The Advent Inauguration High Commission of India, London (England)

The Advent Inauguration, “Find the Absolute”, High Commission of India, London (England), March 17th, 1980

Doctor Singh, ladies and gentlemen, and Sahaja Yogis my children, it is so enamouring that I have no words to express anything anymore. I have been thinking about what I am to say now? They say it is Kali Yuga these modern times and one of the signs of these modern times is that mothers won’t be respected and that mothers won’t be respectable. […]

Interview with BBC Radio Broadcast London (England)

Interview with BBC Radio Broadcast, London, 17 March 1980

Lady interviewer: Vibratory awareness. Now I need to place you in collective consciousness, the second birth. The places we call the hippy trend in the 60’s with yellow roads and the solemn gurus. After those days going strong and today a new book is published to claim yet another new dawn to call as phrases from its present out [unsure].The book is called The Advent and it deals with the vibratory awareness available through something called Sahaja Yoga. […]

BBC Interview London (England)

BBC Interview. London, England. 17 March 1980.
Interviewer: I would like to welcome everybody particularly I want to have word before we do start the afternoon interview with some of the [inaudible] and have different opinions about some of my public programs for people that I interview who have different points of view from the main stream of a Christian thinking of radio 74. there those of you have written to me and said, I do not like anything that is not oh, […]