Opening the heart

Zurich (Switzerland)

1980-05-01 1 Opening Your Heart Part ! 1, 17'
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1980-05-01 1 Opening Your Heart Part ! 2, 33'
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1980-05-01 2 Opening Your Heart Part 2 1, 48'
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Public Program (German translation). Zurich (Switzerland), 1 May 1980.

Happy to see so many of you have been able to come to this programme of Sahaja Yoga. I am also very much thankful to Kalbermatten family, especially Gregoire and his brother, particularly Arneau who insisted that I must come to Zurich and talk about Sahaja Yoga.

We are really blessed by nature today. I went and saw your beautiful lake and the beautiful scenes in the sunshine, the way everybody was bathing and enjoying.

Today, I am going to speak to you about something very subtle within you. Many German writers have written about the power, which sleeps within us to give us self-realization, known as Kundalini. Unfortunately, none of them had the experience of self-realization. So the description falls very much short of the reality. If you have read any one of these books, you will think that Kundalini awakening is the most difficult thing. When we told our grandmother that human beings have landed on the Moon, she could not believe it. As we have grown outside so much, also there has been an inner growth within us. Think at the time of Christ, the way people crucified Him; you can’t do that to me now. He had twelve fishermen with whom He had to talk about Kundalini. It was impossible even to talk about divine power to them.

But today, at this time, I am facing intelligent people who will understand what I am going to tell them. Till Christ got his resurrection, they never believed Him. I am very fortunate. Now when you listen to me about Kundalini, you must know that it is a hypothesis put forward before you and you must keep your mind open like a scientist. Here you see in the triangular bone lies the Kundalini, the power which is going to give you your second birth. She awakens when there is somebody who has the authority to awaken Her from God. It cannot be awakened by giving money or by standing on your heads. It is absurd to believe in such things that by paying money you can sprout even a seed. Germinate. I said from German the word comes, germinate. Neither you can make any effort about it. God has made you beautifully from amebic stage to this stage and has placed all your various milestones within you as these centers.

When the Kundalini arises, you can see with your naked eyes the pulsation in the triangular bone, which is called as sacrum, meaning the sacred bone. There are all kinds of fake gurus who make you dance naked or I don’t know they say they will fly, all sort of promises they make but nobody can make the Kundalini jump or pulsate. Whatever you can do like jumping, dancing, taking out clothes, standing on your heads, is not that God can do. God does something more than you can do. Something different. Jumping, taking out clothes, or shouting or flying and all that nonsense. Convulsions and all sorts of things. The Kundalini rises spontaneously and it passes through all these six centers, the seventh center is down below and all these six centers it passes and pierces through the fontanelle bone area and connects you to the All-pervading Divine Power. The Kundalini awakening is very clearly described by Adi Shankaracharya. He has said it one of his couplets, “Na yogya, na sankhya.” By all these tricks and by reading about Kundalini, the Kundalini doesn’t rise. Only through the Mother’s grace, it will rise.

India has been a yoga-oriented country. Our attention and ultimate goal of life is to achieve union with the Divine. When I went to America in 1973, I felt so many saints are born in this country; they might have been Indians searching in ancient ages. They were seekers – saint and seekers. I felt they might have been the saints, who were searching in the ancient ages in India. I find so many them, so many of them in England and Switzerland and all over the West. I am ashamed the way Indian horrible gurus have come to the West to make money and to loot. They have taken advantage of your spiritual naivety. One has to understand first of all what are we and what we are to expect as our self-realization.

These seven centers that are within you represent the different emotional, physical, mental and other selfs, which are within you. They actually represent the different milestones in your living evolutionary process. These centers within us are in the gross, some in the medulla oblongata, or you can call the spinal cord, and some in the brain. These centers are in a subtle way in our medulla oblongata or you can say the spinal cord, and some in the brain; two of them are in the brain. In the gross, they manifest the plexuses. These plexuses are like, the first one is manifesting the pelvic plexus. It’s a general name. The second one is manifesting the aortic plexus. This yellow is the aortic plexus. The third one, which is the solar plexus, is manifesting the solar plexus. The third one, the cardiac plexus. The fourth one, cardiac plexus in the center. The fifth one is the cervical plexus. And the sixth one is placed between the pituitary and the pineal body and the seventh one is placed on top here in the fontanelle bone area which actually is a big center which we can call, which we call as limbic area. It lies in the limbic area inside the brain, where the optic is, here on the fontanelle bone area, which is a soft bone when you are a child.

Now the left side that you see here of the blue color channel which is called as Ida channel in the subtle form is expressing itself as the left sympathetic nervous system. The Ida channel on the left hand side manifests itself as left sympathetic and the right hand side, Pingala side channel manifest itself as right sympathetic. The left side is the one which is our past. Manifests all our past or collects all our past, is used for our conditioning. It is the power of our desire or a desiring power, you can call. Now as a byproduct of the left side is created a that black or deep blue colored pouch or you can call it a balloon-like structure, is the super ego which we develop by our conditioning. And from the right hand side use, we produce our ego, which is shown in the yellow color, that of the bile.

Now we have to understand how this happening takes place by giving you a simile of a spacecraft. Now the spacecraft as you know has got many, what you call, containers set in each other like a telescope. Spacecraft has got many containers fitted into each other like a telescope. So the whole stuff first flies out or goes out towards the space with a certain velocity. The whole of the machinery goes towards the space with a certain velocity, to a point, first, with certain velocity. Now when the first container explodes, the rest of it is triggered with a much higher velocity, say if it the first is V, it is V raised to the power, say, X. Then the second one explodes and the third one explodes and the fourth one explodes. Maybe the velocity now becomes V raised to power 100 or VX raised to power 100. At the last stage, the last container explodes and releases the spacecraft into the space. In the same way, your evolution takes place. It is all built in the seed. It is all built in your seed, in the seed. Like the seed has the complete tree and all the trees that are going to follow, in the same way from the matter you start growing into human level. It is very difficult for the biologist to explain how in this such a short time, a man is created out of a small, little ameba. If you apply the law of chance, it is an impossibility.

So there has to be some juggler to do this job. Now when you want to run fast, the beat of your heart increases. So that means in emergency, you can act ask the sympathetic to enact. But the reducing of the rate of the heart and of the respiration is done by parasympathetic. They call it autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? The other question one can ask oneself that why have I become a human being from ameba stage. The third question one should ask, “Have I found out the meaning of this instrument that is a human being?” For example, if I make this instrument, you will ask, “Why are you making this?” But once this is made, unless and until I put it to the mains, it does not work. It has no meaning. Supposing I say, “There is beautiful music on here”, you cannot hear. But if I bring a beautiful radio and put it through the mains, you can hear the beautiful music and you are amazed.

I say verily the same way you are made a beautiful instrument just to be put to the mains. By the developing your ego and superego and by closing it down by calcification, you have become an individual to seek God. And at this stage in the modern times, you find that so many people are seeking. What are you seeking within yourselves? You are seeking that absolute, which gives meaning to all that is relative. You are seeking your wholesomeness. You are seeking your relation of this microcosm into the macrocosm, which is the higher being or the primordial being. Thanks to many psychologists like you and many biologists like [unclear: sounds like Dunovu or Dunovar] and other people, we have heard the words like collective consciousness. But in India, it is a very well-known fact that you have to jump into your collective consciousness, that there has to be breakthrough into your unconscious so that it becomes one with your conscious mind. There has to be the breakthrough into the unconscious so that the unconscious become conscious. It has to become, is an actualization. It is not story telling or brain washing. It has to happen to you. Your instrument must start working. Means you should get the subjective knowledge. Means the spirit in your heart, which knows everything about you, must come into your conscious mind. That means your spirit, the Atma, you must feel it on your central nervous system. Otherwise, all these tall stories had no meaning.

You meet, on broad based, two types of people who are seekers. The one who believe in all these prophets and are following some organized religion, they believe into something because they are born into it. If they are born in India, they believe in Hinduism. If they are born in England, they believe in Christianity. If they are born in, say, Switzerland, they believe in Catholicism. The other side is, the other people are the ones who have denied all these as absolutely false. They only believe in science and what they see with these gross eyes. But I say, there is God. He exists. And He exists in the center, not on left or the right, not in blind faith, nor in denial but in being. The first one, the first type, close their eyes; the others turn their eyes. But the ones who want to see can see now.

He resides within our heart and He manifests within us and we are aware of Him as somebody who is looking at us. So whether you believe in it or not, it exists. Like two stupid people saw the sun going down. Two stupid people, they started quarrelling whether it was a sun or a moon. The third stupid came in to help them out. So they asked him whether it is sun or moon. So the third stupid fellow says that, “I am a foreigner. I’m sorry”. So all these things do not give any answer, which is absolute. Everything, your political ideas, your economic ideas, are all absolutely relative. Some say Communism is good; some say Capitalism is good. First you discover your capital in your heart, as I have discovered. Once you discover that, you cannot help distributing it. So you become the greatest capitalist and the greatest communist; you become. You do not profess anything. You just become. Now as I have told you that it is already it is within you, just like a candle has its all preparation to be enlightened. When the Kundalini rises, She enlightens your candle. You start seeing the whole picture as an integrated being. Your physical being is enlightened, by which you are given your vital force and you overcome your physical problems. When your emotional being is enlightened, your emotional problems are solved. Same with a mental problem.

There is a very horrible guru living in your Switzerland who is making the big money, has created lots of epileptic patients around me. They say he has a bed made out of diamonds. He lives on other people’s money like a parasite. You don’t use your brains; that’s the main thing. He is giving you flying exercises; you are falling on the streets as epileptic patients. So many such sick people come to me and give me a headache. I have to remove their mental problem. There are all hypnotized; they are crazy people. They have achieved nothing. They go to India and there they become naked and dance and finish all their money from Switzerland. In India, people think you have lost all your heads. The villagers cannot understand how you intelligent people could be befooled to that extent. They pamper your ego, or what do they do, God alone knows. You are seekers of the ages. All your good earnings of your seeking in previous lives, are you going to waste them like this on these parasites? They don’t know where are they moving, just like in a tunnel. And there’s a mafia on. Complete secrecy. A mantra is sold for 300 pounds. If there is any Indian, will know it means stupidity.

In Sahaja Yoga after realization, you can coin all the mantras and you will know all the chakras and all the deities. Unless and until you are enlightened, no deity is going to know you. Even if you go to church or to a temple or do whatever you please, you cannot take any mantras. It would be like a toy telephone, which is not connected to the mains, you are telephoning.

I have come on this Earth, to give you the complete knowledge of your spirit and of your being. And to give you that enlightened dimension to your awareness by which you will be able to make out who is real, and who is unreal. After your enlightenment, you will know how to use this power, which is radiating through you. You will know how to cure yourself and cure others, mentally and physically. You will know sitting down here what is wrong with a person about whom you are thinking. You will jump into the realm of Brahma, that is the divine power, which is all-pervading. This power organizes the whole universe. This changes these flowers into fruits and seeds. This power sprouts the seeds. Kundalini is the representative of the same power. That is your individual; everybody has their own Mother sitting down there. She loves you and She is waiting for an opportunity to give you this realization. This has to be performed now and now, because the blossom time has come. Many beautiful flowers have to find their fruitful meaning. It will happen to all the nations.

But in the ego-oriented societies, it takes some time. Because this ego gentleman, he wants to keep us out of the reality. It is very much mis-identified from the very beginning. For example, to say that I am born of such a family or of such a country, everybody has to carry a passport, like a criminal branded with a number. God created this whole universe for your use and for your joy. When the Kundalini rises and makes you collectively conscious you become collectively conscious; then your identification with all these nonsensical separation drops. All this mis-identification stops. You know your self-esteem and you understand your dignity. You become the Master of your self. It’s a beautiful happening. The ego collapses in the presence of reality, because human beings do not do anything. A tree dies; they make a chair. Dead from the dead. They sit on the chair; they can’t sit on the ground. The chair sits on their head. After some time, you will find people carrying the chair with them. With all these enterprises we allow this matter to sit on our head. But the Holy Person who speaks in the name of God is not bothered about comforts of life. He can live in the greatest comforts or He can just sleep on the street. Because He is an Emperor, nobody can dominate. No greed or lust can dominate such a person. You cannot give any money, nothing, to such a person. Such a person just gives. He emits love. And He fights the stand with courage. He protects the seekers. And He is joyous within Himself because He’s the embodiment of joy and comfort. We don’t have to go too far. We had Christ for ourselves, only 2000 years back, Whom we crucified. The One who had only two robes in his life, now people have made clothes and buildings and the half of London is owned by the Church. This is not Christianity. In India, there is one Shankaracharya who is making a gold big umbrella studded with diamonds. While the Adi Shankaracharya used only a dhoti (– loin cloth – ed.), one dhoti, to tie up. He never had stitched clothes to wear. He walked bare feet; he had no shoes. Now our Shankaracharya is trying to copy your Pope. How beautiful he is going to look with an umbrella of gold, when it will fall on his head! They have no shame. It is for you young people who are thinking about it, to rise today to reality, and not to be bowed down to any dogmas or any nonsensical ideas that have been so far ruling, nor you get possessed by science.

Science has only rationality, no heart. It is a heartless thing. So when you move away from your heart into science, you must remember that you are a human being and you are not a machine. All the human beings are planning to destroy each other. What a sensible class of people! Animals do not plan like this cold-blooded. We are either being dominated by others or we try to dominate others. When are we going to understand that we are the most important creation of God? We have much greater purposes than to create these horrible H-bombs and atom bombs. In Switzerland, I have heard that people the rate of suicide is now more than Sweden. There is a big competition going on between these two countries [laughs]. With all the beautiful things God has given you, you are sitting down here how to commit suicide or to kill others. Everything seems to be in a mess! All intelligent people should understand that there are lots of complications created by our own complications. We have to get ourselves sorted out. When you are in the waves, you are afraid of drowning. The thought wave arises and falls down and another arises and falls down. We live either in the past or in the future. By living in the past, we are frightened. And when we live in the future, we aggress. We have to be in the center, in the present.

But again, I have to say that I cannot do it just by telling you. It is a happening that must take place. I have said it in 1970 that cancer cannot be cured by anything else but Kundalini awakening, because the Kundalini rises through the parasympathetic and connects you with the All-pervading Power, which is all the time flowing within you. Now for example, left and right are the two sympathetic, which are pulling the energy from the center. Now when the energy gets exhausted, the deities sleep off and you get into two divided portions. And then the energy starts working on its own because it is not connected with the whole, and then the cell becomes malignant, on their own. Then the cells become malignant without any relationship to the whole. For example, somebody will develop a big nose like that, out of proportion to the body, and will oppress other cells. But by this happening, the complete linkage takes place of these centers.

Now luckily, I, by chance, I cured the President of India of cancer of lung. He sent his Secretary of Health to me to discuss how we can use Sahaja Yoga on a very large scale through government help. He has also received reports that Indian villages have been very much benefited by Sahaja Yoga even in their agriculture. But I told them very frankly, “I don’t understand red tape. I don’t understand human laws. And I do not want that when I am doing this work absolutely free, you put Me to the Parliament to answer some questions, because the human norms are so funny that everybody has to pass through it”. So he is working it out and I’m sending Dr. David there and we have another doctor there to work it out so that there is no problem of facing the Parliament and the funny people. My brother also is a Member of Parliament, and he has had two heart attacks.

Heart attacks come to people because of imbalance. If you work out the right hand side activity too much mental activity, then the left side is neglected and frozen. Now the nature is so balancing that when you do mental activity, your heart goes out. And when you do more activity of crying, weeping, all the melodramas of reading Byron and all that, all such horrible poets who good for nothing make everybody cry, your brain goes off. Actually we had one case like that who just read these melodramatic poets and his brain is off. Surprisingly his name is Ronnie, which means in Indian language, a crying baby. Because of this imbalance you develop diabetes, liver, kidney trouble, uterus. Now according to Sahaja Yoga, the second center, which is responsible for looking after all these centers, has to also convert the fat in the stomach for the use of the brain. But if you do all the time thinking and of the future and planning, all other organs are neglected. And when you start thinking too much, again the same sort of malignancy of thought starts. When you start saying what’s wrong, you are in for it.

This gentleman, Mr Gregoire, came to me in a state where his thoughts were growing like horns. He could not stop his thinking. The other day, I told you, one doctor met me in the Lausanne and he said, “Mother, you can cut my throat, you can take out my brain but stop thinking, for heaven’s sake!” When the Kundalini rises on this point here, in the center, then you become thoughtlessly aware. You are alert, absolutely alert, and also you know what others are talking, and if you want you can think also but you are in silence. There is no bombardment from your ego and superego of the thoughts on your head. On the contrary, the awareness becomes so dynamic that you start seeing the essence of everything. When the Kundalini jumps out of this fontanelle area, then your fingers start feeling the cool breeze all over. The whole hand feels the cool breeze. This gentleman who came to see me yesterday, only through an advertisement, he just got it in a second. He said I just saw your advertisement. I have seen the first time such a great experience. Then on the fingers you get all these centers enlightened of the sympathetic,and you can feel them in your hands.

With this feeling developed, you can tell what diseases the person is suffering; you don’t have to go to pathological tests. One need not even go to any X-ray and starve yourself for the ordeal of X-ray. You also learn how to improve or to cure your problems in Sahaja Yoga. The greatest thing is that your computer starts working. You can ask any question which is of absolute nature. You get the answer as cool breeze in the hand. I think this gentleman seems to be a very uncomplicated man. So in his realization, he has also felt the bliss and joy. But normally, the people who use their rationality too much and had their ramblings in too much reading, they first try verify. They sometimes doubt about it also. I have seen some people getting up and finding out if there was a draft coming from the window. But if this draft coming from window can cure your answer, then it is a miracle.

Sahaja Yoga cures most of the diseases, even arthritis, except for the diseases which are [unclear: sounds like caused?] and the organ has stopped functioning or is dead. But one has to know that God must have also little interest in you. If you are very arrogant and if you think no end of yourself, God said, “All right, have some little another chance”. He is not interested in curing bodies, as I told you yesterday, because He can create thousands of them. But He is very much concerned about the sincere, truthful, humble seekers. He is the ocean of compassion. He is your [unclear: Father Almighty or Father God Almighty-?]. He wants to bestow all his powers to His children and He wants you to be the citizen of His Kingdom. He has made all the arrangements within you, and the time has come for you to get it. It is your right to get it. I’m here to tell you all about it, all the code and decoding of it. May God bless you. I hope most of you’ll get your realization today. And that you will become yourself by maturing into it. The Kundalini matures you, gradually. I hope it will work out but don’t think about it. It will work out. I’m sure. May God bless. Thanks.

I don’t mind answering some of your questions but there isn’t much time. If you don’t mind, better have the cake and eat it. If you are really hungry, you will not ask me how I have cooked it. Better have it. But if there is any sensible question, I would like to answer it. Thank you very much.

See for yourself, if you are thinking still. If there is a thinking coming from inside, if there is still thought in your mind coming in, then you must forgive everyone. You’ve to say, “I forgive everyone.” The mantra on this center is Our Lord’s Prayer. But unless and until you are realized, this mantra has no meaning. Christ resides in this center here. This is the door He has talked about. You need not argue about Him; you will know everything about Him very soon. You need not argue. So, you can now close your eyes, please. When the Kundalini rises in this area, there is a dilatation of the pupil. It is better to keep your eyes shut, so the Kundalini rises without any problem. Kundalini awakening is just the opposite of mesmerism. In mesmerism and hypnosis, you become somebody else. But in realization, you become yourself. Now just put your hands towards me and wait for the moment when you start feeling a little cool breeze in your hands. Some of you may feel pins and needles, a little bit. And some of you may feel a little heat.