The Real Becoming, Seminar

Old Alresford Place, Alresford (England)

1980-05-18 The Real Becoming, Old Alresford Place, Winchester, UK, 73' Download subtitles: EN,ZH-HANS (2)View subtitles:
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The Real Becoming Old Arlesford Seminar, Near Winchester, Hampshire, England, 1980

These mixtures, now think of it. This is only because I have given you birth. Nobody could have done before this, I tell you. You can cure others; you can give speeches on Sahaja Yoga. You can know your own problems; you can cure your own parents. You can cure your own surroundings. You can clean yourself and others. Only with Realization it starts. It’s all in a bundle. What a jump it is from the first awareness where it was just a desire and here you started. But all these things that were looking quite funny in the first one when you had desire, form a very subtler beautiful forms and they come into you.

At this time, you do feel your chakras, their problems. You start again analysing them. The biggest problem in the West is they start analysing. You give them a cake, they’ll analyse it. Give them anything, they’ll analyse it. Analysis they think is the biggest thing and that’s how this analysis business is so maddening for them. Here it is they’re clinging on to their Realization, the other side is everything analysing. You see, the legs are analyzed, feet are analysed, nails are analysed, then they’re taken in the microscope and seen to. Here the legs are to be used for climbing up, and here you’re analysing the legs and the feet.

See, the whole purpose is lost when you start identifying with whatever was hanging on to you. So now you should say, “Now finished, done! Now I’m another person.” The greatest thing is, in this awareness of yours when you are realized, you must accept that, that person who was there is dead and finished and gone. “I’m a different person.” Even that acceptance, people find it difficult because shri Ego is there. It doesn’t allow you. It says, “Oh God, how can that be? I mean to say that ‘I’m absolutely transformed.’ ” You are transformed absolutely. Can you imagine you can give Realization to people! You tell somebody, they’ll say, “Oh, I know this.” They’ll all run away! Nobody will believe. But you know you can give Realization. Nobody will believe.

That Mahajan Yogi who gave you Realization, first he said, “Mother, how can it be?” He couldn’t believe that he could give Realization. Poor fellow has been working as a ‘yogi’ for so many years, he couldn’t believe it to begin with. Same fellow who has given Realization. Even if, I mean to believe that you can give Realization, it takes time for people. They cannot believe it. So, what have you to do about becoming? That is to at least believe – yes, you are giving Realization after all. You see it like a white cloth before you, still you say it is black Hurst Blue! So, these dealings with these ‘Hurst Blues’ is the worst case. You are giving Realization. See now, Ian, who is supposed to be going to a psychiatrist, he can give Realization to that psychiatrist! The doctor who is going to treat you, can give him Realization. Believe it, you can. But when he says this to him, he thinks, “Oh, he’s one of these!” But at least you believe into yourself.

This is the place where you must have faith, this faith that you have got Realization through Sahaja Yoga. That it’s a tremendous power, and that there is All-Pervading Power which is absolutely dynamic, and that you have that power flowing through you, and that you are giving Realization, and that’s your Mother is something special.

Faith, not faith because I’m saying because it’s blind, but you have seen it. But this is what it is! When you see it, also you don’t believe it, then what should I call it? You know for definite that this is happening but you don’t believe into it then what should I say? If you believe that it is so, that is faith. Imagine, faith means blindness. It’s opening your eyes much more to what it is and accepting that it is so.

And then the faith must grow. At this stage, is the power of faith that helps you, nothing but power of faith. And power of faith is the greatest becoming power, I should say, because then you realize that whatever you had known so far has been of no value. This is something so great and so gigantic and so dynamic. It is something so much out of the blue which you have never known before, that you get really bewildered and then you start having faith. Now, then, when I say that you just put your hands like this and put a bandhan – it works, it does work. Then also you start seeing that when Mother does like this just to herself, we all feel it. When she blows on her hand then we start feeling it that we are in her and she is in us – and that we are aware of her wholesomeness and she is our wholesomeness. Then the faith starts growing. You cannot analyse it because this is beyond analysis, beyond thought. So, the surrendering starts. If you analyse now, you cannot. You cannot analyse it anymore. Only dead things you can analyse, living you cannot. And this is beyond living. The thing that gives life to living – this is what it is. So, you cannot analyse it. So, you start surrendering.

When you start surrendering and the faith comes in then your awareness rises higher than this. And these small, small, little, little things which have become subtler, they start departing. This is the third state where your trigunas you can see, but they do not affect you.

So, in the first state you have desire. In the second state, which is a very big thing, you see the desire being fulfilled but all these subtle things are mixed up.

In the third state you see them, third stage, but they do not affect you. This is the third stage when one has to see that they do not affect you. You do see catching, but then you do not call ‘catching’, you say ‘recording’. You think you are an instrument, you are just recording. The effect of that becomes very small, very small. You become so powerful within that the effect of this catching is very little. You just record as an effect. This is the third state of your ascent aside yes keep it for a while, doesn’t matter, keep it with you. It’s alright. It’s alright keep it. Now this, at this third state. To rise up to this third state, the only way is complete faith. Faith is, first of all you have to learn certain things about faith: one of them is the protocol. But with faith, if you learn protocol, then you will not feel bad about it. But if you are forced onto it, you’ll feel bad. You see, the mixture state is still on.

So to develop faith you have to first of all tell yourself rationally, clearly, “Don’t you see this is happening? Can’t you see this? Can’t you see it is rising? Can’t you understand?” Tell yourself. Isn’t it dynamic. Just sit down, think how wonderful it is, how great it is. Just talk to the trees, talk to the ocean, talk to flowers, talk to these walls, they are better than many human beings! And tell them, “Don’t you think so?” Go in the museum and tell all the statues, “I’ve found it, I’ve got it!” Tell yourself. You see, telling yourself, you’ll develop this faith. There’s no way out.

Many people have asked me this question: “How to develop the faith?” Now, it is such a absurd thing. Here you are moving the Kundalini, you are giving Realization and turn round and ask, “Mother, how do we develop faith?” It is beyond me to understand that…I mean, what is happening here? Now what are you doing?

This faith then starts encompassing also what I say: means absorbing, not criticizing, not repelling back, but absorbing it. This absorption can be hindered by many other ways also. Absorption is the only way you grow. How does a tree grow? By absorption. What is the mouth of absorption? Is Nirvichara. What is Nirvichara? Where you do not think about it.

Now when I say you are not to think, at a lower stage, people will say, “Oh, you know, she’s very dominating, she’s very dominating, I must say!” This is the idea will come in. But absorption is only possible when you have the faith. And the whole thing goes into you. You just go on sucking it like a child. The whole thing goes into. Just like a lake which is without any ripple, it reflects the complete, entire creation in it, complete. If there are ripples, then there’s diffusion, there’s confusion.

So this is the stage of faith which starts from the second to go to the third. For example now, we’ll take a simple case of my photograph. There were no photographs before. Only in My lifetime the photographs have started, for your information. This photography also you have developed yourself on your own. Of course, with the help of the Holy Ghost, no doubt, of course, that goes without saying. But, you have developed it. I myself did not know that, that this photograph will catch me so much. I did not know myself. You’ll be amazed, that I started seeing that these photographs are more powerful than a statue which is made according to what I was before. Because this is the present thing. This is how I’m existing. I was amazed myself that it is emitting vibrations and light, and that my photograph can act so well.

You see the main problem was that, how to approach so many people? You can have, say, hundred Sahaja Yogis, you can have two hundred, you can have at the most two thousand. You see for these thugs it is very easy – you just have a registration, you fill the money and you’re there. But Sahaja Yoga is becoming, is awakening and Realization. How is it going to work out? It was a very big problem for me. It’s not that I can just give you a book and just sit and read it and say that, “Yes, I have got it, I have become.” It’s real becoming, ripening, maturing, living process. Now how am I to do it? And here is the answer – is a photograph. Then your TV, that’s also modern. Of course, the TV people have not allowed me to go on the screen, so far, but I’ve gone on the screen in India. Only in Poona, not here – rather difficult. First, let them have all the thugs, then I’ll go, that always has been. So this is what it is, that all your Medias can be used through my photograph. What a blessing it is! And the photograph, if you think, is representing Me, I think you are not expressing it fully. I was amazed that my photographs are much more powerful than any statues put together – even produced by Mother Earth! Because photograph has got so many elements in it. For example, you see, it has got light element, it has got water element, it has got earth element, it has got also air element. If the air is not all right, you cannot get a photograph. And also it has got the ether element. With all these five elements, you cannot produce a statue. Ether element it has got because if you have a photograph here, you can transcend it to any other place you can – what do you call that? – transmit it to any place. Photograph can be transmitted. But you cannot transmit the statue as it is anywhere, only the photograph of a statue you can. So it has also got ether element.

So photograph is much more powerful than any other statue. Moreover, it is a reproduction, no doubt, but reproduction of reality, with five elements. So I shouldn’t call it just a representative, it’s quite me. Because my attention is there. We have experimented with this. The Sharayu Gadkary had a photograph of mine and her relation came to her and she used to mock at the photograph and say all kinds of things. She brought the photograph to me showing that it had become all dark, black. So I said, “Who was there?” She said, “It’s my, some relation who had come she used to do like this. It has become black.” I said, “You’d better put it in the sea now. My attention is not there, no vibrations. My attention has come away, receded from there, I can see that. You should not have put the photograph like that.” So there’s a very big difference between a statue and a photograph, because my attention is there. Of course, even the statues which are, I mean the ones which are Swayambhu, which are created by Mother Earth, also has vibrations and they also show that they have vibrations, but they cannot give you awakening of the Kundalini, because My photograph has got My desire, also, in it. They cannot. If they could have, Stonehenge would have.

If you go to these statues, and if I am standing there, they emit no vibrations. Only you have to put one hand towards me and towards them, then they start emitting and then it starts. But you have to accept my permission. Even the statue you have got of Ganesha, now it’s all right, but in the beginning, it never used to give vibrations till it was worked out this way. But they do not lack authority.

So the protocol of these photographs also is important to start developing that faith. You should keep one photograph with you all the time in your pocket. Respect it. As many as possible, respect them. Not for decoration, but to be respected. In the morning you see the photograph. Now I’m telling you because of faith problem. I have to tell it myself, the whole thing, that’s the worst part of this Incarnation is! Because other things you have done, for example, those who follow Christ, they will have His photograph in the morning. Especially if they are Hindus, then they’ll touch the feet morning time, evening time, before singing, going out, coming in, they’ll do that. In the same way, when you have a photograph, you work on that with that understanding, “It’s Mother’s with us.” You’ll be amazed how things work out.

One of My nephews, Sarvesh, you know him. He is a great believer of Mother, that’s me, and he always carries a photograph with him. He lost his diamond ring in our train here in London and he came back. He said, “I know I’ll get it back because I had your photograph in my thing, it cannot be lost.” And he found it. Somebody deposited it in the police station and he found it, he got it. The credit goes to the honesty of British people, doesn’t matter. But what I’m saying, that that’s how you have to develop your faith and that love. Faith will help you, to just act as ointment on all these catches. You won’t be such a person all the time going like this “Oh, I’m catching, oooh, weeeaa, ooooh, weeeaa” You’ll be just seeing, you see, like an elephant walking and all the dogs barking at it, it just goes on. It’s like that.

So the third awareness comes in where you start seeing all these, recording it. This is the third state. Then the fourth state comes in. In the fourth state, is called as the Turya Dasha, is the fourth state.

Yogi: Can you repeat that Mother?

Shri Mataji: pardon?

Yogi: What did you say?

Shri Mataji: Turya – is the fourth state. In the fourth state you dominate these three gunas. You control all the elements. At this stage, you just say and it works. You have seen yesterday what happened with me. It just works. You become master of these three gunas.

Like I used to describe that: first you are sitting in the car and somebody’s driving you. He uses your left and right side, or you can say, the brake and accelerator, and the car is driven. Then he starts teaching you how to drive. Then you start learning by using your left and right – accelerator and your brake. Then the third stage comes in where you become a driver but still you are worried about the master who is sitting behind, that still you are doing a mistake, you are doing wrong. But then the fourth stage come, you become the master, you make others drive. Order here, anyone, order the Sun, order the Moon, order. Order means just tell them, I mean not question of any domination is there. Just desire it, just say it, it works out.

Now this fourth stage is called as Turya Dasha. Then comes the fifth stage in which, I don’t want to give you names you’ll stick on to those. They are not so clear cut, they mingle from each other you see, and they are mixtures. But in Turya state when you mature properly then you jump into the fifth state, in which you do not even, you do ‘sankalpa’ [act by will], you do not even determine or say anything. You just, anything slips out of your mouth, may not even slip out, it works. Is a state. Where you handle the whole situation, sitting down here. Sitting down here, you know each and every thing. Then not only you mastered it but in that you can enter into it. Now, for example, I’ll tell you what: I can enter into your subconscious, into your collective subconscious, into your supraconscious, into all the areas, you see, I can go, if I want to. This is when you have mastered it completely, then you enter into it. When you are the master then you enter into it. When you are master of this house you can enter into any place.

Then comes the seventh state and that is the state where you, just you are. Your being there is sufficient. Just being there. Nothing exists but you – for yourself.

Now all these seven states you can reach because I stand beyond them and I have come down to the first state and I’m trying to pull you out. If you do not drag me down I can pull you up very fast. So only request is don’t drag me down.

That’s how the becoming is going to be. Now this is the basics, you can call the basic structure. Now you are filling all the beautiful things in between – how to do it. And all the things can be nicely, again, arranged and re-decorated and can be done properly. But this is the basic structure of becoming. Now do not try to fix up yourself at this stage or that stage because that’s very common with people who are still thinking about it. Then, “Mother, at what stage I am?” It is, you see, it’s common in you. When you grow yourself, it will happen to you. You don’t have to determine anything. It should happen to you, that’s all. Allow it to grow. Allow it to grow.

But at least you are at a place where you are doubtlessly aware, most of you. But still I would say the basic desire is still not that strong. The force of Kundalini is not that strong, the basic desire is not. That should be cleared out. You see, sometimes it happens the house can be demolished because basics are not all right. Sometimes in the basics there are mistakes. So you go down into yourself, dive down, and find out. “Oh, this is the still there.” Take it out. You have to weed out these things. And that weeding out requires real alertness. But don’t get into self-pity or don’t get into, what you call this ‘guilt’ business. But a very positive attitude towards yourself that, “All right, that’s my car, I have to put it right.”

Even if you become the master of the car and the car is useless, what’s the use? Desire is the car. Kundalini, Kundalini is that desire. If your Kundalini is weak, try to sustain it, try to improve it, try to raise it, Feed it. Feed your Kundalini with desires of becoming. You neutralize all other desires with one desire. Before you say something, think of it, what are you saying? Are you saying of one desire? You have the greatest fortune that you have someone here who loves you very much and who can give you all this. You are extremely fortunate people. So make use of it.

May God bless you.

But at this stage, where you are, you have to develop faith. All of you require more faith and more faith, that’s all. And as soon as this faith – this is the source, this is how you absorb, this is the sap in you which is going to grow this tree. More faith and more faith and more faith. Because you have crossed the limit of doubts now, so the faith is going to work it out. We have time for mantras.

Sahaja Yogi: And you can see where they’re sitting on this. Every thought we have moves around and you can see every thought we’re having by … by me saying that you can see that it’s sitting there.

Shri Mataji: If you see the bhoots sitting there, just get rid of them – very simple. You just tell them, “In the name of Mataji, get out!” All right? And they’ll all take a flight. But when you say that “in the name,” what is the strength of your faith in that name? What is your authority? Do you see my point?

Sahaja Yogini: Desire, that’s to pull us up. You say ‘you have one desire’.

Shri Mataji: It’s also your desire. You see, it’s only your desire. I have no desire. It’s your desire; it is like your good will has come as your Mother, all right? Your highest Self has come as your Mother. That’s also your own. When I say that, “I want to pull you out”, I mean that’s your desire is, that’s why. If you do not have this desire, I’ll not do it, all right? If you don’t want, I’ll not do it.
Sahaja Yogini: No, I do!

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, what did you mean when you said, “Please don’t pull me down” or something like that?
Shri Mataji: No, no you drag me down in the sense, that you see the pressure I have to put in to bring you up, you see? And while you have still your attention into something old. So, when somebody’s trying to take you out of that, try to disentangle yourself. Because then you drag down the effort of the person who’s trying to take you out. Do you see my point? Because I’m attached to you and you have loads, so drop them! All right?

No? Are you better now Ian?

It is only going to work out how much faith you have. Faith is the only word you have which is not good as ‘Shraddha’ is. So, I must use the word ‘faith’. Faith is the recognition – that’s why.

Give them also one paper. You all share it.

Come along what about you share it