The description of the chakras and plexuses within

Paris (France)

1980-04-17 Sahaja Yoga Introduction 01 HD, 24'
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1980-04-17 Public Program Day 2, Paris

This is the first center called as Mooladhara center, is the subtle center which manifests outside, in the gross what we call as pelvic plexus. This has got four petals while in the same way the pelvic plexus also has got four sub plexuses. It looks after all our excretory functions. This is like a  lotus in the mud of excretion. It looks after the sex activity, but this is innocence. Innocent do not understand sex. This is enthroned by Shri Ganesha who has the trunk of a… elephant. You can see it clearly within your center. May be in the beginning of time people misunderstood the trunk for the Kundalini. This is the support of all the Holy Scriptures, but it is below the Kundalini because it looks after the protocol of the Kundalini that is His Mother. This is you as a child and this is your mother Kundalini. You have (are) the only child she has, and she is born again and again with you waiting to give you Self-Realisation. So one should understand that sex plays no part in the spiritual evolution.

This one is the second center which arises from the third called as Nabhi Chakra which means the navel center. This has got ten petals, and this manifests outside as Solar Plexus. And the Solar plexus  also has got ten sub plexuses. This represents our seeking. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how we changed I mean we manifestate our seeking one after another. How hunger evolve into Divine seeking. And then I will talk about your material seeking.

This center comes out of this center here. Is the center which gives us this creative power. It goes around like this and can also bend. It gives us power to think in the sense that it converts the fat in the stomach to be transformed into the brain, because when we think we use the cells of the brain, grey cells of the brain. Apart from this, this center which is called as Swadishthana center has to look after many visceras, many organs. This manifests Aortic plexus outside. This supplies liver, higher portion of liver, and pancreas, then spleen, then kidneys and also the intestine and the part of the ascending descending colon. So this is a very important chakra, but when we think too much of the future, then this chakra goes crazy, it has to do too much work, and it cannot keep pace, so the brain which is receiving all the attention, does all the thinking, but all other organs which I have told you, suffer, so mostly those people who think too much have a bad liver. They have a bad pancreas. That’s why they suffer from diabetes. Sahaja Yoga has cured many diabetes patients, hundred per cent by giving balance.

This center is surrounded by this Void, so far in our awareness we are up to this point, but this gap is to be covered. This gap is manifested by the principle of Primordial Master, the Guru, and we have ten of them who incarnated on this Earth, I’ll tell about it tomorrow. There are ten sub plexuses, ten petals, so He is the deity which is the embodiment of our evolution, seeking and who is our protector, sustainer, is Guruly, is the deity of Vishnu, the deity who is the sustainer, he is the one who gives us evolution, is the one who protects us like a father, that aspect of God which gives us evolution resides in our stomach. He is called as Laxmi Narayana. Narayan is the male form and Laxmi is his power. He gives us the sustenance, for example, carbon has got four valences because of food. The gold cannot get tarnished, we get our character by this, we get our humanity through this which is religion. We have ten religions within us, if we do not have that, we are not a human being, that described in the Ten Commandments. Those who do not observe them falls from human level, there are ten incarnations of these great prophets. They are born again and again to sustain us.

This is the center of our heart. This one is called as the viddhaya chakra.   It supplies on the left and the right the two centers which we call left and right heart centers. On the left it is connected with the heart. On the right it is connected with the lungs. In the center it is representing your sense of security. This center has got twelve petals.  The ruler of this petal is the Mother of this Universe. She gives you the sense of security. It manifests outside the cardiac plexus. When you are till twelve years of age, on the sternum bone the antibodies are prepared, they are her warriors. Attack on the whole body to fight. When your sense of security is disturbed the sternal bends backwards.

Now that is the center of Vishuddhi. It is governed by Shri Krishna. His power is Raddha. When a man lifts his head, he raises himself towards the Primordial Great Being. Then only the idea of God comes into him. Then only he thinks of the beyond. This is the evolutionary state of  human being. By lifting the head he creates these two institutions called ego and superego by the over activity of these two.

The center controls the pineal and the pituitary within our brain, is called as Agnya Chakra. This is the door into the area which is called the Kingdom of God. In the medical terminology it is called as the limbic area. This Agnya Chakra is ruled by our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is when he says:”I am the path and I am the door”. This is the door he crossed when he was resurrected.

The last center here is called as Brahmarandra which is actually surrounded by a center called as Sahasrara. It is made of one thousand petals. They are nerves, just like the wick of the candle, when they are enlightened they look like flames. That’s why in the Bible it is said “I will appear before you like tongues of flame.”

I’ve told you about these centers, different centers, now this is the moon center and this is the sun center. When you cross beyond this limit, it starts going into the collective subconscious area. That’s why the people who cross it are called as lunatic. Because they are under the influence of the Luna. Now, those who cross this side, on the right hand side become egoistical. They are under the influence of the |Sun. They develop liver troubles. They are bilious. And they get also diabetes. Even then if they don’t come to balance they get a heart attack. How this is how the balance is brought in. When ego and superego both of them meet, you get your Ines, and your connection with the All Pervading Power is severed. At that time when you start going too much to the left or to the right, you create a problem for yourself. One should keep to the center. It’s absolutely common sense. Imagine a car going on one wheel, one side wheel, we don’t drive like that. Anything that is tilt we try to bring it to the center. But in our own mental life and emotional life we do not balance ourselves. We become so very crazy. That’s the problem. But despite everything, today Sahaja Yoga has risen to such a state of maturity, that despite all these problems they are getting Realisation. And thousands are getting, because the blossom time has come. The God has to protect his creation and has to give meaning to it. So that he feels fulfilled about it. We should consider ourselves to be so fortunate to be born at this time which is promised long time that you’ll get your Self Realisation en masse.

I’m so very happy to see the way it is working out. It is easy to mesmerize thousands of people, but it is also easy to make members in thousands by giving some money or some sort of an outside emblem. By pampering your ego, one can give you some dress or some sort of a thing to wear and give you a new name or to make you feel oh, you are great. Or making them jump or do some sort of conversions mesmerizing them, it’s quite easy. This is all artificial. To create artificial flowers is very easy. But if there is artificial that means there is some real also. It has to have some absolute behind it. The Reality takes time to blossom, but when it blossoms, it’s beautiful. It’s enchanting and fascinating. There are no words in any language to describe its manifestation. You reach a stage you stop understanding it through words, as if the cup with which you are drinking breaks into that ocean and you get completely dissolved into it. Kabira has said that “then you are drunk and completely dissolved into that what are you going to say?” This clears out all about these saints…It explains everything about the saints and the prophets and the incarnations, all the Scriptures are explained and you become the master of their understanding.

Thank you very much, may God bless you.