The Advent Inauguration

High Commission of India, London (England)

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The Advent Inauguration, “Find the Absolute”, High Commission of India, London (England), March 17th, 1980

Doctor Singh, ladies and gentlemen, and Sahaja Yogis my children, it is so enamouring that I have no words to express anything anymore. I have been thinking about what I am to say now?
They say it is Kali Yuga these modern times and one of the signs of these modern times is that mothers won’t be respected and that mothers won’t be respectable. Who can believe that these are those horrible modern times which were described?
I’m so enamoured with the way that all Sahaja Yogis have also done this exhibition. And I am thankful to all of them for organizing this program over here. But I am so much blessed, I feel, today, to see a very dear friend of ours, doctor Singh, of this great calibre of learning.

I met many bureaucrats I must say in my lifetime because I am the wife of a bureaucrat. But I’ve not met such people among them who are that learned, who know so much about our Indian culture, who have gone into the depth of it to understand the beauty of that culture.

Actually, in the Indian bureaucracy, I always felt that they are more enamoured by the Britishers who left us there, without their tail coat, they still exist. I always had this terrible longing to see if some bureaucrats come out with this kind of learning, why we had Britishers in India who learned a lot about our country and who really contributed such a lot to our architecture, to the understanding of our old, ancient ideas that were very clearly given in the Sanskrit language which were translated by them in such beautiful books.
And that generation, I felt was over among bureaucrats who would go into the detail and finding out about what lies in our country, the great beauty.

Now, I don’t want to sound nationalist about it. One needs not to feel that when I say that, India is a great country. It is! Because it is going to lead the whole world in spirituality. I have no doubts about it. It is the greatest country that God has created. I am not saying this because I am a nationalist, because I am an Indian. I could have been born in England as well, but because it was specially chosen by God. Now, it should not make people also unhappy that: “Why India is the only place?”
You see, it is something like supposing you know how to drive the car, all right, that’s a great thing. You know how to write a book, all right, that’s another great thing. And if you know how to administer, that’s another great thing.

But if you know how to raise the Kundalini, that’s another different thing. So, what is higher and lower is not the point. But from a spiritual point of view, India is the country which is going to provide the needed leadership for all the people. This I am saying for one reason because yesterday, I had somebody from the BBC. And he was saying that: “Why should you bring Eastern ideas to Western life?” I said: “This is not an Eastern that we are doing, it is absolutely fundamental within us.” But in India, the fundamentals were discovered first while here you are going the other way round.

Because of the climate of that country which is so good, so kind that a man can live under a tree, he needs not to worry as to when you are going out, have a cold, have this, that. It is such a nice climate that people did not have to fight the nature. Here, the fight with the nature starts from the very beginning, the competition starts and we’ll have a difficulty. But where the country is so full of good atmosphere, the people thought: “What a blessing it is of God Almighty! How would these blessings have come to us? Who are we to feel that blessing?” That’s how they took to meditation long, long time back, thousands of years back. And this Kundalini yoga which I am telling you today was discovered, I don’t know how many thousands of years back. The Sahaja Yoga that I am telling you has been discovered even at the time of Krishna, whatever he did was nothing but Sahaja Yoga. Whatever Rama did was nothing but Sahaja Yoga, which, if you ever come to my lectures, you can see. But this country was especially blessed where people just thought of God and nothing else.

Because our country is a yoga-oriented country, we have to say that it’s a great country. We are not ego-oriented, we are not competitive beings, we cannot be. People have tried to make us that, they have looked down upon us, saying that, “you are passive people”, whatever you may say, we are not going to fall into a trap to that. Why, though our bureaucrats, as I have said to you, are more educated by you people, might think that way, but I would suggest that it is better to take to yoga now than to ego. Ego has paid its dividends already.

The problem of our seeking in the Western countries is really been misused by Indians for which one should really feel ashamed. And I take all the responsibility of that upon myself in away. And we all Indians, feel extremely ashamed the way we have created such cheats and thugs who have really devoured all that was beautiful in the seekers. Seekers are genuine, no doubt. And maybe those seekers who are today going to India may have been the same saints born in India who were seeking too. How can you say that these saints are not genuine? I have seen them. They are extremely genuine.

I’ve said many times that England is the heart of the universe. If India has the Kundalini, the heart lies in England. And I find that in England only, Sahaja Yoga was established so easily. Because when I went to America, I found the people were still very shifty. I don’t say that American people are not genuine seekers, but so many thugs invaded America that they got used to that kind of selling a business, the guru shopping as they call it.

But the people of England or the young people of England, I found them to be very scholarly. They are of course doubting, no doubt they should. All intelligent people should doubt. They should not blindly follow anything like that. But they are not people who will not open their eyes to something. They are extremely balanced and they want to see what was there. It was difficult, I know, in the beginning, to crack an egg in England, it’s very difficult I’ve had it. And I did not know how many people I’d be giving Realizations.

You’ll be amazed, for four years I was struggling with six hippies and two of these, husband and wife, are sitting here. But, to my amazement, when it started, when they sought it, it spread. And not only that but it precipitated into them. They have taken it upon themselves now that Sahaja Yoga is the answer to all the problems which are created by our extreme behaviour of ego or superego. This is something so remarkable. For that, one should not find faults with the country. I would not find faults with the country, after all, the country was created by God. It is His doing if He founds that India was the proper place where saints should be born. There were many saints here born, but as I say it today, there are more saints abroad than in India. Indians don’t have so much interest in God now. Only in the villages, that is why I go to the villages, I don’t go to the cities.

For example, in England, when I’ve come here, most of my disciples are, most of them are Britishers or people from Europe. There are very few Indians who are taking to Sahaja Yoga. It is most surprising though they come to Me for their treatment, for their illness, they do come, but taking to Sahaja Yoga that seriously as these people have done, they are not doing. So, the country may be anything, it makes no difference, it’s the people. Maybe tomorrow, England is the place where Sahaja Yoga may be established. And the whole when you [unsure] off the Sahaja Yoga which I say India, might be changed.

It is such a great, it is such a great experience to see that in this High Commission where I never expected that I’ll be able to speak on Sahaja Yoga. Because Indians have value in Sahaja Yoga, is the greatest surprise for Me. The thing is, we have become now still we are developing. When we’ll be developed like you, when we’ll be having the suicide as Gregoire has suggested, when there will be people running away from life, when they’ll be taking drugs, when they’ll be taking to alcoholism as their first life and last life, when we’ll be completely ruined, when our society will be completely finished, then it might be, we might awaken ourselves to the beauty of that we have got.

I’m not talking about something Indian; one should know it is not Indian. If you say, Christ, Christ was from the East. We have to learn a lot from the West but Western people also have learnt something from the East which is spirituality. The naiveness of spirituality of the Western seekers has led them into problems. The experience that they have to expect they do not know what to expect in an experience. They think they can purchase everything; this is ego-orientation. They think they can purchase a guru; they can retain a guru. They are very boastful of their guru, I’m surprised.

“What does the guru do?” “He has given me a ring”.
“What has he done to you?” “He made me fly”. “How can you fly?”
The Western seekers must keep their brains intact, we say “have locks”.

But what is most surprising is that when they see that their brains have done no good to them, they just keep it aside, absolutely hundred per cent. And they say: “Go ahead”, to whatever people are saying. In that, I would not blame anyone because the seekers should know what is to be done. They have to be well equipped as to find out what they want.

Of, course, they are going to India, they are very welcome in India. If they go to India, they will find it, no doubt, if they are genuine and if they keep their brains all right. There’s no doubt about it. But as soon as they go to the airport, they find some sucker standing, immediately they’re enamoured. Now what is the trick these people play, which I will tell you, and you’ll be amazed. It’s a very subtle trick these people play and that is, they just pamper your ego. Because they pamper your ego, you are enamoured by them. And if you could just keep a watch on your ego, you are not your ego, you are your Spirit. If you could just keep a watch on your ego, you will know that they are pampering your ego and telling you something by which you can be completely swindled out.

Indians, as they are, there are very great saints in India, no doubt, which are hiding in Himalaya. And also, there are the greatest thugs also in India. I must admit that I agree because since three days I’ve been hearing about it, people have been telling Me that: “Why do you do these things? Why do you do?” And when this was asked, one of the Sahaja Yogis got up to say that: “Sorry, when I came to Mataji, I was in half coma. I was alcoholic. I was dying. Do you think you would have saved me from that?” So, immediately the person asked Me the question: “How did you save him?” I said: “It is very simple. If you could awaken in him, the consciousness of his Spirit, if he can feel that Absolute, he can come out of all this in no time. Because of all this, we do because we haven’t found out our Absolute.”

All our economic-political activities are on relativity. We talk on relative terms. If we have found out the Absolute, there won’t be any problem anywhere, within or without [you]. And this is a very simple thing and has to be simple because it is the process of evolution. It is a living process. The living process of breathing has to be simple. If you have to read books for that or make a concession or a sanction, I don’t know how many would survive. It has to be the simplest thing. And that’s why it is the simplest thing as doctor Singh has told you, “Sahaj”.

So, there is no need to be angry with someone because one belongs to a particular country. You could have been born in China or you could have been born in America. Why are you so much identified with any one of these? If you are not identified, then you will understand that what you have to get is the real “svartha”. “Svartha” also means selfishness in English. But “svartha” means also “sva- atha” the meaning of yourself. That you have to find out, whether here, there or anywhere. But for that, it’s not necessary to belong to any country, to any race or to creed because as soon as you’ll find it, you’ll be amazed that you transcend all these things. Just get out of it.

To Me, I never see people as English or this thing, I cannot see. What I see in a person is the beauty of that Spirit which is hidden in the clouds. I just see that and that makes Me both heart and head just to evolve that, to bring that beauty into the consciousness of that person, into the central nervous system broadly, that’s all. But if it is from India, why should people feel bad about it? This, I have not been able to understand. It has to be from some country. I mean, it cannot be from all the countries. This is something so simple that, once you develop this kind of understanding that even if it is from India from anywhere, it is for the whole world. Christ was born in the East, but for the whole world. Buddha was born in India but still, he was for the whole world. In the same way, Sahaja Yoga is taught, found out, the modern Sahaja Yoga, in India. But it is for the whole world. It is not the property of Indians or non-Indians or anyone.

Once if you could be reconciled to this situation, then I’m sure, I’m sure that it won’t be difficult for you to open your eyes to Sahaja Yoga. Actually, I came to London, you know, because of my husband. And the atmosphere into which I came, I found two types of people. One, those who have set ideas about India, Indians and gurus and all that. And the other type of people, in the seeking I’m saying, another type of people who were true seekers and were cheated and deluded, plundered by many.

But still, they were willing to try again. This is the position when we start our seeking. If we could realize that we have to get this experience, (this) actualization of the Kundalini awakening. You can see with your naked eyes the Kundalini pulsating in your sacrum bone. You can see the rising of it, you can feel it with a stethoscope and you can see the ending of it on your Sahasrara, as we call it, the fontanel bone, which Christ said it’s the baptism. Baptism cannot be given by a theological college student or by some graduate. It can be only given by a person who is a Realized soul.

All right, we have to learn our economics, politics from you, it doesn’t matter. And if you have to learn spirituality from us, let us give and take. After all, this hand has to give something to this hand, isn’t it? If you think the whole world as one, the whole universe as one, then we talk about it but we really do not identify with this idea. How to get over it? Is to find the Absolute.

When you’ll get to the Absolute, you’ll be amazed! In England, when I’m there, I’m a British person because I am solving the problems of Britishers. If I’m in India, I’m an Indian. So, when I’m a British, they’ll talk of our India: “What about India? We have this problem, that problem”. When I go to India, they say: “What about England? ” “They have that problem. They have broken their families; this has happened to them”. If I go to America, they’ll talk about [inaudible]

So, how we try to run away from the truth? You must know that you have to get it, the time has come, the blossom time has come. It has to come [to you]. I’m just an ordinary housewife, all right. I am that and I’m proud of it.
You don’t know there is a centre within us which represents the housewife. It is there. When that centre is out of order, you develop some diseases. [cut in the audio]

You have to take the name of the housewife. Housewife, herself is a very important centre. I am a housewife and I am a mother. And I’m a grandmother. Though I am a grandmother and a mother and a wife and also a Divine Mother because I see the Divinity on all my children, whatever may be the caste, community, anything. The concern I have is that why don’t you know that you have that Divinity? You want to pay for Me, you want to buy Me, that you cannot do. You want to advertise Me, what advertisement can a Mother give? I mean it’s-you feel so inauspicious about it. It’s so funny to advertise yourself that I’m the Divine Mother. It is for you to understand the beauty of Divinity. The beauty of Divinity is shyness: “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Lajja rupena samsthita”. You- it’s a limitation, maryadas, you cannot cross a certain point. You cannot, you live like that. If Christ wanted, he could have killed all the people who tried to crucify him. He had such powers and He is going to come back. He’s going to come back with those Ekadesha powers on this Earth. But he did not. He had a maryada. He had to do that job. I have to do this job. And if you people just open out yourself a little and understand my concern about the beauty which lies in your hearts, I’m not bothered as to what country you belong, the race you belong, nothing of the kind. Because I can see something in you that you cannot see. That’s why I am here. And this, I have to say today because the gentleman who came to interview Me for the last three days, has been harping on my head that: “Why should you Indians bother about us” It’s a very funny situation.

It’s a very funny situation because I’m not here as an immigrant. My husband was actually elected. This is Providence and that’s how I am here. And by my coming here, it is God’s grace that I have been able to rescue so many lost souls in this country. Is it that the way to say that because I’m Indian I must be barred to do anything? Then why do you have Christ here? Christ was not an Englishman by any chance.

I’m sorry to strike this note today because I do not know these things, I do not know the difference in the gene, I do not understand these things. I understand that England has its own value, India has its own value. But when I’m faced with such problems and when people come with that level, sometimes I understand; look at my beautiful children who are here! They are real seekers. They are so ardently seeking. And why people don’t understand that somebody has to do it. If God has appointed Me for that, so I’m Indian, what can I do? But then I ‘m so thankful that in this place which has been used, I know, by many seekers before, that you have given Me a chance, that you have given a chance for this book to be inaugurated.

I’d better not say much about Gregoire, I’ve tortured his life for this book, I tell you. For one year, I really took him to the task. He had to change so many things because he is an intellectual and hard intellectual, he was at that time, he was hard-hitting everyone. I said: “No, my child. You have to go in a very humble manner. Go about in such a manner that you have to get people to hear. You have to work very hard; you see, these people are so fussy like fussy children. So, if you have to feed them, you have to go about it in that manner as a mother would go”. And I really tortured his life for one year. After that, this book was brought to this sweet level I would say that people really enjoyed it.

Please go with- through this book, it will help you because it has vibrations. I’ve seen the book also has vibrations. And it is going to help you to understand that within you lies that Spirit and when the Spirit starts emitting itself into your central nervous system its own nature, then these variations of Chaitanya start flowing with it. With that you can cure people, with that you can raise the Kundalini of others, you can give them Realization. All your powers are manifested.

After all, even if I am a guru or a mother, whatever I may call myself, what’s the use? What’s the use of a mother who cannot give her wealth to her children? I mean which is that mother who would like to keep her wealth to herself? Every bit of that, what I have, I would like to give you. Every drop of my blood I would like to give you which will give you that beauty which lies in you. This should be understood by people all over the world. It has nothing to do with a particular country or with a particular race but it is for all of you to receive this because even your evolution is imminent. It has to take place; it has to happen to solve so many problems which are absolutely useless in my eyes.
May God bless you all.

Let us understand the unity of our being within ourselves.
Let us understand that all these great people, Christ has said: “Those who are not against me are with me”. Who are those people? Are you all with Him? Who is this Father He is talking about? Let us seek through Sahaja Yoga because with that, once you are connected with the Divine, these vibrations give you a new awareness by which you can find out. You can put your hands and ask: “Is there God?” And immediately a cool breeze will start flowing. Ask any fundamental question, any absolute question and you will get the answer. But if you ask a question: “Is this a real Guru?” and if he is a thug, immediately the vibrations will stop and you’ll start getting heat. From some gurus, you get such horrible heat as you would get from a cancer patient.

It is amazing how people do not understand where are they going, what they are doing, what is happening to them because they cannot see themselves, they are involved in themselves. If you are in the car, you do not know what is happening to your car outside, once you get out of your car you can see what is happening. It is very, very simple, it’s the easiest thing to do. But to you people it may look- for Me even to connect this [microphone] is very difficult. But for Me, to connect you to God is not difficult. That’s all, the difference is that I know something and you know something. Nothing more or less. Just think that way, so that you do not feel perturbed about it.

Most of the doubts come because of this thinking that: “Is She going to overpower us? Is She going to do this?” No, no, no, it is your power which is going to be manifested. It is you who are going to feel your power. I do not want anybody to touch my feet though Gregoire will say that: “I must touch your feet”. Just because he has experienced of my feet. But I do not want anyone even to touch my feet or to accept what I say. But you must keep your minds open. Only because somebody (I) something- like the gentleman the other day said: “You are very rich”. I said: “If I was poor, you would have said ‘you are poor’”. But I have to be something. If I am a housewife, they’ll say: “You are a housewife”. If I am a bureaucrat, they’ll say: “You are a bureaucrat”. But what about yourself getting it? It’s the point!

So, this is how we live on a very, very inferior level. We have to get to the centre and get it. Getting it is the point, now luckily, on the 14th, they are having the program in Caxton Hall where I am going to speak more elaborately about it and that you are going to try this with people to get this experience. Just get it. That’s what it is.
I hope you’ll make it convenient to come down there and get for yourselves your own powers and your own peace. And if your mind suggests you something, then tell him to keep quiet because he has been telling you not always proper things. Just now, come and see for yourself with an open mind.

I’m thankful again and again to Mrs Singh for coming down here because I know she is a very talented lady and she has written beautiful books which really made Me understand that she thinks of the problems from a very higher level. And to have doctor Singh here and Mrs Singh at High Commission is a very big blessing because to have a person who knows so much about India, who knows the spirit of India is the one who should come here.

And I am very thankful to the government also for sending him over and thankful to all of you to have come here today to listen to this lecture and to his very learned, very learned lecture which I appreciated very much. Thank you very much.
May God bless you.