Who is the other? (incomplete)

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-04-14 Public Program incomplete, Caxton Hall, London UK, 32'
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Public Program – incomplete

“ (…essly) and she puts another sari or a good dress and all that and then she locks up herself in the room and enjoys herself [laughter]. So it shows the essence of it is the sharing and the maximum of it should be achieved because the joy of it comes through sharing : is wisdom.

So we have our education which should teach us to share, which should teach us to help others. Somebody falls down? Just try to help that person. That should be the education. Somebody is knocked down? As if you are knocked down, the collectivity of it. It’s part of you is knocked down. Somebody is drowning, you try to save that person. Actually you are saving that person because that person is within you which is getting drown and you are just trying to help yourself. It’s the essence of all good work we do for others – is just your own being you are trying to save and help – nobody else is being helped. Who is the ‘else’? Who is the other? Is all your own self after all whatever is our world is that we know of.

So who is the other? There’s none. All that is there is yourself and the education should be such that we should understand the essence of our collective being which is present within us – which is manifesting all the time. Only after Sahaja Yoga it becomes evident. It becomes actual – you actualize it. As you call it : Pratyaksha. You get the Sakshat that you are a collective being who was manifesting it all your life. You were not aware of it but after getting Realization you start feeling them on your fingers.

You talk of someone, you get a headache : “Oh God!” That person has got a headache too. This is after Realization. So you’d better start curing your headache and his headache is also cure automatically. But this which is present within us – this collective being which is present within us, which is manifesting in a way which is vague – becomes absolutely clear-cut and you start seeing that you are a collective being. You exist as a collective being. You cannot exist as a separate entity somewhere on my own like a malignant personality creating cancer all over. And this is the actualization one receives through this Kundalini awakening.

God has made you like that so beautiful but so we see to our beauty? We do not nurture our beauty through our education, do we? Small, small acts of beauty such people who are nurtured on those lines express and you remember those small things.

Like a little child went to Brighton with Me and she said : “Brighton is a nice place.” I said : “Why?”

– “Because there is sea”.

I said : “ Then what? Why sea is so nice?”

– “Oh! Then he can wash off all our problems and everybody can wash off their problems in the sea.”

Now she is thinking of the whole collective problem. That we have problems and there is sea. So why not ask the sea to wash our problems? See, if there is little water it may be a problem because we have very very big problems and see… so there is a sea which can wash out all our problems. What a thing it is to think of it.

Like my two grand-children – two daughters, grand-daughters – they told me one day – and they were very young – they told me that : “We would like to be either an air-hostess or a nurse.” So I said : “Why these two professions? What is so great about it?” She said : “Is there any profession in which you can give food to more people?” How sweet they are! This is the innocence we are fighting. This is what you are born and after education they know “My room, my cupboard then my keys and my this and my that [?]

So, I feel after Realization also it is very important that we have to educate ourselves. We have to become extremely kind – we can – and fearless to stand by the right, by the truth that we know. It is possible because now you are empowered – you have got your power of your Spirit flowing through you. You can face any problem with it because you have understood the essence of everything. You are not afraid.

But still there are many half-baked Sahaja Yogis I have seen. They fizzle out at such non-sensical things is most surprising. And their sympathies also can be very misplaced. For example say there was a gentleman [over the last?] who – supposing – married a lady. Now this lady is tortured by that man. And the lady comes and tell the Sahaja Yogis that : “See, now, he is torturing me.” Instead of having sympathies with the lady if you have sympathies with that man then what should we say? “You are very wise people.” ? It would be having sympathy with Russia vis-à-vis problem in Afghanistan. This is what happens. Our – you see- understanding of the essences of compassion and joy are so confused… so confused that we misplace them completely and we fizzle out. But if you put your light correct and start seeing in correct light the whole thing your sense of compassion will be so clear-cut that the compassion that could be harmful – could be very cruel – can be corrected immediately.

So many people who are compassionate – so-call – can be very cruel by their misplaced ideas. So the discrimination of reality and reality, of compassion and cruelty, of sharing and selfishness… the discrimination becomes absolutely clear-cut as you become more and more identified with your Spirit.

Awakening can be done. You know that it takes place. Sometimes it goes up to this point – the Kundalini you can see there – and you enjoy for two months and then again you go down. And then you start shaking before Me.

What have you done is the point to educate yourself? To retain that? You have to respect.

A river flows into a country which is a holy river is to be respected. If you start putting all kinds of filth into it and cover it with filth or put some heated [clings?] around the banks of the river whole thing can be completely soaked out, the water can be soaked out and the river will become absolutely barren. Like that the Kundalini can be soaked out. Instead of you prospering out of the life giving force of Kundalini you again go back to the same.

That is why for becoming one has to respect the Kundalini is to know that you have channelized more and more of that vital energy within your being to manifest your beauty so that everyone who comes in contact feels that magnet of love. And that soothing feeling which covers the entire world I look forward to that beautiful day when people will turn back and see their beauty and their depth that lies within their being which I see so clearly, which I see in everyone. And that’s why I work hard. I labour hard dreaming all the time for that day to see this beautiful flower blooming into fragrance of eternal bliss and joy.

This is what is awakening and is becoming. You all know lot of it about awakening, you have seen Kundalini awakened into many people but becoming part of it is a slow process for which we have to be alert and see how much of this vital energy we are using to beautify the garden of our life or we are draining it out by our dumb foolery or by our so-called serious thinking how to destroy it.

Now, I will be going to Paris. Those who want to come with Me… I don’t know. You should tell Gavin about it and it should be organized. I don’t know Paris. What is in Paris, I just can’t say. The vibrations were very bad last time when I went down. I tried. Let’s see what happens in Paris. Maybe there maybe at least two three people coming up if not many. It is your desire that is going to work out because I have no desire, as I said, I’m just dreaming.

You have to desire that the whole world should change and transform itself. You are the ones who can do that.

I wish you all luck. Thanks you very much.


At 16’25”

There is no obligation on you neither there is any obligation on Me. But maybe there a little on Me, if any. Because I love you much more than you love yourself. So by accepting this you have honoured my love. So there is an obligation on Me.

Let’s have your hands just like this and put your both the feet on the ground in such a manner, in a very relaxed manner. Just sit down in a very relaxed manner. Little far, little far would be better. Now, both the hands like this.

These are like antenna which receive the Shakti, the Power. And the Power goes inside from both the hands [?] and then invites your Kundalini. [you haven’t brought the… alright, doesn’t matter.] You will see in the chart.

And then this sleeping Kundalini, your premule, your germinating power rises and She pierces this area called as Brahmarandhra which is the area where we have soft bone in our childhood. Fontanelle bone area.

First when the Kundalini crosses this point in the center, through the center of Agnya which is placed between the pituitary and the pineal body, you become thoughtlessly aware. You become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware but there is no thought. It is called as Nirvichara Samadhi. ‘Samadhi’ means enlightened awareness. It doesn’t mean a dead condition or a [?] condition. Enlightened awareness : your awareness becomes enlightened and effective.

But when it pierces this fontanelle area, you start feeling the radiation of your Spirit passing through your hands. This is the first time your Spirit comes into your conscious mind. You start feeling it through your central nervous system.