Sympathetic and Parasympathetic

London (England)

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“Sympathetic And Parasympathetic”, Dollis Hill ashram. London (UK), 24 April 1980.

Acupuncture is actually is the tapping of the power which is already within us. Now for example, you have a certain power in your stomach, all right? Now this power is continuously supplied to your other organs in the stomach, is used for that, through the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic stores it and the sympathetic uses it. 

Now supposing there is a disease in the stomach. So now the energy in that, vital energy in that particular centre is sort of exhausted or is much less. So what do they do? How to get well that person? They take from another centre, divert it, and put it there. And that’s how they try to cure that. But by that they create an imbalance, because you have a limited energy; you have a limited, absolutely limited, energy. Now supposing you have a limited petrol and another car you find whose petrol is all finished. Now if you push the petrol into another car, maybe that car will go half way and you will also go half way and finished. You understand my point? So both of them reduce your longevity. So it is the extraction of the energy which is within us which is limited.

Sahaj Yoga is a very different thing: in Sahaj Yog your Kundalini rises and connects you with the All-pervading Power. So all the time you are getting power, the vital power within you flowing, and there is no death of that power. It’s all the time flowing, the grace. 

But here when you tap one energy into another there’s no proper understanding [of] how much to give, how much to balance and there is no need at all. Once you are a realised-soul, supposing somebody has a stomach trouble, you have to just put your hand on the stomach, finished. The person you can cure. You can cure cancer, you can cure anything because you become the source of that energy and your energy is not limited. You are getting energy from the All-pervading Power, you are connected with it. So whatever you are doing it’s just flowing like that and you just become a witness of that power which is flowing.

So you don’t have to mismanage, mishandle, anybody. You just look after that part which requires energy and you raise the Kundalini and give Realisation to that sick person also, so that he can give it to another. He gets cured, then he can cure others. It is like that.

So tapping this energy was first started in China when Zen system came into action, Zen. Now Zen is nothing but Sahaj Yoga, same thing as it. But Zen had only twenty-six Kashyapas in six centuries. Kashyapa means realised-soul. Only twenty-six in six centuries. And now there are none.

I have met the chairman of the Zen who came here. He is a chairman, I don’t know how he is a chairman. His Kundalini is just frozen there. He cannot get Realisation I tell you! He’s beyond Realisation. He was sick so they took me to him. And he said that, “Yes You have healed me, this, that give me your healing power.” I said, “You’ll have to take your Realisation!” He said, “How can I be a Kashyapa? There were only so many, how can I be a Kashyapa? I’m not still the…” I said, “You will become. Why don’t you take it?” But he was on like this. He wouldn’t take Realisation. They want to live in ignorance. So, main thing is you first get your Realisation, you get your power within yourself and manifest it into another person.

But no use putting oil from here to here and there to there. At least let one oil burn: you will have only stomach trouble. And otherwise the whole body will collapse. [That] which was to collapse – say, the stomach trouble is there – then it’s it is all right. You can continue with the stomach trouble; but if you remove it from your head there, then within say five days everybody is finished. Moreover it attacks heart, it attacks heart that’s the main point. 

And acupuncture is one thing I have seen: those who take acupuncture are difficult to get Realisation. Even if they get it, it’s difficult to maintain it, because of the imbalances created in the body. We should not create any imbalance ourself. Already we have created it. At the most if you have to do anything, balance it. Do not create more imbalances. And this is what is happening with all these things which are done in ignorance. They do not tell you what you do really, they never tell you. Like TM they don’t tell you what it is. It is nothing but possession. They are possessing you, absolutely they are possessing you. They mesmerise you. They don’t tell you, “We mesmerise and put a possession on you.” If they tell you won’t pay money to this fellow. Isn’t it? So they won’t tell you. They say it is “transcendental meditation”. How do you go to trance? Ask any Indian, he’ll tell you. You can only go into trance through mesmerism. Mesmerism comes through only spirits. By spirits, when you get possessed, then only you get into trance. That’s why they are behaving like this, jumping like this. 

Now people are paying for getting convulsions and epilepsy. This look at this Bernard Levin: such an educated man! He writes that if you go to Rajneesh you get convulsions. I mean, then there is even more reason you should not go! You pay to get convulsions and to get epilepsy?

First of all you cannot pay, first of all, if it is real, because it is too real to be bought. All right? First of all. The first thing is this.

And the second thing is that, whatever you get should transform you completely into a beautiful person. Your health must improve, your mind must improve, you should be a fine person, your temperament must change, your habits must change, your priorities must change, you should be a person who is a master of yourself. 

Instead of going to this man means or to that guru means you become a worse person. That’s what is happening. How can that be?

And this is not to be achieved through rationality because rationality is limited. It’s a state of mind where you jump into. It’s an actualisation; it happens to you. Something that is actual should happen to you. You cannot just rationalise it sitting down, “Oh I am I am God, I am Brahma!” How do you become? Supposing sitting down here, I say: “I am Queen Elisabeth!” They’ll arrest me and put it in the jail. (Laughter)

You see my point? So all these gurus are doing the same thing. And now see you are having problems with that. You can see that. Sitting and all that you are getting all these problems are because of that. Now will you please take to something real (laughing).

Woman: What should I take to?

Shri Mataji: You should take to Sahaj Yog! All right??

Now give up that Acupuncture for a while, it’s a horrible stuff. It’s sinful, I tell you. It spoils Kundalini of others. Their chance to Realisation is diminished. You would not like to do something like that. It’s very wrong. It’s very wrong. It attacks the base of human beings. Any one of these, any one of them is just the same.

You can learn Homeopathy. Homeopathy is better; thousand times better than this. If you want to cure people, homeopathy is better. It is much more congenial to human nature. You can learn Ayurvedic you can learn any one of these things. But, I cannot understand this acupuncture at all. Chinese don’t use it in China, can you imagine? In China they don’t.

Woman: I think they do.

Shri Mataji: No they are telling you lies. They never do it. I have been to China mainland. They never do it in China. All telling you lies. 

They don’t believe in Lao Tse. They don’t believe in him at all in mainland China.. They don’t believe in Lao Tse. Just they don’t have it. They have other teas and this and that and they use certain roots, a more ayurvedic style, but not acupuncture, they don’t have. And I have been in China, myself.

I asked them about it. They say, “Lao Tse, useless fellow!” like that. Because after LaoTse very few people got Realisation. And this one has to know what are the centres in the hand, where they are. They are also using all wrong points all sympathetic points they are not using the right points which are the parasympathetic. But that you need not do with Realisation, now why should you do it? It’s all right. All right?

It’s a tremendous task. One side so many people are ruined; they are seekers they have to seek. And so many people have come round with all kinds of ignorant stuff. It’s absolutely naive, absolutely naive and dangerous. The other side is the society is going down: political people are mad. If you see the whole world, I don’t know what’s happening. In America people are so mad! The other day I saw a picture; I don’t know if you saw that BBC thing: it was horrible. I mean, I don’t know. And then one of the interviewers even asked that, “Don’t you think this is too much you are going too far with this kind of mass nonsense? And why should you do it? Is it not that because of all these sinful acts the pressure is mounting up in this area and there will be a big earthquake?” They said, “We don’t believe in all that. We have a lot of enjoyment,” and this and that, and they looked horrid. I mean you could see from their faces that they were telling lies. There was no enjoyment, nothing. You could see sick people, absolutely sick, horrible looking. All their Agnya catching, Vishuddhi catching and Mooladhara catching. What are they happy [about]? How can they be happy?

They believe in telling lies and believing in myth and living with it because they think that is going to help their ego.

We must ask for reality; we must face it, see it ourselves, accept it and be one with it. That’s just like a warrior. Otherwise we’ll be cowardly people. 

And you can see it, reality: clearly you can see. It’s very easy. The time has come. It’s for you people. You are all seekers of ages. It’s for you only this is discovered. All right?

How are you now? Are you getting the cool breeze? Lost it? Don’t think about it. If you start thinking you’ll lose it. Don’t think about it. Don’t think. If you think about it, you’ll lose it. It is beyond thought. By thinking you cannot reach there. All right? It’s again started.

Another lady: I have to go. I have to go now. Excuse me.

Shri Mataji: How are you? Look after your son. He’s very good. He’s a good boy, very good boy. Nice you brought him.

He’s alright now is he?

Sahaj Yogini: Yes.

Shri Mataji: You go and stay with them or you stay away?

Sahaj Yogi: I was staying with them up to going away to France.

Shri Mataji: Ah.

Sahaj Yogi: Been there since the death of my wife.

Shri Mataji: No but you must go back.

Sahaj Yogi: Eventually.

Shri Mataji: She misses you very much.

So beautiful. You gave her the present you brought for her, from there.

How is your father?

Sahaj Yogi: Now he’s still misbehaving.

Shri Mataji: True?

Sahaj Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: You should try. You are the only one around.

He’s caught up here. Imagine! How old is he?

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Shri Mataji: Is it on or off?

Sahaj Yogi: It’s on now. (Laughter)

Shri Mataji: It’s a very good question. You see, when you meditate; how do you meditate on different chakras?

Say you have to meditate on Mooladhara, now you pay attention towards Mooladhara and take the name of Shri Ganesha. Say the mantra. You know there are four petals; so every – that mantra should be every time should be four times should be said. Four into four you can say. Pay attention there.

Now physically also say we have a Nabhi Chakra, so many of you catch at Nabhi. If you have a liver problem, you can rub a little sugar on your Nabhi, will be a good idea. Or if you have the left hand side problem of Nabhi, if you rub a little oil or ghee or something it will be a good idea. And then concentrate on that. Try to put attention onto that, specially the chakras which are not all right. You just pay attention to it and meditate on them. Pay attention to it is the main point. If you pay attention with the mantras saying, that’s how you can meditate on every chakra.

And if two people can do it, is a better idea. Is, you see, in your back, on your back; if you show the spinal chord, you can see what chakras are bulging out. Other person can tell you these are the portions which are bulging out. So you go on saying the mantras of that chakra paying attention and the other person can tell you whether it is all right or not. For every chakra there is a mantra, which you know. Apart from mantra, you must know what things should be used, which element should be used for which chakra. 

For example, for using Mooladhara chakra: the best way to clear out Mooladhara chakra is sit on the ground; it’s the best way. I have told you how to do the exercise to be able to sit on the ground straight. It’s a very good idea of asking the Mother Earth to clear out your Mooladhara.

For example, if you have to clear out your Nabhi: Nabhi is made out of the water element and that’s why you have to ask the water element to help you. And for Nabhi water element is the best. If you can use the water element to clear your Nabhi it will be a very good idea.

Like that, every chakra is made from some element as it is. 

Swadishthana is made of earth and water; so the sea is the best for Swadishthana. If you could go to the sea and work out on Swadishthana it will be the best for you; any ocean. Or you can use salt and water for Swadishthana, will be very good.

Then we can say that for the heart chakra: heart chakra is, has to do with the, what you call, the akash, firmament. With the firmament, this heart chakra is with the…no not firmament. Akash? Akash nahi (Hindi: Not ether). It’s made out of air. Air is called…Hindi me kya hai? Vayu! Vayu! Vayu! Vayu! Is air. Air or you call it air, as an element you call the word air? Or firmament? Firmament is ether in English, isn’t it? So air, you can say air. Air element is for the heart chakra.

So for that I have told you how to do breathing. Breathing is the best way: to hold your breath before the photograph. Or you can take the breath in, deep breathing, and releasing it for a longer period; cleaning it. All these exercises are there. Then you see the mantra is of raksha, is the protection, to ask for the protection, is all with the air. All right?

Then we come to this one is here is the, English me shabd kya ho gaya? (Hindi: ‘what is the English word?’)  Tej, Vayu, Akash…Akash ko kya shabd hai, angrezi me? (Hindi: What is the word for akash in English?) Must be firmament. What is a ‘firmament’ in English?

Yogi: Ether.

Shri Mataji: Ether? Firmament is ether? All right, so this is the firmament then.  I have read one translation but I was not sure. This (Vishuddhi) is the akash, is the sky. This is the sky, here. All right? This is made out of the sky, firmament. And this (Agnya) is made out of the light.

Firmament is sky, is it? 

Yogi: Yeah.

Shri Mataji: So this is sky. That’s why it is Virata this thing. And this [Agyna] is your light. 

So for Agnya chakra you have to use the light. 

For this [Vishuddhi] you have to use the sky. If you put your hands up like this, if you say, “Allah hu Akbar” [and] put both the hands towards the sky, like that. There are so many ways of using the sky, watching the sky, looking at the sky. 

And for this [Agnya] the sun and the light is to be used.

Now supposing you are suffering from a left side problem, if you’re possessed or something, then you can use the sun because the sun will give you the balance.

But if you have the right side problems, like ego and all that, you should use the moon, put the left hand towards the moon. 

But always people do the other way round: these dramatic melodramatic people, all of them will go to the lunar side: they like the moonlight. And those who are egoistical will go in the sun and burn themselves off. So other way round it should be. Like that if you use, you can work it out. All right? You yourself can manage it.

So these are different centres which must be cleansed and meditated onto, or to be dissolved into their own [elements]. I mean, if you dissolve them into their own element, then you get more strength into that particular body. It’s like that.

Sahaj Yogi: Could you tell us a bit about sunset. Are we not to look at the sunset?

Shri Mataji: Sunset is not very good. Sunrise [is better]. Sunset is not good. That’s the time the sun is taking away all the energies from this earth, so it’s not such a good time to see. But it depends on [your nature]. For example, ego-oriented people if they see the sun[set] would be better I think. A little bit of their ego might be drawn out. But people who have got a left side problem should see the sunrise, will be good. It’s only the other way round. You see now? Good question! Now any other question?

Grazyna Anslow: When the Kundalini rises can you feel the Kundalini in each chakra, I mean lower chakras, or it can rise to the third chakra at once?

Shri Mataji: Actually normally if your instrument is perfect you don’t feel it anywhere, it just runs through, and you just feel the cool breeze from your head and you can feel the Kundalini’s fountain coming out, as cool breeze. 

But if your chakras are closed or there’s some problem or they are defective or sick or anything is there, then the Kundalini goes there and hits it. Like specially Void, if you have a Void this thing (catch) you can see it clearly at the back of a person. If the Void is caught up, you can see that, at the end of the Void here it will go on pushing like that. And if the Sushumna, the central path, is absolutely clearcut, a person is absolutely in the centre, then the Kundalini just goes like that straight and they also never have any problem later on.

Grazyna Anslow: What about the heat that we feel in our chakras?

Shri Mataji: Heat? Heat comes in if you have a liver problem or a right side problem. 

In the right side is too much of heat. In the left side it is too much of cold. 

Some people feel very cold and they perspire and this and that. If you have the left side problem then you get perspiration, especially with the heart. Or some people who have very low low blood pressure or who have left side problem, can feel very cold also. 

The heat comes because of liver mainly. Those who have too much of sun in them, the heat starts coming up. Also heat is a sign of over-activity in a person, a person is overactive. Cancer gives too much heat I have seen. Cancer also gives too much heat. It gives so much heat that one cancer patient can really make the whole house heated up.You don’t need any heater with a cancer patient if you know how to raise the Kundalini. And the left side is… (Laughter) It’s a common experience. It’s very interesting you know. Sahaj Yoga is very interesting. Even cancer makes you laugh, the way the things are. 

But surprisingly, you’ll be amazed that, I have not come across one cancer patient, so far, who is just right sided: always he ends up in the left, [this] means he must have had some sort of a problem with a black magic or some bad guru, or some sort of a thing which is unauthorised against God; something like that. 

Cancer is always, I have seen it, always: leukemia, [I have] treated cancer of the peritoneum, cancer of kidneys, cancer of lungs: all of them had this. That means somewhere a guru or somebody or some black magic or spiritualists or something like that has intervened with the personality, and then you get this cancer business. It’s a remarkable thing.

Grazyna Anslow: Does the heat always indicate the cancer problem?

Shri Mataji: Cancer? No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Heat indicates liver, mainly liver. All right? And cancer also is when the cells become ego-oriented. A person who is ego oriented, they think too much, they work very hard then they get liver. Because one centre has to do the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, the kidneys and uterus – imagine! And the same has to make, look after, the cells for the brain, the same centre, Swadishthana. When it has to work both the things, naturally, if you start thinking too much, then what happens is that these are neglected. So you develop liver, you develop kidney; you develop diabetes, you develop uterus troubles, all these things come. Apart from that, it goes further: by that time, when you overdo it then your left side starts freezing.

(break in the recording)

Ego orientation of any society will give you more heart attacks. But when ego develops too much in a society people start seeing it; then they get frightened of the ego, then they must drink. Because just to run away from the ego that they can’t bear themselves that egoistical, so they drink, they take to drugs, these things, to run away because they can’t just bear the ego of people. They find they are really silly idiots you see going around. So they don’t want to be like them; so they take the other side of it. 

When they go to the other side they go to the left side. Now when going to the left side both things being sort of very much fought out, there’s a wobbling going on in your brain. With that you develop all these problems. 

But if you are only left sided you may be absolutely reading only Lord Byron and you can land up in lunatic asylum. You can. I have seen one like that. Only reading Lord Byron could be possible. Because he just makes you miserable. He, himself, was a very funny man but he wants everybody to be miserable. And he always sings songs of such crying. I mean, such a man, I don’t know how he developed this kind of a melodramatic stuff. But I have known people who came to me who have been just crying reading this Lord Byron. He himself enjoyed life very well!

So one has to take a very, very wise and sane attitude towards life: that you are the eternal life, that you are the eternal being and you have come on this Earth to enjoy all the blessings that God has created for you, and not for weeping and crying and feeling guilty. That’s not your job. First thing is that. This is wisdom. And you are not going to make miserable about small, small things of life also.

Like the other day I saw a very interesting story of a husband [and] wife quarreling ending up into a divorce and poor husband had no house so he went to his brother’s place. The brother’s wife was very particular about everything. She had three pets, so he could not put the box anywhere because she would say. “No no no no no! There’s another pet!” Like that. Again, poor thing would leave the box, then, “No no no no no, not there! There’s another pet.” Then another there. Like that, all the time worried about small, small petty things of life. Also that can create a problem of ego-orientation. Live in a very carefree manner. It’s not so important. 

But that doesn’t mean laziness. I must tell you that doesn’t mean LA–ZI–NESS! Spell it with capital letters, all of you! By any chance it doesn’t mean that! It means hard work. But [to] enjoy it and not to be involved into things which are of no importance at all, useless things.

Here it is joy spread for you so why are you bothered about these things? They are not meant for you. Isn’t it? Ha!

Ha! David, thank God you told me about it because I found, I remembered, that the Secretary of our Health Ministry in Delhi, himself came to see me. He was there for three hours because our President has told him that Mataji has cured him, and he’s very anxious to verify it, that saying particular sounds, say for the Vishuddhi, like there are sixteen (bija mantras): uh, ah, e, ee, u, oo lu, glu, gloo, loo, a, I, o ,ou, , um aha – sixteen. Now all these sixteen sounds are for sixteen petals. But you need not do all that. If you just say the innermost thing is Virat. There is no need to have the sounds or anything. Just you say ‘Virat’, it opens out.

No use knowing, unnecessary, because we have gone to the centre most part, called as the Brahmanadi. If you have to go from the leaf to the root, then you have to know all the way. But if you are coming from the root, inside the root, then what is the need? When they moved that way, then only they knew all these things.

Say, in this house, or in any building, you have a lift just in the centre and moving you upward, you don’t have to know, you just move. But, if you have to come from outside every time, every chakra, you will never be able to enter inside the lift. But you’ll be doing all, you will know everything about that particular chakra from outside. But you’ll never get in with all the sympathetic movement. So there is no need to know. 

Like this I was telling you, this is the centre and this is the left and this is the right. You can come from the left and go back to the left or you can come from the left and go to the right. But, you cannot get inside. And this inside getting is the point. That’s the way you do it. All right?

So there is no need to. This is all again rambling.

Better now? Better she is. What do you think? Is she better?