Translation of Marathi Letter from London

London (England)

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My dear Sahaja Yogis,

The programs which you have arranged at Baneshwar will certainly be very successful. Our attention is there. All God’s work will now have a new dynamism. Sahaja Yogis of Pune have given fulfilment to the ‘Punya’ of Pune. There is nothing special of mine in it. Whatever is with you has been discovered by you and accepted. This is the source of joy.

Sahaja Yoga is evolving as Maha Yoga. Baneshwar seminar will manifest that. Work has now commenced on very large scale in Europe also. This year many people will be coming to our holy land. I will come in November. Till then the message of Sahaja Yoga should reach every village, My affectionate blessings to all.

Ever Yours, Your mother Nirmala