Demystification of False Gurus

Hotel de la Paix, Lausanne (Switzerland)

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Public Program, “Demystification of False Gurus”. Lausanne (Switzerland), 26 April 1980.

First of all, I’m very grateful to Gregoire’s family and him, specially, for inviting Me to come to Switzerland to meet seekers of Truth. According to him, there are many, many seekers in this country, who are frightened of the fake gurus and are not venturing to find out much about God.

Today here selected subject for Me (is) to speak to you about the false gurus, how to find out who is false and who is true. It is very important because now the Judgement time, the Last Judgement has started already. This is the time it will be found out whether you have used your understanding wisely or not.

We have to think that when somebody has to judge us, how will he organize the judgement. First of all there will be good and bad placed before you. In your freedom, in human freedom, you have been seeking Truth for many lives. But sometimes you are misled, you try to seek it in money or in power also, and sometimes also the romanticism of love. And every time you have made some mistakes also. Mistakes are not so important because those who are not yet there are up to make mistakes. Moreover, if mistakes are committed by your spiritual naïveness, it is to be forgiven. After you have understood what is Reality and when you have achieved Reality, then only one can judge you whether you are all right or not. It would not be a fair chance to a person if you ask him to enter into a dark room and then start judging his seeing power. He must be given a full understanding and also an awakening to see what is around. That means you have to achieve a better understanding through evolutionary method. That also means that your consciousness at human level is not sufficient enough to see the whole.

So there is an urge to find out your wholesomeness all over the world. I find in the West there are many saints born, who are seeking. But they are lost in the confusion of materialism. If they could understand what is Reality and could feel it, I’m sure, they’ll go in for Reality and not for fake.

By Self-realization you see your Reality, you feel your Reality, your Absolute that is your Self. Because before that you live in the realm of relativity. All human enterprises in political or economic field are all relative. You have to find the Absolute and that is your only urge behind all the other urges. When this urge is very great and when people understand that there is a market for such an urge, people come with their own economic enterprises in the field. It is but natural for evil to react like that. Apart from that, if human beings have to rise to a higher consciousness, there must be a satanic effort also to pull them down. As Self-realization is the last jump into your Reality…

Aside: It’s all right, leave it, they are playing, all right. It’s all right. What’s wrong? Let him play…

As Realization is the last jump into your awareness in this Last Judgement, it is a very, very important event in the whole universe. Because of this emergency there is a cropping up of very cunning, hypocritical forces which will try to retard this process of Realization. There were demons born before also, demonic forces came into being, but one by one, not at the time. But in modern times you find them so many, somehow or other born like mushrooms. Some of them are really poisonous, dangerous and some of them are useless. I’ve been saying about it since 1970 but people did not like it.

Now, one thing you must understand: a person who is of a higher consciousness can never accept a parasitic life, he cannot depend on anybody for his maintenance. That means you cannot sell God in the market. You cannot pay even a single pai for that, it is so invaluable that you cannot insult it by talking about His sale. This is one of the tests one should put to anything that is selling in the name of God. A person who is holy only gives. He may not give you material things but He gives the supreme. Shri Krishna has said: “Yoga kshema waham [myam ?]” – when you get your yoga, when you get union with God, you also get your well-being after that, after that. So you cannot give anything to a person who calls himself to be holy or anything to do with meditation, and you cannot have a courses of God’s realization. You cannot go to a college to get a course on God’s realization. It would be like a seed going to a school to learn how to sprout, or an egg going to a school to learn how to become a bird, it is that absurd. You cannot learn it, it is the becoming, how what you become. You cannot learn what you become.

For example, you cannot go to a school… if monkeys are sent to a school they cannot become human beings. In education you can at the most change the outer being, but not the base of a particular gene or… if you are a human being, you’ll remain a human being. We have become from amoeba to this stage a human being. What did we do, to what school did we go, how much money did we pay, how many times did we stand on our heads? We have got everything spontaneously, it’s all spontaneous, it is all God’s grace which works it out. You cannot do it. In the same way you cannot get your realization by standing on your heads or paying money for it.

But some of the horrible people, who decided to exploit the market, first studied the people who are the seekers. They divided seekers into three groups: those who have money, those who don’t have much money, means who are seeking in money, and those who are seeking power. And they came out in three groups. First of all they said that, “Unless and until you take money from the people who have money, they will have no value for this.” It was a psychological trick. They say that, “They will feel that they have paid for it so they must go through it.” Like you go to a theatre and you pay a lot of money and it’s horrible drama, but still you have to go through it because you paid for it. And you just don’t complain to each other lest one may get up and go away and continue with it. So they have used this psychological question of impressing on you that you have to pay money. And because we are also – have been doing all such things – paying money for religion, we understood it very well. We should see how much money did we pay to Christ. He was just sold for thirty rupees and was crucified. This is what we gave to Him, this is what we gave to Him. And these people are taking money from us… there’s one guru who is taking money and having a bed full of diamonds, how can he be anywhere near God? That’s why Christ took a hunter and hit all those people who were having a sale in the church.

It’s all kinds of funny jugglery going on, has been, since long, about religion, because it pampers your ego. I met a gentleman who was a Jew, and he told Me that he wants Me to get him a small little box from India, of gold, with diamonds embedded, and he was a rich man, he would like to pay any amount for that. So I asked him, “What are you going to do about it?” He said, “I have got a very expensive Bible which is minutely written, you can only read it with a magnifying glass, which I’m going to put here in that and is going to tie to my hand – arm.” So I told him, “What will you do with that?” He said, “Oh, that’s how God is going to forgive all my sins.” I asked him, “Do you think God wants some bribery for it?” He was shocked at my remark. He said, “This is blasphemous. Don’t say like that.” So conditioned we are to this money that we cannot separate God from money. When we meet such people, we go to the other side and say there is no God and deny it. That is also the act of ego. If you have not known God, you should say, “Let’s see and wait: if it is there, we’ll accept, if it is not there we’ll not say anything.” There are many others, I’ve seen, who are paying lot of money to churches and temples in India while they are doing no God’s work except for all kinds of social services they are providing. I lived near a cathedral in London and the only activity the whole day there is going on is the emptying of the barrels of beer. I feel London has gone down so much in drinks that even if you go to listen to any carols, you don’t know where they are going, where the tune is moving. Everything is so shrillen out of tune and they cannot correlate with each other that you don’t know what to do.

So many young people all over the world have denounced all these traditional religions, because they see to the shell of religion but not to the spirit of religion. I had a disciple from Algeria who got his realization, who is a young man, who is a Muslim; he went back to his country and he gave realization to five hundred of his age group who were all a communist, atheist.

So it happens that when we think money is very important, we go to a guru who charges the most. As if people go to races which is the most expensive. So the most expensive guru makes the most of the disciples also.

Now the other thing they do is to – apart from courses – they give some sort of a funny mantra. In a country where, I mean, in India, where people know what are mantras are really, nobody can befool them. They are befooled by something else. If some juggler takes out a diamond out of his hand, Indians will be very much excited. And in the villages if any [will ?] distribute some few coins, they’ll be over excited about that man.

But in the West people are more impressed if somebody can take their money, where they can spend some money, because that is the expression of ego. As you have got Saint Tropez, where people just go to spend their money, because they don’t know what to do with their money. They can also believe that they are doing some spiritual work there. It is something on that basis when the money is involved in spiritual life.

Then one must understand that you cannot do anything about your Self-realization. There is a candle here which is enlightened and can enlighten many other candles. And the best enlightened candle cannot… best candle cannot get enlightened unless and until it is enlightened by an enlightened light. Whatever the candle may try – stand on its head or do whatever it can or pay any amount, – it cannot get enlightened. The unenlightened light is also, apart to be enlightened, is just ready for it. But something has to happen within. This is what we should know that when you go any fake guru what happening take place. I’m having samples of all kinds of funny happenings that these gurus are producing through their disciples. Only about eight days back there was a gentleman from some very expensive guru and he showed Me what happens to him: all his eyes became stuck and his hands started going and feet started going on both the sides and he came on the edge of the chair and he put his mouth, puffed his mouth and as if he is about to breath out, but he would not. So I thought he’ll collapse. I said “Breath in, breath in.” He could not breath in even. So it was a horrible condition and we all were shocked at his condition.

In India there were three-four people who came in an Indian gathering and they started taking out all their clothes and becoming naked. For Indian society it is too much to see anybody nude, what embarassing it was. And they were about to remove the last of their dresses, I said, “What are you up to?” So they said, “To show our health spiritual happening we have to become nude and dance.”

The other day in Paris I met somebody whose every muscle was twisting in every way and he was going into funny convulsions. I have cured the cancer of many people in this work of Mine, I’ve even cured the cancer of our president of India and I have seen that most of these cancer patients come from this black magic or left sided, what we call, the gurus and all sorts of infections. Apart from that so many I have seen from other gurus who teach them under courses and take a lot of money, they suffer from epilepsy of a very serious nature. Some of them who came to Me got such a shock that it was all wrong because they had all become bankrupt, they were very rich people. They went to see the doctors and the doctors said that there is a theta wave in their brain. And they said “Yes, this is what said theta wave”. So the doctors said “It is only for the epilepsy patients you get this wave.” There was a lady, daughter of a Duke in London, who had become absolutely mad and her head was pulled backward and she would sit like this, screaming loudly for hours together. She has lost all her money and every hope to the comeback. Even her husband in the same condition, not so bad but came to Me, both of them screaming, shouting and jumping. So they told – I asked them, “What have you been doing?” They told Me, “We have been learning flying.” I said, “Why don’t you ask your guru to fly, for a change. (Laughter) At least if he can fly than he can teach you”.

So we come to this point that we must verify from others what have they achieved through their practices and spending of money. They may just tell you that they feel very nice, they feel very happy as the drunkard says after taking some drink. But this is of no value. You should exactly know what is happening to him and whether there is any transformation in his temperament. I have seen some gurus put such speed into human beings that you cannot understand them what they are speaking. Their words go telescopically into each other, and some of them make them so mild that they become like worms. They cannot explain how it happened. Now I will tell you what they do.

You can see here a human being.

Aside: Can you…?

This is what you are, in the subtle form. These centres exist within you. These centres manifest outside the gross plexuses: this one is pelvic plexus, aortic plexus, solar plexus, this is cardiac plexus, this is cervical plexus. This centre is between the pituitary and the pineal which controls them and vis à vis controls the ego and the superego. This is the central part of your ascent. Already Goddess placed the energy within you called as Kundalini here, like a germinating power in a seat. This has to rise, go through all these centres and open out here giving you the real baptism. The children have a soft area here at first, but when your ego and superego both develop it becomes calcified. This is what you can see with your naked eyes, the pulsation of this Kundalini in the triangular bone, sacrum, in the raising of it and breaking them. This you cannot do like jumping and all standing on your head or taking out your clothes.

Aside: Enjoying the joke…

So there is already a force within us which has to come up, which has to, here to here, and you have to feel that collectivity within yourself, actualizing on your fingers. Evolution is a living force, you cannot pay dead money for that, you cannot pay money for sprouting a seed and it sprouts through its [primule ?] – the germinating force. In the same way you will only through your Kundalini awakening get your realization, there is no other way out. These two forces give rise to the left and the right sympathetic and the central one what you have achieved here, up to this point, this is parasympathetic, gives rise to. Now, these things you cannot create by paying money, by standing on your head or asking to fly. By the way, why do you want to fly? Do you want to become now birds? You are already flying with your brain so… so well equipped.

Now the person, who says he is a holy person, as I told you, doesn’t take anything from you. He has to be an absolutely a pure person. If he lives on your money or on the passions and the greed and the lust on which you are living, – what is so great about it? He has to be the master of himself, at least, and not a slave of lust and greed. Such a person can only give you Realization, that mastery which he has got. It is like learning driving for a person who has never seen a car. They play upon your psyche by taking you to the right or to the left. Left side is all your subconscious area and the collective Subconscious. On the right-hand side is your supraconscious area and beyond is your collective Supraconscious. And here is in superconsciousness in which you have to jump so that you become subtler to become one with the all-pervading subtle power of God which is Divine Love. So what they do is to throw you onto your collective Subconscious or collective Supraconscious – collective Subconscious on this side, or collective Supraconscious on the other side, on the right side, left – that is the mesmerizing. All your mesmerism ESP – all those things are nothing but possession by spirit. I’ve had enough experience of that. There was a little petit girl in America from Cuba who used to drink a complete neat whiskey bottle, direct like that. And her husband brought her to Me to be cured and I saw on her the possession. I asked her, “Do you know any very well built negro?” She said “I see him, he is in me, he comes on me, and he drinks this whiskey and I get the bad name.” When I removed that possession she was a normal person. All mental cases are due to this kind of a possession. Many people do not want to believe in ghosts. Is a very healthy attitude, but if they exist I have to work on them.

Now, these people become experts on inviting this possession onto you. They mesmerize you through these possessions which are in their hands. Some of them are the greatest demons born long time back in India, about whom lots have been written. They have powers to mesmerize thousands of people through their eyes, through their talks, through their image. And they have practised new methods of attacking the saints and that is all they have practising to bring about all this kind of a nonsense which we call as the fake gurudom.

I came to Switzerland last year with my husband, and Gregoire took Me to one of the centres here, showing that “Mother, please, make something out of this centre, it’s doing very wrong things for the Swiss people.” And within eight days the nurse who was helping this man to murder and give injections to people fell in love with a policeman, and the fellow was caught up and he was sent to jail for fourteen years.

I must say you people are really very clever. In India they are trying their level best to catch these gurus, but not easy, because they do not fall into the frames of law. There is a guru in India who makes Indian women naked with this mesmerism, takes their photo, blows them up and sells them in America. And he is making a big money and he had a broken cycle, now he has a Mercedes and all kinds of things. He calls himself God and he cannot smell a flower. And when you go to meet him, everybody – they smell you to find out if there is any good perfume you are wearing. There are thousand names of God in Indian scriptures, at least eleven of them are that He is fond of very good fragrance, He is fond of flowers, He is fond of lotus, He is fond of all that the Mother Earth is offering, take flowers to Him, these are the names. We also here in the churches, we take flowers. Can you imagine we are not allowed to take flowers in a church?!

There is one who cannot stand the light of a candle. Another one is afraid of the garlic. If they are afraid of garlic, the vegetable, what are they going to do in this life? Still people are so mad, they go prostrate before them. It’s a big joke going on. They give you a name, and a dress. One of them wants you to wear suits which are worn by bureaucrats. He carries people in a gold gilded chair, saying “They are great”, you see. And people are quite befooled by that, they think they are great people. So just imagine how foolish people are. If you are really foolish then what can you do about it? But you are so beautiful inside, why are you carried away by these people, I can’t understand. There are so many types that I cannot describe all of them.

But going to these gurus you get heart attacks, epilepsy and cancer and so many such diseases which I am curing, Myself. And if you tell a word against those gurus they don’t like it because they are so much hypnotized. We had a girl who had multiple sclerosis and when we asked her to give up her guru she got all right. And of course, we – there are some ways by which you can raise the Kundalini and all that. But again she fell back to the same guru and she had funny romanticism about this man, horrible looking fellow, at least fifty years older than her. I don’t know how to explain to this foolish girl, she will never see the point, she is very much mesmerized. She is a young girl of sixteen years. Imagine thousands of them are like this, paying for their stupidity! My work is tremendous. We are finding it impossible because they come to My program and they come out with all their funny [fixed ?] and tantrums. But when the Kundalini rises there is no outer expression of it, except that you become first thoughtlessly aware when She crosses the Agnya chakra and that when She crosses this you start feeling the radiation of your Spirit flowing through you as Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. You feel your peace and silence within yourself and then when you start using this power that is flowing through you, you realize that it is all activated on your fingers and on your palms. You can feel your own centres whichever are not all right. That is Self-realization – to know about your centres.

I’ll tell you the story of Gregoire. He had a very bad Agnya. Agnya means ego. But if you tell somebody he has ego, he’ll hit you hard. That time he had this ego problem and then he went to mountains or some place where he saw his colossal ego. And he came to Me frightened, he said, “Mother, was I Napoleon in my last life? If I was, don’t tell me, otherwise I’ll jump in the sea” [Shri Mataji laughing]. I said, “What makes you think like that?” He said he used to draw from his very childhood very well and it intrigued him. Moreover, he had a bad Agnya. But then he saw the colossal ego. All these combinations are dangerous. I told him that, “You were not Napoleon, don’t worry.” [laughing]

That’s how you start seeing your ego and superego, means your conditionings. Then you learn how to clear them. The power that we have is limited here. When you use anyone of these methods, even acupuncture or any method, you exhaust this power or whatever there available. It is done through the sympathetic activity, over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system. For example, this is the centre and the left and the right are pulling the energy, whatever is stored here, limited. And when the energy is too much pulled, these separate and no connexion is left with the main, with the whole. They become on their own. And once they become on their own, they start growing more then the rest. That is how malignance is set in, we become cancerous, malignancy. That’s how we become cancer. Like our nose starts growing more than our body. So to compensate this, we have to get this energy flowing all the time. Supposing you are going in the car and the petrol is about to be finished, you’ll have tension. But supposing you have some means by which you have unlimited energy flowing through you, you will be perfect. That is how it cures cancer. It is very simple. All vital things are very simple because they are so important.

If you have to read books for breathing what will happen to the people? Reading has nothing to do whatsoever with your Self-realization. Then those who cannot read you mean to say them you will not get their Self-realization? Whether we read or not, we laugh the same way, eat the same way, digest the food the same way. In the same way we’ll have our Self-realization also.

Actually, our Spirit resides in our heart. But in the ego-oriented societies the ego developed so high and the heart is here, it is completely clogged with ego. And when ego is too much, then you cannot even feel the heart. Then you start developing a new method of heart imaginary feeling, heart imaginary feeling. And even at the age of eighty years they are Romeos and Juliettes. And as far as their marriage life is concerned is absurd.

So, this Self-realization takes place, because it is free thing that has to happen to every human beings. But somebody has to tell you about it. Because only in human condition you are going to get it, when you understand everything. First time evolution is taking in one’s awareness. When fish became a tortoise it was not aware of its transformation. But you will be aware of your transformation and it will happen in your conscious effort, conscious mind. That means first time in your conscious mind the Spirit will be emitting its forces. So far you have not felt the Spirit, but Spirit knows you. By Kundalini awakening the Spirit starts radiating through your conscious mind, so everything absolute starts manifesting. Now, if you want to know there is God or not, you just ask the question and the vibrations will come like a big wave at your hands. Ask for anyone who is a person as a guru whether he is fake – if he is a fake your vibrations will stop completely. If he is a realized soul you’ll get vibrations coming in. All absolute questions can be answered.

In India where people are not that intelligent or so much their rationality is not so overdeveloped as it is in the West, it is very easy for them to feel the joy of their Spirit. Because rationality takes you away from wisdom. You can rationalize even murdering. Because of rationality and because of rational rumbling, when people get Realization in the West they first become more aware of their attention. They want to know more about chakras and everything. They want to study all about it and verify it with vibrations. But a simple person just gets the joy and the vibrations and he is so happy he doesn’t want to know anything about it. He is at such a level that wherever he stands he emits vibrations. We have one person in India who is about I think eighty eight years of age and he is very active. He told Me, “I want to go and cure one of the persons who was very sick.” So I said, “How will you treat that person?” He said, “I will take him in my lap and put his heart to mine and he’ll be all right.” And he was all right. It is so simple.

So Self-realization everyone has to get because the time has come, the Blossom Time has come. Many will have to have. I’m happy I’m in Switzerland, I hope the beginning may be small but I’m sure many will get it and it will spread fast.

Tomorrow what am I speaking about? Tomorrow I’ll give you more idea about all these chakras and the collective Consciousness and everything.

Thank you very much.

If there are any questions you can ask Me.

Question: (inaudible)

Shri Mataji: The medicine has recognized, not I wouldn’t say they have not because that wouldn’t be justified. They have, but if curing cancer with whatever human awareness you have, you cannot do it. You have to become a realized soul. Now, the doctors are not realized souls, you see. We have a doctor here with us. We have many doctors also in Sahaja Yoga.. And another thing is that for example in India, when I cured our President, he’s told our Health Secretary to come and see Me, and he came and saw Me for three hours, and he said that “we want it to be started through our Government”. He wanted to spread it because we have seven hundreds millions people , and we cannot give them even homeopathic medicine because it is such a vast majority. But because it works en-masse if you can start your Sahaja Yoga, we are willing to go all out for it and help you. I told them, “I will – on one condition, I don’t want any Parliament question.” Because I am not having any money for it, nothing, everybody will do free work. Only thing what you can help Me is publicity, that’s all. Nothing more is needed, or a place where I can do it. And I do not want any Parliament question about it, because the Parliament is bound by all the things, which we have got there. Anything is [extra ordinary ?] – they will jump on a person. So, I’m not taking anything – I don’t need anything. I will spend My own money, everything. Now it is in a little, I would say in a melting pot because for Me I am not interested in only curing cancer. Because there is no end to it, isn’t it? What’s the use of curing the cancer, although [….] If the people are sick, if they want Realization, then there is some sense.

Now think from my point of view. Now supposing a person is not willing to take Realization. If I cure, what is the use? God can make many people, human beings in this world. What is the use? But if they are taking Realization, automatically the cancer will be cured. There are many patients whose cancer is cured, who are with us, already Sahaja Yogis. But we do not want to go to the hospital and do the job. Moreover the doctors may not accept because you are not supposed to pay any money. They will not. There are taking up as the profession. This is a very noble thing which maybe doctors will not accept at all. But things are working out. I am sure within two years it will be accepted by some method but once if I do not work [… ?] if they charge money the vibrations would be lost. It’s definite. It has to be a very pure person who can do it. Now how many patients I can attend in cancer – I can attend thousands of them. I can cure them, no doubt. But for that also a proper organization has to be done. If I do that, it should not become another headache. Because I only want to give Realization, not cancer curing. That’s not my job. If that’s a by-product, as a by-product if it’s done, well and good. But not only on cancer patients, because, what’s the use, if you want to improve this instrument, if it is not going to be used, isn’t it? In the same way God doesn’t want to improve people who are used … [ ? ]

Question: inaudible ?

Shri Mataji: I don’t understand them. I talked to the doctors in India, we had a big conference with medical profession and the medical institute, and they were all enamoured by it, they said, “You should do it”, and all that. But I said, “For that, first of all you’ll have to become Sahaja Yogis, you’ll have to become realized. And that with no money. But they are so ego-oriented, I tell you, you will be amazed. You will fight it, they are very ego-oriented. You will be amazed how they are, even psychologists are, very ego-oriented. They cannot understand an ordinary housewife like Me and say, “This can happen.” No, though, when they get sick they come to Me. There is a very well-known psychologist, professor Adler, you must have heard about his name, he is the chief of Jung you see, the whole of Jung, and he had some problem with an artery [… ?] No, he is not interested.

Question: ?

Shri Mataji: Yes, they can become very good people also. We have so many people now coming in London who are Spiritualists. They get all tight and they get out of it. Because, I have to tell them the truth, you see, this is not good for you. Because it is not your power, it’s the power of some spirit. So you should have your own power; So they are very nice and they have improved. They are so many like that. In London there are so many people they are, in India also in India also you have quite a lot of them. They come to Me, they get cured completely and they became Self realized, you see, because this is your own power. Why to take the power of any dead personality? Yes, all of them, all of them. But first of all, it’s better to handle simple things in a situation like this how will I have started in Switzerland?

So, I would like to work more on simpler people, and I mean people who can get Realization and who can work it out.