow, engulf you and make you beautiful. The time has come for all of you to get it. Today I think it is sufficient, tomorrow I’ll tell you in details about all the centers, and about how to maintain them, but I would request that after the Realization, you must know that every light which is enlightened can again go back because people are negligent about it. So you must know after enlightenment, how to look after the lamp. If you could do it for few days also, it consolidate and then you start enjoying it, and then you enter into a realm where there is nothing but enjoyment, and laughter and happiness and joy and in that enjoyment, you are amazed to say that see that you are connected to each other so much like a part of the finger is connected to the whole body.

It happens, it is actualization, it is not lecturing that you are brothers and sisters, no. It happens, you become that when the Kundalini rises, the enlightenment on your fingers, on your being, makes you aware that you are part and parcel of others also. It makes you. You don’t have to tell yourself, you don’t have to educate yourself, it just becomes, it’s actualization. The collective consciousness become your dharma. It becomes your being, and that is what you have to gain, and that is what you have to achieve. For that, no effort is needed, and no money or anything is needed except that when you get it, you have to maintain it for some short time till it lit up properly.

May God bless you!

I think we should go in for the experience and with little humility please accept it. If you are a very arrogant person, it doesn’t work out. I’ve seen people who asked the most arrogant questions are the first to disappear and waste our time for nothing at all. I assure you that this has worked wonders and it is going to work wonders for you. You are not going to have that attitude as you have in a shop. You have not paid for it. I have loved you, that’s why I am with you, and for that you have to behave in that manner. Respect it and not to be arrogant because with arrogance you may not get it. I do not want that some of you should miss it. Please listen to Me, I am your Mother and still you all are My children, whether you are ninety or hundred doesn’t matter. In this respect you are all My children and you have to listen to Me, get to your joy, get to your happiness, and get to the key of your being. Thank you very much.
May God bless you!