Mahakali Shakti

New Delhi (India)

1980-02-08 Mahakali Shakti, 62'
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Public Program, “Mahakali Shakti”. 8 February 1980. New Delhi, India.

Sahaja Yogi: Two days ago I had the privilege to introduce Mataji at a temple in Delhi and there was a big crowd who came. This crowd, at the end of the program, was very eager to touch Mataji’s feet and once more I realized, how lucky and blessed you are in this country because your traditions, your upbringing has given you a deeper perception and better sensitivity to the dimension of spirituality. You seem to be more aware of the Divine than many other people, other countries and civilizations. This is why so many of us have come to India since, I would say, about twenty. The process began with this century, but especially after the World War II a great numbers of seekers of the West came to India to find what their own culture, own civilization could not give. This is the answer to a few basic questions of Iife, answer to the question of self fulfillment of the meaning of our destiny. Now, this story has been pathetic because there has been from this country thieves and crooks which have called themselves guru, and without any divine authorization they had led, or rather they had misled a great number of seekers. When I talked to Indian people about these things, they said, “We don’t believe in all these fake gurus. It is you, the foreigners, it is you the tourists who support them. You give money to these people, therefore they go on.” This is true. We are very naïve; we are very stupid in matters of spirituality. We can be easily befooled.

For us you with the knowledge of your shastras are more likely to make out the difference between someone who is genuine and someone who is fake. Yet I would say that now, in the West, the era of the fake gurus is drawing to the end. I know very well a very senior intelligence officer in my country, and the police authority of Switzerland are absolutely fed up with Indian pseudo gurus. There is one Swami Omkarananda who is in jail in my county for fourteen years criminal indictment, and is charged of rape, black magic and all this… All this came in the newspaper under the headline of Indian Spirituality. Now I let you judge how helpful is it to the image of your country. This long and not very auspicious introduction lead me to tell you that there is one person which since very long has been telling the truth about all this phenomena, has been demystifying the fake gurus, the false prophets and has been exposing the true genuine authentic image of Hindu Spirituality to the seekers of all over the world, and this person is Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi. And therefore now is dawning the time in which She is going to be recognized. This process has started and nothing will stop it.

I want to tell you as Indians that I have an extremely great respect for your country but, so that I can respect you also, you must feel the responsibility that you have toward the world. There is one thing that India can give to the world and this is guidance in this field where India has outdistanced all other countries – and this is spirituality. And there is one person which is at the edge of spiritual life today.

Why? Who is this person?

This person is the one who can raise Kundalini. This person is the one who can raise Kundalini at the mass level. This person is the one of which it has been said that once side glance of hers brings all prosperities.

I have not accepted Mataji overnight. I had come to Her with a very analytical mind. I have watched Her for long until I realized how totally genuine She is. How totally caring and how totally selfless and, above all, how immensely powerful She is.

Therefore, I have not the slightest doubt that Sahaja Yoga is going to achieve what God wants you to achieve. That is, the emancipation of all the seekers, the possibility for the [UNCLEAR] to get self realization. But I have doubts how seriously you in this country are going to take up Sahaja Yoga. We have made so many mistakes in the West that we know how dramatic the situation is. Europe is now in the fear of a third world war, in the fear of a worldwide energy crisis, in the fear of the consequences of a self-destroying society where the production process cannot be stopped, generate goods which are not necessary.

We live in the Western civilization where family is destroyed, where one-third of the young couples get divorced; It’s very difficult to bring such a civilization on the right tracks again. Whereas in India you are much better prepared than we are to take out the message. You are much more dharmic then we are in the sense that you still respect woman, you have a sense of womanhood that [unclear -tape broken] on challenging. You are pious people. All these conditions should enable you to get self realization faster than we. The only question is do you realize the urgency of it? Do you realize the importance of it? Because your concern is very much with material things, material development, material security and because a tradition of religious orthodoxy has sometimes suggested that religion cannot be operative, practical and effective. Many of you, maybe, cannot perhaps see how immediate how immediately important it is in your daily life to experience [UNCLEAR] realization. It is ridiculous to talk to introduce Sahaja Yoga to your intelligence, that this talking is in itself all meaningless. What is meaningful is the experience of self-realization, the actualization of your own power.

If you come here, just to hear another satsang, just by curiosity because Mataji is a very famous person and you want to know after all who She is, you will not go very far. But if you come here with a genuine heart, a heart which is asking God: “Please, I come here as Thy child, lead me to You,” then I can say with great confidence that you may reach now the end of your life`s long quest. It will take time for some of you to recognize who Mataji is. And we do not ask that you should recognize Her out of what we say. What we would like to suggest this evening is, grow into your inwardliness, get your own power, enter this new dimension of consciousness and from that point understand the importance, the greatness of what is happening to you, understand the immensity of the love and of the compassion of the one who has been able to grant this gift of self realization. We are now, in the West, over thousand people, many thousand people from all background. Some of us are gardeners, some of us are managers, some of us are poets, some of us do nothing, some of us are diplomats. And all of us, we have felt the Chaitanya, the vibrations coming out of the body of Mataji which has been described in the gospels as the wind of the Holy Spirit. We have felt our Kundalini rising.

It is a fact. Either I am a liar, either I say the truth; but I say I have felt my own Kundalini, and I am not a great man, I am not a great spiritual person. I am a very common man who did a lot of mistakes. So that should point out to you how incredible Sahaja Yoga is that a simple common man like me can get his realization. And I am talking on behalf of thousands of people. We have only one concern at this stage. Is that you who are blessed to be born in this great country, in this country which has been protected, that you take up the message of truth.

By so doing, not only you would do for yourself the greatest thing you possibly can, but you will spread the blessings of God on your whole family, you will bring the blessing of God on your own country. I know that this seems all far-fetched, that there are many people in town who speaks about these things. Therefore, I don’t give a lot of importance to my speech. But anyone who is honest and humble enough should be prepared to experience. For it is the scientific postulate that experimentation has to come first and conclusions last. And if there is this readiness in you, if there is this touch of humility which is very necessary then this evening and this series of talks on Sahaja Yoga will be a turning point in your life. I wish that I could better express, or what I feel for you, how deeply I wish that you get your Self Realization. How important is the time that we are living, it is a time which is short. I apologize for being such an inadequate messenger to announce Mataji.

But the one who has to receive it is not your brain; your brain is basically useless to understand God, so was mine. This is what all the great saints have said: God can be recognized only by the heart. So let us humble down in our heart today and pray that we may all get the blessings of God.

Shri Mataji: As I said yesterday, today we are going to start from the very beginning, since when this Sahaja Yoga started. When I talk to you, I’ve to again request that as a scientist you must keep your mind absolutely open and do not hang on to any point which comes up in your mind. But try to understand that whatever I am telling you is today may be a hypothesis for you but tomorrow it will become a complete scientific thing, for you have to understand the science of God’s love. Perhaps people cannot understand that all the sciences have come from God Almighty Himself. To understand God’s love and divinity one has to open oneself to that absolute position from where all relativity disappears. You are living in the atmosphere of relativity. We have to find out our absolute. Unless and until we find out our absolute, we are always in confusion and we think that this may be alright or that may be alright, if this is alright that could be alright. We try to decide everything through our rationality. As Gregoire has already told you, rationality is a limited means and I am talking of the unlimited. So if you have to go to unlimited, it has to be beyond the rationality. So with the open mind, I hope you’ll listen to me. After realization when the power starts flowing through you then you will be able to know how to maneuver it, how to understand it and how to keep it [SOUNDS LIKE: COOL? (position: 03.07)]. Like, one would explain about electricity first then give you an experiment with the electricity flowing and explain to you how to use it. By using the electricity you will be convinced that it is a scientific proof.

I could have started the lecture from creation but that could be too much to begin with. I would start it from your own being. When you are a human being, you are not aware as to what are you inside. As far as your physical body is concerned, doctors only see the outside of your being. The inner subtle forces which are creating you, which are looking after you and which are making you exist, you are absolutely unaware of. In our being there is first of all is the power which enters into our being from right hand side and goes to the left hand side which we call as Mahakali Shakti, is the power of Mahakali. This Mahakali Shakti manifests within us a power which runs through the Ida Nadi. Now this Nadi, or this subtle channel, is inside the brain and inside the spinal cord. This being the energy, you cannot see it when it is dissected. For example, if you dissect this you won’t find the electricity here. This Ida Nadi on the left hand side gives us our existence and at the [eye? tape little broken 05.09] in the gross manifests our left sympathetic nervous system. We exist because of this Ida Nadi. This is also manifesting all our emotional side of life which comes from our past, so it has all the past that is within us. So Ida Nadi manifests, or we can say accumulates, all that is our past – atitt. This is our existence, we take it for granted that we exist [tape little broken,05.44], we do whatever we please in our Ahankara [Hindi/Sanskrit meaning ego], in our own understanding. We try to do our level best to destroy ourselves and we reach a point where we have to give up. This is all decided for you how long you have to exist. It is all predestined. If you have to die at a point you will die. There is no one who is going to stop that. So some people who come and tell Me, “Mother, somebody is dying or dead. Can you make him live?” If he has to live, he`ll definitely live. Only (faith) in the miracle of God makes you believe in Him; but your time of birth and death are absolutely destined, which must be accepted.

It is not the way it is described in your Kundalis, or in your horoscopes. In the horoscope, for example, a gentleman was to die about 5-6 years back and he came to Me. He got his realization and he lived much longer after that; he’s still living. So he went to his pundit and he asked him, “How is it, you had predicted that I am going to die this year and still I am living?”

Then he saw into the horoscope and he said, “By the way, did you meet any great spiritual personality?”

He said, “I did meet someone.”

He said, “That’s the reason. I should have told you that, that if you had met, if you meet this lady then this will be avoided.”

And it was to be avoided, and he met Me. So in a way there is a sanyoga always. Because you are here, you should not think that you have deliberately come here but it was to be that you should be here. Now if you do not take the advantage of this sanyoga, that freedom is with you. But sanyogas are created by God. He organizes and arranges that you meet the right person that you get the right thing. But it is left to your freedom to choose the right or the wrong. Mostly we go according to our own whims and understanding. Even then if supposing our understanding was a pure understanding, and a simple understanding, we would know, we would be very sensitive to know who is the real person, who is not. But normally when we live we play with our existence, we try to minimize our sensitivity. This left side can be described also as a destructive side because if it does not exist, it is destructive, it destroys you. That’s why it is called also a destroying power. That by this power you can be destroyed. If you are not to be existing any more, the same power can destroy you. Now, this left side power is very important and is very, very vital for our country, specially, where we have traditions within us.

Left sided people, those who are indulging into left side too much, are very emotional and they take to bhakti. If they take to bhakti they`ll go on calling God and working on that and doing all kinds of emotional expressions to get to God. This bhakti cult developed into our country, God knows how many years back, but has been working and there have been many people who have been getting into this bhakti cult. But when you cross a certain limit of this left side, you enter into collective sub-conscious area. If this is the sub-conscious then you go beyond that. If you go into collective sub-conscious, then you might find yourself attacked by people whom you do not know, or maybe you know, and that’s how we get people who get possessed. All your emotional problems, all your mental problem which are called as a lunacy and all that, are coming because of the defective behavior in this area. If you go into the left side area, as I told you, by any means like supposing some people are very fond of going through the cemeteries. I don’t know why, but they have… there are some funny people like that. We had a doctor in London, he is a Russian doctor but now he is in Australia. He came to Me and he had a problem on this left hand side, Ida Nadi. And I was amazed. I said how can this doctor from Russia and living in Australia and now in London can have such a problem like that. I asked him several questions, “Do you live near a cemetery, or do you have somebody dead in your family? Have you wept for someone, somebody has shocked you or what has happened that this left side is so weak in you? Or have you indulged into too much of drug-taking or something like that?”

He said, “None. Shri Mother, I have not done anything like that neither have I been this way.”

Then I said, “You try to remember.”

Then he remembered that his grandmother was very fond of going to the cemetery and in his childhood she used to take him in the pram. Then she… when he was walking also she used to take him. Until he was quite old, she always used to take him to that cemetery. Just imagine. It’s such a funny thing that we do not know in our past how we have indulged into this left hand side activity.

Now, in our country whatever traditions we have had all of them mostly come from the great saints, who have meditated. Not most of them, but I would say quite a lot of them. But we cannot say (that) there is not a single tradition which is wrong in India. But the traditions can get perverted later on; but basically if you see, our traditions are very sensible. Like, when a person dies whatever rituals we have is a very, very sensible ritual. We Indians are not aware of it, the rituals that we do. Of course in that when the Brahmins start taking money, that’s the perversion. Nobody should take money if somebody is dying. It`s very sinful to do that because he`ll be affected by the left hand side attacks. Those people who do all this kind of work and earned money out of the deaths of others are very dangerously placed. Moreover. when you also find that somebody is dead in your family… so many people when they come to me, I find left hand side is a problem in India. The reason is this – if somebody is dead, say the father has died early or a mother has died early, then people start worrying about that person. If father has died at a very early age, supposing in the case of a girl, she feels very insecure. All the time she is thinking about him. Then that kind of a mind can create a problem on the left hand side and we have to clear it out. It is that’s why very important what we do in India if [tape little broken] somebody dies is to [UNCLEAR – tape broken] play the band and all that so that our idea is get out of it. Those people have died, have gone to another world. They have to go. They are not to hang around here and we are not to keep them back and keep them under our bondage of our emotions. This we should understand. You see, in modern times, we just give up everything that was old. It`s a very wrong thing. Because, whatever they have discovered is of eternal. I`ve seen people, even if you tell them that you forget, forget about it, now don’t worry about it, they won’t listen. And then you find them getting into serious diseases like epilepsy, into lunacy and other mental troubles. Specially among women we find hysteria develops if this kind of a problem is there.

Now it is not easy to believe into a thing that there is something like dead bodies hanging around. It’s very, very difficult for any educated man to believe into such a nonsense, but they do. You have to know that they do exist. Now that doesn’t means that you believe in their powers but that you must know that they exist and that’s why you have to keep in your maryadas. You have to keep in the center and don’t go too much on one side. In bhakti also when people overdo it like if they start weeping and crying and saying that “Oh Lord, You must come and give us some darshan” or something like that morning till evening they fast and they say that “Unless and until You appear before us, we are going to die.” All these things when you try, is emotional style of working it out. You cannot achieve it because this is your Manasa, this is your mind. Through your mind you cannot achieve God. By crying and weeping, you`ll go into tantrums. You`ll do all kinds of nonsensical things that people may think you are madcap. They might think you are just acting or they… I don’t know what they will think, but you do not achieve anything by this kind of crying. For example now we have in India a… I mean it started here I think, this Hare Rama Hare Krishna cult. These people are so funny that in Oxford Street if you go in London you`ll find them wearing those dhotis and saris. They don’t know how to wear and how to carry on with that and taking a dhoti in the hand and with great gusto they are going on “Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Hare Rama Hare Krishna” and the sari falls off and the dhoti falls off and they also wears those [bodhis?16.16] you see which are attached to the thing with a little clamp, I think or[UNCLEAR] or something. Because they don’t have so they have to buy it in the market. They have made a market out of it. They are selling all these things in the market. They are selling the dhotis, they are selling this, they don’t know how to wear dhotis and there`s somebody who will make you wear. They shave off their hair, they do all these things.

Mother (speaks in Hindi): Baith jaiye, uthiye nahin bicch mein. Logon ka attention bahut sensitive hota hai. Koi khara ho gaya toh aap zaroor use dekhenge.

Seeker (speaks in Hindi): Dekhiye, itna critical hona thik nahi hai.

Shri Mataji (continues in Hindi): Aacha aap, aapko, aap bahar jaaiye kyonki aap ke samajh mein aane nahi wala kyon critical hain. Aap bahar jaaiye.

Seeker (continues in Hindi): Nahin, nahin

Shri Mataji (continues in Hindi): Hame jo kehna hai, kehne dijiye. Dekhiye, Hame jo kehna hai kehne dijiye. Aap se kya matlab hai. Jahan critical hai, wahan critical hona hai. Woh toh aapko patha nahi ki Christ ne toh hunter leke mara tha in logon ko. Ham toh kam se kam shabon se hi bol rahe hain. Jo baat jhoot hai woh jhoot hai aur jo saach hai who saach hai aur woh kahne mein hamaari himmat hai uski aap dath dein. Aapko, aapko abhi uska andaaza hua nahi hai na. Aage ki sun lijiye ek minute. Accha, usse…

Shri Mataji: What has happened with that? Why I`m criticizing? Or with all this when they come to me, they have the cancer of the throat, now will you cure that. Will you clear that? It is very easy for you to shout here, this is not a political meeting that you come and talk.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: No. But you should understand what I am talking. They are suffering from cancer of the throat.

Seeker (speaks in Hindi): [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji (speaks in Hindi): Dekhiye, aapko accha nahi lagta hai toh aap bahar chale jayiye. Jo mujhe kahna hai woh main kahoongi aapko sunna hai, sunein

Another Seeker: It is better she is critical. By critical mind… being critical-minded, you can understand better.

Shri Mataji: After all, I am not going to say that you go and do the same thing. You know, these boys when they come to me they are suffering from cancer of the throat. Now, is this gentleman going to cure? I have cured them and I have to go through it. What has he done so far that he is talking? He should keep quiet because he doesn’t know anything, he has no authority just now.

Another Seeker: Yes

Shri Mataji: And please understand that this is not the way to listen to Me. I`ll say what I have to say, I am not afraid of anyone. And if anything is wrong, I am going to say it even if you crucify Me.

Another Seeker: Very good

Shri Mataji: Now this, this is what I was going to that if you do such a thing, extraordinary thing, you develop cancer. Yesterday only I had said. How do you get into sympathetic activity? I am just telling you this is how you get into left hand sympathetic attitude. And do you know cancer is caused by left hand problem not by the right hand which is physical? Just have some patience about it. This kind of nonsense if you start doing in the house, and if you get tomorrow the cancer… Now I`ll tell you exactly the name of the person and everything, I`m not afraid of anything because I have cured. I`ve got the proof of it and I can show you that. That was Dr. Mulay, you can contact him. I don’t know if he has come today. He sent one boy to me, only twelve year old boy suffering from leukemia, twelve year old boy. And he came to me, he was suffering from leukemia and when I went into his history and all that I couldn’t find any trace of his father going into any guru or any wrong type of a person. But when I asked him about his grandfather with whom this little boy was living, he had a guru and I also know the name of the guru, and this boy was suffering from leukemia. Now Mohammad Sahab has told us the methods how to get rid of these horrible gurus. You have to write the name of the guru and beat him with shoes. That’s the only way you can cure. Now, at that time nobody would say that you don’t criticize, because the child is twelve-year old, suffering from leukemia, will die within one month’s time. In all compassion, think of it how dangerous it is. And I should not warn? I am your Mother. I am not here for any political leadership or any sort of an election.

In all compassion I am telling you that don’t indulge into such things. Now this fellow, when he got leukemia and his father told Me, I told him that you beat him with shoes. He called his father, his father also had to beat that guru. You can ask Dr. Mulay there was no trace of leukemia, within three days he cured. But we had to work hard. I am not here to cure people. Why not I take precautionary measures? Supposing there is something wrong with the penicillin, wont you say that there is something wrong with the penicillin? Is it criticism? Why should I criticize? What do I gain by that? I`m not earning any money out of you people. I`m not living on your any support. Why should I not criticize something that is to be criticized? Whatever is to be said, has to be said by somebody. Somebody must have that much guts, say whatever is right is right and whatever is wrong is wrong [the listeners applause].

So we come to this left side problem which I must tell you and warn you that if you go too much on the left hand side a kind of very funny situation develops to such an extent, you`ll be surprised. We have another boy in… his name is Ronny, in London. He is a very well educated boy, everything, and all the time what he does? He is crying. He`s doing no work, sleeping in the bed. His name is Ronny… I said this in Hindi is Roni [everyone laughs]. We call it roni-surat, that’s was he was, and his mother is fed up of him. Thrice I sent him to his mother then she said, “Mother I cannot bear this boy, he is just doing nothing, crying.”

I said, “What did you do?”

You won’t believe if I tell you what he did, that how these things happen. He read Lord Byron, by heart. By reading such things, it works on your mind all these ideas of separation, ideas… I mean, he is not in separation at all, nothing wrong with him, but you start identifying. Human beings have a habit to identify. When you start identifying with such things, you do get into troubles, and when you get into troubles you get direct to the lunatic asylum without even knowing that you are getting mad. Madness, lunacy… Yesterday only there was a boy here who said, “Mother, I have become mad now. They are going to put me to the lunatic asylum.” Among you he was sitting and he came and told Me. Now if I discover what sort of a thing he had, should I not tell you that this is the reason why people become mad and you just don’t do it? We must understand that we always overdo things. Ati. Ati sadaa varjet. That’s why it is written that it should be given up. We should keep to our maryadas: don’t go too much emotional also, nor too much intellectual, nor too much physical, but keep a middle path of everything. I am telling you this because this is one extreme I am describing, to which we go. We Indians are specially gifted by emotional beauty, that’s no doubt, but sometimes the way we are attached to things can take us to very wrong things. Like, we may be attached to our family. It`s a very good thing, you must do for your family, you must do for your children. In Sahaja Yoga there is no place for any sanyasi. There is no place at all for any sanyasi but that does not mean that you sell your country in the name of love. There are people, you know, who can sell their country.

Now this is a country where persons like Shri Rama have been able to send the wife, the One who was the power behind Him, in the jungle just to have a proper public opinion. While we have people in this country you know that for definite. So many of them are there that just to look after their children, they do not mind doing anything wrong to their own countrymen. Is a very common disease with us and we must know that we should not overdo it. If we do it, if we overdo it, the relapse comes to it in the form of so many diseases; physically and mentally we get diseased. Such people can become mentally absolutely obsessed. They might become blind; they might become very, what you call, dislocated people. Their old age would be very difficult. They might develop gangrene and they may develop even terrible heart troubles, heart attacks, all these things that follow because if you are overdoing such a thing it can work out. But surprisingly, it is a very great surprise, that when you indulge too much into your emotions, we feel the person is getting a heart attack because such a person will cry and weep and say all those things. But actually, if you show to the doctor he`ll say there is no heart attack. Actually what happens that when you indulge too much into the left hand side, your brain goes out. See how the nature has balanced it. In any lunatic asylum, you go and find out, there won’t be one heart attack. They will look like that but actually if you see, you will not find even one person dying of heart attack, because the brain is affected. We are working with our heart and the brain goes out – see the balance the nature has got. So going to the extremes are controlled by the brain. On the left hand side, one has to be careful as to how far you go.

Seeker: What is meant by going left side?

Shri Mataji: Now, that is what I am trying to say is to be very emotional, very emotional. You see, here I`ll say ghazalbaaz log, there are many here, I know that they`re very fond of ghazals. Now, these ghazals are… some of them are sung in the name of God, in Milan [Ed- Union], in meeting with God. In meeting whatever is sung, is beautiful. But all the time singing of separation is the beginning of the end. Then you start feeling you are so miserable. You will have thousands of things around, but still you will be miserable. You think, “Oh what a miserable life I have, I am good for nothing. I have done this thing wrong.” You will be torturing your wife and sulking about it. You won’t talk to her. She will say that “Why are you not talking to me,” and you will say, “I am so moody.” This is the beginning; It starts like that. Then you start reading things how people have been tortured, what has happened to them, then with that you start also going… you see, the attention starts moving on the left hand side. Then you`ll start attention on the dead. I met the other day a very young girl, very young you won’t believe, hardly twenty-one, just engaged, very good girl, she had… left side was all finished. I said, “What books are you reading?” because I could not think of anything else in her case. And she gave me this third eye fellow and then… what is that another one? I don’t know, so many names she gave. They are discussing all about the dead and the devil. Why do you want, I asked her, to read about a devil? Are you going to become a devil? I mean the thing is, the knowledge which you are not going to use, why do you want to get into? So, indulging all these things take you to that. Then, further, you can go to some guru who is an expert on preta-vidya, smashana-vidya, bhoota-vidya. This subject is so stunning, you can`t imagine how they mesmerized. They mesmerize you and create confidence in you. You`ll be amazed that in Sahaja Yoga now though we have been working for so many years, of course I am little shy of publicity because I sometimes I think if you publicize too much we`ll get all kinds of wrong people, but still whatever publicity we have been making, we have not been able to attract so many people as these fake gurus have. Though they take lots of money, people pay them money, do all kinds of things. Despite that people have been going to them. The reason is they have mesmerizing power. They just mesmerize you. Now how the mesmerism starts? See, even from – when we are religious people, mesmerism can start. Like, you go to the temple. The gentleman who`s sitting there will sell you some sort of a thread. You will be amazed – that thread itself may mesmerize. Then you`ll go to the same temple, every time you must go. If you do not go, you feel very funny, all that. You will give money, money, money to this man till you discover that something is gone wrong with you. Your memory has gone off. You can’t think; something is going wrong in your brain. The brain starts degenerating, when you get into these things.

Too much of outburst of your emotions should be controlled and you should keep in the center. But that does not mean that you should be unemotional. We are at one extreme in India; that`s why I am stressing it too much that we are too much attached to things, which we should not be. To our family, everyone. We should not be attached to that extent that we do not even care for our self realization. I`ve seen people who come with their children here and they’ll say, “Mother first cure our child.” But what’s the use? You see, I cure the child, but what about you getting the realization which is the important thing? For them there may be more… most I can do for them is to cure their children, that they don’t care even for their self realization. Now this left side problem, as I must tell you, is accentuated by…

[FV: tape 2-4 ends here]

[FV: tape 3-4 starts here] in a very subtle way like as if they are Gods. For example, I don’t know in Delhi but in Bombay there are many women who get Devi into them like they are maid servants or somebody who washes the clothes or something like that, she gets the Devi in her. Then she goes on, “Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo… like that, and people fall at her feet. Now, this is nothing but a possession. It’s a possession. It’s a regular possession. Devi… how can you bear the Devi like that when you do not know even how to bear your life? Devi doesn’t enter into such wretched women who are good for nothing; they have no holiness in them. How can Devi enter into them? But people think there is the Devi has come in them, it’s very great, and they fall at her feet. The I.G., D.I.G. in Bombay has told me that in the villages this left side working is getting stronger and stronger and there are many people who are still like that. There was regular cases going on; there were lots of them but one of them was brought to my notice and then, with Sahaja Yoga, we could find out the culprit. These forces work out on people who have weak minds in the sense that who are very, sort of very emotional, on the left hand side. Also right hand side there are problems but left hand side I am saying. So one should not be hard like a hard boiled egg, but one should not be in such a way that you can be influenced by these negative forces on the left hand side.

Now we can see in the West, in the beginning they were very hard headed people, had no attachment. Even today, you won’t believe that in England everyday two children are killed by their parents. Can you believe it? Regular children, there`s nothing wrong with them, are killed by parents, everyday two children, in England. This is the statistics of England. So you can imagine what must be of America? So they, they think they are detached; they don’t mind even killing their parents or killing their children. This is going to the other extreme of the thing is, and that is the right hand side which I`ll tell you later on. So, first of all understand that emotions are to be guided by your wisdom. Any emotion that has no wisdom is useless. Actually emotions are nothing but expression of your love and if the love is not collective it has no meaning. For example, love is like a sap which rises in the tree. It goes to the flower, it goes to the leaves, it goes everywhere and when it reaches a point where it is just stagnated, say example, in one flower, the whole tree will die and the whole flower will die. In the same way, when we get ourselves completely involved into our family, into our only children and think of nobody else, we do the same thing to our love. We get stagnated; our children may exploit it and may become very bad children. They may take it for granted. They may become so horrid to that they would… might be criminals. They can be very spoiled children, good for nothing and they may not be able to do anything in life. We have seen many children of very fond parents are spoiled like that and they are sometimes, all their lives are dependent and are parasites. Left handed people are mostly parasitic by nature. They are very parasitic, we start the parasitic by, say, we, we ask somebody to look after. Especially in India I think is a very common thing, we depend on servants. We have to depend only on our parents for love for affection and also for support and money, and the parents go out of their way to help the children because their parents have done. That we have to do. But that doesn’t mean we should exploit them. Exploitation of such things can cause left hand problem because gradually what will happen that your own right hand side will be absolutely underdeveloped, which is the will power, will be absolutely underdeveloped and you will be good for nothing. So we have to understand that left handed side has one beginning, ends up into many things and the worst of all is what you call the epilepsy part, or you can say the lunacy part or when we say a person has gone [not clear]. These things can come in. So be careful about it and don’t go into too many indulgences of anything. But specially with gurus. You may not like it but I have to tell you that most of these gurus who are selling religion, who are selling their methods are attacking, most of them, left hand side. There are some who are attacking also right hand side. What they do is to give you a mantra. For example somebody gives you a mantra of, say, with Shiva. Now, one does not know whether the mantra is to be said or not, where it is to be said, why Shiva’s mantra has to be given and on what Chakra it is there, for what it is to be used. They just give you: “Call the name of Shiva.” Now Shiva is the highest state, you know that. And you cannot take the name of God just like that. Supposing you have to go and see somebody here, somebody, an ordinary person. Even if you have to see somebody like a minister or someone – which is nothing compared to God or even a Prime Minister is nothing compared to God – you have to take help from so many people. There is a protocol, you have to take permission then you go there. But for God everybody is there. Just calling, “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva.” Is He your servant, the way you order Him about?” You look after my job; You look after this; You do this; every time you will take His name and say do this and do that. This way when you start working, your left side starts getting off.

Now, this is so common to give a name; even people come and ask me, “Mother give us a name”. What name? You see, the Kundalini rises according to its own condition. Supposing your Kundalini has stopped at the Nabhi Chakra then we have to take the name at the Nabhi Chakra, isn’t it? But supposing the Kundalini (is) stopping at Nabhi Chakra and you are taking the name at Agnya Chakra, what`s the use? Because your Agnya Chakra has nothing to do. Moreover, the person who is raising the Kundalini has to be authorized. He should be able to raise the Kundalini with enlightened mantra. The mantra is not enlightened – any Dick, Tom and Harry is taking God’s name. You have to enlighten your mantra. And how do you enlighten it? By becoming yourself, by becoming your Atma. When the Atma light falls in you or you emit Atma’s light, when this vibration start flowing through you, when you get your Atmasakshatkar, then, then alone you can raise the Kundalini because then alone your mantras are enlightened. Anybody who thinks that his mantras are alright, he`s taking this mantra and that mantra, he should know that he is spoiling that particular Chakra. Supposing you are taking Shiva’s mantra, you`ll be amazed (that) you`ll be catching at the heart very easily. If you are taking Krishna’s Mantra, you`ll be amazed, you`ll be spoiling your Krishna’s place. It is such a dangerous thing to do. For example, I would say, now this is an instrument I don`t know how to handle. Now I tell you I do not know whether I have to speak from here or from there, I don’t know even if it is for speaking or not. Supposing I use this for hammering, what will happen to this thing? [Transcriber words: Shri Mataji is speaking about mike]. I have to know everything, isn’t it? I have to know the whole science. I have to know where the Kundalini is, how it is rising.

The difference between other yogis and Sahaja Yogis is this that Sahaja Yogis know how to handle the situation. They know how to raise the Kundalini; they know how to put it up and they know what is the problem of others is. This is the only difference between ordinary yogis and Sahaja Yogis because the yogis that are in this world actually are very few. Those are of very great heights also do not want to come on stage. They say, “Let us remain somewhere hidden. We do not want to talk to people because they will not understand us, they will crucify us.” I have known many of them like that. They just don’t want to come. The real people are not willing to come down because they have to tell the truth and you are not going to listen to truth. You have crucified people, those who told you the truth. You like people who will pamper your ego: “Oh, you are a very nice man.” But a person who says the truth, nobody has liked so far. How have you treated other people, you know that. I need not tell you. But you dare not treat Me that way because I know how to handle the situation. It’s a very different situation today. Even Christ could have finished the whole world, could had finished the whole world but why he did not because that drama was to be played. He just played the drama. Nobody can touch a person who is above everything, but you try to do that (and) you will be harmed and you will know that the harming will come to you in a way that your Kundalini won’t rise; nothing is going to happen to Kundalini.

So, with this thing we should come to the point that the left side persons are mostly people who live in artificialities in the sense that they live with artificial thoughts. They will be thinking in their head about the Aga Khan`s palace. Living in a hut, they will be thinking about Aga Khan`s palace that “Oh I am sitting in Aga Khan`s palace, this happened, that happened,” sort of thing. Not of the future that I have to live, but just “I am living there. It’s a very nice place. I am just there…” sort of thing. This is what is the problem with us that we do not want to face reality. To face reality one has to know that it is the most beautiful thing. It is the thing that we are seeking in life. Once you have the reality, you will be so amazed at yourself, that “All this beauty and all this wealth is within me” and “Oh, no , I wasn`t aware.” Is the source of complete joy which you have to achieve, which you have to receive. That’s all within you, you don’t have to run here and run there. You don’t have to do anything of this kind which is like, as I told you, going to the collective subconscious. Now in this one, you know that in our country, we have many people who try tantrikas and who go to other people like that. These are all, as I have told you, are all nothing but smashana-vidya, preta-vidya or bhoota-vidya. But in that also what do we seek is that “What about my father, what about my mother, what about my job?” and all that. Now, these people, they may tell you something. Because these people are, have empowered some of the spirits. I am giving you all the details so that you should know all about it. They’ve empowered some spirits, they have some spirits in their hands by which they know many things. For example they will also tell you what was your father’s name. Maybe they might also tell you why you have come there, with whom you have come, your name. They will do lots of things like that. But don’t run after those things, which is not important. Why should God tell you what was your father’s name or what was your name? This is a simple thing; I mean God is not going to tell you these things. What God is going to give you is the Parama, is the eternal. He is not going to tell you all these things. Then also they can even tell you the name of the horse which is going to come in the races. They might tell you what is the number or other things that you do, I don’t know, some sort of what you call matkas and all that. All this nonsense is God going to do for you? What are you going to reduce God into, this nonsense? But many people, you know, indulge – that’s the sign of superficiality, they have no depth. They have no depth and they indulge into such horrible things and go and ask people such questions that “What is going to happen?” You know, to Me also they ask. They have asked Me horse’s number, they have asked me all sorts of things. It’s most amazing, you know, and to such an extent that countries like America and Russia are indulging it. You`ll be amazed they are indulging into it. And if I tell them they won’t listen, but it’s a fact. They are all indulging into you under the name of E.S.P. Once they came to me [UNCLEAR], actually three of them. They are scientists or something, I don’t remember their names. But there was one Patanjali Shastri or Patanjali who was the editor in one of the magazines and he also was in ’Times of India’, I don’t know. He is the one [UNCLEAR]. He brought them. But he didn’t come himself because he knew I won`t like it.

And they came to me and they said, “Mother we want to fly in the air. We want to leave our body and become astral”.

I said, “Why? You are all going to the moon? Now why do you want to do it?”

Said, “No Mother we must do, we must have this astral body. We want to go through the astral body somehow or other help us to get this astral body thing.”

“And why do you want? It is a work of a dead spirit. A dead spirit will come into you and give you this astral body formation. Now do you want some dead body to overpower you? Do you want that? You`ll be losing your freedom which you, you think is the highest thing and you will be losing that freedom?”

“Yes still we will have it.”

I said, “Why?”

He said, “Because Russians are doing it.”

I said, “Really? I didn’t know that Russians are doing it.”

They said, “No, we, we must outwit them.”

I said “If they are doing wrong don’t go into it.” I told them very frankly. But I don’t know. they don’t want to listen to me. This is it. We must know that when the body… you see many people have this experience of leaving the body. That is the experience of a spirit coming into you. That’s not a very good experience. But what amazed me the most in this incident was this Patanjali himself was to do this – to leave his body. His wife was very much worried and this and that, and she came to me and she said that “Mother somehow save this husband of mine, I`m worried about him and this is happening.” Because she knew it was wrong and through Me she wants to cure that man. That fellow should send these people to get bhoots into them? And when they give you initiation, they initiate a bhoot into you, [unclear]. All this absurd things are done by such developed countries like [unclear] and Russia and [unclear – gap]. Then what’s going to happen to them? They will be in the cult of satans. They will be empowered by satanic forces.

How I am to tell them that don’t indulge into all these things and we are the great generators of this horrible Cult? We are exporting them. We are sending them abroad and here also I find everywhere in every corner such tantrikas are sitting. Now we have here some people who came to me after they had such experiences of tantrikas. Their families are ruined, they are absolutely finished, they are good for nothing and they have lost their jobs and everything is finished, and tantrika is still flowering. Because for them, those who come they will exploit, again they`ll have another person, another person. That’s why I want to warn you not to indulge into such things which are wrong, which are left sided. Now the worst thing what we do very easily is, to get into left hand side, is to drink, is to drink. Now I don’t say you don’t drink just now because half of you may leave. But you get your realization and then you cannot drink, even if you want to. Drinking, drugging, all those things take you to the left. What happened in England? Why people started drinking? It is not because of cold so much I would say. But why today? If you go in England you will be surprised half of the people are drunk in the pubs. Why it has happen there is this because they had ego oriented life, right handed. Too much ego they developed, developed such a lot of ego that they wanted to run away from their ego. So they didn`t know what to do, so their children ran away from the houses, they took to drugs. So that they run away from reality that is ego for them, they see the ego the horrid they are. The way they are oppressing others. So they want to get out of it and that’s why they are taking drugs. Now in India our young people, you see, they want to be westernized, sophisticated. Not understanding why they are drinking. They are just drinking because others are drinking, they are just taking drugs because others are taking. Because they are hippies, they think that ”we should be hippies so that we will be very sophisticated.” This is a wrong idea. They are doing it out of search with intensity, they are really searching people, very deeply searching, and they give up drinks and drugs just like that. I have thousands of [bad tape] in England itself who have given up everything just like that. Overnight. Overnight they have given up everything, but Indians are difficult. Though they get realization very fast and they are very good at realization, they lose it also very fast. The reason is because you do not know your value as Indians. I`ve being telling since yesterday that you are Indians, you are greats souls to be born in India. Gregoire himself said so that you are the people who are highest in spirituality. But what’s the use of telling you when you don’t want to believe Me? It is like sometimes a beggar is told that “you are the king.” He can’t believe it. Even if you put him on the throne, he`ll be getting up every time. He won’t believe because he`s used to begging. Even if you glue him down there, he – if anybody is passing by – will say, “Give me five rupees”.

This is the way we are. We are great, no doubt; there`s nothing to be confused about it, you are great people. But we are so habituated; we have been so much put down because of three hundred years of our slavery. Then, you see, we thought we have lost faith in ourselves. We think we are poor people. I mean, what is poverty after all? What is their afluence? Is nothing but plastic. Now after all this thing, you will know who is poor and who is rich. Are they… now how they are going to exist morning till evening, what are they going to do? You see, even they cannot calculate two plus two. For that also they have to use a calculator. How are they going to exist? Their brains are out, their bodies are out, they can`t walk for ten, ten minutes. They get exhausted. Thank God that we are not that rich. Thank God. That kind of an affluence has ruined them completely. Of course I don’t say that we should be beggars. But think that God has saved us from many problems because we have got limited resources, we have lived with maryadas. If we did not have maryadas we would have been drinking, we would have been drinking like them, drugging, smoking, spoiling our children. The children would have been running away, wives would be running away, husbands would be running away. There would have been no society. Thank God that this limited amount that we get has delimited us and we have not crossed those things that they have crossed, those barriers. They are so foolish and so stupid and so idiotic.

You may call Me that I am criticizing them but if you go and see for yourself nothing but laughing that’s the way you can live there. There are funny, funny things which I don’t know how to tell but there’s more[unclear] of people also, but when you go there you`ll be amazed how the people are there. You are much more wise. But in one thing you are lacking behind that is their young people are really seekers. They are not fashionable about it. We are fashionable about seeking. That’s not so. I would say, especially in England, I feel the young people of England are really wonderful beings. They are the best young people you can think of, I mean in England. If you see the quantity of them is much more. Of course we have very good seekers in other way also. The quantity of very deep seekers are in English people and young people they are very different from the English people we knew, just the opposite of them and this is something such a remarkable thing that tomorrow they might come here to teach you who is Adi Shakti, what is Adi Shakti. This is where we are today. We have no depth of any kind left in us because all of us have problems. We have no significance in life. We think we are useless; we are so confused about it. So, again I would request you to seek your [not clear] that you do not unnecessarily put yourself down and think that you, you are looking [not clear] you are apart, all these things. You are very much [unclear-bad tape]. Some of you do not get realization. First there are something wrong with your chakras, [unclear-bad tape] somewhere which are very good tomorrow. Very clearly I will be talking about it. Any gentleman who doesn’t want to face the truth leave that hall. But you can not [could be: STOP] Me from talking. That’s one thing for definite those who want to face the truth without feeling bad about it sit down here. I would also request you if possible we have a book very well written by Gregoire which is what I`ve told them, just due charges we have put on that. That is because it’s a very big book. It costs you about fifty rupees or something like that. Just the printing because I said no profit is to be made, I am very particular on that point, extremely particular. That’s how it’s just the printing charges that you should take after this program or before this program and go through it and see for yourself how the seeking works out.

Now we have here today this program and tomorrow again I`m going to speak to you about (the) other two channels but you know that these things take time. First of all tomorrow I`ll be speaking about Ganesha center and I will speak about the right hand side channel which you [unclear – bad tape]clean. With this channel you develop the balloon of psyche which is called as a mana. So when we say that ‘mere man ne yeh kaha’ you should know that it may be somebody else coming in. So in our country you see that`s a regular thing [not clear – hindi sounds like ‘jab udhar man chahta nahin toh tuh door baith jaa’]. We want to guard ourselves against the mana’s dictation. We do not allow ourselves to drift into that mana’s state but if you start drifting into mana… Now he`s bringing tea, this is what I wanted to see… we are so frivolous. If somebody is bringing the tea, a little child is coming in, we must see. Everything we must record. Are we here sitting like Sarva Lokiteshvara that sitting, everything must be watched, anything. You see, on the way when people go, I`ve seen in India especially, all the advertisements must be there. If one is missing they`ll stop the car and read it. [Unclear sounds like what’s the use of it?] So, I am saying it’s a very serious thing. It’s a very serious thing and is [unclear sounds like ‘it’s the value that matters]. I`m speaking before you because [Unclear] I know you are, but if your attention is in the dust what am I to do? Your attention has [sounds like ‘to be alert’], that’s all. Then I’ll manage it. I’ll manage it and you’ll be surprised that how much powers are there, behind you. That all that is you I am going to tell you each and everything ‘guptatara guptatam’ everything that is not so far revealed to you only thing is keep yourself in the center. Today please go and buy some photographs, I don’t know if they are selling the photographs. They are simple things, just buy them and meditate this evening. Again tomorrow you come and we are going to again have a meditation thing. The more you expose to it, the better it will be. Go deeper into it, deeper into it. And then you will know what all these great saints and prophets have said. All the scriptures that have described that “to know yourself” is the aim of [unlcear].

May God bless you.

Seeker: But we have seen you, we have seen you face to face. By using you, purchasing your photo… So in what way your photo is going to help us?

Shri Mataji: Now, photo is a very authentic thing. You see, so far all the murtis and everything are not so authentic. Because there is vibrations passing through Me… I`ve discovered to My great amazement and joy that My photo has the same vibrations. So if you use the photograph you can work it out. If you don’t want to use the photograph it doesn’t work out to begin with. To begin with there is an aalamban of my photograph. But what is, why should you have objection to my photograph? If you could have Me there, why can`t you have My photograph? Supposing you have anybody`s photograph. See, you will have even Indira Gandhi’s photograph. You have everybody`s photograph. Why not Mine? What’s such an objection about Me? About it? I don’t understand. You’ll be amazed it emits cool vibrations. You see, this is the trouble. You`ll have everybody’s photograph. All kinds of nonsensical people you`ll have photograph.

Seeker: We got your vibration right now?

Shri Mataji: Right now, but when you will work on the photograph you will feel deeply. You see, because photograph will remain with you, you just try what I`m telling you. You just try what I`m telling you, you see by that I am not going to get anything, again. You see, you are used to a shopping spirit. You always do something as if you are shopping. Here you are not shopping. You are taking it. I`m giving. You are not giving Me anything, you cannot give. I am at a point where you cannot give Me. So you take it and how to take is very embarrassing but I have to tell you how to take it. I`ll have to also tell you how to sit before Me. What to do? You are such small children, you do not know. Maybe by doing certain things you may spoil your vibrations. You must know how to respect your Mother. If you do not know, all of them are within Me, all these great saints are sitting with Me. They will not like it, you see. So I have to tell you even that. Today only I was telling, its very embarrassing that I have to tell everything to them. Somebody I went to, they, they wanted to give me water. You see, they gave me in a plastic glass. I said it’s alright if they give Me in plastic glass. But it’s not all right otherwise. You must understand. This is not the way to give water to your Mother who is a Divine person. But you didn’t know, I am not saying anything, but respect. You just get some dirty glass and give it to Mother, is not the way it is to be done. You see, you must understand after all you come from a country which has samskaras, which knows what is a puja, what is a holy person is and everything is. And then when you know that, you should understand that this is very important for that whatever is needed has to be done. If you have a photograph of a wrong person your, house will be ruined. Even [unclear sounds like ‘diamond’] you have seen it happens. If you have the photograph of a holy person, everything will be alright. It is for your good. I am not going to gain anything out of it. And photograph is not that expensive that you should think about. First we start, just have. It`s the minimum price, I think one Rupee. If you can afford it I`ll be happy. Thank you.

Chorus: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalaxmi, Mahasarswati, Mahakali, Trigunathmika, Kundalini Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah…

Shri Mataji : Aankh bandh kar lijiye. Aankh bandh kar lijiye , haath aise rakhiya…

Chorus: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalaxmi, Mahasarswati, Mahakali, Trigunathmika, Kundalini Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, Mataji…

Chorus: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalaxmi, Mahasarswati, Mahakali, Trigunathmika, Kundalini Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah

Corus: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini, Mokshadayini , Adi Shakti, Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah

Corus: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini, Mokshadayini, Adi Shakti, Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah

Chorus: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini, Mokshadayini, Adi Shakti, Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah

Shri Mataji (continues in Hindi): Ab accha hai bhaut logon ko? Ayi thandak?

Seeker (speaks in Hindi): Mataji mujh ko to aayi…

Another seeker (speaks in Hindi): Mujhe nahi aayee.

Shri Mataji (continues in Hindi): Acha jinko aaye hai, ayse kitne log hain, haath oopar karein…