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Birmingham (England)

1980-04-12 The Force Within HD, 63'
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Public Program, “Sahaja Yoga – The Force Within”. Birmingham (UK), 12 April 1980.

(Introduction by Mr. Bala Kanayson) Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m glad you could all come down this evening, we are all very glad, all of us in Birmingham and the other Sahaja Yogis who have come tonight, that Shri Mataji has graced us with Her presence and as you have probably noticed we have also had very good weather today and the sun has shone andkept it quite warm.
Now Shri Mataji has perfected a technique known as “Sahaja Yoga” wherebye one attains one’s self realisation. “Sahaja” means born with, so it is an …. technique wherebye one achives realisation. Now for me to try and describe Shri Mataji’s power and personality in words is impossible, so I’m not going to try, further more we only have a few hours this evening and I would like Shri Mataji to talk to you, so I won’t take up too much of your time.
Now the technique deals with the Kundalini which is an energy within you and Shri Mataji trough Her power, through Her Nature, is able to awaken it within each and every one of us. Now for this to happen tonight, because it will happen in you, all you have to do is to keep an open mind. Now you don’t have to absolutely believe anything but also you don’t have to reject it before it even happens. So i would ask you all first of all to place your hands towards Shri Mataji, like this, you can rest your hands on your laps, relax and listen to what Shri Mataji has to say with an open mind. Thank you.

(H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi) I’m extremely happy that again I’m back here in Birmingham to meet you all. As Bala has already told you “Sahaja” means born with you. There are many things which are born with us of which we are aware: We are aware of our eyes, we are aware of our nose, our hands, and we use them also with all our full awareness about it. But we have many other things within us about which we are not aware. Now the first part of it, that there is a residual force within us, which is called as Kundalini, is partly believed and partly not believed.
In India, because people accept what saints tell them, they have seen that saints have been able to give realisation to people, they absolutely believe that there is a residual force called as Kundalini within us. But in the West, where everything is analysed before it is found out, where everything is discussed before one has reached there. It’s rather difficult to accept that there could exist something called as Kundalini as a residual force within us. Because of the habit of the mind one immediately jumps into a discussion, an analysis about Kundalini, but the way to neutralise it is this way; that God has created us or whatsoever you may call it, Nature, from amoeba to this stage. He has taken so much trouble or the nature has taken so much trouble, to create this complex personality of a human being. What is the sense of creating someone like that if it has no meaning? If it is not going to do anything better than what other animals have been doing? What is the need to create a human being who can even control nature and can use nature to it’s purpose, and sensible man who thinks his time is valuable would not create anything which is useless. In the same way we can deduct an conclude that if God is a sensible gentelman then he would not spend his time, making us so beautifully assembled, evolved, to be human beings without any purpose. There must be some purpose behind it and if there is a purpose, He must have already arranged something by which we achieve that purpose. For example, if you purchase this instrument in the market, you will immediately look out for some sort of a cord which connects it to the mains, otherwise this has no meaning. In the same way, within us there must be something placed.

Such a power exists within us, is a fact and you can see with your naked eye this power pulsating in the “Sacrum Bone”. “Sacrum Bone” is the triangular bone, white one that you … see, at the base of our spine, which is a bone normally does not move even one thousands of an inch, even one thousandth of an inch, it’s a fixed bone, and you .. . see a complete heart-like movement of that bone when the Kundalini rises, with your naked eyes, whether you are a Sahaja Yogi or not makes no difference, whether you are a realised soul or not makes no difference. So there is something inside that which pulsates. Then with a stethoscope you can feel the rising of the Kundalini. You can feel it, the throbbing, going into your spine, coming onto your head here in the fontanelle area, and making this bone soft and after some time that sound disappears, you feel absolutely blissful, relaxed and a radiation of cool breeze starts flowing from your fingers.

Now one can say that, the second part of it, that there is a Kundalini or not we have to treat it as if it is some hypothosis. Like ony open minded scientist we should look at it from a hypothetical angle that see this is the hypothosis somebod’s putting forward, let’s see if it works out or not. If it does then it proves the law, if it does not, it does not, because now we are talking about something unknown. But is it not that in the science also first when we hear of something new it is unknown to us because whatever is known is already autside and whatever is unknown is to be discovered and if there is some discovery then you must keep a very, very open mind about it. Because of various experiences of mine I should say especially la .., this year, I find people have become very sceptical about this word like new awareness, new dimension to your understanding and all those things, because all these words are used these days to befool people and float an enterprise. Now I would not blame them so much as I would blame people who take to them, because that they are that cunning, because they are making use of your simple nature, because you are seeking. It’s not only blame, but I condemn all they, all of them for doing such a thing to seekers. It’s the greatest sin that a person could do is to mislead a true seeker and if they are doing that you must also know that you have every way of finding out if a person is truthful or not.

First of all one should know that if evolution has to take place it has to be absoulutely sponteous, and you cannot pay for your evolution. What did you pay to be a human being? You cannot pay for God’s love if God’s love has created you into this beautiful human being. It’s absurd. Just look at it, it’s absolutely absured that you. … Pay for anything like that. Now they may say that, yes, we have to pay for a hall, alright, that’s not much. But why pay for the maintainance of these lethargic parasites? But when it comes to such horrible people, I find, that the seekers do not question. They just go headlong into it. The reason is they are mesmerized, there’s not freedom in them and that’s why I like it that you are open minded, but you are alert and that you are not going to take me for cranted. You have to get it, you have to feel it and you have to know it, then you do not believe me, that means you are adamant. That should not be so because you have been seeking not today, for ages you have been seeking. It was promised that you will be awarded. Long, long, long, many years back, NALA was, he was even before Krishna, before Rama, caught hold of Kali. Kali is the generator, generator of modern times and he asked him that. I must kill you, or you, the horrible fellow, when your manifestation will start on this earth, you’ll create such chaos that people will try to commit suicide to get out of that kind of a life that you will be creating….. So he was threatened, he said “I must kill you”. So Kali said “now Listen, you must know my importance, Mahatmi, you must know my importance. If you know my importance you would not do that to me”. So he said “what is your importance? Of all the things you are such a horrible Man; you are going to create problems in families, in nations, everywhere you are going to create such wars and things when you will manifest, why shouldn’t I kill you once for all so that nobody goes through all That?” He said, “Only, there’s one great thing about me is this, that when I will be manifesting, when my Kaliyuga will be coming, then all those saints who are seeking God, in the jungles and forests and in the temples and in the churches and everywhere, at that time there were no churches but you say, places where they worshipped, all of them will be rewarded in Kaliyuga”.

And it has been again and again promised that the time is going to come and you’ll be amazed that fifty years back there were hardly any seekers whatsoever. There were people who just were born produced children and died with a big insurance or something and give lot of money to their children with complete satisfaction. They never had this feeling and hankering, this er, kind of a. … urge to know what they are, what is the purpose of life. Is in, only in the modern times we find that there are so many seekers on one side and there are so many … on the otherside. It’s a big battle of wits among people that they don’t know.
Now we have here in Birmingham two persons who are very good Sahaja Yogis. When they came to me they were very badly off. So I asked one of them , that “Give me the list of gurus you have been”. When he gave me the list it occupied thwo and a half pages with both the sides written down, horrible (laughing) gurus he has been, but I must tell you that he’s completely cured, and is back, in Sahaja Yoga with such a beautiful understanding of Sahaja Yoga. Enjoying the purpose for which he come on this earth.
So what is the purpose of human beings? We come to that. Again it is hypothetical. Don’t start asking question because the mind is moving into a question. I’m trying to anwer your questions in my lecture so keep your mind little silent to understand. What is our purpose in life? What is the purpose of this instrument? It has o carry my voice. So what is the purpose of human beings is, that they are so created by God, that they are his beloved children, that He wants to bestow all his powers upon them, that He wants them to reign in His kingdom, that He wants to feel and carry the powers of theier father who is so generous, who is compassion, who is a father who does not want anything for himself but would like to give everything that he has to his own children. We can’t imagine of such a father in these modern times but He is an Eternal Father. He doesn’t change with timing and this is what He has decided long time back. He brought you up to this point and the time has come for you to get that power within you.
The spark is within you, resides in your heart as Spirit. This is the absolute point within. We are actually finding out our absolute. We live on relative termins all the time, relatively we start judging. Thats’s why there is confusion. There is no absolute understanding about any problem whatsoever. If you ask them, “What do you think of, say, Khomeni?” They’ll say, “Maybe right, maybe wrong, the Shah may be right may be wrong! You ask them any other problem about inflation, they’ll say “Mabe right, maybe wront! Nobody is sure … about it, what the reason is because we are living in a relative world. But there must be some method by which we get connected to this absolute and when these radiations start flowing from your won being you start verifying them by asking questions. Say you ask a question “Is there God?”, immediately you’ll feel a cool breeze flowing into you. A question just asked “Is there God?” is an absolute question and you’ll feel a cool breeze “Yes” flowing. These are the radiations of your own spirit which informs you “Yes, there is God” and all absolute questions can be answered by your evolution into this new awareness. The term which is very badly used by so many false people. But when you believe them even seeing the way they are, you must know that you were mesmerized, that under that mesmerism you believed into it. You do not know what powers you have, you do not know where you are, you cannot find out your moorings, you move in them as if you are going blindly into some alley from where you cannot return, but in Sahaja Yoga you will know each and everything within yourself and within other people.

So first of all what you get is enlightenment of your attention, especially in places where people are more intellectual, where they are more rational people first thing that happens is not the joy. It’s my experiences now. But you get your attention enlightened means whereever you put your attention you get an answer. For example we had a Sahaja Yogi, not now, now it’s very easy so don’t wore, be worried. That was the time, so six people with whom I was struggling one of them when he got gis realisation still he was sceptical, he said, “How can that be, I could be actualising collective consciousness?” So one day his finger at this base, this finger started burning so he asked me “What is this finger, Mother?”. I said, “This is the finger of the throat” or of the Vishuddhi Chakra which has got sixteen sub-blexuses you can see that. So I said “This is the place of your father, these are his centres, must be your father is down with throat trouble, Bronchitis something like that.” He telephoned home, in Scotland and his mother said that the father is very sick with Bronchitis. For this is just the beginning but then it becomes a system with you, you just start understanding. Now he believed that he was collectively conscious.

So you become collectively conscious, you actualise it, it really happens to you. It’s a happening that takes place. Not the experience like somebody said that you go to that guru and he gives you …. and how much did you pay. Three hundred pound for getting ….. And then hysteria ultimately ending into epilersy. Not that way. It is actually you can feel a little burning to indicate, to report to you what’s wrong with you or whats wrong with another person. Also you know how to correct it. Cancer, now I have been saying for the last ten years or more, that concer can only be cured by Sahaja Yoga. Of course there are many other diseases apart from cancer. Because there is seeing within and because one does not find it cancer is set in, because of the struggle, cancer is set in, now I will show you how we are within ourselves and then also I’ll tell you how we contract cancer. (aside) Can you see it clearly? Hum.

Now this is a human being we have shown in a magnified way and that is the triangular bone, you can see there which has got the residual power, coiled together in three and a half coils called as Kundalini. Below that is a centre and above there are six centres, you see it for yourself. Now this Kundalini is the power which gets awakened and rises through these centres in the central path and opens here the area and you become collectively conscious because you reach the subtler awareness by which you become one with the all pervading power. Now whether there is all pervading power or not. Whether there is God or not. Wether Christ was a liar or he told you the truth, everything could be found out through this happening. Unless and until you are connected to the mains nothing can, could be found out and you must be connected to your mains for which you cannot pay, for which you cannot stand an your head, you cannot do anything, is a spontaneous thing which happens, it is happening to you in my presence but later on it will happen to others in your presence. It is like one candle which is enlightened, can enlighten another candle. So there is no give and take, there’s no er, problem of saying that I have given you this and you give me that, it’s all ready made there and you just have to be connected to that all pervading power by which you get those powers which are radiating from your spirit. So these seven centres are within us, about which I will be telling you tomorrow in detail.

So what are these seven centres are but these centres exist within us and are manifesting outside on the gross as plexuses. An the gross only for our physical being. For example the first centre which is down below is manifesting as pelvic plexus. Now you see there are four angles or four petals to this, in the same way in the pelvic plexus also there are four sub-plexuses but is only for the physical thing. Now the other one is. It has got six sub-plexuses, another one has got twelve, then you have got another one, the other, or, the one he showed green one has ten, the one he is showing now has twelve, the one that is there is sixteen, then two, and there are one thousand. Like that we have got a, these centres placed within us.

Now this is not important to know at all, what is important is that you should be first connected. Supposing you want to use this is it necessary to go into the whole machinery of it and opening it out so that you can never connect it? It is a very simple thing, is very simple, just like a primula, the germinating power in a seed takes it’s own course, it’s that simple. For that do you go into the seed and find out how does it do, you pull it out, it just happens spontaneously. In the same way if God has made you that way it has to happen within you. It is your right to get it, you are made for it and that’s how you are going to get it. For that God himself is anxious apart from your seeking you do not know what anxiety he has about it and how anxious he is because he known why you were made. You see that beauty within all those who are seeking and you understand what they are, what beautiful personalities are hidden under these so called unhappy people and a person who knows that will work relentlessly to expose that beauty, because even supposing I have that, cannot enjoy it. Unless and until you all get it. It’s something where I always say a capitalsm and, or communism meet. That even if you have all the powers what’s the use, you cannot enjoy them unless and until is shared. So the whole thing becomes a sharing capitalism. And that’s what one happens, it happens to all of you. You will have to do the same way and then you start living a very bigger life by which you understand what is your whole.

In our seeking we are actually finding out our whole…meness. We feel lost, we feel disintegrated. It’s a situation when cancer developes within us. Same situation, that one cell starts growing, big, on their own, you see, naturally one cell becomes. A nose starts becoming big or the eyes start becoming big oppressing all other cells, not related to the whole. When that happens cancer sets in. As you will see here there are three channels. The first, the blue cannel represents the desiring within you, the power by which you desire. The second yellow one represents your power of action “Griha Shakti” and the centre one is the power of your evolution. Because of this central power you have evolved into a human being and because of the same power you are going to be higher human being.

Now these three powers are repressented or we can say manifested outside in the gross as sympathetic and parasypathetic. The left one represents a left sympathetic, the right one the right sympathetic and the central as the parasympathetic. Now the parasympathetic nervous system gives us the balance, the coordination, the complete understanding and also the refuelling of powers. The parasympothetic nervous system is not known much to medical sciences. They don’t understand it, they call it autonomous. They say it is run by auto, now who is this auto? By giving a name of branding something you do not solve the problem and this is the autonomous nervous system which comes into action. For example, when say you are running you increase the beat of your heart but, after sometime, automatically your heart comes to normal. Now what acts to bring this heart to normal is the parasympathetic and this parasypathetic nervous system is beyond our conscious mind, we cannot handle it, we cannot reduce the rate of our heart. It is beyond our conscious effort but once this happens it becomes under our conscious effort so that you become a master of yourself. The idea say of liberty, of freedom is very relative today. We think supposing we are allowed to drink then we are very free, alright you are free in a way but you are not free in another way, because drinking will make you slave of drink. One way is that your ego feels satisfied. “Oh I’m allowed, I’ll wand I’ll drink otherwise I’ll not drink no one can force me”, but you start drinking the drink itself will sit on your head and make a slave out of you. So our idea of freedom is very much relative but once you get your realisation you just don’t drink because you don’t need any drink. It is not that I tell you “Don’t drink” but you just don’t drink. Why? Why do you drink? Because you are bored stiff. Why do you smoke? Because you are bored stiff. You get so bored of yourself but once you see yourself and feel yourself, which is such a beautiful thing to enjoy yourself and others. After realisation that you forget about drinking you forget about all these things you have not time to give …. and the love starts emitting through you. Then you are the master of yourself because nothing can dominate you.

Nothing can dominate you and you become master of yourself and this is what it is. What we call is the achievement of Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga we do not say “Don’t do” that’s not done. But you just don’t do it. We have people here who have been taking very heavy drugs. I mean some of them came to me and their conditions, well you can call them as absolutely gone cases, coma’s. They could not understand me, I couldn’t understand them, I couldn’t talk to them, they couldn’t talk to me, Their hands were so shaky that they could not hold even a big pencil. There were some who could not even write. After coming from combridge they become drug addicts. Now they are free to be drug addicts alright, but what about the drugs? They are dangerous … they sit on your head. Now we don’t say “Don’t take drugs” no go ahead. But you will not, you’ll just forget them because you get that drug which gives you what you are seeking. That’s your power. That’s what you are. That’s what gives you dignity. That’s automatically happening within you, you don’t have to say “Oh I have to be dignified”, no nothing. You just don’t do it because there are no temptations anymore of anything; you are just a master of yourself. You start enjoying the nectar of that love within yourself. The joy comes on you, just like waterfall, the rain of waterfall and you don’t know how to express yourself.
Many people who came to my program suddenly got it and they were so happy that they started laughing loudly. They said “Mother, if you forget, forgive us … I said “Do it”. Then they went outside and laughed aloud. One of them I asked “Why were you laughing?”, he said “I was so cheated all these days and now I have beaten them”. I said “Correct, that’s what it is and it was so enjoyable to see them flowering to their geauty. To me it’s so joyous like a gardener who sees the flowers blooming. It’s very deep type of joy which so many Sahaja Yogis have felt and is such a promising thing that you just don’t wait for anything. Just, just don’t ask for anything. You are just there, for a light is to be enlightened; it is created for, created for enlightened. When this enlightenment takes place what does the light do? It gives light. When … over now. Everything is over, it just gives light it emits light. It just loves, loves in such a way that no-one can dominate you in that love, neither you dominate anyone but just enjoy each other. A complete ocean of enjoyment. You are made for that. God has not made you to suffer. Don’t believe that he made you to suffer. Anybody may tell you, it’s not true. He has made you to enjoy. But enjoy the bliss and not the curses and the enslavement. This is the difference in understand what is the freedom of your spirit. Ask for the freedom of your spirit and not for your ego. To say that “Oh I can do this of course I can do That”.

Ego shouldn’t be identified with yourself. Ego is not yourself. It’s a very horrid stuff. That creates a jeil between you and yourself you and your heart and people who are ego oriented could be absolutely devoid of all emotions, devoid of all enjoyment only thing they enjoy is the pampering of the ego. So the new trend among the seekers is very good that they didn’t want to have all that ego trip, they stopped that, no, no more of that ego trip, is a very good thing. But at this time when we have given up the ego trip we should not go to the other side of the super ego, which you see there in the blue. Where you start feeling guilty. Now somebody dies. Say in Vietnam. We are guilty here. Or Lord Byron has written some stories and you are crying.

We have so many types of Sahaja Yogis some come with ego orientation, some come with super-ego and they are in such a miserable conditon. I mean they feel so miserable sometimes that I tell them that there’s not like that. It’s just the shakles, just the covering of the ocean that you are. You dig down within yourself and you’ll find the pearls of your belong and you’ll be amazed what joy and what beauty lies within. Because this is all a drama, children also know that they are in a drama. They play with something then throw it away, but we do everything so seriously, so sincerely, getting involved into it thinking that we are the ones who are either sufferers or who are the persons who have to do it. Both these things drop out. You see teh Kundalini when she rises how she pushes ego and superego and that’s how you get your mental problems solved.

Now as for things like cancer, when you staqrt using too much power from your left and right hand side, for example, we can see here. The left hand power and right hand power pulled out of these chakras, the centres. Now when you start using them too much this side and that side they are pulled out like that and because of that your connection with the mains is lost. You become on your own and malignancy sets in. Over activity of the sympathetic nervous system creates cancer. It can only be alright if you are connected to the mains by which the power starts flowing through you, your chakras are again re-established and you start enjoying a normal life. Every moment we are setting cancer within us because if it is activity of the sympathetic nervous system but because we are keeping and normalising it with our parasypathetic it is neutralised but if somebody allow it to work out that way then it can be that one. One chakra may be broken and by that the cells might become on their own and malignancy can be set in.

Then there are many other diseases which we can cure with Sahaja Yoga. One of them is diabetes and such like kidney, liver I mean many, so many of them can be cured because these are caused due to imbalances within us. There’s only one centre which you see there. The yellow centre which goes round the green void within us which has to supply energy to our liver, to our pancreas to our spleen. To our kidneys and among ladies to the uterus al …, aswell. Now the same centre acts through a… plexus to convert the fat glo… for the use of the brain. When you start thinking too much ahead, because this right side works for your future. You start planning too much then this poor centre does not know what to do and it suffers a set back. It does not know how to keep a balance between other activities which it has to perform. And the main activity of transforming these cells for your brain. And when it fails then it prefers to fail the system which are of these organs and that’s how you get diabetes and all thes things. By giving a balance one can cure these diseases.

This is one of the things which is not talked about in medical sciences, about balance. Now the heart attack also is due to imbalance. Now the heart is just shown like that in a yellow way but there remains the spirit. Those people say, who are very ambitions, ego oriented, they want promotions in life and success in life and they run after too much of success, they have an imbalance because they have no attention towards the seeking, They do not seek God. If they go to church “Let us sing hymn no such and such”, well dressed people will get up to that. Finished. All their spirituality’s ended up there. Or for an Indian go to a temple, give about er …, one rupi to the pundith, who may be a horrible fellow and come back home he thinks, oh, all his spirituality’s over.

With all this kind of superficial action towards the seeking of the spirit, the spirit gets angry and when the spirit gets angry, when it .. down you get a heart attack and people die with that. So the heart attack is also another imbalnce. The heart attack, normally simple people you will find do not get, women seldom get. There’s another kind of imbalAnce which is very much within us, is the mental imbalance we can say. Now the left side looks after the emotional side of human being. Now emontionally if you go on like er, some woman says she is in love with someone; now this carnal love can go to any limits, now she is pining for someone and all the time thinking about the other fellow and other fellow is a er, deceiver or whatever it is. He is very cruel, all the poetry that is written about such things, you know. If it happens to anyone out there and if they take to that kind of crying an …. and all the time making their lives miserable like that. Is a very big inbalance and surprisingly when it happens imbalance is created and now you have seen. I told you, when you work very hard or you put in too much of physical labour your heart stops. Actually the heart should not stop. The brain should stop. If you are thinking too much your brain should stop but brain does not stop. Your heart stops. In the same way when you are emotionally very much working then your brain stops and that’s how people become mad, lunatic, all the psychologists make money out of that and the psychology also is such a … science and I think they have not right to be psychologist because they hove not yet understood, the complete understand. The comprehensious understanding of a human being that, if you do not allow your psyche, that’s the left side. To be fulfilled and if you just allow the right side to work as they say there should be no conditioning then you can become ego oriented and you could be a very speed person. You could be a real madcap because you may be thinking so fast that you would not be able to stop your thinking.

So first thing that happens to you when Kundalini rises, that centre you see, which is placed behind this red mark of mine in the centre near the pituitary and the penial body, it sucks in the ego and super-ego so the thought which rises and falls and again thought that rises and falls. The space between them is increased and you become thoughtlessly aware, means you become blank. Some of you must have already become. There’s no thought from inside. This is the first thing happens when the Kundaline rises. When She enters here and opens herself out to the all pervading power then this radiation starts flowing through you and with this power, if you start using it you will know what you have achieved. Say to a villager from India if you givs him pounds, what will he know. He has to go to the bank to cash it and see what it means. In the same way when you get these radiations so easily you do not value them.

The third thing which is a waring. I would say that people get realisation here very fast, even in Birmingham. Many people have got realisation. But when they go back home after two days the Kundalini comes bark. She has to supply to the other parts of the body. You get your realisation because you have been seekers and as soon as Kundalini sees me or any Sahaja Yogi She knows She is in good hands and She …, suddenly shoots up and you get the experience. We had one boy who was educated in cambridge and he was erm. He did computer and all that and a son of a very loving father and mother and all that. But he got his realisation when his Kundalini was two feet high. You see, for two days he was in complete joy and they said, “See Mother, his Kundalini” I said, “My Child, this going to come down” because I know that this river has flown so fast that in that food you cannot see the detches. But the ditches are to be filled. After two days he started … like that and twitching and all that. I said, “What’s the matter?”. Then he told me he has been to er, now what’s the name? Angels? No, no, no. Hell’s Angels. He’s been to jail, he’s been drugged, he’s been this, he’s been to this guru, that guru and all that was working, but then he can be cured again and he knows how to do it. He can be cured, he can come back to normal and he can achieve it. So it can be done. For some people it’s a permanent thing but some people do have this problem because Kundalini must look after you. There is nothing to be worried about it, if you little bit have patience with yourself. The patience that I have, is an ocean I can tell you. But if you have little patience with yourself your Kundalini could be perfected and could be alright.

So this is what is Kundalini awakening. This is what Sahaja Yoga is. Of course I have told you in very short all the things because you know I’ve been speking now for, for six years, in London, still, I mean people say that every time Mother, there’s something new coming up. I would request you to understand that Kundalini has nothing to do with the outside. It is inside happening. For example a gentleman come to see me from B.B.C. and as they are, you know very rude people to begin with. I mean they are trained to be rude you see to er. Just blast a person so he. The person loses complete confidence, you see. So the gentleman came down and he saw my house and this and that and he was saying that “Oh, what a nice house you have”. And I said, “It’s not er, er, anybody elses, my husband earns a lot of money and he’s elected to a post and he’s come here and he’s holding a big poot. And that’s how we have got this house and is .., everything belongs to him so I’ve not taken a single pye from anyone!

Then he was amazed and he said, “Now what about your organization?” And, “My organization also, I don’t take any money from them, on the contrary if necessary sometimes I pay for things like that and they’ll manage among themselves whatever it is. And we don’t have any sort of accounting or anything. We live on the very minimum of money, er business because then again it creates a problem”. You know. He did not know what to find …. with me because I said “I’m not here as an immigrant, I’ve come here because my husband got elected with hundred and seven nations electing him her. Now it’s all God’s doing.” But he would not believe that there is God to do such a thing like that. You see, and that’s how I’m here. “But maybe” I said “If I’m here then maybe that God wants me to solve some of your problems, maybe there are so many children who are seeking God and maybe I’m here for them! So then he came to the other problem he said that, “What about your poverty in India. Why don’t you solve that?” I said, “It can be solved, no problem, You see, we are not that poor as you think us to be neither we complain so much, but moreover”, I said, “Now if you are, have been rude quite a lot. And you … “No I’ve been outspoken”, He said. I said, “Can I be outspoken for a change?” You see So he said “What is it you want to say?” I said, “Very humbly I would like to say because I am in England now, who is responsible for the poverty of India?” then he kept quiet. So like that. You see, what I am saying, instead of getting to the point he was going on here and then he said, “What about your population problem?” You see, now I’m not here to solve population problem, … poverty problem, not economic problems. I’m here to solve er …, What you call. The spiritual problem and at that time a modern mind starts going in. Here and there and not facing the truth as it is. So he said, “What about population problem?” Then I said, “I would like to say one thing that India is the only place where children want to be born, they would not like to be born in any one of the western countgries because now there are very few people who understand the value of children”. Then he kept quiet. This is what it is. So I have to warn you that this mind, is a revoliting mind and I will not allow you to see the truth. So be careful about it, becuase you have to find it.

You have to find that which is within you, which is absolutely about to bloom and just help me in understanding that the problems that are with us are not the real problems these problems can only be solved if human beings improve themselves if they are transformed if this world is transformed then.