What is Second Birth?

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-04-20 1 Second Birth 1, 50'
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What is Second Birth? Caxton Hall, London, England. 21 April 1980.

I again see today some new faces, who have come here, and I have to explain again today, for the first time to them, what is Sahaja Yog, which has been promised in various scriptures that you have to get your second birth. You have to be born again. It is said. Christ has said too, the same thing. But people have not been able to ponder on this subject: what is that mean – our second birth? Are we not already born as human beings? We are born but the human beings, which are born, are told that you are to be born again. Now what are we going to do?

So they asked, “Are we to enter into our mothers’ womb again? Am I to be born again.”

He said, “You’ll be born of the Holy Ghost, of the Holy Spirit.”

The Holy Ghost that He talked about is the Kundalini within us. She is the part of the Holy Ghost, or you can say the reflection of the Holy Ghost, which exists as all-pervading power. Actually, the all-pervading power of divine love is the love of Holy Ghost or Her aura. This is reflected within us as the power of desire as shown in the picture in the triangular bone of sacrum and coils itself in three and a half rounds. This force, which is called residual force, is the desire of God which resides within us in a dormant way.

We actually do not know what is the desire of God is. We have our own conclusions, our own conceptions, our own ideas that I am doing the work of God. But you are not yet connected with God, how can you do the work of God? There is no way of really establishing any actual rapport with God, and how can you say that you are related to God or you are doing the work of God? It’s all right that God is looking after you, He is managing you, He has given you this life – is correct. But there is no way of finding God in your conscious mind.

It’s just your mental activity, maybe your Ego –which says, “I am God.”

Some people say, “I like it!”

But why do you like it? Because I think, I like it. Then, why, whatever you think is your own. It is not God’s, how do you say with such cock-sure attitude that you are connected with God? Then they will start discussing about it. They sit down and talk about it. Yesterday only we had a very funny visitor in Paris and he started it like a tape record and he just started telling Me what he thinks. But your thinking is your own imagination. There is no actual experience in it. There is no actuality. I said, “This is fanaticism.”

When you start thinking about something and accept it as real, then it is fanaticism, of any kind. You can be a football fanatic. You think that a particular person must win. It becomes sort of your thinking. Then that person must win, if he does not win then you are going to kill everybody else. If you go a little further with it, you think that you are a great benevolent person. Then whatever you think, you feel that this is the thing that is going to bring benevolence to people. But what is the proof?

That what you think is the thing wanted by God. All your thinking is based either on your conditioning, whatever you have read, if you are born a Christian all your thinking will be Christian thinking means church’s thinking, not God’s thinking. If you are a Hindu, you will think like a Hindu – of a temple or some sort of a Guru or somebody who has taught you something. If you are a Muslim you might become Khomeini – anything is possible! Are we going in the same direction with our thinking, or are we related to God? First, relationship with God must be established. That is extremely important before we talk of God because all our thinking is our conditioning or else our imagination. There are some people who met Me, they said they have met God.

I said, “Really? How, how does He look like?”

“Oh, I met Him on the street.”

I said, “Very good.”

And somebody says, “I am Christ.”

Somebody says, “I am Krishna.”

But what is the proof? I mean, supposing I say this is gold. Then gold has a density? You can find out whether it is gold or silver or something but you cannot just go on saying, “I think it is gold. So it becomes gold, can it? In the same way our faith, because we think we have a belief in it, is mythical – as far as you are concerned, as far as anybody else is concerned. Unless and until you give the proof of God, nobody is going to believe in God any further, I can tell you this much. And this is the reason another mythical stuff is coming up is that there is no God. This is another myth. Either to believe that you are connected with God is equally mythical as to say there is no God. Because if you have not met Him how do you say, there is not? There may be, may not be – is a better situation. Just to denounce Him that there is no God, is another myth.

We some or other managed to live with a myth. It’s very comfortable to live with myth. It’s a comfortable life; we do not want to give up our comforts. As just now, I was telling someone that a little shell contains a little oyster in it. Now, the oyster doesn’t want to get out of the shell. It’s quite comfortable. And a little bit of a sand comes in and is said troubling the comfort of the oyster. So, oyster takes out his saliva goes round it, makes it softer, puts it there, curls up a little bit of its body and says, “Now I am comfortable, now I am very satisfied, it’s all right. The shell is the thing for me.”

And that’s how we go on living with the shell, avoiding understanding that this shell is not the thing we are seeking. So, one has to get out of that comfortable feeling one has. If you have a house, very nice! I’ve got children, very nice! I’ve got a wife, I’ve got a car – it’s all right. I am very comfortable, I am very satisfied. But then, certain calamities come in. You are faced with them. Problems come in – and then you think, “I never waited for this, it was more sun expected.”

There are another set of people, who think – who ‘think’, again! – that they have to search God. And that’s how they jump into sea. They jump into fire, they jump into water, they jump into all kinds of things without understanding what danger it entails. So one side we have a comfortably coiled-up an oyster and another is a oyster which is burnt up, which is either drowned or something.

So what should a human being do? He should be comfortable, but all the time he should think that, “I have not yet met God, I must meet. I have to watch and see. I have to understand.” Oyster in the shell is better sometimes than the oyster, which is completely fried out. But the oyster in the shell will die its own death. But there is a possibility about the oyster which has come out that he might meet something. Because he is a seeker God also looks after him, God also wants to help. If he could listen to his own unconscious, he could work it out.

Sahaja Yoga is not a new thing. Sahaja means ‘spontaneous’. Everything that happens in life is spontaneous. From amoeba to this state, you have come spontaneously, sahaja – born with you. It is within you! Gradually, as a seed sprouts into a flower and then the fragrance starts emitting out from the flower, in the same way it is all built in you. You don’t have to go anywhere, it is between your own thinking and your desiring it resides. You desire something and you don’t think about it – that is the best way you can do it. We have two capacities within us, one is to desire. With this left side, the deep blue coloured channel within us, we desire. It manifests outside as left sympathetic nervous system, which is our emotional side, which is responsible for collecting all our past, all our experiences, all our conditioning. This is the psyche about which the psychologists are worried. So we desire.

And the right side one, the yellow coloured line represents the power by which we maintain our physical being and ultimately we start thinking. Between these two resides the power of our evolution. So we have left side and right side sympathetic nervous system, manifested in the gross, and in the center is the parasympathetic. Parasympathetic is a system which shows how much we have evolved so far. How much we have achieved so far up to human level.

Only human beings think that they have to achieve God, not animals. They have reached that state that they think that they have to achieve God, they desire that they have to achieve God. There is a gap between their achievement and there is the desire. This is to be crossed. But their desire cannot work it out, only their desire can call for the help from God, and the God’s desire is within you in this triangular bone lying dormant. This God’s desire is called as Kundalini. That God’s desire has to rise within you, and it is He who has to give you the second birth or you can say that the She, the Mother, has to give you the second birth.

This is the Holy Ghost about which Christ could not talk to those mad people who really crucified Him. They were mad that they thought that Christ was blasphemous. Just think of it! And today we have churches and people, and this and that. When He lived nobody accepted Him, nobody recognized Him. When He came, they talked of Moses, Abraham. It is very nice to handle Christ, better talk about them, so that we don’t have to face reality. Because if they had recognized Christ, then Christ would have said, “All right, if you are recognizing Me, then get your Realization and understand yourself.” They where not prepared for this. Only twelve people somehow – you see – managed to be there, somehow. They would not accept Him either. Till He was resurrected then they accepted Him, in a way. And then, what are you going to do but to create a myth around it. And to say that, “Of course, we believed in Christ.” Now what, which Christ did you believe in? Because that Christ, whom you had to face, you did not face. And now you live in imaginary world, you have your own paradise about it. Where does He live within us? Has He created any position within us? Is there any meaning to His life, which has left a permanent mark within us? Was He even one of the mile-stones within us? If so – where does He reside within us? How can we be connected to Him?

Nobody made any exploration about it. Again the comfortable shell started. It has happened not once, thousands of years it has been happening, whenever an Incarnation came on this earth that’s how they behaved.

When Rama came they said, “We believe in Parashurama”, when Krishna came they said, “We believe in Rama”.

Same thing with Christ, with everyone. But you better now recognize and know yourself, and face it once for all, the time has come. How long are you going to live with your myths? The time has come.

It has nothing to do with East, West or North and South. Most amazing is that in the West people are afraid that this is Eastern knowledge. The other day only one lady who is a realized soul, her son is a realized soul – they said their teacher was very anxious about my son.

Because he said, “Why are you giving this Eastern knowledge to him?”

How can it be Eastern? It is universal knowledge.

I said, “Why don’t you go and ask the teacher that was Christ born in England or in America?

His cross is even, you can find it on the airport of London. Because I think that Christ was an Englishman. So it’s all right, he has to – poor thing – has to become an Englishman. What to do? His knowledge cannot be limited to Indians or to English or to anyone. It is God’s knowledge, it is for anyone of you, it is your right to know it.

All of you have got Kundalini. You can see with your naked eyes its pulsation; you can see its rising. You can see its piercing through, you can feel it it throbbing here. You can see the piercing. You can see, when it pierces through, how you become actually collectively conscious – you do become. It’s a fact! And how can you avoid fact? And why should you avoid? Because reality is so beautiful, why should we be afraid of facing reality which is so beautiful?

There was a gentleman in Paris who got his Realization and two days he was just laughing out of joy. and he said, “I’ve never laughed all my life as I have laughed now” – and just out of joy he was laughing; is so joyous.

He said, “Mother let me laugh now and enjoy myself, I’m willing [??].”

Actually he told Me that he never believed in God, to begin with. He thought he was a very rational being. I said, rational beings are still half because they are dealing with something so limited, is rationality. We have to cross these barriers of rationality, and something is already within you, God has placed within you, because it is His desire that you should know Him, that His power should flow through you and that you should be the citizen of His kingdom, that He is your generous Father and He has made all these arrangements for you.

Now, 75% people sitting here are Realized souls. I’m so very happy, because I struggled with six of them for four years. It is such a remarkable thing but it is very, very hard for people to believe that you have to get an experience of God, you have to feel Him within yourself. As an actualisation, you have to feel Him in your conscious mind. Because if religion gets organized you also get believes organized. Then, whatever they say becomes perfect. Blind leading the blind. You cannot organize God, you cannot. He will organize. You cannot conceive Him – He has to conceive you. His graze must come on you; you have to ask for His graze.

He has already placed His desire within you. And this desire resides as Kundalini. You have heard so much about Kundalini before also, I believe. Maybe you must have read some horrible books, which are shown, to Me, that this Kundalini gives you jerks, and you start jumping and you start making noises and things like that. At the very outset, I must tell you that it is a desire of God, which is your Mother. And this Mother is your own Mother. You do not have any other Mother but this Mother and She does not have any child but you. Do you think such a Mother who has been waiting to give you this rebirth would be in any way troublesome to you? Even your physical mother bore all the pains upon herself to give you birth. Then why should this Mother try to trouble you?

Then people asked Me, “Then how did these people talk of these things?”

I mean you can talk of anything if you want to befool people. If you want to befool people, can’t you? I mean, if you indulge into such a thing you can. You can get possessed by somebody also, that you start writing all these nonsensical things. So many mythical things have been written – apart from that, those who write that Kundalini gives you jerks and all that maybe the people who were something like villagers coming and touching the electricity at a wrong point and getting a shock and maligning the electricity, maybe the unauthorized people who did not know anything about Kundalini. For Kundalini can only be awakened by an authorised person who is authorised by God, not by theological college or by any Pandit or by any ayurved school or anything. Christ never went to any theological college. It cannot be done by any such person who says he will read books and raise the Kundalini. It’s not the mechanism that works out that way.

You cannot even sprout a seed by reading, can you? You have done nothing living by reading. How can you raise Kundalini by reading? This is in your every day-to-day life we really lack sometimes common sense. We go and read something, we think by reading something we are going to go to God, or we then sit down and discuss about it. You cannot do anything by this reading, which is just a dead thing! All your arguments, everything is dead.

It is not yet enlightened; otherwise every word could be living. That’s the Mantra. The word that is living is the Mantra. These holy words, is spoken by a person who is not enlightened, has no meaning at all. If it is spoken by a person who is enlightened – because enlightenment means he is related to God, and he can address to God, like you get connected. All right, if it is done, done, nothing to worry. Nothing to feel bad, if some people have been very fanatically involved into it, it doesn’t matter. Makes no difference at all today, I feel. All kinds of things, whatever are done are done in the past, finished. We have to get our Realization. We have to actualise ourselves. This is the main point.

We are seeking ourselves. Unless and until you realize yourself you don’t have to even believe in Me – but you should not deny Me. I would not like anybody to believe in Me blindly because blind people cannot get it. But you should not be also closed because closed people also cannot get it. When you get it then you must believe – that is what is called as Shraddha. In Sanskrit-language there are two things are – one is blind faith and another is Shraddha, that is faith, pure faith. But in English we have to use an adjective, that blind faith and faith. But people are so confused that they forget the adjective of blind, and they think my faith is. If your faith is that, one has to accept it. But your faith should be such that is based on the truth. Then you become an enlightened person.

After all God has made us into human beings, He has given us this nose, eyes, everything. We have done nothing about it. And if He has made us for a purpose, He is going to connect us, He is going to do it. It’s His job. If He does not do it, He will have no meaning, His creation will have no meaning. It is His job! And decides that somebody else wants to do it for you, why should you worry? Once you get it, you can do it, too. Like one light enlightened can enlighten another light, you can do it.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit because 75 % are Sahaja Yogis, who are Realized souls and who know Sahaja Yoga, they have given Realization to so many, they have cured people, and I mean they are just there. And I am very happy that in Paris there was so many of them achieved their Nirvikalpa which is we called as the doubtless awareness.The first state is the thoughtless awareness. Awareness means enlightened awareness you can say, Samathi is the one where your awareness becomes enlighterened. The first state is of thoughtless awareness. And then you jump into your Realization, but still the state is not established. You mature then as doubtless awareness, and this doubtless awareness is a state, is not a thing. “Now I have no doubts about Sahaja Yoga”, that’s not the way. It’s a state where the rhythm of these vibrations, or the rhythm of these radiations achieve a certain depth and a rhythm which then you yourself start seeing that these doubts are something separate and you build up your own reserve against them. It’s not mental state, it is the state of the being.

You can say a seed becoming a fruit and maturing, or you can say a flower becoming a fruit and then the fruit maturing. In this way, first you get your Self-Realization and you get your thoughtless-awareness. And then you get your doubtless awareness. But people who are not complicated so much, uncomplicated people, simple people with proper life, not extremist, not crazy about anything, such simple people can get doubtless awareness at the first shot. They get both things together. We have many people like that but because in the West we have had too much of rambling in our thinking we go a little round about way. We get our realization, after realization we start verifying it. Mother has said all right, these vibrations, let me try and then let me see the Kundalini rises and let me see the Mantras, what She has said about the deities whether it’s correct or not, whether these Chakras are all right or not you start verifying it through your brain, you go round and round and round. That’s why the first thing you get is your attention gets enlightened. You put your attention to someone and you know about that person on your fingers, you can feel their centers and then you know through decoding what centers … – Supposing somebody is having a heart-attack or something, you can feel it on this finger a heat or a kind of a spasm sometimes and sometimes numbness.

If a person is going to die, you feel numbness in all your fingers. There are many things which decode it. Apart from physical, you have got also emotional problems which can be found out. The left side suggest the emotional problem and the right side the physical and the mental problem. If a person is egoistical, if his ego is hurt, anyway if there is a problem with his ego, somehow or other, in any way then you get this finger catching very much. But after getting Realization you don’t feel bad, if somebody says, “Mother, my Agnya here is catching”. All right, you say it, you don’t feel bad about it.

You say, “All right, clear it out!”

This center is that of Christ. Even many people who call themselves Christians have the same Agnya as the Jews have and as the Muslims have. One because they are unauthorized, that’s why Christ is angry, another because they are criticizing Christ. Both ways is just the same. Christ wants, or anyone of them, they want that you should realize them, you should feel them, you should know them.

Today specially for the Sahaja Yogis I wanted to discuss the right side very much because so far, we have not dealt with it very much. Normally, we got people who were on the left side, on the emotional problem. The right side is called also as prana shakti, means the vital power of life. And the left side is called as mana shakti. Now, this prana shakti, which is on the right-hand side, the prana shakti within us comes to us through five elements. The five elements are, as you know, is, one of them is the earth, then we have got the water, then we have got the air, then we have got the light, and then we have got the ether. These five elements are there.

Out of these five elements our body is made. These five elements create five cacoons around us. And that’s how we have got five auras within us. These five auras can be detected by some machines because these machines are able to detect only the right side as they deal with matter. The whole of the matter is created by these five energies and they have also a causal energy behind it. And these causal energies actually make that.

For example: the causal energy of earth is fragrance. From the fragrance earth is created. Now, within us all these five centers that you see these are, these five up to here, are made of five elements. The body of those centres are made of – only the body-part, I am saying – of those five elements. And the Deities residing in those centers are also born from those five elements. Because they were born of a particular element, they concentrated more on that and maintained the knowledge more limited to that area, which dealt with that particular element.

For example, we can say the green thing is the one that represents the water, water element. This center in the stomach is the water element within us. It is called as Nabhi Chakra and around it is called as the Bhavasaghara – you can say the Void, or you can say the Gap, or whatever you may say, the whole world as such, within us. So the people who were born on this center, around this center, were born out of water element. In this Bhavasaghra, Bhavasaghra means the ocean of this world were born through this ocean of the world were born all the primordial masters one after another, we can say Abraham, Moses, we had Janaka, were Adi Nath and Socrates and so many others like that Nanaka and also very recently we had about hundred years back a very great saint born in India known as Sainath. They all represent the same element that is the water element, be responsible or being born out of that they are anxious to maintain water element as the one which is within us for sustaining ourselves. We are sustained by water so they help us to sustain ourselves. They are the sustainers, tell us how to sustain us as a human being. And all of them have tried to establish religion within us. A religion doesn’t mean outside, but the religion as a man means the capacity of a man or you can say, the quality of a man. What a human being should be like, what is the way to know if he is a human being or not – which is described in the Ten Commandments.

Now the way they have said it is all misinterpreted and all wrong things have come. But one thing is definite, that they have never talked of fanaticism. They are against fanaticism. They are against alcoholism because alcohol spoils the water element very much. If you see the effect of alcohol on water in the blood of human beings you will be amazed how the neutral position of hydrogen and oxygen only time is absolutely imbalanced by alcohol. And water cannot absorb any heat from the liver, which sorts out all your poisons.

And that’s how people get bad livers, bad troubles, and then people would say, “What’s wrong?”

There is nothing wrong as such because even nothing wrong in that. “What’s wrong according to theory of wrong and right of human beings, I think nothing is wrong. You can kill yourself. You can jump from anything. You can do whatever you like. There is nothing wrong. If you break this, if you break that, if you break anybody, do anything, there is nothing wrong what’s wrong with it. But there is fundamentally wrong is that you are created for a purpose. You have not created yourself. God has created you with such difficulty. He has taken you out of so many evolutionary processes and brought you to this stage and now you have no business to kill yourself and destroy yourself.

This is wrong is that you are destroying yourself, you are destroying your community, you are destroying others and you are destroying yourself. If you are destroying yourself also because you are on your own you think what’s wrong. You are a part and parcel of the whole. You are a cell in the whole and being created to know the whole and if you destroy yourself you are destroying the whole as well. You become malignant. You become cancerous and that’s why it’s all wrong. In anyway if you destroy others or destroy yourself you have no right to do that. God has given you freedom, no doubt. By creating ego and superego within yourself with these activities, you become separated from the whole. And then you think you are Mr such and such. And then you stand and say “I believe in this, I believe in, actually who are you? You are made by God. You are His own child. Still you are a child. It’s like a baby saying “I believe in it, I believe in it.”

You have not known the whole so far. How can you say that? You have to grow! And when you grow, your freedom is complete, absolute. But the ideas about this freedom are such that you are fighting your own innocence, you are fighting your own sustenance. And this sustenance was completely supported, protected by these great incarnations of Primordial Masters. That’s why they talked against alcohol. Christ did not talk about alcohol, all right – because He was at another point. But He did not say that you take alcohols, never. People said that He drank wine but wine means grape juice in that country, it doesn’t mean alcohol. How can Christ say, you drink wine, which is fermented, which will go against your awareness? Just think of it! It goes against your awareness, isn’t it? Your awareness is to be enlightened, He came on this earth to enlighten that awareness, do you think He will say that you get foggy with it? Does it not fog your attention and your awareness, is a fact. But He wants to do something else because He came as divine power itself. He was the embodiment of Pranava – not Prana – all powers put together. He was the embodiment of OM itself, the Brahma. That’s why He came to prove what Krishna has said, that it cannot be killed by anyone. It cannot be blown off, it cannot be destroyed. His body was made out of that, and that’s why He could be resurrected. All these things are knowledgeable only if you are a realized soul, otherwise you cannot understand this.

Because you have not yet gone into the depth of your own understanding, you are still children as I say, you have to be born again, and then you can find out for these vibrations. You have to ask just a question, “Was Christ embodied with Pranava, or the OM, or the Brahma? Or was He made of Brahma itself?” You will get the cool breeze in the hand – and that is the sign that He was. It is much deeper but the whole knowledge exists as experience to you. The whole of it, it is an experience within us. And one has to get that experience of oneself, which is knowledge itself – and then everything trickles down just like actual thing within us, as we see white as white and red as red. Animals do not see, perhaps, but human beings do see. Thus, our awareness is enlightened.

I will be talking to other Sahaja Yogis in the Ashram about the right side later on because we have new people, and they are to be looked after. And I think, next time when I meet, I don’t know when, maybe.


So just now, let’s have the experience for the new ones, and for the others also to deepen themselves.

May God bless you!

All of you should put your hands just like this, before Me, and close your eyes, just close your eyes! Put the hands like this, and just close your eyes. You have to close your eyes because the Kundalini, when She rises on the Agnya Chakra the dilatation of the pupil takes place. And if your eyes are open the dilatation doesn’t take place. When people mesmerize they keep your eyes open because they put you on the sides. I will tell one day how they mesmerize, also.