Public Program Day 4, The Spiritual Evolution of Man

Paris (France)

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1980-04-19 Public Program 4 in Paris: The Spiritual Evolution of Man

[…] is the spiritual evolution of man.
In my last three lectures, I already explained about the residual force called as Kundalini that resides in the triangular bone here [points to the Chakra Chart]. This residual force gives us the second birth.
But, how did we become human beings don’t [is not] known to us, we do not know why we became human beings. All the scientists must ask this question, ‘Why did we become human beings? Is there any meaning to this human life? Or we are born just to eat our food, produce children, keep money for them, and then die?’
If you make any instrument, for example, this instrument [mike], you always have a purpose behind it. I’ve read a very good book by a … an … gentleman, who was a French gentleman, whose name was [UNCLEAR Joan Noah], maybe I am not good at pronunciation, who wrote that, “It is impossible to produce a human being in this short time since the Earth seceded from the Sun.” That means if you use the ‘law of chance’ you cannot explain this fast movement of development of a small carbon atom into a human being in such a short time. According to him, there must be a juggler behind it to do this.

As I’ve told you before that this I put forward before you as a hypothesis and you must keep your mind open as any scientific personality does. If it comes true you have to believe it. Yesterday I talked all-pervading power which is the truth. Yesterday those who were here got their realisation and they felt the powers flowing from their hands, clearly. And they felt absolutely blissful. They also small children checking them, their vibrations. So it is true that man has not yet discovered his meaning, so he has become connected with the mains as any instrument has to.

This is what is the spiritual evolution of man. When a human consciousness gets enlightened or there is a breakthrough into the unconscious then only we can say that we have evolved fully.

We can understand the human evolution as the same way as we have the instruments set for spacecrafts. In one spacecraft, an instrument is placed first, the lowest, we can say the lowest capsule which explodes and accelerates the rate of the second capsule.

[Shri Mataji explaining an illustration] So if this moves with the velocity of three, the explosion in this one (lower capsule) makes it three raise to the power, say ten and this one makes it three raise to power, say, 20. It goes on like that. So the acceleration is very fast. So ultimately this thrown and triggered into the space. This all comes with a bundle, to begin with. In the same way, a human being is, first of all, exploded into his physical. The physical expresses into his mental, then into his emotional being, then into his spiritual being. The he should stop into his spirit, that is the space of the all-pervading power. In us exists all this physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Today as the time is, man is so matured that is more spiritual than physical. But the matter is so much attached to the spirit, that it is difficult for him to understand that the gap between the matter, the spiritual and the physical and other things are not so much binding.

For example, all the affluent countries have the problem of suicide. And the suicide is much more you are affluent. I had some young girls from Sweden who came from Cambridge University, hardly about 20 years of age. And when I saw their vibrations I was amazed they were numb, just like a dead person’s vibrations. Otherwise, they were alright, they were children of rich people educating themselves. So I asked them what do you think all the time? What do you plan? They told me to my amazement that they are planning how to commit suicide. I was so surprised and so hurt, so unhappy and pained. With what care God has created them from an amoeba to this stage and they are here to destroy themselves. I asked them what do you want? Do you want money? Do you want love? What do you want? And I called them to my house and made them sit down and I talked to them. I felt that they didn’t know what did they want. But they said that we are very unhappy in life as if there is some gap between us and ourselves. Perhaps we do not know what is our significance in this life. Then I told them that you can find your significance and why should you that desperate?

The God Almighty who has made with this care, with this, consistently working on you for ages has made you a human being. He must have made some arrangement for you to find your own significance. And he has made all the arrangements as we make for an instrument to have a cord to be attached to the mains. That is this Kundalini which is placed here. Thousands of years back, people in India had discovered the existence of Kundalini. Because search in the west started after (UNCLEAR) into outside. But they could not enter inside they thought it is better to search outside. But as you were searching outside there was search inside going on, too. In that search they discovered this Kundalini being the source of our breakthrough. We have evolved through a force that exists within us, on this centre (pointing to the illustration) called the Nabhi centre or the Navel centre. By giving us sustenance, by giving us our quality, our nature, or our natural religion that we were made into a human being.

If you see in a chemical periodic law, you will be amazed how all these elements are arranged in such a way in a big beautiful chart. And carbon atom when it came into existence, we started becoming alive. That carbon atom is placed within us, here (pointing to the illustration). Here is the innocence of the matter. Matter is innocent. Up to the animal stage we are absolutely innocent. Even human children are innocent, mostly. But we lose our innocence when we start using our these two powers, one of desiring and the other of action. We create the ego and superego by which we become a human being. That’s how you become your self. That means you become independent. You have all freedom to behave as you like. In that freedom only, you grasp the idea of the beyond. These ideas comes to through your dreams. Most of the paintings and the great arts are produced through the understanding of the unconscious. Our unconscious guides it all the time to (UNCLEAR want) us about our evolution. Jung has described it very clearly. He has experimented with thousands of people of different parts of the world. He says this unconscious gives the balance, the coordination, the future guidance through your dreams. That means our guidance has been there, we have a desire and we have an idea that there is something beyond. That means that we have a desire that we have to rise and that there is something beyond. And also there is guidance coming from the unconscious. But there is another guidance which has come to us from God. This is very much believed into in India. Even in the western world, if they follow Christianity or Judaism, they believe it. It is believed that at the spot (pointing to the illustration) it resides the power of God which evolves. This area according to Indian mythology is governed by a power called Lakshmi, which on one side gives us our sustenance and on the other side guides us how to behave. And from the same power, the male form incarnates of that power incarnates, again and again, to guide the people, in human form. This incarnation, in the beginning, was a fish when were fishes. When we tortoises, it was a tortoise, when we were reptiles it was a tortoise. Then we were quadrupeds, it was a boar. Then, later on, it became half man and half lion. Then it became a small man, a short man. Then it became a very strong man – Parshurama. Then he came as Shri Rama. At his completion, he came as Shri Krishna. Now this, this centre which has got the innocence, so the incarnation of the innocence, the embodiment of innocence was Shri Ganesh. This Shri Ganesh incarnated on this Earth as the only Son of God our Lord Jesus Christ. And he is going to reincarnate again with eleven powers to destroy. Apart from that, there is a third type of incarnation which works in this gap (pointing to the illustration) to sustain. These are ten primordial masters the Adi Gurus, these people incarnated on this earth to give us our sustenance our religion as they call it. They gave us those ten religions or sustenance which is important for a human being. This principle of primordial masters incarnated as Ibraham, as Moses, as Mohammad Sahab, as Janaka, as Nanaka and recently, till recently, the one who is no more now, is Shirdi Sainath. Socrates

Now, these people are the incarnation of one principle, that is Primordial Master. The energy or the power which they work is either a sister or a daughter, is a very pure relationship. If you read their teachings if you will find that they are saying the same things. Because they were worried about our sustenance. But Christ talked about our evolution, our resurrection, Krishna in his incarnation he said that divine life cannot be destroyed.

The life of Christ or the body of Christ was made of this divine power, absolute. In one of the very old scriptures, Devi Bhagwat from India, Christ is described as Mahavishnu. He is described as first being an egg, that’s why on an Easter we give eggs. But Christians can’t explain why they give egg. They also cannot explain why he was called Christ and Jesus. When he talks of his father, it is Krishna, he is talking about. it is said that in Devi Bhagwat, Krishna put his son even above him. And he gave him such powers that he would be the support of the whole universe. As an Indian, if you had read about Indian mythology you will much more respect for Christ and his Mother, who was nothing else than the Primordial Mother. Because India was a slave for 300 years and English became the main language, nobody tried to translate anything about Indian things. Moreover, the western people were more interested in sexology and all dirty things of India. It is like entering into a house from the gutters of the backdoor. Even now the way they are interested in all these dirty things is most amazing for Indians. We went to Nepal with my husband and children and we never noticed anything erotic thing. But I had a swiss disciple in Nepal, but I went again to Nepal, he told me that it was full or erotics at the top of the temple. And all the Japenese and all such people were watching with zoom lens all the minute details and I didn’t know what was there to watch. It is difficult to understand this mind which takes you to this nonsensical things. If you have to evaluate a person, you must know how far spiritually he has gone and (paraphrased) not by how much he has debased himself now.

[Orginal: now how much he has debased himself and not by that]

How much he has mastered his lust and greed is to be seen and now how much he has enslaved himself of these things.

If a person wants comfort and cannot live without comfort, he is not a spiritual man. He may live in comfort or discomfort, it makes no difference to him because he lives with his spirit. Such a person is a king, nothing can dominate such a person. Nobody can capture such a person or can make a parasite out of him. If one understands that spiritual life gives you the mastery of your being, then you will understand those people who roam about as Gurus are just parasites. Now, these incarnations which came on this earth were manifesting the aspect of God, different aspects of God. Because God is Compassionate, he is love, he is your Father and he is Almighty. He wants to bestow all his blessings upon you and he wants to enlighten your awareness. For that he sends his own emissaries, you can say, to guide you, to rise above the shackles of matter, the mind, the emotions and spiritual mistakes. For that God has already placed, as I told you, a power there (pointing to the illustration). Many people have talked about this and written big-big books of this kind. By reading books you cannot get the awakening of this Kundalini. It is a germinating force within us. It is a living force. You cannot a germinate a seed by reading books. You have to have the Mother Earth to germinate. In the same way, to raise this Kundalini, you need a person who is the mother of this Kundalini. Or who is the master of this art, who is compassion, who is love, who is holy, who is righteous. But not a person who leads a funny life, a Guru having seven women around cannot be a master of Kundalini. A man who takes money from you cannot raise your Kundalini. A man who takes money from you has no self-respect. He cannot even talk of Kundalini. Such a person has to be higher than you. In that, he is humbler than you. He is full of love and patience and understanding, and not of your purse but of your beauty. Not of your bank balance and your position, but your position within. If you find somebody coming with a circus, why should you be impressed by such a man? All important things, all vital things are extremely simple. For example your own breathing. Supposing for your breathing you will have to read books and analyse it, will you breathe?
For that, you don’t have read any books. It is spontaneous. All your evolution has been spontaneous. You got your body, face, nose, eyes, this human being, all for nothing. What did you do get that? Its all given as a blessing to you. Because God wants his children to get all his blessings and all his powers. But in his freedom man has become so egotistical that he is also denying God. It’s alright, it’s just the same as blind faith, just the same as denial of God. Even in the people who believe in God, so-called, what have they achieved? That is the reason why people are going to the other extreme of denying God. For example, Algeria where the people have been under French regime and who believed in God and everything, but the young people became communists. Because the young people do not believe in the old people who are blindly following some sort of an organisation of God. Because they are so mythical, they have no proof of God and they are so fanatic. Fanatism is a disease. It has nothing to do with God. That’s one extreme and another extreme is denial of God. When you are in the center you can find God. A boy from Algeria came and he got his realisation in London with me. He went and told the young people in Algeria that “No! there is God, but we have to find him within ourselves.” He gave realisation to five hundred young boys. With self-realisation, your life is completely transformed. We have here about fifty-percent of people are realised souls. After realisation, the power starts flowing from your hands. This is the power of your spirit.
And you can use it and verify it. The disease like cancer cannot be cured without self-realisation. We have cured many cancer patients. I have even cured the President of India, of cancer, of the lung. You may write to him and find out. But it is very easy to approach a President in India if you’re a saint. They respect you as a saint. For example, President of India would stand up for me, though I am an Indian citizen. And he would not sit down till I have sat down. But in the west, people don’t even stand for their father. The ego makes a person so naive about spirituality and anybody who comes to pamper your ego you accept it.

[Are you taping my lecture? It’s alright. They do not want in the organisation? They say it should not be taped. It is alright you can tape it. I will tell you about it. The protocol. There is a protocol about this. We will let you know. It is alright. It is alright. Only thing is realised souls we allow, but not to non-realised souls. If you insult it, it will have an effect on you. There is no harm in recording me. There is no enterprise going on here, but there is a protocol. It’s alright you can tape me. It’s perfectly alright. You see, because, for example, my photograph has vibrations. If you put my photograph somewhere else it is not alright, then you fall from the grace. It should not be done. You understand the point. Because it is a holy thing.]

The cancer and other such diseases can be cured through self-realisation as a by-product but it is not the main job of Sahaja Yoga, it is just a by-product. Like when God has to be realised within you, is to be established in your temple, the temple has to be cleansed. If you do not get your realisation, then there is no need to worry about it. You will get it, eventually. You must get it. This is your right to have it. You must assert your right. You cannot live without it. If you won’t take in this life, you will be born again and ask for the same. Why not short-circuit it? I said it is the easiest thing to do. But very difficult for human beings to be easy. They can eat their food like this, but they won’t be eating the other way round. It is like a second birth of a bird. You become like an egg by that covering and when Kundalini pierces through she breaks the shell here. And you become a new person with a new awareness of collective consciousness. You become, you actualise, it is not just brainwashing. You just can feel it. But even you are born as a human being and again you will live with wolves you will behave like the wolves. Because you must mature like human beings to being with. In the same way, you have to mature like a self-realised person. like a seed can germinate but it is be looked after, till it completely becomes an Independent tree. This is your own power within you. She is your mother and she has no other child and she knows everything about you. And she loves you and she wants you to have your self-realisation. She is not going to give you any trouble and at the time of your birth, she takes all the trouble herself. It is a very smooth affair. At the first outset, it rushes very fast up there. and you become one with all-pervading power, you start feeling your own centres and the centres of others. I have shown here all your centres are enlightened, seven of them. For example, this is the centre of the heart, if you place your hands towards me, like this and if you find this one (pointing to a finger), that means there is some pressure on your heart. Like that one can diagnose any disease that you are suffering from. all these decodings could be done through Sahaja Yoga. All this knowledge is available free. So that you enjoy your self thoroughly and you feel yourself and others, give realisation to others and enjoy the being. First time the human beings enjoy other human beings as if the fragrance from the flower is enjoying the flower. First time after realisation, you can repay back the nature which you have used. For example, if you give your vibrations to a tree, which is sick, it will improve, it will give more fruits, much more fruits. If you give vibrations to your wheat fields and paddy fields, you will have plenty foods. You can even vibrate this water and give it to somebody and the person will feel perfectly alright in his stomach. When you become subtle, you enter into the subtle of the elements. By entering into the subtle you can use them for your own purpose. Moreover, when you are in connection with the all-pervading power, there is complete telecommunication working. Sitting here, you can know what is the matter with another person who is thousands of miles away. You can also cure that person. These children can find out if a particular person dead or living is realised or not? For example in England, there is a place called Stonehenge and the people have different theories about it. Like the blind finding, something and they are quarrelling about it. Now Stonehenge is a miracle of the Mother Earth, it is Mother Earth who has created those stones. They have a particular pattern by which they emit vibrations. These vibrations are there to save that London from getting drowned into materialism. The poor Mother Earth has to do all these things. In the ten commandments, it is said that you shall now reproduce anything is created by the Mother Earth or by the sky and worship it. What is produced by the Mother Earth? These things which give you vibrations. In India, we have many places like these. And we so many saints who have found them out. The province from where I come there are eight which represent the innocence. The stones that have come up are not touched by human beings but they look exactly like Shri Ganesh. There are 12 Jyotirlingas which represent the heart, the spirit. For in Amarnath, there is a place in a cave where the water falls down and at a particular time, lunar date, the thing becomes a complete linga.
In the Himalayas, one of the ranges of Himalayas, beyond the Kulu Valley. In the temple of Amarnath, you see, there is a drop coming from the ceiling of a cave, it forms a complete Linga. At that date, it is completed and it gives vibrations. We have a centre in a place known as Musalwadi in India They told me a story about a bund that was built across a tank, built across a lake. Bund should be straight, but at a point, it went like that and like that with a circular movement. I asked him what is the reason? So they told me about hundred years back, an Englishman had come to build this barrage, an English engineer. This, he wrote as a very unique phenomenon. He said that he tried to build a wall on that part but he could not raise it. Every night it used to fall back. Even the horses would refuse to go near that to put the mud over there. And he could not understand it, so he had crossed that point in a circular way. I went and saw that place and it was all vibrating and giving the vibrations as they would come from this centre called as Sahasrara. The whole atmosphere was filled with that. Once I went to Kashmir with my husband and I had gone just on a drive with him little further away from the city. And I felt tremendous vibrations in that area and I asked the driver if there was any temple or anything here? He said that it is all wilderness so I asked him to go in the directions from where the vibrations were coming. When we reached a particular area, we found Muslim houses were settled there. They told us that there is one hair of Mohammad Sahab kept in a mosque, known as Hazrat Ekbal. But for that hair, these useless people there fought among themselves and killed each other. Such shameless people they are. They do not understand the protocol of that hair. They don’t understand the vibrations. For example in Paris, the statue of Mary in Notre Dame is extremely vibrating. Imagine a man committed suicide from a such a beautiful holy place. What a shame. It is an insult of the deities. How will he understand? Becuase he is not realised soul. That is why they crucified Christ. They could not understand him and they did not want to understand. Today I am facing these intellectuals. Intelluctuals move like this, come like this, go like this, come like this, go like this, come like this, finished. They are a little bit this way (gesturing). The other day one man told me Hitler was also God. I told him who told you that? He said that I believe that way. I asked him who is this I who believes and on what premises? He could not answer that question. If you can feel the vibration of horrid Hitler you would know who he was. He was a demon. He not only destroyed people, he destroyed all the values of sustenance. He disturbed the sense of security so much in human beings that today we find all these kinds of problems in the West. How can you call a demon a God? From what intellectual angle? I do not know how one can see upside down things with your intellect? There is another Guru in India who is teaching people how to use sex to go to God. Have you forgotten Christ. He said thou shall not commit adultery, [UNCLEAR was] the commandment but I say that thou shall not have adulterous eyes. Because the eyes are possessed when you do that. It is a joyless effort, so tiring and so boring. It has no meaning. It fritters away your energy completely. When you enjoy yourself with all the beauty of Paris I find all the people going like this. They have no time to enjoy beauty. They have no sensitivity to suck that beauty.

…But because of this atmosphere and these great people writing books, your lost in the opinion of others. You are not to be found. What you say is somebody else’s opinion. You have known your experience, why should you listen to anybody else? Form your own opinion. But where are you? You are lost in the crowd. That’s why get your realisation. That is your absolute and by that absolute you will know this is all relative. Then only you will get answers to all your absolute questions. With this Yoga, with this communion, you become one with that truth. It is a like a connection of a very beautifully built (what do say?) computer. Now this computer is very nicely made in thousands of years and the record is established you can ask any question? You can ask a question is there God? And this question you start getting lots of vibrations. But there are another type of things which are called by negative people as vibrations. One should not confuse. If you get possessed also, you start shaking. You get convulsions. People pay thousands of pounds to get convulsions. We had some people from TM and some from other Rajneesh and this and that. They had paid thousands of rupees just to get convulsions. Some of them were lunatics and some of were epileptic. So many people like these are dying on the streets with epilepsy. You must know if you have got your own power. If you are manifesting your own power. If you can feel your own chakras, centres, that is your self. And you must feel the chakras of others. You must improve in your health, in your wealth and in your temperament. Complete priorities must change and you should be a transformed personality. Otherwise people pay them for convulsions, or for epilepsy, or for getting sick or headaches. Most of these people have a terrible headache here, ending up in lunatic asylum. They are telling each other because it is a mafia going on, nobody knows what is going wrong with the others. You are told to keep complete secret. So that you do not know how far you are rotten and a competition is set in secretly. Some people are saying that they are teaching flying. How can you believe with your intelligence such nonsense? With your evolution are you going to be become birds and then frogs? You have to become something else, which is described in all the scriptures, supported by all the incarnations and the Prophets. Imagine some people started flying what would happen? God, will he make you such absurd things? Why do you want to fly? I just can’t understand? Some scientists from America came to see me, specially, because they wanted to fly in the air. They wanted to leave their body and go somewhere else. I told them you have already landed on the moon, why do you want to fly? They said that because Russia is doing that. I said which Russian is flying? They said they (Russian) are doing parapsychology and ESP. I said that is all possession of the spirits, do you want domination of the spirits? They said we want to fly. But I said that you will be enslaved by the spirits. They said still we want to do it because Russia is doing it. I said if Russia is going to hell, will you go to hell, also. Surprisingly they said yes. I said then go faster there. I can’t understand these human beings, intelligent people. Intelligence is not wisdom. When wisdom is enlightened, you become complete. Because this power controls the whole universe. It is the complete knowledge. It is the bliss. It is the attention of God which is completely enlightened. We have to enter into the kingdom of God and not waste our life like this. This is very fantastic. People cannot believe that you cannot pay for your realisation. We can’t believe we can get anything without paying. But how can you pay for your realisation? That is an insult, debasement. It is very different thing I am telling you about, which cannot be sold, which just permeates. It permeates everywhere. It wants to be shared by everyone. It wants elevate everyone, to that height, where you are suddenly shot off into the space, where you become the master of yourself and one with God. I think for today I spoken quite a lot and today there are so many things to be said on this subject. We must first have the experience to understand what I am saying then use your vibrations on others to see how you work it out. If somebody gives me, say, French francs and I don’t use them how will I know its value? Then establish it within yourself. And enjoy your dignity. Till this light is not enlightened it is seeking. Once it is enlightened it is just giving light. The position changes from that to this. Then you become the giver. It is that simple and innate within you. The time has come for this, en masse evolution has started in India. Even in England there are thousands who have got realisation. I have to see how far Paris is going to come up? This is the first time I am here. Only through your wisdom and understanding you can expedite this evolution and transform the whole world into a new age. The time is short. As I told you Christ is going to come back with eleven destructive forces. He is going to destroy all that is useless. This is your last judgement. Kundalini awakening is the way you are going to be judged. The last judgment has started, you just face it. All grace is within you. I will work very hard but you must also have determination. We all have to work hard and share the duty. May God Bless you.

(To a Sahaja Yogi) Can you ask them to take out the shoes and put both their feet on the ground?

Christ’s mother was the embodiment of that incarnation. But she was kept completely in the dark because Christ did not want that her protocol should be disturbed. If anybody had troubled her, he would come down on this Earth with eleven destructive powers. But he wore his cross because he had to show that resurrection is the aim of life.

Put your hands like this. Straight like this. Now ask them to close their eyes.