Talk to Sahaja Yogis: The Mother and Her Children

London (England)

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Talk to yogis, The Mother and Her Children – Advice at Dollis Hill ashram, London, England. 16 March 1980.

It’s nice today is Mother’s Day, and You find so many people waiting for You.

And also You see Yourself as a Mother, the heart which is pining to meet you, then You can’t get out of some things. And then You enjoy that pining and that longing to see Your own, Your own children whom You love so much.

It’s such a great joy; in these modern times, it is described that in this Kali Yuga everything will go upside down because people will not recognize the motherhood. The mothers won’t be respected and won’t be respectable either. Is a fact.

And imagine now this has brought this Mother’s Day to this country. It’s something, such a recognition from the Divine, that one has to remember that motherhood is very important.

It is the Mother who created the universe; the Father was just a witness to the whole show.

It is She works it out the whole thing. It is She makes it beautiful so that He sees the show, that He becomes the spectator, because She loves Her creation.

The Father wants that it should be such that He should be able to love it. He is a perfectionist, he wants everything to be perfect. But a Mother accepts as the child is, because that is Her own creation. If there is a defect in the child, She accepts that defect as Her own and She works for it; She works very hard. It’s no sacrifice, because you enjoy it. You enjoy doing that. You enjoy working for your children. And if it was not so, this world would never have existed.

You know what untold things mother has to bear when the child is to be born.

Actually, it is a test of her love, I feel, at that time. Still she goes on with it because she wants that child.

But when this motherhood is spoilt in its image, when the mothers are no more mothers, they are not respectable, then they are not respected.

And when the children don’t respect their mothers because they have no respect for anything else whatsoever… I mean, the first thing and the last thing is the respect for the mother. If one does not respect the mother, or the motherhood, that means he has no respect for himself either.

So how does he exist? He exists through his mother. So, mother is a very, very important institution for the whole creation, for your creation and for the creation of your children and all the progeny that has to come.

Now let us see what does the Mother provide us with, what part of our being She is.

I would say that She is everything.

But your personal mother who has given you this birth, this body, is your own mother whom you know very clearly that she is your mother. As you know, she gives you the nourishment when you are in a fetus stage; and later on when you grow up she, she gives you all the physical nourishment that is needed for your growth and she enjoys it.

Otherwise she feels over-burdened. She wants to give it. And everyone appreciates that. It’s a collective enjoyment. And it’s going on, and it could be seen from all the paintings of the world, all over the world, in every language, in every country, every religion.

The mother and the child has been the main theme of paintings and expression of the most joyous moment for painters.

Poets also have written such a lot on that.

Every way of manifestation of joy, in all the human endeavor has been on this thing, revolving on this thing.

But the mother who is your own mother, whom you know as your mother, who gives you physical birth, is the mother who gives you much more than you know of. Because her blood has her vibrations, and when she gives you her blood she gives you her vibrations, she gives her sustenance, she gives you her desires and also she gives you a push in your evolution if she is an evolved person.

Now, in mother and the child relationship, mother gives a lot. She gives, makes your complete left side. She creates all that left side in you, because she has desired for you; so she creates that. On the right side she gives you all the beauty of delicate things, and also the hunches that you get in your business or all the flexible moments of your life that you think, “From where unknown I got something?” – that’s your mother’s blessings on you.

You choose your own mother, too, when you are born. So no use just condemning your mother because she’s like this, she’s a horrid woman, and she’s this and that and that.

Now, you have chosen her; so better have it.

And she is a very big part of you, I must say. But she has to be also something to be a mother.

It’s a most responsible position is that of a mother. It is even a – much more responsible than that of a king has, to be a mother, because the king can only go up to material level, or up to physical level. And up to rational level, at the most, a philosopher can go.

And the emotional level may be fulfilled by the wife. All these things may be done by other people, but spiritual level you can only achieve from your mother’s grace.

Any hampering you get in your spiritual ascent could be from so many other problems, but basically it could be from your mother’s side.

So mother also can give you her nervousness, she can give you her irritative nature, she can give you her bad temper, she can give you a very cunning nature; she can give you all that is bad in her, just in a bundle.

But you can also give her back something special. Supposing a child which is a realized soul is taking birth in a mother and the, if the mother is not a realized soul, then the child will try to clear the Nabhi of the mother and give her lots of vomiting, by which she’ll clear out, or diarrhea or something like that, and try to clear the Nabhi and the Void of the mother.

If she has been going to some guru and all that, the child will take full care to see that she gets rid of all the bad things she has received from a bad guru. And tremendous things happen when a woman conceives a realized soul.

But even a non-realized soul, when a mother conceives, her face just starts glowing because, see, she is creating something.

Is a special blessings of God come on her.

But as a Sahaja yogi, when you are reborn as Sahaja yogi, you have your vibrations; then what you do is to give back to your mother by giving her realization.

Giving realization is an obligation which cannot be repaid back. Every obligation of this world can be repaid back and the last obligation, is the obligation of mother giving you birth on this earth, can be also repaid back by giving her, her own second birth.

You becoming the mother of your mother is the best way you can repay her back. And so – though it is a difficult thing under the circumstances as they are (Shri Mataji laughs) – I know you are all quite worried about this. Not easy, because due to war or whatever it is, in the Western countries the mothers have lost their position, they have lost their moorings, they have lost their significance and they think that they have not been all right as mothers. They think they have not been very helpful to the society by only by being mothers.

But they can be brought round gradually by showing that you are so significant yourself and that they are the mothers. They are the mothers who have brought you to this world.

Once they start realizing that significance within themselves, I’m sure it will work out. And that’s how you are going to repay it back.

And once you have done it, you have done the job. So you don’t have to worry about the other things. You have repaid it.

So be happy about it, those who have done that, and those who have not done it will be doing it.

So on this day of Mother Day I would like to bless you, that now you have to give birth to so many thousands of people.

So the power that your Mother has, of giving birth, the spiritual birth, be bestowed upon all of you so that you do this work with the same grace and with the same patience and love and enjoyment.


May God bless you


Are you better now? So now, what is it?