Letter London (England)

London, 11th July, 1980

To, Sahaja Yogis,

Received your cable on the eve of Gura Purnima. The sentiments, which you have expressed in very beautiful words have gone to heart. On the occasion of Guru Purnima day celebrations in London, I explained what is self realization and whether you have got it or not. I will send the tape recording of this speech with some one instead of sending it by post.

I suggested, in my earlier letters, […]

The Plan of God Almighty Plymouth (England)

Public Program. Plymouth (United Kingdom), 11 July 1980.

We do not even think that we have evolved from the stage of amoeba to this stage [UNCLEAR human being]. We also have to think why, why did we become human being from amoeba. What was the reason behind this evolution? It’s a tremendous process of thousands of years to evolve human being. Why this instrument of human being was created [UNCLEAR]? Is there any meaning? [UNCLEAR] personality called as a human being or it is just born like all other animals [UNCLEAR to this level evolved] at the most [UNCLEAR]. […]