Public Program, There is Some Meaning

Chiswick, London (England)

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Public program in Chiswick, London (England), 23 August 1980.


enjoy what happened because I think [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re coming [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] because that cannot be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] start seeking ourselves where is the self life and how do we know about it it is said in the Bible that you have to be born again I mean all the churches have baptism I mean whatever may be the style of church it may be I don’t know if the Spiritualist cells have the back depth is of an office but all the churches have baptism whatever may be the outside problem or whatever may be the differences in the outside everybody talks of that teacher Hindus talk of rebirth Muslims talk of rebirth everyone talks that you are to be reborn the only mistake perhaps human beings have made that that this rebirth cannot be brought forth by the effort of human human beings have not done any effort whatsoever they have not done any effort to become human beings so they cannot do any more efforts to become higher like a seed sprouts by itself this living process will happen spontaneously is rather difficult for human beings to understand but just think how did you take your birth what effort did you put your mother did all the job for you she took all the pains upon herself unusual born if you are to be reborn also you cannot put in any effort but specially in the West where it is more Eve oriented attitude towards things they cannot believe that it will be done ever done it’s a fact we got everything effortlessly and it’s God’s grace which is going to rush it out effortlessly now when I tell you about our being as it exists within us then we have to see if you do remove these traps and he’ll be alright give him freedom all right should you tie them up they are here for enjoying their freedom all right good let him go to play good just push that out yeah here in this picture you can see we have drawn out the inner being very clearly now when I am telling you about it you don’t have to believe as I told it’s an hypothesis I am putting forward if it works out then naturally you will believe me I know that after enlightenment you have to believe not before that because I will be telling you a story and blind faith is of no use for sahaja yoga but that doesn’t mean by any chance that you should keep yourself bound by a certain extent book you read five years back but keep yourself absolutely open and vacant to understand how you exist within yourself the knowledge that we have about outside world is through our understanding which comes to us by our organs of perception but these organs of perception are not perfect nor they are enlightened enough to give us a clear-cut idea about them anything whatever these different centers that we have in our being exist in this final course till they go here to the sixth Center where you see this red mark on my head in the center of the pituitary and the pineal body crossing of the optic nerve that’s the sixth Center and the seventh Center is the limbic area in your brain now there are seven centers as I have told you the first one is the center of mooladhara which emits innocently innocence is the first thing that was created in this thing and this innocence is embodied in a human being as a child and that portion is responsible for looking after you as a child in the mother so the other day i was listening to the BBC and they said that we do not know how a foreign thing in the body is so well you think in the voice because a donkey gave birth to a horse and a horse came but I don’t and they could not explain it now this has said it many a times before that medical sciences cannot explain many things one of them is this that how is it a foreign thing inside the body is not only retain but we’ll just after is nourished and is expelled from the body at the right time this in the center which has a deity which decides what is to be retained and what is not to be dictated then there is another thing like a city choline and adrenaline the doctors would say the action of these two chemicals in the human body to augment or to relax it so arbitrary that you cannot decide what is the cause of it so they say the mode of action of these chemicals in the human body cannot be very frank and honesty these centers act in a manner that is arbitrary they take a decision on their own and if you ask the doctors about them they may say but we cannot explain why different successes emit different kinds of stimuli and why a certain action takes place when in the nature of a particular stimuli it is just operating this they can explain that this is autonomous event it is a system which is controlled by auto but if you ask them who’s this auto you say it’s a automobile so there’s a driver sitting down there anything automobile doesn’t move by itself there has to be a driver to drive an automobile anything where you say an autocrat there has to be some auto or somebody who controls so in a way they accept that there is someone within us who controls these centers or these plexuses and the whole system of sympathetic and parasympathetic is controlled by somebody who is sitting somewhere there who is doing the job it’s a kind of a confession they make but they just brand it like that is autonomous ever finish they cannot go beyond it so they just thank Bob who that’s the job we have to go a little deeper into it and find out we dusted the one who does the job is the one we do not know neither we can control it on manual because the one who does the job doesn’t come into our conscious behavior each over conscious mind or in today what you call the central nervous system now the one who we have to know is the self and this powerful controlling entity lives in our heart as I think but whether it leads or not we can verify it later because we have not known that Otto we are key we get a glimpse of it sometimes and we feel oh no this is not the end of life we have not found out our fulfillment we have not yet found out what we are we have to find out our meaning so we go here there we enter into all kinds of nonsensical things some traffic even we may take to drugs we may take to some gurus or take to this and that all sorts of things that may not lead you to the proper place and this is the problem of today sahaja Yoga is meant for real ardent people it doesn’t matter if you have money or not it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich it doesn’t matter whatever age you come from these things have no bearing on your realization the only thing that trigger the only thing that triggers it is how far are you are you pitiful about or are you seeking the fulfillment of your ego or your super if you want to do something because you like it then you have not yet understood the point because you have not yet known it so how will you decide whether you like it or not for example if I have never seen the cake I have never tasted it and don’t know what are the ingredients how am I to say whether I like it or not who is I that is saying all this that I like it I didn’t like it I don’t think it was correct I don’t think it was all right who tell these things is it your self thing no because yet it is not medical things so who is saying this i is mr. in capital T capital oka so one has to know that it is beyond uranium it is beyond your super-ego is the condition now this all has we take before this is nothing new that I am saying to you only all the same of the people has helped me to prepare proper ground for you to understand what – what we expect what’s the matter with the charge because I think I’m alright but others concentration is this this don’t now what should we expect when we say about self-realization what does that mean what should happen when we think of self-love is the first thing that should happen to us that our awareness must become collectively conscious we are individually conscious for example I see a lady I will say oh she tonight I like her dress was good her bearing was good a man a segment or we can say she was otherwise but this is your own understanding of the person at a very limited level and at that level it’s only your ego is telling you or maybe your conditioning supposing your mother had saved you I so you may say that this blue-eyed lady’s very nice somehow you feel very happy nothing more than that maybe some sort of a conditioning in you that draws you to that door but absolutely you cannot say why you like such a such person or why you don’t like that why you like a particular face and why you don’t like another so the first thing that should happen to you that you jump into yours he’s jumping with the drum it’s not lecturing it’s not just brainwashed but you become collectively conscious you have said that but if self-realization takes place it should work out into the breakthrough into unconscious means unconscious which is all-pervading according to him it was an or all-pervading power we saw symbols in your dreams and expresses through symbols within us through numbers and things like that he has an extensive work on the unconscious and thanks to him ah-ha-ha-ha-ha give you the meaning of what you were saying and it helps me a lot he himself was a realized soul and what he said was that if you get self-realized the unconscious become conscious unconscious which we see sometimes in our dreams maybe through our behavior become consciously now what are we conscious say we are conscious about the heat of this all right we can feel the heat of the flame we can feel the cold of the item this is in our consciousness knowledge this is our subjective knowledge that we can feel the fragrance of the flowers it is our knowledge to keep the aesthetics or we can say this color of animals do not see the aesthetics they do not know cleanliness human beings have achieved a lot in their awareness but still I would think they live in complete ignorance because the light is not there and there’s a big confusion in there – now I feel what should happen to us this theory that is our awareness when we are collectively conscious we should see the cold of other the centres of others the problems of others we should feel them within us we do not really feel them within us for example this problem in Cambodia the other day I was sitting with a lady and was to be a very big person so I said why what’s the matter is your ID for mister did you do I’m very much feeling guilty about combodia now what’s this of you feeling the guilty about it I can’t listen I said if you cannot do anything about it no use feeling guilty you can feel sorry and do something about it in a sensible way but you sit down and leave and try feeling itchy about Cambodian people how are you handsome I mean and you being miserable is not going to happen now the problem of another person whatever you feel them is not acknowledged from within but is a knowledge of objectivity in the sense that whatever you think about the problem is the problem like you see somebody in pain the body is giving a pain and you do not feel that pain at all but you feel that oh this person is having a pain and something about it but when you are collectively conscious then you also record a little pain within you not much but you know a person who is suffering from livers for example goes to a doctor yes premium yes to this out is all food and stuff for three they take a barium meal and that means and that means and go on for 15 days and by the time he comes out there so but in sahaja yoga even if the beginning of the disease has started you can immediately feel it and you say ah there’s a river the other fellow might you know I don’t have any liver that’s not a fact because when he says he doesn’t have a liver he doesn’t know but supposing he gets his realization he’ll come and tell me mother my liver if you know any grass say you know you’ll be amazed how you know it if something’s for subscribing as you feel the heat of this place you start feeling the heat of your oven within yourself on your femur you start feeling others on your fingertips he is a very good always a phrase used it’s on your fingertips you immediately know if a person has started getting into cancer you do not have to go to a doctor immediately you know the person has started getting into cancer and then you should know also that once this connection with the divine is established like this connection is established you start manifesting yourself in such a wonderful way that you start curing cancer of others you are secure as a by-product and you start curing others it just throws it just like that this lady asked me what do you think about yourself I said I think I’m like a flower I’m just enjoying the thing it is it is just like your fragrance manifesting curing fooding loving other solving and molding the problems in such a way that the whole thing becomes me the whole creation is going to be corrected through human beings but not by United Nations or not by any such organization or any temples or churches or mosques Reming but by people who are enlightened as if the connection is established and they are everything through them the divine power which is all-pervading if I think that this divine power is the one that’s the reality the rest of it is all a irritants to make and this divine power is the power of love we just flows an emic manifest it loves and it’s coordinated died but because you’re not excited what’s this of talking about it once it starts flowing through you you’ll be amazed how powerful you are this is what is your baptism where you become aware of the absolute within you not the way you are aware in a confusion as an absolute thing you get an absolute value of authority for example if there are ten children who are realized Souls you tie up their eyes and ask them what’s the problem of this gentleman they will all raise one finger all of them means the person has a problem with throat this means that I went to Stonehenge the other day there was a mess what stories people have created out of that this is a thing which is vibrating let’s come out of Mother Earth which is described in the Bible if it’s easy commandment that anything that is created by the mother earth or by the sky is not to be reproduced and worship that means there is something created out of the mother earth one of them is your Stonehenge but the people who were not sensitive please cut them out means round circles and think that it’s such a symbolic thing only a person who’s realized all those who were realised with these vibrations could feel that Dicky’s existing that the mother earth to the phone this great country of England 5,000 years back and then today you are born in this country and that kind of a thing is looking out but when I say all these things can be Greek and Latin for all of you and should be but when you will get your connection the manifestation will be like a Kiwi that you bring it and you don’t know anything is on and suddenly to a villager if you open the consensus of what how do you get but this is me you are being very careful to know yourself very Swiss power in the triangular bone called as sacrum sacrum effected by imagine the Greeks colony spectrum so they knew that something like sex Ignis of all people and also doctors know that when the whole body burns despondency join the Kundalini exists in them this is the power which is placed there like a primule in a sea because they are germinating germinating power of a seat it is placed within you and when it is awakened it rises passes through all the centres enriches them both up and open your to me it actually does you can see with your own eyes naked eyes you can see this many people those who are realized souls all have seen thousands like them you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini at the triangular bone higher and wherever you have the problem you find the Kundalini moving till you find here on the head you find its pulsate and when the pulsation stops then the train starts coming on you and you feel absently as if the mix has dropped out as it’s the drama as if you have become the victim and from your fool described in the bar Acharya has described be taken in a hurry volume sometimes is more surprised how a learned man had came a great funding a great knowledgeable person should come to this and just describe Kundalini I’m the mother that is there to give you there he said that you buy anything else it’s not going to work out it’s the grains of the mother only when the grace of the mother was then only through the mothers of a tree with Kundalini that you get your elevation now this Kundalini is an individual people every you can everything I see is your body we’re going for this great occasion of your realization just wait of course some time to over ignorant we have very reader I am seeing people having faded back today with the kind of color living that is their full days and very torturous weeping there are people who have really tormented you can love that I serve and gradually bring her up if he is very tired and you can’t bring back the children once you get your realization you become first of all before the realization when the kundalini crosses over this point callers are getting you become thoughtlessly aware if you are aware but there is no fun you jump into that part of your mind where the thought that was previous doesn’t exist and the thought that is going to appear of the future doesn’t come in and you are in the center there in thoughtless awareness and the silence is established as soon as the Kundalini comes across but more surprising I am seeing that people with evil has a big argument the Kundalini just stop there and go it’s very nice see people getting realization I mean it’s the greatest joy for me beautiful all the priorities change and a person become absolutely peaceful and as a by-product as Cohen has told you your division gives you as a Bible all your diseases get cured and you feel perfectly alright this kind of this this kind of happening it explains it makes me love it but if you had paid for the program if you have God through it I tell you the human beings as they are even you bring in a plate but when they get fixed and then come to me mother together oh that’s all that’s only person use of curing these body there is no self esteem in a shoe box there’s no cell 16 he doesn’t understand what is his values why is he on earth the easy here just roam about and waste his life and die like an animal but there is something a purpose giving him he doesn’t recognize just now on the way I was telling him that I don’t know about tipping because we have had 30 people last time whom on whom I worked very hard and none of them turned up I said I don’t know what lot of people isn’t I really told just now by coming with him I don’t know if they have any self-esteem I don’t know I’ve met so far have not met people who have self-esteem they want to have it but because Patricia said I said all right I’ll come along let’s see today what happens but I have to tell you again anything whether you belong to Chrissy for anything you are human being and you are created by God in a flower and he loved you very much he is anxious to do this no doubt but he is not going to fall at your face that please take your realization you have to get you have to not only get it but you have to establish and very the protocol about if you go there like a BBC interview they robbing the entire he said all right thank you very much the attention immediately receives from that one one has to understand that the time has come for this last this is the last judgment only the Kundalini awakening is the way you are going to be judged there’s no other way how God is going to judge you just tell me only way is by giving you awakening I’ve seen how it works this gentleman wants to come in a cool this is the problem we have people and people and people but we do make people who have lot of self-esteem and they are real people there are diseases and they wanted Yoga is not based on anything which is a showmanship or anything if you have that depth then only will appreciate if you do not have you will not it’s not a shock if the deeper URLs within us will get out and if you do not have the deeper us it will not work out but despite all this I must say in the singing like in bacon all the business like I went to sit there another price that in season and in p4 veins we collected two hundred surgeries of the first place is more surprising however in India we had a liveable eight-year-old eight-year-old very well-read and his MA in plastic and mathematics also think I see what her realization her sister was here she came and told me we are amazed how my mother all her priorities are changed she’s become such a beautiful person and such a delightful person all the time she’s smiling and that happening otherwise used to bother what every small things the carpet is alright or not or this with some cleaning and disregarded all sorts of things you would enter into her mind to trouble everyone in the house but her prior it is so much change we are all enjoying yes but do you think I have that power I said everybody’s had you have to just come it’s a very very simple everything that is why it is simple when we have we don’t go to books or to libraries we just free in the cigarette it’s such a simple thing that it works in every but well it works also people take it for granted I’ve known some people some people came to me who was relics they didn’t follow it up and then later on they came to that mother I lost my mother I said in the beginning when the seal is a sapling you have to look after because if you wear that all right if your Kundalini was perfect if you had no problems on your chakras you have it there but that’s not the thing because that most beautiful bad you want society so funny the whole concept about life is so disturbing it’s such a matter it’s such a directory where you do this from you it definitely and that’s why it is necessary that all these things directly before you are establish those who go with that ardent feelings are the ones realities and establish themselves and find their fulfillment the meaning why they are here that’s how they become one with the home because they become collectively functional they become conscious of the collectivity that we have she’s no lecturing that you are my brother you’re my sister there should be no racialism there should be known as Talentum there should be this in German that ISM no need at all it just happens you jolly well become as one fingers become conscious of the whole body you become conscious of the field and then if you the beauty of that all-pervading power and Gulf that I wish all of you should have an ardent desire if you do not have the desire I’ll go very hard for you but you have but if you are not having you find out some excuse to run amazing because you are not so there are quality of human beings I find especially in this country I find there are quality absolutely you can see clearly that there are quality living like today one of the disciples told me that she was anything Mahabharata it was written that in Kaliyuga in these modern times very few will be people the rest of them will be animals and she first could not understand it what does that mean and it means that the people are the one who are see and the ones who are not seeking but just like animals because they just are born they eat their food live in this world may be insurance or something they do and then they die and maybe reserving some place in the churchyard or something at the most or maybe they might be appearing in movies by paying some money that’s all nothing they are cheap in their life because there may be you know if the sleeping is not there I don’t know whether even if you are an animal because animal it takes I can’t understand how the freedoms we have killed that instinct within us is the tightly de la vie that’s why bitch the thief at sea cover evolution and at this point when we are driven game we seem to be on the unconscious but in India people I should say going into ramblings of thinking and thinking out everything planning out of the things though that realization much faster sometimes it’s a greater force but they’re going to rambling first they verify what mother said is correct or not they want to see they want to know more of horses instead of enjoying it but in India people say alright we’ve got it let’s eat and enjoy finishing why to worry how she’s made it how she’s done except enjoy in a simple straightforward approach but here it is they want to verify an intellectual new bands and they’re going to that on business they go about it and then they ultimately find yet practicing accept me mentally both other way down doesn’t matter what I say I’m just a catcher I am catching your check that’s all but also I’m a mother so I tell you why your checks are not that so if you can do this or that it will work out it works out no doubt even without having any account in the back but then you have to make things and you have to be there the best thing is to know that you are not on this earth on your own and that you are created into this beautiful human beings is not to be wasted is not to be thrown away into grave without making it work you must find out your Worth and then the dignity of your own worry will manifest and if they are made if there are some sensible questions then I don’t mind penny sometime but should be sensible I do not want to sort of say that this guru said this and that will be sent before this book because there’s no need to go into controversies and all nonsense of you this jungle we should avoid and get to the point that’s the best way of doing things but if there are some sensible questions as a definitely thank you very much and I hope all of you who have come will not waste my energy and just go away and just don’t care for it I would expect that if it is asked and I’ll never come to you thank you very much it’s all dance it’s all baby all right you just don’t worry you’ll be all right huh now what is before we start that now that’s the correct attitude what do you matter because I know this mine comes back a tarot reading target is bottle about oh come on now who does the Karma within human being what if the evil drug house actually some it nobody goes in with some big because since it’s a one-dimensional defense everything is up when you become this week all tell executive these are some of the people are saying you must cleanse your money now see you’re sitting in the bath how can a few of us unless until you get out of it we can achieve so this is was getting out and then you do the thing but actually be amazed after realization you find that your Karma’s you control mine you better work it out is pretty easy do you think if the car is not really what I mean about let the party moving unless until you have the lights with an opportunity when it’s really dark if you do it with a palette factor and that is what the site one taken you should I mean that’s amiss with all the time I am I’m near Victoria and also we have long soak up every memory in all of them you know some of them have to be for something yeah give you everything that’s a very good thing to say once in so hot they’re such a nice person normally people you ask me the other way round then it got worked out only with one sitting mother it is a people pleaser big news like that for sale for the season then we do is with one penny what what did you think they’re a barkat before realization when I know anything because it doesn’t matter whether you have abortion el you have many children for this I’m talking from divine right from the divine point for example the other day somebody arts meaning you are in your country you’re such a big all right fellow I think I what to do because children do not want to be born in this country they are all born there what are we to do about it so cook the divine angle is very different you know yeah there’s nothing relative now what happens when you are a realized soul when and why don’t you realize realized children are born great so they are already you don’t know in this country how many are already born and such great children will we want to you the question of abortion you cannot have them that’s it but if they are not realized Souls useless thing nobody times actually they can’t economy so in fact if it is that something so fundamental what I’m trying to say that are clear as it can be rotating whole thing changes you don’t have many children you have few but you have first practice of course if you have say abortions which are supposing we are turning when you do that there’s a dicot you see you are a father and you had a child she chose abortion by you for example then you do catch the chakra on the right heart no doubt it’s a remarkable effect but it can destroy this is done all in ignorance before you forgiveness is the greatest quality of course we eat the ocean of forgiveness so you just some power about because then you’ll see oh I have done so much nothing everything is for God it’s just the way it could fit all with these it succeeded bond cure for your meanness and wash it for you what silly human beings can please God is an ocean of and it’s sing up a human being is not even a speck compared to that you have to defeat she will be amazed how forgiving I mean forgiveness is so sweet and so kind loving because the kind of God we have known to other agencies have been something different that’s why we don’t understand you but when you know him through your spirit to your art did you find that you have been unhappy for nothing at all enjoy whatever yes yeah me a fourth of Corti Lu he depends on whenever you feel like when you are out at shopping it is not a time if he time factor is not there now for example supposing when I was before my father and mother it’s all planned out beforehand I know is my father going to be my mother too because I was aware even in that situation and when you were to be born you want no wonder you were going round and round for many years if I said about flip you should be pleased as your father and then that desire look at life so you cannot take time it’s immaterial what I think but you do too if you are in your country a person in is neither this or that if this person as I call them animals or something like that of that awareness anything you don’t mind having undeterred just in here as I but if you are but sometimes it tries to be wrong but you have to pay buddy it’s is exciting to say that isn’t it but I think we he come back as human beings but we behave like a dog like you go in a shop do they are liquid I went into stuff there was a lady she just had to fucking at me for nothing at all I just returned after a semester with you I mean I see she just started talking as I said I know he might have been wrong with off when the shell or maybe she is still a dog with a human money so many times we can see people and sometimes have seen people at the time they’ll behave make a scorpion and sometimes like a lot because you have intimacy they can be all the things they have gone through they could be in one lifetime we’ve seen sometimes rolling like line sometimes maybe next but the worst is that human really depends good morning they become that we can become every animal that is what what as some others live in question because you all are really upset now why did you ask me any question see isn’t it all the time I’m a bit of a to you we have an awesome yup event recently and I’m there if you send the option I study time we saw it together with maybe a basis in London we live together we had a very nice day mean I recently yet about 50 people were down there the very nice station is shire and we all enjoyed but only after they died vision we start feeling the presence of another [Music] picking off it says here and get over that dress oh gosh them and all the rest of the house and that’s obvious 50 minutes everything open Yoga is the yoga in civilian it cannot talk because over time but we do have everything all that knowledge if you have otherwise anything done in itself is nonsense I’ve seen people who have done hot yoga they catch on that any market in the heart where the fittest because of this why because YouTube is ova remove logistics we are more worried about your physical being I mean what is important what is very simple because once you have the light everything works out like that even cancer is only durable societal is not only out but will they get it they won’t come and then I’m not interested in because Raja Yoga is not for curing it is for realization just as a byproducts of your culture because God can be creative what is not a doctor why not get your realization so that you pee or other simple things all right any more question now how many you will you have met we just need to see one or two that’s all thank God huh are you a doctor more than important I told you that we see before realization all this is done they have to do something easy because they are not really you see see now for example I’ll tell you a case of a heart nice alright I’ll tell you I have seen a person with a heart transplant he came to me he was better without this realization despite all you know this is nothing people have committed such tremendous mistake feel therefore you see the spirit doesn’t live in the heart like a package stuff we know every night but even in the stock market there were all kinds of samples and all kinds of people coming down one of them was a gentleman Smith gave with a very crooked like em like that just like serpentine I said now how did you get this one I mean all kinds of samples are there he said brother I used to see that this life is of me as far not found fulfillment so I did all kinds of things porosity in grandbabies that drops myself from everywhere drops myself on my house and I enjoy so I thought there must be some way and I said now you’ll come with his broken stuff yeah so I was working on him between a good height so I see it’s anything we’ve got in elevation what did we fight there oh when you bear yourself stomach here when you fear this point here is a photo nail bone area that is the time you really get your realization because it started flowing all right no we shouldn’t say that way enlightenment means your rebirth you are born as a new child into a new awareness and you have to go and match up when you mature then you can call it a slave on but in the beginning of the beginning of it is not absolutely one some dueling some do I mean I’m working I am your people just put it like that and they are there but not more some of them grow gradually they are not repaired for that matter the depending on not necessarily that you’re committed things could be that your being to a bad movie was really deliberately your simile could be but this is a state into which we move our awareness there’s a very good lecture I giving in charge if you have time these are simply give you that tape of whatever is the style they have miss Italy I’ve given them the seven points onto which you move in your away but first of all you become thoughtlessly aware then you become doubtless now once you become doclet ever you start giving realizations ever without any now there are many years who are doubtless never can you believe it first they were not even touch this little thing there were in a basement the first it was I work with them for four years continues six of them it could be sometimes they I thought I’m going to move now we are all right all right should we now work can you take out your shoes now why do we take out our shoes is because there’s a better earthing see just for a decent just good life then you take out services in the New York City let’s just keep it on one side on the weekend keep it on the stair now you have to just put your hands like this as I said told you that the fingertips up all the sympathetic centers near each other again right so you just put your hands towards me just you put your hands up like totally and now you close your eyes just close your eyes now wife closing the eyes you have to see that there is no flickering in your eyelids if there is any flickering then you keep your eyes open if there is no flickering then keep your eyes and you will now find that there is no thought in your mind close your eyes company with that fine there is no thought in error please close your eyes don’t leave them open just close them because the Kundalini won’t rise if your eyes are open the Kundalini won’t rise if there’s a positive expression if you see that it will not cross the again please hold your breath for that ii until i tell you to give it just hold your breath close your eyes please leave it again please forgiving comes a charge of the bonds of charge of the Languedoc charge of them do it last time again people did charge of the Banzai charge at the bond of charge of the validity thank you you’ll start feeling cool brains in your hand in your finger keep your eyes on this don’t think because the thoughts have stopped now it will work out by worrying about it it is not going to work if you just work out because it has to work keep your neck in a straight line not in neither very high high or low but in a straight line don’t pay attention in the center of your eyes or anywhere just let it be loose just let your attention be loose don’t force anything upon anything just terribly it’s a happening that has to take place within yourself as soon as our previously their attention will be attracted you guys you don’t have to do anything about it nothing to be tried just is relaxed and it will work out by itself hmm yes I ask you from your heart not for me a brain but from your heart