Pure Intelligence

Geneva (Switzerland)

1980-04-29 The Pure Intelligence Geneva NITL HD, 71'
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Pure Intelligence, Public Program, 1980-04-29, Genève, Switzerland

“(…) Even by blindly accepting it you have not been able to solve your problems. If we could put our attention to this question that there must be some meaning to us and that there must be some arrangement within us to manifest that meaning: you are with Me. It is very easy to deny and defy everything intellectually and intelligence gives you a capacity to cheat yourself all the time. Not only that: a capacity to avoid if you are facing the Truth. It can provide any argument – which may be absurd if you see it later on – to convince you that reality is this, what you see with your gross attention.

But the pure intelligence is that which sees the game of this intellect and that which sees the limited function of rationality.

I am here talking to you about unlimited space.

I am going to put forward before you a hypothesis, which, as good scientists or intelligent people you must keep your mind open and try to absorb it. If it is proved then you have to accept.

There lies the real bravery of intellect. If intellect teaches you cowardice it is not intellect.

So I have to put forward before you: what is within us, which resides as our subtle being?

First of all, let us understand that we are made something like a spacecraft. You can also see how a seed sprouts: that from a seed the whole tree comes one after another. Spacecraft is not a living process but it gives you some idea as to how this living process of evolution takes place.

There are containers in the spacecraft. In the same way, we can say, we have got physical, emotional, mental and spiritual containers placed inside each other. The spacecraft, when it rises, first with the outer shell contains all the other shells within it and when it reaches a certain height, a certain velocity, it is triggered into an explosion and you get a much higher speed.

In this way, within us, when our physical being is exploded we get accelerated velocity of our evolutionary process and we then explode our emotional being, then the mental being and then the spiritual being is exploded. [to translator: emotional, mental … and then the spiritual]

Now, the spiritual being within you is placed in the bone called sacrum, in our triangular bone. Imagine the Greeks called it ‘sacrum’ because it is a sacred bone and if the human body burns this bone does not get burnt. How, from the unconscious, they got these ideas? Now, when this spiritual being within you is placed on the sacrum bone you are a human being and your awareness is at human level.

When the last blasting takes place within you then you jump into the realm of Divine Power, which is subtle, which is all-pervading, about which all the great saints and all the great incarnations have spoken. [to translator: into the Divine Power … which is all-pervading … which all the prophets and…] Now, when you jump into that awareness, your attention becomes one with that space.

If you know that in space Newton’s law does not act – because you reach an absolute state. In the same way this Kundalini rises and travels all the way to this position called as the fontanelle bone area – in Sanskrit it is called as ‘Talu’ – which is very soft, as a child. When the Kundalini pierces this area you get your baptism and you become one with the all-pervading Power. Your attention becomes enlightened. This is enlightenment.

As I would say that there are lots of pictures and beautiful scenes over here: you would not believe. But if you bring a good television set and put it to the mains: you will start seeing them there. In the same way: you are to be connected with the mains. We are not yet connected with the mains and that’s why we live in the world of relativity. All our political and economic and all other entreprises are nothing but relative.

For example: here we have on one side the power of desiring. And the other side is the power of creating, creativity. These powers are manifested outside as left and right sympathetic nervous system and the central power of evolution as parasympathetic nervous system. For our day to day work we use the energy from the parasympathetic on both the sides – either from the left or from the right. As a by-product of these two activities we develop an Ego on our head or a Superego on your left.

When the Ego and Superego, both of them, meet on the head and there is calcification you manifest your ‘I-ness’. So you become Mr X, Mr Y, Mr Z. You feel your independence and freedom. This freedom is given to you because you have to seek the balance between life and death, good and bad, righteous and unrighteous, holy and unholy – in your freedom. But mistakes do not matter.

We actually learn by errors, but this freedom is given to you because you have to become the citizens of God’s kingdom – which is complete freedom. Because when you become one of the citizens, then you become really the master of yourself. Nobody need tell you: “Do this !” or “Do that !” You don’t need any correction.

On the whole we can say that on the left hand side, those who work form very orthodox religions and all the things that go with all the melodramatic poems and poetry and all emotional stuff. By this, you live in your past, in your subconscious.

And the other side, when you denied it, you started all your denials by accepting science as the means of achievement and you come to the right-hand side, you start creating, as you feel you are creating – but you don’t create anything. You do not create, but it is a false notion human beings have – that we create – because whatever is dead you only transform into another dead [thing]. We cannot even sprout one single seed. We cannot even make one flower into a fruit – even one!

With all our scientific development, we have not been able to do one single thing like that. Only through science you discover what exists, but you cannot say the ‘why ?’ of it. For example you cannot say « why there is magnetism in the Mother Earth?”. In the medical science – for example – they cannot explain many things. It is the nature of the body to repel everything that is foreign, but when a child is conceived in the body, not only it is retained but also nurtured and looked after and repelled at the right time. Say, for example, adrenaline and acetylcholine – two chemicals – when they act in the human body, from these sympathetic activities: they may augment, they may contract or they may relax.

Thus we can see there are a thousand and one things, we cannot explain how it works out.

Jung, who was a great psychologist in My view, tried to experiment with dreams of people and he reached a conclusion where he found that there are some universal symbols, which appear in dreams, suggesting something for our guidance or for our correction from somewhere which he called as the unconscious. Jung also gave just a name, as “unconscious”, as the doctors gave this area of medicine as “autonomous nervous system”. But: “Who is this Auto?” We should ask this question.

For example if you run fast then the sympathetic nervous system can increase your rate of heart, but the one that depresses and brings it to normal is the parasympathetic in the centre. This is done effortlessly.

Now, I say there is a power within us which is our germinating power, which is just waiting to give us our second birth. We call it as Sahaja Yoga, means ‘spontaneous union with the divine’. You cannot pay for this happening of baptism. You cannot do it by any theological college personality. All these decorums and all these decorations are of no use to that Kundalini. No need for you to stand on your heads or do any such tricks: She won’t rise. She understands everything. She won’t rise for a person who is unholy and taking money to raise the Kundalini. God does not understand money at all. He will have to come to Switzerland to learn banking (laughing).

This is one thing we must know, that it is a spontaneous thing within us and the energy which is put there by God Almighty, which is going to work it out by itself. It has been described in various scriptures, very clearly. While in the Bible it is described as: “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. All these petals of these centres which are very subtle appear like tongues of flames when you see them. But when people start living with the shells and organizing the shells which are dead, the whole that is the essence of that religion is absolutely dead.

All the great religions of the world are the flowers of the great tree of life. They are nurtured by the same Shakti, by the same Power. But we remove the flowers, call them as our own, organize them and after a few days they die out. So, the quarrels of religion are also very detrimental to our spiritual growth. God is going to look after our own spiritual growth and that’s why He has placed all these centres within us, which have gross manifestations as plexuses.

Now, we have seen here seven of these and two here – nine of these – the basic centres within us. These centres relate to our different beings like emotional, physical and all those. They are the milestones of our evolution.

Now, the first centre that you see there is the basis that we have, is the matter, is the Mother Earth itself, is the carbon atom in us.

The second centre you see with six petals is the centre which goes round and round over this area of void by which it creates the Sun. This nourishes our attention. Also, it transforms the fat cells for the use of the brain – when we think too much. By doing too much thinking we do not allow this centre to do the other work it has to do, which is to look after the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas, spleen and other important organs of the viscera. In the West, the action of movement on this is so intense that people cannot stop thinking. Yesterday, in Lausanne, there was a doctor who was looking very miserable. He came to Me after the programme and he said: “You can cut my throat, you can take out my brain, but stop thinking.”

Actually, like this is the left and the right sympathetic and in the centre is the parasympathetic. When we start taking too much from our left or right sympathetic – using too much energy – we get dislocated in the centre. So, it starts working on its own, you cannot control your thinking. Then, it has no connection with the whole. If such a thing happens to any cell because of some irritation or any excitement to a particular cell, it becomes malignant. It becomes on its own.

We too, in the Ego oriented societies, believe: “What’s wrong?” Because you’re having an Ego trip on our own we think there’s nothing wrong in getting out of the whole. That is the reason in the affluent societies today the families are breaking and people are planning only one thing: how to commit suicide. It is shocking, but I have seen girls of seventeen years in London, who came from Sweden. They were just like giving vibrations like dead bodies. And I took them home and was very sweet to them and asked “What are you thinking all the time?”. They said: “We are thinking how to commit suicide and plan it out.”. They are seventeen year old young girls, think of it ! Just blooming with dew, they should be cheerful, chirping like birds!

I’m told Switzerland is also following Sweden or has out-beaten them in this. You are so much being blessed by God. Such a beautiful country you have got. How much He has given you, bountiful. Instead of enjoying the gratefulness and the gratitude for that bounties, why are you comitting suicide? You are very free people compared to thousands of them in the world who are not even free to talk. According to all the norms of development, you should be the most happiest people living. But I see the state of confusion everywhere. Then I start thinking: “What sort of development you are going to bestow upon poor countries like India?”. Are you also going to give us the plans how to commit suicide?

We must understand we have made a mistake. We have gone too far on the right – in future planning and future thinking. Future does not exist: it is imaginary. Some people have gone to the left too much, like romanticism, artificial some sort of a stuff and committing suicide for that. Both ways, you move and you commit suicide.

You have to stay in the centre. In the centre is the present. But this cannot be done by brainwashing. Your attention is so much outside that to attract it inside there has to be a happening.

That is why there is an arrangement of a happening within you. Without the happening your attention cannot be drawn in. It’s like a spring that rises and your attention is suddenly withdrawn inside.

Now, for this enlightenment, one must know that whatever you have achieved so far as a human being was not done in your awareness. But first time in your human awareness you are going to see your evolution taking place. This is an actualisation. It should happen to you. If it has not happened, no use paying money for it. Or doing anything else, is of no use. For example, some people are paying lot of money to fly in the air. Do you want to become now birds and then frogs and then amoeba?

These are anti-natural processes which may lead you to something like collective subconscious or collective supraconscious and you may become a demon. I’ve seen people doing all such kinds of extracurricular activities landing with epilepsy, cancer and all kinds of horrible diseases. Leave alone the bankruptcy. And then I’m supposed to cure all these things, inclusive of bankruptcy. Now, this happening within us takes place, as you have got pamphlets now, you can go home and read it, but you must see that you get it. If you do not get it that doesn’t mean that I am wrong because thousands have got it from Me. Many people who are My disciples, apart from Me, have cured cancer. They have become beautiful people now and they have become masters of themselves, not slaves of greed and lust. They have become peaceful and they have understood the meaning of their life.

When you put this machine with the mains, it gets its meaning: it starts emitting My voice. When you enlighten a light it gets its meaning that it has to enlighten others and give enlightenment. Like somebody said: “Now I’m enlightened, Mother, what should I do?”. I said: “ You give light now. What should you do now?”. So, we have to remember that an enlightened light can only enlighten another light.

If I am an enlightened light then I can enlighten your light and you can enlighten another light. You just act as a catalytic agent. Why should the Ego be challenged at this point? Because I am doing it? You could have done it? I wish you could take My place. Last night I could not sleep till three o’clock – working on difficult people. I go to the Indian villages and live in such conditions you cannot live. Because there lies the real seekers’ essence – I think – in these simple people. But complicated people can take hours of My hard work. When you get enlightened, you can also give enlightenment. Now, there are thousands of Sahaja Yogis we have got, in the West also, in India we have many more. All their patience put together is nowhere compared to mine, because I see your beauty much more.

I see the diamond of that Spirit in your heart sparkling, the precious thing that you are. I don’t see anything else, while they see other things. They get tired and fed up. They don’t want to argue with any intellectuals. Grégoire was a big intellectual (laughing). All his brain was developing like horns on both sides. It took a lot of time to give him Realization. He was very argumentative, very over-read. He has read all sorts of books. I felt I am facing a library (laughing). But he got his Realization because he is a seeker and he is an ardent, honest seeker. If you have self-esteem, if you know that there is a Spirit within you: you will cooperate with Me.

That is how you achieve your meaning. You don’t have to pay anything for Me or [be] grateful to Me at all, because this is My nature and My job: I’m doing My job. I cannot rest without giving love to you. My nature is to give. And why should you feel hurt about it? I can’t understand human beings: even if you give them tuppence-worth of thing they feel so grateful. But if you say you want to give you the absolute that is within you: they’ll jump on you, like a tiger.

The Ego behaviour is very interesting. When you will get your Realization and see how people behave: you will have a lot of laughing stock for you. Our Sahaja Yogis are all the time laughing with the stupidity in which we indulge with our Ego. So, now, this intellect is given you to understand that to go beyond you have to give up the limited rationality. But that does not mean that you become irrational.

Supposing you come by car to this hall and you leave your car outside to enter inside this hall : is pure rationality. But if you are so much identified with your car that is rationality and bring it inside: what is that? But once you have received your Realization, then you will go back to your car in an enlightened manner and understand the rationality which is all-pervading.

Now, when the Kundalini rises above this point, you become thoughtlessly aware, awareness that is enlightened. That’s called in Sanskrit ‘Nirvichara Samadhi’. ‘Dhi’ means awareness and ‘Samadhi’ means enlightened awareness. [to translator: awareness… ‘sama’ means enlightened… awareness.]

But when you jump to this, you jump into a new state: you become – I mean – you become collectively conscious. Like we have U.N. system and all these systems saying that: “We are all one. We are brothers and sisters.” and all this, but doesn’t go inside. But, by this happening you become collectively conscious,  means: you start feeling the collective around. For example, now, you have seen here all these colours are shown on these centres and these are the centres – here – which are enlightened on the fingers. For example, this is the centre for your heart. Left side represents the emotional side and the right side your physical and the mental side.

The discovery is fantastic, because your machinery, which is so fantastic, starts working-out its miracle.

There was one gentleman who got his Realization and when I told him that: “You can feel your father, mother on your hands and anybody on your hands” – he could not believe it. Suddenly, one day he told Me: “Mother, I’m getting a burning here, in this area”. I told him : “Right side is of your father, all these centres are of your father and this is that of this centre -Vishuddhi – so you find out what’s the matter with him: some throat trouble or bronchitis.”. His father was in Scotland. He telephoned and his mother said that: “I am alright, but father is down with very bad bronchitis.”. Sitting down in London we knew what was happening to Nixon.

There is a tremendous telecommunication in this all-pervading Power. As if like a computer you get connected with the divine and you can ask any question – like “Is there God?”. On such as absolute question – immediately you’ll get tremendous vibrations flowing in your hand. You ask about any fake guru: whether it is true or not. You’ll  be amazed : there will be no vibrations, it will stop. That means: your instrument becomes so sensitive that you can feel your own centre – where is the problem – and you start seeing the centres of others.

Instantaneously, Self-Realization also means the Realization of the whole. But there are different levels of this Realization. For example, in places where – like in Nepal or say India – where people are not yet on the trip of their intellect so much. We can say they are not yet so developed. They jump first into the realm of doubtless awareness.

In that awareness you just feel the joy of being. But in the West – because you have had so many ramblings of your intellect – you go around finding whether it is correct or not, verifying whether it is what Mataji has said is correct or not. Decoding everything. Catching from other people. Then, again, you come to Me for correction.

My husband once said that: “When you have given them Realization everyday, what are you doing about it? Why do you have to work on them again and again?” So that time we had another disciple from Paris. She said – because My husband deals with marine – so she said: “Sir, there are some ships which are second hand, which are to be repaired from time to time.”. So they reach the space of doubtless awareness – that is a state of mind, state-of-mind – by understanding a circuitous way. They don’t want to [UNCLEAR it] like this: they go round and [UNCLEAR it] like that.

So, when you are developed, still you see the Kundalini rising: you see the pulsation in the triangular bone. You can see with your naked eye – the pulsation here. You can, with stethoscope you can see the pulsation just like heart – “Lap, lap” – going up to that point and you can see the breaking of this, because the bone here becomes soft. You see it with your naked eye, but still you go on doubting about it. You still start analysing it. It would be something like – I give you a nice cake to eat and you sit down with your analysis. It’s so absurd, as if an egg has to go to the library to find out how to fly or become a bird.

We had a great poet, Kabira, he said : [UNCLEAR “Padi, Padi pandit murakh kab hai”] meaning: “By reading, these great educated people have become stupid.”. He was very, very straight. He has said: by shaving your head or wearing your crown if you can go to God, then what about the sheep, which is shaved twice a year? All sorts of beautiful things he has said and then you start understanding – these great poets like Khalil Gibran and all such poets, which have reached the state of oneness with God. After Realization you share their joy and understand.

When I was born, My father told Me – very clearly – that people are born on the ground floor and, if you are born on the tenth floor, they cannot understand you. That’s why they crucified Christ. What a mistake it was! When Krishna came, they said they believed in Rama. Same here when Christ came in, they said: “ We believe in Abraham.” Or when Moses came they said: “We believe in Abraham.”. That’s how they avoided to accept someone who was telling the truth. It is nice to have somebody believe into someone who is dead, because you can do whatever you like with it. He is not going to sit on your head and even, if he comes back, you will say he is not the same or kill him or crucify him or give him poison and torture him.

But for false people: we will give them money, they will have beds made out of diamonds. Because they pamper your Ego. You want to pay for that pampering. But reality does not pamper you with falsehood.

When you will get your reality, you will know that it is the most beautiful thing that you should have. It is the source of all the joy and happiness. There is nothing else more pervading and all-consuming than this beautiful bliss of meeting the Divine.

Now, I have to say that it is such a big subject, that in London I must have given at least two hundred speeches. Everytime something new and still they are not satisfied. I’ve been speaking and speaking and speaking. But now, I would say that in this short time whatever is possible I have tried to put you through – so that you can see that you are that beautiful thing which [UNCLEAR is being/has been] promised by the saints of the ages and that, without finding it, you are not going to be happy – whatever you may have.

I have to work on you, like a swimmer has to work to save people who do not know how to swim. And once you start swimming, you have to save others. Unless and until you are a swimmer, you cannot enjoy the ocean. You are frightened of it. I just say that it is within you to know it.

So, for the time being forget what you have read, what you have thought, what you have conceived but receive what it is.

I hope it will work out today for all of you and then you have to maintain it by understanding it fully: your own problems of your centres. Because, as I told you, that the germination takes place with a big speed but you may lose it, again and again, because you have to know how to maintain it. This doesn’t happen with everyone, but it happens with some, so I have to tell you the truth.

So, now let us sit down for our Realization and get our Realization and enjoy the bliss of the gift of our Father – who is God Almighty – and who is very anxious to give all that He has to us because He is the Generous, the Compassionate, the Ocean of Love.

Even if you have faith in God or not faith in God – makes no difference – He still gives you the Sun. So, it will make no difference to Me whether you believe in Him or not, but you should not insult Him. On the contrary, you must have an attitude that “We have not yet met Him, so let us keep us open and when we have to receive that within us, we have to be humble about it.”.

If you are arrogant and adamant, God is not going to fall at your feet. I am your Mother and I am concerned, that’s why I request you and implore you to be humble, because there are Deities in you which will refuse to act if you are arrogant.

Please tell your mind to wait for a while and not to bother you just now. Through your mental activity you’ve not achieved anything. So, let the Kundalini act in you.

May God bless you.