The Blossom Time

Zurich (Switzerland)

1980-04-30 The Blossom Time Zurich NITL HD, 94'
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Public Program (German translation). Zurich (Switzerland), 30 April 1980.

I’m grateful to this gentleman who is standing before you, Mr Arneau, to organise this program, especially in Zurich. It was so remarkable to find out that the five main cities of Switzerland have got five very great Sahaja Yogis (Laughter) and they have asked me to come to Switzerland and this is the first time I’m in this country for this work.

While all the other fake ones have been here to settle their bank accounts before Me (Laughing) but I have come in this country to find out which are the banks of spirituality, how many human beings there are who are really interested in the spiritual life. In My lifetime I have seen many rich people and also I’m told this country is very much blessed by them.

For example, a  palace of a king may be very precious to human beings but a small little worm which is more aware than the palace is more precious to God. So the value system is very different in these two areas and till we understand the value of God and His working we cannot understand our innate nature.

Today I’m going to talk to you about something very, very subtle which is beyond all your gross computers. We have another computer within ourselves which is very subtle in nature and unless and until we understand it we cannot use it.

It is every time acting within us and decides for us everything that we do, whether it is good or bad. And the Computer Engineer is a very, very intelligent personality. He has worked out blossoming of billions and billions of flowers into fruits. He sprouts billions and billions of seeds. (Repeating for translator) Sprouts, germinates, germinates. The word German comes from germination (Laughs). The German itself word means germination, isn’t it?

The one who does all these things has also given us a special capacity to evolve. He has given us a capacity to desire through a channel on the left hand side as shown. This capacity or this channel manifests outside as the left sympathetic nervous system within us in the gross. And the right hand side one is for the action of those desires. This channel is represented within us as the right sympathetic nervous system. In the centre lies the power to evolve ourselves.

The scientists never sit down to find out why did we evolve? Actually science does not answer the question, why. It only says it is so whatever it sees with the gross understanding. To answer the question why, one has to have a subtler awareness. For example, if you have to see a leaf properly, you have to use a microscope. In human beings, we have evolved to a point, the awareness has reached such a point that now we are all the time seeking, finding out ourselves. When we ask these questions to ourselves, we just know that we are physical, mental, emotional selves. We are only aware of all these things within us through our human, gross awareness.

Now if we have to go further with it we have to go about it in a very hypothetical manner. So for the people it is a hypothesis I put forward. This hypothesis must be accepted as you accept any scientific hypothesis. It is so fortunate that you are born at a time when I can prove this hypothesis. Earlier I could not have done it. Now we have to look at it from this angle that if evolution is a living process into which we are not involved we are not aware, then it is something beyond our mind, our rationality, we are not aware. We cannot accept that there could be anything beyond our mind, though we see every day that living processes anywhere act on their own.

For an egg does not have to think how it will become a bird and he does, it does not have to analyse about it. By analysing a flower you cannot make a fruit but you can just kill it. That is, analysis goes against life, against joy. Supposing I give you a bouquet of flowers to express My love and you start analysing how much I must have paid for it, from what shop I must have brought, you completely lose the point.

Freud brought out a point by saying that the desiring power, if you try to suppress it, then you get conditioned. But he did not understand that there is another power which may develop if you do not try to control your desiring power. By conditioning your desiring power you develop a superego in your head. But by acting on all your desires you develop another horrible thing called as ego. The conditioning can show its results on the physical side and mental side but ego doesn’t show any such signs.

Ego-oriented societies on the whole from outside appear to be very affluent and happy. Now these ego-oriented society if they were really happy why there is such a big rate of suicide? If ego is the most satisfying thing why people who are ego-oriented drink so much or take to drugs? Why do they want to run away from reality? Why do they have problems with their families? They appear to be very serious and miserable, never cheerful.

When you have to talk to them also you have to bring in some sort of a alcohol to induce some conversation between two human beings. Supposing we had said that there is going to be a free drinking today, there would have been, this hall would have been all filled. (Mother laughs) But they have no time to face reality. So, ego is much more dangerous than superego is. It eats you up from within and when it reaches its peak it will start, it starts destroying the all the human race.

So we are placed between ego and superego. These two institutions were necessary to grow within us and to be calcified in our fontanelle area because that is how we felt our I’ness. These two institutions of ego and superego. Because we wanted to feel our “I”ness. When these two meet in the head here in your childhood and get calcified, you become Mr XYZ. This “I”ness is given to us to know our freedom and to choose the right and wrong by developing our sense of discrimination, to be XYZ, to be Mr XYZ, the freedom.

So an individuality is given to you. You become an individual. You become an individual. Now this little individual starts thinking that he is the lord of the universe and he just transforms something dead into another dead form and he thinks he’s doing great works. Actually human beings don’t do anything important. Even a small thing, our like our breathing, if we have to analyse it, we’ll be all dead. This evolutionary power is within us in the centre as I told you, comes to us by giving us at different stages the, what you call, sustenance. Sustenance, sustenance. What is the word for sustenance in, no word? I mean the quality. You mean, you see, yes,  I mean as in carbon you have got the tetravalent, it has four valences, it’s a quality of carbon It’s the qualiy of carbon, is it’s tetravalent. Like the gold, it is untarnishable.

In the same way we get in our evolution a sustenance by which we rise gradually up to the stage of human beings. All these seven centres which I have shown you here are the milestones of our evolutionary process. In our evolution an incarnation came on this earth to help us to cross the ocean of ignorance. To cross the ocean of ignorance. That means every time our awareness was given a new dimension by these incarnations. For example, in the centre of our brain where the pineal body and the pituitary is placed there is a centre where resides the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Into the pineal and the pituitary body. All right, you can say, this is a universal word. It’s a universal word. The pituitary, pituitary gland, yes. Resides, and there’s no German word you see.

Now all that what I’m saying to you can be proved after your realisation, means your enlightenment. Means when you, you have… Now to get this  (taking the German word from the translator) “erleuchtung”, God has placed within us in the triangular bone called as sacrum a three and a half coiled energy which is called as Kundalini. The word sacrum itself is suggesting that it is sacred and it is amazing that the human body, when it burns, this bone does not get burnt.

Now this is our germinating power. You should say German power (Mother laughs).The word germ comes from German itself, isn’t it? And when this power receives the indication that there is a light which can guide it then it sprouts the same way as a seed sprouts. This Kundalini you can see pulsating with your naked eyes in the process of Sahaja Yoga. You can see it’s rising with your naked eye and it reaches the height here. You can feel the throbbing just like a heart pulsating here on the fontanelle bone.

When it breaks through then you can feel the blissful state within yourself. This is your baptism, which is actualisation and it is described that when you get your realisation then you get the radiation of your spirit which resides in your heart,  coming as  cool breeze. This cannot be done by any other method. All other analytical and dogmatic methods are absolutely artificial. I find a big joke going on in this world in the name of religion and in the name of baptism. There is no transformation by these artificial dramas. People feel again through their ego that if they can pay for their evolution to some guru or somebody then they can achieve their realisation. I’ve already told you there is a very different value system.

God does not understand money and banking. He understands seeking and love.

So when it happens to you the transformation takes place first of all that your fingers get all enlightened with these different centres as shown in the picture. You can actually feel your own centres and centres of others on your fingers. So you can find out what’s wrong with your centres and with others. And this power that is radiating from you can cure your centres. By this awakening you get rid of diseases like cancer and many incurable diseases like diabetes, heart and mental problems.

It is most surprising that so many people have come to me after contacting cancer. Some doctors and even our president of India have been cured of cancer and they are going to have now a regular method of establishing it through our government channels to control cancer and other diseases by Sahaja Yoga.

But for this gross work also I think it is not possible that we can pay full attention as we have very few Sahaja Yogis in the West for this gross work of curing also .And why should God cure people who are not interested in seeking Him? Of course, He is compassionate but in His compassion He thinks that He can recreate you later on when you have a better body you will seek Him better. For Him nobody dies. He can always recreate new people. So His main interest are the seekers. He’s not bothered what money you have or degrees you have, what dress you wear. He judges you on this point, how much you are seeking Him. How much you are interested in your self evolution. How much you are genuinely, sincerely asking?

Now you may say that India is very much poorer compared to all these Western countries. But in Indian villages Sahaja Yoga is working marvels. But Indian big cities are useless. They are westernised and they have new values and they value gold more than their own spirit. They are interested in speculation with, speculation from (Laughing) Zurich. They sleep with their telephone next to their head.. They are all right for this world but they are not aware of the beauty within. They are becoming grosser and grosser. That’s why they are better for these fake gurus to spoil them. They get impressed by the circus of the fake gurus very easily because they pamper the ego of these people.

No wonder Christ has said that it is easy to pass a camel through the nose of a needle but a rich man will not enter into the kingdom of God. (Laughter) Now I know why He said it because money also gives us all the methods of ruining our subtler being. There’s no love between the mother and the child when they are rich. Everything is valued on money. Same thing is about power. Same thing is about all the talents that God has given to human beings. Anything God tried to give, they have made a mess out of it. Imagine how much you are blessed by God, by nature, and by all other abundance and imagine people are only busy planning their suicides. Unless and until you find your absolute in your heart or your wholesomeness you can never be happy.

The void you see here is the void between our awareness and God or Divine . All the Kundalini’s effort is to give you your second birth. She is your loving Mother. In every life She has been born with you and has been waiting for this great chance to give you the boon of the heavens and this should work out within you so you get your enlightenment. Like this room if it is dark, you cannot understand it. At the most you can understand it as a chair, or a table in a disintegrated manner it’s difficult isn’t it? Laughing. Disintegration. You can explain.  But once the light is put there you can see the complete integration. If there is light within you, you can see your own integration.

Then you can integrate your emotional, mental and your physical being. You can nourish it and correct it. When there is light within you, you can see the darkness also in others. As you can see your dark patches, you can also see the dark patches in others. And as you see your light and your beauty, you see the beauty in others also. With your brilliance you just see the beauty only. I just see your beauty and not your darkness. That’s why I have to work day and night to manifest your beauty. We have a very beautiful festival in India called as Diwali. There are lights, there are lamps put with oil in the row and one enlightened lamp enlightens all of them in a row so that they start giving light, emitting light. But sometimes the wick is not all right and the oil is not sufficient maybe Someone has to have a store of that oil along with that work of enlightenment.

Sahaja Yoga means, Sahaja means born with you, is spontaneous union with God. That means you are already a readymade light of oil. Or a very good, beautifully made candle. A beautifully made candle. There is no obligation on anyone. This has to be done spontaneously because it is my job. I think I have told you in brief in my introduction about Sahaja Yoga, what actually happens to you when you get your realisation and also you have got books to read about it. But knowing about it is not the purpose. But becoming is the thing. I was surprised in Switzerland only it has happened that after giving the speech people just went away without the experiencing. And they were saying, “She speaks very well.” I was thinking whether it was a compliment to Me or (laughing) an insult, because this is the introduction to the happening that you have to face.

Like as we say that, “You come inside and I’ll give you cake to eat”. and just come inside, and it’s all cooked for you and  you have all the computer within you and you have to switch to the mains, but after getting the message, they do not want to have it. I have all kinds of samples really around Me. (Laughing) I’ve all kinds of samples. I’m talking of very serious things. This is the only thing that you are in this world for. You are created from amoeba to this stage for your evolution. But you must have your self-esteem. If you do not respect yourself how can God respect you? You have time to waste for everything and you have no time for your only occupation. As a Mother I tell you that this is your coronation. Your Father is anxious to give you all your powers flowing, which are really His powers.

He wants you to enter into the Kingdom of God and you should get it because it is your right to have it. We will have now the experiencing. We are very few, luckily, it will work very fast. Just a split of a second if you are ready. But if you are not ready you have to look after your centres which may be sick. It should work out. I’ll, I’ll work every bit of my drops of blood for that because I see what mess you are in and without this happening the whole creation may be destroyed. So let us start a small nucleus in Zurich by which you start propagating this living process.

Please put your hands towards Me like this and take out your shoes, if possible. You enter into the realm of present. It is the area of thoughtless awareness, which is enlightened. If you are still thinking then it is better that you forgive all the people with whom you are angry or those who have harmed.