You cannot pay for God’s love

Centre Charles Péguy, Orléans (France)

1980-09-18 Public Program Talk, Orleans, France, Opt, 58'
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Public Program

I am sorry I cannot speak French and I have to use the English language. I hope to learn French sometime in life. Gregoire has already introduced you to Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja means Saha is with and Ja means born and Yoga means union. Union with the divine. It is the union with all-pervading power of God Almighty, It is a spontaneous happening. That is the meaning of Sahaja. that means you cannot work it out. You cannot put in any effort to do it. Like a small seed which sprouts by itself spontaneously, you are made in such a way that this happening has to take place spontaneously. you do not put in any effort for sprouting a seed. If you stand on your heads on your legs the seed will sprout, then it has to sprout. Every living process is spontaneous. You cannot say what time exactly a flower will become fruit. But from experience, you can say this is the time about for the flowers to bloom. And this is the blossom time of the seekers. The time has come for many seekers to become fruits.

On the tree of life, there were very few flowers in the beginning. There were never so many seekers even up to the time of Christ. The human awareness has reached such a state where they are now in a blossoming state. And time for their transformation is now. It is now so heartening to see that in this Orleans that there are so many seekers of truth. For this transformation, you cannot pay any money. that is an absurd thing. You must understand that you cannot pay for God’s love. It is not a marketable commodity. It is the grace of God, the desire of God that he wants you to have the Kingdom of heaven, which cannot be repaid back. He is a compassionate Father, an ocean of love. He wants to give all his powers to you to enjoy yourself immensely.

On my way I went to the beautiful church of (UNCLEAR), In thirteen century they talked about Kundalini they talked of Kundalini. They have talked so much of the day of judgment. That day of judgement has started. How are you going to be judged they have not been able to tell you. The whole inspiration has come to them from the unconscious and not through meditative knowledge. But still, it is quite a clear cut. You are going to be judged through your Kundalini awakening. Otherwise how God is going to judge you. It is the Kundalini which rises and informs you and the person who is trying to raise the Kundalini what is your problem. Christ has said that you have to born to be again. He has said that you seek. You knock at the door. Nowhere he said that you pay money for it. The way we are Guru shopping everywhere, I am surprised how can you do that? God has placed within you this beautiful power of Kundalini in your triangular bone for your realisation and for your judgment. This bone is called as sacrum and sacrum means sacred. In the Greek language, it is called as sacred bone, that means the Greeks knew that this was a sacred bone. Medically also it is true that it is now easy to burn this bone. Now this power exists within you. And when the kundalini starts rising when there is obstruction then you can see the pulsation of this Kundalini very easily. if there are obstructions in the spinal cord, then you can also feel the rising of the kundalini slowly. But when there is no obstruction Kundalini rises like a jet. There is no feeling of its rising. You do not see anything. You just be there. At the most, some people do feel a throbbing here in the fontanelle bone area, where you have to receive the baptism. But some people don’t feel that and they become themselves. It is the becoming which is important. And you know have become because you can feel it from your hand, a cool power flowing, the cool breeze of the holy ghost. In India, we do not have any organised religions. And the climate is so good to the people that they do not have this fight. They can live in a forest for their seeking without any fear. In the ancient times, many people tried to find out how we are built within. They tried to find out where this shakti is coming to us, this power is coming to us. We as modern people should try to find out why we have become human being from small amoeba stage? Science cannot answer two questions why and how. For example, if there is gravity in this earth they will say there is gravity, why and how they cannot tell. But after you get your realisation you enter into a new awareness of collectivity. You become the collective consciousness. It is not we say we are all brothers and sisters let us have united nations. But you know that you belong to the whole, not through your brain but through your awareness itself. Because of this fingers of all the symbols of centres within which are shown here. all these centres get enlightened when you get your realisation. You start feeling them. even a child who is a realised soul can feel it. Sometimes you find a child putting his thumb in the mouth. Freud has some funny explanation. He was a half-baked person. I will tell you why I say that. He then (UNCLEAR) half-human being, What can one say one-third. The child is feeling this centre very much. This centre suggests, maybe your liver, or may he is facing people who think too much. He is trying to cool his centre. If he is trying to improve the centres of the others. We have to become that awareness first. We are all made that way. the instrument is made and has to be connected to the mains. In the same way, you all have to put to the mains to know the meaning of this instrument which has been created through creation through so many years. As every instrument have the arrangement for its connection, you, too, have the connection cord coiled up there. But the only person who can do this work has to be authorised by GOD. He cannot be authorised from any theological college. Or any going through the process and paying lots of money to some Gurus somewhere. It is a living process and living process can only happen in a person where the divine is living. you cannot read about in the books and understand. How many books did Christ read? or what university did he go? it is an awareness that what is human awareness. But whatever is the unknown is not divine awareness. Not I will tell you how many types of awareness are around us. On the left-hand side, you see a blue coloured line coming down, is the power of our desire. It flows through the channel called as Ida Nadi within us. This is the one is the psychic about Mr Freud is talking. It is all in our sub-conscious area. But Beyond the sub-conscious area on the left hand side is the collective subconsciousness. This is another awareness on the left hand side, in which you can jump. This can have by doing some sort of funny things like concentration through your ear, through your nose, or something like that. Or also concentration through darkness or going into symmetry. you can go possessed by the left-hand side attack. I do not know if Gregoire has told you that through Sahaja Yoga you can cure cancer. Only through Sahaja Yoga you can cure cancer. I have seen in all my work so far that cancer is caused, mostly, by the attack of the left hand side. Recently I saw a very amazing BBC programme in which some cancer experts, doctors were discussing about these attacks. They are also vaguely understanding like the Charter artistes. They are saying there are certain proteins, from certain names that they have given them, which are coming from the areas within us. These areas may be existing within us since the creation. That means they accept that there are unknown to us and there are attacks coming from there from some protein material which they cannot understand who they are. In our subconscious area, into our subconscious area, there were many such things which were discarded in the evolutionary process. So many vegetables, so many animals and so many human beings. They all exist into in our collective subconscious area. So we have on our left hand side, an awareness into which we can easily enter, called as collective subconscious. On the right hand side we have another power called as the power of action. I will not give Sanskrit you words to complicate it. Now this power flows into us through a channel called as Pingala Nadi in Sanskrit language. Through this, we go into action, physical as well as mental. We the left side we do our emotional work. Beyond this line on the right hand side is the area of supraconscious. Supposing you take LSD and all such drugs, which will take you to a realm where you start seeing hallucinations of colour and all, you enter into supraconcious awareness. You see an eye and a third eye, and all that is nothing but supraconscious. The more you go into that area you are again attacked by the entities which are supraconcious in nature. All the great planners and the great ambitious people exist there. Maybe Napolean from France or maybe Hitler from Germany exist there. If you are a very ambitious person and a great planner, if you go too much on the side you may be attacked. So above that, on both the sides, very much above the head, is the area of our collective consciousness. Above that we can say super collective consciousness. Now, this is the area where we have to go. We have to take our attention to that area of collective consciousness. And when the Kundalini rises she takes our attention to that. The spirit, the reflection of God exists in your heart. When the Kundalini rises she touches this touches this point which is the seat of your spirit. And when she touches that, from the heart the spirit starts emitting cool vibrations. Actually, it should be explained this way that spirit is enjoying itself all the time. It doesn’t seek outside enjoyment. That is the one which knows our feelings. It knows us, but we do not know it. But when your attention is driven into that, then you start feeling that enjoyment in your attention. That means in your consciousness you start feeling the spirit. That means on your central nervous system you can feel the spirit flowing. This is the energy of love’God, Which Christ had, which Christ had. Which was explained very well by Adi Shankaracharya as Soundarya Lahiri or Chaitanya Lahiri. Lahiri means the waves, Soundarya means the beauty, the waves of beauty, the waves of consciousness. Now your attention is enlightened. You start feeling others on your fingertips. You start feeling your self on your fingertips. Now you get separated from yourself and you start seeing your defects as something outside. The identification with your outside is lost and you start seeing what’s wrong with the outside. Also, you are empowered to cure that. This is what you have to see, its your own power of your spirit within you.

32.35 It is that.. everything has been prepared beautifully and delicately within you. Only in your frantic seeking, you have spoilt your (UNCLEAR being). It can be cured also. So in the last judgment, you are not condemned immediately. First, you see your faults and defects clearly before you. You get empowered with the cleansing power, you cleanse yourself and then you are judged as the citizens of God’s kingdom.

33.42 to 33.48

(There is a break in the tape where what Shri Mataji has said is not there, but it is followed by the translation)

And he was quite sceptical about it. One day he asked me, I told him that you can feel the vibrations of other people. One day he asked me, Mother I am getting a burning sensation in this area, what does that mean?

34.20 I told him these are all the centres of your father, (UNCLEAR) and this is the Vishuddhi chakra here which manifests in the cervical plexuses. I said telephone to your mother and find out your father must be down with bronchitis.

34:47 to 35:50 (UNCLEAR)

The father was in Scotland and he telephoned in my presence. The mother came on the phone and she said that your father is down with bronchitis.

And she said one more word is (unclear). You can feel the cure sitting down here if you know how to do it. But curing mentally and physically is not the aim of God’s creation. To give realisation is the aim. So that you feel the power within you and learn how to use it and enjoy his blessings. God is not interested in curing useless people, because nobody dies. They will get their life again they will be born again like that they will go on all their lives till they come to (UNCLEAR some) seek.

The seekers are the most important things in the vision of God. Today they are on the stage and they are protected. After realisation, they start understanding the amount of care the divine takes of you. It is already one hour I have been speaking to you. I know that it is a very vast subject. In the English language, in London, I must have given at least 300 hundred lectures. And they have taped some of these lectures. You can have them free to understand Sahaja Yoga. But the main thing is that you must get your realisation. For example, if this room is completely dark and you come inside the room you get confused. Somebody will say that the door is the room, somebody will say the chair is the room and somebody will say a table in a room. And they would go on shouting on top of their voices as if that is the truth. Partly, it may be, but on the whole, it is not. It is very boring to talk about all these things with such idiots. When you are sitting in darkness.

39:40 For example if I start telling you the history of this electricity and how it came to (UNCLEAR) city, you will be just tired. Then if I start explaining (UNCLEAR), you will be fed up.

And you will run. But supposing I tell that there is one little switch, if you switch on, you will get light. It is all built in here. Just press the button. You get the results. You have the light and you see everything for yourself and judge it. This is the spontaneous awakening of Kundalini. Now there is one question that is coming into the minds of some of you people, it is told, I mean that there are many books written on Kundalini. I have seen big-big books written about Kundalini, those people do not know anything about Kundalini. I am amazed at how they do that. Somebody says Kundalini is in the sex part, some says in the stomach, some says in the head. Kundalini has nothing to do with sex. She is your mother, sitting on the top of the chakra, which is the lowest here, called as Mooladhara chakra. The deity who is adorning that chakra is the embodiment of innocence. This centre controls our pelvic which controls all our excretory organs. You can see here that the Kundalini is placed higher than this centre. This innocent diety is here, just as a witness watching all our activities and looking after the protocol of the mother Kundalini. We must use some logic. All the animals are very good sex activities, are they going to get their realisation because we get. There are some people who go to a guru and start jumping like a frog or roaring like a lion.

44.12 Now are we going to become frogs and lions or earthworms. To wriggle like earthworms also has become one of the practices in the yoga system. Then some people are paying money to fly like kites. Are we going to now become birds and fly in the air? In which scriptures it is written that birds are higher evolutionary species than human beings? You are the highest produced so far in the evolution. But we have no self-esteem. We should understand that God has created us out of so many species for a very very special reason because we are special beings. There are cults and cults all over the world and some of them are so stupid that I do not know how human beings can go to them. Only the donkeys can go to such cults. We have to use common sense we are human beings. We are not to be guided to by these (unclear) that are floated as free enterprises. And not to be enamoured by these blahs blahs blahs of these horrible people who say that you better seek yourself.

Some of them talk that you must de-condition yourself. With what do you de-condition yourself? Do you know if we (Unclear) your ego? When you start de-conditioning yourself, the superego goes down, but the ego comes up like a big balloon. There are many posh Gurus like that who teach you such things and float some books and you like to sit down for a coffee party discussing your evolution. What discussion can give you realisation, you just tell me? Is it possible by discussion can you transform a flower into a fruit? Can you do that? If a living process, you cannot discuss it. It has to happen. It is happening. Let the happening take place. You are so very educated people that I can talk to you about Ego and Superego and all that nonsense that Mr Freud has told. But in Indian villages, people are not bothered about these things. They are not so much complicated. They have sensitivity for the divine. Thousands of them can get realisation just like that. There is one gentleman who got his realisation in Pune and has given 10,000 realisations in the villages of Ahmednagar. We have to become simpler (Unclear). Christ has said that you have to become like small children to enter the kingdom of God.

It is the ego which gives us nonsensical ideas. But still, I am must say that you are seekers of ancient times. It was predicted a long time that in this Kaliyuga, in the modern times, you will be borns as ordinary householders and that you will get your realisation. I am here to prove all the scriptures of the Guru. The Bible, Koran, the Gita, the Upanishad, everything. And as your mother, I have to fulfil all the promise. You don’t have to work for it. I have to work. But I have a tremendous love for you. Because I see that diamond, your spirit in you. You are clouded, yet you cannot see it. If you could see a glimpse of that, you will know my concern and my heartfelt anxiety about it. I do not know to want anything from you. You cannot give me anything also. Take your realisation. This is a very different thing, from all the other things that you have seen so far, where you cannot give anything. You have to get something out of me. And just me. I am begging out of you to think. You can understand a mother’s heart who wants to share her love with her children. That is the only thing that she can desire. Please do not get into rationality. That is very limited. You are to be triggered on to it. Then everything will be very logical. May God bless you.

It is a very simple thing how to do it. It’s like one light which is enlightened which can enlighten the others. You have to just put your hands towards me like this and take out your shoes because the Mother Earth sucks out our problems. Please do not be, you should not be obstinate about it. There is no show going on here. If you want to have your realisation you are welcome, otherwise do not stay here just to see the joke.

I have not said that you don’t do that or don’t do this. I am very careful. I know how you want to escape sometime. But it will work out. Then you will see the transformation within you. And you will see your own power emitting. Please put your hand towards me. Close your eyes, please. Just close your eyes.

Speaking to a Sahaja Yogi – I will have to blow out something. Is it possible to open the windows? It cannot be opened. Alright, I will work it out.

Please close your eyes.

To a Sahaja Yogi – Maureen you just ask them to close their eyes.

I will have to blow a little wind for you.