Conversation of Shri Mataji with Ratna (see also MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 2, OCT-DEC 1980, PAGES 21–22)

New Delhi (India)

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Conversation of Shri Mataji with Ratna

Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah
The moving finger writes, and having writ it moves on, Nor all they piety nor wit can scratch a single word down.
A young girl of sixteen fascinated by these lines so much that she lived on then for twenty-six years. If there was a “Moving Finger” who could control your lives, then what was the need for temples, churches and worship ? A question which haunted her for many many years to come.
Then one day she heard a saying “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”. It appealed all right and so she got up at 4 a.m. (called herself a Karmyogi) and kept on working, but still the problem of life and its meaning were not being solved. Everything appeared existing but what was her role in life ? This was a question, probably an eternal one !
May be we were not the lucky ones, like those born when Shri Ram and Sita, Radha and Krishna, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary came down on Earth to Bless them. Sometimes I thought that may be we could still get a Darshan of Mahavishnu or have a vision of Sakshat Shakti Herself. I kept on thinking and lo ! we were Blest.
In 1980, Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi was in Delhi. She was here to Awaken the Kundalini.
This young girl now a mother of grown up children went to meet Her Holiness as She happened to be her Mamiji (aunt) by relationship, but when she bowed to touch Her Lotus Feet, she realised that more than a Mami, a “Mother” was needed. The change was all in a few micro-seconds. She asked Her Holiness to bless her daughter Ratna who was accompanying her. Ratna, a student of Miranda House felt completely relaxed in H.H. Mataji’s presence (for which she herself was surprised).
H. H. Mataji : How are you bete ?
Ratna : I am alright Mataji, but I would like to know about the Third Eye which Lobsang Rampa wrote about.
H.H. Mataji : Bete’ can any-one operate in between the eyebrows and open the third eye ? In that
case all the surgeons would be much sought for (Laughter all around as no one can stop laughing in Her presence.)Ratna : Mataji is it possible that the Divine power be converted into Evil as shown in the latest movies “the omen, Exorcist etc”.H.H. Mataji : The Divine Power always remains Divine, there is no doubt in it. It is a Power which can never finish. If you forget your path, I may give you a little jolt, that’s all. My love for all of you is always there.
Ratna : In the spritual Path, is it necessary to wear good clothes ?

H.H. Mataji : Once the Kundalini is awakened, She passes through 6 chakras touching the Sahasrar which is the final destination. All these chakras have Deities to guard them. Once the Mahalakshmi chakra (Manipur) is aroused, you have to respect Her by putting on your best and being scrupulously clean. Mahasaraswati demands precision and neatness and so on.The Goal was reached. H.H. Mataji with Her Glances and Touches had given Ratna self-realization (awakened her Kundalini).The Moving-finger moved on and Blest every-one in the room, and now we understood that all that had been written for us could be scratched down with all H.H. Mataji’s Blessings.With Ratna and her whole family meditating and taking salt-water treatment in night, life seems to have developed a new meaning.No hurry, no worry, no taxis, no cars to rush you up to any place of pilgrim mages. She was the lucky one to have made it ! Yes ! Mataji’s looks and glances are enough. Even Her photograph Vibrates. It is absolutely true. Our beloved and revered Mataji absorbs all our sorrows, and this keeps us always smiling. Smiling as we always are others want to know the secret.Then, as there are no secrets in “Sahaja Yoga” we told them say Jai Mataji.Mrs. Varma
B-18, Press Enclave,
New Delhi
5th September, 1980