Where Is the Kingdom of God?

Enfield Civic Centre, Enfield (England)

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1980-07-25 Where Is the Kingdom of God?

Today a very interesting visitor came to see me and he looked rather worried, and he has been in some sort of a course thing, which he has been doing for the last six and a half years and he has not retrieved any results out of it. And on the contrary feeling quite confused, sick and unhappy about it. So then he asked me a question, that: “Christ had promised that he will lead us into the kingdom of God, and what is it Mother, are we going anywhere near the kingdom of God?” I said: “That’s what I’m saying, that’s what I’m talking about! But you want to join a course because you want to fly? Or you want to join a course because you are enamored by some guru or somebody? There is no fair charges to enter into a kingdom of God. You cannot pay for it.  All these absurd ideas I don’t know from when you started accumulating that you can pay for your God, you can pay for specialty, you can pay for becoming the citizen of God’s kingdom. It is absolutely absurd! I mean it’s absolutely stupid! For how you got these ideas and how you accepted them is beyond.” And experiencing. I said, experiencing you are talking about. Experiencing, you can be an experienced by going to a pub. You can get an experience if you feel very happy if you take-  I don’t know, I have never tested but, they say so that feels very happy, otherwise they will not go there. So you can feel happy going to a pub, you can be happy doing something like that for the time being, all right. But there’s no transformation within, there’s no living process has started. It is like a seed, if you put it in the proper conditions into the mother earth, you see that it starts transforming into something new. Something starts manifesting through it. Unless and until that happens, why should you be satisfied with nonsensical things like the transformation. That is the first thought that one must know that you have to be transformed. Christ has said that you have to be born again, what about that? What’s happy about that? Nobody’s bothered, nobody finished about it. Even in the churches if you go they never talk about it. And as a result people are now against churches, I feel rightly, because they think that going to the church, confess- confessions and all that, when did Christ talk about it?

All these (unclear). (3.21) Are they going to give us that transformation? Now, our forefathers were doing it, their forefathers were doing it, we have been doing it for thousands of years. And where are we today? In the greatest confusion. So something has to happen within us, some happening has to take place, and that’s the transformation must start to work. This is the minimum of minimum, once you know that if you are entering into the Kingdom of God, some transformation must be placed! For example when you go from India to London, you must change your dress, you have to have a overcoat and you have to have many other things. For a very superficial level you can see that. But on the deeper, the spiritual level, the transformation is from within. All your priorities change, all your sense of securities are established, you become a different person! 

And I said that, why did you go for this? (unclear) attracted. (4.28) Because there’s a more people, there should be no reason that when there are more people then maybe somehow (unclear) about it. Because normally people are attracted toward some sort of a drug. See now in instance so many people have come here. Four or five, at the most. But if there was a guru coming, you would need a balloon, you would need a bandan, and later on they find out that the guru was living a very bad life, he was a parasite on the society, he was drinking whisky and he had high (unclear) (4.58). But for Sahaja Yoga you’ll always find less people coming, because this is the truth. But one should know about, truth is not to be judged by how many people follow, even if there’s half a person, it is true! Truth can guide self. If Christ was crucified that doesn’t mean that he was not the truth! He was! Though he was crucified and nobody could support it, nobody could (unclear) about it. But truth remains as it is. By your coming to it, truth is not, in anyway, enamoured or in any way decorated or promoted. It is you who realize everything. It is you who see something out of it. It is you feel the bounty as a bliss of it. To think, that when the others will go, then we’ll follow, is another way of a coward. You have to come to close as soon as possible. Because the time has come for all of you to get your realization. This is what you are seeking, simple thing as that! As simple as that, that you are seeking your realization, you are seeking your absolute. You are seeking your wholesomeness, and here it is you are going to to get it, it’s that simple.

But now I must put it in a sugar coated ice-cream, and should tell you in a very round-a-bout way. It’s very simple for me because it is within you, it’s all there, yet what I do, is what Mother earth does to a seed. It sprouts by itself, it works by itself, you manifest by yourself. That wants of the Mother Earth I do give you, that’s all. And what did we give to the Mother Earth? We don’t even feel obliged, we should not, that’s her job, it has to be. So if I’m doing anything for you, there’s nothing to feel obliged about it, no way, that’s my job, I’m here for that. For one thing once I don’t understand. How can you pay for starting a seed? What can you do about it? Nothing. Only the Mother Earth can do it, she will do it. In the same way, it is such a living process, Sahaja Yoga, that you just have to do nothing. If you try to do something, there will be a problem. But once you get it, that’s the beauty of Sahaja Yoga, once you get it then you can do it for others. Once you know how to swim, you become the master. Then you can save many people. But when you don’t know how to swim, how can you save others? It’s that simple! It is all within you, the light is within you, only it needs to be enlightened, finished. There’s nothing much, nothing less. It’s a very simple thing. For we take so many things for granted, like transformation of a flower into a seed. We take it for granted. Do we think about it, how it happened, how it works out? We just take it for granted. In the same way we have taken for granted our evolution up to this point. And if anything has to happen further also, it has to be the same way. There is a little different. Because so far till the human being came up to assert themselves as human beings. The animals didn’t have this freedom as human beings have. That’s why you’ll find, you must be the (unclear) idiotic, never stupid. (9.03) Never stupid. Have you seen any person, any, any animal who is stupid? Either you’ll be mad but he won’t be stupid. He can be idiotic or stupid and we have been! Because when the human beings have got the ego, and this ego means you’re that stupid. While the animals don’t have any ego so they don’t fall into these traps of stupidity. We only the human beings are quite capable of doing lots of stupid things. 

Like I heard, that in America they now have a big Disneyland as far as past is concerned. I don’t know how you can make him into a Disneyland, it is sickening somehow. They have built a very big organization, a big (unclear) is there and tried to convey there! Most surprising!  How do you (unclear), but they have done it. (9.55) So this is what it is. Human being are so stupid and can be so very stupid, that it is impossible to tell them that you are stupid. If you tell them that they beat you hard, they’ll beat you. Only the human beings can do that, animals cannot, because you have your freedom. And only the human beings can do one more thing, which is the greatest depth. If they are not stupid, they can do another thing, that is to achieve their realization. That is to know, that within them resides the spirit. Only human beings, not animals. It is there in their own awareness, in human awareness can know that they have found the truth. This is only done when you are a human. So how great is the image of a human being compared to all other animals, but when he doesn’t understand, his own esteem, he has no self-esteem, then he can be very stupid. He can only absolutely a foolish man or he could be the wisest of all. He can rise to the highest, if he takes to the right course, or he can stood down to a monstrous flower, if he doesn’t want to. Because he has freedom to move into any, any dimension, and he does that. 

Now, it is for you to ask for your realization. It is for you to seek your realization and the truth. If you ask for it you’ll get it. If you ask for stupidity, you’ll get your stupidity. Whatever you ask is available. Is on a platter. While you have to decide what you want to have. Once you decide that’s how it is. Human beings have been given freedom, you have heard that Adam and Eve were given freedom. You’re given freedom once for all. Now, it cannot be taken back. Many people say: “Then Mother, why doesn’t God control all these wrong type of people?” What can you do? Most of your problems are human created. Human beings have created the problems God has created no problems! Now it is your freedom, whether it is a collective problem, or is a personal problem or an individual problem or social problem, economic, political, any problem it is, it is all created by human beings. So if it is created by human beings, then it is to be solved by human beings. But as they are, they cannot solve it. Because they have not found out their source of energy. They are not found out their absolute. You’re on a relative plate. Anything so relative, so relative in this- these modern times called as Ghor Kali Yoga. That we are nothing but bundle of confusion. Anything you take, for example you go to Russia, you find the people there quite confused about many things. Like they said, that: “How can you believe in a God, which looks after such horrible parasites like these Orthodox bhoot people who are living here. They don’t do any work, they wear those black dresses, and do not do any work, just sit at home and have a nice time. They drink and they have all bad qualities and everything they have. And how do you call that they are Godly people?” I said: “All right, they are not, agreed.” So how do you confuse that there is no God? This is a confusion, how can you confuse these horrible people who profess God, with God. But if you come to the Western countries, there’s lots of confusion about everything. Like we had a priest, who came to see me, because he saw me in dreams with Christ, and that’s how he came to see me. Now, he was a priest so, one guy who was so interested in say Catholicism, he said: “Oh that’s great, you must talk to him”. And I went and asked him: “How are you here?” So he said: “Because I saw in dream Christ coming when Mataji was there and so I came.” It’s a very interesting story of this priest. So, after the program he gave him his address to Gregoire went to his house. So the priest says: “Umm, now I know why I am in there, because she’s telling me all wrong things.” He said: “What wrong thing is she telling you? See, you have got your liberation.”  “Why should she tell us to lead a good life, a moral life and get married and be settled down? See she’s taken away our liberation.” She said: “ But that is abandonment, that’s not liberation. Christ has said not only that you should not have adultery but you should not have even adulterous eyes. Then what about Christ? You said you are the Christian and the priest. Then what about Christ?” He said: “No. In modern times Christ would have changed.” 

Just imagine the confusion about Christ is, how can truth compromised? Then- just to say compromised but truth cannot, Christ cannot. You may not like it but that’s the fact. That’s the truth. It doesn’t bother, whether you like it or not. It stands on its own support, but if you want to get the support you can come to the truth and get your self- (unclear). That’s the beauty and that’s the strength of truth. It doesn’t depend on you or depend on anything else, but on itself. But truth is love and that’s why one has to tell people about it. But there’s nothing to be frightened of the truth but accept it, and then when you become the truth you are so beautiful inside. Inside there resides that spirit so beautiful which I can see so clearly, and that’s what we have to achieve, and not the other thing. That’s what we are seeking, that’s what we have to find out. And there’s a way out, there’s a method. It’s very simple, it has to work out. But as many people have the problem in the West I’ve seen that when they give them realization they go to another trick of rambling into their rationality and thinking about it: “How can it be, our Mother has said that all these vibrations are seen on the fingers and you can feel them and you can feel all your chakras.” They just can’t believe it, begin with, isn’t it? They start thinking about it, all of you have continued it, all right, doesn’t matter. But then again you come around and start seeing this truth. Everything is true whatever is said in all the scriptures which true. There is all pervading power which does all these miracles of the world. We cannot do anything. What can we do? We do not even know how to blossom a flower. What are we doing just making chair out of something dead drexy? (Mother laughing) Or at the most, we might make a map like this, that’s all. Or a building like this, what else can we do? All dead work we are doing morning till evening. There’s no living work we have done so far. But after realization, you start doing the real work. You can raise the kundalini, you can see the vibrations of the kundalini, you can see the pulsation of the kundalini, and the kundalini can rise under your fingers. This is all your own. Only your powers are to be manifested. I just turn the key for you and I also give you the key. It works. It has worked with so many. And it is going to work out everywhere. The trouble is, that every area has its own problems and we get very few people. And out of them very few turn up and settle down. But if I tell them that you have to stand on your head for fifteen days, then you have to go on a starvation diet for fifteen days, then for fifteen days you have to hang yourself (Shri Mataji laughing), they’ll do. But if you say you don’t have to do any such thing, you have to watch your vibrations and correct them, that’s a very difficult thing for them. It’s like, if you tell a child: “Now you keep quiet”, it’s a punishment. See, because he’s so busy and jumpy all the time, that if you tell him to sit quiet, it’s a punishment. And that’s what what happens that gradually they settle down. There’s so many who have settled down, and new people who are comfortable that, should also get it and should settle down. Now if you have any questions, please ask, because I’ve been lecturing and lecturing and lecturing. (Shri Mataji laughing). End of part 1.

I think it’s better that you ask Me questions and I’ll be able to say something more about it. All right. Thank you. 

(Seeker asking a question, inaudible). 

Shri Mataji: A little louder.

Seeker: Is it, is it so, raising a kundalini is it, is it just a form of yoga?

Shri Mataji: Umm? 

Seeker: Is it just a form of yoga?

Shri Mataji: Is it what did you say? 

Yogi: Raising a kundalini is it, is it just a form of yoga?

Shri Mataji: One? 

Yogi: He said, is raising a kundalini just a, just a form of yoga? 

Shri Mataji: Form of (unclear)? 

Yogi: A form of yoga.

Shri Mataji: Form of yoga. Oh, form of yoga, form. I heard umm.. (Shri Mataji laughing) You see today My vibrations are so much that I just can’t hear anything. Slowing on both the sides. All right. That is yoga. Yoga is union with God. It has two meanings. One, it means union, yoga. Yoga means union with God. The second is, the meaning is, what you call kaushalam, means you can say the depthness, or the kaushalam, the technique, technique. Firstly yoga means union. Sahaja Yoga is the yoga only. Rest of them are just to create that atmosphere, maybe. Because ultimately they come to a point where their kundalini is to be raised. Without kundalini there is no yoga. Like this instrument has got, where you have to put to the mains, there’s the only way is to put the chord into it. There’s no other way out, isn’it. Even if you put this way at the black, it won’t work out. You have to put it back into the black, the socket has to be used. In the same way, there is only one way, is to raise the kundalini, to be united with God, there is no other way out. Now, some of these yogas like you can say the hatha yoga now, the kind of hatha yoga people do is absolutely absurd. But whatever they did, this was Patanjali existed say about umm, I would say nine thousand years back. That time the situation of India was very different. Where we had a very different system of society. Where the children were sent to school under the guidance of the gurus who were realised souls. And some children were selected out of that for the yoga, means the union with God. Because everybody was not selected. And the-  they were given kundalini raising. But before selecting them, they had to pass through various cleansing processes of, of a hatha yoga by which they removed their problems on the chakras and things like that. Now that’s nine thousand years back. Before Rama. Today it’s modern times. Now, at that time, of course at the time of Rama, you can say that they were vimanas, people used to go by airplane and all that. But afterwards people started going say to Kashi, they had to go to Banaras, they took three months. And they would sell their house, everything, as if they are now going now die, and never come back. You see (Shri Mataji laughing) they used to go in that fashion. But today if you have to go to Banaras, it takes hardly three hours from the place where I live. So the times have changed. And the same thing which used to take very slow process is now moving like a jet. For example when the tree is small, it’s started established itself, you might just get one flower. When it grows, gradually, it comes to a point when it’s a blossom time, you see thousands of flowers are there. So Sahaja Yoga is a thing where a flower becomes a fruit, when you get one with God. This is what Krishna has told you, that yogakshemam vahamyaham. He said, first of all you get your yoga. That’s what he said, you get your yoga first, throughout he said the same thing, but in a diplomatic way as people didn’t understand it. For example he said that you achieve your yoga in the first outset. He said that first of all you should have the Gyan. Gyan doesn’t mean reading in the library. But is that, your awareness must be enlightened. That’s only possible if you get your yoga. When you become one with God only your awareness will be enlightened and you’ll become collectively conscious. There’s no other way out.

That’s what he said in the first, second chapter. I mean second chapter, because first chapter is the description of the war. The second chapter he said: “That’s what you have to get it”.  Then, till Arjuna was a mediocre, you see, so he said: “But how do you say that I become a witness, I become one with God and then go for a war?”  So he said: “all right?” Now Krishna being a diplomat, he talked very diplomatically, he was the incarnation of diplomacy. Because human beings are such foolish things. That you cannot go to them directly, you have to go in angular way. So he said an angular trick. It has worked in a way, because people are now understanding what he was saying. He said: “All right, you take to say, karma”. He said: “Now, whatever karmas you do, whatever things you do, put the fruit of that fruit, that karma, at the lotus feet of God.” But this is an absurd condition, you cannot do it. Because you have a ego and a superego in a very subtle way inside. Whatever work you are- you’ll do, though you may convince yourself: “Oh, I put it at the lotus feet of God.” That’s such (unclear) one. Unless and until you get realised, unless and until the things starts flowing through you that power, you always will say: “I have done it”. In a hearts of hearts. You may not say it out of humility. But once it happens, what do you say: “It’s going, it’s coming, it’s working.” Then you’ll see these people working on you, they will (unclear). Now supposing even somebody is my own daughter, I cannot say I can give her realisation. If it works, it will work, if it does not work, it will not work. Because it’s a living process. I raise the kundalini, all right. It may raise, it may not raise. It may not work out, I may not be able to give realisation to my own daughter, maybe able to give you. It’s your own. So then what you say? It is going, it is coming, it is working, you become a third person. Then, what you mean is this, that whatever you are doing is at the lotus feet of God. He does it. If it has to work out, it will work out, otherwise will not. This is another thing he said about bhakti, devotion and dedication. You see, lots of the human beings think that bhakti means, aa, going into a (unclear). Standing in the, in Oxford street and singing that Hare Rama Hare Krishna with all the dhotis falling out. That’s not the way the bhakti is. Such a ridiculous thing. (Shri Mataji laughing) Unbearably horrible people. But who can tell them, they are so mad, they are not (unclear) whatever may happen to them, even that selling in the market, that thing they keep it here with the –  see they shave their heads and they get attached to that. I mean they market so ridiculous, artificial stuff. Imagine with this artificiality are they going to get God there? All the mad things are done in the name of bhakti, in this devotion dedication, some people just start singing songs of God and “ Oh, we really enjoying it”. Is nothing but manoranjan, means it’s just you are entertaining yourself by some sort of a madness. Krishna has said, you have to do bhakti, do ananya bhakti. See now the trick of the word is in ananya. Ananya means, when there is not the other. Means, when you have received your yoga. When you are become one with God. Before that what are you talking about? Say, the telephone is not connected, whom are you telephoning? You are not connected with what, whom are you calling? Supposing I have had no relationship with the queen, neither I know anyone, there’s no sort of.. (tape ends)  (End of part 2) 

(Beginning unclear)  Now I think they have been caught up very much and they found lot of, umm, umm, some sort of gun powder and things they found in their things and guns and all that in America and now they are very much under control. You see, because if you start working anything on falsehood, it will go to violence or it will go to a thought or it will go to some sort of very very immoral thing. That is the first thing. You see, everything that is living, you will see in that, it does not decay. It prospers the flowers. But whatever is not living, is dead, will decay, wasting, will go down. All these set organizations which are supposed to be working in the name of God, spirituality and emancipation and realization and everything. If they are not actually authorized and if they are not doing the real living work, they will all decay and you will find the results then. Most of them will be in the lunatic asylum or in the jail. There’s no other place for them. So, this so called yoga also the people are teaching, have no ideas to what is to be done. Now giving exercises, imagine, where is it written Patanjan Chatra  that you give exercises to people? I mean Nobody reads Patanjali, you see, there are many western people who are written books of yoga. Now, only this part of it is taken, first of all is Ishvara Pranidhana means that you achieve your God. Then, there are chakras, which require a particular type of an exercise if you have a problem on a particular chakra, it’s a big (unclear).  It’s just not a nonsense! Then you give somebody a mantra, one mantra from somewhere you get it. How can you work it out? See, it is a big science. You must know about all your centers that are within you, you must know there is your problem and what is to be done, how to eradicate it, you must know about others’ problems also. It’s a big science of Divine love. 

You must know the laws of divinity. They have statutes which was to establish within you, in the society, and you should feel them. It’s not a joke. It’s not a cheap thing. And that’s why all these people who are making, minting money all this nonsense that they are giving to people. It’s very absurd! Alright, if they want to make money, they can do, they can smuggle, they can do anything they like. Doesn’t matter. But they should not take the name of God. That’s sinful. That’s extremely sinful. And that’s what they are doing today. Some of then- them are also not aware of it. I think that they are not at all aware that they are doing a wrong thing, they are doing unauthorized thing. For example, you stand on the street like a policeman, and start showing hands – you will be arrested or not. You must have the authority to be a policeman.  What is the authority these people have got from God to do all this work. That’s what one has to find out. First of all you get your yoga. You get your union with God. Once you have achieved that, then the light will be within you. If there is no light in this room, how can I talk to you, how can you understand anything? But if there is light you understand everything. In the same way, let the light be within you. All right? And to get that enlightenment, means, Sahaja. Sahaja. “Saha” means with, “ja” means born. It is born within. But actually today the Sahaja Yoga has reached the stage of maha yoga. Because that is what is said that, in Kaliyuga it will become a maha yog. Thousands and thousands of people will be getting realization. This work was done since ancient times, even Rama’s time was Raja Janaka who did this work. But for a very very small level, only had one disciple, and done very secretly. But the time has come now so we have to built absolute openly. In the sixth century, when Shankaracharya came in, he talked about it very openly. Christ has talked about it, that you are to be born again. In every religion it is said that you have to born again. There’s no religion which has not said it. If, if it has not said it, it is not religion, it’s a farce. But any- anyone, who has said, that you have to be born again, has said the truth. Kahlil Gibran, you can take, anyone, like Socrates. You can take someone from say, hmm, Lao Tse, or him, anyone of them! They all say that (unclear) you have to be a kashyapa, meaning is different, you have to be a kashyapa. They said there were only twenty-six kashyapas in six centuries. They said, umm, in, in the, in Koran, it is so called, that you have to be Peer. Peer. They call it p-e-e-r, peer. You have to be a peer. It’s all written in all of these books! But we are just depending on the rituals. Now, we have a muslim gentleman here, with us. Before this he used to just do Namaz, he did not know what was Namaz. That Namaz is nothing but kundalini awakening. But not by the people who do not know about it, it is by the people who are realized. It’s for the kundalini (unclear). Now, when he does the Namaz, he knows what it is, how great is Namaz. Or how great is our Lords Prayer, is how we use Lord’s Prayer for our agnya chakra, it’s a mantra. But all these things have to be discovered, only when you have light, you have eyes. 

So, this is the one, which is the culminating point of all the so called yogas, which are just meant for clearing out. For example raj yoga is all another absurd thing. Raj yoga is a, a thing that happens within, when the kundalini raises, all these things happen. And that is that taken outside like moola bandha and all that. They must happen inside, when the kundalini raises, she does, she go into these, umm, different postures of the chakras, by which the kundalini has kept the flow, and they want to do it outside from outside. It will be something like sitting in the car and thinking that you are driving. You have to start the car, isn’t it? It’s all artificial, everything is artificial. There’s no reality. That’s why they have achieved nothing, none of them have achieved any realization, on the contrary those who have been to this kriya yog, have been very difficult people for realization. Extremely difficult! I would say, very few have got realization out of that kriya yog business. Very very few. So far. That’s another horrible thing they do, they take out the tongue, cut it here and put it back to do the kitcher. An absurd! And all the time they, they cannot now the, because the tongue is cut, it’s always bad tongue, and I’ve seen in that horrid condition. Permanently, for their life time they are like that. It’s very dangerous. (unclear) be that they are all seekers, and they’re saints. They are real seekers, they are not just rational people, just not, umm, useless thinkers. But they are real seekers, and they have been made into such horrible things, like cutting their tongue and, how I must have feeling like a mother, you tell me. They’ve done all kinds of harm, every type of harm has been done, no doubt. But it is for you to decide, it is for you to understand, and to- for you to receive.  Because we are really placed in a situation, though it’s a blossom time and all that. But so many negative forces have been let loose. Satanic forces are around us, we have to be very very careful. You have to understand it. It’s a very very serious and precarious atmosphere. No doubt about it. The more I know, the more I’m ready, worried, though I mean there are so many people now. And I mean, so many people have got transformation, despite all their mistakes and a- but still there are some type, which we cannot still handle. Very difficult. (sound of door opening) Yes, come along, Steve, come here.  (End of part 3).

So, should we work it out? Let’s put hand just like that. And put both the feet on the ground like that. You have to be in the receptive mode, that’s the only thing is, umm. you have to be in the receptive mode. It works, it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful you don’t know. Wait, it’s not on material level that you gain, you gain your good health and everything. But you get your spirit. Just put your hands like that. And close your eyes. Close your eyes. Just keep them closed for a while, because when the kundalini passes the agnya, she- she dilates the pupils, you see, that’s the problem.

Today vibrations are very strong. 

A man speaking: Could the window be closed because it’s too much noise of the traffic?

Shri Mataji: I think would be good idea, yes. Thank you very much, that’s a good idea. 

Man speaking: I want to listen to everything you’ll say, I cannot hear with all the noise in echo the road.

Shri Mataji: You want to sue that is London. (Shri Mataji laughing) He lives so far away from the city, isn’t it. Hmm. 

(Window Closes) 

Man speaking: Thank you. 

Please put your hands like this and close your eyes. That’s all. It will work out. Just put your hands like this and both the feet on the ground and sit comforta- are you feeling the cool breeze? Keep your eyes shut for a while. Just. It’s a subtle thing, you know, it’s very subtle, and our attention is gross. It has to work out. Allow it to work out. 

First of all, the kundalini when it crosses the agnya, that is where are this red mark. Then you will find that you – there will be no thought in your mind. You just watch your thoughts. Suddenly you’ll find there’s no thought, but you are aware. You will be aware of it. From inside you’ll have no thoughts. You’ll listen to me, you’ll hear me, but there will be no thought at all. That’s called as Nirvichar Samadhi. It’s a thoughtless awareness. Thoughtless, enlightened awareness. (3.57)

Close your eyes. Close your eyes. 

Keep your eyes shut. Absolutely, fully shut. It will work out. 

Douglas. First thing you must do is to forgive. What’s very important is to forgive everyone. Please forgive. All the people who you think have given you trouble or in any way harmed you or you are embedded by them. Just forgive. Please forgive. 

Left to the right. Right to the left. Douglas, left to the right. Left to the right. Right to the left. Yea, yea, yea. See now who, is it better? Heart. 

(A man comments something). 

Shri Mataji: Give it a bandhan. At the back.

But please don’t feel guilty about things you think you might have done wrong. Because there’s nothing like guilt in the eyes of God, who is the ocean of love. So just say in your heart, that I’m not guilty, Mother. Just say. You are not guilty of anything. That’s a very wrong way of looking at things. 

Now it goes to the right. It (unclear) the left. Oh. Lift it high. Just say I’m not guilty. It will work out. Or do not think anymore. Here. Left Vissudhi. Better? Left. Huh? What do you say? Show the finger. 

A Yogi: Vissudhi.

Shri Mataji: Which one?

Yogi: Right (unclear).

Shri Mataji: Left?

Yogi: Right. 

Shri Mataji: Hmm. Right Vissudhi. 

Yogi: Now is more on the left, Mother.  (unclear)

Shri Mataji: Just the other gentleman was sitting there. Come along. You work on him. Left another one sitting at the back. Is it Doug? You work on Doug. It’s heart. Ask him to put his right hand on the heart. Is better? 

Yogi: (unclear)

Shri Mataji: Left Nabhi. All right. It will work out. He’s all right. He’s got it. He’s got it. He’s got it. She has to. He’s alright. Left Nabhi. 

Work on him. He’s got it. Isn’t it? Just see. Raise it higher. Raise it. You also like- you feel, you also raise. Both of you together raise it. He’s all right, I think, but just watch his vibrations. All right. He’s all right. (unclear) (Shri Mataji laughing). That’s gone now. That’s all over, thank God. Thank God for that, really. It’s very good. Are you getting the cool breeze? Good. Good. Stay in a bandhan. It’s hot. Just watch me all right? Just watch me for a while. Then put your hands like this. Right. Again. Open it now. Open it. Again you do it. Please open it again. Again, once more. (clapping sound). Done. Sta- stain is on the eyes. What does she study? She study very hard I believe. Eyes are very think, that’s why. Left, cool. Very clear. Right. Now put to the left, let’s see. Are you all right? (unclear) also. Better? (17.32)

Man: (Unclear). 

Shri Mataji: Hmm. Hold it. He’s all right. Are you getting the cool breeze? 

Man: Is it cool breeze? (unclear, a man and a woman talking)

Shri Mataji: Mmm?

Man: (Unclear) left Swadishthan – (unclear).

Shri Mataji: Mmm. Daisy work on Doug. Doug, keep your collar on one side, you see. Put your hand, feet, straight. Sit straight. Raise your right to the left. Right to the left. Mmm. Put your right hand on the heart. 

How are you going to settle down? Mark, can you work on her? Right to the left. Do right. Raise the right, put down her left. Work it. Again is coming, at the hip. Is it coming or (calming?). Little bit. Put your right hand like this, right hand like this, yea. Keep your eyes open. Keep it open, don’t close it. (Unclear). Today. They haven’t got it. You should bring her again I think would be a good idea. Huh, what about her? 

A yogi: (Unclear) nabhi.

Shri Mataji: Nabhi? Left? 

Yogi: Very warm left.

Shri Mataji: Warm left. Ask her to put her right hand on her nabhi. Is it better? How is he? (Unclear). Say the mantra. Will work out. 

Someone talking: (unclear)

Shri Mataji: Huh? Fight? 

Someone talking: (unclear)

Shri Mataji: Let’s see.(Shri Mataji laughing). I’m already on. (Shri Mataji laughing).