Advice to Ashram on Prayer

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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Advice to yogis. Chelsham ashram, London (UK), 26 September 1980.

Now, first I want to tell you what happened where I went, and how we got lots of Sahaja Yogis all over. That’s very good news.
The first thing was, I went to Lille, where you know Cathy is doing the organizing. She is a very sensible person, and her father is somehow [a] little bit opposed to Sahaja Yoga, but mother is not. And she called Me to her place for lunch.
Shri Mataji : [Aside] What are you doing now?
Please keep it. All right.

And when I went to her house the mother had- was suffering from arthritis and things like that, and I cured her, and she got Realization. That convinced her mother very much, and she was very happy.
Then in the evening, she had booked a hall in Lille and to our amazement, we had lots of
people. We were surprised that how about sixty people or sixty-five people were there in the
hall. And among them were some very, very nice people.
One of the friends of Cathy, her mother came and they got their Realization so fast in Lille that I was surprised.
And there, we met husband and wife who had been with TM. Very sensible people, both of them were really very sensible. When I explained to them what was Sahaja Yoga, they didn’t get their Realization but they understood that there was something great about it.
So they said, “All right, we are coming with you to Paris.” And one lady had come from Belgium. I took her also, and we went to Paris. They have their father’s house there, they stayed in their father’s house. And these two were wonderful people and they followed us even to Orleans.
But in Paris, the advertisement did not appear for two days. But these people had put some posters. We got about seventy-five people on the first day. And in that, we got a priest also there. Out of that, at least eighty per cent got Realization. They again came second day and came third day. And the third day, it was in the paper, so there was a bigger crowd, much bigger crowd, and it was a much bigger hall. And about eighty persons have got Realization there who are really very good. And they have decided to start a good center in Paris. Even in Lille now the center has started because these husband and wife are going to start a center there.

Then I went to -you must have heard about – Chartres. It’s a very beautiful church there. Went to see that church; it was very beautiful. Very good vibrations from that place. And then we went to Orleans, where we were just informed, a hall to be booked for us, and we had then one advertisement. Only in one advertisement, there were about seventy people. And practically everybody got Realization. Except for some TM’s they are good, and as usual, they are very funny – but they went away. And we had another gentleman who came in his orange robe, who has – he says he has taken a sanyasa and he has some technique and this and that, but Marie said there is no technique for Sahaja Yoga, there is no technique of God.

And then he and one or two with him, they went away. But so many people got Realization, and they offered their houses for their centers and all that. But the hall- the man who was organizing the hall, he said that he just charges six pounds per meeting. So why should we have another hall? And so we decided to have the hall there.
It was done by a girl who came from Australia, her name was Annie. She had met Warren there because she knew him before, but Warren didn’t tell him [her] about what had happened. When she came back she wrote to him that, “I saw such a tremendous change in you, I didn’t understand how you got this change. You were was so settled down and so detached from things. And you’re very different, otherwise so particular about every detail and things like that. All that had vanished, and you had become such a relaxed man, and your attention was somebody else. How did it happen? Then he wrote to her, “It is Sahaja Yoga, you go and see Gregoire.” And Gregoire gave her Realization.
Then she went and saw Marie, and Marie confirmed it, and the whole thing became all right. Now, Marie is a person who has really done such a lot, such a lot and all out she went to do everything that is possible.

Then from there, I came back to Paris and then I flew to Madrid.
We had two programs in Madrid. Actually, Gavin had sent her one advertisement, which appeared and a second never appeared, only the one appeared there. And when I reached there I was wondering how many people would be there. There were about a hundred and twenty people in the hall, and we didn’t know what to do. It was so suffocatingly crowded we did not know what to do. But we found out fifty per cent of them were frivolous people. They were saying, “We don’t believe in God,” and they were talking, “We don’t believe in Christ. 
This Catholicism we are against,” and all sorts of things, you see. And the fifty per cent got Realization. And they were very, I mean they were reactionary, they said, “How could God be there if there is so much poverty?” This, that nonsense they were talking.

But that day, the girl who came from Switzerland, her name was Miryam, she’s also a Catholic and she had problems because of that. And another was Hélène. She’s another very intelligent girl, something like Gregoire’s elder sister, extremely brilliant girl, and she could see the point very well and she was so clever. She said, “Only I got it once, and the Kundalini is now doing everything for me, She goes up, She teaches me, and whenever I do wrong, She comes down and She teaches me, She gives me faith, She’s so kind to me.” She’s so sensitive, I was so amazed at her!

Another person was Miryam who was little bit suffering with this Catholicism sort of thing. And then I brought her round, I brought this one lady round but she could not translate. And then, people started helping her to translate. Then one of the gentlemen was sitting there, I said, “All right, why don’t you come and translate?” He came forward and he was like a professor, in the way he started translating Me as if he knew Sahaja Yoga very well! With this beautiful translation, he got his Realization, he went away.
Next day, the hall was to be- we had to shift to another hall, a very big hall, a very beautiful hall, and all that. Then when we went to the bigger hall, you’ll be amazed, there must be at least ninety people or maybe a hundred people in that hall – second day and all very sensible and nice people. They didn’t have all these things and so attentive, so attentive to My lecture.

But the first thing that had happened is when I went to Paris was something very remarkable if you like it was repeated again here. This priest came to see Me and he said that he couldn’t get his Realization. So he wrote a letter to Me, that “Mother, I have a secret guru, in Rameshwaram, his name is such and such. When I go there, I stay with him and I cannot get Realization, I don’t know why.” So I told him, “There should be no problem because your Guru is a Realized soul.” I could see vibration-wise.
Then he told Me, “Yes, he told me that She’s the Mother, She’s going to emancipate the whole world, and you just can get your emancipation through Her.” And this was really energy-giving. I was so happy to hear that people are now recognizing, these gurus are recognizing and they are understanding My value. And I’ve never seen this fellow before.

The same thing was repeated in the second program of Madrid, where this gentleman appeared on the scene. I’ve forgotten his name, but Maria has all the names and all that. And he just came at the beginning of the hall, he sat there. He took charge of the whole place and he said, “Mother, I’m going to translate You.” And he used Spanish and English very well. He stood up and he translated Me, he looked after everyone, extremely wise and sensible fellow. And I asked him, “How are you here?”
He said, “I’ve come to do this work, Mother, especially.” And he told Me, “My guru’s name is Swami Ram and he lives on the Himalayas, he doesn’t go out anywhere.”
I said, “He’s a Realized soul, I know, he’s a Realized soul.”
Then he didn’t talk to Me but he talked to these girls. He said that: “My guru has told me that She’s Her Holiness. She will come to Madrid, you go and help Her. That’s why I waited for Mother to come.” So, such a help is coming to us now.

Now I want to know what our London Sahaja Yogis especially are going to do about themselves. That is a very important matter because I find the progress is very slow. Extremely slow, vibration-wise is not much progress. Even Regis doesn’t have good vibrations. I saw him, I was surprised, he’s lost his vibrations quite a lot. And same with Peter I would say, he was quite bad. And this is something I can’t understand, what’s happening to them. So it may be that you people feel guilty or do some sort of a nonsense of your mind, and you go on thinking or I don’t know what you are doing.

You have to improve in your vibrations. I think Harry is the only person who has improved, very much.
So what are you doing? Sitting and sulking and thinking and putting your mind into something nonsensical? Paying more attention to something like food? Is it? That: “What food should we eat, what should we have for food?” You must know if you are staying in an ashram, ashram is a training. What is the training you have to have? Let us see now. Is not to how to manage food, is to how to manage yourself. The main thing is you have to see where is your attention. What are you doing about your attention? Are you putting it to food and all these nonsensical things and money and finances and this and that? If that is so, it is not going to help you. “We should have this for food, we should have that for food.”

Now I have found out that Western people waste so much of their energy in decision-making. And what are the decisions you have made, so far? Like, what food should we have? What does it become ultimately, all the food that you decide to eat? Same about our lives. When we think and try to plan our lives, what do we make out of it? What is the ultimate result of our life? We should think. Because of this ego-orientation this decision-making is there. I’m amazed how this decision-making about food has started.

Actually ashram is the place where you should try to control your attention and deny things. That’s why people used to fast. If that extreme is not there, this extreme is also not good, is to think, what are you going to eat today, what are you going to eat tomorrow, what are we going to have for food. I think, best thing is you better fast every evening, that’s the better idea. It’s the best idea is that you all fast, so that there is no attention about food.

And what a thing to waste about? And there is a quarrel on, “And this much money saved, that has happened, that ….” You forget about money and forget about all these. You have to improve your vibrations. In the ashram you have not come here to find a convenience. I have told you before and today again. We have to improve our vibrations, our relations with each other.

Now another thing I want to tell you, nobody should talk to each other saying, “Mother says so.” I think you stop all your meetings, that’s a better idea. “Mother said so, Mother said so.” I never say to anyone. If I have to say, I say it directly. Nobody should use this phrase. I’m requesting all of you. “Mother said so.” I am very public and I say everything public. So, nobody should pass words to anyone saying, “Mother said so.” And whatever is in Sahaja Yoga is already quite a lot. Learn from that. You don’t start teaching new things. Because you will act as mediums, and bhoots will act through you. And you will become real mediums of real satanic forces.

Last time I was quite harsh about it, I said to you that these things are to be seen in a proper perspective. What I find there is no prudence in it; there is no prudence of any kind. You fight among yourselves. Doesn’t matter if somebody says something to you. All right? Just bear it up. In Sahaja Yoga you have to learn how to bear it up. How much you can bear from others. Nothing is going to be lost. I’ll give you a very simple example, [TOMAN?] had a friend, Mani, and he got jealous of [TOMAN?], very jealous. When he started finding faults with him, he complained Me about him, against him, “This happened, that happened.” He was a very dominating man, he was a lecturer and all that and he used to think no end of himself. I told him that, “You do not fuss about things, it’s not good, you are a very fussy person, you better keep quiet. And you try to bear it up.” But he would not listen. This happened about, say, three years back. And last time I met him, I told him that, “Now you will be in for trouble if you don’t stop this nonsense of your fighting.”

What does it matter? You do your best. How much have you born, what have you done? You have got the example of Christ. How much sweetness are you pouring to others? Everybody trying to show their knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. Best way is to articulate among yourselves the spirit of love. Instead of everybody becoming a great leader, is better you lead yourself and that will help you. Now same thing happened with this Man,and he would not listen to Me till the end. I mean, before Me he was like a cow, and when I came away, he was a bull. Every time he did that, and his attention was so badly spoiled, I told him, “Look after your vibrations.” [He was not bothered?], he was trying to show off, and today his letter has come – he’s got leukemia.

In Sahaja Yoga one should never get any cancer, is out of question. But one gets it because of your attention. People have been cured of leukemia. Why they are getting leukemia? It happens. If your attention is not correct, you will get it. Today his letter has come that he has got leukemia. So to show temper, if you get angry, anything is against you. Try to love each other, just bear it up. And do not be agitated too much and do not demand. The humblest are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. The meek people are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. Not the ones who are very particular about something and who take decisions.

Please take decision-making at zero, “I do not take any decision. I will not take any decision. Let Mother take the decision.” This is the way you can do it. Now, everywhere Sahaja Yoga is coming up, people are understanding. You have to discipline yourselves; there is no idea of discipline. You try to disciplining others and nothing about yourselves. Everything that is living is disciplined. See on a tree how the leaves spread, how they discipline themselves and how they arrange themselves. Is there any fight going on?

First of all, decision-making about food should be zero. Please stop all the meetings, I think that is also another ego-trips going on. All the ego-trips, meetings, what do you achieve? This. Better not have any more meetings, better all sit down and quietly meditate within [INAUDIBLE], and work it out, [properly?]. Your vibrations should be all right, that’s the main point. And do not deceive yourselves. You have to grow! ‘There should be [prudence?] that you have to grow, nobody else has to grow. You are the losers. Who is the loser?

Now, Mr. Paul went there, and I don’t know what happened, he went there, stayed with Tomal. Now, Tomal has given realization to ten thousand people. And Mr. Paul thinks no end of himself, he thinks of him he is a very great guy and he can do anything. He went and said, “Why do you have a servant in the house, you are enjoying yourself, your servant is working like this”, and he fought with them. And he came away, misbehaving. What does he think of himself? It’s a very, very bad manners.

I never knew that you are to be told that when you go to somebody’s house – the guest, if you are a guest – somebody’s house, you are not to behave like this. And he quarreled and fought and came away. Now, what are we to say? They have written to say that he quarreled very much. He is so much elder to you. Apart from that, in Sahaja Yoga he is senior to you. That is the thing: no sense of respect.

I think you have to take up things much more seriously. I have seen also, people laugh at others – all of you, suddenly start laughing, suddenly. Must develop your dignity. You must develop your dignity. Even when you talk to Me I have seen, “hehehe,” like that you laugh and then say something. That’s not the way to talk to Me, it’s also wrong. If your dignity is not all right you are not going to get deeper into it.

Now, better stop all meetings and all these things. For what? For arranging food? Is it a hotel here? Just arranging somebody’s food is whatever you get, just eat and don’t say anything about the food. Some do not want to cook, some want to cook. What is this? Everybody should be forward there, “Yes, I will cook, I’ll do, I’ll learn.” Nobody has this desire, “I will do. I will do.” Labour saving, money saving, all kinds of devices. It is not good for you. It’s not proper for you. You just see your own selfishness. You have to grow in Sahaja Yoga; you have to become great in Sahaja Yoga. You are not to waste yourself.

And when I say something, you think I’m saying about somebody else. You just put it to yourself, the same question and ask yourself, “Where am I?” That’s the way you are going to improve, and you don’t know how much work I want you to do when I go away from here. But I am sure, I cannot send you anywhere – you create problems. Mr. Paul went there and he’s … and everybody is shocked at him. That he doesn’t even have proper manners. This quarrelsomeness is one thing should be avoided. Anybody who is quarrelsome is not a Sahaja Yogi. You are not to quarrel for anything; even if somebody beats you, even if somebody slaps you on one side, you turn the other. That is Sahaja Yoga. Don’t forget your teachings. If somebody slaps you on right side, you turn your left side to that person. And the one who is a trouble-maker should be branded as that.

Who fusses, who troubles, who makes, “This should be done, that should be done,” he should be treated like that. You must also try to give Me some joy and happiness. Or always must you give Me headaches? I would request you now to give Me lesss headaches, otherwise I will never come to London. What I hear, somebody fighting with someone, something happening with someone, I don’t like it.

Now, another thing I have to tell you is this that I was thinking that if you people feel all right, your vibrations are all right, if you are settled down, if you really become gurus, – guru means dignity, humility, meekness, understanding, loveable nature – all these things must be developed in you, you cannot suddenly become like that. In that case you should decide to go to various places in England and also outside. I have arranged for that. For example now TM-people, they can act as mediums, even now. You can see that, it does happen, you have to be very careful about it. You will become mediums of satanic forces. And you have to be very, very careful, extremely careful about it. I have talked to people … Now you have to save all the TM-people, I have already arranged that. There are two places in Paris who want you to go down there and talk to them. I have also asked people in Nice – they are very anxious. There are people in Madrid who want to arrange a program where you can talk about it.

Now look at how negativity, this thing, works out. Bart went to Paris and he told one Ceylonese gentleman is against [Me?it]. He said that, “He’s not giving me my money, he’s not paid for me, he told me lies that I’ll give you so much money, he did not give me any money and this and that.” When I was talking about it, he came out with a thing, “Is that the same Peter Pears who was a cook?”

I said, “Cook? He’s not a cook.”

He said, “Yes, Bart told me about him.”

I said, “He’s not a cook, he was the head of the thing and all that.”

He said, “No, but Bart told me that money was not given and …”

“How do you know Bart?”

He said, “He’s my old friend,” this and that …

Now, I could not say much against him, but I said, “Why did Bart tell you like this? He never even met Me.”

He said, “He’s a very shy person, he did not want to meet, but he was telling me that sahaja yogis are horrible people, Mother believes them, She’s too simple. And they are not worth believing. They are all very horrid, and they are extremely dominating and all such thingsBart has told.”

I said, “Bart should come and see Me. If he had told Me I would have corrected these things. And, all right,” I said, “he went into bankruptcy, he went into trouble and that’s how he did not get his money, but he should have told Me.” Why didn’t he tell Me about it? That, “I am going away”, he never told Me. He went away. Now he has no business to talk against Sahaja yogis.

And I received another letter from these, one of the hippies who had come to our program. Who says that, “Mother You are- Sahaja Yogi in- You are all right but Your Sahaja Yogis, we cannot bear them. They are very dominating, they think of no ends of themselves. When they talk to us, they talk in such a way, “’Do this, do that.’” All such a letter he has written. And he says that, “We would all have liked to come in but we don’t like this kind of people trying to dominate us, and they are very intellectualizing and…” – all sorts of things. They have written about it. [Cut in the audio] Now, this is what it is.

So the secret of Sahaja Yoga failing in England is Sahaja Yogis, not Mataji Nirmala Devi. You must know that you represent Me. Try to imbibe some of My qualities. Do I ever complain about food? Some of My qualities. You must show patience.

Now, the best way would be to pray. Prayer is a very great thing for Sahaja Yogis. Pray with your heart.
First of all, you must ask for strength from Mother. “Give me strength so that I be genuine, I won’t deceive myself.” You are deceiving yourselves, morning till evening. “Give me strength that I face myself and say it with my heart that I try to improve myself.” Because these are defects which are not your own, they are outside. If they fall off, you’ll feel all right, you’ll be perfect.
Now, then you should ask for forgiveness, pray for forgiveness. There should be prayer, said that, “Forgive me because I have been ignorant, I did not know what to do, I have done mistakes –so You please forgive me.” That is the first thing one has to ask, is the forgiveness.

Then, second thing you ask for is, “Give me a sweet tongue. A method by which I become communicative with others, others respect me, they like me, they like my presence. Give me strength. Give me love, give me that beauty of culture, beauty of understanding that everybody loves me, wants me.” Ask for them.
In the prayer, you ask that, “Oh Lord, give me the sense of security of my Spirit, so that I do not feel insecure, by which I trouble others, or get angry. Give me sense of my own dignity, so that I do not feel that I am belittled or somebody has belittled me.” If you are at a higher position nobody can belittle you. It’s only you belittled by your foolishness and doubtfulness.

Ask for strength that, “Give me my witness-state, give me satisfaction.” Ask from Me satisfaction. “Let me feel my satisfaction from what I have. Whatever I have, whatever I eat, everything, take out my attention away from all these things.” You know that your attention is in the stomach, and those who are very much interested in food will get liver, in any case, whatever you may try.
“In anything like this, wherever my attention is going, please give me strength to pull it back. Chittanirodh. Teach me how to avoid things that tempt me, that take away my attention.
Take away my thoughts. Give me witness-state by which I see the whole drama. Let me never despise others and criticize others. Let me see my mistakes, not others. Let me see why people are not happy with me. Give me strength to have a very sweet tongue and a sweet nature so that others like my company, they enjoy my company. Let me be like a flower and not like a thorn.”
You have to pray. All these prayers are going to help you. Then ask for the greatest prayer which reduces wrath that, “Please keep me away from ego that gives me ideas that I’m superior to others, I’m better than others, or in any way it takes away my meekness and my humility. Give me natural humility by which I can penetrate into the hearts of people.”
Just you have to bend your head and you go up to your heart. You have to bend your head. Just to bend your head and there is your heart where resides the Spirit. Be with it. If you are any way hurting your ego, or you are hurting somebody’s ego – it’s just the same. You’ll behave in the same manner, in the same egoistical manner. So try to understand that these things have to go away.
The best is to pray and ask for help. Prayer is a very big thing, but with your heart pray that, “God, give us strength and that growth that we can please our Mother sometimes. We want to please our Mother, we want to see Her happy.” The only thing that really will really give Me happiness is that the way I love you, you love each other.

In the meetings you must discuss how to raise the Kundalini, what is the problem, what chakras are catching, then it’s all right. But not these meetings, “How much money to be spent, how to go, how to collect,” and all this nonsense. Do not waste your energies on that. But that doesn’t mean that some people should not take at all any interest in cooking, should not do this …. Everybody should try to do as much as possible. People are so lethargic.

You see their brain starts working. If you start working with your hands, you will be surprised your thoughts will stop. Use your hands. Your thoughts will be much less. Try to do some things with your hands. Try to do, whatever is possible, whatever you want to do. Try to do it for your own training, not because somebody else is not doing or somebody else is doing it. You just do it because of your training, try to do your level best, you’ll enjoy, you just sing songs and do it yourself, you don’t worry.

If I started worrying that nobody does anything for Sahaja Yoga, why should I do? What will happen? I, may give every excuse to get out of it. Everybody must do some handwork. It’s compulsory. Something you must do. Get up suddenly. Let’s see who gets up first? Gets the plates serves the people, looks after others, gives the food to others. Try to go out of yourself. Selfishness has to be controlled. Self-centeredness has to be finished. Self-indulgencies are to be taken away.

How do you do it? Pray, get the strength and act. Otherwise you will end up with prayer only. You get the strength and do it. Try to give away things. This you should decide because Navaratri is coming now. It’s a very big day and sahaja yogis have to be prepared for that day. It’s a very big privilege for you people that Navaratri is coming and there is going to be a Puja of Navaratri. But one thing is compulsory that you all should improve yourself and try to be there where a son of the Mother is sitting. Be mild. Be sweet. Create an atmosphere of congeniality. There should be congenial feeling, loving care for each other.

If you are fighting with someone you should say that, “Oh Lord, how could I have an enemy? Why did I fight? Please give me strength so that I should have no enemy, so that I do not see any enemy in anyone. So give me power that I forgive them, so that You can forgive me.” If you can just say these two things, you can get rid of your thoughts.

Last of all you have to pray that, “Mother, we should recognize our Mother. That She has come within us. We are very fortunate and we know who She is. Please give us strength so that we recognize Her and imbibe that recognition in our life. It is not only recognition, but imbibe.”

I think in certain things Gregoire is very good. He was saying, “In the church when we go, we never talk loudly, we just talk in hush. How could we talk loudly in the presence of Mother, when She is in the house, how can we, it’s a temple? How can we talk loudly when She is around?” I was really surprised how Gregoire could see that point. [He said,?] “She’s a living temple, and how could we do that”?

Now, before going I want to tell you also [INAUDIBLE] you have to prepare now for the Puja. The first thing that is to be done: prepare yourself. I would like to see you in good vibrations and good conditions. For you, you get some sugar, you need some sugar for yourself. Markus, take lot of sugar, take, say, one kilo every day, minimum. Have you got here some sugar with you? Bring it; I’ll vibrate it for you.

Now, about this work also I have told you that you put up this wall as it is in any dilapidated way you want to put it up, but put it up. Because later on they will not have any objection that the wall was not so high. Just do it because I’ve told you, it will help you So, just put it up, up to eight feet and then the rest of it you try to clear it out. I would like Alan to make all these things before I come back. It’s 17th, I’ll be back, there is lot of time. So find out what things are needed.

You do it the way you want to, you have to do it. Before I go I would like to have the size of that one. It has to be [prepared?INAUDIBLEto the?] sahaja yogis to make one. And also I would like to know, what we have to do about it, how we have to organize it and how you are going to get the money and how we are going to work it out. So all this has to be done in a way that is very congenial and friendly. And one should not ask for, say, thirty p and forty p, a thing, but on the whole money should be used properly. Even a single pai out of this money should not be wasted, nor should be misused, nor should be [INDIST.]. That is very important.

Because, if that is done it will have an effect on all of you, specially the ones who do it. Now, you have a case of leukemia here,very clear.. So I do not want you people to have any suffering because, actually, Sahaja Yoga helps you. But if you leave Sahaja Yoga then you fall into the trap of the satans. The satans are around you.

Sahaja Yogi: [INAUDIBLE]

It’s working out. My attention is working it out, but it throws you out also, you go out of circulation, so be careful. There is no use just worrying and being anxious. You see this is a very typical european-style thinking. Now you are very anxious, you are very worried, you know, you are pessimistic, this, that. Do all that, and achieve what? Nothing.

Now I must tell you about French, I have understood them very well. Now, what they are doing it’s very interesting. I mean, that doesn’t mean that English are all absolutely all right, they are also very much the same style. So [INDIST.] but the French, what the French have done is to decide that the existence is futile. That they have got some sort of a … they had there some philosopher who told them that existence is futile. So they said, “Oh, then what’s the use, this life is futile, you see, then why worry about anything and why …” So they are very anxious always, very unhappy people. They said that, if a person says that he is [very?] happy, then they think he is naïve. He doesn’t know that he is in for hell and his life is futile, he has no character. How can he say that a person is happy? Because by saying “he is happy” that means he is naïve, he doesn’t understand the life’s problems and he’s trying to avoid and he is a foolish man. So they had to have a person who has got all his cheeks both inside, who is drawn out. He has to be somebody who looks like nothing on earth.

[ASIDE: It’s not such a good sugar[cane?] for you, it should be white. Mix it up with that. This is much hotter, and fish you should never eat. That’s it]. You can add white to it and eat it.]

Now, so they are very unhappy people and they are all the time, “Hahhhch, hahhch. hih.” I said, what’s this? They said, “This is character.” If you have character you have to be unhappy person. Otherwise, if you are happy, then you are naïve, you don’t understand that the whole world is going to fall off, that Kalki is coming. You should all sit with them, face like that. It’s quite funny, isn’t it?

I said, “It’s all right,” but when they do this, why do they indulge into all these nonsensical things? Like every street has got at least ten prostitutes, when you walk along. [About thirty places?] you find ten prostitutes standing. They don’t mind prostitution, after all life is futile. [So what is to be done?]? They are very unhappy people. They all will be very unhappy, anxious; they are extremely anxious, unhappy. They are the most miserable people. I said, that’s how Victor Hugo wrote “Les Miserables”. All of them are just here, you see, and that’s how they are the most difficult.

People don’t understand French. When they talk, their sarcasm is horrid, their laughter is horrid, their jokes are horrid. And whatever they do, they just bite you. The reason is, the life is futile. So what does it matter if you bite someone or you cut somebody’s throat. Anything is all right, if it has a character. Now the whole thing has reached to such a futility that bankrobber – I saw here … I told you the story about the bankrobber – has become the big hero now there. There are stories written after him, there are poems written, now there are some pop-singers who are singing his praise. I’ve no place in a society [like that?].

So this is French, and English also think that French are very great, we should be like that, very miserable people, absolutely looking like nothing on earth. So this is the French tradition and French style, but I put them right. I made them smile, laugh aloud and enjoy themselves. If I could trigger them, why not the lethargic friends here?

I said, it’s very nice. I say Europe is the liver. Europe is liver of the Universe, where they drink the most. India is the Kundalini, where there is no seeking. England is the heart, which is lethargic. God save this Universe.

And lethargic to such an extent that they do not even have energy to organize their food and organize their things. In small, small things they go on fighting. I wished they were a little lethargic about fighting. But the French have started laughing, they have given up their anxieties, they are loving each other. Only our lethargy is horrible.

The whole fight is about how to save money and how to save labor. Nobody is going to die if they work hard. So please work hard. I’ve been telling you that do something. Something can be done, if you don’t get anything you go and hit your head, but do something. Do not sit down, like that, it’s no good. Just start doing something with your hands because your brains are working, hands are not working, there is no balance. And the brains that work, you know what they are working it out? So what’s the use of allowing this brain to work. Make your hands work.

For example now, here is Malcolm. His brain is now growing this way. He should not use his brain, but his hands.

Like the servant in My house is our feet, say, I’m the hands, My husband is the head. We all work in that unison, together. When we are like that there is no problem that servants are needed, wife is needed and the head of the family is needed. Because we are doing our own work, so there is no need to bother about it. But supposing everybody is only using the brain, and the rest of it is useless, then what about the rest? Who is going to do it?

Because you are not integrated with the whole. Because you are not integrated with your society, not with your family. You are only integrated with yourself – if you are, I’m also not very sure about that. But you can only work out your hands and your head. So best thing is that all of us should do some work. Some work must be done.

Every one of you should [serve?] to stop the brain. You see, when the brain starts thinking, start cleaning, painting something, get something. Why not painting? Get something, do something, try to do some work. As soon as your brain starts working, start doing some work. All right? That’s the way you can stop thinking of your brain, which is very important.

Because what this brain is going to take you to I don’t know.

H.G. Wells has written certain things about it, but he also did not know that brain-development can take us to such madness that you can’t imagine.

Now, the only example is that we came back and we met two, three people who came and went away. They were about My age, some were sixty, some were sixty-five. They all came in the bus [and start?] talking, [‘Nnnnhnnnhnnnnperhaps this can be deleted].’, very loudly. So I asked, “What is he talking?”

“He is talking about last war.”

“To whom?”

“He is talking to himself.”

Very loudly. And what [nonsense?] he is talking. And another fellow came in, he started talking about something else, “… and Marlene must know,” and all that, he started talking. Of My age, imagine. I said, “He’s talking so loudly, nobody says anything [INDIST. to him. That is unexpected here??].” The third person came in, he says, “See, this is all expected, you see, we help everyone, we don’t mind, we are very tolerant.” I said, “ You are tolerant, but why don’t you see you’ll become the same tomorrow.” Because your brain is working. Now the tape is going back. And when they get into the bus and they are shouting at the top of their voices, and everybody thinks that there’s somebody [worthful?] and it’s all right, it doesn’t matter, take it. And this is what is going to happen to us also.

If you start thinking, now, what about your machine of thinking? You are already … frenchy character is there. [What INDIST.] Still on, thinking?. Doesn’t stop.

Forgive everyone, forgive your mother, forgive your father, forgive all of them. First forgive, say, “I forgive.” Then say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.”

Today we were very lucky, I must say. You should see the saris, so wonderful. She gave us forty two pounds less, can you imagine, for the sari? Such a beautiful one you can’t imagine. I wanted because this Puja has been done here, and it will be seen all over, and I wanted to get a good sari. In any case your name should not be bad. And she reduced forty two pounds for the sari, can you imagine how things work out. I’ll send it to Italy, for someone. Tomorrow you can see it.

How are you now, better? He is all right. He is a very happy person, that’s the main thing. You have to be a cheerful and a happy person. If you are an irritable person, you can never feel all right. How many are cheerful? Count your blessings. The best way to be happy is to count your blessings. Count them. How much God has given you. First of all your realization.

Count your blessings. Then you will be cheerful. Thank God. Thanksgiving is not there. If you start thanking Me, it will be a good idea. Just start thinking what has happened to you. Just thank Me. It will make you very cheerful and happy. Just start thinking about what you were and what you are, just start. Thanksgiving is not there. Know it for sure. That’s the first thing one should do is to thank. All your gloom will vanish. I feel very happy.

So, you will have to keep some days when you will have to travel to these places. Paris, you will have to go to Paris and you will have to go to Lille and maybe Madrid because these people are spread out very well. People are selling their furniture and everything. They are selling in Lille. All their furniture they are selling, they are [horrible people?.]

There’s a very sweet child, just like [INDIST. – bumbles/crumble??] with these two persons. She’s just a saint, she’s so much [opposing?] and all that. Now she’s all right. Estella is her name. Justine is the name of the lady. I don’t remember the name of the man but he’s a very great musician. He met a very big pianist who plays in the churches. He got his realization too, in Munich.He found a very nice person in Munich, his name is Philip. And his mother and his whole family came, father and sister, and everybody got realization. He’s willing to call people at his residence. We have to send books and things there. You had sent some books to My house, I did not know. I didn’t take them with Me. But now I think we’ll have to take some books to Germany, perhaps.. And we’ll need some more papers and photographs.