Seeking That Which Lies Beyond

Stratford, London (England)

1980-06-13 Seeking That Which Lies Beyond Stratford NITL HD, 30'
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Public Program. Stratford, East London, London (UK), 13 June 1980

They could not have been false. They could not have lied to us. For example
let us take the case of Socrates. Socrates has told us that we have to leave our body for the second life and that when we live on this world, when we live as human beings on this earth, we have to keep ourselves in such a way that we do not spoil our being. That we have a sustenance within us, a quality which makes us human beings, by which we can be called as human beings.
What is the difference between human beings and animals? As so many others also have said the same thing, that we are human beings, because we are human beings we have to maintain a certain amount of sustenance. After Socrates we had people like Abraham and Moses, they also said the same thing. There isn’t much difference in what they said and Socrates had said. Socrates had said one more thing, that there are Deities within us and we have to look after those deities, we have to keep them pleased.

Moses, when he found Ten Commandments, actually he found those ten methods by which he was telling us that we should be able to keep our existence as human beings by following those Ten Commandments. Sustenance means the one we sustain within us. In Sanskrit language, it is called as ‘dharma‘. “Dharayeti sa dharma”: the one which sustains within ourselves.
For example, if you take a carbon atom, it has got four valences (tetravalent). Anywhere you go and find any carbon atom from any carbon compound, you will find it will have four valences. Every element has the same property in all it’s atoms. That is the dharma.
You can say gold has the capacity or a dharma that it is untarnishable. If you see animals, they too have their sustenance. For example, you would not find a horse behaving like a donkey, or a lion behaving like a scorpion. That’s below the dignity of the lion to be a scorpion and a scorpion becoming a worm. The sustenance of these people [creatures] is kept up intact because they have not been given freedom to choose. Only at the human stage, God has given us freedom to choose our sustenance, to accept our sustenance as human beings. Only human beings have been given this freedom.

So a human being can be at a point, could be a scorpion or could be a lion. Human beings can be all animals put together, you don’t know, almost unpredictable. You don’t know which way they will react! He could be cunning like a wolf and he could be humble like a cow.
Human beings have capacity, because of their freedom, to show, whichever way they want to live. But all human beings were created by one God in the same manner, exactly the same manner. But variety that we see is superficial, absolutely outside. We all laugh the same way, whether we are Japanese, English or Indians. We cry the same way. Everything that we do is human. But if somebody wants to be artificial, he can be little funny, but he’ll be called a joker, he won’t be a normal person.
A normal behaviour of a human being, whether he is an American or a Japanese makes no difference. They are all just the same. That is the expression of their sustenance within. Within us lies the sustenance in this part where the green round thing is shown. Here the human beings have achieved their sustenance. They have to be there. They have to do these things. If they do not do these things, that they do not remain human beings anymore – is a fact.

But in modern times it’s the most difficult to tell people that you have to be human beings. You can tell them to be donkeys or monkeys or tigers or anything but human beings. You can form cliques, groups, quarrel, fight, do all kinds of things, but not to be normal human beings. If you become a normal human being there will be no strife, no problem.

To normalise you, all these great saints were born on this earth, in this void of the Big Primordial Being. And they exist within us, though they are not awakened as yet. We have had mainly ten of them. In India we can call them, from a very long time as Adi Nath who was thousands of years back. I’ve told you Socrates, Moses, Abraham then Raja Janaka. Then we had, later on, Mohammed Sahib, then Nanaka, then the last one of them was Shirdi Sai Nath. He was another Primordial Master, a great one.

They are the incarnations of the One personality. They said the same thing and same thing and same thing – how to sustain yourself. Their job was not to give you realisation but to sustain you. To make you capable of your realisation. To make you a proper recipient of God’s blessings as realised souls. If the pot is not alright, if it has all the holes in it, what’s the use of pouring  Ganges into it? So they clogged all the points and said that “This should not be done.” But as we have messed up everything we have messed up them also. All of us! Whether you are English, Indians or this thing doesn’t matter. Whether you are Christians, Muslims or a Sikh or anything doesn’t matter. All of us have made a mess of them by just disobeying them. We have really disobeyed them, because we have a freedom to disobey. We have moulded them as we liked.

I’ll give you an example of Indians. How they have done it. And then about the Christians. It’s very interesting to note. For example Mohammed Sahib has prohibited, absolutely prohibited drinking, absolutely! A Sikh is not supposed to touch a drink. Not supposed to even touch smoking. Ask anyone. Absolutely!! And I tell you, in this country, I was amazed, they drink more than even Scottish people do!! Horrible! Openly! They’ll fight for a helmet, nonsensical things (Sikhs  in UK don’t have to wear a motorbike helmet on top of their turban!), but they will not understand the main thing that Nanaka has told them, they are doing.

Now take the Christians, the great! Christ has prohibited anything to be done with the dead. Not to use spirits. The number of spiritualists you have in all the Western countries you cannot find them even in Africa! Every church you go into you step into all the dead bodies! From where did you get  these horrible ideas of putting all dead people among living? Your children treading over these dead people. Absurd it is! Taking help from spirits, ESP. The whole Western ideology is going to waste because they have taken to these spirits. After some time they’ll become really aboriginals I can tell you, the way they on. All kind of devils are possessing them. To add to that they have taken to drugs. That can even be much more killing.

But one should understand that these things go against our being.

For Mohammed Sahib is the person who said, in those days when there were so many women and very few men, he said “Alright, if that is the case you must get married. Even to four women you must get married. There should be no relationship without marriage.” That’s why they did it. Now the muslims think that unless and until they have four wives they are not muslims! But he had prohibited drinking, absolutely! Moses had prohibited completely too, all of them. But the muslims, the amount of alcohol they consume I tell you. When the alcohol will be over they will be drinking their petrol I believe! Which has been absolutely prohibited! You can’t meet one muslim in this country, who has come, and who doesn’t drink. Impossible! And who drinks till he goes to the airport, takes a bottle with him till he goes to his country and finishes all that before getting down. And never go to receive such a person at the airport, that you don’t know what you are going to face!

This is the situation! Whatever was told was against you, we decided to do that.

Now take the Hindus the great! Who think no end of themselves as the greatest spiritual people ever going around. It is said that, in every human being resides God. In every heart resides God – is the basis of Hinduism. But they have started caste system!

Caste system was according to psychological aptitudes. If you are a seeker you are a brahmin, if you are seeking in money you are this, if you are seeking in power you are a shatriya. All politicians are shatriya! So they made it according to your birth. Divided the country according to caste system and the curse the horrible, freezing thing, fanatic, is working in that country. How can it be when you believe that in every human being resides God Almighty? How can somebody be higher and somebody be lower? There’s a big camouflage that they are brahmins. How are they brahmins? I cannot understand how are they brahmins when they are not realised souls they cannot be brahmins at all?

Even a person like Valmiki who was a shidul caste in the sense that he was doing work like a thief and he was just a fisherman, but he is one of the greatest brahmins we have! Vyasa, his mother was a fisherwoman and he was an illegitimate child, he is another, the one who wrote [The Bhagavad] Geeta. And these people are saying – ‘We are brahmins, you are non-brahmins, you are this, you are that’.  Living in artificial ideas and useless things. And fighting about these things which are nowhere near reality, in the name of God! Just think of it.

If we are all human beings, we are all created by Our Father. And think of Our Father how He must be thinking that His feet, hands and eyes are all fighting among themselves and every cell in the body is fighting with each other. Think of His compassion and His love, what He must feel. That is what we have done to our society. We have funny ideas about ourselves. To Me it’s such a silly thing and so stupid, it’s so stupid [that] I can’t just understand. I cannot identify Myself with these ideas, find it impossible. You see, a beautiful map was created there had to be some trees and there had to be some gardens, there had to be some rivers and there had to be some mountains as well, in that map. Who asked you to divide into different countries and fight like fools and carry your prison number, prisoner’s number as a, what you call, passport?

Why must you have passports I cannot understand? If we are human beings, if we are born of one Father we own the whole world, is ours. How can we possess anything? This all belongs to Him. To a person of my nature it is impossible to understand. To conceive this idea. I cannot play this drama. While you are this. Inside you God has made all these beautiful centres which Guru Nanaka and Kabira…even in the Bible it is said “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”, these are the centres. They exist within you. They are there. And the Kundalini which is the residual power within us in three and a half coils, lies dormant in the bone called as Sacrum, the triangular bone. It resides there. When I say that, whatever emphasis I may put in you are not to believe. You are not to accept it, but you are not to close your eyes also, and you are not to deny. It exists. It is within us. Is your Mother, placed within every human being, whether you belong to West Ham or to London Centre, whether you belong to Asia or belong to America. In all of us this Kundalini is placed there, and She is the Mother within us. Everyone has a very beautiful Mother placed in the Kundalini.

This Mother is waiting for an occasion when She will give you your rebirth. Everyone of you have a right to have that. And this is ‘sahaja’, means is born with you, ‘saha’ means with, ‘ja’ means born. It is spontaneous. It is a living process. It is a process that is going to manifest, after this human evolution, into a new one; when you are going to become the person who is in contact with the Divine Power. This Divine Power is within you, means rises through these centres, six centres which are maybe the milestones of our evolution, and pierces this fontanelle bone here, which is called as brahmarandra in the sanskrit language and gives you your realisation, and yoga is established. The union with God is established.

This is the real baptism. Neither these priests who come from theological colleges or these horrible brahmins, so-called, they can give you this second birth. Is the only one who is authorised by God, who is a realised soul, can do it. Every Dick, Tom and Harry cannot do it. Once the Kundalini rises and you become one with the Universal Divine Power which is all-pervading, you start feeling a cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, which we call in sanskrit as ‘Adi Shakti’, starts flowing in the hand as cool breeze. And once that starts flowing, then all these fingers, which look so simple to us, get enlightened, and you find that in these fingers you get the enlightenment of these different centres. The left had side and the right hand side have got five centres, six and seven, in the same way right and left. And then you can start seeing yourself what centres are suffering within you, and what centres are suffering in other people.

You become collectively conscious. I don’t have to tell you [that] you are all human beings, children of one Father, you just become. Is actualisation. It’s not lecturing or “Alright come along I’ll baptise you”, not all that. It just becomes an actual experience. But after that actual experience, you have to work it out.

Now in England we have two types of people I would say. Of course, we have third type also. But one type, that is ego-oriented. For example, if a guru comes in and says “Alright, if you get me 500 rupees I’ll give you realisation,” they’ll sing “He’s the great one!”, you see, because he takes £500 from you. Because that inflates your ego. “You can give £500 to get your realisation.” And there’s a competition set in, you see, like a race horse. Somebody says “I gave him £500”, he says “Oh what, only £500? I’ll go and give £700!” These are thugs of the first order! Nobody who is of that quality will be a parasite. These are parasites of the worst type and I’m ashamed of them!

Never think you can buy such a person. Do not keep yourself on that ego level. You can only win over that person through love, because that person has to be love. Nothing else is going to appeal, all kinds of artificiality should be dropped, and approach the person with love. And the love acts and the Kundalini rises.

This Divine Love works it out. How will you explain love in scientific terminology? You cannot. But ask them. So many questions we can ask to the scientists they cannot answer. Just ask them that “How this Mother Earth is keeping us down?” They’ll say there is gravity. “That we know but how? And why?” They cannot answer any ‘why’. They’ll just say “This is this, this is this. There is a lamp burning there’s a light coming.” Nothing beyond. But why? They cannot answer that question because they are only one sided. They have no heart. Heart is finished there. There is no heart.

You have to combine the heart and the brain and the liver, three things together. You have to integrate a human being to get to know the answers to these absolute questions which is very difficult because you are so fragmented. This whole body is fragmented, they cannot have the idea of the whole. It’s chaotic, confusing people. But at this time only, this great work had to take place and it is taking place. Slowly but steadily. It does work out. It has to work out. Without that you are not going to achieve anything.  You are not going to achieve anything that is meaningful.

You have to know why you are here. Why you are created out of amoeba to this stage. What is the meaning of your life? Are you just born to be slave to your lust and greed and then die? Or is there greater meaning to it? We have to find out that. And that finding has been done in this great country by so many, and it should be done in this area also. Why not? That’s why I have come just to meet you and talk to you about it and to give you the experience.

Of course, in one lecture such a big subject  cannot be covered. I think I must have spoken at least 200 times all over the country and we also have also a book about it, but by reading you cannot get the experience the main thing is of experience which takes hardly any time. You must get the experience to begin with. Once you get the experience then  you must know what that power is. Then you must use it.

Like, one gentleman came to see me, he’s a big writer. He said “Yes Mother, I came to you, I had the cool breeze in the hand. I did feel better, I felt relaxed”, but nothing! “I went home, I started thinking about it, I lost my cool breeze.” That’s all! No transformation! I said “It is like, I gave you a diamond and you don’t know what diamond is! You go and put it somewhere. Cover it with something. There’s no light coming in.” You have to go and ask others. You have to test it. You have to understand Kundalini, you have to raise it in others. You have to value it by testing it.

You have to grow into it and you can see here there are many people who have got it and they have not only got it but they have got it in a very big way. It is your right to have it, you must get it. As the result, first thing, your health improves. This is the chocolate one has to offer, is a by-product. It cures also diseases also like cancer. It cures many diseases.I think 90% of diseases it cures. You don’t have to go to doctor after that. It gives you mental peace, many mad people have been cured. Many alcoholics and drug addicts have become absolutely happy so that they don’t need anything anymore now. Because the real alcohol starts flowing within you and you start enjoying that! Your absolute is born in you, your priorities change and you become a witness. The whole thing looks like a drama to you. Your attention becomes enlightened, your centres become enlightened. Sitting down here you start manifesting your powers. You can understand what’s wrong with other people. You can understand what’s wrong with you. As you grow in this new awareness, which we call as vibratory awareness, you become empowered with the power of raising the Kundalini of others and giving realisation just like this.

You can see, with your naked eye, the pulsating of the Kundalini, the rising of the Kundalini, the breaking of the Kundalini. All these things can be seen. Even small children who are realised souls can tell you where is your Kundalini.

This is the time, most chaotic and confusing. Confusion has to be there otherwise you do not seek. Out of confusion you have to find it, and the time has come, the blossom time has come for many flowers to blossom. This has to work out. This is going to solve all simpler problems, gross problems, material problems, family problems, social problems, political problems, racial problems, because you have found out the absolute.

All your problems are there because you live in a relative world. If you find your absolute, then you know what is right and what is wrong, because now you are connected with the mains and the rapport has started. You can ask any fundamental question and you will get the answer. Suppose you ask the question “Is there God?” ask a question, you’ll find a cool breeze coming into you. But if you ask something else which is a wrong thing, there will be no breeze. So you jump into your understanding in such a manner that it becomes an absolute value. Your value system changes.

This is what you have been seeking, you will be seeking, you have to seek. And this is what you have to have. Have, because The Last Judgement has started and you are going to be judged through your Kundalini awakening. It’s most surprising that, in this judgement, you are not given your punishment outright. You are given all that is needed. All the assistance, all the reformation that you need, all the transformation you need and all the information that you need. And once you accept in your own freedom this greatness, you are accepted as the citizen of the God’s Kingdom and you enter as a prince to rule there!

It is difficult because people are so superficial, they do no want the depth.

The other day a lady told me she’s doing hatha yoga. I said “That’s very wrong, because there are hatha yoga asanas for different diseases and different problems, but if you do all the hatha yogas it is like taking all the medicine for your body. It’s a wrong thing you must have discrimination. You must have the full idea about the scientific side of it, but you are doing that” She said  “But you will be amazed, people don’t come for meditation because they don’t want to do it.” Then I said “When will they come next life?” When are they going to seek themselves, why are they saving time? Just to seek themselves. We have to seek our Selves, there’s no way out. You are not going to be in joy unless and until you seek your Self. Even if you take time, you’ll come back to this. I know that and I’m here in this country specially because you deserved it and you wanted it.

Thank you very much. May God bless you.