Finding out the Truth

Preston (England)

1980-08-14 Finding Out The Truth Preston NITL HD, 31' Transcribe/Translate oTranscribe


Public Program. Preston (UK), 14 August 1980.

No I was just waiting; I thought what has happened. Sorry for this, for the confusion. I was just trying to find out. I am really sorry. “David spoke, did he?” David must have told you what I am going to talk about, the introduction. I am talking about the truth. And the truth we must find out. We have been used to talking about it quite a lot. People have told what is truth is. Many have said that this is the truth. The truth is that you are the instrument of God, that you have to become one with God, that you have to be born again. But then, it’s just saying that. It has not been actualized so far. It has to be actualized; that’s the main point you see. Because talk talk talk talk talk has led us nowhere. And because of talk, people could give so many interpretations of the truth.

Truth is one, single, and it can never be misinterpreted. To know the truth it is essential that whatever human awareness we have got, it has to be expanded. There is something still lacking in that awareness by which we cannot know God, we cannot know the truth. And that is why Christ has said you have to be born again. All of them have said. Mohammed Sahib has said that you have to become a Pir. Hindus say that you have to become a brahmin. Means you have to be born again. Dwija means you have to be born again. Now what are they talking about? All the time when they say you have to be born again, then there must be some truth about it. All of them all over the world cannot talk of the same thing. There must be something they are trying to tell – that we are not at that point where we can see the truth. Like Krishna has said that those who can see can see, those who cannot see cannot see. Means there is something that is less in us that we cannot see. Something beyond has to happen within us by which we can see.

First of all, to know God you have to know your Spirit. Without knowing your Spirit you cannot know God. When you say that “Yes I know,” what is your I? Who is this I? Which part of you is this I which knows? This I is not your Spirit. It could be your conditioning or could be your ego. Could be anything but it is not your Spirit. When you know through Spirit, you know it as an actualization. Within you lies this power, the dormant power, which is responsible for giving you your second birth. Is the germinating power within you. Like you have a connection for every instrument. In the same way you have got this germinating power with in you, which has to rise to connect you with that all pervading subtle power of God through your Spirit. Once you feel that power within you, you can actually feel it in your central nervous system flowing from your fingers, from your hand, from your feet, from your being. In the beginning you just feel it flowing from your hand.

Now you can see this pulsation of this Kundalini with your naked eyes. Actually you can see it when It is rising. You can feel the rising of It. You can feel the throbbing here and when the throbbing stops, immediately you become absolutely relaxed and you start feeling this cool breeze flowing from you. Before the Kundalini crosses this, you have all your thoughts around you. But as soon as She pierces this center, which is placed in the pituitary and the pineal body, in between there, at that crossing point of optic chiasma there is a subtle centre, when it pierces that then you your thoughts stop. Means you can see your thoughts. You become thoughtlessly aware. You do not go into trance or anything but you are thoughtlessly aware.

When it pierces through your fontanel bone area, which we call as baptism, this is called as Brahmarandra in Sanskrit means opening to the Brahma to the Divine Power. This hole where we baptize, also must have heard people baptizing and many people are baptized like that. But that’s all artificial because they have no authority. Even if they touch here and touch there makes no difference because from them the power is not flowing. The power has to flow. If there is no power, it has no meaning. But this power is the power of Divine Love. When that pierces, the Kundalini pierces this, then you feel a cool sensation comes over. You feel as if you have got rid of all your tensions and problems, as if you have become a witness of your life. Depends on what sort of a personality you have. Some people get a very deep experience but some do not. Some people don’t get Realization, may even get pat [? Not clear] by the Kundalini. Because supposing you have some problems down below, Kundalini rushes out at the first outset. But She comes back again to repair the different parts, the different beings within you. When She rises, She integrates you. Completely integrates all your beings. These are all different steps of your evolution. She integrates all of them. She supplies energy to sympathetic nervous system by which She gives you recovery from ill health, mental tensions, mental problems. So many people have been cured like that as a by-product. But Kundalini awakening is a process or a method which is employed by nature in human beings to know God, to know spirit.

As a by-product these things happen. It is not for the curing of people but as a by-product. Like, supposing I am coming to this house or room or like that, how they have decorated this, cleaned it. In the same way, if God has to be established in your heart, if He is to be awakened, your body is cleansed and as a result of that cleansing you get this curing. But it is not a curing by mental effort, by suggestions that “You are all right, you are better,” and all those things. It’s not psychological. It’s a happening, it’s an actualization.

Now when the Kundalini pierces through your fontanel bone area, in your hand you start feeling the cool breeze. It is now accepted in the medical science that these fingers and these portions represent your sympathetic plexuses. But here you can see that. But after Realization you find that they have become awakened. Through them you can start feeling your self and others. For example, now those who are realized, they are just like you to look at but they are realized – they can feel your chakras. And you will also – when you are realized, you can start feeling your own chakras and the chakras of other people. This is enlightenment – that you start seeing it as an actualization. It is not that you say, “All right, I may be feeling, may not be feeling.” It is not that. It’s… actually you feel it in a big way and you start judging it and finding it out by which you can relate yourself to the absolute questions.

For example, if you want to know if there is God or not, as if like a computer you get connected with that Divine Power. And now you ask just a question “Is there God?” And you get a tremendous flow of cool breeze in your hand. This is known as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. All this is described in all the scriptures. But only thing in some scriptures it is described in a very mystic manner, like in the Bible, because people were so foolish. Even when people did not talk much about it, Christ was crucified within few years time. Such stupid people lived there that they wouldn’t accept this.

But in India, lot of secret work has been done on this subject for thousands of years and they have talked about it. They have a name for Christ. They have predicted His coming and every thing has been there. They have predicted about Mohammed and every one because they are all one. Only people who are foolish and stupid, can’t see, see them as different. All these great incarnations have come as flowers on one tree. But when we remove the flowers, they become ugly and they become separated. Not only that but they are dead flowers. And then we start fighting: “This is my flower, this is my flower”. Otherwise they are all connected with each other absolutely. You can see this is the tree of life described in the Bible. And this is the tree of life if you understand. You can see that at the culmination of it with a real lotus of one thousand petals that resides in our limbic area here. Around limbic area this petal is there. And this is the most important centre now because it has got all the centers represented inside it. All the seven centers which you see here are represented in the brain.

For example, you start from here, now this is the center at the back. The first centre is represented here at the back, one centre. Then the second one is the centre, that yellow one you see, is represented here. The third one is the Nabhi is represented here. The fourth one, which is the Heart, is represented here through which the Kundalini passes. So heart is the most important thing; if you have no heart it won’t work out. If you have a frozen heart, if you have no love, it won’t work out. So at the heart point only it pierces out, and you can see the pulsation there before it pierces out. In front of that is the fifth center called as the Vishudhhi which is here, is placed about here, is the Vishuddhi. And then this is the centre Agnya. This is the centre here as well as it is the centre placed in the same place inside the brain. Like that you have all the seven centers in our limbic area up. And these seven centers are controlled by the heart. The heart controls all these seven centers. It is the heart which controls the brain and not brain that controls the heart.

We are going the other way round. We cannot control our heart, can we? We cannot control our heart but we can control our thinking. We can control our projections and things. But we cannot control our heart. Heart works on its own, it is independent. Now this independent organ, which is heart, has got the sprit in it. So far we have never known the joy of our spirit. It is the spirit that enjoys itself, and when our attention becomes one with that spirit we also get that joy.

Normally we will say we are happy or we are unhappy. I have met some people who told Me, “Oh we went to that Guru we were very happy.” I said, “You could be happy in the pub also. What is happiness?” Happiness is not the way to judge any one, neither unhappiness. Unhappiness comes to you through this super ego and happiness through this ego. But joy has no double face, joy is joy. In joy, you witness, you witness the whole thing. And when you are joyous you feel the whole thing, the joy itself coming on you like grace falling on to you. It’s so beautiful that you just get lost into it.

Now the time has come; the blossom time has come for many people to get Realization. They have to get it. This is predicted, the time has come that you all have to get Realization. This is actually the last judgment. But the last judgment is not going to start by the way people think it to be – like we will be put into these weighing pans and weighed. It is not that way. It is going to be through some sort of a happening within us and that happening is this Kundalini awakening. When the Kundalini awakening takes place, we start judging ourselves, leave alone others. We start judging ourselves, we start knowing ourselves. Where are we? What are we catching? What is the problem? Where, what is the centre catching? And you start correcting yourself.

God is the ocean of compassion. He is not going to just throw you in the dust for nothing at all. He is going to give you full chance to improve yourself, to develop yourself, to mature yourself. He is going to look after you. He is your father who loves you the most. And He wants you to share all His powers and every thing and enter into His kingdom. But are we seeking that kingdom? If you are seeking, which is the way? It is through our heart if you are seeking, it works out. God has already planned everything so beautifully within us; every thing is done so well.

But we are extremist. We go to extremes; either we go to the left side or to the right side. Either we are over-ambitious or we are sly, we are slow (and) we don’t want to take every thing upon ourselves. This type of behavior in life leads us away from the central path, the central path of ascent, and that’s how there are problems within us. Of course these problems can be solved, resolved, and every thing can be done. The Kundalini looks after you and you do get your Realization. I mean, so far I have seen wherever I have traveled, even in Glasgow yesterday, except for one or two people everybody got it. Everybody got their Realization. But then you take time to establish it and that (establishment) should be done.

For example, a cancer disease cannot be cured by any thing else but this. This is the only way. This is the only way cancer can be cured. Cancer is setting within us every moment, every moment it is setting within us because of the sympathetic activity. We are all the time working out this or that (and) going to the extremes. And with the extremes sometimes it so happens that one cell becomes more active then the others. Again it is brought to the normal through the activity of the parasympathetic which is in the center. But it so happens that you just sometimes get lost because of too much activity.

For example, say this is the left side and this is the right side and both are working. Now if some… by any chance one starts moving too much and extracting too much energy, this connection breaks. And when this connection breaks, what happens (is) that this becomes on its own, this becomes on its own. When it becomes on its own you become segmented and fragmented like a cell, and that cell then starts moving on its own. Like, we are too segmented and very much fragmented in our society. We are so much fragmented that we are just like cancer cells. We are growing, we think “Oh we have achieved so much, we have achieved so much of thing and we are so successful,” this that. But I think that’s not the success, that’s a cancer.

Success is when the whole gets enlightened. When you become one with the whole, that’s the real success. To be one with the whole is the real success. And when that success is achieved, then you really enjoy that growth – that growth of your awareness which makes you one with the whole. That is what you have to know, is to become your whole. You are just a fragment, a segment, a cell. You have to become the whole and that can be done only through this connection. It is all being done, before also for thousands of years.

But on the tree of life there were very few people to begin with, one or two. And those who were also like that, were crucified, murdered, or butchered. Nobody wanted to accept them. Imagine Christ had only twelve disciples who were not even realized souls. They were fishermen. How could you talk to them about Kundalini? Just ordinary fishermen. And He lived there for four years and when they crucified Him and when He was resurrected then only they believed Him. Before that they would not. So His life was some how useless to them because they could not get their Realization from Him.

In the same way, all the great real saints have been tortured and troubled by society. Never people accepted the truth; even today it is so. I have seen people who are false have a better turnover as they say than the people who are truthful. There was one very good guru in Bengal and I asked him, “Why don’t you go to America?” And within three days he returned back from New York. He told Me, “Nothing doing, I am going back home. I am not going work out with these people, I have no patience. They are very ignorant. They don’t want the truth; they want some sort of a circus. Let them have the circus.” This is what it is. See some people want to fly in the air, some people want to jump, some want to become naked. All these things you can do in any case. What is there so great?

You have to get something that is beyond, something special, something unique that happens to you, by which you become one with the whole. This is what should be asked for, not for all other things that people ask for. Isn’t it? That’s the truth. You have to achieve it, to be in your collective consciousness. Today the time has been too much and I think we should work it out. If it works out, it is a good thing. That’s the best thing that should happen. But if you have any question, I don’t mind answering.

You got some water?

[Question: Mataji, after the experience of Kundalini and presuming the experiences of unity in consciousness, one has to start assuming go back and start working on the [Inaudible]….subtle system. Is this period of time that we are going through quickening this particular cleaning or do we have to spend still a life time?]

Mother: That’s what may be with others, not with me. I am quite an expert; I have jet Kundalini. May be with others – those who are naive. I am sorry it is so. What can I do? I have mastered this. You see it depends on what sort of an engineer you are, isn’t it? May be I am quite an expert. Some people, supposing villagers, they come to the city and put their fingers in the in the plugs and say that the electricity gives you shocks. They do not know anything. Some people have written books like that, you will be amazed, about Kundalini. I was amazed. How could they write books? They have just got shocks from the Kundalini, and they have written about shocks. You must have read yourselves some books like that. They are absolutely naive; they don’t know anything about Kundalini. First of all, the person who deals with Kundalini has to be a loving person, absolutely love, and should be a holy person. He cannot be a person who is making money out of Kundalini awakening. How can you? How can you…

How can you do something that is Divine? Even living – you cannot do that by giving money. Can you transform a flower into a fruit by giving money to it? It’s a living thing, it’s a living thing. And this, one who knows and one who is an… authority is a bad word, I would not say because it is not a good word to express that. But the one who is in it, the one whose job is this, can do it.

This is all they are talking is that these are your karmas, you must clean… Then why do you have a guru? I don’t understand. If you have to clean our karmas and you have to do this, then why have a guru? It is better to pickle them. And so many are there just making money out of you. Just, just imagine what they are doing. Befooling to the last. You can’t imagine to what amount they have befooled people in this country, in a way, in America too. They are teaching them to fly they are… I mean, all sorts of things they are doing. If you listen to the stories of the people who have been to them, you will not know how to stop your laughter.

It’s such a simple thing. It is simple for Me because that’s My job. Like, when you put some seed in the mother earth, she sprouts the seed. That’s her job; that’s her style. See, but if you do anything to the seed otherwise, you make it hang up and down and do anything like that, it won’t sprout. Then people say it takes hours and ages. It will. Put it in the mother’s womb and it can be done. That’s the nature – to do it. In the same way, it’s My nature, perhaps, maybe.

Question: I have experienced the joy.

Mother: Pardon?

Question: I have experienced the joy…

Mother: You are? Good, great; just enjoy it. That’s your own right to have it. You all were saints seeking God, sometimes long-long time back. The time has come for you to take. But you must accept the truth. Why are you running after falsehood? People are running after falsehood, then what to do? Then they suffer, then they come to Me. Then I have to cure them, put them right, do this, do that, and then they get it. It is so simple; after all, you have become a human being by doing nothing at all. From amoeba to this stage who has made you? You just become that, isn’t it? What are you going to do now, standing on your heads and doing all these things? What is so difficult about it? I can’t understand.

It’s all done for you. How much is done for you? See in the nature, how much God has done for us. Why should Kundalini trouble you? Also, some people say that you start jumping like a frog if the Kundalini awakens. Do you know that? One gentleman who came was sitting with his feet like this towards Me. So people said, “No, you can’t put your feet towards Mother like that.”

So he said, “No, no, I cannot sit otherwise.”

I said, “Why?”

He said, “My Kundalini is awakened and I am jumping like a frog.”

So I said, “Are you going to become a frog now that you are jumping like a frog?” It’s, it should be logical, it should be logical. You are not going to become a frog, or a bird to fly in the air. You are going to become a person with a higher awareness of collective consciousness. You are going to become, again I say that. All right?

Did you gave them Realization or something? Some of them have got it already.

It’s so simple. In a split of a second the Kundalini rises. Just like that. But there are problems on the way, sometimes you see, so She stops. Otherwise, it is the easiest thing to do, just to raise the Kundalini, if the people are simple. If they are complicated, there is a problem. In India in the villages… not in the cities you see, cities all the thugs are there. But in the villages, thousands of them get their Realization just like that. You see the whole blossom, as if all of them are converting themselves, transforming themselves into fruits. Just see that.

All right, lets have your hands like that. Close your eyes please, just close your eyes.

First of all, if you watch your thoughts, you will find there are no thoughts in your mind. If you want to think, you can think. But you will find that there are no thoughts. And then you will find a kind of a cool breeze coming in your hand. Some people might feel a little tingling or like that, doesn’t matter.

Are you feeling the cool breeze?

Jara Dekho, Sar pe Dhire Dhire Hath Rakh ke [Hindi meaning ‘Just see, by moving your hand slowly over the head’]. David, just see. Keep your hands open. You have got it. Just fills Mother [not clear], you can see that so clearly. Now you got it. Inko dekho… Hogaya? [Hindi meaning ‘Look after him…Has it happened?’] He has got it. Got it, it’s going up. You got it too. Inkeliye. [Hindi meaning ‘I am talking about him.’]

Enjoy yourself, close your eyes, just enjoy. Don’t think about it. Just allow it to work out. Growth has started. Don’t think about it, just leave it; you found it. Just leave it grow, leave it to grow. Got it, he has got it.

Just feel her. Just, just feel her. Can you feel above, on her head? You just put your hand and see. This lady here. Yes. Please put both your hands towards Me, like this straight, yes. It will work out. Do not think. Just think… if you have to think you just say that “I forgive everyone”. That’s all. Just forgive. You have to forgive, just forgive. You have to forgive. May God bless you.

Don’t cry my child, now you found it. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. See how much we have to do in this world. Now the meaning of your life is coming through.

Phillip. Got it? Very good. Now you have a meaning and a purpose. Forgive, just forgive, forgive, forgive every one, you have to forgive. As I was saying that if you don’t forgive, actually we are playing into the hands of people who have troubled us. We are harming ourselves by not forgiving. Just forgive.

Question: Actually I have not felt the cool breeze here…

Mother: There? Yes, yes. It will work out. Just raise it. “What do you say Phil?”

Phil: There is some heat coming out.

Mother: All right, all right. Let it come. Let it come out. Just enjoy yourself, just enjoy. Do not think about it; sit very comfortably. You can put your hands on your lap. Just enjoy; enjoyment is the thing which is lacking in life. It is all right, good… great. Just forgive, just forgive. See this gentleman. He got it also; see this gentleman.

Do not think, do not think. Better now? Hahn [Hindi meaning ‘Yes!’]. Now it’s better.

Good. Great! Dono ke Bahut Achha. [Hindi meaning ‘It was good with both of them’] It’s good.

Better? Now you feel relaxed.