Being Born Again

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-05-12 Public Program, Believing In God or Being Born Again, Version 1, Caxton Hall, 79' Download subtitles: CS (1)View subtitles:
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Being Born Again, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London (England), 12 May 1980.

I think those who have come for the first time should be on the first row. It will be better for Me. All those who have come for the first time, please [sit down here.]

Yes, good. You may take out your cloth – it’s very warm – if you think so, or it’s all right whatever you wear.

It is said that in us lies the power to be reborn. In all the Scriptures it has been said very clearly that you have to be born again, that you have to be baptized, that you have to become a pir, you have to become a brahmin. All these descriptions have come to us from all the great Scriptures.

It is very easy to say that we don’t believe in God, we don’t believe in any incarnations, we don’t believe in Jesus, we don’t believe in any religion, we don’t believe in anything. It is very easy to say. Even it is easy to say that we believe in them; we believe in God, we believe in Christ, we believe in incarnations, we believe in Krishna, Rama, all that.

Both things are equally the same. When you believe in God, you believe in darkness and ignorance. And when you do not believe in Him, also you are in ignorance. By believing into Him, you close your eyes, accept the faith and go along with it.

Of course, it shows that you’re conscious of some power which is beyond. Such people have a great chance. But in case, if you go to the extremes of these kind of things, then you start only believing in Christ, only believing in Mohammed, only believing in Krishna, I mean, depending on where you are born. Imagine, how human beings are narrow-minded. If you are born in England, then either you will be a Catholic or a Protestant or maybe one of these witchcraft people. You believe into anything because you are localized in a place. There have been some identifications, because your mother believed into something, or father believed into something, or you paid for something.

And then this faith can really become such a blinding effect on people that you develop absurd type of groups which [we] call them as Christians, Hindus, Muslims or whatever you may say, and are extremely, extremely exclusive, blind and fanatic.

Today one of the problems of our times, of these modern times is fanaticism. Now this fanaticism has been growing. The more people try to get out of fanaticism it grows more. For example, people who gave up religion, who gave up God, I mean in the sense they never gave up, we cannot give Him up. He has to give you up. But those who felt that they have been able to deny God, have done nothing good, they are equally useless. I mean they had, [think] by giving up God, they have given up all ideas of any control by divinity or anything. And what have they achieved? Suicides, bad societies, sick people. They have achieved nothing. So one side is this fanaticism growing deeper and deeper into people who remain in fanatic ideas, while the other side to prove that they were correct the other side also is growing also deeper and deeper; and both are wrong.

The main thing is that you have to feel God within you. You have to become something more by which you can feel the Divine, not through your rationality, not through your rationality by any chance, neither through your faith. If the faith is blind, you cannot know God. You’ll become a fanatic.

If people could just remain faithful and do not become fanatic, then there is no harm. Or else even if you deny God and you do not become egoistical, then there is no harm. But that’s not possible. We are [progressive, progressing]. We cannot stand at a point. Once we start moving, we start moving in that directions. Either we have to be fanatics or we have to be absolutely egoistical and terrible. That’s how we finish off ourselves.

And all these extreme behavior of human beings have brought such a shame to God, to His creation and to the beauty and joy that He wants to bestow upon you. Rationally, I can prove the existence of God, no doubt, but rationally I can also disapprove, because rationality is an illusion. It is an illusion, like the people in the West say, “You just can’t say which way [it is.]” With rationality you go about anything, like you can say, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong in denying God? Nothing is wrong.” What is wrong itself, how are you going to [define, detect], is the point.

Through rationality, you cannot say what is right and wrong, because rationality speaks on relative terminology, on a limited sphere. Now, whether to tell the truth is right or not. How can you say? Supposing somebody is about to murder someone and he is asking where [is, then] the person has gone. If you tell that person the truth that, “That person has gone this side,” through your rationality because you think truth telling is good, the person is killed.

If you see today’s atmosphere, you’ll find there’s such a confusion. People do not know who is right, who is wrong. To some people it is great to be a fanatic; they think they are doing a great honor to themselves because they are fanatics. They are so confused that they do not know how far to go in obeying the religious warnings and religious, we can say, the saints. And how far not to go they do not know. It is such a confusion. In this confusion you the seekers are [there]. You are seekers of truth of ages. If you are not, Sahaja Yoga is not going to help you much. If you have come here just to rationalize something, this is not a place where you can discuss, argue it out or anything. It has to work in you. It has to give you that blessing. If it cannot bestow that blessing in you, then Sahaja Yoga is useless, useless for you.

So this is the central point where you recognize within yourself by becoming something else, that there is God. Not only that He is there, but His power is all-pervading, that He organizes, cooperates the whole universe, and that He is the all-powerful, all-knowing. All these things you feel within yourself. You recognize Him not through your rationality but through your feeling. Like if I put My finger to this [plate/plane] it will be burnt. This is My feeling. It’s My subjective knowledge. Somebody tells Me it is hot, I’ll say, “What’s wrong? Let Me put My hand on it.” But the feeling is such an absolute thing that when you will touch it, even a child can say that, “It is hot.”

So that absolute feeling within us which makes us feel through our organs, sensory organs, the hot and cold by which we hear and we see clearly, that subjective knowledge, whatever language you speak, whatever religion you follow, whether you are an atheist, or egoistical, or whatever [it is], that feeling when it gets enlightened, then you start feeling God, God Almighty. Then you can also rationalize it in the sense that when I burnt My finger I’ll say, “Yes, what they said it’s correct. It burns your finger. It’s a fact.”

But unless and until this happens to you, all other arguments and discussions are of no value, anyone whatsoever. I was amazed Myself when I was born, to see such ignorant people quarrelling over something which they do not know at all, nothing of the kind. They are so ignorant. They don’t know that there is power of God working. They cannot feel it. And what are they doing, whether they are church people or temple people, or these scientists?

When they talk about God, they are at the level from where they cannot talk. But they are not even conscious that they are at that level. This is why we have to know that despite all effort to destroy our Scriptures, this knowledge that you have to become something else, that you are to be reborn, this knowledge they could not destroy. They have tried to maneuver it for their own advantage. They have tried to use it for their own building up because they must have big, big buildings, they must have big, big money projects and sometimes they also have some business. Well, how can you do all these things in the name of God? Just think of it. But they are doing all these mad things and they call it God, and the seeker gets absolutely shocked and surprised. But then he also gets into the whole whirlpool, he just cannot get out of it because he is a seeker. He says, “Let me go and see for myself what it is. Let me burn my finger here and there and find out for myself.”

Now I say again, like all these people have said, that you have to be born again. They have said [it] to prepare you all for this happening. It’s My fortune that I have to do it. It has to happen. If they have said all these things, either they were all false and wrong. So I am here to prove it. Not that they were wrong in any way. But they were the only people who were right. They were the only people who knew. They were the only people who were enlightened. They had an eyesight to see much deeper than what you can see.

So within us lies that power ,and that power is anxious to give you your second birth. That power lies as shown lies in the triangular bone of sacrum. And you can see with your naked eyes the rising of this power. It has nothing to do what nationality you come from, what sort of cloths you are wearing, what sort of hair dress you have. It has nothing to do [with it]. But it has to do something with your inner being. And why in the inner being there are certain problems which you have created out of your ignorance. And this power is being your Mother, your sweet loving Mother who has been born again and again with you, knows your problems and She knows also how to correct [it, them.]

So I say that you don’t have to do anything about it. It just works, has to work. But for human beings to understand that their evolution has to come spontaneously is very difficult, especially in the West. They think that they’ll have to do something about God to fix Him up, appoint Him, pay for Him to give you Realization.

It is that absurd. Of course it makes you laugh. But we are sometimes [ourselves] like that. We think that we can pay for Him, then He’ll come down and bestow His grace upon us. We can purchase Him or we can honor Him by which He’ll give us. No, it is His grace. It is His own compassion that He’s going to do it, as it has been done before when we became human beings from amoeba stage. It is His Love, His own ambition, you can call it in human understanding, that He wants to bestow His Powers onto His own children, onto His own creation.

And as you are the flowers, human beings are the flowers of His creation. He wants to transform you into this beautiful fulfillment of your own being. These are the fruits of His creation, His garden. But all these words can sound very poetic and very enchanting, and it should be so. The Kundalini is awakened within us, all the time to help us.

I have seen to My very great sorrow that we have really hurt our Kundalini and last we have really tortured Her. I’ve seen big, big holes, wounds in Her being. In our ego, in our useless ideas, we have really wounded our Kundalini. I’ve seen this poor Kundalini in a mess and I soothe Her. I soothe Her and tell Her that, “You, the Mother of this child, be contented that this child has got desire to know.”

So, the first stage has to be the desire, desire to know about God. If you have no desire to [unclear] know [about] God, God is not going to fall at your feet. At least you should be mature so much that you want to know God. That is why Sahaja Yoga is a slow process; it does not work out on people who do not want it. You have to be interested in knowing yourself. This is the only thing that is required in Sahaja Yoga, that you should be ardently desirous of becoming that. Then it will happen. This is the first basic thing; you must have desire.

Then also there are other things which are very important, which I’ve seen. Because now I’ve been traveling and I’ve been meeting people and I’ve been seeing that there are problems which have touched the path of Kundalini also. The path of Kundalini can be quiet rugged, and Kundalini may refuse to come up. And even if She comes up, out of pain She may drop out. The path of Kundalini we have ruined by so many things. And these wounds we have caused to the path, in the central path by not remaining in the center but going to extremes. We have harmed ourselves. You, you have not harmed anybody else but you have harmed yourself. You have harmed your own chances. But even that can be cured because God is Compassion. He is Love, and He understands that you have been childish, you have been immature and that you should be helped. But maybe that you still do not know the desire of this Kundalini within you, and that you may not be on the same level as She is. Still, She will work it [out].

All kinds of grace is given; grace marks, as you call. It is actually the meaning of your life. All your lives, what have you been? You might have been a Roman soldier. All right, then? You might have been Caesar. So what? You might have been Napoleon. All right, so what? You might have been Louis the XIV or could be one of these horrible kings [who] killed his seven wives. You could have been the bloody Mary or someone like that, or you could have been a, some gracious woman. All right, so what? You have not known God so [far]. You might have been the mightiest of mighty. You might have been [Ouzoo/ “Who is who”] or you might have been in the history. Your photograph may be there. So what? So far you have not known God. Till you have not known that absolute within you, you cannot know God. Only by knowing your Spirit, you will know God.

Like, without My Eyes, I cannot see you. In the same way, without knowing your Spirit, you cannot feel God. And you have to know your Spirit. But when I say, “You have to know you…” that doesn’t mean by jumping or by doing anything that you will do. But you have to get it. Now when you have to get it also, I don’t know human beings understand or not, that you don’t have to do anything about it. Now there is no way of saying it that you just don’t have to do anything and it will happen to you that you have to become that. As soon as I say that you have to become that, you’ll say, “Then we have to do something.” Any sentence you use like that, you think we have to put in some effort or some money or something else. But it is an effortless [being/thing]. It is the effortless happening which is beyond human understanding.

We cannot understand that we can do something effortlessly, but we do. We digest our food without putting an effort. We breathe without any effort. We’ve become human being without any effort. We’ve got the whole sky before us, the whole universe before us, without any effort. All things that are important are without any effort. These unimportant things like getting a chair or a car and all that, of course for that you might have put an effort, but to what [avail/other thing]?

Whatever is vital you’ve got it without effort, and that’s why this is going to happen to you without any effort. But try to bring your mind to a position where you must accept that it is effortless. The happening is absolutely effortless, and after that happening your efforts have to be to neutralize your previous efforts. This is the problem which is even worse than anything else. Happening is an easy thing, happening within [you]. But you have already you finished off many things within you which must be corrected. And to really become effortlessly thoughtless, will be your main problem.

But there are so many here, as you know, who have got it, who have found it and are managing it. So you all should get it. But as I said, that as I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve seen that people have problems of a different nature according to the society they live in, according to the countries they live in, according to the ideas on which they have lived. All these things do create a problem in your centers. And these problems are best solved if through your happening, if you would like to dissociate from all this misidentification. And this misidentification itself will start troubling you, then you’ll have to give up. I’ll tell you a simple example of such a thing. We have people from all kinds. Say we have a bureaucrat who comes to us and he has a problem, because the bureaucrats have a problem on the Nabhi. And they could be very horrid. Their Kundalini can be absolutely frozen you know. It’s terrible to raise their Kundalini. I get such a headache, and the whole force has to be put in for a bureaucrat. One bureaucrat is equal to one thousand small children, I can tell you. Horrible they are, and if they say there are bureaucrats or so I just prepare Myself, you see. And if you have to shake a hand with a bureaucrat you have to massage your hand properly, you see, before you shake it. But if you have to raise the Kundalini, oh God, you, before and after you are just finished [within.]

So, now supposing there is a bureaucrat. He is misidentified with his problems. He comes to Me. I think he gets his Realization, all right. But he cannot forget that he is a bureaucrat. He goes on identifying with himself, bureaucracy. Then he’ll talk, “I believe.” Then I look at him, “Still?” Still it is there. Still it is there.

Like we can take the case of now hippies who are another bureaucrats, I tell you. They are no less. Hippies thought no end of themselves. They thought, “Whatever we do to ourselves is our own. Who is [who/ this] anyone to tell us?” you see. So they had a real drugstore within them, you see. They created a real problem for themselves. Spoiling their brains, spoiling their whole Kundalini, everything, Oh, they’ve got themselves into a real mess.

You see, if freedom means nonsense, then one can only conclude that people have no sense of freedom. Like, you put some children in a room to play, and there they start eating. First of all, if they get some sweets, they’ll eat. Then they’ll eat the tea. Then the tea is finished. Then they’ll say, “All right, eat some [ashes/ ice-creams].” Then they’ll eat ashes. Then they’ll eat some cow dung. It is like that. It is so stupid and foolish to ruin yourself like this. But they have done it.

Now you are given Realization, and after Realization, still you go back to the same serious state of becoming great wise people who have been taking drugs. You cannot get out of it, you see. It’s very difficult. That “this was wrong I did it. It was wrong, I’ve done it. I should get out of it.” There is no wisdom in it. So all these misidentifications, [and/or] there are so many others like that. Like somebody has been to some guru. Now that guru is a crook. He has made money out of them, all right? He has befooled them completely. He’s been telling them stories. All right. They have become bankrupt giving money to him. Everything has happened. Now they have come out of it. Now you must understand that you were befooled, and he was useless fellow and “I have nothing to do with him.” But the misidentification still works out.

Once you get your Realization, still you cling on together to all the people who come from the same guru and you share all the nonsense. Now you have no more belonging to any group now. You have become universal. All these misidentifications are useless. They give you angularities. They do not give you individuality. They give you angularities ,and these angularities are troublesome to the society and to yourself. They have given you demise. Your normal life has become extremely abnormal or subnormal.

So, normalize yourself in Sahaja Yoga, and you will be amazed that you are no more belonging to any country, no more belonging to any group, any democracy, bureaucracy or communism or anything, but you become a human being who is on absolute values as a human being. This is a tremendous thing. This is what today we need in this world: human beings who have jumped onto the absolute values. Absolute does not compromise. It does not aggress, nor takes any aggression because it is absolute. It is not afraid of anyone. Because absolute is compassion, absolute is love and absolute is truth. When your attention becomes enlightened by that absolute, it’s a very limited again terminology to explain that it gets enlightened. But to understand it, one has to become. As one would say to a blind man, “When your eyes will be opened, you will know what is what.” That’s all one can say.

And when the people said like that, people did not like it. They crucified them, they killed them, they finished them [off/out]. They are not [even/ in nothing] human beings. I mean, just think of that. That a person who told them that this has to happen to you, this should happen to you, was killed. Imagine!

And the people who say, “No , you must give us money. You must give us palaces. You must give us big cars and your women and everything.” Such people we worship. We fall at their feet. And those people who were telling you the real, we have killed, crucified them and poisoned them. They bore it all; they bore it all. Not because they were not powerful. Not because they didn’t have the powers. They had tremendous powers. If they had just lifted their finger once, the whole world could have been destroyed. But that’s not the game. The game is to make the whole world aware of God’s Kingdom, and to make them blissful with the powers of God Almighty; this is the job.

So you have to show tremendous patience with stupid and foolish people who want to crucify [you]. Because they are so ignorant. But now the time has come for all of us to achieve for which we are created, to be what we have desired.

This is the time, the blossom time as they call it, for which you cannot pay. You cannot appoint Me; I have to appoint you. It is the other way round business. You cannot demand. It’s the grace. Otherwise it doesn’t work out. It’s the grace and compassion of God, which should be asked. Here the faith plays the part that, “Yes, it is God who has to bestow His blessing.” That’s why faith was there.

And rationality should play the part. To say that this is wrong, this is falsehood, these are fake gurus, these are fake people. But you never used to [both/bolt] the things properly. If you had faith, you would have never organized religion. Because you would have known that it is God’s Hand, it is God’s Grace which has to bestow us and not this theological, college people and these self-appointed people. They cannot give us the grace of God.

And the other side of rationality, you never used it properly, because if you had used it you would not have become slaves of these horrible fake gurus. So both ways, mistakes have [occurred/ been put within]. But doesn’t matter. The time has come to get your enlightenment. Now when I tell you all this first and foremost thing is I request you not to feel guilty. Because when I say that, it is very easy to become guilty and finish off [everything/with Me]. There is nothing to feel guilty; you are all in My heart and I love you very much. Whatever you have done it is finished now for Me. As soon as I am facing you, it is all done. Whatever mistakes have been done can be cured. If a child goes and soils his clothes, mother has to clean it, that’s her job, she is paid for it you can say. She is paid by other things not by money. I don’t know what is the payment of feeling your love for others. It is such a tremendous joy that you love so many of them and all of them, despite all their defects and all their mistakes. It is such a tremendous feeling of peace and bliss; that with that feeling you do not consider any, any pain or any effort, being mentioned [to you/ even].

I wish you all get your Realization, fully establish yourself. And you instead of facing Me come and stand with Me.

And also feel what I [have/ am] feeling. Once you start feeling that, then you will know the joy of Sahaja Yoga in the real sense. Still you keep yourself limited to your problems, all of you. Now direct your attention to the problems of others. As soon as you do that, you’ll be amazed the transformation will be very, very quick and fast.

Today there is no chart and all that, doesn’t matter. Chart is of no use. As long as you’ll get your Realization, then settle down [in it].

In Sahaja Yoga you cannot just come to one of the rooms of Caxton Hall, first you are visiting that room and then you say, “Let’s see what is going on here. Oh! So there is One Mataji has come, all right, you come in, just sit down here.” Then walk off into another room, it is not like that. Here you have to get it. Your search must end, you have to find it, that’s what it is. It’s very different from others. Here you must get your light. This is the point.

May God bless you all.
Now instead of counting whatever mistakes you have committed, please count your blessings. That’s a better attitude: count your blessings. That’s a much better attitude for Sahaja Yoga. You have to be cheerful. I would request all of you to put your hands towards Me. Now close your eyes. Watch your mind. See if there are some thoughts coming in. Ask your mind, “What are you thinking? Please stop thinking.” You tell him that, “Now is the time for me to become.” If you pray for God that way or if you just watch your mind, “What are you thinking?” if the thoughts are still coming, then you have to do one thing; is to forgive. Forgive everyone who has harmed you. Mostly [those/ that] thoughts that are coming to our mind are about the people, how they have tortured us. So just forgive them; forgiveness, forgive, forgive. Is the greatest weapon to get rid of your thoughts. Just say, “I forgive.”
Now some people say, “It is difficult, Mother ,to forgive”, but I tell you it is a myth, another myth. What are you doing by not forgiving? So just say, “I forgive.” Just say, “I forgive.” Forgive everyone. Try to forgive. Just trying to harm yourself by not forgiving.
Please put both your legs straight on the ground, touching the ground properly, with a pressure, little, yes. That’s a good idea.
Forgive yourself. Try to love and understand yourself. This is the temple of God. Even if I say that you have committed mistakes, you have committed mistakes against yourself. But by not loving this temple, you are going to commit more mistakes. So please forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever you have done. Just forgive it. First forgive others, and then forgive yourself. That’s even more important, I think, for some people. If you do not forgive yourself, you are doing no good to yourself at all. This is, first of all it is wrong to harm yourself, and then not to forgive. It’s all right; in ignorance you have done it, in seeking you have done it. All right, finish it off.
You are going to be a different person now. So forget the past. Just forget it. When the flower becomes the fruit, it doesn’t think of its flower stage or its earlier stages. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Try to close your eyes. There would be some who cannot close their eyes because of the flickering in the eyes. If so, then you can open your eyes. If your eyes are not flickering, then better.
[Interrupted here.]
Try to forgive. Know that you are the Spirit, the eternal [life/light]. All these small things of life are not important to the Divine. Whatever has happened, has happened, forget it. Your inner being cannot be spoiled or ruined. And the most apart to know it might be little bit harmed. All right, doesn’t matter. That can be corrected. But you are the Spirit.
[Aside: “Douglas, have you got any lemons or something? Badhas.]
How are you? How is she feeling? She’s got it? She’s got it now. Just enjoy. You’ve got it. She’s got it. You just enjoy. That’s a good thing. Now, how do you feel it, ha?
The new lady: Pardon?
Shri Mataji: After getting [it], you just laugh for three days at least. It happens out of joy. It happens. It’s nice you got it.
What’s the matter, My child? Are you feeling hot in the hand? Is it hot? How are you feeling? Nothing? Are you not feeling anything?
New person: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Are you feeling the cool breeze? Hotness? I know. You are not well, are you? Are you keeping good health?
New person: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Something wrong with you?
New person: Yes, Mother.
Shri Mataji: All right, it doesn’t matter. That also is to be corrected. That’s all My job. What to do? Got it? Got cool breeze in the hands? Close your eyes. Yes, yes, you got it. Close your eyes. It is there. Close your eyes; just see. [Hindi] Close your eyes. It will work out. You’ve been to some guru, or someone?
Seeker: [No/Nothing].
Shri Mataji: No? [Then] you are not well at all. Come, come, just come. Here, what’s the matter? Come. Were you not feeling [well/ with her] at all? What happen? Heh, yes? That’s all? What’s wrong?
The lady (whispering): [unclear]
Shri Mataji: What’s wrong with you? All right, but… something else? You get temperature with that? Do you get your temperature with that? What? You get rid of all that, all right?
The lady: Yes, Mother.
Shri Mataji: All right, doesn’t matter.
Put [the/ your] left hand towards the back. Put left hand towards the back, all right? Left hand. Put your left hand towards [the back], [good]. In a way it is good because [otherwise] you would not give up that nonsense. All right? It’s nice that these drugs have bad effect; otherwise people won’t give them up.
You must get people of your age group, Indians here. What are they doing? Fighting the British and British fighting them? You have to rise above all these things, all right? You better get some more, heh? There are many of your age group here. They are doing very well here. They are architects this, that. And still they are not looking after themselves. I mean, this is, this is becoming your own country. And we are all becoming British. And British, [they/ you] are becoming Indian. It’s not proper.
Hai na, ‘must get more people [Hindi words]. Let them get it.
They are all being really, all of them are the only for walking on Oxford Street with Arabs. Imagine! Indians walking on Arab streets. Can you think? And that’s Arabs are all right, but what about Indians? What a heritage, what a country! We are all becoming British, you see? More than British. After some time I’ll find Indians wearing tailcoats here, when walking on Oxford Street. Sale and purchase going on.
Huh! Better? Now put your hand down, you are going to get cool breeze from the [plane], all right?
A lady: Yes
Shri Mataji: That’s the best way to understand. Got it. You got it, too? Not yet?
A lady: She’ll work out [for sure/ don’t You worry]. She’ll work out.
Shri Mataji: Achcha? [All] right?
The lady: Yes, yes.
Shri Mataji: Yeah, it is working out. Now come this side; it’s better. Come this side. Give Me your left hand. [Ha!] Now put that hand towards Me. In a way, I am happy that drugs are becoming very expensive. I wish they make all the alcohols also expensive, [this kind]. Inflation should work on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, and fashions.
Ah! You’ve got it! What about you? Not yet? Started? Good, good it will work out. It’s going to work out. You see [her vibrations/ how are they feeling]. Get? See hers. Got it? Not yet? All right, it’s working. Keep your eyes open a little, all right? Just a little. Now close your eyes, more over. Don’t feel guilty about anything, all right? You just say, “I am not guilty.” As you, many people feel guilty about everything here, you know? It is so silly sometimes; sometimes so silly, you can’t imagine. Once a lady was wearing a black coat, you know. And she, she told me she’s feeling very guilty. I said, “Why?” We came home. I said, “Why are you feeling so guilty?” She said, “I must tell you now. You see, I was feeling very shy.” I said, “What happened?” She said, “I was wearing, by mistake, I was wearing a brown shoes, you see. [I should be] wearing a black.” I said, “I didn’t see it.” What is there to feel guilty?
All right? You get it? Right, that’s what you get. These are the centers you catch, all right? The right finger? Is the one here, it’s liver. Sahaja Yogis should go deeper, [well], each day. Go deep into yourself. Where is he going to, Peter?
Peter: Getting something for food.
Shri Mataji: Ah?
Sahaja Yogi: Getting something for the food.
Shri Mataji: Getting what? Ah?
Another Sahaja Yogi: Means, I can get sweets for the [ladies but]…
Shri Mataji: No, no, you better get into your meditation. This is the time you should be there. What are you all doing? All organizing. Come along. Go into meditation. You needed the most. At this time you don’t organize. Linda, you better sit separately with him. That’s better. Peter, come this side. Come along. Don’t organize at this time. You organize yourself. Come along. This is the time to organize? All My Powers are flowing and what are you doing at this time, to get some sweets? Just think of it. Ha! Close your eyes. Just feel, just now; it is all flowing out. Go deep into yourself. You have to go deep now.
[Shri Mataji aside]: Is it cooler?
Sahaja Yogini: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Sit down. Sit down. You sit that side. Just can you take [out your coat].
Shri Mataji: Yes, I’ll carry my [unclear].
Shri Mataji: Sit down. Sit down. [unclear] Enjoy yourself. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Just go deep into yourself. Every time you must go [into] deep meditation. [And enjoying yourself/ When you are in there, you know]. Don’t allow any thoughts to come in and just go deep.
[Shri Mataji]: Douglas, Douglas, give Me another one, another one also. [Unclear]. He’s going to come. All right, working it out.
[Talk interrupted here.]
Now if you all say Sahasrara Mantra, [till Sahasrara opens/ then Sahasrara’s opening].
May God Bless you.
[Yogis chanting Sahasrara Mantra]
I think you all put your Sahasrara towards Me. [It] will be a good idea to open it out. Yes, towards Me, not too low, not too high. Up, you are all right. Those who have got [it] today, it’s all right. You’ve got it now? Not yet?
Now you work it out. Keep your attention on Me, here. You got cold? Get sign of [trouble/ struggle?]
Lady: Me? No.
Shri Mataji: [Who is she? Do you know? / Not she? No?] You got cold? Just now? No? What is the problem here?
Can you remove your hair from your head? Yes, from here, [from your] forehead, just this side.
Bend your head a little. Bend your head in such a manner that the Sahasrara faces Me. All of you, please bend you head, little more, little more, little more, that’s all.
Hmm, little, so that your Sahasrara…
[Talk interrupted here]
Can you tell her problem to Me? Who is there? Behind him? Yeh? Jim? Jim is sitting there. Just tell. Just see what’s the problem. Linda, just see what chakras she’s catching. Do like that, pressure on your eyes. Do it; put a pressure on your eyes, hard, hard. Now, once more, once more. Just see now. Where? Here? Why, you know her? You don’t know? Start it. You are very good. Why not? Start it. Just see. She knows also. Yes, come along. Esther, you come in front and see, tell them how to do it.
Hmm! These two can. Can’t you feel these two? Why? Come along. Just start feeling it, all of you. Ah, of course! Just see her. What’s the problem? Hmm! You see? Hmm! Now this lady, somebody has to see. Jane or someone, anybody? Linda, someone? The lady you can come. See her, here. One or two person should see her. Got Realisation… [Hindi]
[Shri Mataji mentioned while talking in Hindi: “Agnya, Hatha Yoga, left Vishuddhi, left problem”]
What’s the matter?
Sahaja Yogi: A bit right Nabhi.
Shri Mataji: Ah?
Sahaja Yogi: Right Nabhi. Right Nabhi.
Shri Mataji: [What’s that? Achcha, Well] she looks thin [now/ enough]. Put your hands like that, just like that. She looks weak. It’s all right. We’ll work out.
A lady: [Unclear]
Shri Mataji: Yes, you see, liver, and you have a little liver problem. You don’t know but it is so. Symptoms of the liver is that you feel very lethargic in the morning; you don’t feel like getting up sometimes. Sometimes you feel like vomiting. You feel giddy. Liver.
The lady: [Unclear question].
Shri Mataji: This is liver. You see, in the liver if the digestion is not all right. It’s the liver, you see. It sorts out all your poisons in the body and all unwanted things and [when/ then] it is not healthy, then it will change within itself. You get heated up and it’s a problem also like that. Body gets heated up; you feel heat in [your/ the] body with that. But you, you have been to some gurus also, isn’t it? No. You didn’t you go to any spiritualist, or nothing of the kind? So the problem can be less. Are you a housewife or what are you doing? Heh?
Lady: [Unclear answer]
Shri Mataji: You are a nun. Ah?
The lady: I work on liver worms.
Shri Mataji: You have worked on the? What she’s saying? What did she say?
A lady: She works on the liver worms.
Shri Mataji: You have brought the liver of all the people here, you see. You are representing their liver here, that’s why. Can you imagine? I have to work on all of them now. Just think of it. Very strong liver [I think/ can tingle]. Can you imagine? Better now, isn’t she? Treating the liver patient, you get liver trouble. Treating the mad people, people become mad, absolutely. They don’t know, psychologists all are patients are of psychology, even those who study.
We have had all kinds of permutations and combinations, all kinds of samples. [Hindi]
Ah! [Extraordinary!] Feeling it in the hand, yes? Good. Now put your left hand on your liver, here. Yes, that’s all. Yes, for all the liver patients, all right? And I’ll teach you how to treat them.
The lady: [The patients]?
Shri Mataji: Yeah, you can, you can cure them. You know, fifty percent of these people were liverish. Yes, it’s a very common disease in the West. Better now, you see? Thank you! Got it?
The lady: Yes, it’s cool.
Shri Mataji: Good, good, on the head, just see, it is cool? Good!
This lady is very good. She has got it. What about you? Not yet?
Seeker: Not yet, Mother. Must be coming for [several/ seven] times.
Shri Mataji: You start thinking, it will become hot. You just stop thinking, it will be cold, all right? You watch Me without thinking. Now what about this lady, just here. Is [it] better?
Sahaja Yogini: [To a certain point.]
Shri Mataji: Yes, good, good, good, it’s working out.
[Ryan/ Lynn] are you all right now? Good, your [wife/ voice] sounds very good?
John, you come here. Just come here. Hmm! [Agnya?] [Hindi]
Just [starts no doubt. May God bless you.] And put your hand here, left towards Me, right [over here]. May God bless you.
How are you?
A man: [How are you?] I have a problem with my Agnya, Mother. I see a light.
Shri Mataji: Ah!
The man: I was sitting over there. I can’t see You clearly. I see a light around You. Ah! Very fuzzy light, I don’t know what’s going on…
Shri Mataji: What’s going on? It is drug? What else is there? It happened to so many people, to Pat and all these people. So you see Me as I am.
The man: No, I don’t see you in any different form, Mother just a…
Shri Mataji : Aura?
The man : A circular light.
Shri Mataji: Where?
The man: Coming, just there. It’s like after You look a candle and You look white, something like that.
Mother: Aura or something. All right, now put your [hands] [unclear], left towards Me. I think if you start wearing the dress suit that will be good. They will all run away. Must be some hippie coming around. And those who are wearing suits all the time should wear little hippie dress so that’s [how/ out]. That’s how it is going to solve the problem. I don’t understand. Ha, all right?
Sahaja Yogis: Yes. [unclear]
Shri Mataji: All right.
What was your mantra? Mantra? That horrible?
Sahaja Yogi (to somebody): Then Shri Mataji will tell you [unclear] back side [unclear].
Shri Mataji: No, no what was, what did he give you as a mantra?
Lady: Aim.
Shri Mataji : Aim?.. Ah! Better?
A person: Ha.
Shri Mataji: Ha! What about him, John?
Sahaja Yogi: He’s on the left.
Shri Mataji: Left? Weak?
Sahaja Yogi: Yeah, that’s a lot.
Shri Mataji: Why? Have you been to some Guru?
Seeker: Maharishi.
Shri Mataji: Ah! Better? Maharishi? Useless fellow. Such a useless man – I was calling him useless, I wish I could call him much more. What is that about?
Hello. How are you?