The description of the Subtle System

Paris (France)

1980-04-16 Public Program Day 1, Paris, France, Opt, 92'
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Public Program Day 1, 16 April 1980, Paris, France

This bone is called sacrum by Greeks. That means “sacred”. And this bone in medical profession is known that in the fire it never gets burnt. But you can see with your own eyes the pulsation in that bone and the pulsation going higher and higher in the backbone. And when it is awakened, you can also hear with the stethoscope the same sound as you hear… like the heart: lub-dub, lub-dub — till it comes to the fontanelle bone, here, in the fontanelle bone area, where the bone is very soft when you are a child; we call it as talu. When it pierces that bone, then you start feeling a cool breeze flowing from your head. Now, that time you feel absolutely blissful and tranquil. This is the baptism. This is the real baptism, not the artificial one that theological college students can do. (Laughs) That is… that is unauthorized, that is unauthorized. That…

Now, in the medical terminology, you can understand that we’ve got left and right sympathetic nervous system within us. And in the centre is the parasympathetic. Now, they call it as autonomous nervous system. But who is this “auto”? Who works it out? Who works out the autonomous nervous system?

These… out of these, the left and the right sympathetic come into play when we go into some emergency. Left and right sympathetic. Supposing you want to run. Then sympathetic will come into activity, and your heartbeat will go up, your breathing will go up. But it is slowed down by parasympathetic. Automatically. Nobody can control parasympathetic. Now, this parasympathetic, whatever we have, is responsible for all kinds of coordination within us, all kinds of balances within us, and all kinds of supply of energy, vital energy to different centres within us.

CATHERINE (translator): Is it possible [UNCLEAR]?

SHRI MATAJI: Oh, it’s all right, oh, it’s all right. Yeah. (Laughs) [UNCLEAR] Yeah. Tomorrow — [UNCLEAR] very well, thank you very much, [UNCLEAR] — tomorrow Christine is coming; she’s coming and, you see, and that is even better because she is a translator. Now, how do you do that?

YOGINI: Well, there’s no other nail.

SHRI MATAJI: All right, you just put it on this. Make it short and put it down here, everybody can see. Can you see, all of you, this one? Quite all right, [UNCLEAR].

(About Catherine, who translated the first part) Very interesting how things work out, isn’t it? I discovered that she was such a great translator. Yeah, she knows English so well, I mean… is a difficult subject, isn’t it, to translate. And you all have been so kind and patient. All right. So we have here… All of you can see [UNCLEAR]? All right?


SHRI MATAJI: What are you doing? You put [UNCLEAR].

Now, this, the sympathetic nervous system about which I spoke is in the gross, outside. You can see them along the spinal cord with the ganglions, you can see with your naked eyes. But this sympathetic nervous system is worked out by two of the channels, here, which are subtle, inside the spinal cord. These two channels carry two types of energy within us: one, this, and another, this. This energy that resides within us is the energy by which we desire. This energy is coming from our past, or it looks after our past; all your psyche, so-called psyche, and all the conditionings of the psyche — all that works out on this line. This channel in the Sanskrit language is called as Ida, and this one is called as the Pingala, which is carrying on all the power for our creativity work, which also cater for our future planning and future thinking. So most of the thinking is done by this, and the desiring is done by this.

Now, this is the one that gives rise to this parasympathetic outside, out of which part of it is developed in the human beings, and there is a big gap left within us. This is called as the Void, as described in many scriptures that there is a void between us and God. Now, this is the Kundalini I was telling you about, in three and a half coil, here, in the sacrum bone.

(To Marie, translator) Now, come along, tell all [UNCLEAR].

(Marie translates the first part)

(To Marie) What’s it, first one? Which one? [UNCLEAR]?

(Marie translates the second part)

(To Marie) Now, what’s it?

MARIE: I’m not a very good translator, Mother.

SHRI MATAJI: That’s all right, but whatever it is, [UNCLEAR] about the Kundalini, it’s all right, [UNCLEAR] in the triangular. I’ve already told them: in the sacrum bone, you see? You told them that?


SHRI MATAJI: All right. So. Now… so I’ll make short sentences. I thought you know all that, so I [UNCLEAR]. It’s all right.

Now, this one is here, which is responsible for giving us our second birth. Can you see now? This is the one which is responsible for giving us the second birth. This is the one which awakens and passes through these one, two, three, four, five, six — six centres. Now, these six centres are subtle centres within ourselves, within the spinal cord, inside the spinal cord.

(To Marie) Translate.

Now, our Spirit is here in the heart, as shown in here. This resides in here. But actually, this Spirit is actually resides on top of your head, there. But it has… what you call, the seat is there, but he resides here; the seat is here, and the governor seat is here — and he resides here.

We were talking about finding out our Spirit, absolute point, here. Now, this is all organized within us during our different evolutions, and they are like milestones within us. Now, this… for example, this one marks, here, our evolution when we got carbon atom within us, carbon element. When the life started. Now we are at the end of our evolution. So the time has come for people to get mass Realization. And that’s why there is such a great seeking.

The Kundalini sits there — she is your Mother, she… you are her only child — waiting for that day when she can give you the second birth. In many of your lives through evolution, she is there. But those who have the authority to raise the Kundalini, strong divine power, can [UNCLEAR]. And those who try to just have some artificial method make the person suffer, and they also suffer. Because… like a villager who comes, say, from India, who has never seen electricity, puts his hand into the two holes of electrical plug and says that “Electricity gives me a shock.” In the Sahaja Yoga so far, thousands of people have received their Realization, more in India and less abroad; none of them have got any bad experience.

On the contrary, when we are working through our sympathetic too much, then, because of this one, we develop our superego, and because of this one, we develop our ego. By over-conditioning we develop superego, and by boasting we develop ego. Because human beings do not do anything living. Everything is done by the Divine Power. We cannot convert one flower into a fruit. But the Divine Power converts billions and billions of them every day. So our ego is artificial. In the same way, when we fight our innocence, our conditioning also becomes artificial. With too much working of these systems — like this, on the left and the right — the movement of these systems breaks the chakras, centres.

(To Marie) Overactivity.

And thus we lose our connection with the whole. And cancer is setting. With the brain getting clouded with these, also you get terrible tension. Most of the human beings has come because of imbalances within ourselves and also our relationship with our atmosphere and other things. All these problems can be solved if you could reach your absolute point. Because, as soon as Kundalini pierces through the fontanelle bone area, the Spirit starts radiating. When the Spirit radiates, we can find out about every absolute purpose. Because first we jump into collective consciousness; we actualize it. It’s not brainwashing, it just happens to you.

For example, these fingers showed here are showing… when these centres are enlightened by the Kundalini… are expressed on the fingers, on all these fingers. On your fingers, you start feeling the chakras. For example, there was a gentleman in Bombay… in London, who got his Realization, and he could not believe it. And his father was sick. He did not know about it, but suddenly he started getting a pain here and a burning here. And I told him that this is the chakra for Vishuddhi; that means this is for the father, so must be your father must be sick of some kind. So he telephoned to his father in Scotland, and he found he was suffering from bronchitis.

(To Marie) Bronchitis.

MARIE: Just couldn’t follow. [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: This is the physical side, this is the emotional side. Because you are connected with the all-pervading Power, that has got all telecommunication much better than human beings have. When I say there are lots of colours here and pictures, you won’t believe it, but if I put a television here, immediately you’ll start seeing it there. Like that, you are also a special instrument created by God. With great love and with very great care He has created you. And now you are to be put to the mains, as television needs to be put to the mains. And as soon as you are put to the mains, it starts working. And it is fantastic! When it starts working, one cannot even believe it; it is that fantastic!

But one must remember that thousands of years were spent creating this beautiful instrument of [UNCLEAR]. You cannot see that beauty within you, but I can see that very clearly. And that is the reason why you are still seeking. But in doing so, I do not do any obligation on you. Like one light which is enlightened can enlighten another candle. What is the obligation in that involved? You are made like that. And this is it you made for; you can say, the light, which is dormant, which can be enlightened. It is a very simple thing. But we are so complicated that we can’t believe into anything that is simple. We want everything to be explained by books. It would be something like an egg becoming a bird going to the library to find out, to find out how to fly, while the power to fly is built in the wings. The more complicated you are, the more it is difficult to accept yourself. The more simple you are, the more easy it is to understand. But whether you understand it or not, it works. Whether you believe in it, not, it’s so. But in case you just deny it and disrespect it, it won’t. You have to cooperate with it. Actually, you should ask for it. Because this is what you are seeking. The Divine is not going to fall at your feet and ask for your mercy to take it. If you want it, you should just ask for it, and you’ll get it. Because the time has come, the blossom time has come. And that’s why many, many flowers are getting transformed into fruits.

This was all prophesied long time back. That false prophets would be coming, also. And you see there are so many of them. They use the same language of “new awareness”, “Self-realization”, some sort of a meditation. But you cannot pay for God. He is not for sale. You cannot organize Him. Neither can you conceive it. You have to accept as He is. How much did you pay for getting this beautiful body? Why should you pay for getting the higher awareness? But in the West people are spiritually very naive. They don’t understand the simple thing like this. And they want to pay for everything. And those who want to cheat you can pamper your ego by taking money from you. But a realized soul of that level cannot take anything from you; you cannot give. It just flows one side. You have to just take from that. It’s a very different thing. But there are so many “guru shops” going on, and the “supermarkets of spirituality”; and we think we can cash our own [UNCLEAR]. You can only cash your good deeds and your love, your compassion and your steadfastness, your honesty and your simplicity. [UNCLEAR] money. It is inconceivable that you can purchase God. So, whatever you are purchasing with money may be some spirits. Not the Spirit. It’s surprising in English language for both they use the same word. And even for alcohol. But in Sanskrit language it is called as atma, the one that is your Self.

When you say, “I like something,” you do not know what you mean by that, because there is no way of knowing which one is this “I”. Is it… is it my tradition, my conditioning, or my ego? There is no universal absolute by which you can judge it. For a Frenchman may say, “It’s beautiful,” but Englishman may say, “It’s not.” And Indian may not like it at all. But if we are all human beings, there should be a common denominator to find out the truth, which should be one.

When you get your Self-realization — means when you realize your Self — then the radiation that passes through your hands of these vibrations is the first time that your conscious mind is feeling the Spirit. That means first time your Self is flowing through your central nervous system. Now, your central nervous system is something that you have so far achieved up to a human point. Like the wirework, done. But when you’re put to the mains, the energy of the Self starts flowing. That is how your awareness becomes absolute.

Now supposing these two children are realized souls. There are many children who are born realized; that little one is also born realized. So… Marie, translate. There may be many French also.


SHRI MATAJI: There may be many more French children born, born realized. Now, how will you know that they are realized souls or not? On the contrary, if somebody floats a big organization and [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR a big circus], you may think that person is a realized soul. But these children know out of you who is realized and who is not, because they can feel it through their vibrations. They also know where is your Kundalini just now. They also know what diseases you’ve got, and they also know how to cure them. They also know what is your mental problem, and they also know how to give you Realization. They are very small, they are not intellectual, they have not been to school — but they know it. Because it becomes a subjective knowledge, it becomes a knowledge of the subject itself. Actualization. For actualization. As you can say, “This is a rose,” or, “This is a lotus,” by its fragrance they can see your Kundalini on their fingertips.

In the older days, when Self-realization started working, only there were hardly one or two flowers on the tree of life. But people did not understand that. Because somebody is born on the tenth floor cannot be understood by people on the ground floor. That’s why they crucified Christ. It was a fact that He was the only Son of God. It can be proved in Kundalini. Because He resides on this centre here where you see the red spot, at this crossing point called as the Agnya Chakra. This one is placed [in] a very subtle point between the pituitary and the pineal body in the brain.

MARIE: Pineal?

SHRI MATAJI: Pituitary, pineal body. Out of which pituitary controls the ego, and the pineal body superego. So, these are all other centres, which have other leaders, who came to evolve on this earth, to help in our awareness — are placed there within us, all of them are within us. That gradually you will learn when you get your Realization and when you will go deeper into it, that there are all these deities there — and that can be proved.

For example, there was a doctor from Iran who was suffering from cancer; he came to see Me in London. He had the cancer of the stomach. In this part resides all the ten great Masters, or the Primordial Masters, the incarnations of the Primordial Master. He… I told… I asked him what religion was he following; he said he was a Muslim, an out and out Muslim. I said, “What does that mean?”, so he said it means only Mohammed was the only last prophet, that cannot be any other prophets. I said, “How do you know? How are you so cocksure about it? How can you claim that he was the last prophet?” Moreover, his cancer was due to that kind of a fanaticism within his stomach. I told him, “You have to believe in other prophets also.” We had a prophet in India called Guru Nanak, who was the incarnation of the same. Abraham, Moses — all of them were the incarnation of the same principle. But he would not accept it. I said, “I can’t heal your cancer.” So he went back. But when it comes to life, you understand. And he came back to Me. He said, “All right, I’ll accept, and I’ll take the name of Guru Nanak.” I told him, “Mohammed Sahib himself is angry with you for behaving like this. Because he was hot a fanatic like you.” And when he did that, he was all right.

It is very simple. But we are crazy people. We always go to the extremes, this way or that way. We go to the sympathetic side. You have to keep in the centre, for the parasympathetic, here. But, say, in London people are now crazy about football. So many are killed in that football ground. Imagine, the precious human life wasted for football! It’s criminal to be like that.

So, those who are in the centre get Realization very easily. In India, I worked in the villages where thousands of them have got Realization. I don’t work in the cities much. I’m not effective. Only the thugs can work in the cities. Because you can pay them money, they run to the cities. And you accept them because they take money perhaps. It is an insult of the Divine to talk of money. You know that Christ took a big hunter (kind of whip) to beat people who were selling things in the… in the church. We have to change all that. You young people have to understand it. Your responsibility is much greater than anybody else’s. Because, when you are young, you… I have discovered this for you. If you do not take advantage of it, there would be a big problem later. We have to… we have to understand our own value; also understand how much God has worked hard to create us as the human beings. And we are not going to waste our precious life for these people full of greed and lust. We have to… we have to know ourselves, our own centres and the centres of others. If we… if we do not do it, then what’s the purpose of our life?

But at the very outset, one must understand: there is no guru shopping on here. It’s all right, we had to take a hall, and you have to seat on a chair, but it’s a… it’s just an invitation of a mother to her children. And God has decided to give you life what is your own. Like any generous father, He wanted to enter you into His Kingdom and occupy that beautiful place that He’s given to His own children. So there is no business involved in there. So, with a very relaxed mind if you sit down, we’ll try to achieve this experience of actualization.

At this very outset, I must tell you My experience with the Western people is that there is a fashion that they feel guilty about everything. If something is happening in Vietnam, they think we have done it. Now, French are no exception. But it is an insult of the compassion of God. What, what guilt can you commit that cannot be washed by that ocean? When He loves you, the whole ocean is with you. And this little speck of a so-called mythical guilt, why should it be valuable to us?

(To Marie) Speck of it. The guilt.

This is one of the greatest problems I’ve faced, is the way people become melodramatic about their guilt. Even this morning I was clearing it out for at least one hour of so many people who are sitting at the back. You have to be only in a receptive mood and in a hearted mood because you are going to receive the source of your joy, your own fulfilment, and the meaning of this Creation. That will solve all the problems that look so great. To Me, they are nothing.

(Cut in the recording)

So he said, “I want to attend the ball, which is going to be for seven hours.” I said, “Wonderful! That’s how you are going to save time.” That saving time, [UNCLEAR] has come to us through the unconscious within us. Because if you have no time, you will never see it.

(Cut in the recording)

And the seeking must have time, and you have desired to have time. So the time must be spent in seeking, and when you have got it, must be spent in giving others Self-realization. Once [UNCLEAR], you can enlighten another person. But it is a living process that takes time. In London, I had to work on six people inclusive of Marie for four years! By chance, My husband got posted in London, and I was there. I had to struggle for six people, but now we have at least thousand people in England. And their lives are completely changed. For example, this Marie herself was in such a bad shape as if she was under coma. She couldn’t understand Me, and I couldn’t understand her. And when the Kundalini rose and gave her Realization, she got the blessings of all these centres in a bundle. And she’s so much changed within these two years now that one cannot believe it. We have some people here from Syria. This child’s mother, who was really like a mad woman, screaming and shouting, epileptic. So many of them come to Me, they are all epilepsy patients. We have one Alan sitting here; he is also from the same lot. He was also very badly off. But now he is all right. They used to scream and shout. They were supposed to be flying. I said, “Ask your teacher to fly first.” And they paid three thousand pounds each for flying. There’s another barrister sitting here who was very badly off herself. One of them came from lunatic asylum. And after Realization she went back; the lunatic asylum said that “You are absolutely normal, you go back, we don’t need you here.”

Like many other gurus also, those who are floating their enterprises — so many of them come to Me. It’s a guru shopping going on, and I am somewhere sitting in the corner, giving the reality. And when I say, “You cannot pay Me,” they all turn away. So by God’s grace, by… [UNCLEAR] well-off, and I come from a rich family; but if I was not, I would not have taken money for this from you, I’m not a parasite. I would avoid My [UNCLEAR life duty with] self-dignity, and would I have done this great work? Because this is My fulfilment. Like a mother who nurses her child for her own satisfaction. In the same way, it should be worked out.

I don’t know with who, which gurus you have been involved, what you have been through, but doesn’t matter. I have solved all their problems, and your problems we’ll solve, too. But you must ask for aid to these problems, to tell Me that you have been to this guru or that guru; is easier for Me because I know all their tips and tricks. I’m sure it is going to work out.

This is the first meeting in France. And if you ask Me, French people need it very much. They need it because they are very unhappy people. Because they can see the gap between themselves and the Spirit. And they are seeking the reality. I’ve read your many writers, like Maupassant, who was a realized soul, I think. And many other French writers I felt were realized souls were not very much appreciated maybe. Realized souls are never appreciated. Because others want to rationalize the whole thing. And you cannot understand them through rationality. Because they [UNCLEAR] unlimited, and rationality is limited. Somebody has to trigger this to happen, to jump into that realm of unlimited eternal bliss.

Marie was very anxious always that I should come to Paris and [UNCLEAR] here. And today that day has come. She is a great Sahaja Yogini. (Everybody laughs after Marie translates it)

(To Marie) You are translating.

She was the only one here. But she told Me there are very beautiful people in Paris and they will work it out. I’ve been to Paris before also, and I could feel that. I hope it will work out.

May God bless you! Thank you.

(To somebody) Can you open the window?

If there are any questions, you may ask Me. And we’ll have the experience also. Five, five minutes. Yes, please. Let’s listen to his question please.

(To a seeker) Hmm? You are? Just ask.

(A seeker asks a question in French)

MARIE: [UNCLEAR The French all believe it]. Does the ego come from divine creation?

SHRI MATAJI: From the…?

MARIE: Does the ego come from the divine creation?

SHRI MATAJI: No. It is a myth. As I told you that we… human beings don’t do anything. Anything that is dead, they convert it to another form. Like, a tree is dead — they make a furniture. They change… just transform the one form into another. But this transformation sometimes can sit on your head, because you can become slave of matter. Supposing you are used to a very comfortable chair, you can’t sit on this. But the Divine Power liberates you. You become master of yourself.

SEEKER: I wanted to ask, but going to ask in English.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes please, yeah.

SEEKER: Once one achieves Self-realization, then not to say that he is not going — or she is — is not going to be frustrated, to have problems, when she suffers emotionally from time to time. Self-realization is just like a manner of dealing with [UNCLEAR] that has to be part of living.

SHRI MATAJI: No, it’s not like that.

SEEKER: Did you agree with that?

SHRI MATAJI: No, I would say like this: that when you get your Self-realization, then you become a different person. Like an egg becoming a bird. You become a witness of the drama. You see the drama and enjoy it.

SEEKER: But you don’t have to play.

SHRI MATAJI: You do not get entangled. The… like the… you see, one thought rises and falls down, another rises and falls down. In between the thought there is a portion called vilamba, which is absolutely silent. You… that is the present. If this is the past and that is the future, in between is the silence. You jump into that silence, and you see everything around from that silence. All your priorities change.

SEEKER: Values, probably.

SHRI MATAJI: Absolutely, because they are absolute values. Now, say, you are sitting down here before Me. Now, I will value you spiritually, not that you are a king, or a servant, or a beggar, or a minister — that’s not important. Spiritually where are you — that I will judge. The whole value system changes, absolutely.

SEEKER: And consequently, you wouldn’t suffer less…

SHRI MATAJI: I mean, don’t suffer at all, I mean, you just see it. You don’t suffer, you just see it. You become a witness.

SEEKER: Reaction to difficulties changes.

SHRI MATAJI: Absolutely changes.

SEEKER: But there will be difficulty? You say, it’s difficulty [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: See, difficulty is a myth.

SEEKER: Is a myth?

SHRI MATAJI: It’s a myth. Now, I’ll tell you how, I’ll tell you, just now, the example is, is very good example is. Just now Marie didn’t arrive here. For a general human being, it’s a catastrophe: that she is the organizer and missing from the situation. But to Me it is not, I’m seeing the play.


SHRI MATAJI: Oh, it’s all right, I knew that. So you tell them. Just to correct you. Yeah. Then you say [UNCLEAR].

And the problems are really created to create some working of the Divine. So-called problems. For example, Catherine is a shy girl, and she would not take the responsibility. And also she has a little problem of smoking. And she was escaping from Sahaja Yoga. But today she felt responsible. And how nicely she translated! That is how it is.

(A seeker asks a question in French)

MARIE: Do the effects of a just [UNCLEAR] of a just a month meditation fulfil our elementary needs?

SHRI MATAJI: Oh, you become dynamic. I mean, as far as financial side is concerned, you become better off. Is a fact. Because Krishna has said: “Yoga kshema vahamyam” — first yoga, is union, and then the kshema, is the well-being, because of the Nabhi Chakra [UNCLEAR being enlightened] here. Because you get your satisfaction easier. You get… the whole thing becomes a satiable temperament. And then you start enjoying earning, because you can share. Because you become sensitive to the joy of sharing. Then you like to share than to enjoy yourself. Sahaja Yoga is a union of capitalism and communism. Because, see now, I have, supposing, all the powers, and I cannot enjoy them unless and until I share with you. So I am a capitalist because I’ve all the powers here, and I am the greatest communist because I can’t help it sharing it.

All your values about politics also get different. This is all artificial politics. Real politics is of love. Which is so enjoyable that you don’t know how the time passes. You give up drinking because you never feel bored. That’s how you give up smoking. Now, fifty percent people who have come here were drug addicts. (Laughs) I used to call them druggists and chemists. (Laughs) And today they are beautiful people spreading beauty and love everywhere. That’s what it is. Looks very fantastic, isn’t it? It is. It is.

You are the luckiest because you are the first to come to this program. Should we have the experience? Just put your hands like this, just like this, nothing is to be done. You have to take out your shoes because the Mother Earth must help us. Just take out your shoes, and… and both the hands should be like this. Yes. Just like this. Be comfortable, absolutely comfortably you must sit. It’s nothing external, it just works inside. You start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. First you will feel there is no thought in your mind. (To Marie) Tell them. That is the time when Kundalini crosses the Agnya. (To Marie) Please, tell them. When she pierces this fontanelle bone area, then you start getting this cool breeze in the hands from Me. But when you’ll turn away from Me, the cool breeze will flow from you. In the Bible it is called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. And in India, we had a great philosopher called as Shankaracharya; he’s described, Adi Shankaracharya’s described it as Chaitanya lahari, or saundarya lahari. Saundarya means “the beauty, the waves of beauty”, and…

MARIE: The Chaitanya is…?

SHRI MATAJI: Chaitanya means…

MARIE: Bliss maybe?

SHRI MATAJI: Enlightenment.

MARIE: Enlightenment.

SHRI MATAJI: It’s more than that, Chaita— hmm… See, I’m not good at translation of Chaitanya. [UNCLEAR] of the enlightened, the waves of the enlightened. If you are an enlightened soul, you’ll be emitting these waves. Like, you must have read, somebody touched the cloth of Christ, and he felt the energy flew into… went into her.

So please put your hands like this and close your eyes. First experience will be really great, no doubt. But it is to be consolidated properly. Because the Kundalini rises as soon as she comes to know that there is somebody who is authorized. But then again she may go back to supply your physical being or mental being or emotional being which is wounded. That is how she cures you. That’s how she cures your physical, mental, and emotional problems. Also we have spiritual problems from fake gurus. They also must be corrected. In the Sahaja Yoga system, we know how to cure ourselves and cure others. And we know how to give Realization.


Ah! Better. Linda, if you want to go, you can go. All right? It’s all right, we’ll manage. All right, you can go. You have the keys? John had it.

MARIE: (To Linda) Marcus. Ask Marcus.

SHRI MATAJI: Marcus has gone.

YOGI: I have a key.

SHRI MATAJI: (To somebody) Ah, better now? It’s good. [UNCLEAR]. You people again are feeling guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. If you have been to some guru or anything, you just don’t worry, that’s nothing to worry about. Please don’t feel guilty about it. Again, that’s the only problem, as I have told you. Don’t feel guilty; or you can say, “I’m not guilty.” Thrice.


Left Vishuddhi still. Om sakshat Sarva Mantra Siddhi, Om sakshat Sarva Mantra Siddhi … (Continues repeating the mantra) Don’t put your attention to any particular place, but just let it be loose. (To a seeker) You got cool breeze in the hands? She’s got, I think. [UNCLEAR] Realization. You see? Well, I think she is OK. Keep your eyes shut please. Keep your eyes shut.


Left Heart. Please forgive everyone. It’s a myth, not to forgive, also. Because you are just harming yourself by not forgiving. So you must say that “I forgive all those who have made me miserable.” When you can forgive other, then only you can forgive yourself also. You have to forgive yourself. If you don’t forgive, then you build up a mythical guilt that retards your Realization. When you forgive others, then only you can ask for forgiveness from them. Because you might have done some mistakes, so… that’s the only way we can ask for forgiveness. So, if you think you have done a mistake, so you don’t build any guilt. Because Divine is the ocean of compassion and love and forgiveness. And it is anxious that you should get your Realization. Otherwise it will have no meaning left. So, just to cooperate with it, you have to forgive. Please keep your eyes shut, but don’t keep your eyes in one place, or your attention in one place; just keep them loose. At the most, you can take it to your fontanelle area, on top of your head.


(To a seeker) You get it. Got it? She’s got it, I think. Any one of you knowing French come up here. She’s got it, I think. She’s good. (To Marie) You should say, “Those who are getting cool breeze, raise their hands.” Got it. Please raise them higher, I cannot see. All of you, those who have got cool breeze, raise your hands. [UNCLEAR]. Good. Now you raise their Kundalini on your own. Raise yours, and theirs will be raised. Let’s raise like that. She’s got it. Good. You can feel it, your head. (To a seeker) Have you got it, too? Cool breeze? Not yet? It’ll work out, work out, don’t you worry. You’ve got it. (To a yogini) No, this lady in front. Huh? It’s a cool breeze in the hands?

(A seeker says something in French)

What’s it?

MARIE: Itching.


MARIE: Itching.

SHRI MATAJI: Itching? Little bit you rub it, a little bit you rub it. Some will get pins and needles. Better? She’s got it. (To another seeker) Have you got it, there, cool breeze? Matthew, just here. Matthew! See her, this lady. See her. Come here. Is he going now? You’re going to help Me a little, then you can go. Come here. Just see this lady. (About another seeker) She’s got it? Good! She’s good. Just works. (About another seeker) Ah, she’s got it. (To another seeker) It’s all right, it will work out. Matthew, just see this lady here, with the blue… No, no, no. Yeah, this one. No, no, this one here, this with the blue… yes, she… [UNCLEAR], yes. Just see on her head. Just feel it. (About another seeker) She’s got it? She’s got it.

MARIE: She’s got it. [UNCLEAR] for a long time.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, I know that. She’s got it, yes. Very good. (To another seeker) What about you? Not yet? [UNCLEAR somebody’s name], you see both of them, what’s the matter. Ann, what do you say of the gentleman in front of you? Vishuddhi? Aha. This gentleman, here? You’ve got it, too. Ladies are better in Paris, isn’t it? (Laughs) They are getting faster. Now, what about this gentleman here? Hilary, just see that gentleman in front of you. Where is she? Come here. This one, this gentleman here. Yes, just see… Ah, [UNCLEAR], I thought you were Hilary, I couldn’t see her. Yeah, I’m sorry.

YOGINI: Now two would be better [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: Ah. Yes, two would be better in any case. What about him, got he? (To a seeker) You’ve got it, too. Yes, you’ve got it, I can see that. Don’t you feel it? (To Linda) Do you know… Linda, do you know French, you ask to them to come there. (About another seeker) Has he got it, this…? Put him left to the right, he’ll be all right. Have you got it now? Right, not the left, all right? (To a seeker) Now, can you put your right hand on your heart? Can you open your coat a little bit? Coat, if you can open? Yeah. And if you could put your right hand on the heart? Yeah, just… just… yeah, yes, just a little. (About another seeker) She’ll be all right, she’s got it. Now see these two gentlemen, what’s the problem. (About another seeker) Oh, he is all right. Ann? Are you feeling?

ANN: Yes.

SHRI MATAJI: Are you? (About another seeker) He’s very good, isn’t he? Eh, Camilla? He’s excellent. (To another yogi) Left to the right, he’s also… his… is the Vishuddhi. (To another seeker) You are all right, I have [UNCLEAR] you. He’s very nice. Beautiful! (To a yogini) What do you say?




SHRI MATAJI: Do you… did you go to any guru? (To somebody) Ah, you know French, can you ask questions here?

YOGINI: She speaks French.


YOGINI: The [UNCLEAR]. She speaks English, too.

(The seeker answers the question about a guru in the affirmative)

SHRI MATAJI: That’s it, that’s why. Who was it? Clear? You must say it; after all, you want your Realization.

YOGINI: He says it’s somebody [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: Doesn’t matter. Just tell Me the name. That helps. Your Realization is more important than anything, isn’t it? (About another seeker) She’s got it. (About another seeker) She is all right, she’s [UNCLEAR]. (To another seeker) You are better, too. She’s better, she’s improving. Still, you are better. You’re coming fast [UNCLEAR]. (To somebody) What’s the matter, why don’t you care? (About another seeker) She is good, she is [UNCLEAR], yeah. (About another seeker) Has he got it? This gentleman should get it.

MARIE: He is catching on the left Nabhi.

SHRI MATAJI: Ask him about his marriage. Is he married? Is he married?

MARIE: No, he is…




MARIE: Never… never happened.

SHRI MATAJI: (To the seeker) You see, because you’re not married.

ANOTHER SEEKER: Can I talk to You?