Letter from London (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 2, 1980 OCT-DEC, PAGE 5)

London (England)

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1980-0822 (Friday) Letter from London (translation from Marathi) (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 2, PAGE 5)

My dear Sahaja Yogi Petkar

and other Sahaja Yogis,

There was no occasion to write to you for very long time. These days I write only when some work comes up in Bombay, as the work is in full swing in England. However, people here are addicted and everywhere laziness and negativity have their full sway. England is the heart of Universe but it is so much neglected that it must be set in order without delay.

All of you are very fortunate to have been born in a holy place, especially Poona which is the place of Shri Ganesha. Try to understand that you have become entitled to God’s such immense blessings only because of your several good deeds (Sukriti) in your previous births. I have given you only what was already yours and nothing of my own. Much more is due to you and you shall get it. My attention is attracted to impediments and pit falls. There is no problem about Poona and Rahuri people. Please do understand that, I feel relieved (in this atmosphere) to see you enjoying in the ocean of bliss, so keep it up. We, here, are not so fortunate as you are. Work is going on continuously. There are many difficulties, not for me, but for these foolish people. How can they be set right ? There are many such problems. You should take interest and solve them because I do not wish anything and therefore the question of fulfilment of my wish does not arise. All of you should therefore keep a desire in your minds and pray for helping out your English brothers and sisters.

Your progress is keeping the Sahaja Yoga alive in my heart. Whenever I feel fed up, I read your letters to feel satisfied. Therefore, please keep writing. All should write letters regularly.

                                                                       Ever yours,

                                                    Your mother NIRMALA