The Meaning of Sahaja Yoga

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-03-13 The Meaning Of Sahaj Yoga London NITL HD, 73'
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Public Program. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 13 March 1980 .

Many of you here are Sahaja Yogis, means you have known Sahaja Yoga. Also many of you are realized souls and many of you have achieved a great height within yourself.
And many of you have assumed the divine grace, its working, its maneuvering and its manifestation very well.
It was to be so; it had to work out that way. Human beings have to evolve.
They have to evolve, it’s God’s plan, slow, no doubt, because it’s a living process.
It’s nothing artificial. It has to happen within you. Today only as I told you that even if you may know about Sahaja Yoga, you may know a lot about it, but you have to become, becoming is the problem.

Because there are many Sahaja Yogis today and very few new people, first I will of course tell something about Sahaj Yog and then I would like to tell you how to become, that is very important.
New phase must start in Sahaja Yoga.

The first thing is what is Sahaj Yoga is. Sahaja Yoga means ‘born with you’. ‘Saha’ means with, ‘ja’ means born. This right to unite with God is born with you. As soon as you are born a human being this right you have.
And that is why human beings are seeking. They are somehow aware of that right.

Now we have many books. We can call them the holy scriptures, those who have talked about kingdom of God, they have talked about All-pervading power. They have talked about God Almighty. They have talked about Holy Ghost. As in Sanskrit language we call it ‘Adi Shakti’. All of them have talked about your rebirth that you are to be born again.
But with the advent of science we just felt that this is all unknown.

To begin with, it was treated as something very unknown, very difficult, the union with God. But God was not denied. But as the science started growing, the thinking mind was lost in the moorings and it started believing there is no God. It hurt them a little to believe in that. But whether you believe in God or not, it makes no difference. There are people who have ardently believed in God, who have been mad after God, who went to lunatic asylum thinking of God, so many things have happened to them. Of course, there are many scientists also who went to lunatic asylum.

So, what was missing? This was the waiting period. And you had to choose the right and the wrong with your own awareness, with your own understanding. That had to be because you had to grow up to a point, your maturity has to come up to a point. Your awareness had to reach a certain state.

You had to wait. There is all-pervading power and there is God. But you are not yet connected. If you are not yet connected everything is just a story. Is so artificial. It has no meaning. It was to happen during modern times. It is all predestined. Of course, the results are fantastic.

But it was to happen, that thousands are to be connected with that divine power. But this is a living evolutionary process. This is born with you. This is within you. As you cannot become from monkey to human beings, you cannot become higher than human beings by yourself. Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to lead you. Christ had to come on this Earth. Krishna had to come on this Earth. Rama had to come on this Earth, just to give you a push in your awareness.

But the time of your culmination has come where you have to really jump into that kingdom of God which is promised. But this is your right and for this you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to plot, you don’t have to work hard. It’s in your own right you are going to get it. This is Sahaj Yoga.

Now for the Sahaja Yogis who have got Realization, in their own right again, and it has worked with them, as soon as you get your Realization you start understanding vibrations, you start understanding the Kundalini, you can raise the Kundalini yourself, you can understand your own chakras, you can understand the chakras of others.
You start understanding what is vibratory awareness tells you. You have a new awareness within you. An actualization that has taken place in you, by which you can recognize what is right and what is wrong. A rapport is now established between you and the Divine, you and the unconscious, you and God, and you can get answers for whatever you want. But still in the West we are more rational. Whatever we have found out so far is by using our rationality. Our movement in life has been through our rationality, through our thinking and the I.Q. is very high in this country.

But in the East people have more of heart. They have used their heart for their seeking, for solving their problems, while we have used our rationality in the West. Because of this the effects of Sahaja Yoga are felt in two different ways.
For example, for an Indian, when he gets his Realization, if he is not westernized, if his I.Q. is not very high, of superlative degree you see, or if he has not listened to your Mastermind programs, then, such a simple Indian gets it in a very easy way, thousands of them can get it. And they immediately feel the joy, because joy is the quality of heart. Is the quality of your Spirit that it gives you joy.

But with rationality, the mind that has moved with rationality, the life that has lived with rationality, is identified with rationality, first gets the knowledge about Sahaja Yog.
You people are much more knowledgeable about Sahaja Yoga than Indians are. For example, Gregoire’s book if you give it to some Indian he’ll say, “Oh, it goes over my head. I don’t know why, what all this is about”
They just can’t read it. It’s too much.
They said, “Sahaja Yoga is so simple, why should there be such a long lecture about it?”

But for you it’s a treasure. That is how in the West first you get the knowledge but not the joy. While they get the joy first and then the knowledge. All these are the qualities of the Spirit. Your attention can enter into your awareness. That means when you get Realization, the Spirit, you feel through your conscious mind. You start feeling the Spirit through your conscious mind. You start feeling the vibrations flowing through your hands. Your attention is enlightened, means you see that the flow of vibration is recorded by your nerves, by your central nervous system. They can feel the flow of the cool breeze. They can feel the rising of the Kundalini. This is the knowledge about the truth you get, that there is Spirit which is emitting these beautiful waves.

So, when you grow, you grow from knowledge towards joy, while an Eastern person grows from joy towards knowledge. That’s why the Sahaja Yogis of London are serious people, you see: knowledge makes you very serious.
But joy, joy makes you like a child, you live like a child. You don’t know how to become serious, very difficult.
So how to grow is the problem with the Western people. Now with the Eastern people I will tell them something else, but with you I have to tell you something else. You know that very well that we have to tackle problems which we face and not the problems that others face. You see, is very common human venture that people try to solve the problems that others are facing and never see their own problems.

So we have to face our problems that are confronting us – when we are Sahaja Yogis what happens? We start getting knowledge and knowledge and knowledge through vibrations. We start understanding about Chakras.
We start understanding as to what Mantras to be said for particular Chakras. We also know how to maneuver the power. We also know how to save ourselves and also know how to save others. We know how to cure others. We know all about medicines.
We can cure cancer. We can cure ourselves, we can cure others. And all this comes to us so easily.
Apart from that we understand the relationship between science and Sahaj Yog, between economics and Sahaj Yog, between politics and Sahaj Yog, between physics and Sahaj Yog, and between so many other branches of knowledge with Sahaj Yog, because they are also part and parcel of human beings.
We start understanding psychology through Sahaj Yog in a new way. We start understanding all the scriptures of the world, because everything is enlightened, and we understand Sahaj Yog. But we do not become fully that, which we have to be. We do not fully manifest our Spirit. If so, we would be completely in joy.
The reason for that is very simple, that in the beginning when we start feeling the vibrations, when you get the first Realization, it’s in a very big way.

You enjoy that experience. Then Kundalini starts going to other places to supply, for example, to your brain to begin with. Because you have used your brain too much, and still you are using your brain to know about Sahaj Yoga.

I think in the beginning when we had started our work here, people used to ask Me questions after questions. I mean, all sensible questions, I mean, all about the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. It’s all concerning the knowledge of Sahaj Yoga, nothing outside, because what is outside Sahaja Yoga I don’t know. But still it was only questioning about it, not being.

So, how do we grow in Sahaj Yoga? When we have such a thinking capacity. First you jump into thoughtless awareness. Means a thought that rises within you and falls off, and another thought that rises within you and falls off – the space in-between those two thoughts, that is the one we achieve through our Kundalini awakening. We have to establish that space. Now what is that space? That’s the mouth of our entry into the processes of the Divine power.

Say for example, this is the mouth of this mike. If I say something here or here it won’t work out.
It will only work out when I say something here. In the same way, if you have a problem, to begin with, a Sahaja Yogi will try to solve it the way he has been solving it before – like he’ll rationalize it, he’ll analyze it. He’ll sit with other Sahaja Yogis, sit down and analyze Sahaja Yoga also. Is a very common pastime with some of the Sahaja Yogis.

There’s nothing to analyze in Sahaja Yoga. It is the synthesis. So what we have to do is to feel it more within us and establish that thoughtless awareness. Any problem you have – I’ll give you an example, a very simple example of Regis having, coming to Me. He had his thesis to be put for examination and he was fed up. He couldn’t, he didn’t even have patience to put in a proper bound and all that. And he came to Me and he said, “Mother what to do with this?” I said, “All right, you bring your thesis to Me.” I took the thesis in My hand, that’s all. He said, “Aren’t You going to read it?” I said, “No, there’s no need to read it.” I just closed My eyes, and gave it back to him, I said, “You put it for examination”, and third day he was PhD. Now what did I do? No magic, nothing. It’s no magic. It’s so practical.

God has His own powers. He has His own machinery. He has His own government, He has everything. Which is dynamic! You can’t imagine how many dimensions He can work it out. Just you have to put it in the mouth of that machinery. If you can do it you get the results easily.

Only one thing God cannot do, that is to make you sensible, to make you wise, that’s one thing that’s your own lookout, that’s in your own choice. Because you are guided by your ego. You are identified with your ego. And anything I say may upset you, or may appeal to you. God knows how you are going to react.
But only way you can grow is to be in the center to see, not to go to extremes of anything. To be in the center. Even listening to Me try to be in the center.

But human beings are funny as I told you, you see, they must go to extremes. You give them any job they must go to the extremes. Anything you give them they cannot keep to the centre, they can never keep the balance. Now see, this one, if it could not be balanced, how can I speak on that? I mean, in day-to-day life we never sit without a balance on a chair, do we? Do we sit on one side all the time? Or do we drive our cars on one side – declined like that? Do we do anything that is under imbalance – say for example, these lights, how they are well balanced. It has to be in balance everything, but in our behavior towards God we are very much imbalanced.

For example, if I tell you “Stand on your heads, you will get to God”, you’ll do it. You’ll go on doing it. Till you’ll break your neck, land up in the lunatic asylum you will go on doing it.
But you must understand that how can you achieve God by doing these things.
These things anybody can do. All these things can be done by anyone whatsoever. But can you pulsate Kundalini in the triangular bone? You cannot, that’s not possible for anyone. You can jump, you can shout, you can scream, you can fly (She laughs), maybe, I don’t know, but you cannot make your Kundalini pulsate in the triangular bone. Now it is for you to see. But if you are coming with this doubting mind it just doesn’t work out. I’m not saying you should have faith in anyone, blind faith is just the same, another extreme of blind faith. They end up in lunatic asylum as I told you.

The other day one gentleman met Me in India. He said that “My wife was a great Krishna Bhakta and now she’s ended up in a lunatic asylum”. I said “What Krishna, which one? Was she connected with God? Did she know where Krishna resides within us?”. “No, she gave up the family. She said ‘I’ve become Meerabai’.”
This is how we behave towards ourselves when it comes to Sahaj Yog also. Now somebody asked Me today how many, how much we have to meditate. I mean you don’t have to meditate at all, to be very frank.
I mean, I never meditate. I am in meditation all the time. I don’t know how to get out of it. (Laughter)
So you don’t meditate. You are in it!
But to be in it you have to practice a little bit, because you have been identified with so many other things of life. Like, you can be easily thinking. I mean it’s easy for you to think, and very difficult for you not to think, because you have been doing like that.

At the slightest pretext you’ll jump into that thinking, and once it starts the horse is galloping. It doesn’t stop. So you have to learn to be silent, to stop that thinking. This is what you have to do.
But in Sahaja Yoga also we start thinking about it. What can you think about Sahaj Yog? Nothing! You leave it to thoughtless awareness, in that state. So try to be in thoughtless awareness as much as you can.

But where do the Western Sahaja Yogis fail – we must understand that. I’m sorry there are new people and I shouldn’t expose many things about you. But doesn’t matter, they are our children, they won’t feel bad about it. Where do we fail, we should face it. We feel this way, that so far we have been great experts in spoiling everything, through our thinking.

You give them a cake, they’ll sit down and analyze it, till that the cake will get all cold, is finished, and you just can’t eat it. You give them a marriage – they’ll sit down and analyze it, how to make yourself happy. I mean, you are happy there, why do you have to think about it? So make a mess of your marriage. You give them children – you’ll sit down and read some books about your children, by the time the children will be sick and would be good for nothing. So because of our rationality we have learnt to make a mess of everything that is living, that is joy-giving. We have closed our heart completely with our rationality.

So, to grow we should be a little irrational in Sahaj Yoga. For example, if you are very meticulous, very particular as you call it, you must try to give up that extreme nature. But if you are extremely careless or you don’t care for anything, also that is extreme, that you have to give up. Both extremes are to be given up. You have to be in the center in your attitude. Then only you can grow because you know the sap of life flows through your center, central channel of Sushumna, the parasympathetic, and that’s why you should avoid all kinds of extremes. Even in Sahaja Yoga, one has to be careful. It is a mission, but it is not a mission of missionaries. It is the mission of love as such, those who love, those who love human beings. Nothing is more important than love in Sahaj Yoga.

You can’t be harsh with people whom you love. If you love, if you say something to them, doesn’t matter, they won’t feel bad. But if you don’t love and then just go on sermoning and shouting at them, that’s no good.
First establish your love for yourself and for others. You have to establish your love. You should feel hankering for others.

Now the competition has to change, the style of competition among Sahaja Yogis, the competition should be how much you love. Who loves more, let there be a competition. Who obliges you more. Who shares more. Who serves others more? Let there be a competition – in loving, not in hating, not in finding faults, in rationalizing I should say of everything. Love cannot be rationalized.

I mean, people can’t understand why I am so mad about you people. There’s so many people in India who are belonging to the group to which my husband belongs, that style – they can’t understand, they said: “This woman has everything. Is She mad? She is going to the villages and wasting Her life, why doesn’t She enjoy Herself?” See, they can’t understand, I enjoy My love.
This is what you must know – to enjoy your virtues, and enjoy your love; and you will be rewarded by it. It’s not hard, it’s the easiest thing. Supposing you love someone – supposing, I mean it’s a big supposition for many – but supposing you really, genuinely love someone. Think like that, I mean in imagination you can think of someone.
Now that person is going to meet you – say, you have to go to meet that person and there are lots of odds, you cannot get a taxi, you cannot get a train, you are worried: “Now how to get to that person now. He would be waiting. And he would be worried or she would be waiting. Now what must be happening to them”.

You are all the time thinking. And you are worried and then you don’t know what to do, “Should we walk?”. Then you walk a little distance and you come back, “No, might get a train, let’s try this”. You try all kinds of things, you see, just to reach that person. And then it’s raining, and don’t have an umbrella.
You get completely drenched. Absolutely fagged out, tired but still – and the moment you meet the person, you see the person, all the worries and all the turmoils, all the troubles and all the labor that you have put in, vanishes into thin air and the joy fills your life completely. How love is rewarding!

So one must learn to love and not to rationalize. There is big scope in Sahaja Yoga to rationalize because you become even a freer person. You really become free. I mean, after Sahaj Yoga if you want to go to hell, you can go faster than anybody else can, because you really become a free bird. And if you want to go to heaven you can do the same. So, one has to know that we have to learn to compete in loving each other.

We have some very beautiful Sahaj Yogis here, very beautiful, and they have said sometimes such beautiful things about others that I sometimes in My vacant mood think of them and I feel very happy. It’s just like poetry, to say something good about others. You see, sometimes I provoke and then somebody says good words about others – I feel very happy. Without love we are not going to solve any problem whatsoever. What’s the use of having, say, even 10,000 people with vibrations flowing without any love among them?
I mean, I just can’t think of such a thing.

Once you are Realized, you should feel love. But you must fathom it. Because of rational habits, because of this misidentifications before, you cannot give it up.
You see you are afraid, people are even afraid to express their love. Somebody brought some sweets one day. I said, “For whom?” He said, “For Sahaj Yogis.” So I said, “Why are you giving Me?” He said, “Mother, if You give it would be better, otherwise they may little bit doubt me.”

Sometimes we want to love, we want to express, but we are afraid that people will misunderstand. Imagine, where are we? What sort of human beings we have become that we are afraid to express our love!
Then the recipients also they do not want to have any love, how can that be? Is impossible. Every human being wants to be loved. They will be afraid today, tomorrow, day after they will be all right.

[Shri Mataji is now talking about a child]

It’s a born realized child. See how, what a personality! It’s a born realized. So many children are born realized, do you know that? Now, how many of you really know about Realization? These great children are born to you and you don’t know anything about Realization.
So, we have to be bold about our love and little shameless. Let people feel bad, let them think wrong about us, doesn’t matter. But express your love.

But it should not be filthy love. It should not be mixed love. It should not be with some sort of a possessiveness in it. It should not be love in which you are expressing something else. It should be pure love as the name of your Mother is, absolutely emitting from you.

Not with any idea, with any game, with anything whatsoever, because you should know that there is something very beautiful hidden within everyone of you, which your Mother can see – and She loves, loves that part that is within you which is about to be born again. And you are that beautiful. In the same way you should love all the Sahaja Yogis and all the other people of this world, because they are all beautiful beings just covered with three gunas. Let them be that and then your Spirit will recognize the joy. Will emit the joy. You will be a source of joy and you will give joy to others. Give up all your wrong ideas and your set ideas about things, absolutely they are all wrong.

Like Hitler believing that all Jews killed Christ. It was he who killed Christ and he was killing all the Jews because Christ was a Jew. He thought killing one Jew was not sufficient so kill all the rest of them.
All those who hate have reasoning behind it. They have to give some reasoning because they cannot hate without reasoning. Those who love do not need any reasoning.

They have no time to reason it out. They just love. Because they can see something; that love gives them that sight of the beauty of others which is hidden in them.
Sometimes some people can be very arrogant, you have seen how people have been rude to Me: makes no difference to Me, to be very frank, because I know behind this rudeness lies that thinking, so respect, respect each other.

And know that you have that joy, and you have that power to give that joy to others; and when you give that joy, that joy returns back to you as joy. So what lacks in us that we do not give joy to others. Unless and until you give joy to others the joy doesn’t return back to you. That’s the lacking.
Now do not rationalize that either.
Immediately people start thinking about it. We have done a lot, I can tell you, we are enjoying each other quite a lot. It’s really enjoyable. If it was not so, you would not have been there together, because there is nothing binding otherwise between us, except for love, except for that joy-giving love. There’s nothing else, because we have no money transactions, there’s no business on here at all, any kind.

There is no intellectual rapport going on between you and Me, neither there is possibility of Me getting elected to the parliament (laughter), nor I belong to any leadership of any, you can say, these striking people.
Without all these things how are we attached to each other? Because there’s something supreme that we can get out of our relationships. That’s pure joy.
May God bless you all!

[Shri Mataji is addressing a new person]

…first time, is it? Good.
Please put your, just your hands like this, just straight like that. Both the feet should be touching the Mother Earth, just like… with love; just touch you. Just put your hands like this, straight. You may close your eyes, yes, close your eyes, just close. Please close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes. Keep your feet steady. Steady, steady yourself. Just steady yourself, and relaxed, relax. Put your hands on your lap, if you think it’s strenuous. Got it. Yes. Just enjoy yourself, you have got it. All you will start feeling cool breeze in your hand, most of you. It’s a tremendous experience, try to remember it.

If you can put your bag down, down will be better. And are you wearing a coat also? Is she wearing a coat? She has to be little comfortable.
Yes. And – are you wearing a coat? Think if you take out your coat would be better, yes, be comfortable. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes. What’s the matter?
Lady: I had an open heart operation.

Shri Mataji: Eh?
Lady: I had an open heart operation and I still can’t walk, you know. These are shoes.

Shri Mataji: Alright. They’ll bring your shoes, please.
Lady: I have… – I have in my bag.
Shri Mataji: Alright, let her wear the shoes.

Lady: Yes? Thank you.
Shri Mataji: Yes, please. It’s now, you – I’ll see afterwards little bit, I’ll just treat you, so later on you can get it, alright? I will just treat you.
Lady:… my bag…
Shri Mataji: Keep them down there, keep the shoes down, just relax.
Lady: Thank you. I’m so sorry.
Shri Mataji: Can you remove this from here – don’t be sorry. Just enjoy. Please sit down comfortably. Be comfortably, it’s alright. It’s My job.
You got it! (She laughs) You have got it too!
All of them are going to get it. Great people.
You haven’t got it as yet, his Hamsa is catching a little bit. Have you got? Still here, you see, there’s a little… if you keep your eyes open it will work out, you see, catch here. Are you suffering from cold? No, him. Yes. No?
Man: No.
Shri Mataji: No. Are you feeling the cool breeze in the hand?
Man: Yes.
Shri Mataji: It’s alright, just remove your hair from here, a little bit.
Yes, let Me see. It’s alright.
Better now? (Man: “Yes”) It’s better now?
Yes. Did you do any pranayama? Pranayam, did you do? Any yoga asanas and all that?

Man: Not really, no.
Shri Mataji: That’s little bit. (Man says something)
I think they all have got it.
Just see them, if they have got, these three people. Just see.
You got it? Are you feeling the cool breeze? Good! Very good. Yes, they have. Except for this gentleman, we’ll have to find out.
Are you feeling? No. That’s it. I can see that. Put your hands on your… this, and be just, just relax, just relax. Close your eyes. It will work out. And put both the feet comfortably like this, it will work out. It’s better now, see?
Close your eyes, enjoy yourself. Just enjoy.

(To the lady who had heart surgery)
Better? If you had come to Me earlier, there was no need to have an operation for a heart is very easy to cure.
Lady: … I had a clinic, and I tried everything, and couldn’t come.
Shri Mataji: But you have not tried God so far (She laughs).
Lady: Just I tried everything, really.
Couldn’t, couldn’t come. There was no other choice I had (indistinct words follow)…
Shri Mataji: I know. You see, but we work out through the parasympathetic. You see? Then through parasympathetic everything can work out. Heart can open, Swadishthan can (Lady says something inaudible).
Now working out, is it? Left side. For all of you I think, left is weak. (Sahaja yogi: “It’s still there. And Void”)
Void. (Sahaja yogi: “The right”) Void. (Inaudible word) But she is a doctor she says. Left Vishuddhi is strong, very strong.
(Bad audio quality) Cooling this side? (Lady: “Yes, it is”)
Good. (Somebody says: “Cooling”) Good.
Left Swadishtana. … Ask him to put his right hand on the Swadishtan. On the lower. Yes, little lower on this side, on the left. You see, little lower. Here, now. Please say the mantra of Nirmala Vidya.

What about this gentleman, I wanted to work it out on him. Why didn’t you feel the vibrations? From… Come along, come, let’s see. What’s the matter? Come and sit here. What’s the matter?
Man: I don’t know, Mother…
Shri Mataji: You haven’t even felt it?
Man: No.
Shri Mataji: You have forgiven all the people, is it? Sure? Have you?
Man: OK.
Shri Mataji: You have to say that here. Now come along. Say: “Mother, I have forgiven all the people”.
Man: Mother, I have forgiven all the people.
Shri Mataji: Again.
Man: Mother, I have forgiven all the people.
Shri Mataji: Again.
Man: Mother, I have forgiven all the people.
Shri Mataji: Better. Is it raising? Feeling?
Heat. (Man: “Is here”) Heat is there, you see? … Your (?) left side means it is … (indistinct: tepid?). Ah.
Man: There’s more tingling, Mother.
Shri Mataji: More tingling. In all the fingers?

Man: In the palm, it’s here.
Shri Mataji: Here. But not in the fingers as such, fingertips. Are you getting any fingertips tingling like this?
Man: Yes, little tingling.
Shri Mataji: Little bit. See, you are perspiring, also. Can you put this out? Ah, left side. Just come and help Me. Come along, just help Me here. Let Me see what’s the problem, because he hasn’t been able to get his realization. Raise the left, raise the left, left is very weak, you see. They’re perspiring it. Om Shri Ganesha Aham Sakshat. Ah. Now – What about your wife? What did you tell Me?
Man: That I’ve never married.
Shri Mataji: You never married?
Man: Never married.
Shri Mataji: Oh! Never!? You never married! Kundalini is not very happy with that.
Aham Sakshat Gruha Lakshmi, Aham Sakshat Gruha Lakshmi, Aham Sakshat Gruha Lakshmi, Aham Sakshat Gruha Lakshmi, Aham Sakshat Gruha Lakshmi – ah!
Yogi: Vishuddhi.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Yogi: Vishuddhi. On his left side…
Shri Mataji: Why don’t you marry now?
Will you? If you say you will marry, only if you say that, it will immediately work out. Alright? Better now? Sort of you don’t have an aversion.

Man: Eh?
Shri Mataji: You don’t have sort of some anger for women or something, do you? No, no, no, no, no.
Ah… Still. Just imagine! Only for one reason God is so angry, that you did not marry.
How can that be, isn’t it? But your left, left Nabhi is catching, that’s the place of the Gruha Lakshmi, is the Goddess of the household, you see? He is not very happy. Without the wife what is the house? It becomes like a hospital.
Ah! Eh? Yes, that goes there, alright, doesn’t matter. And even in Birmingham we are getting arrays of bachelors. Get that Bala married (laughter, She laughs). I tell you, very bad effect!

That’s how you’ll learn some balancing in life, you know, when you have wife, children, it’s very simple thing like that. See, this is also extreme behavior, isn’t it? I mean, at this age you should be married. Is it better now?

Yogi: Yes, I feel cool, but he has a left Vishuddhi.
Shri Mataji: Left?
Yogi: Goes down to the heart now. That’s all.
Shri Mataji: Ha! No? Raise it and tie it up.
It will work out. You get these hearing troubles some time?
Man: No, I had any trouble…
Shri Mataji: Stops there… We can see that. Yes?
Man: Feeling hot. It gives a lot of heat.
Shri Mataji: Should be alright.
But it’s awakened. That’s the main point is. It’s just here. You know, without a family life, we are not enriched fully, isn’t it?
We have to have children, and family, and all – then you see, the enrichment is complete, isn’t it, in life.
Otherwise you become very dry. That’s what has happened in your case. Now, is he better? [Yogi says “Yes… Right Sahasrara”] Right.
Done it! Close your eyes. Tie it up.
Should be alright. Just tie it up, tie up, tie up.
Three of you should put together. See, three of you should do it. Three people who are good at it. It started.
Are you feeling any cool breeze now in your hand? (Man: “There isn’t”) No? Not yet.
Yogi: It’s still there…
Shri Mataji: Comes up and goes down. (Yogi: “And goes down, yes”) Tie it up. Agnya is weak. (Yogi: “Hamsa”) Agnya and Hamsa. Now, toward (unclear) his Vishuddhi it’s very tight. What are you doing, Bala? Come along. Bala thinks you are a very happy man, you see, that’s why he wants to be a bachelor now. (Shri Mataji laughs) What have you been doing with him? Come along, raise his Kundalini.
Philip, what’s the matter? Why don’t you give him realization? (Yogi says something like that he thinks whether it is better for him to work on anybody or not)
So again you are afraid of giving love?
Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: No, there’s nothing to. Why will he have objection? Who can have any objection for Self-realization?
Nobody can, come along. He has been coming to Me so many days, he should get it, why not?
Left side Vishuddhi.
Yogi: His Vishuddhi’s…
Shri Mataji: Yes. Now don’t feel guilty about anything, alright? Doesn’t matter if you have not married, you are not to feel guilty about it (She laughs, laughter). Ha! Done, now, see. Ah, alright? Alright, feeling anything cool?
Man: I felt on the right hand.
Shri Mataji: Good. (Man: “Yes”) Left is the weak side you have, so you have felt it on the right. It’s good. Are you feeling alright? Good! Better now? Now raise up. Eh? You went to some guru, is it?
Man: I didn’t see him.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Man: I didn’t actually see him, but he is in India, and in various subjects I liked his teachings.
Shri Mataji: Who?
Man: Shantanand Saraswati.
Shri Mataji: Who is this new one?
Man: He’s in the Shankaracharyas, I don’t know.
Shri Mataji: Ah! All of them are Shankaracharyas. The Shankaracharyas himself are not realized souls, you see, it’s something like (…unclear word…). All the Shankaracharyas, except for one, who is now retired, he had to retire because no realized soul can be a Shankaracharya.
See, once they get realization they are out of it. Nobody who is a realized soul can head any religion, religious body, like that.
Ha! What does this fellow teach you, this one, this Saraswati fellow?
Man: It’s a, yeah, way of life…
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Man: I think it’s Advaita… (indistinct)
Shri Mataji: But for that why do you need a teacher? Shaking, you see?
Good. They are good. They are from Brighton. Ah, I told you! I told you about Brighton, remember? They all said: “Horrid vibrations”.
I said: “No, in between there are some very good ones”. (Laughter, She laughs) It’s beautiful, they are all from Brighton. It’s great! (Laughter) Really! Just imagine! You all are so great (laughter, She laughs).
No, I did tell you. And you. I’m coming to Brighton for a day. That’s… I told you about this (unclear word) on my way back. Hm? Alright? (She laughs).
Just here, you know, there’s something here that you catch. Just remove his hair a little bit. Little bit here, here, here, just here. No, on top, yes.
That’s it. His Agnya catches, you see. (Yogi: “Yes”) Agnya and Vishuddhi. It’s a combination. (Yogi: “That’s right”)
You watch Me here. You watch this portion. Ha! Are you alright now? Feeling anything cool?
Man: I’m feeling it cool.
Shri Mataji: See, this is alright, started now. Alright? But now you have to give some treatment to the gentleman, otherwise he won’t leave you. You saw how you were shaking?

Man: I have to…
Shri Mataji: You’ll know that.
Man: I’ll have to know…
Shri Mataji: They will tell you. (Man: “Thank you”) Bala knows. Alright?
Man: Thank you, Mataji.
Shri Mataji: May God bless you. I’m happy it has started.
(Bad quality audio) … too much left… so that’s left.
Now the… have you been to some gurus or someone? No-one? No-one at all. You see, just come here, I’ll tell you (?). Good. Get up, just face Me. Can you sit facing Me? And just pull your… yes, just, you see? See, this one is. Perspiring, this hand. It’s perspiring too, it’s interesting. You have been to no guru or anyone like that? (Man: “No”) To no-one? (Man: “Yes”) Have you been reading these third-eye people and all that? (Man replies no) Something about, what you call…
Yogi: He says he has a problem with his mother.
Shri Mataji: Good. (A yogini tells Shri Mataji about some connection of the seeker’s mother with the Hare Krishna) Krishna? Hare Rama. Only his mother has been. (Yogini: “Yes…”) He has not been to anything. You feel alright otherwise, normally? (Man: “Yes”) Alright. (Other man: “Sometimes he can get a pain (?) in the temple here build up”)
Build like that. And then, what about your sleeping? You feel nice, you get nice sleep or you feel restless? (Man: “Just think”)
Just think so? Now good. See, see how cold his feet are.
Yogi: Void.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Yogi: Void.
Shri Mataji: But he says he’s not been to any guru. What sort of books you read, what are you doing?
Man: What am I doing?
Shri Mataji: Ha. (Man: “I’m just living in a place just waiting to live in the country…”) What are you doing there? In the flat, in the country? What do you do? (Unclear reply – he said he took drugs but he has given up.) Alright. But little drugs you take sometimes.
That’s why Void, that’s why the Void.
No, no, it’s not the mother’s point, you see, it’s the Void, his, his own problem is the Void. Do you get nervous here in the stomach sometimes? Sometimes you do, isn’t it? Is Void.
He is better? The hands are not perspiring so much, are they? Know you can give up drugs, no difficulty, you see? Just you decide you’ll give up, hm? (Man: “Yes”) It’s better now? Good.
You see, with some people I’ve seen, drugs don’t have so much effect, but some are very sensitive. It won’t suit you. See, you are a saint. You can’t take drugs. You see – how white the whole thing has become.
Better now. Now, come up? (Yogi: “It’s started to cool”) Good. He’s a saint, you see. That’s why he, even little drugs is, is, I can’t even… it depends on, see, what fiber you are made of.

Some people I’ve seen they’ll take drums full of it, nothing happens, you see, they don’t get into drugged condition. Some people get it so much, and it affects some people very much.
Better now.
Better now? (Man: “Yes”) Are you feeling cool breeze? (Man: “No”) No, that’s it. Your Agnya is there, still. You are from Birmingham?
Man: No.
Shri Mataji: From where?
Man: From London.
Shri Mataji: From London?
Man: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Alright. They are perspiring. Just put your hand there. Very slow heart. (Inaudible conversation with a yogi) You must take to garlic.
Now, in his case you have to raise the right.
Just the opposite of it.
Better now? Now, is it better?
Man: Still heavy.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Man: Still feels heavy in the right.
Shri Mataji: Ah, that’s it. To raise it. You’ll be alright. Just look at your father, he’s enjoying himself. He wrote a very nice letter to Me.
What do you say?
Yogi: Agnya.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Yogi: Agnya is there (?).
Shri Mataji: Is better now, see? Is improving. But right side very weak. You work out.
Sort of receding, you recede, you know?
You recede away from things, isn’t it?
I mean, you don’t like the world, sort of thing, you want to recede away? That’s what happens to you, is it? Because people are nasty. (Man says something) Eh? But you just don’t… you… what do you feel about life as such, what do you think? Like frustrated?
Man: Yes. I spend money…
Shri Mataji: That.
Man: Yes. And worry about money…
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Man: Worry about money…
Shri Mataji: It’s alright.
Man: …feel a bit dejected (unclear).
Shri Mataji: You’re not to be dejected, alright? You need to come up. A little. Ha! See now. (Yogi: “Agnya”)
Better now? Feeling better?
Man: More fresh, alright.
Shri Mataji: More fresh. That’s it.
Man: This is tinglish… (?)
Shri Mataji: You see, that’s it, you see? It’s a thing moves from one to that. Yes? (A small child speaks to Shri Mataji: … flower…)
That’s good. You think if I give him the flower he’ll feel better? Alright. You see, her son is saying ‘alright, just you have the flower, let’s see’. (She laughs) Now, is it better?
Man: Right starts to get heavy.

Shri Mataji: Eh?
Man: Right starts to get heavy.

Shri Mataji: Heavy. Right.
Man: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Ah. It’s heavy. (After some silence during which there is probably some workout) So.

Man: It’s slightly…
Yogi: It’s still…
Shri Mataji: Now you are better now. Are you? How are you feeling? Are you feeling any cool breeze?
Man: Slightly.
Shri Mataji: Slight. What is there to be worried about money? [Man: “To be worried? I guess from that I invested some money and I’m worried that … (indistinct words)… to do these things”] To… to do?

Man: To do all these things that I intend to do … (inaudible sentence)
Shri Mataji: Where have you invested? Eh? But you have invested money into what projects? (Inaudible sentence of the man. Then says some words sounding like “Selling marijuana” Somebody explains: “Selling drugs.”)
Shri Mataji: Oh! That’s dangerous! They are cheats! They are cheats! (Man: “They won’t sell drugs”) No, they can cheat you, they are. It’s obviously, this is such a bad traffic!

Money is not everything. Yes, that’s it. And that’s why they can cheat you.
Alright? Now, I’ll give them a bandhan. But if you get your money back, then you are not going to go into it anymore. Alright? That’s the promise.
Alright. You are literally, absolutely fagged out. You know? You may not. You have to look after yourself.
See, the Void is all moving.
Yogi: Especially on the right side in here.
Shri Mataji: In here. Void is, the lower side. Now. I would suggest for him, tell him the Void mantra. Put him on the photograph. Let him work it out, it will clear. That will solve your financial problem also.
You see, it goes simultaneously. Alright? It’s a problem of your Nabhi. He’ll give you the mantra and you work it out. For a week, then come and see Me. (To the yogis) And also of Nabhi.
(Yogi: “Yes”) Alright. Good.

(A small child’s voice is heard)
Should be alright. Eh?
Small child: Should I work on somebody?
Shri Mataji: On whom do you want to work? Work on hand, let’s see. Eh? Work on Me. I see! (Shri Mataji laughs) That’s the easiest to do, eh? Very nice… See!
I’ll work on you, that’s the best! (Shri Mataji kisses the child and laughs)
So, who wants to work on, the new baby: see? Wonderful! Nobody else, they don’t want to work on anybody else: he’s very clever!

Ah ah ah! Ah ah ah! Ah ah ah! What is there to work? Just to take love!

(End of audio)