The Plan of God Almighty

Plymouth (England)

1980-07-11 The Plan Of God Almighty Plymonth England NITL HD, 39'
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Public Program. Plymouth (United Kingdom), 11 July 1980.

We do not even think that we have evolved from the stage of amoeba to this stage [UNCLEAR human being]. We also have to think why, why did we become human being from amoeba. What was the reason behind this evolution? It’s a tremendous process of thousands of years to evolve human being. Why this instrument of human being was created [UNCLEAR]? Is there any meaning? [UNCLEAR] personality called as a human being or it is just born like all other animals [UNCLEAR to this level evolved] at the most [UNCLEAR]. It’s not the end of this [UNCLEAR life]. Is that a purpose [UNCLEAR of life?] We have to think of it. We have been thinking. There has been a big upsurge of searching. People are seeking, they are definitely seeking God all over the world who are seeking and there are in thousands in the villages. This was never so before. They were seekers one or two. At the time of Rama say, there was only one who went to Raja Janaka who was doing the work of [UNCLEAR Kundalini]. His name was Nachiketa (नचिकेत). And with very great difficulty he got his realization after years and years of working. That was the beginning of this [UNCLEAR work].

When the light who gives light you see, it has only one flower. But when the blossom time comes so many flowers have to be transformed into the seed or fruit. It has been said in all our scriptures that you have to be born again. You have to be born again. It has been again and again emphasized that you are to be born again. After all there must be something in it. What is that which is to be born again? For example, it is said that Brahmin is called (द्विजाः) a dwijah – (द्वि: जायते सा द्विजाः) dwihi jayate sa dwijah means the one who is twice-born. And dwija is also a bird. Because it comes out of the mother’s womb as an egg and then again it is reborn as a [UNCLEAR bird]. In the same way a Brahmin is also called a dwijah. Brahmin is not a caste or a community. It is a state of personality where a person knows the Brahma, the one who knows The Divine. Brahmin cannot be born. He has to be. And so when we understand this, that you are to be twice-born as Christ has said many times ‘know thyself’. That ‘knowing thyself’ has to be done, has to happen within us and how it happens and why it happens we have to know about it and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Now between us we should have one compromise. Otherwise you may be in difficulty. Because I know our human nature is such that as soon as I say something you’ll start asking, how are we to believe, why should we believe? [UNCLEAR exactly]. You shouldn’t believe Me because I’m telling you something. Any kind of blind faith is of no use to us. Any kind of blindness is of no use, it creates fanaticism. Your eyes are to be opened out. But definitely so far you have not been [UNCLEAR]. For example, you come in this room and it’s all dark and you don’t know anything about this room. But if I put on the light you can see what is it there. In the same way if you are enlightened you can see for yourself – what you are, what others are and what is [UNCLEAR]. That happening has to take place. It has been told many a times by all these great saints, born anywhere in the whole world, whether they were Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, English, anyone – they said ‘you are to be born again’. Now what has God done within us is to place that Power in the triangular bone called as sacrum.

Just see, the Greeks realized that it was a sacred bone. That’s why they called it as sacrum. Now this bone, it is said that it does not burn when the body burns. That’s why they called it a sacred bone. But actually it is sacred because that Power which is going to give you your Self Realization is placed there. Now it has to rise and connect you to your Spirit which resides in your heart. Now when I’m talking to you I want to have one compromise and the compromise is like this – whatever I’m telling you you are not to take it for granted. But you are not to deny it either. You have to have a very scientific outlook about it. And the scientific outlook should be such that whatever I’m saying is just a hypothesis for you. But have a open mind about it. You have to keep a very very open mind and see for yourself how it works out. If it works out well and good. If it does not work out [UNCLEAR]. I’ve worked very hard. [UNCLEAR] Once it has worked out then you can see for yourself that that’s the real thing. It’s all right. I’m not going to tell too much about (UNCLEAR its engineering) because it’s a headache. I say why say it’s a headache. You see it’s like this – now this is a room as I said is dark, all right? You should say, Mother how to put the light on. I’ll say all right, there’s a switch and you put it on and finished. Otherwise I tell you the whole history how the electricity was invented, and how it was brought here and how in Plymouth it was planted and how, who did the whole work and how it was brought here and everything.

I mean it has been a headache. That’s what I’m saying that to know about the engineering could be a big headache. But still I would like to tell you something which you need not accept blindfoldedly. You have to listen to Me, keep yourself open, see for yourself and then get the experience of Self Realization and then [UNCLEAR]. Because in the West as you know, even our Indians who have come to the west have become all kinds of [UNCLEAR] They have too much of [UNCLEAR] and everything goes on like that in rationality. But this happening takes place beyond rationality. Like I came by car and [UNCLEAR left it behind]. In the same way the rationality is left behind and you shoot off into a breakthrough of your being by which you achieve a state in which you are in the state of thoughtless awareness. This is the first state which is called as(निर्विचार समाधी) Nirvichar Samadhi in Sanskrit language. Samadhi means Enlightened Awareness. First when a thought [UNCLEAR] when the Kundalini rises from its stage it crosses this point, that time, this is called as Agnya Chakra, you see the centers are there, all these subtle centers are inside our spinal cord. When it crosses this Agnya Chakra then you become thoughtlessly aware. You go between the two thoughts, there’s a space, you go there [UNCLEAR] exactly [UNCLEAR] and you arrive there.

By arriving there you become thoughtlessly aware. Above that when the Kundalini reaches then you [UNCLEAR will be] absolutely peaceful, joyful and from your hands cool breeze of the Holy Ghost [UNCLEAR]. You feel it actually the Chaitanya Lahari described by Shankaracharya. This is the Divine Power which starts flowing, you become a hollow personality and the grace they call it or you may call the [UNCLEAR] that’s the station of the spirit you start feeling in the thoughtless awareness.

Now I don’t know but it sometimes works out in some places so fast and in some places it takes [UNCLEAR time]. For example In Bristol no question. I’m so very happy but in Exeter which is a very beautiful place according to outside description but I broke My hand and My patience and everything and it didn’t work out. I don’t know why. It has something to do of course with the vibrations of the place, It has also to do with the … (Shri Mataji asks in Hindi to keep quiet. Kya behenji, ap jara shanti se baithiy. क्या बहेनजी, आप जरा शांती से बैठिये, हां). It has to do, something to do with the vibrations, it has something to do with the caliber of the people, it has something to do how far the seekers are seeking. For example, there was a seeker who must have gone to at least ten gurus and had all kinds of problems. There was another one who has gone to acupuncture and he could not [UNCLEAR achieve]. It is the thing that has to happen. You cannot give a false certificate. It has to work out.

When the Kundalini rises through these centers which are the subtle centers [UNCLEAR] are which represent our different selves – our physical self, our mental self, our emotional self, and our Spiritual self – all these selves get integrated. Apart from that these are the different mile stones in the process of our evolution. We start feeling absolutely relaxed and joy. And this power when it starts emitting from you, it’s your own power. It’s like one light which is enlightened can be enlightened by another enlightened light. It has nothing to oblige, nothing to feel [UNCLEAR thankful]. Only thing is that if My light is enlightened I can enlighten yours. It is all your own. Because sometimes I’ve seen people feel very very hurt to know that I’m doing the job. I’m sorry, I’m not. I’m just trying to enlighten your light. Supposing there’s something wrong with [UNCLEAR wick] or something wrong with your lamp then I’ve to put it right. Once it is put right your light starts shining and you start seeing it and working it out. Now here we do not have so many people or Sahajayogis, we have only ten or eleven people who are now Realized souls and they know everything about it. They know how to raise the Kundalini, they know how to give realization, they know how to cure.

When this integration takes place first thing that happens to you that physically you feel better. Now the other day I said it and I’m telling since long, since 1970 I’ve been saying that cancer can only be cured through Kundalini awakening. There’s no way out. You cannot cure cancer by anything [UNCLEAR else]. It’s a fact. I have also cured cancer and many people have been curing cancer but that’s not our job, is to cure people. It’s no way. You are not people here to heal your [UNCLEAR]. We are here just to give you realisation that you get [UNCLEAR enlightened], that you get all right. As a byproduct of your Kundaini awakening only you get your whole being cleansed. Like supposing we have to have a good programme here we have to clean the [UNCLEAR thing]. If God has to be awakened within you your body is to be cleansed and Kundalini does that.

She cleanses your body, she cleanses your mind. Many mental cases, thousands I should say have been so far cured by [UNCLEAR Kundalini awakening]. It’s just a byproduct. In your country many people have been cured of very serious type of epilepsy, all kinds of mental problems, even from coma they are cured. But that’s not My job. Again, otherwise you’ll take Me direct to the lunatic asylum. I’m not interested in curing people, again and again I say, I’m interested in giving you what is your own. Once you’ve found it then you can cure also. You must learn the technique.

Now Yoga means, Yoga means union with the Divine, with the Spirit. Of what? Of your attention. Once the attention becomes one with that Spirit, your attention gets enlightened. It gets enlightened, in the sense that you become collectively conscious. You become, again I say, it’s not a lecture, you become. It happens to you. You can see with your naked eyes the pulsation of the Kundalini, the rising of the Kundalini, the breaking of the [UNCLEAR Kundalini]. You can see it and you become – again I say you become. It’s actualisation again, that from your hand when you start getting breeze, you can see there, colors we have shone according to the chakras that are there. You start feeling all these centers on your fingers. You can feel your centers, you can feel the centers of others. That’s how you become collectively conscious because you can get connected to the whole. The whole, the Primordial Being, the Virat, supposing is this one, then you are a part and parcle, you can say you are a cell, you can say that you are like a microcosm related to the macrocosm. But you are not aware of it. You do not know about it. It’s suddenly happens and you start working out your parasympathetic nervous system. I mean I’ve to tell you something about medical terminology.

When you see these two powers within us, one is the left side power which actually comes from the right side, more from the back and the right side, this power is the power of desire. And this power comes round like this and goes down onto the left hand side and the power on the right hand side you see is the power, is the power of action. By this power we think, by this power we plan, by this power we use our body for action. So we have two powers. One is the power of desire which comes from this side, goes down like that and another is the power on the left hand side it starts and comes down like that, is the power of action. So we have these two powers within us inside the spinal cord in a very subtle way which is expressed outside as sympathetic nervous system. Now this sympathetic nervous system comes into play whenever we have an emergency. For example, if you want to run sympathetic nervous system manifests itself and your heart goes on beating faster. But when you stop the heart comes back to its normal condition through the parasympathetic which is in the center. Now this parasympathetic nervous system gives you the balance, it gives you the power for the sympathetic and the body uses it. But this parasympathetic is not under our control. We cannot bring down the heart beats.

By Kundalini rising you master the parasympathetic. Apart from that, because you are connected to the whole all the time the power starts flowing through you. It is inexaustible. Supposing you are driving by a car and the car petrol is about to finish and you get into tensions. But supposing there is a way by which all the time the petrol is flowing into the car then there is no question of tension. In the same way when you get connected, when you get connected, it’s a very big event for many people. If you get connected with that then you find that all the time this power starts flowing through you. This is what is Kundalini awakening.

You must have heard a lot about Kundalini. There are big big books written about it. I was amazed how these people could write about Kundalini when they don’t know a word about it. From other books and something read here and something there. By writing or by reading it is not going to [UNCLEAR happen]. By giving lectures it is not going to happen. It’s a living process. We have to know, a living process takes place only spontaneously. For example a seed is to be sprouted out. You cannot go and read before that [UNCLEAR seed]. It’ll sprout by itself. You cannot pull out a flower and make it into a fruit. It is a spontaneous process. Our evolution itself is a spontaneous process. We see that we do not know how we became human beings from chimpanzee. But human beings cannot convert chimpanzees into human beings by their effort which is only spontaneity of nature as [UNCLEAR they call it]. In the same way if you have to go to a higher level of evolution which is a living process then it has to be absolutely effortless and spontaneous. Only difference is, that at this stage when you are a free personality, you are absolutely free at this time, you know your [UNCLEAR] evolution, you know that you have jumped into new awareness, that your awareness has gone to a new phase; that you actually know. It happens to you as a knowledge within you. But for this it has to happen.

Again and again I’m saying Kundalini awakening is a happening and the happening has to be there because supposing I say take your attention inside you cannot take it. You cannot take your attention inside. So something happens; supposing this falls down, immediately your attention will be there. In the same way inside the happening of the Kundalini takes place and your attention is drawn in and it is enlightened. Once it is enlightened you get an enlightened personality. Once you get enlightened then you become the master of your being. You are not to give up anything. You are not to sacrifice anything. It’s a happening within. Once it happens your priorities change. Everything changes automatically because you have found out your Absolute, you have found out your meaning and you become a very different person. This is what has to happen to all of you. All the people have to get it as much as possible. This is the last judgement.

This is how God is going to judge you. He is not going to put you in a, say, a weighing machine and see how much you weigh. He is going to judge you through raising your Kundalini. And this has started about I should say, ten years back. [UNCLEAR] in the villages, not in the cities because cities you see, city people are seeking money. It’s not for people who are just seeking. It is made for the people who are seeking God. And in the villages people are simple, no complications. They get it very fast. For the cities and for the people like that there are many[UNCLEAR courses and things]. The gurus have started to cheat you to take out your money. Here you cannot pay for this. This is a living process. This is the process of God’s Love. And even to think that you can pay [UNCLEAR] is a very much different thing. You have to get it, Question is when you get it [UNCLEAR]. It’s not the question of your obliging but it is a question of your [UNCLEAR] If you can get it then nothing[UNCLEAR]. And then you should know how to [UNCLEAR].

This the second part of it which you can know in Sahaja Yoga. Everything about you will be told and everything will be explained and now we have centers all over. I’ve to come here for the first time to Plymouth and we want to start a center here if we really get people of that caliber we can start a center. Already in Exeter we have a center [UNCLEAR name of a yogi] started it and there is a very nice gentleman we met him. Just like that, you see. I mean sometimes you really get such people that you are surprised from where they come [UNCLEAR]. And this gentleman has started another center at, which is that place … in Bristol, what is the place? in Bristol, in some place in Bristol. So you have to get all these addresses from them. So in Bristol the centre is quite strong already and now in Exeter a new one has started, you can get the address and I hope people will be able to start some center here in Plymouth so that it’ll work out contineously and you’ll know [UNCLEAR] of which you become a master.

The problem is today you are standing at a point which is very precarious. The young people are doubting the old, thinking that these people have been wasting their energy in [UNCLEAR] God. They say it’s no God. There’s no God, of nothing that [UNCLEAR]. Communism, they say the same thing because we are seeing that those who were professing religion had nothing in themselves. They had no God within them. You see, they were just accumulating money and building the temples and churches and things like that. That’s no God. There’s no Reality, nobody is twice-born, nobody is [UNCLEAR Realised]. Once it was understood people have started giving up. But there is [UNCLEAR God]. He does not exist whether you believe him or not. He does not exist if you blindly say, all right, I, you see I believe in God and Mother you know, God helped me today I got my pass. That kind of a God doesn’t exist. And then some people say we do not believe in God. Whether you believe him or not He exists. I’m here today to prove within you. I am to prove all the scriptures which are being denied, which are being challenged. Even scientist can come and I can talk to them. I have had many such occasions and we have some scientists among them who have doctorates and all that. One of them has come here. Now we have very highly qualified people who have seen to it that the engineering of God, of Divine law, [UNCLEAR His..] are at work. They are so dynamic, they are so effective that just we have to jump into it and to be one with it. So that we also use those powers. You become the instrument of those powers. Not only the instrument but the maneuvering power is within you and you understand how to manage it. This is what we are seeking all the time; if you are seekers it’ll work out. I’m sure. I’ll try My level best and I hope many will get Realization today. Thank you very much.

May God bless you.

Now I would like to have some questions from you if you have any sensible ones. [UNCLEAR] you see, there’s no end. [UNCLEAR] They have done no good job anyway. Somebody says something has no meaning. What have they produced is the point. Proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. If somebody says I do this and I do that let’s have a look at it. Just one humble request to all the Western mind is, that as soon as I give My lecture somehow it happens, I’ve seen with people that they start feeling guilty about something (that) must have happened in Vietnam or say what Hitler did and everything, you see they take all the responsibility of all the guilt. For heaven’s sake don’t have all that nonsense because that stops your Kundalini completely because you should know I’m talking of ocean of Compassion. Ocean of Love and your guilts are nothing, not even specks in front of that ocean. So now don’t build up your guilts and things like that and start thinking on those terms. It’s a very wrong way of escaping the Reality. Reality is so beautiful.

If there is any question, please ask. How cancer is see how cancer.. hmm.. I have definitely and it can be cured. Now why, how cancer sets in in the body, we should know, it’s a very simple thing. I’ve done medicine for the same reason because I have to deal with the doctors you see. The cancer sets in within us because of these centers are like this and the left and the right hand side power as I said are moving like that all the time, all right? And we are taking out the power from this energy supply from these centers that are there. Now supposing due to any reason or irritation or any kind of overuse, overactivity of these two sympathetic nervous systems, one the emotional, another the mental, if it goes on working too hard then somehow this breaks. The connection breaks and the deities that are in, sleep off. Once they sleep off then this starts moving on its own and this starts moving on its own, When they start moving on their own their is no relationship with the growth of this portion of the body with the whole. Like somebody’s nose will start growing big or somebody’y ears will start growing big if the cells here become malignant. A person who thinks what’s wrong, I’m on my own is malignant. He may be socially malignant, he may be mentally malignant, he may be physically malignant. This kind of cancer is settling within us every moment. Now which is the way to bring it back? Is to give some again Love. This is love. This power is of Love. When you give that power it comes back to its own position and gets connected with the whole. And the power starts flowing in it. and The exaustion is over. That’s how you cure. Because you have [UNCLEAR] it. For example, you take any young person, they get into crazes, all right? Now if they get into craze God save the way they become crazy. And in that craze they may [UNCLEAR do everything?] into an imbalance and because of that imbalance the cancer can be put in. I’ve seen women getting cancer of the breast because they feel so insecured about their husband. They go on worrying, worrying, worrying, they get cancer.

Stomach cancer can be caused to people who are very fond of food which could be absolutely without any roughage, soft food or could be with very hot food as we Indians eat, could be with both the things if there is irritation it could be. People, say, are very fond of bath, they take their bath every morning before… you see specially the East who are used to bathing, they can’t live without bathing. They can get cancer of the lung. And I’ve seen that, it happens. Any kind of overactivity of a being, out of proportion, out of balance, not related to the atmosphere, to their mundane life could cause [UNCLEAR cancer]. Even heart attack is nothing but an imbalance. If you are overworking, if you are overthinking, you are thinking too much and planning too much the heart stops to give you a balance. All these things can happen. So this is how diseases can be cured. For example, diabetes. Diabetes is due to overactivity of the right hand side. When a person thinks too much and plans too much the left side is neglected. It gets frozen up and his left side when it gets frozen up he gets into this problem of diabetes.

(Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis – Sahajayogis should keep little attentive because others start looking at you. You see the attention of the other people is drawn to you people if you try anything they don’t understand. So please keep steady. Because they are not realised as yet and we have to give them realisation and their attention is still very wobbly. So be careful. You have to be very very attentive and very silent. If you try anything they immediately start looking at you. And their attention is disturbed. You are at a different level, they are at a different level. So please be careful.)

Another question, yes ..I have cured cancer but don’t get all the cancer patients here. That I would request. The cancer (gets) cured when the Kundalini rises. I do not cure people at all. But as a byproduct they get cured, as a byproduct. You see the scientists do not want to go beyond rationality. You cannot talk to them. Very difficult, though I had a big lecture in – My lecture is also printed, I spoke to the medical institute in Delhi and I’ve cured our President of India and he wants Me to start a regular curing stuff for the whole country because we are 800 million people. And the health secretary came to see Me and he said we would like to start it on government level so that we start curing people. But I said I’m not interested in curing people and I don’t want to get into government and nonsense, you see because they’ll go to the parliament and all that nonsense, I don’t believe it. Those people who are seeking God I’m only interested in them. I’m not interested in every Dick, Tom and Harry. Because God can create so many more people. He can create, if He wants He can create more people. What He is interested in, those who are seeking God, who are more aware. For example, if there are so many birds in this world it doesn’t matter. Human beings are much more aware than the birds are. So God’s interest is in the people who are aware and who want to be more aware. And not into the people who are just seeking release from diseases. What’s the use of curing them? they can take another birth.

You have to seek God. You have to ask for the (परम) Param, the Absolute. Not for the cure and this and that. It is not to be wasted. Otherwise I’ll start going to the hospitals only all the time. I never visit hospital. Once people get realised, if thousands of people get realised, then we can save the whole world. Then it’ll be channelised better and all the people will feel very much better because of vibrations, all right. But not this way. You cannot go from the other way round, you see. I’ll tell you one thing, If you have to treat a tree which is sick what do you do? you do not start taking out the leaves and treating them. You get to the roots. And from there you rise in the sap and then treat the whole tree, isn’t it? In the same way we have to get to the roots. And then treat them from inside. So they do not get sick anymore. That is the way the approach is.

Scientists are coming round but they are, they are different type of people. Their styles are different. They gave Me a big file to write down how many people I’ve cured. I said I don’t want to write all that. I’ve no time for such things. Because it is love. You don’t write how many people you have fed, what food you have given them, do you? Or how many cups of tea they have drunk? Do we do that? When people come to us we just love them. We don’t write that. It’s absurd. They cannot understand. It’s all mercenary. There’s no heart in it. They can’t understand love, can they? They can’t understand why I do it so free. They are different type of people. I do it because I love. How do you explain them then? As soon as I’ll tell the doctors that you don’t have to charge a single pai for this cure they will get after My life I tell you. If I do that in America they’ll arrest Me. Yes. If anybody does it free of charging he’ll be arrested in America. You’ve to be a registered doctor. If Christ comes and heals some people in America He’ll be the first to be put in the jail. They’ll go to the churches and pray to Him and put Him in the jail. That’s what it is. That absurd! The whole thing is that absurd, isn’t it? Any question? You are all silent inside. You can’t think of a question. Kundalini has crossed the Agnya. So you can’t think even what to [UNCLEAR]

All right, and close your eyes. You are just there, close your eyes. Just close your eyes, just put your hands like this. I’ll tell you why the hands and why the feet. But just now don’t allow your mind to sit on your head. Just now please just do, just simple thing like that…. [UNCLEAR] liver .. Why don’t you put your hands like that? Please put your hands like that. What is there? You see he’s putting his hands like this, why can’t you take out your shoes?.. Is it? So then he should. Because I’ll cure him. Oh, that’s simple. I’ll cure you, all right My child? Take out his shoes. I’ll cure you. All right, I’m sorry. That’s good. Take out your shoes. It’s all right. I’ll cure you. That’s nothing. That I’ll cure. All right? Did you break your hand? Paralysed? All right. Take out your shoes. Please put your hands like that. (आंख बंद कर बेटे) Aankh band kar bete (means Close your eyes). Please close your eyes, just close your eyes. You have to get it. This is your own power, you have to get it. This is your very own. Now close your eyes. You have to forgive others, that’s very important. You have to forgive and relax your face, you see ….