Sahaja Yoga the force within

Hotel de la Paix, Lausanne (Switzerland)

1980-04-27 Sahaja Yoga The Force Within 1,2 & 3 HD, 101'
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Public Program. Lausanne (Switzerland), 27 April 1980. 

[un-transcribed Q&A section] 

Sorry, I do not know how to speak in French language. But Christine knows both the languages very well and I’m sure, she’ll be able to translate what I say very well. (Laughs…) Very shy, alright…I’m thankful to Grégoire for organising this program, and for the nice introductory lecture he gave. I think I could not follow the whole of it, but quiet [quite] a lot I could understand what he is saying. 

I admire his bravery. I wish they [there] were such brave people at the time of Christ. But I am the only lucky person I think who has got such brave people around, who are not afraid to give the message of the truth. People don’t like the truth at all. We are so identified with our ignorance that anybody tries to tell something else, we just defy it. But that is the source of joy. That is the source of bliss. In ignorance we live in confusion and in turbulence of our emotions. When we face truth, and achieve it, and become it, then it becomes a beautiful blossoming for us. 

The fear comes to us through our conditioning within us. We have been told many things which never came true. And sometimes the denial comes to us because we are very much identified with our ego. Ego actually delimits us. Because it thinks and we think that what we think that we are. If we think we are the king, do we become kings? People will call us a stupid fool, if we announce that we are kings. So…think…sorry… So, one should not believe that what we think…that we are. Ego can take you to a very imaginary flight of stupidity. The worst thing about ego is that one does not recognise that he is having a ego trip. 

On the contrary, if you are pestered by your conditioning, you recognise, because it gives you some physical pain, maybe some mental torture. And if you recognise also there is ego, and you start fighting it, it starts bloating like a balloon which is hitted back. So, no use also condemning ourselves for our ego or superego…our conditioning. Both of them have their purpose in our life. When their purpose is served, they are sucked into your being. ([My cup? Marcus] If you put it there, I will be better off. Can you see Me?) 

In this picture, we have drawn to show what we are in a deeper way. But you need not accept whatever I say because I do not want any blind faith to prosper. But you must keep yourself open, because this is a deeper, subtler knowledge. You should accept as a hypothesis, like a scientist accepts any hypothesis that is put forward. But later on, if it is proved alright, then you have to accept it as a law.

Fortunately I’m facing you at a time when we can prove it. Say, at the time of Christ, they were no people who would sit like this and listen to him, who were intellectuals. They were ordinary fishermen. But today I’m so lucky, that I can face you and tell you what exactly is within you. Because human beings are now matured to that state, where they can understand it and can achieve it. I call it: it is the Blossom Time. And that is how many people – thousands, can be transformed into a new being. 

When God made you, brought you to this state of human beings, He worked it very beautifully through your evolutionary process. Now, we have to think why God has made us – sometimes we must think what is the purpose of our existence? And also all the scientists must ask a question: “How did we evolve, how did we evolve from amoeba stage to this?” 

I will in brief tell you, how the whole thing has worked out. All these centres you see here, which are seven in number, are the milestones of our evolution. As I have told you yesterday, they manifest the gross plexuses within us. But just now I’m talking about the subtle centres which are in our middle [medulla] oblongata,or you can call it the spinal cord, and partly in the brain. 

Here, in the triangular bone is placed your germinating power which is going to give you your second birth. This bone is called as sacrum. Sacrum means sacred. Because this bone cannot be burned, even if a person dies, …dies and is burnt. That means even the Greeks knew about it. This germinating power resides within us, which rises on these centres, and gives us our second birth. This is how you are going to breakthrough into a new awareness. This second birth gives you a second birth. 

This is a happening, which is spontaneous, which cannot be manoeuvred by you. It’s a living process, that works out within you: as you have become a human being, you become the other, by this process. Sahaja means “born with you”. Means spontaneous. Yoga means: “the union with the Divine”. Also yoga means deftness -Kaushalam- Ah… the deftness is the… the technique of…yes…the spiritual, or we can say the Divine technique. 

So, Sahaja Yoga means: “The spontaneous union with God”. Spontaneous means living process. So you cannot put in any effort for it, but it just works like the way a seed sprouts. As I told you yesterday, only in the human beings, we know of our evolution in our awareness. So far you have not known how you evolve from amoeba to this state of a human being! Now: why ego and superego come into us I will try to explain. 

On the left hand-side, this left-hand side channel, which is called as Ida Nadi in Sanskrit language, is the one which gives you the desiring power, or the desiring capacity. This Nadi gives you your past. This Nadi on the right-hand side, which is shown here in yellow colour, called as Pingala Nadi, which is responsible for your creative power. You use the power of this Nadi, when you live in the future, when you plan about the future. The centre Nadi is called as Sushumna. And this represents your evolution so far, up to this point. So, up to this point you are a human being, and there is a gap in between.

Whatever you are, is expressed through your central nervous system. For example, human beings understand beauty of nature. They can discriminate filth and dirt, and also clean place like Lausanne. But, if you ask an animal to pass through filth and dirt, he doesn’t mind. Now, when you are not realised, that time when you start working with your left side, then you develop a pouch here like a balloon, which is called as superego, is all the conditionings. You read books, you condition yourself. people say: “Don’t do, don’t do”. All those things accumulate here as superego. 

For example… (Sorry…sorry)…For example, if a mother is nursing the child, and is… the child is removed from one to another side, then the child feels hurt about that, and his ego rises. And when she says: “Don’t do like that!”, his conditioning rises, superego. People like Freud started about the psyche which is the left side. He was not at all aware that there is also the right side we have. If you start de-conditioning your left side, by saying that: “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” in anything, your right side will increase, and you will get a big ego just like that. In addition to that, some of the psychologists impress that we must nurture our ego. 

Apart from that, industrial revolution has brought in a more ego-oriented society. Materialism has given a greater push to that ego. People are known by what they dress and what they talk about. The sophisticated and the “elite” are the people who,who determine the norms of life. Then those who try to follow these norms get into a whirlpool of competition. It is a very big headache. To live in a ego-oriented society is not very easy. 

For example, I came from India for the first time to live in London, and in India we never used to serve drinks in My house. But My husband said: “Here nobody will come to your house if you have no drinks.” So I said: “They will come to meet us or to drink?” And in drunk condition, how will they know us? He said: “You will learn about them very soon”. 

Then he said we have to arrange for their drinks and we have to buy some tumblers. I was amazed that you have got tumblers for everything they are separate. The first lot of six tumblers and six sets we bought, we had to shell out about nine hundred pounds. It had to be first class because he is a…he is a diplomat you can say. 

I just couldn’t understand the justification; you can drink from one cup the same thing! Then for the pastry you must have a different fork, for another…another fork, like that it was a huge stuff! My house was so filled with things that I thought I’ll have to live outside. And amazed how people also were so much worried as to whether we have used things up to the norms or not. He had to buy a dictionary about all the alcohols you drink. My husband said he would have to go to a college to learn all about it. While in India he had never even served a glass of water to himself.  

It was a very big mess, and then I realised how people are thorn off by these so-called traditions. And that’s what I found with my neighbours, they were so nervous when they invited people to dinner; they were frantic for two days before and five days later. This is the problem of ego-oriented societies. And when the ego grows, it covers the whole of your brain. It presses onto completely, onto this superego.

When the young people of these societies, western societies, discovered that it was too much, they could not go any further with it, they revolted against it. And they started a thing known as anti-culture. And they went into the other end. They pressed their ego so much down, and brought out their superego by drinking, drugs. This was the escape from your ego. Both things are wrong. 

You live in the centre. The development should be in the centre. If you go to one extreme or to the other extreme, we just get torn. Imbalance is created in our being. If you use too much of this side, then you get diseases like heart trouble, diabetes, kidney…also your uterus trouble, also sometimes you develop very great diseases like cancer. 

Now, cancer can be only cured by the Kundalini awakening. This I’ve been saying for the last ten years. Now, when I cured the cancer of our president in India, then they started thinking about it seriously. Otherwise, they would not listen to Me, they thought: This housewife, how can she cure cancer? 

On the other side, if you use your left side too much, like crying too much, weeping as the women always do…and the drugs that people use…you get into terrible mental problems and you may land up into mental homes. 

The nature gives you a control by checking it. For example, a person who is working very hard, he gets a heart attack. Now, imagine the heart is not for your mental activity. Your brain does the mental activity. But the heart goes out. They understand each other heart and brain. As friends, they control. 

Now, those who go too much onto the left hand-side, is like crying, weeping and hysterics, get into a problem where the brain goes off. Actually, sorry. Actually, the heart does all this emotional activity, but the brain goes out. I have a disciple, who is a psychiatrist, and he told me…amazingly he has found…that all the mental hospitals he has worked, the cardiograph machine has never been used. But medical science doesn’t see it comprehensively, because every science analyses. 

If you have temperature, you’ll have to go to the tooth…doctor…dental surgeon, then to the eye, then one other for the other eye. They’ll remove all your teeth, your eyes, to give you a certificate that you’re perfectly healthy. This is the condition of our medical science. Same about psychology. Even the psychologists get very much involved into the patients, and they get the same troubles as their patients have. Because they never deal with normal people, they always deal with pathological cases; ultimately they become pathological. 

In London now, I’m treating many psychologists. They do not understand how they get these things, but they just talk like lunatics. How are they going to cure anyone? They do not know how to protect themselves. Sahaja Yoga gives you the knowledge from within. When these centres are enlightened through Kundalini awakening, a new dimension is opening to you. When the Kundalini rises into this…above this…this centre, which is called as Agnya Chakra, where Christ resides, you become thoughtlessly aware.

And when it pierces this point, which is called as Brahmarandra, then you become collectively conscious, and your hands starts radiating the spirit. The radiation of the spirit can be felt as cool breeze, as described in the Bible: “The cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”. The Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within us. Even if you go to the realm of religion, people are so absurd and blind, that you cannot just talk to them. 

The other day, I met somebody in Paris, and when I started talking to him, he started giving me a sermon. He said that Immaculate Conception is such a fantastic thing that I cannot get over it. I said: “What is so…What is so fantastic? It is God! God can do anything!”. And if you cannot get over it, then you have really done a great harm to the whole, whole process of Immaculate Conception and to yourself. 

But he was telling me all kinds of stories which it was not relevance [relevant to] with the present. It is a human nature to escape the present. It either lives in the future or in the past, never in the present. A thought rises and falls down, again rises and falls down. The attention remains only on the [custs? cusps] of these waves of thought. Between the thoughts, there is…between these two thoughts, there is a space called as “Vilamba”. That is the present. 

But by brain-washing anybody, that: “You remain in present!”…you cannot do it. For that Kundalini has to rise. When she rises, then you steady yourself in thoughtless awareness. But this awareness is enlightened. So, in the religion area also, people believe in all kinds of artificiality. Because they will go into theosophical college, and come and give you baptism! How can you learn this in theosophical college? I said yesterday, that a egg will have to theosophical college to learn how to become a bird.  

It is not to know about it, but the becoming of it is important. You have to become. Becoming is the point you have to achieve. Not knowing about it. For example, Grégoire has written a book about Sahaja Yoga, about two hundred fifty pages, very beautiful. By reading that [book?], you will know all the names of all these centres, you will know everything what they have, how they manifest and all that. But you, by knowing that, you do not become. While becoming is the living thing that should happen to you. 

For that, God has already placed the germinating power within you. We all have to jump into this new awareness. It is the actualization of the experience which is important. Nowadays in the market, there are many people they are saying the same words that I am saying. In 1970, when I went to America, they were many who came with their tape recorder who were taping my speech. And the organisers…sorry…And the organiser objected to it, but I said “Let them do it.” He said: “But, after all they will use your terminology.” I said: “Let them use the terminology, they cannot give realisation.” 

Then they said that they will be misleading other people. And I said: “It’s alright.” But if you know the words, “awareness” and all that, you just start thinking about it and a new wave of curiosity starts. So, talking is not the point. The Kundalini has to rise. You can see with your naked eye the Kundalini rising. You can see the force moving up, with your naked eyes. You can also feel the softening of this bone here, the fontanel bone. You can also feel the cool breeze in your hand. When you start using this cool breeze, you know that your hands are enlightened. 

In the hand you get all the centres, this is the first, this is the second, and, this is the third, this is the fourth, fourth…I’m just getting confused here…The first, second, then third, then fourth, then fifth, sixth, six centres, and the seventh here. These centres get enlightened in your fingers on left and right hand side. And you feel in collective consciousness, you feel it; it is an actualization, the problem with you. The centres which are in problem.  

You can also feel what is the problem with others is. You can also see if there is imbalance. You can also give a balance to that person. Only if the Kundalini rises above this you can cure the person. Just by placing your hand on the person you can cure. But if the Kundalini rises above this and stays there. Then the Kundalini starts moving under your fingers. It is fantastic! 

But supposing I say, there are lots of pictures in this room, you won’t believe me. But if I bring a TV, and put it to the mains, you will see all that working. In the same way you are an instrument created very beautifully, and very delicately. As soon as you are put to the mains, then the whole instrument starts working beautifully. And you become fantastically powerful. Powerful in your Divine Love, in your own purity. In your own innocence. You develop your security. You become the master of yourself. You are not enslaved by lust and greed. You become a magnetic loving personality. 

Wherever you go, you emit peace and love. Wherever you touch, you make it Divine. This is what is going to happen to many of you in this country, as the work has now started. This happening is very important from the God’s point of view. He has created you because He loved you so much. He is your Father who is Almighty. Any ordinary father also wants whatever he has to his children; gives all that he has to give to his children. And this Father, who is an ocean of compassion and love… 

[End of first part of the tape, maybe some small part missing…] 

…He wants to grant you the citizenship of His Kingdom. When you become that, His powers starts flowing through you and you can feel it. Now the time has come to prove God’s existence. You can feel it within yourself working it. But unfortunately, people are still very ego-oriented. Doesn’t matter, this Kundalini is your mother, and she works out, once she’s awakened, she works out and removes the ego on one side, and pierces through.. 

Now the purpose of ego and superego is that you become a shell. Like an egg. You develop your “I”-ness. This freedom is given to you, because you have to recognise what is good and what is bad in your search. But, invariably, and unfortunately, they go either this side or that side bit too much. I feel it is like children sitting in a boat, trying to jump in the sea all the time. If they sit in the centre of the boat, it can be managed better.

When you mature in your awareness, then this shell is broken, and the bird comes out. We see such fantastic things in this world, like a egg becoming a bird. We are not surprised, we take it for granted. A flower becoming a fruit. [If?] Thousands and thousands of things like this are happening in this world. What human beings have done is nothing, but dead work! If a tree is dead, they make a furniture and think no end of themselves. 

You cannot even transform one flower into a fruit! When The One who does that so many of them! How great He must be! But when He grants you His powers, then you are empowered to do the living work of Kundalini awakening. First time you start doing that kind of a work, even if you give vibrations to a field of wheat, you’ll be amazed that the… such a field of wheat will give you at least five times more yield! No use to put these dirty fertilisers. And the taste of the wheat would be also very nice and nourishing.  

In India, we have a…some disciples who are professors in agricultural universities of Maharastra. They have done lots of such experiments and they were amazed how even cows yielded so much of milk. So now, instead of getting so much from the Mother Earth for making your tumblers and things, we start giving to the Mother Earth. The Mother Earth is represented by this centre within us, and also partly of this centre. The essence of Mother Earth is fragrance, and when you get your Realisation, so many of them feel her fragrance. 

And after Realisation only, you start enjoying other human beings, in the real sense. Once, I was in Calcutta in a hotel, where a man came to see me, and he fell at My Feet. And he got his Realisation with such a tremendous speed, that the people who had gone with Me, my disciples in the other room, came rushing to find out what was there. Like telecommunication it was working. I said: “What happened?” They said: “We felt a tremendous grace falling on us. So we just wanted to see who was facing you”. So, I said: “You just feel him!” And his vibrations were radiating so beautifully that they were enthralled! And they were feeling it, for fifteen minutes they would not budge out. 

But now, know that you are beauty. You are the truth and that resides within you. I see that, that’s why I love you very much. Only thing is it should be allowed to be cleared. That absolute point must come into your conscious mind. You must feel it in your central nervous system. So that you’ll have your self-esteem. And the self-esteem of others, and the concern. It’s such a beautiful thing to see. I do not see any filth around. I see the fragrant diamonds in you sparkling. I work day and night to expose it. I’m sure one day this world will be full of such beautiful diamonds sparkling all over. All human problems will end at that point. All this imaginary relative world will disappear, and you’ll stand in the truth.

I’m thankful to you for this opportunity to be here, to meet you all, and I hope we’ll work out the realisation, and it will work out. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. 

[Little pause, then questions and answers, it seems…]

When you are approximately all right, it rises fast, and you get your Realisation. But, first of all, you must remember that by rationality you cannot reach there. So, don’t think about it. Rationality is limited, and you are to be triggered to the unlimited space. And the whole thing works out so beautifully, there’s no problem. So, have no fear about it. Sit in a very light mood. Not- it’s not a serious thing, it’s just a game for Me. 

Sometimes, I have to tell my disciples that, “Now you say ‘cheese’!” It’s very simple. But it’s very important. Very important to life, and to the creation itself. This is how you find your meaning, and the creation finds its own meaning. Your purpose and the purpose of the creation. 

Now, please, place your hands before Me just like this. And both feet on the ground. In a little “apart” way. Little apart. Not close to each other, yes. Please, close your eyes. 

(Pause/ speech of Grégoire in French)