The Meaning of Reality

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-03-24 The Meaning Of Reality London NITL HD, 45'
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“The Meaning of Reality”, Public Programme, Caxton Hall, London, England. 24 March 1980.

How many of you are new people? I would like to know.

So first of all I’ll have to tell you something about Sahaj Yog and also about how people get mixed up with other things.

The first and foremost thing one must know [is] that, if there is something genuine, people do tend to create something fake out of it. It is a fact of life. One has to accept it. If you have real flowers then you find all kinds of plastic plants, all kinds of copies of that.

In art it is a very good thing to copy what God has created and also to add to it your own feelings and your own angles about a particular scene. An artist sees much more than a normal man can see. A normal impression of any material thing is quite gross. But [an] artist being subtler because of his temperament and because of his own sensitivities he sees much more and deeper things. And he reproduces that which is created by God in a better way; because he exposes those subtleties which a normal human eye cannot see or perceive. As far as material things are concerned, it’s a very good attempt. And one should do it. That can really give people a subtler understanding of God’s Creation.

But as far as the real religion is concerned, you cannot play about with it. You cannot create copies of that because it’s a living thing. You cannot create copies of living things because you cannot create life. You can make it life-like, but it cannot be a living thing.

Religion is a living thing within us. It is the sustenance within us which starts flowering from the very beginning of life: where life changes, transforms from one single-cellular animal to this complex human being. You cannot show that transformation by making a painting out of it; because as soon as a human being touches the thing, it is dead. We can show a smiling flower. You can show at the most a mobile smile of Mona Lisa. That’s also you make sometimes. But you cannot show Mona Lisa who is smiling all the time or changing her forms. And that is why it is important to understand that when people try to copy the real religion within you, they make a good job out of it. They have to make it so good that people should not be deceived anymore. This has been our problem since long.

Christ was real, Shri Krishna was real. But those who tried to copy Him did a good job out of it but still it was not real. And that is why whenever any such attempts are made you find that it is very confusing for a person to make out real from unreal. I have been facing this problem since I went to America in 1970. When I went to America in 1970, there were people who came out with their tape recorders and they had very complicated machineries. They taped  me, and they taped whatever I was telling them and some of the people who were organising my programme took an objection to it.

And they said, “Mother, we should not tape it!” I said, “Why not? Let them tape it. It has vibrations. Why are you afraid?” They said, “No, they’ll make a copy out of it.” I said, “Let them make a copy. By making a copy they cannot make me out of that, or they cannot make you out of that. They cannot raise the Kundalini of people, they cannot give them Self-realisation. When it comes to actuality, they cannot do it. What will they do? At the most they’ll talk.”

So there was a book, written as ‘New Awareness’ in which words ‘vibrations’ and all those things I have said was used. And they sent me the copy of the book saying that, “See, this is what has happened out of you.” And there were many people who started talking about these things – new dimensions, new awareness – all those things.

And they also started claiming that they can raise Kundalini! Up to that point, people can tell lies!

Human beings have a special capacity to tell lies. I think nobody, no creation of God is that good at telling lies as human beings are.

And without understanding that you will be tested, you will be found out, without any fear about it! They are making copies of it because they can make some money out of it perhaps. Maybe because of that, they can have some sort of a advertising advantage, or some sort of a material, baser advantage they will get out of it.

So I had to accept it. I said, “Alright, go ahead, doesn’t matter!” But when it comes to actually giving Realisation they are nowhere.

They found out also other methods of making it look very attractive. First of all, it’s a money-making proposition. Once you start making money, you can spend also: on advertising, having a big circus about it; talking in a way that would look extremely fantastic. Even they got recognition by governments, some of them have earned millions of pounds and billions of dollars. But then one has to know that the mistake lies not only with them but also with the people who are seeking the truth.

As I have said before and many-a-times, modern times are the blossoming time. This is the time when we are going to become the fruits. This is the time of real transformation. This is the time of real baptism. This is the time when you are going to know your Self.

The time has come. It’s the maturity that’s important for life.

You have seen that in this human body, if we inject anything, it is thrown out. If you try to push anything into this body which is a foreign material, which cannot be absorbed by this body, it’s thrown out. But if you see a foetus, it is not thrown out. Not only that, but it is nurtured, looked after, loved and, at the right maturity, it comes out at the right time. In the same way, the development of spiritual ripening had to reach a certain maturity in the human beings to get to this breakthrough.

Think of Christ, only about two thousand years back. Do you think we could have got them for such a congregation? People who are really seekers, who are seeking? They were people who never knew about God. They were people who did not know that there was something Divine. It was Christ who had to introduce this idea.

In those days, in this England, what was the situation of awareness? People were fighting with the cold and with all the winds that were blowing over this island. They had no idea at all that there was God. On the contrary if they had anything, they used to think, “Why so cruel a God?” This awareness had to mature up to a point, come up to a point, and then this was to happen.

It is in life, you have seen – everything has to mature. If you sow the seed and say, “Tomorrow I must get the fruits!” You are not going to get any. But if you see the whole span of life, it is a very, very short time. Even the time from when the earth seceded from the sun, and on that life came into existence, then it become a human being, itself is a big miracle. It could not have happened. It’s such a short time that nobody can believe that it can be a thing of chance. On this point all scientists agree that, in mathematical calculation, if you use the law of chance, it does not explain at all that, in such a short time, human beings could be created. But as human beings are, when they are scientists, they refuse to accept anything beyond.

One side you have people, scientists, who do not want to accept anything beyond the gross. The other side we have people who see some things from the beyond and believe that it is spiritual – which is not. Anything that is beyond the gross need not be spiritual, need not be the real. It could be something else which you have not yet seen.

So, under these circumstances of confusion, the cunning takes birth on this Earth and they find out ways and methods of exploiting people. Some of them are not cunning, they genuinely believe they can help people. And some of them are absolutely naive and they start this work with that naivety, start getting little money out of it, or some sort of a recognition and then they find that it’s a good method of floating an enterprise, and they do it.

But for this, we have so many ways of understanding what is the real. We have so many scriptures which are true. [If] they are true or not at least should be verified. Once you discard some theories or any hypothesis you must know that you have not given proper respect and understanding of that thing. How can you disregard something which you have not read, which you have not seen? So that’s how it works out and people start producing things which are fake.

Today, why I am going to speak about it [is] because I had lots of questions, that people said, that, “Many people come with the same ideas as you are saying and they are claiming the same thing, and what is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and other things?”

In one sentence, I can say, Sahaja Yoga is the actualisation of the experience of Self, while others are just talking, talking, talking, talking, talk. Now it is said, not only in India. Christ not being an Englishman I would say he didn’t say it in England. But when I see, see your Stonehenge, I know there were people who were working on Kundalini. But the other day I met a lady who was telling me that, “Now scientifically it has been proved that Stonehenge has no meaning.” I said, “How can they understand what the Stonehenge is? How will they understand? Because their awareness at this point is gross.” By science you cannot understand Stonehenge! For that you have to have that new awareness by which you can feel the vibratory awareness within you, the radiation of the Self. How it happens?

In the Bible it is written that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” There are many sentences like that. Now can you explain to me what are those tongues of flames are? Because those who are also reading their Bible are just reading the words. By reading the words you can at the most say, “Tongues of flames means this, that,” anything they can put up but actually you have not seen it. So it’s all a guesswork and imagination, that’s why there are so many crooks, so many religious organisations, so many gods, so many everything.

But if you have seen it then you will know what it means. You have seen this hall so you know what this hall means. But if you have not been inside this what’s the use of talking about it when you have not been there? But it is another common human failing that one tries to do it.

As all the incarnations, and all the great prophets, and all the Realised-souls were very simple people. Perhaps I have had the greatest human Realisation among all of them. I have understood human beings much better than they have understood. Because they were born at such a level that they could not see what a human mind works with. They cannot understand, because at that level you have no temptations, you don’t know why should anybody tell lies, you don’t know why you should copy, why should you try to be nasty.

So many times I feel that way that when I hear people talking ill of others or anything, I say, “I have no time sufficient to love. And where do talk and sit down and think of all these nonsensical things?” But human beings can be very nonsensical! This, perhaps, none of these incarnations ever realised. I had to come to understand it, I believe. And after understanding human beings, I felt that the time gap was too much. And that’s how they started groping here and there and doing all kinds of things. And, in the meanwhile, this cunning has profited itself.

So first you just raise your attention a little higher and think from there that – How can you purchase God in the market? How can you pay for an experience which is your own transformation? Which comes through life? How can anyone who says he’s a holy man be a parasite? How can anyone who is supposed to be giving you religion, would depend on you for his living? How can you organise God, and how can you organise that living religion? And [such] simple questions one should ask, I think, before going into these things. And once you start asking such questions to yourself, you will be able to say – like in Sanskrit it is said, “Ya neti neti wachane nigamor avochus” By saying, “Not this, not this, not this”, you reach to the Truth. But then when the Truth also comes in you [still] say, “Not this.” Like our American friends who are doing nowadays ‘guru shopping’. They also start saying, “Not this, not this, not this”. First they’ll jump into it headlong, get a big bump. Then they’ll go to another one, have another bump there. By the time they are absolutely fagged out, they come across Sahaja Yoga and they say, “Not this too!” It’s an interesting thing – how human beings are going to miss the Truth.

What is the Truth? Truth is that you are created specially, you are chosen specially to enter into the kingdom of God, to manoeuvre His power, to get all His blessings and all His enjoyment because He is your Father, God Almighty, who loves you. This is the fact and the truth and unless and until somebody gives you that, you are not to believe into anyone. This headlong plunge cannot be explained except when we have to accept that we had some sort of a weakness, or some sort of a hallucination or mesmerised mind that we got into this nonsense.

Now for Sahaja Yoga, it has been written thousands of years back, not today, that, in a human being is placed in the sacrum bone,  a residual power, called as ‘Kundalini’, which awakens and gives you your second birth. This is what Christ has said, “You are to be born again.” You are to be born again. Not your father, not your children. It is you who has to be born again. Means when you are living you will be twice-born. In your own human awareness you must get this experience. Unless and until you have that experience you are not to believe into any nonsense that’s going on. Specially if it is selling.

If you give up only one point that nobody can take money for this experience, 99.9% people will drop out. One person may be there, who might be wanting some sort of a recognition or [for] something they might be doing it and might be telling stories that, “I have a big factory” or something like that. All that you have to see – what are they giving you?

When this Kundalini rises, you have seen here, in the triangular bone, she is placed in three and a half coils. She exists there as a living thing. It’s a living energy which differs in different people. The colour is something, we can say, like a tube light in a person who is a very awakened person. But depends on what sort of a person it is. In the people who are extremely gross, this Kundalini looks like mud put together. In some people, it looks a whitish mud. It has different colours and different illuminations according to the human beings. Now you cannot see it, I agree. But you can see the pulsation of this Kundalini. When you see some people, coming over here, now most of them have seen it, and who are giving, who have given Realisation. You can see their pulsation on their backs. You can see that part of the bone, sacrum bone which is sacrum because it is sacred. Why is it sacred? This bones are not burnt. If the whole body is burnt out also, this bone cannot be burnt.

You see, people – this word has come from Greek language – had recognised that this bone is a sacred bone and that’s why they called it as ‘sacrum’. This bone in us contains this energy which you can see with your naked eyes in the bone [when] it is pulsating, you can see it very clearly. Now, one can see there, that this nobody can do. This pulsation nobody can do. People make you jump, dance, shout, shriek, wear dresses, wear uniforms, do all kinds of nonsensical things, but they cannot make this bone pulsate. And when the bone pulsates, it rises. The whole rising of pulsation you can see it, and with a stethoscope you can hear it, till it reaches the fontanel bone area where also you can hear that pulsation just like your heart pulsation.

Recently, very recently I should say Kabira has lived. He was a great poet and a great Sahaja Yogi. He has sung the praise of Sahaja Yoga. He said, “Shunya shikhara para anahata baaji”. He said, “On the silent peak of the head, anahata” – means the sound without percussion, this, “lub-dub, lub-dub” –  “you can hear that.”

And when it becomes silent then you have got your Realisation.

At that very moment you start feeling the cool breeze coming towards you if I am there. But if I am not there it is going out of you. Now this cool breeze like flowing is the radiation of the Self. This radiation passes through your body just like my voice is passing through this (mic), and you can actually feel it. Whatever you can feel is the real. Whatever you can see is the real, whatever you can hear is the real. You can feel it flowing from your hands.

Now I must say also that it doesn’t happen to everyone. Like every flower may not become a fruit. But it happens to many of you. And if you see the time factor, it acts on many people at the same time. But little one second, one second here, two minutes there, later or earlier. It’s something like flowers turning into fruits – that’s a slower process still. But Sahaja Yoga process can work out [so fast that] within half an hour even thousand people can get Realisation .

Now it is also written that, “it is very difficult”. But it is also written [that], “When the time will come it will happen en-masse.” It is a difficult thing, no doubt. It is a very difficult thing for human beings to take out a primule, or the germinating power, out of the seed.

You cannot pull it out to become a tree. Whatever you may try, you stand on your head, do whatever you please, you cannot germinate it. It has to happen spontaneously. In the same way whatever has to happen spontaneously, you cannot labour for it, you cannot work for it, it just happens. Now what works out the thing? In a seed what works out the germination? The seed is a built-in tree. It’s all placed in there. It’s all placed in you. The whole thing is placed in your evolutionary process. All these centres are your evolutionary steps: one by one [they] are the milestones in your progress. And it is all placed within you.

Because it is a living process, it only acts to that which is living. Like water has to be poured onto the seed. But it has to be water. Say if you put plastic or kerosene oil it won’t sprout. In the same way one has to pour that Divine love; which you have to get, passing from your hands. That Divine Power which is called as Brahma, within you. This All-pervading Divine power, which you cannot feel normally, has to be [a] little bit poured into you. And somebody who can do it can sprout the Kundalini and Kundalini is awakened and you get your Self-realisation.

Now, how are we to believe that this is Self-realisation? It happens to people in such a way: “Yes, we have felt the cool breeze, all right. We are feeling, yes, very relaxed, all right. But still how is it Self-realisation?” Such questions must be known beforehand what are we expecting out of it. That I said it’s a new awareness, a new dimension in your awareness. So how do you get a new awareness within? The awareness of the Self, how do you get it? The awareness of the human beings you have got. But awareness of the Self if you are getting, how are you going to find out? First of all [the] Self is that subtle instrument within you as shown. You start feeling on your fingers all your subtle centres which are controlling the sympathetic nervous system.

Here you can see the colours as shown clearly. These colours are related to the chakras that are within you, to the subtle centres. These subtle centres control the gross plexuses within us. So you start feeling them. This is actualisation. For a person, who is a very devoted, dedicated, simple Indian, say in India, he just gets the joy, he is laughing within himself, “I have found it! I have found out”, he goes on. And for an intellectual, say in England, he first starts verifying, analysing what he has got. He doesn’t accept the joy part of it because his heart is closed. So he starts finding out what is in this centre, what is in this centre, what is in this centre.

By this happening what you get, first and foremost, is your physical fitness. You are physically completely cured through Sahaj Yog. For example cancer is a disease which is a modern disease. We are exhausting all our energy and that’s why we are getting cancer.

Cancer can only be cured by Sahaj Yog. And I have cured cancer and many of the Sahaj Yogis have been cured of cancer, of leukaemia.

What happens and how it works out will need another lecture, but if you can read one of my pamphlets which I had spoke to the Medical Institute in India you will understand how cancer can be cured.

Most of the diseases can be cured by Sahaj Yog. Except that if you remove the bone, it cannot create it. But all the repairing work can be done through Sahaj Yog.

But once you get your Realisation you are amazed that you start curing people. Mental diseases can be easily cured by Sahaj Yoga. You see, this is like giving castor oil with a chocolate! Unless and until you tell them some material benefit, people are not going to listen to you. As soon as you tell them your diseases can be cured, they prick their ears, they start listening. If you say your mental troubles will be over, then they say “Alright, listen to this!”

Now we have people here who have had mental troubles, they have all been cured of their mental troubles. They are leading a very normal life. This is the minimum that can happen to you. The third chocolate is that your material life improves. Because we have a centre there, just in the centre, where you see already the light is going, clearly – that’s the place, if it is under any trouble then you have your financial problems. It’s a very subtle thing why we have our financial problems. But you do not become a multi-millionaire with Sahaj Yog, no! That’s another problem. Sahaj Yoga does not give you headaches. It gives you sufficient to be satisfied, to be generous, to be good. First of all it cures most of your evils.

Today only I was listening, in the television, that three million people of this country are under great trouble because of alcoholism. While some people, though [they] take little, they may get into the same problem. All such habits drop out without any trouble, just like that! Drug habits drop out. So many things happen, and you get alright. These things happen because you start enjoying your Self which resides in your heart. Because you are bored, that’s why you are doing all these things.

People are talking now what to do about churches. It’s such a lot of money to maintain them. Why? Because there is no Christ in those churches. Same with our temples in India. Same with all the mosques. They will all be finished because there is no light in it. This light has come now. One has to accept it, and kindle your heart through this simple method of Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja: ‘Saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’. It is born with you. It is within you. You are built-in with it. It is your right to get this union with God. You don’t have to do anything about it – it’s a fact – to begin with, to germinate it. To germinate is very easy. You all may get it in no time. But to maintain it is difficult.

I would say like this, that I am determined to germinate you, whatever may be the situation, conditions, anything. But you also must have some determination of your own. If I could do it on my own, I would not have asked you to be here. Sitting down at home I would have worked it out. But I have to begrudge you to be here, to get this germination, feel it, understand it, and go deep into it – by your asking. You have to knock at the door. Even [if] the door is ajar and you come inside, still you have to grow. And the growth part of it requires your attention. In this, only, Sahaja Yoga fails – in the beginning, not later – because as you start facing the reality, though it is so enjoyable and quiet, still you are tagged down through many things. I would say, if you can imagine: a person who is in a pond, and he is tagged down with all the kinds of growth in the pond, and the pond is dirty because people have not yet understood the essence of purity, they have not understood what auspiciousness means, they have not understood how important it is to be pure.

So, when they come up a little, the head comes out, they see the light, again they are sucked back. So you have to make an effort to keep the head up and to come out of it. This is what I call as a growth: where your determination is needed.

But human determination itself is another very funny stuff, which I have seen in thousands of people now. And I cannot understand that if you tell them that you have to run round the whole of England, and have a race, you will get at least [a] thousand people to do it, but if you tell them you have to just stick on to your experience of Realisation and you have to keep it going, in the beginning I find fifty percent people do not want to do it and they just drop out. They are so fagged out already perhaps, they are so tired, that even whatever love, whatever care I may bestow upon them, still they cannot stand up. And that is why Sahaja Yoga spreads very slowly.

In England, as you know, I have been here for six years, and for four years I was struggling with eight people. People who are real seekers will achieve it and will go very far, but the people who are seeking only material things, they have material wants, they finish off at the material want level because they get it, then finished.

Of course they’ll have my photograph, they will say, “We are doing puja at home, Mother, yes, Your photograph is there, it’s perfectly alright!” And there are people who are mixed up. They are the ones [who] even when they discover the Self within themselves, they get lost, because the webs of this pond are very strong and heavy and you have to struggle out of it to be there. Then it’s yours! Once you are completely victorious, it’s yours! You have to get it and it has to happen – though slowly, doesn’t matter. It is going to work out. And that joy which has been promised to you is going to be yours.

While struggling out, you have another very great help, that you actualise the experience – actualise again I am saying – of being collectively conscious. Sitting down here, you can feel another person’s centres. You can start curing them. That’s how those webs that are holding you down…say your father is a wrong type of a man, if he is a drunkard, you can give him vibrations and cure him, he can join hands with you. Say, your mother is wrong, or your brother is wrong, if there is no seeking in them, you can awaken that seeking in them and collectively, then, you come up. This collective consciousness is your own, is built-in within you, but manifests only after Realisation. Unless and until this machine is connected to the mains it won’t manifest.

You are just to be connected to the mains, but the machine is not alright – sometimes it is fifth hand. So it has to be repaired and their wire people have to have. Despite all those I have had people who are I think, hundred of them they have been to me with various sorts of problems they have had – it is alright. I am all for you, but you have to be for yourself. Unless and until you have your self-esteem, it’s not going to work out. I have, because I can see something in you sparking. You cannot see that. I have to just open [it] out, and you have to start seeing it and feeling it and enjoying it, and to be that, because that has to be!

But my seeing is different from yours and that’s why I understand the failing. I know why you are failing, because you are not seeing that what I am seeing. Once you start seeing and feeling that, then you flower into it.

Most of you are going to get it and are going to be that, that perfect being who is one with God and is manifesting His powers. No doubt.

But I have still some people in my Sahaja Yoga, I think, who are not yet alright. I am working hard on them and they’ll be all alright. I have full hopes they’ll be alright. There’s nothing to feel dejected about it. But one has to know it’s a serious thing.

It’s not that you can achieve it through paying, or if you attend one programme you think you have done a great honour to me. It is for you to honour your Self. For I have esteem for you, while you do not yet have that esteem as I have. Once your esteem comes up to somewhere there, you will be amazed how beautiful you are and how much you have to gain and how much is still in store for you.

I think there’s no end to it! I have speaking in this hall for, now, days together. And this is the time when we thought we should get some more people to work on and to give them this. It is working out. I am sure it will, but you must know that individually you should feel it. Now, if you go out and people start talking, that’s not the way. Individually you should feel it. It is an individual experience. But say, five people coming, two persons get it, and three do not. Three will feel jealous of the two who got it. It’s human nature. And they will start saying, “Oh, how can that be? It’s not possible. It’s all hallucination,” this, that. Human nature is so funny that it doesn’t sometimes allow others to enjoy what that person is enjoying because you cannot enjoy. Doesn’t matter. Whatever may be the pranks of the children is, they can be corrected.

I hope all of you get the experience today, and then you’ll get to it. Then first you become thoughtlessly aware. In this experience you become nirvichari – thoughtlessly aware. It is silent. Where two thoughts meet, a thought rises and falls off, another thought rises and falls off; in the centre is the place where you have to reside in the present. Not in the past or the future. Your attention resides in that, that’s how you establish your thoughtless awareness, the first step, when the Kundalini transcends this centre of Christ here – Agnya chakra – is very important.

When it comes here, and starts beating, and when it pierces through that, then you receive the other state which we call as a nirvikalpa they say. But you get it, again you go down, you get it, again you go down. If you establish that constantly then you get a stage where it is doubtless awareness in which you start working it out. Only with this opening you can cure people, you can raise the Kundalini, but you cannot give Realisation. But if you have pierced your Sahasrara even once you can start giving Realisation to others.

It is such a pure energy. Whatever may be your instrument, whether it is junky or whatever type it is, the Realisation you can give in the purest form, the energy that flows from you is pure. It doesn’t carry your impurities with it, it’s absolutely pure because it is the radiation of the Spirit which cannot be spoiled, cannot be killed.

It may be stopped or covered but you cannot kill it. That pure Being is anxious to radiate in you. So let us have that experience now.

If you have any questions I would like you to ask me, but every time I have had a very bad experience with people who asked me questions. They will ask the question, delay everything and they will be the first to leave. It’s the most amazing thing! Bizarre. So if you have to ask anything positive then it’s good, otherwise you should not spoil everybody else’s chances of getting Realisation.

I would like to have questions from you. Please. But don’t be afraid.


It is a thing that is going to happen to you beyond thought, beyond rationality. Because the rationality takes you up to a point, it is limited. You have to go to unlimited. You have to be triggered out of that rationality.

Yes, please?

(unclear question)

Oh, so he is a sahaja yogi! Sit down. He is a Sahaja Yogi but I would say that that I will tell you later on for the Sahaja Yoga how to maintain it, because there are so many who have maintained it and have done. It’s not difficult. Also I have been out of touch with you, otherwise those who have been doing it have been able to maintain it. In India there’s a place called Rahuri where one single man has transformed five villages! Five villages! Absolutely. One person has done it. They have given up drinking, have given up everything, they are enjoying themselves and I mean, their life is a very different thing! The relationships are ??? . Everything is so beautiful now.