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Caxton Hall, London (England)

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1980-06-23 The Essence Within Innocence, Side B, London, 17'
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The Essence Within: Innocence, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 23 June 1980. Public Program (short) and talk to Sahaja Yogis.

It’s a fact. It’s a thing you can see. It’s an actualisation. And we are so much lost in our own imaginations, in our own hallucinations and misguidance, that we cannot believe that there could be something factual about God. But if God is a fact, then even this happening has to happen within us, otherwise He doesn’t exist.

If somebody’s an atheist it’s better in a way. Because he has not accepted anything blindfolded. But if somebody has accepted God with an open mind and has not followed some conjectures, is even better.

But if you follow any conjecture like that, that there must be God – some people told me, “Yes Mother. God helps me a lot.” I said, “Really? How does He help you?” So the lady tells me “I got up in the morning and I prayed to God, ‘O God, look after my son!’, ” that’s all she could think of! That God should be only busy looking after her son, [as if] He has no other job! “So then, what happened?”

“Then my son was coming by plane and there was some trouble in the plane, but he was saved. God helped me there! There is God.” But if something had happened to the boy, then what she would have said, I don’t know.

So, to say that you are getting help from God, that God has helped you this way and that way, is too much to assume, I think. God does look after all of us. He is compassion, He is love, He has created us, He has made a beautiful human being out of us, within us He has placed all these centres, He has placed the Kundalini within us, and the Kundalini has to rise, you have to get realisation, all that is so, no doubt.

All this has to work out. That’s also the truth is. But still, one must know that He is not in your hand, you are in His hand. There are many people who pray to God, “Give me promotion. O God, you have to give me promotion”. And then if He doesn’t give, “This God is not helpful to me! Why has He not given me promotion?” You should not cheapen God like that. God is the one Who is Almighty, Who has created all this Universe. He has created you, and He has created you for a purpose. And that purpose is something Supreme. That’s not ordinary purpose, the way you think Him to be, He is not an ordinary person. He is Supreme and He will give you something that is Supreme.

Supposing you go to see some king, he will not give you 1p, will he? He may give you a diamond. But if you want to ask anything from God then you must ask for the Supreme! And what is the Supreme? The Supreme is to know Him. Unless and until you know your Self, you are not going to know Him. He has placed within you that instrument by which you first know your Self. Once you know your Self, through your Self you know Him.

But the first important thing is that your attention has to be on Him. There’s a very different thing to have attention on God and to have a blind faith in God. These two things are absolutely far apart. To have faith in God means – I’ve already told you all the silly things we do in the name of faith. But to have your attention on God is to ask, “When am I going to be my Self? When are You going to accept me as a citizen of Your Kingdom? When are You going to use me as Your instrument, O Lord?” This should be your attention. If your attention is like that, and if you are really of pure nature about it, it will work out, it works out. This is the only thing that is needed in Sahaja Yoga, is a clean heart to ask for it, to desire for it.

Those who have been ardently asking for it, they might have been misguided, gone to wrong path, they have done mistakes, they might have committed sins, whatever it is, but in the name of God, in the search of God, if they have been earnest, they have been granted realisation. They will get realisation, no doubt about it.

Even otherwise, you’ll get Realisation. It’s the Grace so overflowing these days. Even the worst sinners can get Realisation. But how to retain it, and how to ascend, is then your responsibility.

So, this is for the newcomers today, because to go into all the chakras and all the centres is going to be too much. These people have already printed about all these things. But today as there are more Sahaja Yogis here, I have to tell something important about their becoming. Already I have spoken to you about becoming. But today, we have to understand one thing: that the essences within us — for example innocence — is absolutely pure. Within us it is absolutely pure. In its own form it is absolutely pure. But, when it is reflected through our medium, it gets soiled. The way you are, the way you express it, it gets spoiled.

If you are a cunning person, the innocence cannot be manifested, it cannot be manifested. Your innocence, whatever God has placed within you is completely darkened because you cannot reflect it back. There is no manifestation about it. Why it happens? If you are pure, if you are all right, the innocence is all right, then why it is not manifested through you? Why this cunningness can stop that innocence or any other essences that are within you, which you know which exist on different chakras? We must think about it, why it happens. That even after Realisation, we cannot properly manifest our innocence, our primordial powers which are within us in absolute purest form. Why? What happens within us?

The trouble is with our attention. When you became human beings, you were given full freedom to put your attention onto anything you wanted. Say, if you want, you can put your attention onto any subject. Say, I receive a telephone call. So I put my attention to it. Now, I can go on identifying with it, thinking about it; all my attention will be enveloped and I will not pay attention to anything else that is happening. The attention is so mobile, it has no base as if the whole thing, like a jelly, goes and gets attached to a thing.

I mean, today, I received a letter from, say, Manila. And it’s a funny letter to me, I must say. The lady writes to me that, “my problem comes from Mr. So-and-so”. “All right, what is your problem?” “Is that, I have fallen in love with him, but he has fallen in love with another woman”. She sends all the way to me this letter! And, “I am just very unhappy, Mother, what am I to do? All my life is wasted, I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m just lost, he’s left me, that woman has played a tricks,” and all those things, etc, etc … All right. So, I just thought – look at this woman. Where is her attention? Is this the meaning of her life to waste for any man who doesn’t care for her? She has no self-esteem! Why doesn’t she understand that God has not made her to waste her energy on these useless things? He has made her to enjoy life, to enjoy herself. Instead of knowing herself, why is she worried? Even if she marries such a wretched fellow who has run away with another woman, is he going to love her? I mean, it’s rationality also can tell you that this attention that she is wasting, she is crying, weeping, she said, “I’ll get tuberculosis.” She will!

I mean if you waste your attention on foolish nonsensical things, what’s going to happen? So, this is how we put our attention onto absolutely useless things; sometimes onto very depraved things also. We may put our attention to anything that we think requires our attention. But do you have your self-esteem? If you have, then where should be your attention? It should be on your Self. Where is your Self now? It is God Almighty. Is a part of that Great Primordial Being. Your attention should be on That.

After Realisation, your attention should be in your heart, on your Spirit, which is the part of God Almighty. If your attention is on your Spirit, you’ll be amazed, how your attention will act. You see, like a jelly which is attached to a point. It may little bit get disturbed, again it will settle down. Again, it will get little bit disturbed, it will settle down. It will not hang on to any point, and will not bother you. So to put all your essences properly, first of all, put your attention to your heart and to your Spirit, because that’s your absolute point which you have discovered. But it doesn’t happen with many people.

The trouble is, when Kundalini rises, She gives two kinds of experiences. One is called as Shambhavi, another called as Shakti. Shambhavi is the feeling of the Shambhu, is the Shiva in the heart, means God Almighty. But the other is Shakti. Now with western people it is the other, because you know your problems. You have used your powers for all kinds of ramblings in your mental efforts. Everything [Everyone] will sit down. “All right, let us discuss Realisation!” What are you going to discuss? What are you going to discuss about Realisation? Did you get your Realisation by discussion? You have to meditate! You have to go within yourselves. See your growth, work out within!

You cannot talk about it, you cannot discuss it, you cannot argue about it – it is within! Because of these ramblings, we go up to the shakti point. But Shambhu’s we do not reach. But in the East where people are not that much intelligent, that well-educated and sophisticated, I would say – simple people, it goes just there. And they just enjoy.

If you show them any book, written about Sahaja Yoga — for example Gregoire’s book (The Advent by Gregoire de Kalbermatten) — they’ll say, “Mother, we don’t want it, to read, we don’t understand this.” They are just there! They are now there. What is there now? It’s flowing through our body, everything we know it’s there. Why should we bother about these things and all the controversies and dogmas, and what all the Churches have told you, and why they have failed and why this religion has failed? Who is bothered? So these problems come up. Because their attention has been on the Spirit alone. Simple people have that capacity.

So now forgetting everything else, all your intelligence, all your books and education and all that you have had – forget it. And just put your attention to your heart, where lies the connection with God Almighty. If your attention is there, you will be surprised that your attention will be stabilised. Not only that it will be stabilised, but the source of joy is that and you will start feeling that joy. In essences, even the primordial Master’s essence which is called as ‘Guru Tattwa’ is absolutely pure.

Now most of the Sahaja Yogis who are here, are very great Sahaja Yogis and I salute to them. But they must try to put their Guru Tattwa all right: means their manifestation of Guru Tattwa will be always affected by their own ramblings. So, they have to work very hard, in the beginning, to put it right. Ha! If you do not want to be of that level it’s all right, you can go ahead. It’s all right. But if you really want to do it, then you must know that after realisation you have to work hard, before realisation I will work hard. Even after I have to work hard. What to do?

You know that, I’ve been working very hard, even after Realisation. But if you want to co-operate and help yourself, then you have to put your attention in such a way that — every problem comes in – you go to your heart, not to your brain. Any question comes in, go to your heart, there resides the blessings of God. And you will be surprised how it will be solved. That’s why I said, “Go into thoughtless awareness.” That is the quality of heart, because heart doesn’t think. You go to your heart, means you put your attention to your Spirit.

Now, if you become a Guru for example, as a Sahaj Yogi also. Supposing you are a Guru of Sahaj Yoga. You are, most of you, because the Kundalini moves under your hands, you have so many powers, you can raise others’ Kundalini, you can give realisation to people and you can find out the problems of other people, you have cured many people. I agree, you are great people, no doubt, great saints. But to go further, to perfect yourself, we have to understand certain points, that Guru Tattwa itself can be manifested best if the Guru Himself realises the responsibility of being a Guru.

For example, a Guru is still, say, smoking. He cannot become a Guru, even after realisation. Because his disciple will also smoke. So Vishuddhi will never be all right. Supposing this Guru is so much worried about, still, about money matters. Say, attention is still hanging on, because this is like a jelly I said, still certain ramblings are there in money matters. So His disciples will be also all the time worried about money matters. I have found this!

There was a very good Sahaj Yogi, who gave realisation to at least a thousand people, at least a thousand. And he was very fond of taking tobacco. I knew he used to take tobacco, but I never told him, you see; whenever we walked from one centre to another centre he would go back and I knew he was taking that tobacco (laughter), I didn’t say anything to him. I said, “Let us see now”.

But Sahaja Yoga is a wonderful thing, it’s a great corrector. So one day he came and told me – I said if I tell him, “Don’t take tambaku!” He’ll say somebody has told me and there will be a big guess work going on — “Who has reported to Mother? Why this has happened, that has happened,” so I just kept quiet.

One day he came and told me that,“Mother, I don’t know what has happened. When I sit before Your photograph, my face starts becoming like a Hanumana. I feel it’s becoming bigger, bigger, bigger and expanding, expanding like that. What is it?” I said, “Really? Surprising! (Laughter) Now must be some reason, must you be doing something wrong.” “No, nothing like that!” “Vishuddhi!” I said, “This is Vishuddhi. You are going against the Viraat, so He is showing you His style!”

He said, “No Mother, I’m doing nothing wrong, You know, I’m sure of it!” “Are you sure?”

He said, “Now I must confess to You Mother, I take this tobacco”. I said, “I knew that. Now try to give it up”. He said, “How?”

I said, “It is very simple! You just try this: whenever you feel like smoking or taking the tobacco in, you look at your heart, you become thoughtless. After all, all habits are communicated to you through thought. If you just look at your habits – remember only this much! That watch your heart, watch your Spirit, or think of me or do whatever is Sahaj Yoga tells you. For one second even if you do it, you’ll forget about it.” And he got rid of it! Because you have to depend on that stability which is within you. Once you feel the stability, you just forget about it.

Because you feel unstable, that’s why you take to these things. But if you can feel your stability then you’ll say, “Go to hell! I don’t care for all these things, why should I bother? I’m not going to enslave myself for these things”. And he got rid of it.

So one has to work it out. It’s very important for all the Sahaj Yogis to do it. Now I’ve seen many Sahaj Yogis who came to me were, I should say, they didn’t believe in any work. They were anti-culture people.

For example I’m just saying, they were anti-culture. So they never believed in working, they said, “No, nothing doing, we are not going to work, we are not going to accumulate any money”. All right. Then when they came to Sahaj Yoga, I said, “In Sahaja Yoga, you have to work. You cannot sit idle, you have to work. You have to be in the centre. You have to work for yourself. No Guru is going to earn any money in this and so you have to work. Everybody has to work”.

So, when they started working, some of them, became so adheringly [adherently] possessive of their jobs that they had no time for meditation. They had no time for thinking about it. Then they became mad like that. Then it started reacting and they came to me, they said, “Mother, why is it happening?” I said, “I told you to work, but I didn’t tell you that you become a workman! You are a Sahaj Yogi out and out. You have to work for your livelihood. Keep down that working speed”. Now if somebody has to work for his livelihood, then you must think that you should be satisfied. No end to your working is there, to your accumulating of money. And what people have got out of money? You knew this, when you had given up all these nonsensical ideas about money, then you knew this. Then suddenly why have you taken it up again?

Anybody who is in Sahaja Yoga must know that you have to be temperate. That is the basis, that is the absolute fundamental thing of Sahaj Yoga. Nothing to be overdone in Sahaj Yoga. You have to be in absolutely temperance. For example, if I tell somebody, “You are very thin, you have to eat more, and have little weight in you.” So then you will eat like an elephant and live like an elephant. If I tell them, “You are very fat, a little bit you can reduce your habits of food, reduce yourself a little,” then he will come out like a TB patient. I mean, I must tell you that going to extremes should be only possible when you are not attached to something. But now you are attached to your Spirit! You are attached to your God! And how can you go to any extremes?

If I tell them, all right, even doing meditation, that, “Do meditation!” then the whole night they will sit down for meditation. I never said so! (Laughter) I said you must look after your health! But get up in the morning, do your meditation, think about God. All the time, you think about God as far as possible. But that doesn’t mean the whole night you keep awake. You have to be temperate to begin with. Gradually the wisdom will be so powerful and so enlightening that you, yourself, will see what is right, what is wrong, how far you are going. It is so much necessary. Because the fruits of Sahaja Yoga, to me, is that you should feel joyous. To me it is – that’s all! – that you should feel absolutely in the kingdom of heaven. That you should feel you are now absolutely secured and nobody can disturb you. There is within you, is all the power, there’s nothing to look for.

For example, till this light is burnt, it is shaking, it is doing all kinds of things. Once it is lighted it gives light. It knows its responsibility. It gives light. In the same way, I want you to be absolutely contented within yourself so that you manifest that light outside. Give light to others, without any effort. It will emit, it will emit. Unless and until that happens, no use becoming a Guru in Sahaja Yoga. And I’ve seen with people. There are some people who are very ardent, extremely ardent and they feel very much about Sahaja Yoga that they have found out the truth, that the whole world should get it, they should have it and the whole world should manifest it, the whole world must be saved.

But I must tell you very frankly, the whole world is not going to be saved. Most of it will be. But how do you expect Hitler to be saved? We must accept that part that the whole world is not going to be saved. When the flower becomes a fruit, lot of it goes out of existence. That’s the part of evolution. So there is no need to be frantic about it. But you have to face reality as it is and you have to solve the problem most radically, pragmatically, and not just to get frantic about it and get upset. As I had told you last time, that if there’s a problem in the other room, better go, see for yourself, face it and solve it. Sitting down here, what’s the use of jumping, “There’s a problem in the other room”? (Laughter)

That’s a typical way of escape of human beings is, that they’ll be jumping in this room, or will be worried, or will lie down in their easy chairs and say “Oh! We are finished because there’s a problem in the other room.” (Laughter)

So, the best thing is to go in the other room, see for yourself what is the problem is, and face it like a human being, and then solve it. That is the way you have to look at things. Once you start facing it yourself the whole thing, you’ll be amazed how powerful you are, because you have not used your powers so far. Any problem comes in, just face it yourself. Unless and until a ship is put to its test in the sea, how you will know how far it is seaworthy or not? In the same way after Sahaj Yoga, you test yourself, “Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens.” And you’ll be amazed at your own powers.

Actually people have faith in Sahaja Yoga, no doubt, but they do not have faith in themselves. This is what I’m telling you that you must have faith in yourself. You have got realisation, no doubt. You are Realised souls, no doubt. I say you are. Even if the king comes to me and says, “I’m Realised”, I can tell on his face “No, you are not.” But you are realised souls, and the whole Divine power, the All-pervading Power, all the powers of God and all the angels of the world are looking after you because you are aware. You are the most important thing for the Divine. The whole thing, all this, is all a waste and nothing, of no use, to the Divine. You are the people who are to be lifted up. So must know that we have to have faith in ourselves.

For doing anything, you must know that you must have faith in yourself, so that you stand up to it. And every time you’ll be surprised, any waves comes up, you ride over it. Every wave  comes up you ride over it. But just feel what powers you have got. These powers are within you already inherent. Say we’ll take the question of now Guru tattwa because today I am more on Guru tattwa. There was a boy, a Sikh boy who came to see me. He was a very good boy. He came to see me and he said that, “Mother, we are all followers of Guru Nanak, but somehow I am not convinced about the way Sikhism is going on.

And Kabira has said in our Granth Sahib that you should get your realisation and I haven’t got it. Then how long are we to go on taking the name of God?” And I was surprised at his alertness about things – that you have to have experience of God. I said, “All right, it’s a very good idea.” And he got his realisation. And he is a young boy, very young boy. But when he got it, just like, “Eureka! Eureka!” he went to his people.

He told all the Sikh people, “What are you doing here? Come along, there is a way, about what Nanaka has said. There is a way to get it. Why don’t you get it all of you?” And he brought so many! And he used to speak! People said, “Mother, we could not believe this boy could speak”. They said he used to speak so well and whatever he had heard you know, he said that really, they used to read Granth Sahib to him. “When” – he said – “I was half asleep, I used to be tired, they would read two and half days continuously I would be tired. But somehow, all these things that they read, they came to me.” And he would recite all these poems and everything, and he was telling about how Nanaka was saying about Sahaja Yoga. People were amazed at his things and so many Sikh people came to me because of him. All, his own father, mother, everybody.

This is what one has to do! If you really care for other people also, you have to go and tell them, “This is not the way, find the real, find the real.” Now if the time has come for us to get something – we have been praying, we have been going to Churches, we’ve been going to Temples, we have been doing all this — now why are, why are we doing it? But they get so much used to it, that [if] you tell them, “Now stop, you have done quite a lot, now you have your thing”, they’ll say, “No, we’ll still do the same thing.” It’s a matter of habit.

For a Guru it is important to be higher than other people. If he is not, that cannot work out. You Sahaj Yogis have to be people of higher outward manifestation. Inside you are, but outward manifestation has to be higher. You have to be humbler people, kinder people, sweeter people, loving people, compassionate, understanding that you were there, where they are today; joyous people and cheerful people. Otherwise nobody is going to believe what is happening in the Kundalini inside, because whatever is happening is happening, you cannot see that.

It is important that it should be evident on your face, in your behaviour, in everything. For that you have to understand that you have to stabilise your attention at the lotus feet of God. This is called as ‘Sharanagati’ — surrendering. By surrendering, by worshipping, by bhakti, by singing songs, by absolutely settling yourself at the lotus feet of God Almighty, that’s the only way you are going to achieve it. After Realisation only, you have the entry into the Kingdom of God. Before that, whatever you try has no meaning. Muslims do all the Namaz, morning till evening — do not get anything!

But we had some Muslims, you know that. Once he started after Realisation, he said, “Every time I bend I get vibrations. Every time I say Allah’s name I get vibration.” It has happened with all of them. Because God exists, He is there, it’s a fact. And the time has come for all of us to feel Him and know Him.

By the way I went to Russia and the experiences of Russia, the whole thing, I won’t be able to tell you just now, but one thing I’ll tell you about that, that when I went there they said “We are also giving all freedom for people to worship.” So, I went to see a Church that was there, a very famous Church they have got, where there was one, say, Greek gentleman who started the Church and all that, of the Orthodox – who lives here in there (laughing) – Orthodox Christian Church. And actually, I was quite amazed because the person, the chief man there was the Bishop and all that, he came to see us and receive us – his Kundalini was absolutely frozen! (Laughter)

And I was looking at all that. And very simple Russian people, all men and women, were there and praying you know, and there was some lights they had put up and all that. So, I also put up a light there – now all the lights started shaking with it (Laughter).

Then my husband said, “Why did you put up a light when you did not believe in it?”. I said, “I did not believe in that gentleman, but the light, I believe in it”. (Laughter, laughing)

And you see, I was amazed that this man was talking as if he was God! Actually! You know? (Laughter) That’s the way he was talking to me! And he said that, “Our government has allowed us to follow this path” and this and that.

Now when I came out, one of the gentlemen who had invited us, he told us, “What do you think about it, Mrs. Shrivastava?” I said, “I’m not going to say anything about it, but what do you think about it?”. He said, “Don’t you think these are all silly people? They are doing no work. There are eighty monks. They are black coloured, they are black and white. The white are supposed to work and the black do not work. And these people do no work, they are parasites, they are sitting here, they are doing no work! And these poor Russians who are there – I mean, Russians are not that poor as we think them to be. They save their pocket money and give it to this institution to be run, and these eighty persons are saying that ‘We are praying, we are doing this’, and they are just doing no work and sitting there. We have allowed that. But do you think there is God in this place?”.

I said, “God is everywhere”. He said, “Do you really believe in God?” I said, “Now this is the mistake you have committed. If somebody misuses the name of God, if he misuses the Bible or Christ or if he misuses any Temple or Church….”

In India also, all these brahmins are thugs of the first order! Absolute thugs! Do you know what all things they are doing these days? Because now people have found them out. They are selling ganja! All of these people are thugs and most of these people who are preaching about religion have come to politics now. There’s a big politics going on, you see! Among Hindus, there’s a big fight, among Sikhs there’s a big fight, among Muslims there’s a big fight. Among themselves I’m telling you! On political basis. How can God be political?

And naturally, I think, by seeing all this, you see, even in London, though, I mean, I must say, even in London, where we believe in God, I was surprised that only 26% people believe in God in this country! Out of which they said about 16% are people from outside and 10% are only Britishers who believe in God. Imagine, this is the condition!

So, you have become atheist! And they are selling churches, and people are buying churches and making them into discotheques (laughter). Even in the church now, I was told, in front of our church they are going to put a discotheque there (laughter). So I asked, I said, “Why?” “Because they want to attract people”. Means there is nothing living in that religion. There’s nothing to offer.

Nothing wrong with God or Christ or any one of these essences which are pure, absolutely pure. But mistake comes with the people who are supposed to be following that religion, supposed to be ruining that religion.

And then when people see that, this is the reaction that “There is no God”. I mean, this is the greatest foolishness and stupidity where, I say that people have not used their brains to understand that anything can be misused and misguided; but why not keep yourself open to see if there is God or not?

And there is! It’s a fact! It’s the only Truth. He is the only Truth, the rest is all illusion. One has to understand that this is so.

In His name those who earn money are firstly stupid and secondly cunning — both ways.

Stupid, because they don’t know that this money they are not going to carry with them, and they’ll be punished for that; and cunning, [because] from worldly ways they think they have been very clever. Very clever to go to hell faster! That’s what they have been doing.

So all such people should not misguide you this way or that way.

For example, they should not misguide you to say that, “There is no God because these horrible people are talking of God, they are telling about God, and how can there be God? If these people are the followers [of] God then there cannot be God.” This is one way of looking at it.

Another way is to blindly follow these horrible people and not to see that they are horrible, how can they be godly?

To confuse both these things I think is not wise. But to see that there is God and that you are the one who must get the experience of God, and you have to aspire for it and ask for it, for which He is working out Himself!

He is anxious to do it much more than you are. A little cooperation, little hand just to be put into His hand who is standing in the boat to pull you out. Just a little cooperation and little patience with yourself and faith in yourself that God has created you in His image so that you may receive His complete blessings in His compassion and in His love.

Thank you very much.

May God bless you.

Now for the people who have come for the first time, I would request them to come in the first or the second line so we can look after them and the rest of you please put your attention to your heart. That’s all right. You sit down. Those who have come [new] can come further on.

Shri Mataji: How are you, David?

David: Happy to be here.

Shri Mataji: Hm?

David: Happy to be here.

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Yogis: Happy to be here.

Shri Mataji: I’m also very happy.

Yogini: Mother, when you said ‘Put your attention on your heart’ do you mean the heart chakra? ”

Shri Mataji: You cannot feel heart. You cannot know heart chakra, nothing!

When I say that, just say that, “I’m putting my attention to my Spirit,” that’s all. Your saying [that] is a mantra itself.

You know now you are a realised-soul.

You are an enlightened person, your desire is enlightened. And if you just say that ‘my attention is on my Spirit in my heart, in the organ of heart…’

You see now, whatever you say has a meaning. Do you understand? Whatever you say is enlightened now, there’s a light in it. Only thing is, if your attention is not all right still, then the light is still dim. If in the dim light, you see half things, but you do see. But if it is a bright light you can see it very clearly. So to brighten up the light, you just say that, “Let me be in my heart.” It works out, settles down, you see? As if you order your attention to be there.

It just goes like a, like a sweet little baby you see. Sits down there, “All right, Mother, whatever you say.” Just say like that. Just try to feel your powers. What you say, how it works out. Even when you say mantras, these mantras are also enlightened. Any other question?

Must ask me questions, you know. I don’t know what to say, what you are thinking about. Now ask me questions.”

Question: Are Russians also willing…

Shri Mataji: Hm?

Questioner: Russians are also willing to worship God?

Shri Mataji: Machines?

Questioner: Russians.

Yogini: Are the Russians willing…

Shri Mataji: Russians? I gave realisation to twelve of them. Now you see, that’s a – thing is, even if they believe or not believe, has no meaning, isn’t it? You have seen what’s the use of believing in God.

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: But only thing I’ve seen in their system there’s one advantage and even disadvantage. As here is one disadvantage that acts in a funny way.

For example, in their system, I have found out, whatever people may say, propagate, you see, whatever I’ve seen is that their material problems are very much solved, no doubt about it. You see? No doubt about it.

They have no inflation problem, nothing.

They are not worried about paying any taxation, anything. I mean…

Yogi: No unemployment, You know.

Shri Mataji: Hm?

Yogi: No unemployment.

Shri Mataji: No unemployment, no problem. Old age is solved, young age is solved.

That attention is at – at right (unclear). This is an advantage. But disadvantage is – to keep that thing going, they have taken away the freedom of people, you see? Because of that, what happens, that freedom to think about God doesn’t exist. Though the attention is much looser.

Here the freedom to think about God is there. But the attention is – how to get a bread? Tomorrow [the bread is] 1p increasing.

What to do? How to pay your rates? How to pay this? All these problems. So the attention is more on these things.

Apart from that, another thing which is not so common there, which is here, is immorality. Immorality, in a way. I mean, here all kinds of immoralities. There is a restriction on that, you see. I didn’t see anything [there], nudity and all that, all those things were not there. So our attention is even spoiled by that, you see.

And I didn’t see men, women all the time looking at this, that, like that. I didn’t see their eyes [roving]. Their eyes were quite steady. Here you cannot find anyone. Anyone you see on the road he’ll be looking [everywhere]. I mean, I was a museum piece because with this, wearing a sari (laughing, laughter]. So naturally they were looking at me and in a way [it’s] good, because they were looking at my Agnya, so it was good for them! (Laughter)

But on the whole, on the whole, they didn’t even have that kind of an attention looking at every woman who was passing by. Even if your neck breaks, see, they’ll go on looking, you know (laughter).

All this stupidity was not there. It was quite a normal thing as a men and women do here, you see, and the women were not so much interested in keeping their figures, and to be attractive, and all that was not there. Nobody was extraordinarily clad like that. Very simple people, I must say: very simple, innocent. And moreover, the most of the things that they had, they were satisfied.

A very cheap place, for everything it was very cheap. They don’t have material problems as we have. But to control all that they have got this taboo.

Then, because of their foreign policies which people say is all wrong and all that they were I’ve not discussed that.

But whatever it is, that also might be a guilt on them.

May be. But the main thing is you have freedom to be nonsensical and they have no freedom to be sensible. Which one is better? Now you tell me. Sandor, what do you think?

Which side is better?

Sandor Elès (a Hungarian actor): I say it is most brilliant session that’s what I am experiencing!

Shri Mataji: This is what it is, I really tell you.

Sahaj Yogi: A very good analysis, very good analysis.

Shri Mataji: So I don’t know which one to choose. May be the whole of Russia will become sahaja Yogi one day, when it will be established, you see. They know this. I have cured their President. This they know and about ten people came to see me for that. They had heart trouble, this and I am going to work it in my own way but, we have to understand that with restrictions we fight. We don’t like restriction. But, do we have sense to use our freedom? Do we have?”

Sahaj Yogi: We have the beast in us.

Shri Mataji: The beast in us you see.

Really there’s a beast. Must be. The way it looks here and there. I just can’t understand.

Moreover, everybody used to smile you know, smile at me. But when I first came to London, I must tell you they used to mock at Mine and I met many Indian Ladies who never wear this. I said, “Why are you not wearing?” they said, “We do not wear because everybody laughs at you.” There [in Russia] they appreciated. They wanted to know why I was wearing another [dress]. But here, everybody reduces it to zero.

See everybody thinks they are wisest, you see. The dress they wear is the wisest, the face they have that is the best, everything they have is the best. They are not like that [in Russia].

But still, you have the freedom to choose. What a great thing it is? And also to choose the hell.

I think you have too much responsibility. I wonder if you realise that, as if you are grown up people. Very wise. Do we deserve that freedom? We have to ask ourselves. What do we do with our freedom?

They have restricted many things like alcohol by putting a very big taxation on them.

So they cannot drink much. Every, all of them are heavily taxed. Cigarettes, everything, tobacco, so heavily taxed that they cannot just afford it but you’ll be amazed, for going five miles in on a tube it costs you four pennies, five miles in a tube and coming back any number of times. Once you buy the ticket you are in the tube, you can go one side any, any distance and if you see the tube stations, it’s just like palaces, just like palaces, you’ll be amazed.

Every tube station, I saw at least four, five and Leningrad is the cleanest port I have ever seen. I’ve seen now thousands you know. I’ve travelled such a long.

See, our sense of freedom is very funny also. For example, we’ll fight whether you should wear a red sari or a black sari. I mean something like that you know, really absolutely useless.

So if you do not know how to use your freedom, it is too much. You see, if you put the load of an elephant on a donkey, what will happen? That’s what it is.

Either we have to be elephants or we reduce our weights. This responsibility is too much.

But with Sahaj Yoga you can do it. Now Sahaj Yoga is spreading more in the West, naturally not in Russia. But once Russians come up I’ll see in competition.

That would be the ideal day when we’ll finish of all these problems of fear and quarrelling and all that, when I will see my Russian children and English and Americans, all of them, giving vibrations to each other that would be the greatest day of my life.

It will solve all the problems, international problems and this these problems of politics and all this nonsense. And our politics also here is, you see, our freedom is what we are just fighting with each other [for]. What have we achieved out of it also? We waste so much of our energy on fighting, quarrelling.

Politics is all right as long as you correct each other and do something progressive.

But if it means static state you see everybody pulling one point. It is at a static point. What’s the use of such a politics also?

So if freedom is given to you, you must know that there must be some reason and how are we using our freedom?

Anything else? They all will be believing one day in God because they will have the experience. I’ve already started it.

Sahaj Yogi: …on the seed..

Shri Mataji: I have raised their Kundalinis. Worked very hard. No doubt, it will work out. Human beings are difficult things you know. You want to solve a problem without restrictions of these nature, cannot be solved. Only way is Sahaj Yoga for the West. That’s the only way isn’t it?

There’s no other way left, because now they are feeling the pinch of the materialism, they are understanding that matter does not give them joy and they are now getting rid of it and they are feeling that they have to seek something deeper.

This is the advantage of it and this may also happen there. It is possible in a different way, it may happen. But now it has already happened to you, it’s happening. Now what are we doing about it? To God all of you are just the same whether Russian, English or American makes no difference. All were created by one God. He just created a beautiful map. He didn’t want you to make different countries and nations and act like criminals; this all your doing. You have done it. Now look at it!

He didn’t do it.

Any other question?

Sahaj Yogi: Is God male or female?

Shri Mataji: Now God is both. How can He be one? All right? God is one as a male and when He becomes male and female then the female is His power and God is the witness of His power. All right? First they are together. When they separate they become two. One is God Almighty who is the witness and His power, which creates. And He is the witness of Her play. You must read my article on Creation and there’s a lecture on Creation also. He must be having, you ask him to give you that. I used to speak about it long time back.

With Douglas [Fry] has got a tape. He has lots of tapes and if you give him a tape he will fill for you and give it to you. You see, he’s got some arrangements. I don’t know what arrangements he has got. But you can get my tape on Creation.

The Holy Ghost is a female.

So God, the Holy Ghost and His Son.

All this I have discussed in there. And when I was telling about the faith in God, what I was meaning is, that unless and until there is Yoga, you cannot get your kshema [well-being].

So those people who just tell you that, “Yes yes I have faith in God, God has been very helpful to me, He has done this for me and that for me.” Then you must know that it is just a myth. They are living with a certain myth. Unless and until there is yoga, there is meeting with God, you cannot get your well-being [kshema]. A well-being that comes to you is just a coincidence. But deliberately when it works out on you, it is when you have got your realisation.

All right, let us have the new people and all of you. Please take out your shoes and put your feet, both of them, nicely on the ground. Now as I’ve told you it’s a happening. It’s not a thing that one can certify, “Yes yes you are realised.” I cannot even certify my own children. It has to happen. Then secondly is that you have to, once it is done, you have to nourish it, you have to look after it.

You have to establish it, for which Sahaj Yoga is absolutely capable and I am working also very hard. I’ve cancelled my programme to America just to work on English people and also Europe.

So let’s see how it works out. Please put your hands …

You have to face it up to everything. There’s nothing to frighten of, everybody can be transformed. Every one of you can be transformed. So not to feel dejected for anything. Not to feel bad about it.

Not to condemn yourself because this is the Temple created by God. Now close your eyes.…

First of all you will feel thoughtlessly aware. means, there is no thought in your mind. But you are aware, coming from inside.

Are you feeling? Frank? Thoughts, now, close your eyes. Because if you don’t close your eyes, the Kundalini won’t rise above Agnya.

Without its rising above Agnya your thoughts cannot be stopped. So you have to close your eyes. There’s no mesmerism about it you see. Be little patient with yourself, it will work out.

Now the second thing that happens when Kundalini pierces this fontanel bone area, that your start getting a cool breeze in your hands. You’re getting it now?

Close your eyes, close your eyes, let it work out, let it work out. David, look at my Agnya… Just feel, is coming in your hand.

Shri Mataji: Not feeling? You will feel it. Have patience, have patience, you will feel. Close your eyes, I am working it out for all of you. Just a second. It will work out. If it is not coming, it will come. See it’s a just a sprouting of your Kundalini. Isn’t it?

It will take its own time. Are you getting it? Cool breeze in the hand? All right, close your eyes, close your eyes, just let it go.

Let it go. Keep your attention absolutely free. Do not fix it upon to any point.