The Dangers We Face

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-09-08 The Dangers We Face 1980, version 2, incomplete, 35'
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“The Dangers We Face”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 8 September 1980

This has been the month of warnings somehow, because certain things I have been seeing in people, how it happens and how people get into problems. How our inner being is disturbed and why sometimes Sahaja Yoga fails within you. One must understand the dangers we face as human beings.

No doubt, you are the highest of this Creation. No doubt. For you this Universe was created, for you this Earth was created, no doubt. And today you are at a situation where you have to get out of this illusion.

The time has come. Everything is ripe. But on a tree, if you notice the most delicate stage is that of a flower. [The] flower is the most delicate thing. The roots are tough, extremely tough: they penetrate through the land, hardest possible land; they go through different rocks and find their ways. But when it comes to the flower stage, it’s a very, very, delicate stage. Though the whole Creation just waits for that time.

The whole tree works it out. And the tree creates that beautiful flower. It’s waiting for that time, that blossom time, when the flowers have to become the fruit. Now that is the time. That precarious time. That beautiful time. That fantastic, dynamic time is here. But we do not know how delicate it is and that’s how we really play too much with ourselves.

Before Realisation, you have seen people who have come to me who had terrible mental problems; who were mentally deranged people absolutely epileptic and of serious type. They got cured, they got their Realisation they settled back.

You have seen people with cancer, with blood cancer, all kinds of physical troubles: they got their blessings, they got their Realisation, they are settled back. You have seen people from very false gurus who have damaged their being completely, who have been mesmerised, who have been absolutely misled and lynched and have been made into, we can say, just cabbages. Such people also came to Sahaja Yoga and tried and prospered.

But again it’s the flower stage, one must not forget. And that is the time one has to be very careful, at the blossom time only. Imagine, the times are so precarious that the gardener has to worry that there should not be a hailstorm. And all the satanic forces have worked up in their fullest form, with their greatest strength, with all their tricks and methods, to curb down the progress of this Creation into its fruitful happening. At such a precarious time one has to be very aware of all the dangers that we can face.

The greatest danger comes to people when, after getting Realisation also, they do not have faith in Sahaja Yoga. It’s the greatest danger, because that’s your anchorage, that’s the way you are saved.

Say, if there’s a boat, which comes for your rescue, and you are drowning and it rescues you, you see, you can feel it. Those who have not felt, alright, but those who have felt it. You come off the boat and then you do not believe in the boat. You do not have faith in boat. That’s the greatest danger you face.

People have faith in all kinds of nonsense very easily. But to believe that you have found the Reality, to believe that you can be saved, is very difficult for people who are all the time drowned and are threatened and frightened. Because the habit is formed to be always drowned, harassed, haunted by fears. So that habit doesn’t go and that comes over and you feel frightened and you lose faith in Sahaja Yoga. Whether you have faith in it or not, it works. It works on people who do not even have faith.

Today only I received a very interesting letter from India and a man who is supposed to be something big there. He told me he read an advertisement about Me, that Mataji is going to give Realisation through Kundalini awakening, and he just came just to make fun of the whole thing, to the program. And there, he felt that I was just befooling people, it is not possible, he sat with a very sceptical ideas. But his Kundalini rose and he felt the cool breeze and he felt that calm and everything. He was amazed. I don’t remember, he relays that I came to him and he said, “Mother you are so kind. Despite the fact I came with this kind of idea you gave me Realisation.” Because Indians know what Realisation means. Here people even don’t know that, so the situation is much worse. They know that Realisation means cool breeze, it means you must get cool breeze flowing from you. They know it. You do not know that. So the situation becomes much worse here that the faith in Sahaja Yoga goes. Now this is not blind faith. This is the faith. One is blind faith and another is the faith: means that you have now seen it and now you have faith in it. It’s not like many people, I have seen many people saying, “I believe” and “I believe” and “I believe” Out of what? It’s a thing that you have felt, experienced, you have had it and then you believe it.

Of course you are not obliging anybody by having faith. That’s one thing. It’s the grace of God that has really been kind, extremely gracious, to grant this to you. By that you do not oblige God or anybody, nor me. But despite that it’s time. What grace, what grace, what beauty, what love! It happens. But this faith does not settle down.

Now the reasons for that are many, but is a very dangerous thing. You can rationalise it. I have seen people who go away, then again come back and they said, “Mother we are sorry, I mean we just doubted you. We went away,” this that, “I started thinking about it and I spoilt it and I lost it, and I said ‘oh it was just temporary,’ I went away.”

Why not, once you get Realisation settle down with it for a while? Why not see for yourself what it is? All the gurus who take money and have made a money making proposition out of God – which is absolutely against God, anti-Christ and anti all that is Divine – people stick onto them much more, like leeches.

One thing of course there is that they mesmerise. There is no freedom. You cannot get out of them. One thing, I agree. But the second is the money. They get involved with them because they have paid for it and they have to stick onto it, because they have paid for it. And so many people have told me, “Mother you better take money from everybody who comes in and they will stick on!” I mean this is going too far. I have too much respect for humanity. I respect you too much. I do not think you could be that low. I cannot think, [that]. And those who are that low cannot get Realisation also perhaps. Maybe if you get it it’s not worth it, you see. We do not light lamps in paper bags do we? People have to be of some calibre to get Realisation.

But the faith, faith in Sahaja Yoga, is the only way you can rise and understand and move and grow with it. The faith has to be so great that nothing should disturb you.

Look at these flowers sometimes, how delicate they are. And it rains and sometimes it’s too sunny, especially in London. You don’t know what sort of a climate it is, it’s a funny climate, absolutely! But the flowers, they stand up to that because they have faith in the tree on which they are born. That’s the strength-giving thing. And to know it, fully – so that you love it more and more and imbibe within you more – is the only way you can really establish yourself firmly into the strength of the Divine Power.

The understanding of Sahaja Yoga is not mental. I told you [that] yesterday. It’s not mental understanding. You cannot understand it through brains. If you try to understand it through brains, you get away from it. Because you cannot explain how it works out. It’s a miraculous thing. It’s a mystery. It’s a mystery. God is a mystery for man, will remain a mystery to a point, but he can become His power. He can become an instrument of His power.

So you cannot comprehend the complete thing through your brains. You cannot even comprehend a little bit through your brains. Only thing is when you see it happening, you see it working out, the effects of that experience which are put on your brain, that gives you faith.

How do you have faith in a man? Say there is a man who is very astute, straightforward. You give him ten pounds. He spends nine pounds three pence, returns the rest to you. Then you give some more money. Again he does the same way; he returns all the money that is due. By mistake he forgets, he again comes and says, “This is it.” So you develop that faith in him. It has not come out of your intellectual understanding of the man. A man may be very good, maybe a very great cheat, could be a ‘very fine’ gentleman, very well dressed. Mostly I have seen sometimes when I see these pictures where they show the bank robber, especially the gentleman, is absolutely top class. He wears beautiful lined dresses you see, he walks with an umbrella, straight forward and he’s absolutely, you can see his face and I mean it’s chiselled completely! It’s beautiful figure and extremely innocent face and all that he puts it up, very well, that’s why he can befool! He can befool people very well and he can get things out of them.

But, in Sahaja Yoga, when you start feeling it, seeing it, how it works…when you saw this man, seeing the way he works, you have no faith in him anymore. You start seeing how Sahaja Yoga works and then you have faith in it. And that is faith, that is not reasoning.

Actually by reasoning you have achieved nothing so far, if you see it properly. For example, you see, all scientific laws, were discovered, were seen, were felt. Even if something comes into my mind by thinking, it could be just an imagination unless and until I see [that] it works. Anything that does not work out doesn’t become a law for us.

So for Sahaja Yoga you have to see it. But not with the idea that, “Let me see if it works or not!” That’s not the way. But just the seeing of it and understanding it.

If you sit down and reason out Sahaja Yoga you will be lost in wilderness, absolutely! But how it works!

I’ll give you a very simple example now. We have got the gentleman here. He wrote a thesis. I don’t know how many years he was working with it. He could not get through it. He had not even made a bond out of it. It’s a very material style of understanding, but still. So he came to me and he said, “Mother now I leave it at your feet and I surrender it to you. Do whatever you please.” So I looked at it. He said, “Are you not going to read it?” I said, “No need to read.” I just put a little bandhan on it. Put my hand there – finished! That’s all. That’s all I did. By next year he was a doctor. He was. How it happens?

Today we received another letter from Portugal. There was one fellow, whom we had sent all the articles, everything, but he had certain problems with his sister and mother and all that, so he didn’t want to do much of Sahaja Yoga. And there was another one, who wanted to do it. And he writes to me saying that, “I received everything. I don’t know. He does not know my address. How it has come to me I don’t know. Who has dropped it in my house? I do not know how it has come to me; the address was of that fellow.” And that gentleman who has this address, does not know his address. It’s that mysterious. There are angels. God has many hands, many eyes. He’s God Almighty. He’s very powerful.

So, after Sahaja yoga you cannot comprehend Him, you can only see Him at work and you can see His laws working out and you can see it works out.

A simple thing: there’s a gentlemen sitting here, now you put your hand on that. There was another case, very recently it happened, one gentlemen came to me and asked me, “Why everybody is asking about my father? What’s the matter?” I said, “Really? They’re all asking about your father?” I went further to tell him about his father and he was surprised. “How do you know?” I said, “I just know.” “But,” he said, “How did they all know that there was something wrong with my father?” I said, “There is a way of finding out. Everybody, even a little child knows there’s something wrong with your father.” So when he put his hands toward that gentleman the Right Heart was catching, everybody’s Right Heart. This is father’s [chakra]. So he asked, “What’s wrong with your father?” Now see the mystery. You see, Sahaja Yogis also take it for granted! See the mystery, the alertness of the vibrations, just think of it, how they work it out, that you just extend the hands at somebody and the vibrations tell you this gentleman is catching the Right Heart. And Mother has told you that it means the father’s problem. That decoding I have done, but what about these? These vibrations they look so silent. Do they think? How do they tell about anyone who may not be here, present. You can tell. And if Sahaja Yogis just start telling about that person that, “This has happened, that has happened, and this person has got this, and that person has got that.” Sitting down here! It’s a tremendous dynamic force which is working it out.

But if you have no faith, then the same vibrations know that you have no faith. They know you out and out, absolutely out and out. They know you too well. It is they only who play around with you and put you into problems so that you realise that you have been trying to cheat yourself. You are cheating your own Spirit. You are not truthful to your Self. And it would be like taking a dagger and putting it through and being very happy, “Oh how I have cheated myself!” It’s that foolish and stupid! I tell you.

They know you too well. And they just take you round and put you into a problem to realise that, “Do not cheat anymore!” These dangers are there for all the people who get Realisation.

And the, another, realisation one should have, when you see others around here, the kind of people that come in. All kinds of people have come. And when you start judging them also you should know that if you become like that, you will also have the same problem. Even after Realisation possibly. For example some people start suddenly sulking in Sahaja Yoga, say, after Realisation, for nothing at all. They should be, very aware of it, immediately give it up and become cheerful. Is there a negative force pulling them down to sulk?

First sign of being a Sahaja Yogi is to have a very cheerful disposition. Look at the flowers, look at them. Have you ever seen any flower, which is not dead, not cheerful? If they are, even at the fag-end of their life, they’ll try to cheer you. That is the first sign, and all such signs should be expressed, not artificially, but really spontaneously, from within and nothing should disturb you which is trivial, useless.

If you have faith in Sahaja Yoga, then you must know you are here for a tremendous work of human emancipation. You have a very great responsibility. You represent that part of Creation which is the most important, the most vital. And if you fail it, it’s absolutely fatal also.

All this works out in such a manner that it builds up tremendous sense of security within you, that you know you are standing on the Truth. Hold it with both your hands. You’ll grow on it. You’ll enjoy yourself. Life will be so much better, much more beautiful. And it is only through you [that] the whole world is going to be saved. So strengthen yourself, strengthen your arms and strengthen your feet. The faith is the strength of Sahaja Yoga, not the brainwaves that you have about it.

Of course, you need it sometimes to argue with some intellectuals, you see, as I have told Gregoire to write the last two chapters (of The Advent) for all these Rock of Gibraltars (egoists). But, for you the greatest thing is the faith, to enjoy it, because you have seen it, you have known it, you have found it. It is with you! You are the master of it! It is at your service, and so beautiful, so loving and so kind.

Maybe today is the last day, I’m here. I’m going now. I may not be here for one and a half months or so. I hope so, I’ll be back, by the 17th of October or so.

Whatever it is, even if I am away or anything, Sahaja Yoga exists everywhere. Within you it is working, without you it is working, everywhere it is working. So you see for yourself. To see it you have to go and see people and meet them and talk to them and find it out how it works. And develop that faith that gives you the sense of security.

There are so many ways of cleansing yourself, which you know, you can find out. Meet each other. As many times as you can, call each other for tea, meet each other. Go around England. I was thinking when I’m out it would be better that you go round to different centres, meet people, get organised, get more people, tell them, talk to them about it and do something. But they’ll judge you by your faith. And when you have found out the Reality, the faith should be much greater than any of these fanatics have, any of these nonsensical people have.

But for faith you must have the quality. Only people of quality can have that kind of faith, not ordinary people. They’ll fall off. All the flowers do not get transformed into the fruit state. You are transformed into fruit state. But all the fruits do not come up to their maturity because they lack faith, the strength.

Gather up your strength. It’s all behind you. It is within you. It’s around you. Everywhere there is light, within and without. Try to work it out properly. Do not condemn yourself or condemn others, but know that you are something that you are standing on the Truth. And you are in for the Kingdom of God, which is promised to you, which you are in already walking in that. You are settled in there, just enjoy that beauty.

May God bless you.

Is there any water for me? Water?

Now I would like now to know how many new people are there, and, yes, just come forward, those who are new, and we’ll have a look at them. Those who have come for the first time please come in. And then I would suggest, that those who come for the first time, must… please come…must get to it, you see. It’s a serious matter, it’s not just a shopping centre. It’s not guru shopping. It is your own shopping I should say, it’s your own being.

So, take to it seriously and work it out properly. Ask others. Not that in any way they are higher or lower. Only thing, they got their Realisation before you came to me. So it’s alright, doesn’t matter. They’ll tell you what is to be done.

In Sahaja Yoga there is no restriction, there is no compulsion, there is no membership I can say. There is no way of allying you with Sahaja Yoga No nothing. It’s your freedom, complete freedom. Your freedom is to be worshipped and to be respected. If you have to achieve the highest of the highest, you have to be absolutely free because that is the complete freedom you have to achieve.

So nobody is going to force you to do anything or compel you to do anything. No. You are left alone to yourself.

No doubt, there is a Kundalini within you which rises and there is, in every human being, a possibility of achieving Realisation. Every human being should receive Realisation. But it’s a real work, it’s a living work, and living work takes time.

If you people are of that calibre, you will become great fruits of this Creation. I will work as much as I can to keep you up there, all my level best. I’ve worked very hard and I’ll always work, and all of them are willing to help you out. They have no problem. You too become like them, very soon.

Now about Kundalini I must have spoken I don’t know how many times, and there are lots of tapes with us. It’s all again intellectual feat, you see? Let’s see if the light is there. Let us see the light, then we’ll talk about it, isn’t it? I mean, if I have to put the lights on I have to just press the button. That’s what it is, really, because it’s all built-in. Once it happens to you, then you [can] ask me about the engineering, it’s better, than to have the headache before and then the light.

So let’s work it out that way Then, later on, you can go through, you can find out for yourself how it works, what is the system that works it out, what is God’s plan for us, everything. Gradually, you see it for yourself that this is the baptism that is promised to you, this is the real re-birth that has been prophesised before, this is the time that is promised that somebody will come and do this job for you. And it is here that you receive it.

No religion is to be condemned because they are different steps in your growth, but, you should know what is real and what is unreal. That’s very important. Once you learn this science of God’s ways, then you start talking about it. Before that, you just see for yourself. Be just witnesses and achieve something out of it and make the best.

May God bless you all.

Now let’s have the feet like that straight, yes. Just like that. Just like that, yes. And put your hands towards me.

For anything small just do not get disturbed. Keep your eyes shut. If you can put your hands on the lap it’s alright, because you’ll be comfortable. Be comfortable. If you have any discomfort in the stomach or anything tightness you can loosen it. And it’s for your comfort only. I want you to be comfortable. That one thing is, that you should be comfortable bodily. Though the Kundalini’s such a sweet thing, She’s your Mother, and She rises without giving any trouble.

Now close your eyes. Just close your eyes. Everyone.

“Aank ke band kar lijiye” (Hindi: close your eyes)

Now there are some centres within us, they might get a little obstructed, supposing you feel guilty for nothing at all. I mean there’s nothing to feel guilty you see. You are facing somebody who is love, so how can you feel guilty before such a person who is just love? So have no guilt of any kind.

Then you have to forgive. You have to forgive all the people.

Not to bear any bitterness just now, just forgive, because by bearing that bitterness you really embitter yourself, you do not torture the other person.

And lastly you have to ask for forgiveness, if you have done any mistake by ignorance or anything. You just ask for simple forgiveness.

All the obstructions can be overcome by the rising Kundalini. She does that.

Just relax. It will happen by itself. You are not to do anything.

Keep your attention absolutely loose, if there are thoughts, let them come, don’t worry, they will stop themselves. You don’t have to stop them. Do not put in any effort, just leave it alone. It will work out. It will just rise and work it out. You just leave it alone.

Suddenly the thoughts stop. But you are aware, you are not sleeping. You are not in a trance or anything you are absolutely aware. But you reach a point where there are no thoughts. But do not try to do that. Do not try to do that.

And when the Kundalini pierces the fontanel bone area, the talu, you start getting cool breeze in the hands. In both the hands you start getting cool breeze and also from your head, you start getting cool breeze.

First the hot breeze, I think (laughing), and then the cool breeze, for many people. It happens like that, doesn’t matter.

Good! You see? You can feel it on his head, here. You have a breathing trouble have you? Do you have a breathing problem normally? Do you have any breathing trouble?

Seeker: No, I’m just breathing.

Shri Mataji: Hmm? No just don’t breathe. Just leave it alone. Don’t you think it is too much breathing or is it automatically it happens? Happening automatically. This never happens before?

Seeker: No.

Shri Mataji: It never happened before you say? Hmm? You have been to some guru or someone?

Close your eyes. You are alright. You don’t pay attention to him you pay to yourself alright? Are you alright? Are you feeling?

Are you feeling hot on the right (hand)? Eh?

Seeker: Yes.

Shri Mataji:  Can you sit there? Would be better nearby. Just look at her not that. Ann, just look after her. Please sit down. You’re alright.

Now what about her? Where is she? After 10, 15 minutes her vibrations will be alright.

Colin, can you see the vibrations of this gentleman here?

What about these Indians who have come? Can you see their vibrations? This gentleman. This gentleman. There are two ladies there. Are you alright now better? Good.

Just can you come up to tie up the Kundalini? You come and help.

What’s the matter with his heart? Keep your eyes open.

You have done some breathing exercises? No?

You have not been to any guru or spiritualist or anyone? You never get this trouble normally?

Seeker: No.

Shri Mataji: No? Come here. I’ll just talk to you and it will be alright. Come here can you come here please? Just come here. Just get up, by Me, come. Come down. Come forward; come forward sit, come here sit down. Can you sit on the ground? Alright.

Be comfortable.

You have not been to any guru? Sure? Then what is the sense of insecurity you have?

You have some sense of insecurity, what is it? You are not well? Yes, you had some mental trouble. Did you? You had? What is the problem, tell me.

Have you got some lemons with you? Alright.

You are not well?

Seeker: I’m fine

Shri Mataji: You are alright?

Seeker: I’m fine

Shri Mataji: Keep good health? What work do you do?

Seeker: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Hmm?

Seeker: Can you feel it?

Shri Mataji: No, what work do you do? You tell me. What work do you do? No work?

Seeker: I do nothing.

Shri Mataji: Do nothing?

Seeker: Nothing.

Shri Mataji: Why? Your living off dole. Just relax, just hold it in your hands. You don’t do any work at all? You never get this? You’re not well?