Many People are Seeking

Bristol Folk House, Bristol (England)

1980-07-09 Many People Are Seeking Bristol NITL HD, 77'
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Public Program. Bristol(UK), 9 July 1980.

Yesterday in Oxford I talked about the new way of seeking among human beings. There was seeking in ancient times also but not to this extent. Thousands and thousands of people all over the world are seeking. They are not satisfied with what they are. They have a feeling that there is something beyond they have to seek. There is some greater meaning to their being. They are not here only to earn, to live and die.

This comes out of some unknown self-esteem which dawns upon us and we start thinking, “What are we doing here? Why are we here?” All such questions haunt us and we take to seeking and as soon as this kind of news is out that people are seeking, markets get filled with people who are willing to give you some sort of a solution for your seeking.

Everything else can be solved through marketing, maybe, but not your evolution. For example, you have evolved from amoebic stage to this stage without going to any shop, without paying for anything. It is such a spontaneous thing. Though we have taken ourselves absolutely granted, as if human life is made by us, still if you think about it, we find that there is some force which resides within every being that helps to give this evolution to us. By what thinking can we become something higher? Because by not thinking that we became human beings from chimpanzees, we spontaneously became. But very difficult to accept this concept at a human stage, that you become spontaneously what you are because evolution is a living force. It is not a mechanical force. It is a living force and everything that is living acts spontaneously, for example, sprouting of a seed. We cannot even sprout a single seed. Transformation of a flower into a fruit, the growth of the trees, birth of a child – all these things happen to us absolutely spontaneously.

First of all we have to tell our mind that by the mind’s effort you cannot achieve living process. Hence, you cannot achieve your realization.

Now it is very difficult in the West especially where people are thinkers and their mind is too much going very far sometimes to understand this little point, and if possible people might try even to sprout a seed by thinking, by projecting their mind into the seed. But you know for definite that we cannot do it. Moreover, no effort can bring forth human effort. There must be some effort but not human effort. So it is absolutely effortless. You do not have to put on any effort to bring forth the happening of this Self-realization. So we come to the point: what is Self-realization? What is self and what is …What is Self-realization and what is Self?

When I tell you about it you do not have to deny Me, but keep a very open mind like a scientist does. It can be all proved whatever I am saying. If it is proved, then you have to accept this hypothesis. But for that you have to keep your mind absolutely open.

There is a force beyond us which does all these things, which brings forth the fruits that we see, which allows the trees to grow, which has made us human beings from amoebic stage. Self is within our heart. It is said so and I say the same thing. It is the reflection of God Almighty. Many people in modern times don’t like the word “God” but He exists whether you like it or not. He does exist.

Now the time has come for us to prove the existence of God because people talked of God without any proof. They made money in the name of God. They have used His name for such purposes that people are now angry with God. But one can use a good thing for their own purpose if they are not punishable by law.

On God everybody has spoken, even Napoleon, Hitler. Everyone had a right to speak about God and His powers. Without knowing anything about God they have taken everything into their hands and have spoken about it. What can you do about it? There is no law that forbids you that you cannot speak about God.

This spirit in our heart is the one which is the witness of our being. It is the witness that sees what’s happening. In Gita is it called as KshetrAgnya, the one who knows the field, which knows the field. This knower of the field resides in our heart and watches us. He knows each and everything about us and He guides us. But we are not in contact with Him. We do not know Him. That means He is not acting through our central nervous system. For example, we know our eyes, we know our nose, we know our ears because we can feel them. We can see the use of all these organs. But we cannot feel that which is in our heart, you see. That is our absolute. That is the one we have to know. That is the source of joy.

We may say that we are very happy to have this, we are unhappy to do this. But this joy that we have has no double thing. It’s just sheer joy. It is not happiness and unhappiness. This Spirit exists in our heart. When you all are seeking, actually you are seeking that Spirit. Through that Spirit you know the whole, the primordial being, the macrocosm of which you are just a part. Like the whole body has cells, you are cells in that body. You have to know because you are created for that. As we have created this instrument, it has to be plugged, otherwise it has no meaning. In the same way, unless and until you are plugged to that whole, you have no meaning at all. Whatever you are doing with this instrument without plugging is all a waste.

On the contrary you are spoiling this instrument by using it without plugging. In the same way, you are to be connected to the mains. Unless and until you are connected to the mains, your seeking will go on and on and on. It will never end. So I’ve come here…

[Shri Mataji talks to new seekers just arriving] Please come, they have no place. Please give them some chairs. Be comfortable. In Sahaja Yoga, comfort is the first thing you have to seek. Just come forward. It’s all right.

We have been going on with our seeking, and in our seeking we started with so many things. People, as you know, have been seeking joy in material possessions. Now in affluent countries they are fed up. Then they are seeking joy in power. That is also over. So many people I’ve heard they say, “Stupid politics.” Now they are seeking afterwards with that in some sort of a collective working. That also they get fed up.

The seeking is within and not without, is the point. You have to know yourself within and not without. Because whatever is known without is relative; it is not absolute. Unless and until you know yourself, everything that you do is a relative thing.

Today I was discussing this with someone who was very much sort of impressed by communism. I have been to Russia only very recently and I told him that whether you take to communism or democracy, both are relative things. They have not been able to achieve any proper results by which people are really joyous. The trouble is all these things we have discovered through our rationality which is limited.

We have to be triggered into the space of thoughtless awareness, into collective consciousness. Unless and until we are on that level we cannot understand what is guiding us, what is the force that has created this universe which is guiding every atom and every molecule, which is guiding our heart and looking after our deviation, and our whole constitution is managed by that force because we are not yet connected. But the time has come, and that’s why the seeking.

At the time of Christ only two thousand years back, not much; you could hardly get twelve fishermen. Can you imagine the plight of talking to fishermen about Kundalini? How could you talk to them about these things? But today there are real seekers born. It’s described in the ancient books of Nala Purana, very clearly that once Nala was very much tortured by Kali. Kali is the ruler of modern times because he is the one who creates confusion. That’s why in the modern times we are in confusion. So this Nala was so angry with Kali because he had made his wife separated from Nala. So he got hold of Kali and he said, “What do you mean by destroying my life like this? I’m going to destroy you completely!” And then Kali got a fright of his life and he said, “Please forgive me. First you listen to me and my importance, my mahatmya. I’ll tell you what I am living for and after that if you want to kill me, I’ll accept.”

He said, “My importance is that when I will rule on this earth, Kaliyuga will come.” This is, of course, the end of Kaliyuga has come now. “That time people will be confused, there will be problems, societies will be destroyed, there will be mental problems, people will be very upset. Agreed. All these will be there, but in those days only the great saints who are seeking me in the hills and dales, in the forests, will be born as ordinary householders and ordinary city dwellers and they will seek and they will achieve their Self-realization.”

He said, “Is it so?”

He said, “It’s a promise.”

That is happening today. Thousands and thousands of people are city dwellers are seeking God. They are not in the forest. They are living into day-to-day mundane life, but they are seeking and they are not satisfied. They are not happy with what they are living.

These seekers have to be given their realization and they have to achieve that realization. This is their due. I am just like a bank manager cashing your checks – nothing more than that. Only thing I know how to cash it. This is your own property; it’s your own earnings; it’s your own sincerity with which you have done this and you have to have it. You have to get it. It’s your own right to get it. You are born for this. Thousands will be realized later on by you. You will give them realization, no doubt. You are the foundations of that.

But in the beginning we have to have people who have been of that caliber. In the beginning we cannot worry about people who are still halfway this and halfway that; superficial people who go to the pub and come here for the program, on the way, because it is free. That kind of people may not get realization. But people of caliber, of sincerity, have to get their realization. It is their due, it is their right, and how can you charge for that? I mean, just think how absurd it is. I just cannot understand. How do you explain charging for a thing like that? It is love. Can you enjoy your love if you have to sell it? What’s the price? Price of love is loving, is giving, your wage without any return. It just flows, it emits and it should happen to you because it is your due.

Today now I am going to tell you how it is placed within us, how beautifully the Divine has planned within us, among all of us who are actual seekers and saints. This is the sign of saintliness that we believe that material things are not going to give us joy, that belief that we have to find something of the beyond that we cannot be happy without finding that is the sign that we are saints.

Now see how you are beautifully made. There are now seven centers within us. One of them, the lowest, lies below the spinal cord. The rest of them, six of them one, two, three, four, five and six they lie within our spinal cord and our brain. These centers are subtle centers inside the spinal cord and they manifest outside, the gross plexuses which are used for physical manifestation. These subtle ones are giving energy to that part, that area of the body and the mind. These are actually the milestones of our evolution, especially the one which is the green one. Here you see is the third center as called as a Nabhi Chakra, means the navel center, is the one that is responsible for our seeking.

We start seeking through our Nabhi Chakra. First if you see an amoeba, it seeks food. We seek the food first. That is the first priority and that seeking starts from there. Then this seeking starts transforming as we grow into our evolution till we reach a certain stage where we start seeking Spirit, seeking God. And that stage if it has arrived, the Kundalini which is the residual force there, which is the One who is your Mother, who is waiting for this kind of a occasion where somebody who knows Her can raise Her, can awaken Her, She knows an invitation is sent to Her through your hands. That’s why he was saying, “If you sit like this it will be better. It will work faster.” Can you put both the feet like this, straight like that and hands like this? Would be better. Yes, like this, it will work much faster.

To raise this Kundalini someone who can do it, the job. But the person who raises the Kundalini has to have some sort of authority. And authority doesn’t come from the governments or from the churches or from the temples. It comes from God, and such a person has to be a different type of a person, has to be the person who loves, who only loves and doesn’t know anything else beyond. A person who is interested in your purse or in your women, how can such a person raise the Kundalini? A person who leads a licentious life and a filthy life and a sickly person who suffers from all kinds of diseases, how can he raise the Kundalini? Because you’ll be amazed when the Kundalini rises, your physical problems will disappear.

Now cancer can only be cured through Kundalini awakening. We have done it, not only here but also in India. Cancer cannot be cured by anything else but Kundalini rising. I’ve cured even our President of India, Sanjeeva Reddy, of his cancer. You may write to his secretary and find out, but what I did was nothing but to raise his Kundalini because Kundalini goes into the parasympathetic nervous system and She builds up that force which is all the time flowing through different centers. For example, we can say that we have two left and right sympathetic nervous system manifested by left and right powers. Of one is the left side, is the power of desire, and the right side is the power of creativity. For that we use our physical side also. Now these two powers start acting on the centers like this. If you start using on any center a particular extreme flow of the power, if you start exhausting it, it breaks. When it breaks, the connection with the whole is disconnected, is broken. Because of that it becomes on its own, sort of, goes on, like a person on the motor bike. “What do I care? I can bang at anyone. Who can say anything to me? I’ll bang at ten people. What do I care?” Once it starts, that means you are on your own. Once you are on your own you are spreading the malignancy of the society. You have no connection with the whole. You think, “What’s wrong? So what?” You do not know that by breaking your relationship with the whole, you are a malignant cell and such people, you know, have to be sent to jail or some place where they settle down and their malignancy is cured.

In the same way in the body malignancy sets in, in the being, and the coordinated growth of the body becomes discoordinated. Like a person might get a big nose coming out because the nose says, “Why shouldn’t I grow big compared to others?” Or an ear becoming big like that. All this nonsense is nothing but simply cancer and this kind of cancer is settling within us every moment because we do go to extremes. I’ve seen people if they are fond of tennis then morning till evening they are nothing but tennis racket. If they are fond of football they become footballs. I mean, you don’t know they lose everything that is the whole and just become that and they are such crazy ones that they don’t know what they are doing. So all these extreme behaviors of human beings can lead them to a, if not to the physical cancer to the social cancer or to the mental cancer. Cancer is nothing but the over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system on both the sides.

Now when the activity is too much within us and the whole cannot cope with it, it breaks the connection. When the connection is broken, then you become on your own and how to now connect is the problem.

Supposing you are going by car and the petrol is getting exhausted, attention mounts and when the petrol is finished, you are finished; you can’t move. In the same way when your energy gets exhausted or is about to exhaust, you get tensions, you get heart attacks, you get diabetes because of this kind of over-activity. For example, diabetes can be easily cured by Sahaja Yoga. If there is only one side activity of the right hand side which is very much in the West you get liver problems, you get diabetes, you get heart attack. It starts with liver, goes up to diabetes. If you don’t get diabetes you get heart because you are using too much of right side.

Right side is responsible for your future, for your planning, for your creativity. And your body also works that power of action. So when you act what you do that you start using your right side too much and the left side freezes by which your heart comes into action and it just stops. First, it sometimes gives one attack. Then you don’t listen, you don’t lie down, you don’t rest, then second attack. Then the third, it finishes you.

It’s just to create the balance within you. Another thing, in the heart, as I told you, resides the Spirit. When you go too much – I mean, some people I’ve seen they do karate and after karate, I don’t know, they are all becoming wrestlers. Then they become wrestlers, I don’t know. One fellow came to Me, all his backbone like this.

I said, “Now, what is this?”

He said, “Mother, I have done horse riding, Oh no. Then I have done motor racing, Grand Prix all that, jumping from the parachutes, You see, and all sorts of things.”

And then, “Why did you do it? What was the need?” And he broke all his bones, I mean, nicely broken back he was, just like this.

I said, “Why were you after your life and after your backbone? What is the matter? Why did you do it?” I couldn’t understand.

He said, “Mother, I wanted to know why am I living and I outlasted all these accidents. So there must be some meaning to my life. That’s why I have come to You.”

I said, “But for that, My child, what was the need to break this backbone of yours?” So I had to first put his backbone right and now he is a realized soul.

So this is what happens with human beings: that they do not pay attention to their Spirit which is in the heart. All the attention is outside; you are paying attention to, say, our physical being. For example, people are doing Hatha Yoga. Now Hatha Yoga is – I don’t know who has brought this kind of Hatha Yoga to the West. Hatha Yoga, as you know, is Ashthanga. There are eight parts of Hatha Yoga. It used to be done till the age of only twenty-five years in the celibate condition. And the most important is the Ishwara Pranidana, means Self-realization. Ishwara is your Spirit, to achieve your Self-realization first. And the exercises are only meant if you have a problem on these centers. But the way we do it indiscriminately, every sort of exercise we do. It is like taking all the medicines from the medicine chest without finding what’s the matter with you. And we say we are Hatha yogis. And such people catch on the heart. You’ll be amazed, all the Hatha yogis, we can make out the way they catch their heart. We have three, four realized souls here, who were real Hatha yogis and also karate thing they did.

So My problems are like this, that all My children have been up to something and I have to first correct them. Then the Kundalini rises. She does. Actually, She is such a kind Mother, such an affectionate Mother, that She rises again and again, and She cures and controls and balances. You will get your realization, I know, today but again it will go down because you must have done something extreme.

Now don’t feel guilty. That’s another fashion because if I say anything there’s another, this center catches on the left hand side, Vishuddhi, because you feel guilty. That’s one thing please don’t do. That idea of feeling guilty is very wrong, against your Self-realization. Because you must know that God is compassion of love. And what mistakes can you commit? What guilt can you have? He will wash off all your guilts and He will wash off all your problems. He is ocean of compassion. He is not just a drop somewhere. He is the complete ocean which is so powerful and which is going to work it out. So please do not develop this guilt when I am telling you about it. It’s all right. Whatever has happened, it has happened. We have to think of today and not of what has happened and what we have been up to. All that would be forgotten once we are there, when we reach a certain point of achievement in life. Like when people climbed over to Mount Everest they forgot all that was they had to face on the way. So you forget all that had gone wrong with you, all that you did wrong to yourself and you just enjoy the achievement of your being.

After receiving realization, as he said, the Kundalini passes through your fontanel bone area. This is called as Talu and actually you can feel first the throbbing here. You can feel. You can see with your naked eyes the pulsation of the Kundalini, with your naked eyes, when you try it. You can see the rising of the Kundalini. Of course, some people are such a smooth sailing that you don’t see anything. You are just there. But somehow obstruction in the Nabhi or the Swadishthana, is the second center, then you do see Kundalini trying to push, trying to push. You can see very clearly in many people. Then it rises. You can see, with stethoscope you can hear, “Lap tap, lap tap” going on, till it reaches here. Kabira has said that when it reaches to the silent point of triangle, means here, the Anahatha, the sound of the heart, sound like Anahathi, it is called the sound without the percussion, stops. That is the time when you get your realization. That is the time you get connected. That is the time you become subtler. That is the time you become collectively conscious. You become. Now this is a very important word to understand – you become. You do not accept Me on mental level. It is a happening within you. Your own awareness becomes enlightened.

For example, I would say this room you come to and it’s all dark. When you come inside you see this chair, you think is the room, you think this carpet is the room. But when you put on the light, the whole thing becomes enlightened. The room becomes enlightened. In the same way your awareness becomes enlightened, means your attention becomes enlightened. Your attention is outside. For example, you are paying attention to Me. But if I say, “Pay attention to yourself,” you cannot. That’s why this happening takes place. Because of this happening, your attention is sucked in. And then that attention becomes enlightened because that attention then enters into the realm of Spirit, the Spirit which is the light. I give an example of our gaslights. It’s a very good example because we don’t have them in India but here it is easy to give that example. If the gas light has got a little flicker going on, that supposing is the Spirit and the Kundalini is the force of gas that comes in. When that comes close to this flicker, it gets enlightened. In the same way your attention which is not enlightened becomes enlightened. That’s how you become collectively conscious. Again I say, become.

For example, those who are realized here, they are just like you to look at. Maybe there’s more glow on their faces, maybe. But they know where is your Kundalini. They can feel it within themselves. They know what chakras you are catching. You see on the hands. You start feeling all these centers are of the sympathetic.

For example, this is first, second third, fourth, fifth, sixth, that’s seventh. These seven centers become enlightened. You can feel it on your fingers. If this is catching that means that there’s something wrong with your throat. This is the center of Vishuddhi on the right hand side, this physical side.

Now here we have Alan’s, his uncle got his realization long time back. He is a very great Sahaja yogi today, and he is an archeologist. He got his realization and as usual as the Western mind is, you see, there were about very few of them. So you start doubting whether it is correct or not; let’s find out. So when I told him that “You have become,” he could not believe. “How can that be? How can that be? I mean, how can I become like that?”

So he told Me, “Mother, just now I am feeling here lot of heat in this area.”

I said, “This is all father’s side and this is the throat or this area of bronchus. You ask, telephone to your house, your father must be down with bronchitis.” So he telephoned. The mother came in.

He said, “How is Dad?”

“He is down with bronchitis.”

Then I said, “All right, you rub it here. Rub it nicely.” Because his hands are now vibrating. It’s flowing. That’s vibratory awareness.

I said, “You rub it.”

Next day, the phone came, “He is all right, suddenly. We don’t know what miracle has happened.”

It is a miracle in such a way that, say, I show you a television set here and supposing you are villagers, you have never seen a television set. And I say, “Now there are lots of pictures over here and sound and music here.”

You say, “Where?”

“It is there. I’ll show you just now a magic.”

And I put on, put it to the mains and you start seeing the television, and say, “Oh God, you are a magician!”

In the same way when your instrument starts manifesting, you become a magician. It is all there just to be awakened. It’s all just waiting to be awakened. All this magic exists and it is such a wonderful world and then you become collectively conscious. When you become collectively conscious you start feeling others.

For example, you are going with somebody, a friend of yours who is not realized, and you are a realized soul. So you ask the other person, “Have you got a headache?”

He says, “Yes, why? How do you know?”

He says, “I know, I have a little headache.” You see, there is an indication comes, little heaviness. All right, he’ll be all right. He rubs his head and the fellow feels all right.

When you are realized you can raise the Kundalini of others. You can give them realization; all of them are giving realization. But we do not carry a circus with us, you see? Like some people carry a banner or some sort of a big thing or they stand on the streets and sing loudly or they have a name. We do not carry any circus whatsoever. You are absolutely normal because the happening is within and not without. It is not a cheap thing to do. It’s a dignifying thing. It’s your own dignity; you come up to your dignity to your glory.

And you don’t do these cheap advertisements. All right, Sahaja Yoga has to spread slowly. It cannot spread just like that, that thousands of them will be there, because we cannot have only members; like we pay five pounds, you become a member. In Sahaja Yoga you cannot. We have no membership, nor organization whatsoever. You pay some money, you become member. “Oh, we have so many thousand members.” So what’s the use of having such members, foolish things? You are just making fool out of them. Like saying that we’ll make you fly, all this kind of falsehood and all that. Are you going to become birds now? Or frogs?

Then another sort of things starts, “Let us be vegetarians.” This is another madness. It’s all right if you don’t feel like eating; don’t eat. But these things are not important. The way we become vegetarians, you see. Am I going to give realization to chickens? You have to be human beings. And they are the most important thing.

In the eyes of God all your big, big palaces are of no value. He doesn’t value them. These are stones. All other material possessions you have, He doesn’t value them. These are dust of His Feet. But to Him a little bird which is aware is more important, He will protect it. To Him a human being is much more, much more important than a bird. And to Him a realized soul is the thing for which all the angels, all the beauties and all the guidance and all the blessings of God are made. If you are told, “You come and receive your Self-realization,” it looks really pretentious, I know. We’ve been trying all kinds of advertisement. I am a little, I should say, people say, “Mother, You are shy of publicity,” whatever you may call it, but I said, “We cannot lose our dignity. Whatever you do, do it with dignity.”

Everything has to be done with dignity, because we have to achieve our dignity. You are free to choose. There is no compulsion. But somebody said, “I take money because then it compels people to be here.” But why compel? It’s the main point. “Because if they pay for anything then they want to go through it. Whether, even if their legs are broken, doesn’t matter.” This is something very different, absolutely different. It is a living process. Only difference is that at the time of Christ, we never had such halls and such seekers. He just talked about God, for that He was crucified. That was to show how human beings were foolish and stupid not to accept the real. But falsehood, hypocrisy, nonsense, is garlanded, is paid for, has all the support of the kings and the queens and all that.

And the reality has to grow very slowly. All the saints who were real have been tortured. Nobody understood them. But how they were enamored by horrible people like Rasputin. Even today it is happening. You have to know that first you find out your Self. Then you will know who is real and who is not.

The credibility of the whole thing should be this way that those who are following any type of procedure, what have they achieved? Have they manifested anyone of their own power? You see, your guru may be a great. There’s one gentleman who told Me that “My guru can remove this glass from here to there, sitting down here.”

I said, “What is the use of removing this glass from here to there? I don’t understand. And why should God do it from here to there?”

Or, “He gives me diamonds.” I said, “Really? He’s an Indian? Then he should solve all our financial problems in India. And why does he give you the diamond? Because you are a rich man. And how much you have given him?”

“Of course, I have all the shraddha for him.”

He gets one diamond and he gives him the money which is worth hundred. Why should God give you diamonds? If He has to give you, He will give you the absolute, because He is Absolute. He’ll give you something of the highest value. Of course, as a byproduct, you get your physical being all right, your mental being all right, even your material being all right.

Krishna has said, “Yoga kshema mahatmyam.” When the Yoga takes place, then the well-being works out, not before. Not before, He didn’t say, “Kshema Yoga.” He said, “Yoga Kshema mahatmyam.” First the Yoga. This is the union. When this takes place, then the well-being works out. How? Because there is the same center I was telling you. Is the center for our well-being and is the principle of Lakshmi. When it is awakened, our well-being is all right, but we do not become so rich that we end up in the casinos. We become sensible, wise people, materially all right, sufficient, satisfied, joyous, loving, understanding and a new race is to be born and a new type of life has to come. You are the seekers of that life. But you must know that you have to cooperate a little bit. [INAUDIBLE] horrid stuff

It just encircles your heart and you cannot see anything. And such colossal ones they are but unless and until you get realization you will not know that. There’s a boy who has written a book about Me and before that, before he wrote that book, he came one day very much frightened to Me. He said, “Mother, I have a colossal ego. I can’t see it. I am stupid. And this colossal ego I don’t know how to get rid of it. It makes me stupid. But tell me one thing …”

I said, “What?”

“Am I, was I Napoleon in previous lives?”

I said, “What makes you think that way?”

He said, “Because I am French, because I know how to draw and have such a colossal ego. These three combinations, does it mean that? And if it means don’t tell me, otherwise I’ll commit suicide.” You start seeing all that. Once you start seeing all that, you start correcting it.

You have to repair your car by getting out of it. When you are inside it you cannot. That’s what happens to you. You become the other, you become the Self and the Kundalini helps you to correct yourself and you correct it and you like to correct it. Because if this sari is not Me, if I am not identified with the sari, if it gets dirty, I want to get it cleaned. I don’t feel bad if you tell Me there is something. I feel I want to clean it. That’s what happens to you and this is what has to happen. As I said many a times and I say again that I must have given two hundreds lectures in England so far, maybe more, I don’t know, I have not yet counted all of them. There are tapes. It tapes every time I speak. It goes on the knowledge. I don’t know, I don’t read much. I don’t have time to read at all. It all comes from here somewhere.

But all this knowledge will come to you and you will be amazed how you will be manifesting your powers in so many ways. The greatest power that you will be manifesting will be of love. You’ll become such a loving person that all your seriousness will vanish into thin air and you’ll be chirping like birds and blossoming like flowers. Please.

This is what one has to achieve and get it in one’s self. There are all types of people and all types of flowers, but all of them can be blossomed because the blossom time has come. The time has come. That’s how it is going to work out. Let us see how it works out within you.

Thank you very much.

Now I would like you to ask Me some questions. It would be a good thing, because as I told you it is a very vast subject. Maybe something you must be wanting to know which I may not have covered because I have not covered even this bit of the subject. Please ask Me questions.

Seeker: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Not important, at all, it’s not important because, you see, your attention should not be on food. Attention should be if you ask Me, I don’t know what I had for My lunch, you see? It should be not there. Because you are vegetarians and all the time worried about vegetarianism, is all wrong, there is not necessarily. It is, I mean, I don’t say that you be a glutton. It doesn’t mean that either at all. You see, you have to be in the center. Eat as much as required for your body, not overeating. The attention should not be on the food.

See, vegetarianism was introduced by Brahmins in India, because first of all in India, the Brahmins were the only ones who knew the Brahma, means the ones who were realized souls. Realized souls were called as Brahmins. As Christian means baptized, you see? But then the Brahmins became a cult. They wouldn’t accept that because – I’ll tell you the example is Vyasa who has written Gita himself. He was a son, illegitimate son of a fisherwoman but he is a Brahmin because he was a realized soul.

So the Brahmin word means the person whose self has been achieved, is the Brahmin. Or the Brahmin jaati, jaati means the aptitude, a temperament, the one who has the temperament to go. You are all Brahmins because you are seekers of Brahma. You are the seekers of the Divine Power. So you are all Brahmins. And then these Brahmins, you see, they, when they wanted to start a cult that a Brahmin can be born to a Brahmin and like a prenatal achievement. Just to establish that they started all this nonsense that you should be a vegetarian, you should… because it’s very easy. See if I say you are, “Be a vegetarian,” very easy to be a vegetarian, what is difficult in becoming vegetarian? In India especially where, I mean mostly you have to eat vegetables. Nobody eats so much meat as you people eat here because we don’t need it. It’s very heating. Very little, people eat. So become vegetarians, very easy. So they took these things. Many nonsense they did. You see, like your priests have done it. It’s like priests have said, “Become nuns.” Now this is all nonsense. Christ Himself attended the weddings of people, His Mother was married. How can Christianity be against marriage? I can’t understand.

So many things that Christ has absolutely said “No!” have been done. First and foremost thing which I see very clearly is that He said, “Have nothing to do with the spirits, with the dead.” But you put all your dead in the church, just imagine, walk over them. I don’t know they are not thinking about it, that don’t put these dead bodies there. They might be hovering.

In the same way the essence of Hindu philosophy you can call – Dante here we have, say – but Indian philosophy is that in everybody resides the Atma, the Spirit. Now how can you have castes? Like you are a born Brahmin and all, how can you be born if everybody has the same? You just tell Me. It’s such a contradiction. But nobody reads anything. You see, they just depend on a Brahmin, pay some money, call him for the wedding, finished. The only advantage we have in that country is that there is no organization that runs it, thanks God. There are some and one of them is now trying to compete with your Pope. He is trying to make a big umbrella jaded with diamonds, such a big umbrella of gold, can you imagine? If it falls on him, that would be the answer, useless thing as he is. Other people’s money, you know. Very nice parasites. All of them are parasites, one and all. They are not religious people. They have nothing to do with God. Depending on other people’s earnings, they are beggars. How can they be higher than you? They call themselves Brahmins. And they do… that’s why they are vegetarians you see, such gall and they are the greatest butchers ever born.

Now the government has taken over our most of the temples because they used to butcher women in these temples. In Kashi or what you call Benares there was a big case of a lady and they did it to many ladies. But this lady was wearing all the ornaments. They keep all dark because they say, “There should be dark, you see, because the God doesn’t like light,” all kinds of their own theories. And they would take ladies inside and there was a trap door and the ladies used to slip down, and they would kill the women, take out their ornaments and in the crowd people would think that the woman is lost, you see. They don’t know where she is gone. And like that one lady was lost and they, now government has taken over. So many temples like that. Even Shirdi Sainath who was a very great realized soul, even there, there was a murder. They are murderous people. We have one in Pandharpur, a very big, very well known temple of Pandharinath, is Pandhurangas, is very famous, is a vibrating deity, no doubt. But these horrible people, they take the heads of the devotees and just break them, just like coconuts. And these people, these devotees go all the way walking, for miles together, and these horrible Brahmins sitting down there, doing all this job and living on the wishes of these … I mean on the money of these poor devotees.

Russia I went to. They said the same thing. They said, “These parasites,.. how can they be anything near goodness? How can they be?” So they don’t believe in God. But I saw the parasites there also. They are all parasites, in the name of God and all these funny ideas. Now tell Me, in Greenland they haven’t seen even a one green leaf. Are they supposed to starve if they became vegetarians? They say that by becoming vegetarian you become non-aggressive. All right, if you are an aggressive person take to vegetarianism, is different. That gives a balance. But Indians should eat something; they are absolutely slavish people. If they see an English man, they’ll immediately fall at their feet, even today. After three hundred years. Only after coming here they have become like that. But if you go to India then you will know how they treat an English man. They are still afraid that they may start to rule us. Depends on to what sort of a temperament you have got. I mean, supposing you have a liver trouble, then best thing is to take to vegetarianism but if you have some other trouble then you take to something else, isn’t it? It is not, it’s one prescription for everyone. Cannot be. Everybody has a different temperament.

Question: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: No, that’s a very big misnomer also. Prana is what? You must understand. Prana is the right hand side power; right hand side power is the Prana, all right? And the left hand side power is the Mana Shakti and the center is the one through which the Kundalini rises.

So that is the divine power in the center. So the prana is only the right hand side. This is also used, going on. That prana is important. Now prana is, because it gives you the power of action, and for power of action, I think you better take to protein food. I mean, if you have to have this [ INAUDIBLE], I mean medically, use them. It’s all a jumble going on [unclear] mumble jumble as you call it, because it’s such a realm that nobody knows much. And if you want to exploit people, best thing is to give something and tell them, “Do this.” Like some people came to Me, told Me that they joined some group and they were trying to learn flying, all right? So they were said that “You have to pay three thousand pounds.” They went to Switzerland, paid three thousand pounds. One of them is here who paid three thousand pounds to learn flying. They said, “Your weight is too much. You have to reduce.” For flying, you know, you have to reduce your weight. So in that three thousand pounds, the food they gave them was first of all they boiled some potatoes. Now, water of that boiled potatoes was given to them for three days. Then for three days they were given the rind of the potatoes. And then the seventh day they were given some potatoes. They became absolutely dead people, do you know? Imagine, the people from the West eat well, they need food to eat and they were made absolutely dead. They said, “This is just to make you fly,” you see? And they did it. They were sick and they were all possessed. They ended up as, most of them are lunatics or epileptic and I have cured them, so many epileptic people. These are all the tricks of the trade. You ask Me, I’ll tell you.

[The fun?] Heh?!

Seeker: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Spirits I think, I don’t know what. But spirits I should say the way they are. There was a lady who came to Me, I mean so many of them have now come to Me. I mean they all came after going to all various places. That’s My faith, I should say. They read all the books of the world, they go around the whole nonsense, all the shopping centers they go to and ultimately in the corner, you see, they come to the temple. That’s what I feel about it. And there was a lady, she came to Me. She is now all right and she’s, she’s very good. But she used to go into a funny sort of an epileptic fit. For three hours all her body used to become stiff like this, all her neck and everything like that. But before Me she used to be for about an hour at least. Now she’s absolutely cured.

But the last one was a gentleman who had become… who came to Me, but he was so badly off that when he went away from Me also, you could not do much about him because we have no proper place to do it, you see, because these people jump, see Me. One of them jumped twenty feet like that, straight off, you see. They just took My name and he jumped twenty feet, like that. Some people go in to contortions, horrible things, you know. And everybody started getting angry with us in that area that “What sort of an ashram is this and what these people are doing?”

Now this gentleman specially, he came to Me and we didn’t know what to do because he came and he said, “Woh, woh!” like that. And we said, “Now, better go,” because I said, “I cannot cure you here. We’ll have to find out some place for you where we can cure you.” The fellow went home and he got into the same sort of thing, and he was admitted in the hospital and they came and told Me that for seven days he was in… What? How many days? Seven. Seven days he was in coma.

And then I, of course, I worked out his Kundalini all the way. And he was there the other day. He came back from the hospital. He was walking a lot. Absolutely he had became stiff. All kinds of things are happening.

The other day somebody met Me. He had an Agnya, this center portion, all coming out like that and pulsating, horrible. I said, “Where did you go?” He said, “I went to somebody in Glasgow,” and I don’t want to take their names because they will file a suit against Me. But this is you people have to understand then. And then he went to New York and he got this nonsense. He said, “I’m getting now crazy. I’m getting mad.” And he’s a gentleman who’s expert on computerization. All kinds of harm they have done to you. I said, “All right, if you are smugglers, have money. You are cheats. All right, take money.” But why spoil their Kundalini? Just think of a Mother who is only for this job, who has come only for this job and She sees Her own children being ruined like this. How She must be feeling.

And this is what they have done to you, by giving you ideas, for this, that. Don’t take any ideas from these people. First of all, know yourself. Then you will know what is correct and what is incorrect. They have no love for you, nothing. They are just befooling you. All sorts of ideas they throw in the air, all befooling. They come to Me, I find they have no powers, nothing they are manifesting, they don’t know anything, they don’t know chakras, they don’t feel anything. Nothing, and the poor things, most of them can’t even look at Me. They start shaking before Me. But this is so, you see, just like lunatics. Lunatics always shake before Me.

But I must tell you a very interesting story about Brahmins because I told you this. In Pune we had a program and they arranged it in a place which was owned by Brahmins. And they didn’t know I was not a Brahmin. I am a born, I mean, so-called I’m a Christian in the sense that My father had baptized Me. I took My birth in Christianity, because I felt that there is too much fanaticism. So they might accept Me because I am a Christian. But Christians have denied Me. Christians in India are not My disciples; they are Muslims and Hindus. Christians do not want to see My face. They think that I have something wrong with Me, and that’s why I took My birth as a Christian.

So these people said that “She is not a Brahmin. So we cannot have Her program here.” But it was announced in the paper so the organizers, they said that “But we have announced it in the papers, and everybody will say that ‘You are Brahminic people and you have done this.'” So they were frightened of that. They said, “No, no, no, no, they will have the program.”

And they never told Me all these things, you see, and I was sitting and there was a big crowd sitting down and some people sitting on the gallery. Suddenly, I said, “Among you who thinks that he is a Brahmin?” So four, five came forward you see, like this, like big Romans. I said, “Please sit down”. I said, “You think you are Brahmins?” They said, “Yes.” I said, “All, put your hands towards Me, [unclear] like this.”

So I said, “Why are you shaking?” They said, “Mother, because You are Shakti.” I said, “If I am a Shakti and you are shaking because of that then the rest are not shaking, why are you shaking?”

They said, “See, these are shaking.”

I said, “Go and ask them from where they have come.” They all had come from lunatic asylum. I said, “In the same way you are. Now you see relatively who they are and who you are, thinking like that, that ‘We are the chosen ones and Brahmins,’ all falsehood.”

It’s all falsehood. They live with falsehood. By saying that I am the Queen of England I don’t become, do I? In the same way, you cannot just claim something without getting it. Any other questions? One more.

Question: [unclear]

Shri Mataji: There is no organization, My child… But, yes… How? How? You see what I said is to put your hands towards Me, all right? No, I’ll tell you how it works out.

Interlocutor: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yoga has been, has been the working of the Divine, in all our evolutions. That’s how we have reached here, you see, that is spontaneously we have been growing to human stage. But today it has become a Maha yoga. It’s the Maha, the greatest, where you meet the Divine. You are made for that. But on this we have small, little [cup] books. Booklets have you brought? They have some small little booklets. We have also big books. You can take them, read them, and understand. It’s like this, that supposing again this room is black, I mean, there’s no light in this room. So you want to put on the light. So I have to just tell you that there is a switch, you just put on, all right?

Or else I will start the whole theory about electricity, all the history and how electricity was created from Bristol, how it was brought here and everything, all the headaches, and then I will put on the light. By that time you will run away. So it’s better is that you have the light, all right? You have the light and then you will see everything, because as I told you, the knowledge is fast. You will enjoy it. But first have the light. Without the light you cannot see. So first have the light. Light is the most important thing. You must be enlightened. Otherwise the rest of it, it’s just acrobatics of the brain. All right?

We have books here. I am sure they have paper on this and all that but I would suggest even after Realization for some time you settle down because even that gives you, you see, movement. It’s proper that we should settle down into our realization. You should get it and master it, absolutely master it. I’ll tell you each and every secrets, everything, with love. Let’s have it like that. Put both the feet on the ground. This ground we use, Mother Earth, because She sucks most of our problems. We use light because that also sucks our problems. Just put like this. Now you have to close your eyes. Close your eyes. Just close your eyes.

Do not fix your attention on to one point. Leave your attention free. Just leave it free. And sit most comfortably without any strain on any state, like this. Sit comfortably without any strain on any chakra like that. Straight, straight, your sitting should be straight but no strain on the chakras. Just like this, straight, with a relaxed, relaxed [unclear]. It’s all right. It is going to work out. Just put your hands like this. It is going to work out for all of you. It has to work out. Just keep your eyes shut. That’s important. Try to keep it shut. Even if you feel like opening, just keep it shut for a while. Just keep it shut. That’s very important, because the Kundalini doesn’t rise above the Agnya if your eyes are opened. It just stops there. It’s a very important point. It just stops below the Agnya, because dilatation of the pupils takes place when the Kundalini rises and She thinks twice before rising.

Once you start feeling the cool breeze in the hands, it’s a very subtle thing. Our attention is gross, and it’s a subtle thing. So you have to pay little attention to what’s happening on your fingers. Just let your attention be absolutely loose. It will work out. Because as I said, you deserve it. Just keep yourself, yes, sit comfortably. It’s better that way, if you like. It’s better. [Unclear]

Just keep your attention loose. Don’t worry about the past or the future. Just keep it loose. It will work out. If there is shaking in your hands very much or in your neck or anywhere in the body, then you can open the eyes for a while till the shaking goes away. If there is not much shaking then it will work out. Keep your hands stretched towards Me. That’s how it works, stretched towards Me. Don’t hold any finger with the thumb or anything. Just stretch it in a normal way.

Please open your eyes. If your eyes are closed, your neck is shaking, keep your eyes opened, all right? You’ll feel better. Just watch Me here. It will work out. The rest of you should keep the eyes closed. If it is cool, it’s coming in the hand, you can open your eyes, but otherwise. Getting? Keep your eyes shut if you are not getting it. It will work out. Only those who are getting some shaking, I want them.

Put your right hand like this, tell him right hand like this, towards, backwards, yes. It will work out. Left is too much frozen and the right is too active. Better. Put [unclear].

We have to forgive. You have to forgive others, all of them. Please forgive. Kundalini is stopping at the Agnya, means you have to forgive. Please forgive. Forgive everyone. Just say, “I forgive.” Just say that. That is important, because that’s heavy. That gives you a heavy feeling. Just say that “I forgive.” Forgiveness is very important.

Most of you have liver problem. So put your right hand towards Me and left hand on the liver here. Right hand towards Me like this. And liver is under the right rib area. The right hand towards Me, right hand towards Me and the left hand here. Lower. It will improve because there it is placed. Here, liver is here, from the right hand side, yes, under the rib, please. No, no, right hand towards Me and the left hand under the right rib area. Here. It will work out. Where the rib area ends there is the liver. So on the right side of the rib area; put the left hand, lower than that.

Now better? Getting it now? All right? Getting the Cool Breeze? Enjoy yourself. Close your eyes. Enjoy yourself. Got it. It is just like one fruit getting ripened, then another. It’s like that. It should be most enjoyable.

Now don’t think. Just don’t think. And if you start thinking, you better open your eyes and watch Me without thinking. It will work out. It’s okay. It’s good, great. It’s going to work out in all of you.

How are the vibrations? You should start seeing. The Sahaja Yogis should see the vibrations for the people sitting around. Need not get up. Sitting down only you can see. It’s where they are, there, one by one, those who are in front of you.

Has got it? Piercing, yes. Just raise it. Raise it and tie it up. Listen here, this lady has, I think, reached it. He’s got it. He’s got it. Raise. You can get it. That’s it. Are you feeling the cool breeze? Still his right heart is the problem. [Unclear Word] tell him to put his left hand on the right heart, yes, little heart. Yes, that’s it. Just…

Has he, has he been doing some yoga asanas and something? Yes, his heart. Nothing. But what about his father? Now, tell him to tell the father. This is right heart is catching at this time. Just tell him. Tell your father not to worry about it. Just tell him, “I am all right. You take your birth. You take your realization.” Just right heart. This one was breathing very heavily. Ha! He’s all right. This gentleman has a Vishuddhi problem, I think. Ruth, just see the gentleman sitting near the door. It’s all right. He is realized or not? No? Just see on his head. Cooly just get up and see.


Shri Mataji: I can see that. It’s working out.

You watch here, you just watch here. Which guru did you go to? To no one. To no one whatsoever. Anyone. You have to tell Me. Rajneesh? You can see what has happened? He himself a diabetic patient. What is going to take you to anyone? Can’t move out from his places. He is teaching sex now. For that why do you need a guru? He has to come here to learn. Perversions of sex. He’ll go to hell and he’ll take everyone with him. And he talks of bottomless pit, just imagine, openly.

It’s written in the Bible that you will go to the bottomless pit. And he said, “I’ll take you to bottomless pit” and people are going down. They have to go to bottomless pit. Just think. Madness. That’s why you are shaking. It’s all right. You’ll be all right. I mean, we have cured so many people of Rajneesh. So doesn’t matter. It’s all false ideas. Mad. Good, great, you found it. He’s got it.

We had one actor said [Sandor Eles], you see. One day he was so happy, he said, “Mother, can I go outside and laugh?”

I said, “Laugh it out.” Now you found it. He’s got it now. He’s got it. He’s got it. Are you all right? It’s good, great. See his eyes, he is a different person. Just see the joy. Are you? Did you get it, my child? Oh, put your hands like this. We’ll work it out, all right? We have to work it out.