The belief that you have got through experiences is the real belief

Paris (France)

1980-09-17 Public Program Talk Day 3, Paris, France, Opt, 61'
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H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1980-0917 Public Program Talk Day 3, Paris, France

Today is the last day in Paris and I’ll try to sum up the subject of Sahaja Yoga as far as possible. (Can you hear over there?) Yesterday I told you about the chakras within us, which are the subtle centres, which are existing. Before understanding the whole subject we must understand the attitude that is going to help us to understand this subtle subject. For example this is not a political lecture. It is neither a sermon to you but it is an exposition of a discovery, for which you should not deny because you do not know about it. The attitude should be that you still have to know.

This subject has not been discussed or has not been told in these way that people could get an experience. Supposing I describe to you the art of one of the Indian temples? You have read something about it and I describe you something else then of course you can say that this is not so because you believe in one person and not in another. Most of your beliefs are blind beliefs and you stick on to them because maybe you have paid for it or you have read it. The belief that you have got through experiences is the real belief. That kind of a belief you should seek.

Dealing with spirituality also there have been thousands and thousands of writers. Thank God I have not yet written anything. But there have been writers who have written about spirituality who have experienced it. I would say they were the people who were self realized. And, there are writers who have not been realized and have not experienced or the experience they have had was not of realization but of something else.

The understanding of this subject is only possible properly also if you are a self realized soul. Otherwise you cannot understand it fully. For example if you do not have a microscope and I describe to you something about microscopic vision you won’t understand it unless and until you see it.

Now Gregoire has already told you that we have this power called as the Kundalini in our Sacrum Bone. This is the residual energy God has placed within us for our Self Realization. It is the second birth. It is the Baptism. You can say like an egg we are, indulging in our ego and superego, absolutely calcified. When you come to a certain point of maturity this has to break, the mother bird breaks the egg and the bird comes out.

Surprisingly in Sanskrit language a bird is called as Dwijaha and a self realized soul is also called as Dwijaha because dwijaha means twice born. That means they’re Brahmin but later on this word got absolutely spoilt and we now have professional brahmins. It’s absolutely a misnomer now.

This Kundalini rises from here as you see and pierces the six centres, the last one being here, known as the Sahasrara. This hole that She creates, is the, in your childhood you have a soft bone, it again becomes exactly a soft bone. This piercing takes place at a point called as Brahma-randhra. Brahmarandhra. This means, the-hole-in-the-divine-power. It means through this we are connected to the divine power.

Now you can sit down and say just like a politician, how can that be? But you see so, as I have told you yesterday that God has made you in His own image and that He is not going to allow for His creation to be destroyed. He has already made this inside you, this instrument inside you beautifully. In so many cases you can see the Kundalini pulsating in this (Sacrum) bone, clearly, with your naked eyes. You can also see the rising of the energy in your backbone. With the stethoscope you can hear the lab-dab of the Kundalini. But when it reaches here you can clearly hear the throbbing. When the throbbing stops then you start feeling the cool breeze blowing into your hands. This is the seat (Fontanelle) of the Spirit but he exists, he exists in the heart and the information goes to the Spirit and then this cool breeze starts flowing through the Parasympathetic Nervous System. On your Central Nervous System you start feeling the Spirit for the first time. We do not realize how beautifully God has created us. We take Him for granted and take ourselves for granted.

If you cut the brain, transversely, you can see it looks like a lotus, in its design, of many petals. It is said that there are thousand petals encircling the Limbic area. I have seen it. It has many colours. They are like living flames. It is said in the Bible that ‘I will appear before you like tongues of flames’. These are the tongues of flames. Now by reading Bible can you explain what are these ‘tongues of flames’ that God is going to appear? There is a description of Tree of Fire. This is the Tree of Fire within us and the Vibrations are the Water of Life.

Sahaja Yoga explains all the scriptures as an experience not only mentally. It explains the Koran. It explains the Gita. It explains the Upanishadas. Of course, it explains the Bible. The time has come for us to know the truth and to prove it. So far we have been told but nobody has been able to prove it. That is why I am here before you.

This is the last centre, which we have to cross. It’s called as the Sahasrara meaning one-thousand-petals-centre. It is surrounded by another centre called as Ekadesha Rudra. It’s the last incarnation that is going to come on this Earth. This incarnation is going to destroy everything that is unnecessary. It is not going to persuade you. It is not going to request you. It is not going to give you Self Realization. The Last Judgment has already started. Kundalini Awakening is the only way you are going to be judged. God is not going to put you into a balance to see how much you weigh. He’s going to raise your Kundalini and He’s going to know what’s the problem with your chakras. He’s going to know what you have been hankering after. He’s going to know what harm you have done to yourself and to the society. But the judgment is compassionate. It judges and corrects, helps you to improve, gives you a very, very patient understanding and attendance, it tries to explain in everyway that your brain can understand, tries to explain all your funny identifications and to remove them, it sees all the stupidities you have been doing, all the foolish things you have been indulging into. It cleanses. It cures you of all these things. It pardons you. It removes even the little guilt you might be involved in. It is purity but it is not afraid of your impurities. Don’t be afraid of this. It loves you. It is going to judge you in the most unique loving way before getting into the problem of Ekadesha Rudra. The manifestations of that has already started as cancer disease. That’s the minimum. That is not as you call it as a sin but going to the extremes into things.

First of all Sahaja Yoga cures your cancer. It absolutely can cure you of your cancer. It can cure most of the incurable diseases. But it is not interested in curing like hospitals have. Those who want to get Self Realization, as a by-product get completely cured physical(ly). Of course as I told you your mental and emotional problems are also solved.

The emotional problems come to you from this Power of Desire, which creates your conditionings and ultimately your Superego. This is your past. Those people who indulge too much in their past, cross the limits and go into the Collective Subconscious and as a result the Collective Subconscious comes on them. Now it has been accepted by so many doctors who are doing research in cancer that there is an attack that comes from unknown areas within us. But they don’t know what are these areas and the attack of the virus, what is the nature of them. They are some compositions of protein they call it. They do not know more than that. Actually all of our scientists can only give names to things that they find out.

If they find out that Earth is pulling you down they call it gravity but they don’t know why there is gravity and how it is there. Through Sahaja Yoga we will know the why and how of everything. Now all collective problems come to us because of this left side, over active, and that is how our mental problems come in, actually, emotional problems come in. Many people also call it mental problems, they’re confused, so we can call it a mental problem or emotional problem it’s the same. But the mental problem is from the other side called as the Ego problem. The psychologists talk of the left side problems, of the psyche, about the conditionings but they did not know that if you try to decondition you do it through your Ego. If you try to decondition yourself you do it through your Ego. So while deconditioning you, you pump up your Ego. That pressure (unintelligible).

You have no instrument to cleanse yourself. If you try to pay attention to your psyche you have to use your Ego. The Ego can bloat completely here, and occupies the whole of the brain, pressing the superego like a pin. This is what happens in the developing countries, developed countries. They work very hard to develop, created all the plastics and junk, mountains and mountains of broken cars, and then their Ego got so big, bloated they got tired and they got frightened of it. Like they created the Atom Bomb and now they are frightened of it. They created a devil and now they don’t know how to save themselves.

Now this Mr. Ego, when it pumps up, you have certain expressions outside also. But do you know Ego ends up in stupidity? Absolute stupidity because Ego starts saying ‘what’s wrong,’ everything, they will just answer one question: ‘what’s wrong’. Every time you say like that Ego becomes big, big, big like that and such a person lives in an ethereal world of idiocy. For example a man who was about 60 years of age was found with a girl of 10 years old and when the Judge asked him why did you do it, he said: ‘What’s wrong?’ Another case was, there was a French robber and he robbed a bank. And I saw that on the BBC and I was amazed, I saw him running away also. But that shameful person was, shameless person was so boastful I was amazed at him! He was not at all ashamed that he had taken the money of so many innocent people, just to enjoy that money with some dirty prostitutes or get drunk somewhere and then to come and ask, ‘what’s wrong’. It is nothing but stupidity. Sometimes I feel that’s why Christ must have rode on a donkey. What is, what is the sense of behaving like this? It’s absolutely stupid and foolish behaviour. 80-year old man also trying to copy a 16-year old boy.

At a dinner party I met a lady, I mean she was the wife of a Lord, of about 75. She was trying to talk like a 16-year foolish girl. She had no dignity of her age and no respect for her age. And next day we read in the paper that she died because she fell from a horse. We had another lady, and Indian lady, from a, her husband is a (tape disconnected) … This is the problem of Ego. The best part is that the egotistical do not know that they are egotistical. They have created such a lot of problems because of their Ego.

But the young people of the West, not all the old, but so many young people of the West, have realized that there is something wrong somewhere in the whole society. They have tried to see that there is some sort of funny Baroque way of expression of the Ego, Baroque, Baroque style. Actually they are fed up with all that nonsense. For like in London you need to wear a tailcoat if you are to see a queen. They borrow these from one shop (unintelligible), they look like clowns but they think no end of themselves. You don’t know how to stop laughing at them. But in their idiocity they think they have become big barons.

This Ego problem was seen by young people, they saw what is happening in this world because they are Seekers. They said we are not going to waste our energies running after all these nonsensical things. They are Seekers. They said we are not going to accept the Ego. So they tried to develop their Superego by taking drugs and things, by which you run away from your Ego.

With Ego you destroy others but with Superego you destroy yourself. To Me the second thing is more serious because you are saints and you are destroying yourself! Now who is going to save this world? It’s alright if the world is destroyed which is useless but what about you people who are the ones who are going to emancipate this humanity?

The other day I just said to one person that have you been taking too much drugs, he was so offended he went away. As if drug addiction is a great religion with them. They have given up all the nonsense but caught hold of another horrible nonsense. Before Realization I don’t talk about it. I do not want to scare you away. But after Realization you cannot take drugs! You won’t be able to bear it. You become very sensitive. Like if you take a horse through a dirty lane he doesn’t smell anything dirty. If you take a man through a prostitute’s shop he doesn’t feel funny. But after Realization he starts feeling the heat from them. He gets a headache from them. He cannot enjoy them. He runs away from them, automatically. For example, when I, if I can see my sari, I know if it is dirty or clean and I can clean it if I am away from it. Like that you get out of your Superego and Ego.

So many ask Me what about our Karmas? Karmas are done by Ego and transferred to Superego! When you go beyond it who’s going to do the Karmas!? You jump into A-karma. Then your language changes! You don’t say ‘I do it.’ You speak in third person. You say ‘It is coming.’ ‘It is happening.’ ‘It is going.’ ‘It is working out.’ You start speaking in third person because you have become the third person, the Spirit, because you are the Spirit and not this Ego and Superego, which is a balloon. The Kundalini sucks in both the balloons.

This centre, which I have already described, this centre is very important where you see the red mark on My forehead. Actually it is in the brain where the Optic Chiasma cross each other like that. It is a very, very subtle centre. It controls the Ego and Superego. And this is the centre, which is crowned by our Lord Jesus Christ. – This is the door to the Limbic Area, which is the Kingdom of God. His Resurrection symbolizes your Realization. – As He was born, in the same way you are reborn.

There is a lot of controversy about the birth of Christ. What can these Human Beings understand a Divine Personality like Christ? You have no business discussing Him until you are really Realized! These churches have not given you the goods, they have not given you Realization, they have not given you the real baptism. You don’t need any conviction once you are Realized that Christ was the Spirit! There can be no controversy about truth unless and until you have your Realization! That is the most important thing that we should do before we discuss anyone of these great personalities; it would be like the ant discussing the political situation in France. You have to evolve to see Him. That’s why He has said ‘You have to be reborn’ hundred times!

Moses and other people, like Him, the Primordial Masters all over the world, incarnated, in this area and established your Sustenance. This was to prepare you for your ascent.

Then came Krishna, who said that ‘the Spirit cannot be destroyed.’ I say it in Sanskrit because it is a mantra. (HH Shri Mataji says the couplets in Sanskrit) It cannot be destroyed by anything, truth. So the truth He’s saying Christ was to be Resurrected. Christ has said ‘Those who are not against Me are with Me.’ Who are those people…?

Now you may say that why didn’t He say anything about Kundalini? These stupid egotistical Romans and the Jews did not allow Him to live for more than 4-years! They crucified Him on the cross and while we are paying homages to Jesus these satanic people are exploiting you. You gave them money, you gave them Rolls Royces, you gave them all kind of luxurious life but what about Christ? He was crucified!

If we do not accept the truth we are anti-Christ. He crucified Himself to prove that Spirit is eternal. He crucified Himself for your sake so that you should know that the Spirit is eternal! If you do not achieve your Spirit and manifest it, His life is no use to you. That’s why he has said, ‘You’ll be calling me Christ, Christ, I won’t recognize.’ I need at least 41-lectures to speak about Him. Only thing I have to tell you is that He lives within us.

When the Kundalini stops at Agnya Chakra we have to take His name and request Him to be awakened. Lord’s Prayer is the Mantra for this. If a Realized Soul says Lord’s Prayer, this chakra can be opened out. But if the non-Realized person says it, it has no meaning, he is not connected, has no connection. If the telephone is not connected and you go on dialing, you’ll spoil the telephone. Everyone of you must see that you are connected and firmly connected to the Divine Power. And that the Divine Power flows through you so that you Glorify your Father, so that you enter into the Kingdom of God and to really feel the citizenship and the security of your Father. That is a very difficult job for Me.

I’m like a mediator. On one side the Deities are very fixed people. They do not compromise. If you don’t listen to Me they’ll play tricks on you. I have to tell them to be kind. On this side are people who are egotistical. They think no end of themselves. Some of them are possessed with foolish ideas.

Now I would like you to know that you have to have wisdom and understand that you are the people on the stage. I’m not. I’m like a bubble. I’ve just come for you, to put you on the stage. You are the laughing lions, which have been described by one of the French authors. What was his name? (Voice of Yogi: German, Mother, Nietzche.) German. Nietzche.

Now it is for you to get Realization, then to establish it. As we do not take any money we have to work in a very modest way. Marie (name of translator) has been my disciple for 7-years. I wish she can tell you sometimes what was her shape when she came to Me. And, she’s much more nourishing than Myself, she’s much more loving than Myself, in a way, she gets very much into people who are English bashing. She’s more bothered about people who are hysterical, (Marie: Am I? HH Shri Mataji: You are.) who have run away from lunatic asylums. I tell her can’t you get some sensible people to begin with? In your parish, do you have all madcaps? (Laughter) Can’t you have some wise people also over here? Why should you take interest in people whose screws are loose so much? But she told me, ‘Mother do You remember how I was? You have saved me and You have to save them.’ But she took 4-years!

Now how can I spend so much time on everyone? You have first to get people who are wise and sensible. And, do not argue with people who are obstinate. For example, if they are Krishnamurti disciples, finished! Send them to Me. But once they get Realization, they are excellent people. We have some very powerful Krishnamurti disciples who are very good in that once they leave Krishnamurti they stick on to truth with a greater strength. But you don’t try all that.

Then Ha-Tha yogis are another obstinate people. You have to deal with them very carefully. There are some types you never try yourself, like TM. Send them to Me. All such special people I will handle. Then Rajneesh and all these, you just don’t bother. They will discover it very soon. But, if they have reached a conclusion that it, all was wrong and false and fake, then Sahaja Yoga works just like that (Shri Mataji’ snaps her fingers) because they are the members of that race which is the most precious, is that of Seeking. And, they are the ones who are going to support the Truth. All over the world that race is coming up. And, so many children are going to be born who have very great spiritual strength to adorn this great monument, edifice to the Truth.

I request to attend a program every Sunday at Marie’s place after your Realization. I’m going to Orleans tomorrow and I may not be able to come to Paris for quite some months or maybe a year. But some people will come from London to help Marie sometimes and some will come from Switzerland. Once you are all well equipped you can also go abroad to tell people about it.

One enlightened light can enlighten many lights. In India we have a very tremendous Sahaja Yogi who has given Realization to 10-thousand people in the villages. You can also come to India to meet your friends there.

We have many Sahaja Yogis who are Muslims in the most fanatic countries. They are understanding the fallings of these fundamentalists and they will come up very soon. Without any revolution, there will be a complete transformation!

I’m sure you all will be Realized today. You have to be kind to yourself. It will work out. Thank you very much. Thank you Marie.

Maybe some of you will not get Realization, maybe. Maybe some of you will not get Realization. But those who do not get Realization, sometimes start pressurizing you. For example, a husband and wife, the wife might get, the husband may not get but you must have your opinion about it. Do not get impressed by the opinions of others. If you do not get Realization, that means something is missing in you. There is something fixed in you. There is some problem within you. So, you must ask for your Realization and if you do not get it, try to get it! And, try to establish.

It has worked wonders in England. It should work much better here. I hope so. I have been understanding French people now. They are very aware. It will work out.

End recording.