Raksha Bandhan

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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Raksha Bandhan. London (UK), 26 August 1980.

Today in India, we celebrate a special festival. It is called as ‘Raksha bandhan’. ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘bandhan’ means the bondage, the bondage of protection.

It’s a very nice, good, social custom to have this beautiful festival today. Today is the full moon day and this day what we do is to tie a band of threads around the person whom you want to protect. But it is done between brothers and sisters.

The sisters tie this bondage to the wrist of the brothers, and when they do that, they are putting all their love around the wrist, [such] that it is the day for giving all their love, everything to their brother, as a protection, as a symbol of their protection, through that thread.

It’s a very, very simple thread they use. And this has to be tied on the left-hand side. But people tie it on the right-hand side, which is a mistake. But it has to be tied on the left-hand side.

In our Sahaj Yoga the significance of left wrist is that it is the Left Vishuddhi, Left Vishuddhi, which is here. And this is the Left Vishuddhi expressed here, you know that very well.

Now, Left Vishuddhi is the place where our relationship of brothers and sisters exists. When they are disturbed within us, we start getting the problem of the Left Vishuddhi.

In these modern times, the talk of pure relationship seems to be quite boring for many people. But it’s very practical and logical. I would say it is the most scientific thing to do. For example, every brother has a special feeling for a sister, and her chastity is very dear to every brother, if he’s a normal person – if he’s abnormal, then forget it. But normally a brother is very particular about the chastity of the sister, and he doesn’t like anybody to, in any way, even pass a remark against the chastity of a sister.

I mean, these natural things we might have lost because of whatever you may call it, the modern style of thinking or the machinery that is sitting on our heads. But the normal thing is to feel that way, purely, about the sister; and the sister about the brother. Brothers’ and sisters’ relations are extremely pure and are also accepted in this country very well.

For example, even in England, if you go to a hotel and if you are brothers and sisters they’ll say that, “Sleep in two separate rooms,” because under law you cannot sleep in one room. But in India people will not understand, because if they are brothers and sisters they should sleep in one room only, they’ll say, “What is going to go wrong with them?” I mean, people can’t understand. It’s an insult to say to brothers, sisters that “You should not sleep together, it won’t be good, it is illegal.” There is no law against this, because nobody does that. You see it is like we don’t say that don’t eat faeces. In the same way it is. I mean, you are not to pass a law for a thing like that! So people are quite shocked at seeing such laws. And first thing, people told me, “Do you know what sort of laws there are?” And I was amazed at this kind of a thing. I mean, people are so much natural, that it naturally comes to them that, how brothers and sisters can be like that.

Apart from that, supposing you call somebody as your sister or as your brother. It’s a very well worshipped connection in India, and should be with us also. If you call somebody a sister, then not only that you do for her the way you would do for your sister, but in all your relationships, in all your festivals, in all the weddings in the family, she’s treated like a sister.

Now I had somebody like that who called me a sister. When they got their daughter married, I told them, “It may not be possible for me to come to Delhi on that date,” so they changed the date. But they said, “For engagement we’ll come to Bombay and have the engagement, because you are there.” I mean, I am not related to him as a sister, but these things never crawl into the heads of the people. When this brother of mine, who might be at least, I think, sixteen or seventeen years older than me, was going to Delhi, my husband said, “Very good! He’s going, so now You can go with him in the train.” And they booked a coupé for us. I mean it was quite natural and I mean that, it should be. My husband would not allow me to travel alone in any other compartment, but with my own brother. I mean, he is just like my own brother.

The more you think about it, the purity of it, just think how we keep ourselves clean, our attentions clean, our societies clean.

For example, you go to somebody’s house: the gentleman has three, four sisters. Now, when you go to his house you are his friend, then they are also your sisters – no complications. There’s no problem. In the same way, Sahaj Yogis and Sahaj Yoginis are brothers and sisters. You have to understand that you are brothers and sisters, and the relationship between us has to be purer and purer and purer.

There should be no choice going on between brothers and sisters. But, if somebody has a feeling for someone from the very beginning, not like a sister, then a relationship can be established. Or somebody sees someone for the first time, not as a Sahaj Yogini, but is shown as a bride or something, then it’s a different point. But if the person has been a Sahaj Yogi and a Sahaj Yogini, let this feeling grow within you of complete purity. It will clear out many of our problems and you will be amazed, our attention will settle down very beautifully within us.

I’ll give you a very wonderful story from the history of India. Once Alexander the Great invaded India, and he was a very powerful man. He came up to a place where there was one king called as Puru, who arrested him. When King Puru arrested him he put him in the jail. But the wife of Alexander was an Indian lady and he did not know, Puru did not know, that she was an Indian lady. But Indian lady as she was, very clever, and she knew the traditions of the family. That was the day, what is today, is of Rakshabandhan. So when King Puru came to the courts, in one little plate, a brass plate or a silver plate, she sent one rakhi and covered it with a proper cloth and sent it to him. So when on that day the rakhi came you cannot refuse it. So he asked, “Who has sent this?”. They said, “It’s one of your adopted sisters has sent it.” You are not to refuse that relationship. And when he opened it he found a rakhi there. So the rakhi was tied to him. He said, “Who is this sister of mine?” So they said, “She is the wife of Alexander.” He was so upset with that idea that, “He is my brother-in-law and I have put him in the jail.”

He went there. He said, “Sir, please forgive me. I am sorry!” He prostrated himself before Alexander. He said, “Come along now to the courts.” He took him, he said, “You sit on my throne. I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done. You do whatever you please. You can take my this thing.” And he couldn’t understand what had happened. He thought, “He’s gone mad or what?” Then with great pomp and show he sent him home with all the jewellery and everything and with all the things for the sister whom he had never seen before. So when he went in, the wife was smiling. He said, “What’s the matter? How am I here? I can’t understand. What have you done?” He said, “What do you have in your hand?” So she said, “This is the rakhi, I have got.” He said, “What did you do?” She said, “I just sent a rakhi like this to this Alexander. Did you see in his hand?” “Yes,” he said, “it was tied on his hand.” “So that’s it!” He said, “What? For this he left me? I would devour this country completely!” She said, “Yes, he has left you because that’s the symbol of sisterhood. Sisterhood is a very powerful relationship. He cannot cross that! There are maryadas. You cannot cross that relationship.” If a sister is before you, you just stop there. That’s a maryada. You cannot go beyond it.

And then Alexander just thought, “Look at these people! On a thread they are going to release a man like me who is so dangerous? What sort of people are they?” He just bowed to the soil of India and he said, “Oh Lord, please, I cannot do anything anywhere here.” He returned back from Karachi and he said, “I am not going to rule this country anymore. It is too much, they are too sensitive people for me to do.”

But in the society we have to know that you can only enjoy if you have one wife: really. Your society can enjoy better and you can enjoy a better life if you have only one wife whom you love and she loves you.

Now, what we see in modern societies today is that even after marriage, even having ten children, the old men are going searching for their brides. It’s such a wasteful energy. It’s such a boring stuff. It’s an absolutely joyless nonsense.

So, let us settle down today, and decide among ourselves that we have to establish our Left Vishuddhi by understanding the purity of brothers and sisters. The purity of brothers and sisters has to be established.

Now, today is the day when, in India, we had a function held where people tied rakhi to someone, to someone whom they found to be a sister. And still now, it’s now ten years have passed to those things, but that day they will call the sister. Then sister comes, she ties the rakhi, and the brother has to give some sweet present to her. And the sister makes some nice things for him to eat and everybody is very happy. Even the wife is very happy at such a thing. Because if the husband does not have a sister, how will she enjoy her married life with her husband? Because he’ll be always having bad eyes towards other women. This sister teaches you to put your attention in such a way that you automatically become righteous.

Now, when we extend our righteousness, when we see…I mean, to me, when I came first – I came a long time back, as I told you – when I saw the women dressed the way they are, I was amazed! What are these women doing? They are writing ‘Welcome’. And like prostitutes just attracting men. Horrible it was! I just couldn’t understand how have they lost their character. Just like pornography walking on the streets! It’s ugliness. And, I was vomiting all the time, oh vomiting. I was so sick. I just couldn’t understand what are these women doing here! And this is the sense of chastity the women must have first.

We cannot put the responsibility on men. The way women move about, the way they behave, the way they are all the time…Here I was surprised that, men will button their coats if they see a lady and the lady will open her clothes. I mean, just the other way round it should be. What is there in a man’s body to hide? But a woman has to be respectable. If she has no respectability, she has no business to complain for all these things there are going on like rapes and all sorts of filth and dirt.

As Sahaj Yogis I would request you to pay attention to this side of your society, which is very important: how women in their foolishness are becoming slaves to the caprices of men. In their esteem and glory they should stand, and must know that chastity is their power. If a woman does not have a chastity and a dignity of chastity, why do they have rape business? Rape absolutely should be acceptable to us. It should be just absolutely just like going to the bathrooms. What is wrong in it? But that sense has to be born when you have a brother. And when you know what a brother is, then you will know that: would you like to do this before your brother? To walk on the roads in this manner? To walk on the streets like cheap women? For Sahaj Yoginis it doesn’t behove! Sahaj Yoginis have to be dignified.

There are so many dignified dresses in this country, I don’t know where have they vanished. I don’t know what has happened to them. Now the way women walk here, I think from the dictionary the words like ‘prostitutes’ and all that will vanish completely! Though it may sound very out-of-date, but it is the most modern and ultra-modern thought, if you give it a thought to it. It will create an atmosphere for you in which you’ll feel extremely secured.

Now, take the modern disease women have of breast cancer. You know that breast cancer is caused because of the centre heart problem, as you see there. Now centre heart is caused to a woman when she sees her husband is having those adulterous eyes as Christ has described. That starts working, she feels insecure all the time with a man like that, you see. She’s walking hand in hand but inside this insecurity is building up. All women who suffer from such subconscious worries and subconscious fears, suffer from breast cancers.

So, those women who walk about [dressed scantily] like that are adding to it. Now those women who walk about like this also are losing Ganesha’s blessings completely according to Sahaj Yoga. Because you are just trying to be nothing but prostitutes, just think of it! And this is one thing I have been thinking of saying, and today is the most auspicious day that I have said to you in such clear words.

So please understand that you have to respect your chastity. And men have to respect women as sisters, and not as every woman is for them, for their use. That’s how they are reducing the value of their mothers and their sisters. And in the country where the women are not respectable, no gods are going to remain. That’s why all these horrible things are happening in this country and in the countries which are taking to this kind of life.

These horrible things are working out in such a manner that you cannot imagine what satanic forces are working it. Prostitutes who have died are coming back as spirits, they are possessing you. All sorts of sly and filthy women who are not to enter into the thresholds of the temples of households, are entering into your household because you have accepted their way of life. And the only thing they say is, “What’s wrong?”.

The depth of it is to understand, it is the greatest cause of today’s malignancy: not only physical, not only emotional, not only moral, but social malignancy.

You just see. It’s very subtle. I know you are so many realised-souls, you can understand it. You go to somebody’s house to have a relationship with them, to talk to them, to be free with them. This is what is collectivity, isn’t it? You go into a group of people where you want to have absolute free behaviour with them: like children you want to play, talk to them, in a simple manner. You cannot do it if you have such an obsession, you cannot: your eyes will be fixed on one or two persons; you’ll be running after one or two persons. Even in music, I have seen, people cannot enjoy their music because their attention is moving here and there for nonsensical things.

It’s a very subtle thing: try to understand. It’s [that] by which your collectivity is killed. That’s why people here are so frantic. Anybody comes they close the door. They are so afraid of other people. They do not want to talk to anyone, they do not want to have anything with them because they don’t know what sort of attack is going to come. And the worst attack is this social attack, of which they are frightened.

Today being this day, I would say that you should ask for strength to rise above all these nonsensical ideas which have settled down and become those beautiful people, the special ones, the unique people, who respect their chastity and that of their sisters.

Let this feeling grow, create health and wealth in this country.

And there are so many types of things which one can say: Lakshmi and Vishnu were married, and the sister of Vishnu was Parvati, the one who is the Mahakali. And Vishnu was a royal person, because He is in the centre. He was like a king. While Mahadeva, the Shankara, was a person who lived like an ascetic, didn’t bother about anything. He used to only rub those chandan and all those things on the faces, and His vahana is a big bull, and He’s not very well-covered, His body. And He lives like an ascetic. You can call Him a hippie! All right. (Laughter) And, while She comes from a royal family and She’s feeling very shy that, “Look at this! My husband is such a fellow coming on that horrible thing! And His disciples have one eye or they have one horn or they have a tail coming out from here.” You know, all kinds of things He has gathered, as I have gathered also sometimes! And then She’s feeling very shy and She thinks, “Oh, God! Now what are my people going to say and what are they going to do?” So She prays. She says, “Please, Vishnu,” She says, “Please let me see what is Your position to my husband!” And She finds that Vishnu is washing the feet of Shiva.

I mean, just see, just feel it, how beautiful it is, how beautiful it sounds! You see, because, “He is the husband of my sister,” and He says that, “Even all the wealth of my being, if I give You as the dowry oh my sister, how can I adorn this ascetic, the King of Kings?” And the whole conversation is so beautiful, the brother and sister talking to each other. But She’s feeling shy and He’s trying to tell Her.

You see, all these beauties are lost because the whole thing becomes a sex point! All the manifestations and the sublimation of these things are lost.

Now, I would tell you today, because today is the day I don’t want to talk about all the Kundalini thing. But one thing about Kundalini I have to tell you: what is the way to bring forth this things.

Like when a child is born in the family – as you know Gavin [Brown] has got a little girl and Peter [Pierce] has a little son. The child is allowed to sleep, should be allowed to sleep, with everyone in the family, with the brother, sisters, everyone. That is the time that the innocence is complete. And they then touch those sublime areas within them which makes them enjoy that sublimity all their lives.

But if you make the child from the very beginning conscious that he should not sleep with this one and sleep with that. And, “If you sleep with that…” and “Don’t sleep with a boy!” and, “You don’t sleep with a woman!” and all that, they’ll start thinking, “What do we do? What is the matter with these people?” You see. They just don’t understand. And then ideas start crawling into them and funny things come up. The places where they have taken so much care and given so much training and all that, you find it’s so perverted! While the places where they don’t talk about it, it is perfect, they live naturally, nobody does these things.

And then under these circumstances, when you develop that sublimity within, you enjoy your chastity; to such an extent that it becomes even more important than your life. Like in India, there was a case when a very beautiful queen, Padmavati – was Padmini. She was known all over for her beauty and dignity. The beauty doesn’t mean like Elisabeth Taylor’s style. It’s a different type. Now, this lady was a wife of a king and a Muslim emperor said that, “I want to see this lady.” So they said, “All right, you can see her, there’s no harm in seeing.” But she said, “No! Why does he want to see me? He wants to see with bad eyes. So at the most if he has to see me, he can see me only in a mirror. I will not directly face him, because that’s a question of my chastity. He can look at my reflection but not at my body.” So she stood and he saw her in the mirror. Instead of feeling the sublimity of that chaste woman, he felt that he must get that woman. And he said that, “Somehow or other I must have the woman. If you don’t give me this woman then I am going to just finish you off. I am going to kill you, all of you!”

Now they did not know what to do and they were not such a big kingdom and he was such a ferocious man. Now what to do? So, then they said, “We cannot do this, to send our queen to this man. This is against our manliness,” because that sense of chastity, of saving the chastity of women was there. So they sent a message that, “We are bringing the queen to you.” And they made a hundred palanquins. In the hundred palanquins they put a hundred sepoys inside and the king sat in the first one, and four people were carrying each palanquin. In the palanquin were the arms and ammunitions. And they thus walked into the military camps that were just pitched for this [meeting]. And they had told these women that, “In case we lose, then you will see no signs from us. In the morning, if you see about five o’clock, a big fire then know that we have won.”

And when this emperor, he drank a lot and he came to the queen and opened the door, first his hand was cut and everybody started fighting. And a big fighting began. They fought to their last but they lost because they were very few in number. They lost it. So, these women were looking out for a thing and when they found that there is no sign they made a huge, big pyre on a fortress, all of them, and they made a big, huge fire on that pyre and got into it and killed themselves, before anybody could touch them.

There have been many such stories. But this comes only if you have a sense of chastity. If you do not have the sense of chastity you will think, “This is foolishness, why should they kill [themselves]?” Because nothing dies. This body doesn’t die. But if you become unchaste, you are ruined. You have no respect for yourself then.

So we have to, today, think that we have to lead a life of very good brothers and sisters, with all of affection and love.

From India all the people have written to me. They have sent their best wishes to you. And they send their love to you. They have remembered all of you by name and everything. They are very happy about the marriages that took place. And they are very much anxious to receive you in India. They said, “Whatever is possible in our small way we’ll attend to you and look after you. But this day we all remember you, because we are your brothers and sisters.” And they have also sent it to Australian people and to some Americans and to other people like Gregoire and all that. So all of them are today thinking of you, all you brothers…

(break in recording)

…which really has ruined our society, ruined our families, ruined our children and has ruined our sources of joys. So, today you have to think about it how we are going to re-establish it.

Now, when I talk about these things you shouldn’t think that India is perfect. Indians can be quite horrid on another side of it, which you are not. They are different type of people. So, when I have to talk to them, I’ll talk to them something else. But with you, I have to request you to think about it and to put your attention to it. And you will be amazed – when you will know about it – how much a chastity of a woman is important and graceful and energy-giving to her and to the whole society, to her own brother, to her own father, mother and everyone, to her children; because she is the one, really, who is the Shakti. And if she starts frittering away her Shakti like this then the Shakti of the whole community, the whole country, disappears. And that is why all the gurus, right from Adi Nath or you can say, Adi Guru, up to Moses and Abraham and Mohammed Sahib and all these people have been so particular on this point that even Mohammed Sahib said, “Supposing there are too many women then you can marry four times.” It doesn’t mean that every Muslim should marry. But it was meaning that there were too many women in those days. So he said, “All right, but marry them!”

Once we start understanding then our relationships with each other, with the Nature, with everything, straightens out and we get into a complete, full picture of ourselves – how we are related to others. There is no confusion about things. And this confusion can be removed with a little help.

I have seen that, when I tell you these stories sometimes, people feel that this might be a legend. It’s not. Even today you might find such people all around. There are people, but they suffer a lot, because they cannot get any appreciation or understanding. They are regarded as bad people or useless people. But now, among us, when we are in a group, we can form a very strong personality, if we have that pure relationship, that purity within us. And that is something very, very important.

We had another very great example in India of a queen which always has enamoured me very much. And that was when she was an ordinary girl and there was a prince with whom she met and the prince fell in love with her. But Akbar did not want – the father, Akbar, who was the emperor, did not want the boy to marry an ordinary girl. So he sent her away, he married her to another man. And he sent her away and gave her a big place, a big area to rule.

When this Akbar died, the son got the throne and at that time there was a war on and her husband was killed in that war. And she thought that, “This man has killed my husband on purpose to acquire me.” He brought her, the emperor brought her. Now, he was the Emperor of India, her [future] husband was the Emperor of India. He brought her back from her place and he offered her that, “I would like to make you the queen, the empress.” She said, “If you are under any misapprehension, please know that I cannot marry the man who has killed my husband.”

He tried his level best to explain, but she would not take any explanation, she would not listen to anything. She said nothing. She went into a forest, took a hermitage, she was living there, and she would not meet anyone. Now, this prince took it very seriously and he got very sick. And then the doctor said that, “Unless and until he marries this girl he cannot be saved.” So, the mother was another lady called as Jodha Bai. I mean, Akbar had married a Hindu lady. She said, “All right, I’ll solve the problem!” So, she went to this forest and started serving this lady, like and ordinary maid servant. After some time this lady said that, “What do you want? Why have you come to me?” She said, “No, I want you to promise me something. Will you give me that?” She said, “Yes, if I can.” “Yes, you can give me”. She said, “I want you to marry my son.” Now, she went there as an ordinary woman, a maid servant. She said, “Yes, I am willing to marry your son, if you think so. Because I have given you a word, I will marry your son.” And that turned out to be this Jahangir and his wife was Nur Jahan. What a character it is! Then she married him, because she had given her word. But what a character! Just think of that character! What a character it was, to be like that.

Another story I would like to tell you today – because today is a very auspicious day and we should talk of stories and laughter and enjoyment – [is] that we had another very great king in Maharashtra called as Shivaji. And he was a king who was like Robin Hood because he was trying to oppose these Muslim emperors who were dominating India. And the people who were his soldiers and things, they would go and attack people from the emperor’s side and would plunder them just like Robin Hood: take all their properties and things and bring it to Shivaji.

Once it so happened that a daughter-in-law of a Moghul courtesan, you can say, or a man, who was like a duke or something was going that way; the daughter-in-law. And many people were with her. And she had lots of her jewellery and everything was going with her. The treasury was very large. So, they plundered her and brought all the treasury and everything and plundered that lady and brought her to Shivaji. Now, Shivaji was sitting there and she had covered her face with a veil. So, he said, “Please, lift your veil.” Now, before the king she can’t say anything, so she lifted her veil. He said – see, the beauty of it. I don’t know if you can feel the subtleness of it. I mean, whenever I remember the words, really it fills me with such joy. He said, “If my mother was as beautiful as you are I would have been equally beautiful.”See the expression. That means, “You are my sister.’ “If my mother was as beautiful as you are I would have been equally beautiful.’ He took all the treasury and everything and forbid them, that, “Don’t touch women. The moment you touch them you’ll be ruined. It’s not holiness.”

And he sent away all her treasury, everything, all her people with all great respect and complete release of all things that she had. He didn’t keep even a farthing out of her. But he gave his own things to her as a sister and he said that, “You can always recall on me, wherever there is a problem. I am your brother.” What a great thing it was! Just think of it!

Now, these relations are disappearing; which are to live again, to prosper again and to grow again and thus we are going to improve our Left Vishuddhi.

Left Vishuddhi comes out of guilt. But in the subconscious the greatest guilt in a human being is when he crosses the limits of sisterhood. This is the greatest guilt in his mind, which he is not aware [of]. If you could clear out that guilt completely.

Left Vishuddhi is only in the West, I find. I have told you many a times.

Now, all other guilts are built up on that particular guilt. Like feeling guilty about something happening in Vietnam. Actually it is just shifting your mind from one to another. Actually, the guilt is this. In the very subtle way this is the guilt: that at every woman you have looked with lusty eyes – is the guilt. And that guilt builds up and gives you another picture because you do not want to accept the reality, so it gives you another picture, “Oh, I am guilty about that. I feel very guilty about the poor people.” In Switzerland they told Me, “Mother, we feel guilty about the poor people.” I said, “How much have you donated out of your money? Have you even reduced your one bottle of whiskey per day? What have you sacrificed that you are feeling guilty?” So, this is what it is. And this is because we are here placed with this deep problem in the society. It is for us to remove it from our Left Vishuddhi.

And then you’ll be amazed, if you have a Left Vishuddhi, you cannot even smile properly. There’s no childlike smile. It becomes very funny. When people smile also sometimes, I feel they’re crying. You can’t understand if they are smiling or crying, you know, it’s very difficult. Somebody was smiling and I was telling the person, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, please, please,” and the person looked at me!

The cheerfulness, which is so pure just like flowers, cannot come up with your Left Vishuddhi.

So, do not build it up. Now, finished, is finished. Now, forget about the past. Now, do not go onto the past. If you go to the past, you go to the Left Vishuddhi. And you’ll be amazed most of the baddhas go and settle down into Left Vishuddhis, you have seen that. Anything you do, first of all it goes to the Left Vishuddhi. And who stays there is the sister of Shri Krishna, who was sacrificed to save the life of Shri Krishna, which is another long, long story, which will take too much time. So, I’ll tell you about it some time later on.

Now, those who have come for the first time, for them it was quite an entertaining story today because it was a festival day; doesn’t matter! Even if you have come for the first time, it’s nice to know about some things which are very important and vital for life.

Now, righteousness after Realisation becomes a need, because you start getting the pain here all the time. The hand is always here: one hand towards me and another here; is a common picture. It’s a common picture, you see. I see here, slowly I find somebody’s hand is going like this. (Laughter) If there is a scarf they would like to do it. It’s a very common picture I see.

So, I would say that, if we can basically purify ourselves. And today try to find a brother for yourself, a real brother for whom you feel.

Now, the Indian Sahaj Yogis have sent me three rakhis. This was by somebody else, but three of them, which is another very poetical situation. Modi has written that, “You are the protection for all of us. And what do we do to put this onto You? And what are we doing it?” So, they said that, “All the sisters of Sahaj Yogis are sending this to be tied on all the brothers of Sahaj Yoginis who are in Your wrist.” And that’s how they have sent three – of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati – three things which I will ask one of the children to come and do it; because it is the work of a small little child. Where are they playing? Just call them, they are needed here.

May God bless you!

Now, some boy has to come and do it.

For the people who have come for the first time they have to know that Sahaj Yoga is the yoga which is the only yoga where you become one with your Spirit. It’s the union with the Spirit. There’s no other way out. It’s the awakening of the Kundalini, which enlightens your attention with the light of the Spirit. And other things that people think of – that we can put in an effort or we can work it out, that is not a proper method. Because it is a living process, it’s an evolutionary process. You have evolved in such a manner that you have become…

Sit down here. All right, come and tie it, right, just see. You have to tie it on my left hand. Not a complete knot, but a half knot. You know how to make it? Like this.

All right? Yes. Like a bow. Can you make it? Like a bow.

Chaya, can you come and tell them?

Like a bow you have to do it. All right. Just now you tie it like that as it is, then I will do it later on.

Child: Yes, we can do it now.

Shri Mataji:You know? You know? That’s good! Like a bow you tie. Yes, great, yeah. It’s all right. Great! That’s it! Keep it out. It’s all right. If you do it one bow it’s all right. All right. That’s all right.