Confusion, A Sign Of Modern Times

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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Confusion, A Sign Of Modern Times, Public Program. Caxton Hall, London (GB), 14 July 1980.

These days in the modern times we are faced with confusions. That’s the sign of modern times. At the same time the en masse urge to search the truth is manifesting. It’s not only one individual who feels like that, it’s not only eight or ten people who feel like that, but masses and masses and multitudes are feeling you have to search an answer. You have to find out why are you here. You have to know who you are. You have to find out your wholesomeness. You have to find out the whole.

There is a big movement in a very subtle way that is moving masses towards this search. But we have no idea, perhaps, as to what is the atmosphere in which we are born. What is the situation, how the whole stage is laid, we have no idea. As we have taken ourselves as granted as human beings, we take everything for granted. We are born human beings through our evolution. We do not even want to think why we were evolved from amoeba to this stage. All the while we just shut down. Whatever is there we want to see through these eyes, through these ears, through these sensory organs we want to understand. But still the urge is there to know what is beyond.

The atmosphere in which we are born cannot be understood without having the light to see why there is darkness, and darkness of such immensity, which never pervaded this earth. It was never so much before – never, never before than it is today. That’s why the confusion comes in. And it has an action, has a reaction in the same way. The more is the urge, the more is the confusion, the more is the darkness. Now this darkness around us is not only of ignorance, as it used to be in the Vedas or in the scriptures, anywhere it is written that you have to enlighten yourself, you have to have the light. I used to say the same thing, not to frighten you about it too much. I thought firstly they’ll have the light and then they will be able to see. For three years I did not say anything, a word about this darkness, the source of this darkness, till they themselves started seeing it. I knew they will see and then I had to start talking about it.

We have to understand that satanic forces have been let loose by some horrible satans, like convicts who are on the run. They are thousands and thousands of entities, controlled by some very sinister, evil people. They call themselves as great people, as maybe gurus or maybe saintly persons, organizers, whatever you may say. They are controlling this satanic force and we are all surrounded by that satanic force. As soon as we start projecting ourselves into their areas, we get caught up.

Let us see how do we project into them and why do we get up into that and what is the remedy for these satanic forces. First we project into that through our subconscious mind, which has been described by many psychologists. They call it as psychic powers. It’s not only psychic; there are some more things in about. Through our conditionings, through our fears we have a mind of our own. Now mind is to be divided into two. The English mind is different from the Sanskrit manas. Manas is whatever is the superego in you. Whatever is condition within you is manas, and the ego is different. So there is a superego and an ego to a mind, out of which the superego, the mind, it starts forming habits.

For example, human beings have a capacity to form habits very easily because of superego practices. The one who is using now a chair − say he uses it for ten years − he cannot sit on the ground. So the matter starts sitting on us and we start becoming slaves to the matter, when our attention is obsessed by matter, by materialism, and we start projecting ourselves under the domain of materialism, of accepting whatever matter is dominating us. For example, a person is crazy, say, about football. It’s all right to like something but we do not know how to demark it ourselves. We go on projecting into it to such an extent − there is no control − that we become slaves to it, so much so that we start identifying ourselves, our own achievement with that football. We go to such a limit that we completely lose our balance.

But psychic powers actually arise from sex habits. Once you start indulging into your sex and its perversions and all those things, you go into lethargy, into your subconscious area, into your collective subconscious. And in the collective subconscious all kinds of filthy people exist. Sly, intriguers, frightened, masochists you can call them, that type of people, they are there. They are let loose, so they are there. They capture you. Then you go into all perversions of sex, all sorts of things. You go on asking, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” To keep to subconscious area you take to alcoholism, drugs. It’s lethargic. You explain it by saying that “Those who are very active are aggressive, so we are taking to this kind of life by which we are getting into lethargy.” But when you move too much into it also, all these horrible people capture you and you get into them and they try all kinds of tricks through you. They become very effective.

Now these gurus, they give you mantras and things like that. These are the names of these entities which exist in the dark. You take to those mantras and you go into that. There are so many ways, all these spiritualists and ESPs and all sort of these things going on in this world. The way you can judge them is that they do not talk of the Absolute. They do not talk of the Spirit that rests in you. They will take the name of love but whatever they do is anti-love. They’ll talk about your brother dying, father dying, mother dying, can you talk to them, if you want, you can have a conversation with them. All of them are tying you to the subconscious, to that horrifying atmosphere, and you are not aware of it. You just accept it. All kinds of these negative forces are let loose.

The other side are even more dangerous, is the supraconscious area in our being on the right hand side. In one side you put your emotions, project them. When you project your emotions you can go on to any limit, like I’ve seen people who are crying and weeping and wailing and reading horrible, very horrible poems like Lord Byron, such people. They just throw you into that subconscious where you feel happy to be miserable. You are happy as a miserable person. You do not want anybody to be happy either and you want to go on and continuing with that dramatic romantic method by which you think you are a very miserable people and all the world is torturing you and you are a very nice person yourself. In this process you destroy yourself, you destroy your being and you cover your Spirit completely with your subconscious ideas. You enjoy your miseries. Can you imagine? Even if joy stands before you, you’ll say, “Oh, I don’t think I will be happy,” which you are not aware of it. You just start enjoying.

Now the other side when you use your rationality, which comes out of your brain. One side you use your emotions out of your heart, outward heart, I should say. And the other side you use your brain, your rationality. You start solving problems through rationality, but it has no control. You can rationalize even a Mother, you can rationalize wars, you can rationalize everything, every sort of aggression you do. If you ask questions they will say, “It is rationalized that they are aggressing Afghanistan.” If you ask Americans they say it’s rationalized that they are aggressing all the developing countries. Everybody think they are absolutely all right. Spanish people going down and destroying all the civilizations of, say, Argentina, Peru and all these places. Or the English thinking that they don’t like somebody so they have a business, all right, if they say, “I don’t like it,” they have a business to say whatever they like, to ill-treat anyone they feel like. They can do it because they don’t like it. Or any other such people. So in the developing countries more the subconscious works out, much more and in the developed countries, the supraconscious works out. Both are just the same. Both are in the same darkness. There is no difference; only the color may be different. One we can say, in the black fumes of the coal and another in the yellow fumes of the benzoin, both are equally suffocating.

The another side, the right side, is more dangerous because it doesn’t show any signs. It’s ego. You think it is rational. You start solving problems rationally. Where do you end up? In quarrels, squabbles, fighting, killing, violence. Any organization that is based on these two things, whatever may be their intentions, good or bad, they end up like this. On one side they go into intrigues, slyness and lethargy. The other side they go into violence. Or also they can change hands. Some lethargic people can be extremely violent but because they are so lethargic that they take time to react. It’s not easy to make lethargic people very violent because they haven’t got so much willpower left in them. The another side, the supraconscious, is so dangerously placed. Now this is managed by many gurus. Of course, as I told you, psychic side is also managed by many gurus who say that sex, through sex you can achieve God. I am not denouncing sex by any chance. What I am saying the moderation of sex, the sanctity of sex, has to be there.

On the right hand side I am not denying rationality. But rationality should be wisdom. If there is no wisdom, rationality can be very dangerous. But the danger comes not from you yourself, but more from outside when you penetrate into that projection. You are controlled through your limitations. You can see here the left hand side, right hand side, ego and superego. It’s like a balloon and the balloon moves like that, keeps you with you, like this, and another balloon moves like that and both the balloons are pulling you on both the sides. They give you mantras. These mantras are nothing but projections of your rationality, your mind. We call them black magic, in one simple burn, or you can call one as yellow magic, another as black magic, whichever way you like. All these are the same thing and with this projection, people can kill. Sitting down here, people can kill. They can do whatever they like, sitting down here, and they call it as power.

Now these supraconscious area people cover when they are fond of power. When they want to have power – now they have had supposing political powers. But they want to intrigue and what you call espionage people. I mean, imagine these filthy things people do. Imagine. This is politics, supposed to be, espionage and all that. These all filthy things are done by people who want power, more power and more power and more powers, and this power is also ultimately is destroying the whole. One destroys the individual; the other destroys the whole. Hitler now, for example, was nothing but obsessed by these and he got these powers through his own projections. He started mesmerizing people, he gave them wrong ideas, he created a war and the whole world was shaken. It can happen to anyone, but now people don’t want to take his name. They shudder to think what a devil he was. But he became a devil.

These powers are around. So those who want to overpower things, now those who want to say, fly, or those who want to have supra-natural powers, they call them, like you can hold a truck coming. What’s the need to hold a truck? You can allow an elephant to pass over your body. I don’t understand what’s the need for elephant to pass over your body. How many elephants do you have in this country? And where will you face such an accident? Such people when they overdo it, they develop these so-called powers of killing others, they will create accidents, they create accidents, they kill people, they do all kinds of things. This is all known to Indians. Those who have read a little about it, they know all these things exist. You are people, you are still naïve. You do not know.

Indians, also modern, westernised Indians also don’t know. They think they are all Shakespeare. They don’t read anything about their own knowledge. This is what it is. Now what is the antidote for this? The antidote of all this is divine love. Love can conquer all these devils. If a person has this divine love within him, if it starts flowing through him, all these things will disappear. That’s the only way you can save this world, through divine love. Only through love you are going to win over all these horrible forces which are let loose, and your confidence will be established in you. This divine love is all-pervading. The trouble is, human beings are not aware of it. It’s the most dynamic force and is the only force that exists. Darkness exists till the light is not there. It has otherwise no existence. It is a myth. In the same way when the light of divine love starts flowing in you, when you become identified with that divine love, then all these negative forces drop off. The mantras, so-called mantras, that they are taught to you which are used to invite these horrible entities disappear into thin air and actually the deities which are to be awakened, they get awakened. Say the fire that may completely demolish a place becomes a fire in the lamp when you see where to put the fire.

This light of divine love should come to everyone of the person who is seeking truth. This is what we are seeking. This divine love should flow through you by which you are going to save the whole world. It’s a very dangerous and precarious condition. Those who are realized souls and real truthful people are hiding themselves in the Himalayas or some sort of caves somewhere in the world. They don’t want to face you because they think you are too dark and your projections are like two horns and you, as soon as you’ll see them, you’ll come down like a bull on them.

You need tremendous patience and tremendous understanding and courage like a mountain to face all these things. God has made all arrangements within you. You can see yourself has been shown here − I am sure Chaya must have told you about it − that there is a power within us which can give us Self-realization by which we can achieve that source of divine love and you become the river of that divine love, so that you are cleansed completely and that others who are to face you, are also cleansed.

Every time I have to repeat about Kundalini and about these things but I am sure you can go through the book and see for yourself what are all these things. But emergency is today that we have to realize that this divine love has to be brought into the awareness of human beings, into their consciousness, so that they can maneuver it and can once for all win over, be victorious over this dreadful enemy of the whole.

May God bless you! Thank you.

I used to say always that how it will work out because it was moving very slowly. Very few people get realization in this country specially and they go up and down and difficult to establish them. It’s a fact. But we are establishing slowly, steadily and firmly. And everybody was very much worried that “Mother how are You going to do it, in such a big way?” or, “It’s the Western people are out of Your program.” And I always told them, “It will spark one day.” And I think the first spark I have seen now. I am very happy to tell you about that, that a gentleman who came from Australia, two of them came to India − they got their realization − they went back to Australia. They gave realization to people. And today I’ve received a letter from an American gentleman who went to Australia who has a big organization of his own, who got his realization and he has written to say − very beautiful letter he has written. I wish somebody could read it for you so that you will know how the spark has started.

Can you hand My purse as well? How is Jane? Have you got any report about … My purse?

Sahaja Yogini: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: All right.

Sahaja Yogini: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Good. But now you are going there, I would like to warn you one thing. Don’t talk about other negative forces, all right? Like the Buddhist chanting and all these chantings and all that. Keep it very pure. Thank you.

I will just go through it. Very sweet of him, just see how much he is working hard. Only two persons have created such a thing in Australia, you see. You used to say that Australians are the convicts who went from here. It’s just the other way round now, I think. They are proving to be such beautiful people now. Somebody who can read very clearly, who?

Can you put it up?

SahajaYogi (reading the letter):

Dear Beloved Mataji,

Please excuse the delay in writing You as I have been away in Australia with the message of love and understanding, with the work of polarity and junction and living force. I met Warren Reeves while in Sydney. It was not a planned meeting and the spontaneous nature of it fills my soul with joy. Upon entering his home, I felt the presence of the energy that comes through You. It was very powerful to feel this love. Even as I type this letter, I sense Your presence and of all of the people who have joined me in my realization. There is much pain in growing, and I accept the challenge. The experiences since experiencing realizations have been very profound. Love is the main ingredient of my sharing and I am able to transmit it more fully since realization. I am understanding more and sharing this realization with those who are drawn to it. Many positive experiences have unfolded while in Australia and in America.
My consciousness seems reborn. Thank You.

I am enclosing information about the organization that I funded. It is called the International Holistic Center and I planned to put it in the hands of the right person who comes to take this responsibility. Why I tell this to You is because of the possibility of Your being helped by this organization upon You coming to America. When You are ready to come to America write to the organization. I will share with the new director that You might write and he could be helpful to You. Please know that I will do anything I am able to make this visit to America a sharing one. Warren has mentioned that this organization could be a wider link in the chain of Your coming to America. My plans seem me moving to Honolulu for a time and then moving to Australia to work with many in the light of the love energy.

May I hear from You soon, if possible, and shall Your blessing work, continue with the strength that I felt in Warren’s presence and shall Your blessings work continue with the strength that I have felt in Warren’s presence. May I be in Your grace and love always.

Thank you.

Shri Mataji: Read the name of the gentleman please and show his photo.

Sahaja Yogi: Stanley Telson. International …

Shri Mataji: See what a powerful man we have got now with us.

Sahaja Yogi: International Holistic Center Arizona.

Shri Mataji: It was lot of things published about him. He has sent these newspaper cutting, but this is his photograph after realization. You can see that clearly. This is how it will make it spark now. Let’s see. Any questions? Ask the questions.

I am Your Mother. There is nothing to be frightened of Me. I didn’t want to frighten you, but that’s a fact. That’s a fact we have to understand, all these horrible spells and these magic things and the all that nonsense is going on. In the Western countries is much more, because such saints are born here. Don’t be enticed by them. Be careful. So, any question?

Sahaja Yogi: Now, just a minute to get in changing here.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. Is it?

Sahaja Yogi: Just a minute to get in changing here.

Shri Mataji: I see.

Sahaja Yogi: His stomach has start rumbling. Stomach is rumbling.

Shri Mataji: Is it? Stomach is rumbling? All right, you put your left hand on the stomach. Kundalini has come there, you see. She’s trying to cure you. Right, right hand towards Me like this. Hm, what else? You see, we have been playing havoc with ourselves, isn’t it? And sometimes we also spoilt our liver, sometimes our pancreas. If you are very hard-working man, a planner, your pancreas could be spoiled, you see? And something … So Kundalini, She goes and supplies the energy to get it all right. You’ve got cool breeze in the hand? Are you getting cool breeze in the hand? Cool breeze in the hand, are you getting?

No. Just put both the feet straight like that on the ground. Yes, fully. Just move a little further like this. Yes, put straight, you see, keep the feet straight, but, yes, sit in such a way that little pressure on the feet should be there. Pull, pull them towards you. Yes, now see that’s how. Put both the hands like that.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi