The Light of Truth

Brighton (England)

1980-07-18 Light Of Truth HD, 76'
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The Light of Truth, Public Program. Brighton (UK), 18 July 1980.

Last time when I spoke to you I told you about the power that resides within us is this triangular bone called the sacrum which is called as Kundalini and which is responsible for giving us our second birth. In modern times the search for truth is so widespread that it had to happen. It was all as if planned out that in modern times only the people who are seeking, who are seeking the truth, in various lives have to attain that awareness which will grant them the light of truth. The search is on, for example, a human being may be searching his joy in money, in power, in possessions, in seeking security for oneself but the search of the seekers is on and they have to find it and that is possible in this modern times. It has to work out but perhaps people are not aware that as the modern times are best suited for this seeking for this enlightenment, also the modern times are the worst times. The reason is modern times are the times of confusion. Everything that we do we are confused about it. We are not sure as to what we are doing is correct or incorrect whether we do it in money, in power, or about seeking because this is the time where your wisdom is tested.

If you are wise then you will choose wisely and that’s why a confusion is created, you can say like a puzzle, say in modern times life is much more puzzling than it was ever. Before these life was much smoother, in the sense we lived ignorance and ignorance was bliss, but seeking we must do. We can’t do without it. This is the highest seeking that a man has to achieve. First, it started with food in animal stage continued with us but now we are seeking something much beyond our comprehension but we are seeking. We don’t know what we are seeking. But we are seeking is a fact. Now the confusion is what to expect and then how to seek. These two points are there but first of all I would like you also to know that when this seeking of the saintly people, of the good people, of the righteous people, of the virtuous people, is on, there is also a very powerful force of destruction is executing. There are people who do not want you to seek. There are people who want to make money out of your seeking. There are people who want to make you slaves out of your seeking. There are people who want to give you something by which you are destroyed, your being is destroyed.

This kind, this kind of seeking of destroying the seekers has also built up into a very big force. It is not individualistic. Like we had in ancient times some rakshasas, some devils who incarnated on this Earth whom the Goddess had to fight. They came individually one by one. They had their own armies but one by one, but in modern times perhaps all of them have taken birth because they think this is the best time of confusion when they can reap their harvest of evil. By this kind of a darkness around, it becomes even worse, it becomes even worse, the confusion is even much worse. We cannot understand how to seek them, how to find the right path, so many circuses are out, so many personalities are there with different kind of advertisements and everybody supplying, something like as if in the market, there is demand and people are here to sell it out.

Naturally, one would be quite worried and one would be quite thinking about it. This is simultaneous but one must know if there are replicas, there has to be original, if there are plastic flowers there have to be real flowers, otherwise how did they copy? Now how to make out which is the truth? The point is, if it is our evolutionary process and in that we are going to achieve the truth that should happen to us in any case, normally because we have become human beings without putting any effort into it so if we have to become a higher human being it should happen to us spontaneously. So one thing should be there that there should not be any effort involved. This should be one of the criteria. Secondly, we have not paid a single Pai for becoming a human being from chimpanzee, did we? We got it all free. You cannot pay for your evolution. You can pay for anything else but not for your evolution. So you cannot pay, I mean, by paying or going through courses you cannot do it.

It is some sort of a living thing that is going to happen. You should see other living things, for example, a flower cannot become a fruit by paying any money to it. If it is a living process that is going to bring forth a fruit then we cannot pay. Then we cannot put in any effort. It has to be spontaneously worked out. And then it has to be with us when we are born. The potentiality has to be with us when we are born. Like a seed has got the potentiality to become a tree, a flower has got a potentiality to become a fruit. In the same way this potential power should be within us. Otherwise, how are we to be become something else? How are we to be born again? If you come to that conclusion then you say that it is born with you that is Sahaja, it’s born with you, it is with you. It is your own power within you yourself.

So what is the difference? The difference is that as human beings now you have to know that you have become that. So far, up to this evolutionary process, it was not necessary for you to know that you have become from amoeba to a fish and from fish to a turtle and from a turtle to a pig and then onwards you have become a chimpanzee, from chimpanzee to human beings. It was not necessary for you to know but at this stage, it is necessary that you should know, but why? Again the question comes, because why is the problem of today. The question comes is why still we should know. The question is all right but answer is like this, that the evolutionary process till you became human being, were done when you had no freedom to choose.

At this stage, you have freedom to choose, to develop yourself in such a way that you have freedom to choose. Now once you have freedom to choose, you choose rightly. And rightly when you choose you get it, because the evolutionary process, now is a much higher, much higher thing and meant for people of great calibre not for cheap people, frivolous people, people who have no self-esteem, it is not. It is meant for people of great calibre. Those people are of very ordinary calibre, of ordinary nature, cannot get it, to begin with. Later on when this happens, this adventure is achieved by a few, many will follow but to achieve this adventure, the beginning of it can be done only through people who are truly seeking, people who are courageous, who would like to have the flight. And those who are not courageous enough, those who are not fully equipped for it, those who do not have that calibre cannot achieve it. Such people cannot face the truth, they cannot. It is beyond them. They just want to carry on with something, which is very, very simple, in the sense that which is compromising with their values and so-called weaknesses.

For example, if I have to say that in Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to give up anything but later on you suddenly give up because your priorities changed. You just give up those things, which you could not live with, the things that have made you a slave, to which you got addicted. You just get rid of them because you have become master of yourself. It happens spontaneously. It happens so spontaneously but if you are not a person who is willing to understand that you are a slave of these things and you have been really enslaved and it’s going to carry you into a ditch later on, then you may just leave the place and think, “Oh God, this is too much for me.” If a transformation takes place naturally, your priorities will change. For example, there is no light in this room, so how you walk, groping everything but if there is light you become straight, and you walk straight to your seat. In the same way, when there is enlightenment within you, your priorities change and you become a master of yourself, absolutely a master. You are no more enslaved by anything, nothing can guide you. You start guiding your own destiny and the destinies of many, by giving them enlightenment yourself.

Now these dark forces that are here can only be neutralized by the force of Divine love. People talk of love but they have no idea as to what Divine love is. They have no idea whatsoever because it is said in Gita, the one who sees can only see, the one who does not see cannot see, it’s a very simple thing. No use talking to people who cannot see but I would say why not make them see the thing? Supposing they see the thing then all the priorities change. Not only that you get a transformation in your awareness you become dynamically aware. You start understanding, (Shri Mataji is asking a child – you sit down and the children should not disturb in the hall).

You start understanding the problems within you because you are separated from yourself. You start understanding the problems in other people.

For example, when the centre in your being, as shown here, are excited by this power of Kundalini then these centres are empowered, sort of recharged and the centres, which are controlling the plexuses outside on the gross plain, also enrich those plexuses. And first thing that happens to us is that we improve physically to such an extent that even cancer is cured. I mean, cancer can only be cured by Sahaja Yoga, by no other way. When the Kundalini rises slightly higher than that, then you reach one of the centres there, the fourth centre of the heart, where your sense of security is established. Once the sense of security is established your mental problems start dissolving. Those who suffer from mental problem become better off. Their mental conditions improve but normally a person is mentally handicapped in the beginning finds it difficult because he get suggestions, like the gentleman who was here just now, they just can’t bear it, they just run away. But if you have patience you can work on them and you can cure mental patients as we have cured epilepsy of the worst type.

There are some people sitting here who had epilepsy of the worst type. They would have been in the mental hospital. Once your sense of security is established your mental condition becomes normal. But one has to have little courage. There is nothing to be frightened in Kundalini awakening. She is your Mother and She loves you and She has been born again and again with you and She is just waiting for this chance to happen. If it happens, you will be amazed how you get changed and now here you know there are at least 50% people, maybe more who are Realized souls and who have got this. But when this Kundalini rises higher to this position then a person becomes a witness. He just feels that the drama is over. He is not involved anymore and then he becomes dynamic because if you are involved in a situation you cannot do anything about it. You are all the time frantic or worried or looking at your watches and things like that. But if you are above it then you can solve your problems better. You become a Saakshi, a witness which Shri Krishna has said, Christ has said, Mohammed has said that you have to become a Saakshi, a witness.

This is just a drama going on and you are involved into it and the drama breaks through and when this drama breaks you start seeing it and you start laughing at it, at yourself also, that’s why was I worried, this is just a drama and then when the Kundalini rises even higher at that point and crosses it you become thoughtlessly aware. There is no thought in your mind. You do not think anymore. You become silent. One thought arises and falls off, another arises and falls off, in between these thoughts you just stand in the present, you become, and when the Kundalini pierces the last centre, this one, then a cool breeze starts flowing from your hands, you start feeling the power flowing through. First time the central nervous system is feeling. At this time you will be amazed the, all the five centres here, six and seven centres start indicating, in the sense that all of them get enlightened and if you place your hands like this, suddenly you will find there is a tingling going in here or in here, or in here and these all demarked the centres which are in problem within you, on the left side or the right side.

The left side is the emotional side and the right side is your physical and mental side. You start understanding yourself that here is the problem which is within us. For example, Brighton has a problem on here, mainly; now this stands for unauthorized working of God’s power. For example, there must be lot of black magic going on here. There must be lot of people who are doing all kinds of Guru Vidya and all [UNCLEAR those] sort of things, which should not be done, means people who are not authorized to do God’s work are doing, this means that. And this percentage is quite a lot here. And when this centre is spoilt which is very difficult because this encompasses even your mind and you get ideas from these people and you are so ruined by them that it is very difficult for you to see the truth. That’s why again and again I come to Brighton because I know you have one great advantage that is of Sea. And how much the Sea can take away also I don’t know. But there are lots and lots of people who are practising these bad things here. They perform all kinds of so-called miracles. For example, they remove this one from here to there. Now what does it matter in the eyes of God, just think of it, can’t you remove yourself? They may give you a diamond just like this, you will think, “Oh God, I have become so very rich.” You might be having ten diamonds first then they give you one diamond, take away all the ten.

Why should God give you diamonds? What are diamonds for God? Just dust of His feet. To human beings, it’s all important the bank balance these things. God doesn’t operate all these things. He creates all the diamonds of the world, why should He worry about giving you diamonds, all nonsense it is. Then there are some people who may show another kind of miracle like mesmerising you. They really mesmerise you and you get enamoured by it like some people start jumping, taking out their clothes, why will God do that? I mean by taking out your clothes, do we become God, can you become? I mean, how do you get evolved? After all, you used to wear clothes, now are you going to take it out? For so many years you have been wearing before that you never wore any clothes. So are you going to now become very much realized, if you take out your clothes and start jumping like mad?

Then some people say that you can jump like a frog. There was one person in Kolhapur, he was sitting with both his legs towards Me. So some of the Sahaja Yogis went and said, “You can’t sit like this towards Mother.” He said, “I am sorry if I just pull my legs I will start hopping like a frog.” So then I called him and said, “Why should you hop like a frog?” He said, “My guru told me that when Kundalini awakened you start hopping like a frog and mine is already awakened and I am hopping like a frog. All the time I am hopping like a frog.” I said, “Now if your Kundalini is awakened, are you going to become a frog after becoming a human being? You have to become something higher or lower animal? Tomorrow you will be twisting like a worm and you will say I have to become a worm?”

Then there are some people who are going out for a fly. There are some here who went for flying also. Thousands of pounds they have spent for a bluffer who just bluffed them. They should have asked the fellow to fly, to begin with, you see, drop him from some, from tower you see, this, what do you call it, leaning tower of Pisa. That’s the best place I would say. Take him up there and drop him from there and see how far he can fly. It’s very easy to do that to find out. But no, people paid lot of money, then we should think, “Are we going to become birds now?” It is nowhere in the scriptures said that you will be flying in the air. From where do you get this idea, anybody comes with such ideas why should people take it? Now you will be surprised we laugh at it but there are hundred thousand people, these Britishers, who are known for their wisdom, only Britishers I am saying, there are altogether two million people in the world who are following this man who is teaching flying. Can you believe such stupidity, such mass stupidity exists because it happens because these are simple people, they are mesmerised, absolutely mesmerised, to such an extent that they cannot think, that thinking is zero, out of which these people who have come to Me, I’ve seen it.

They were in the most miserable state and even today they are, and it’s acting like a Mafia. Nobody can say that they are in that condition. This is the stupidity to which we succumbed, when we are mesmerised we cannot even think, we do not know how we are going, what are our movings, how we have to move. We just go on under the blanket, black blanket and once we discover we are lost, we find that we are in the lunatic asylum, or in the jail. From the same lot we have had people who were in coma for 10 days, just different like this, nobody knew this kind of a disease, this has come out of the so-called flying business, for which you pay and you become a lunatic. So it is necessary also to see the other people who and it’s very sad because these are all saints and seeking God, who have been tortured and looted by these people. This I have been saying from 1970 loudly, I have taken their names and flouted them and spoke everywhere I went, I spoke in America and everywhere I told that, “Don’t trust these people, don’t trust these people,” but nobody would listen.

Recently I went to Bristol I believe, where some Indians had come and some others had come and the people said, “Mother we are surprised that a guru had come here about a year back and there were thousands to see him.” And this guru has no credibility of any kind. He came from right from South Africa and suddenly there were thousands to meet him and this guru has now, been found out to be a drunkard and has got five, six keeps. What is his credibility? From where does he come? He says, “I have a big business.” Whatever it is, why is he here? It is also necessary that we should find out, what sort of a life the person leads.

Now what should we expect to happen, I have told you that you become, there is an actualization of the experience that you become, you become that superior person, endowed with supreme power of love. You become that. It is not only giving you the lecture that you are brothers and sisters and treat everyone very happily and they are all your own. It’s not lecturing, it’s not brainwashing. It’s an actualization, it should happen to you. You should become that. You should feel others within yourself. You should feel others are part and parcel of your being. Then only it is so. Otherwise, we have got United Nations, we have got so many organizations, brothers and sisters organization I call them, all put together, but it is all rational. It is not the thing happening within yourself.

But when the Kundalini rises, She enlightens the Spirit in your heart and then the projection of the heart’s quality which is Divine love starts manifesting and you start feeling in your hands the cool breeze, the cool radiance, the cooling radiance of the heart, which is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, which is a happening, again and again, I am telling you. It’s not just telling you something that it should happen and you should become like this. Now it takes only a split of a second. You are just ready for it. How much time does it take to light this thing, just split of a second. But supposing the wig is not all right, the petrol is not, I mean the oil is not all right there is a problem in here, something then it takes time to be corrected. If you are absolutely a normal person it should be that and once it is risen it doesn’t fall down. But we have noticed that it doesn’t work out that way, with many of you. Many people who get Realization, go back home and lose it and they give it up.

This is another style of seeking. They find it is too much or I don’t know what they find but if you take, a say 100 pounds from a person for a course on Sahaja Yoga, which you cannot, then they will come on because they think they have paid 100 pounds – better go through it. It’s a funny human nature. And how to make this Divine love fit into it, it’s a very difficult thing. Unless a human being rise up to a certain position of self-esteem it doesn’t fit into them. They have to recognize their Realization, they have to understand that you have got it, that you have to establish yourself so I do not know how to make these two things meet. For example, it is very easy to pamper your ego and take out all the money you have in your purse or your properties and everything. It’s the easiest thing to do is to pamper your ego and tell you lies. But by that you do not gain anything. Now if I have to give you something I have to make you equal to it, isn’t it? If there is something lacking, if there is a hole in a pitcher, how are you going to fill in the Ganges? So you fill in the Ganges, go home and find the whole Ganges is disappeared and you think now it’s not worth it.

Come back, the hole can be filled in. The hole can be again fixed and you can be repaired and you have to contain within yourself. You have to contain within yourself that power. So many of you have done it, now in England we can say we have lots of people, lots and lots and lots who have done it and all over the world we have to do it. Of course, in India, in the villages of India I should say, not in the city, cities are meant for all these moneymakers, not for Me. I am not interested in Indian cities, the people who are in the cities, even the Indians who are here I don’t know how far I will work out with them. I am sorry but it is the fact. Same in India, the city dwellers are getting sophisticated now. But the villagers who still are innocent and simple people get it in thousands, in thousands. We got the films of people how they get it, how they work it out. It is spreading like fire, especially in Maharashtra. Also, it’s started in other places and I am sure it will work out.

Now we have to see how many of you are willing to take up the challenge. It is the question of challenge to you, to achieve it, and to establish it and to know that you have all the powers, all the potential powers within you, just you have to achieve it, just you have to get it. You need not be a big minister for this, on the contrary they are difficult, rather difficult, such people are quite difficult because they have a very big ego in the head, you see that yellow stuff, it covers the whole head of so many of these people. They are rather difficult. You have to be a noble person, Saamaniya, means ordinary, if you are over-successful, the ego has to be punctured somewhere, otherwise too much, very big, the Kundalini cannot enter it. If there is balance of ego and superego in your head then it will be able to work out. But even if you have ego it can be given balance, you can be cured, even if you have sickness it can be done, everything can be done but today that the time has come, where thousands can get their Realization and can be established because the last judgement has started.

The last judgement is going to be through Kundalini awakening. As if the Kundalini is the pointer in the balance. It has started now. People are not aware that it has started. They do not want to be judged as yet but time should not be lost but this judgement is so beautiful that when you are judged you get the powers of your own, of your love. You enjoy the bliss of your Spirit. You become so peaceful, all the tensions disappear, you become so dynamic and the blessings of all the well-beings come on you as Krishna has said, “Yoga shema vahamiyam.” First the Yoga then the Shema, Shema is the well-being. If you have not achieved your Yoga, the Shema is not possible.

People say I am preaching Adthvaitha of Shankaracharya, of course, it is the same, whether it is Shankaracharya or anybody. I am doing that. Only He was preaching and I am doing it. What Christ said, what Krishna said and what Mohammed said is nothing but Adthvaidtha, that you have to become one with God. But there are many who do not like it. They want to have Vaitha. They want to keep their personality, so-called with them. I asked the other day one gentleman, who was a minister and all that, I said, “What do you want to keep back, what, which part?” He said, “Not my ego.” I said, “Then what is it then?” It is that only, you want to keep back your ego. Unless and until you become big, you cannot evolve and how do you become big, by becoming the ocean, yourself. A small drop becomes an ocean as you become one with the ocean. You become one with the awareness of God. This is what Christ has said, “You have to be born again.” It’s said by everyone, Moses has said it, everyone has said it. But people are telling you no, no, no that should not be done, because these middle will be agencies losing their income. How will they exist without it?

Try to see these points, achieve your own powers of love. Achieve yourself, become yourself. If you want it, you can have it but if you don’t want it, nobody can force this, nobody can take away your freedom. If you want to remain as you are, you are left with them. Then you face it up and live with it. But if you want the ultimate, the absolute, it is there. That’s the only way you can get rid of your confusion. And get rid of all your ideas of relative existence, political, economic and everything. It can be only dissolved through achievement of your absolute because after Realization you can feel, you can ask any absolute question, for example, if you want to ask the question, “Is there God,” immediately the cool breeze starts coming out, [UNCLEAR ?], the answer comes in. As if like a computer you start working out because you are put to the mains. So it is necessary for the whole humanity to pay attention to this because the time is coming when the sorting out will take place. That time nobody is going to persuade or tell you and fill the hall and request you. The sorting out will be there, better get it now and establish it. Whole humanity is to be saved, no use doing patchwork. Do something substantial. Substantial is only possible if you go to the roots of this tree of life and nourish it, enlighten it. That’s the only way one can do it.

May God bless you all!

If there are any questions please ask. Please ask Me questions but sensible one, not like this that Mr X has written in a book somewhere that is not necessary. Do not develop controversies. You are here to achieve something, not to just get into arguments and discussions. If you have any questions, you can ask Me.

Just raise your hand.

Which one?

Ok, you are asking, alright.

In Hindi- Yaha par koi aa jao to (Someone come here). Chaya and someone can come. Anybody can come. [UNCLEAR Malti] Can you come down here? Just to see what he is saying [UNCLEAR]. Hmm, what is he saying?

The question is not audible.

Come here. [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: That you should answer yourself. These are the questions, you are quite good at it. Now the first is very good question is, what is enlightenment? Second one is little embarrassing. If I am the one who sustains it. I’ll answer the first one to begin with, all right? What is enlightenment? Let us start with an analogy. (Shri Mataji is talking to someone). Say, in this room there is darkness, all right? There is no way of judging things because you can see through your eyes only if there is light, all right and you come in the room you find this door, you think oh! The door is the one, somebody sits on the chair, you say chair is the one and somebody says the bench, the bench is the one, it’s all relative. You do not know which is the truth, all right. You put on the light what you know, oh it’s all there, in different places. It’s placed here, it’s placed there, it’s like this and these are removable, these are not removable, these are fixed things. Everything you see, all right. This is enlightenment.

Now what, in the real sense, what happens? When you get enlightenment within yourself is the deeper enlightenment, it is now enlightenment outside but you get the enlightenment within yourself. Then what do you start seeing and feeling? You start feeling your different centres on your fingers. You start understanding what is wrong with you, what centres, you see the different colours, you have got here. You know that this centre is catching, means this finger supposing as I told you this finger is catching. This is on the left-hand side of the Swadishthana Chakra, which is on the left-hand side. With this also you get the knowledge, I mean you are told how to correct it. Supposing you are catching on the right-hand side, take a very concrete example, maybe you are a liver patient, you are suffering from liver and mostly all of you suffer, [UNCLEAR liver] in this country because you think too much. Now you will be amazed to know that by thinking you suffer from liver, nobody can believe, doctors won’t believe but this centre, this yellow centre when it moves on this side, right side it converts the fat of the stomach for the use of your brain. So when you are thinking too much it is working out very fast and when it is working it out very fast it has no time to look after your liver which is supposed to be [UNCLEAR ?] and this is the centre with which you think. And around it, the over-activity of this centre creates a tension and this centre goes into a terrible thinking process. You cannot stop your thinking, just go on galloping thinking, it’s like, you can say a cancer of thinking, people develop. They cannot control their thinking, uncontrollable thinking creates a problem and then this centre spoils and it is not responsible anymore for your liver, you get a bad liver. There are other things also to spoil your liver, in addition to that. Now you discover only that your liver is not all right, now you also know how to cure your liver.

So you know physically what’s wrong with you. You know mentally what’s wrong with you. You know emotionally what is wrong with you. You also know what are your imbalances, what are your abnormalities, you know them on your fingers because it is all decoded. This decoding can be tested again and again and see for yourself, with others. I’ll tell you an example, a simple example, somebody got Realization in London. He is an archaeologist. When I told him, he could not believe it. One day he started getting a little burning here and he asked Me, “What’s the matter with this?” I said, these are centres of your father and this is the centre of the throat so you can telephone to your father and find out whether he’s down with bronchitis. He telephoned to his father in Scotland, his mother came on the phone and she said that the father is down with bronchitis. It is so much dynamically communicated. You are not enlightened about yourself but enlightened about others.

You put your hands towards someone, when you are sensitive enough, can immediately say what is wrong with that person. Also, you know how to cure it, and how to work it out. But with enlightenment, you enter into the kingdom of God. You become the citizen of kingdom of God; means all the angels, and all the Ganas and all the great people of the Heaven start helping you. And you are amazed that of the miracles that have happened. How it worked out. It’s something so surprising that one by one you start seeing the whole drama and you are amazed as if you are held by angels and helped by them. When you are enlightened you are absolutely blissful. There is no tension anymore because the energy start flowing into you, all through you.

We can give another analogy, when you are in the water the waves of water frighten you, that you may be drowned. But supposing by any chance you are put on a boat or learn swimming you start enjoying those waves. In human beings only we can learn how to swim, overcome these and then this is a overall enlightenment, overall in everything, even say, for example, people who never knew a word about decorations and art and aesthetics, suddenly become aesthetics because of this enlightenment of the same centre. Every centre when enlightens has a new dimension within you opened up, say, for example, the first centre that is down below if it is enlighten through Sahaja Yoga you gain back your innocence which you have lost, absolutely. Innocence is the very big power within us it starts manifesting and you can overcome all kinds of hidden things. If there is a man with evil ways, he approaches you. He will be neutralized. He will be transformed. He will become very kind to you, extremely kind.

The second power of second centre has the power of creativity. You get the creativity, which is living. So far you never had, we take everything from the nature. We have never given anything to the nature. When this centre is enlightened then when you give vibrations, say to a field of wheat. In India, they have done experiments in many universities of Agriculture and we have many scientists there who are doing it, they are Sahaja Yogis and they have found out that the same seed if it is vibrated can produce five times more wheat, not only that but they stored that wheat in a big store where there were other things stored up. And the rats did not touch those bags, Gani bags which contained those wheats. It’s worth seeing all these. There were cows, Indian cows, do not give milk as much as the milk as much as the other cows like, you can say New Zealand or Australian cows but these two type of foreign cows are extremely aggressive and their milk makes people very, very aggressive and the taste is not so good. But Indian cows give very nice milk. It doesn’t make people very aggressive and the taste is very good. But the Indian cows when they were given vibrations, supposing they have given five [UNCLEAR litres] of milk they started giving at least ten [UNCLEAR litres] or twelve [UNCLEAR litres] , not so much as these aggressive ones have given but their longevity increased. This is how you start giving these enlightened dimensions to things.

For example, see this wire here, now I put My hand there I can enlighten this wire. You will be amazed if this is enlightened, it can take away all your problems even with one candle light you can take away so many candles, it’s what seen. There was a person who was possessed, we told him a method of working it out with one candle and the whole wall started becoming black, with the black coming out of that and he couldn’t understand but he got cured completely, means you can enlighten all the elements with these vibrations. The water gets the power to wash you inside out, your sins and your problems. The light gives you the power by which you can burn off and fire out all the wrong things, which are spoiling you. Your skin becomes lustrous. You start looking very much younger than your age. You are absolutely relaxed. You become extremely kind and you enjoy your virtues of kindness. You never repent it. The first thing that happens to most of you that you start laughing aloud. We have someone here who really laughed in Bristol when he found himself, and himself said, “I laughed, where was I, what was I doing all this.”

There are thousand and one things got enlightenment. But enlightenment actually means that your being is enlightened, means it has achieved the power of emitting love, of Divine love. It means you have become a hollow personality that the Divine love is flowing through you. That on your central nervous system you start feeling that flowing through your being, it just emits. Like Christ says when somebody touched Him that, “Something passed out of Me, that is energy of love.” I hope, just now I cannot give the whole thing but it will satisfy you and the second part it devises the thing all right, I would say that if I am the gardener I have to look after the seeds, isn’t it? But it is your own. For the time being, I may, for example, this light goes out, you put it on again you are looking after it because that’s My job is to enlighten you so till it takes its own form of light I look after it. I do look after it but if I say sustain then I would say you sustain it but I look after it and I make you sustain also. Is there anything wrong? If you could do it I would be very happy, really, it’s a tremendous task, it’s is a sort of thing to maintain it. Even today raising Kundalini is not easy. I have to carry all the load upon Myself and day in and day out I am working very hard you can ask anyone. It’s too much of a task. It’s not an easy thing. People can’t believe that somebody can do it, just for love’s sake, for nothing at all, for no payment. They just can’t believe it. They have to see it and then believe it, all right.

You have to tell me loudly. Voice is very low today. [UNCLEAR ?]. I think I will ask someone, the throat is not allright. [UNCLEAR ?] What is he saying. Yes, come here, come. You come here I tell you. Today I am travelling so much My ear are buzzing a little. [UNCLEAR Question: Not audible]

Shri Mataji: “Absolutely spiritual. The complete is I am saying it’s the manifestation of Spirit takes place. You see the Spirit when it starts manifesting what happens, you become collectively conscious. You become I say, you become collectively conscious, spiritual is that you become that. (The man continues to ask) That is what, that is what happens. (The man continues to ask) no, no, it was down because you know Kundalini is the sustainer within you. I said you are your sustainer, you see, the Kundalini goes up, it gives light in different places and at the first height it shoots off and it gives you Realization. You touch it, but if you have problems then She goes and looks after that. It’s the Kundalini who sustains you, isn’t it? So She goes and looks after you then She goes another part and She looks after it till She has repaired you, She comes and goes. Then She establishes, it takes some time.”

Question continues….

Shri Mataji: “No, it is, no, no, no, it is, it is a power within you, you see, no, no, no, it is a power within you, to connect you with the whole. You are not yet connected with the whole, you see, the whole is the All-pervading power of Divine love. Then you connected with it, it is the connection, all right, the connection is within you. See now, for example, the electricity is in this light, all right, but it has to flow through something, isn’t it? All right, in the same way, you are connected by this Kundalini to that Spirit which is universal in nature.”

Question continues…

Shri Mataji: “But supposing I am, supposing I am, Should I commit it to you? Because you will crucify Me if I say that. You wouldn’t? Are you sure? You would not, but if I say that, you see, if I have to say that, it’s the fact. Otherwise, how will I arrange the Kundalini if there was nothing about Me, you understand My point? But I am tactful, why, I’ve learned a lesson, Krishna’s time were different. He didn’t tell anybody. He just told Arjuna. He didn’t tell anybody. Did He tell anybody? Only Christ, (man continues with his question) yes, but no, He just told Arjuna, that’s all. He didn’t tell anybody else, be careful on that point. Now then another one was Christ, who just said, “I am the light, I am the path.” He was crucified. So I’ve learnt the lesson in this life I am not going to tell the whole thing but I will later on. Of course, there is something about Me, no doubt about it. (man continues with his question) Yes, they understand it, this question comes in, how can I raise the Kundalini. There must be something about Me.”

Question continues…

Shri Mataji: “No, no, no, not at all, no, no, no, not at all, See now, there is light here but it is, it is been burning. It is not physical, in the sense it is coming out of that, or the electricity is passing through that, so energy can pass through something material. Energy doesn’t become material, energy is energy, all right? So this energy is contained there. It is the energy that is, it passes through the channels which are within, see, and then you become all-pervading. You can see yourself, you become that. No, no, no, just now let it happen, what I am saying let us see.”

Question continues…

Shri Mataji: “That’s alright. I know that is the point.”

Question continues…

Shri Mataji: “That’s what. I’ll tell you, about this. This is a very good point you have brought in. Sit down, I’ll tell you. No, no, no, I’ll tell you what. Sit down, sit down. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s not physical, it is a thing what you are saying is correct. The Kundalini burns people, must burn those horrible people who try; they have no right to do it. Supposing energy, energy of electricity it is not material energy, isn’t it? Agree? Coming through a plug if you put your hand there and you get a shock, will you say that the energy is nothing but gives you shock, now what about these lights? The one who knows how to handle can only handle the energy, everybody cannot. Those people who try to handle Kundalini have to have a very Holy nature. They should have an authority because it is unauthorized when they try it they get all these problems. Any energy can burn you. The same energy which is now giving here light can burn the whole house. If you don’t know how to handle it. So that energy which is handled by wrong type of people will definitely burn them and give them heat. But it is not that, what happens, the waves of cool. Always energy moves in waves, isn’t it? The material things do not move in waves, it starts moving in your hands and you feel it like the energy flowing and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If it is All-pervading power you can see just now I gave you an example, how a person discover, you can discover a person whether a person is a realized soul or not. For example, your Stonehenge in England, people have written so many books about it, they don’t know a word. When I went there I said these are stones, which come out of the Mother Earth. They are all vibrating. You can feel it. They are spiritual people. How can you make out a Realized soul? How can you make out a Realized soul? You put your hands towards the person you can easily say he is not a Realized soul. If you are a realized soul yourself otherwise you cannot. Understand? If a person is a Realized soul, if a person has got spiritual powers or not, how will you make it out? Can you? Can you make it out? I make out all of them those who are Realized all of them can make it out, sitting down here. Even those who are dead, they can make it out because if they are, they are spiritual, if they are really Realized soul of that level you can make it out. There are many fake people who think they are very spiritual, you can make it out. Then there is no doubt about it. I am happy you are so much interested in spiritual part of it. You see, when I start talking about spirituality most of them disappear. So I have to start from physical, mental and then emotional and then give them spiritual. It’s the spiritual only. I am happy on this point very much with you. That his concern is if Kundalini is really the spiritual thing. It is, it is 100%. The Spirit can be only enlightened through this energy of Kundalini. There is no other way out, but in this country, people are more rational and they start thinking. So they have to be taken round and round. But in India, people understand it very fast. It is the way to get out of your Bhavasagara, illusion “the Maya”. All right, just sit down, you cannot argue it out, you have to find it.”

Question continues…

Shri Mataji: “It has no form, of course, what is the form, does it have? What form does it have, you tell Me, Krishna had a form or not? He had a form, isn’t it? Christ had a form, all right, but it was flowing through that form. It has no form but it flows through a form.”

Question continues…

Shri Mataji: “It is not, it is not, what is the text about? I’ll teach you Gita again, you see, what I am saying, you see, there is a very great Gita teacher in London. Now he has learnt the Gita in a new way after the Enlightenment. I think you go to him and learn it from him again. The thing is what Krishna has said is the same what I have said, only thing is the style He said it, is different, you see, He knew that the human beings are mediocre at that stage. So He just went round. He didn’t tell you directly that, “You better get your Realization,” He should have. He did not. He played the diplomat. He told that you do your Karmas and put the fruit of the Karmas at the feet of the Lord. You cannot do it. You cannot unless and until you are connected with that energy. He put absurd conditions because He knew people were fools. They would not listen. They will argue. He said all right, give them round and round way. Till they reach the conclusion that no, it is not the thing. He is very clever. But I am straightforward. He said Pushpam Palam [payam] whatever you have got it, I’ll take it. While giving it [UNCLEAR come to it] He said, “Ananya Bhakti” see the word, Ananya, is very important. Ananya means when you are not alone or when you become one with that energy, it means that ‘Ananya’. In everything whatever He has said it. He tried first to say the truth. He said that you should get the Gyana, is the enlightenment of your awareness. But when he found, that Arujuna said that, “You are saying you should become the Saakshi and then asking me to go to war.” He said he is a mediocre. I can play the same trick on you, which I do not want to, because it is the time now for you to get it. What He said enlightenment of your awareness is Gyana. You have read Gita, translated by people who are not Realized souls. The one I met recently was Mascaro, he is a Realized Soul and he was very different. He has written many books. He translated Gita and Dharmapadha and all that and he said, “Mother the one who knows, knows. He recognized Me in no time because he is a Realized soul. [Shri Mataji is saying in Sanskrit ?] The one who can see can see. The first thing he said was, “How are you going to?” I said, “All right, I’ll make them see.” Krishna did not do that. That’s 6000 years back. That was the situation. But today it is not. It is the all-pervading power of Divine Love.

I’ve said hundred times but you have got some ideas fixed, you never heard Me saying, you become that power which has no form. It is all-pervading. Everybody heard Me that. You can see in My tape also. But if you come with fixed ideas you will get fixed to it and you will never go to the right point. And now better have it. I mean, if you get it well and good. If you don’t get it I can’t help you, depends on, it is not a simple thing. It has worked with so many of them may not work out with you. It does, of course, help you. As Krishna Himself has said, “Yoga Shema Vahamiyam.” You understand Sanskrit? Yoga means first you must have Realization and then the Shema. Shema means well-being, well-being takes place, that is what I told you what is the well-being. But Yoga must take place. This is also I said in My lecture. But you never heard Me. So do not get your ideas fixed. In all these books, what are you seeking? Enlightenment, get that, no use reading books also.” Kabira has said, “Padi padi Panditha Moorakh bhaye”. He says by learning too much even the learned has become stupid. It is very true because they will go on saying like Nanaka has said that, “You have to find it within yourself, they will go on saying, ‘You have to find within yourself, you have to find it within yourself’, singing the song. Supposing I have a headache I say, “Take a medicine.” I go on singing I have to take a medicine, I have to take a medicine, who is going to take the medicine? The reading is like that. It is all [UNCLEAR Palopshi] Outside, better get it.

The gentleman sitting next to you has got it and one step here has got it. And they also know where you are stuck up. This is what is Sahaja. If they have got it why not you? You should also get it, all right. But over reading, conditions mind and the Gita you have read, I don’t know whose Gita you have read. Have you read Mascaro’s Gita? Your reading is very little, little knowledge is dangerous.”