The Force That Lies Within

Brighton (England)

1980-07-20 The Force That Lies Within Brighton NITL HD, 56'
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“The Force That Lies Within,” Public Program, Brighton, UK

Only you can feel your Spirit.This energy has been placed in the triangular bone at the base of the spinal cord, has been there for ages, for many lives, has been following us.

She is our Mother and She’s born with us every life, every time, waiting for an opportunity where somebody who is authorised to awaken Her. She takes birth with us again and again on this Earth. She is the reflection of the desire of God, His desire that we should know Him, that we should become one with Him, that we should enter into the Kingdom of God, so that we become the citizen of His kingdom and enjoy, enjoy the bountiful bliss of our Father.

He is a father who is compassion and love and He wants to give you this love – His love, His power of love to you, like any good father would like to give his possessions to His own children. The one who is the essence of fatherhood waits for you in His kingdom to bestow this great power of Divine love through your Spirit.

Spirit resides in the heart. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty. But the hearts which are filled with hatred, which are filled with evil, which are filled with domination of others and torture of others, cannot reflect the Divine. Only like a flicker, I give the analogy of a gas light: As in the gas light there’s a little flicker, in the same way in the heart flickers the Spirit. When this residual energy – like the gas which is not enlightened – rises up to this point, it catches that fire, that enlightenment, and your attention becomes enlightened.

The attention gets enlightened. This attention which is, so far, a darkness.The human attention is just like a pool of darkness. There’s no light in it. It starts flowing into any direction it wants to. It is all a lost case – that’s what people think. They don’t know where to go, what to do. Some people think that, “I’ll be very happy if I could have a lot of money and enjoy myself.” They have had! They have had everything, now they are fed up! Their children are running out of their houses. They said, “Let our parents look after the junks, we don’t want it.”

The affluent countries, the most affluent now, like Switzerland and Sweden are competing among themselves as to find out how many ways there are to commit suicide! So this idea of getting happiness out of money becomes a secondary one.

There are other searches also, [that] human beings have, but ultimately you come to the point where you do not know why you are unhappy. You have everything still you are very unhappy. Because whatever you are seeking life is not money, is not power. Your human dignity is so much higher than all these things that you do not find any equation between them. You feel so disgusted with yourself that – why do you have to live it all this nonsense? This is not the stuff you are meant for. Your dignity doesn’t permit you to be happy under the circumstances which are normally accepted by people.

The seeking becomes subtler and subtler. People start going deeper and deeper into their own being. And trying to find out a solution of this kind of a blind feeling from within that, “It’s all darkness, it’s all darkness.” We have to find out. We do not know sometimes, really, what are we do expect. We do not know where are we going to get that peace which is promised. We read scriptures and we read many books where it is promised that you will get [it] – “If you knock the door, the door will be opened,” and you go on knocking on your head and nothing comes out of it!

But in every endeavour human beings go to extremes. If they are fond of football, they’ll die on the football field. If they are fond of anything they become really crazy. There’s no balance in life. I wish the desire to know yourself, the desire to become that All-Pervading Power of God was as keen as [our desires that] we have for other things. It will take us really to the essence of joy: that is the Spirit.

Spirit is the Light which gives us knowledge about of ourselves. When this Light comes into our attention…[in] medical terminology we can say what is our attention, is nothing but central nervous system. Whatever we know with our central nervous central system is our attention. Supposing somebody is standing behind us – you do not know because we cannot see it.

Now I may not see someone but if somebody’s putting something hot on my feet [or] on my back, I can feel it. Because I can feel it through my central nervous system. Whatever I can see, whatever I can hear, whatever I can smell, whatever I can actually feel is in my central nervous system – that is my attention. But the Spirit is not. Many people say, “Oh we have a way of finding God, yes, we know the way.” Now, how do you know? Why deceive yourself for nothing at all? I mean, in normal life we never do like that. Nobody says “Alright I have got £10,000 with me and now I’m going to spend my money!” Of course you are a cheat then [it’s] different. But normally in an astute, simple man doesn’t do that way.

So why say that there is a way of finding out God? If there was, then the person would have found it. The way is there, the method is there, but that cannot be handled by you. As I told you yesterday that we did not become human beings from chimpanzee by doing anything. Supposing we had cut our tails, for example, or shaved our body – do you think we would have become human beings? We had to become, spontaneously. That is sahaja. Spontaneously. Everything has happened to us spontaneously and even [when] the attention has to receive the light of the Spirit it is going to be spontaneous.

Whatever you have achieved on your central nervous system has been granted to you spontaneously. For example, these eyes with which you see, what have you done to see anything? Just they are there. We take it for granted. In the same way, if your evolution has to take place, it will take place spontaneously because the Creator Who has created you has to find you your meaning. For example, if I create an instrument and I do not use it what’s the use of creating it? I have to put it to the mains to see that I use it. If God has to use you he will have to put you to the mains. That is His job! And that, He is going to do. Is a spontaneous happening. Or else He can do it to a person who has been authorised.

So far your evolution took place – perhaps you do not know – maybe by somebody who was authorised and you were not aware of it. But now at human level you will know it, the evolution. And when you will get that Spirit flowing into your awareness, radiating and acting, then you will be amazed that you, yourself will be able to do the same. You will be able to do it. Like, one light can enlighten another light and another light can enlighten another light. The light is all ready made here, only thing is [that] some enlightened light has to come nearer. It’s a very simple thing. It’s the simplest thing. Actually to talk about it is like talking about all the history of electricity instead of telling you that, “Put on the switch.” It’s that simple. It’s all done. It’s built-in. It’s all within you. I do not have to create all these things neither you have to bother about it. But sometimes the connections are lose. Sometimes the chakras are spoilt. But all this exists within you, only thing is that the Kundalini is to be invited to be awakened. And She knows everything. She is your Mother. She knows everything about you. She knows what have you been doing, how you have been unkind to Her. Sometimes I have seen people having Kundalini with such big holes. And some of the Kundalinis I have seen [with] bleeding-like colour, in bleeding colour. Sometimes the Kundalinis are just like a wounded serpent, go on tossing their heads. Sometimes they are so beautiful – just like a radiant beam they just shoot off.

Now we have sometimes spoilt our Kundalini – doesn’t matter. I have learned all the tricks of repairs, so far. And all the kinds of troubles that people have gone through – I have try to master it.

First I was an expert in Indian style of temperaments. Then I met so many people who were Westernised, in India. Then I went to America, there also I discovered lots of different styles of people. And then now I am in your country by chance, and will be here for some time I believe – of course I travel a lot – and I have found that English youth is perhaps the best in the whole world. I’m sorry to say, but it is so.

English youth are the best. I told somebody, some Indian gentleman about it. He said, “Where to find the best disciples?” I said, “In England.” He was amazed! I said, “They are little hard nuts to crack, no doubt. But once cracked they sort it out.” First, their scholarship, second their assiduity and I think the third and the most important thing – their astuteness, their honesty it. Because this is absolutely an honest affair. You cannot be dishonest about it. Even better than many Indian youths I would say. Not the Indians villagers who are perhaps the best because they are too simple. But many Indian youths who are Westernised and now trying to become sophisticated. So they are thoroughly useless, you see, they are getting into a plastic affluence.

Under these circumstances it’s most surprising how I find myself here in England and this great work which is actually prophesied long time back, is taking roots in this country.

But it’s a living work. It is easy to create thousands of plastic flowers but to create a real, one flower it takes time. It requires lot of concentration and labour. So the thing maybe moving rather slowly but it is taking it’s shape.

Lots of people all over the country are getting their realisation. But you neutralise your understanding the Divine. One should know that I’m talking here not as a salesman here. Nothing is selling you, certain things must be understood that is not selling.

We are used to do shopping on the time. We cannot understand a person who can do something without charging for it. But it is an insult even to think that you can pay for somebody’s love. We are so much used to this kind of a conditioning that we do not take things seriously for which we do not pay. I mean, it’s a mad thing! You do not pay for the fresh air you have. You do not pay for the rain you get. You do not pay for the sunshine you have. You do not pay for the breathing you do. You do not pay for your own body. To whom did you pay it for that? All that is important you cannot pay for.

The second thing one must know [is] that you cannot read about it. By reading you cannot get it. It’s a thing that must [be] actualised, that must happen. It’s like Guru Nanaka has said that, “Go and find within yourself.” It is to be found within yourself. Now these Sikh people are sitting and singing this. For two and a half days they are have a continuous process of singing the Guru Granth Sahib. And they sing that, “Let us find it within ourselves, it is within ourselves.” Now what’s the use of singing? Are you going to find it? It would be like saying that, if you have a headache, you go on singing about the prescription you have got. When are you going to take the medicine? Is the point.

So that second conditioning is that, “I have read in this book like that.” Yesterday there was a gentleman [like that]. Of course, he was from some organisation [and] just came to disrupt. Because you see there are so many organisations run, in this country, to make money in the name of God, in the name of realisation, in the name of Spirituality and all sorts of things. So, naturally, they feel they are challenged beside they’re talking about Shri Krishna. Of course he was a very half-witted fellow! He did not know much about it. Still I talked to him. But now whatever Shri Krishna has written – I say that this is completed in Sahaja Yoga no doubt. All of them what Christ was said or what Mohammed has said – everything is explained in Sahaja Yoga. Everything you will find completely manifested in Sahaja Yoga. You will be amazed – even you will find out where is Christ within us, in what centre He exists. [Also] where is Mohammed sahib, where is Nanaka, you will know their positions and you will know how to use them for this purpose.

But to bring in the controversy people can say “Alright, Christ said such and such thing.” Alright, He did say, no doubt. And I can tell you about that. But just to create a controversy why should you bring in people? All of them will be explained through Sahaja Yoga, you will be amazed. They are all with us. Not against us in any way and absolutely cooperating and working it out. There’s no difference between them and us. We are on one side. We are all flowers of the same tree. Only the people who separate us are the people who’ll take them away from the Tree of Life and fight.

But the controversy, why one starts, is this way that, when Rama came people said, “We don’t believe in you, we believe in Parashurama!” Because Parashurama was dead by then! Very good idea! Never face the reality when it comes to! Then came Shri Krishna six thousand years back, so when Shri Krishna started talking about Reality they said, “You don’t tell us, we only believe in Rama!” When Rama lived they put him out for fourteen years in the forest – very nicely! They never believed in Him, they only believe in Parashurama. Now, when Shri Krishna came they said, “You see, we believed only in Shri Rama and not in you”. Shri Rama was our thing. So Krishna did not tell anything about reality only told one disciple, that’s Arjuna: that too [who] was not realised.

Then came Christ. They said “No, we don’t believe in you and we believe in Moses. Our Messiah has to still come. You are not Christ.” Crucify Him nicely on this point!

Then came Mohammed: They said “No, we don’t believe. We believe in Christ.” “We believe in this, we believe in that.” But the one who is really there people don’t want to believe. You know the tragedy. It’s a shameful thing. I think Christ’s life has proved beyond doubts that human beings are really stupid people. That’s why He must have rode the donkeys. Extremely stupid people! Such a Great Incarnation they crucified!

Then Mohammed came: Mohammed was given poison, He was tortured. Then Nanaka came: [they] tortured him! Anybody who is real must go through the tortures of people. Everyone who is false and fake is extremely attractive.

What’s the matter with the human brains, I cannot understand.

I went to one place recently, Norwich: Two ladies had come. They told me that, “We went to one guru. He gave us a mantra.” I said, “And then you heard [the news] about him?” “Yes, now we have heard that he’s a drunkard and he has got five [or] six keeps.” “Still we will not tell you his mantra, we still have faith in him.” I said, “Really? Now when will you lose faith in him?” I believe thousands of people went to see him when he was in Norwich. I said, “What was his credibility?” “Why didn’t you find out from where did he come? What was his name? What was he doing?” He was in South Africa, living in a tin-shell. From there he comes here and befools all the people and thousands of them are behind him! What is his credibility? Who was his father and who was his mother? And what good work he has done? And when he has taken away all their money still they want to believe him. Why? They are frightened. They don’t want to tell the mantra. When he does not know a word of Sanskrit! Two of his disciples came and told me the mantra [that] was given! You will be amazed! The mantra given was ‘tinga’ – like this! (Mother shows Her thumb). What we call this one (thumb). You see [in India, when] we show this one (thumb) to someone – that’s called as ‘tinga’ (in Hindi) ! It’s not a Sanskrit word, it’s a hindi word. There [should be] some limit to our naiveness!

If you are really, the worshippers of the Truth and Reality, we must face it. And you don’t know Reality’ beauty. In reality you are beauty inside I see that Light in you, I see that Spirit. You do not see it, that’s why you are frightened. There’s nothing to be frightened of yourself. You are the most beautiful thing within. The outside is frightening. That’s why people cannot sit alone. For them is a jail if they have to sit alone. But after realisation you don’t know when you are alone [and] when you are with others. You enjoy yourself because it’s most enjoyable.

You are the most enjoyable thing the God Almighty has created. But you have made a mess out of yourself. Why? Because you listen to others. You are no more there. You depend on others to give comments on you and judge you. You do not have any judgement of your own. You have no self-esteem about yourself. Once you have Self-realisation you recognise and you find that you are that lustrous thing which is much more precious than thousands of these useless diamonds put together. And then you value yourself. The whole system changes, the whole valuing system changes. You give up your ego, you give up your superego and you become your Self, which is the Spirit, which is the Light which shines – the Divine love of God.

When this Kundalini rises, She passes through various centres. You see they are six in number on top and one is down below. The lower one is guarding the Kundalini and her protocol because She is your Mother. That’s your innocence in the lowest one. And above ones are controlling the different parts of your body on physical level, on mental level or emotional level. And when Kundalini rises She enlightens the Spiritual Beings in those centres. When these Spiritual Beings are enlightened, you get more energy. Many things happen when the Kundalini rises.

When she crosses this centre: This is the centre of Christ [that] you see there, where the optic chiasma crosses each other. At that point is this centre. It shifts a little because its energy after all it’s not localised. And when this centre is crossed then you become Thoughtlessly Aware – Nirvichar Samadhi. Means your enlightenment in the awareness comes in no doubt but there is no torture. You come between the two thoughts of past and future and you become silent. It is to be. Now one may say that, “Mother, it is sad that people spent thousands of years getting this realisation,” They did, even [just] Nirvichar Samadhi. No doubt. And there may be many saints who’d say, They have said this to me, “Why should you give this to these people? Who are they? We have worked so hard. But on the Tree of Life in the beginning there were few flowers. But the time has come, today, where thousands of flowers are to be converted into fruit. The time has come. The blossom time has come. And that’s why it is working out. You can see for yourself at the time of Christ how any disciples did he have? They were all fishermen. Even today in India if I have to talk to fishermen, I don’t think I can tell them about Sahaj Yog. But we have many Sahaja Yogis who are fishermen in India – you will be amazed. They just got it. Once they got it, they don’t want to know it mentally. “Oh, we have got it. We are just there.” You don’t need any education for it. Even a small child if is a realised-soul knows all everything about. Even in this country I have seen many children are born who are realised-souls. Today only we heard about the birth of another one who is a realised-soul.

How do you know a person is realised or not? When the Kundalini crosses this point which is called as the fontanelle bone, in Sanskrit it’s called as talu where we call as the baptism takes place. Actual baptism – not by some theological college fellow coming and giving you baptism. No! Actual [baptism]. You actually see this portion becoming soft. And, at that time, when the Kundalini reaches there and crosses that you feel a cool breeze starts blowing through your hand. The energy starts blowing. The cool pulsation, radiation, of the Spirit starts flowing. You can feel it. You can see this Kundalini pulsating with your naked eyes if there is an obstruction. If there is no obstruction it takes a split of a second: it just shoots off. If there is obstruction you can see the pulsation; actually like a heart this triangular bone goes on, like this. You can see it clearly.

If a person has a liver [problem] you can see the Kundalini going and pulsating there and telling that, “Oh he has got liver, I have to supply the liver.” You can see with your naked eyes. You can see the rising of the Kundalini. And with a stethoscope you can feel the movement of the sound. And you can feel it here, the sound, coming up as Kabira has said, “Shunya shikara para anahata baaji de,” that is, “at this summit, zero summit, you start hearing – here there is no sound otherwise, that’s why he calls it ‘zero summit’. “You start hearing the heart, anahat,” is the sound without percussion. You start hearing it here, “Lab, dab, lab, dab,” and then it stops. And the moment it stops you find this cold breeze starts flowing.

This is the time you have touched your Self, your Spirit and this is the beginning of Self-realisation. This is the initiation, I should say, especially in Western countries. Because we are people who live with our rationality. Though those who are intelligent must have recognised that rationality is a limited thing and if we are to go to an unlimited real Mother Divine power, we have to go beyond it, it has to be triggered. If you are reached that conclusion then you are really intelligent.

But still we try to ramble about, try to verify, “Yes it is coming, yes, true but now let’s see if Mataji has said that all the fingers get enlightened.” As you see all the centres you start feeling. Is actualisation! Again I say because it becomes a subjective knowledge in your body. It starts, you can start feeling all these centres. And in that you start feeling your own centres realising your Self within, you’re being within, and also feeling the centres of others. Because now you are awareness, your attention, is enlightened by which you have become collectively conscious. You have become again I say. Not by giving lectures to you that, “You are brothers and sisters,” No! You have become. You just become.

Those who are realised know where is your Kundalini, they know where is your problem, they know how to move the Kundalini, how to manoeuvre it, they know what is their problem is, they know how to correct it and they know what are the blessings of the Divine: is the complete enjoyment of your being.

This should happen to everyone, will happen. But [you] must have some patience with yourself.

Many people touch realisation and think that, “We have got it now,” and they disappear. It doesn’t work out that way. When you have to learn swimming, you have to learn it well, otherwise you can go down. The same thing is about realisation. Even if you have touched your realisation still it is to be nurtured, it is to be looked after, you have to grow and mature into it. Like a human being, though born and ‘branded’ as a human being and is put in [the] company of foxes, can behave like foxes. In the same way though you are newly born and your second birth has taken place fully, still if you again go into the normal life and do not know how to guard yourself and protect yourself, can again become the same as you have been. And that’s how we have seen some people lose the vibrations. Some people definitely lose the vibrations. So after realisation you have to see for yourself that you establish it and fully master it. You become a complete master. I give an analogy like this: that we have two powers – left side and right side. The left side power is the power of desire, is the power by which our past is created. We can say is the psyche. The right side power is the power of creation, is of action. So the left side power is the power of our emotions and the right side power is the power of our physical being and our mental being. These two powers are like accelerator and a brake. Both these powers we use alternately, simultaneously, slowly, balancing them. We try to learn the driving. When we have learned the driving then we will become an expert driver. But still you are not the master. Still the master is sitting behind. When you have mastered your driving, you become the master, the guru. That’s what should happen to all of you.

Of course by this happening, of becoming one with that Divine power, your physical problems get solved, your mental problems get solved and your emotional problems get solved. Apart from that even material problems get solved. The whole attitude towards life becomes that of a witness. You see the whole thing as a drama and the life becomes full of enjoyment.

As I said yesterday it’s such a vast subject and the knowledge is so great. When you become knowledge yourself, when you become the Light, when you become the love, then you, yourself will gradually know so many things. Like [with] this room being dark, you don’t understand anything. But as soon as I put on the light, you see everything and find out all about.

I must have given at least two hundred speeches in England so far, minimum. Maybe more. I don’t know how many. And there are so many tapes these people have got in English. But still every time I speak they say, “Mother, every time you say something new.” It’s rather surprising. So I would say that you cannot know it through lectures, through talking, argument, you better know it within yourself.

Now, yesterday, two gentlemen got up and ask mea questions and they where not knowing what they wanted to ask. As I told you that they were paid by some organisation. And when they found that they could not do any further they went away. So it’s such a waste, you see. We have to be fair to others. If you are not interested in your realisation it’s better to go away. Because there are many people of different calibre. They just come because they were walking on the road, they saw my photograph, they came in – finished! If you are really seeking then you better have it, you better get it because if you do not get it in this life you will be coming again next life for this.

This is the ultimate that you must find. You work it out and I am sure it will work it out. Pay a little attention to yourself not to others! When it works out also, we have a centre luckily, in Brighton. And you have just now heard from Pamela. She’s the one who is organising here. We have other people also. We have quite a lot of people who are good Sahaja Yogis and who know a lot about it.

Also we have some books for you, to guide. There was one book written by a Swiss scholar who is a French speaking boy but the book was then edited in English, was inaugurated by our high commissioner and also is available not today but will be available if you order about it called as “The Advent”.