The Last Judgment has started

Geneva (Switzerland)


1980-10-02 Public Program 1 in Geneva

Sahaja Yogi: Mother I would not try to talk to You. May I ask You…

Shri Mataji: They were very interested in your talk, [you know] [unclear].

Sahaja Yogi: I think I’ll carry on with translating.

Shri Mataji: He spoke very well because you were so much interested; I could see that.

Sahaja Yogi: I’m not translating this.

Shri Mataji: And you could see from his heart, he feels so much for Switzerland…


Shri Mataji: I would say he is a real Swiss. He feels such concern about his fellow-being.

Shri Mataji: We are all the seekers of truth. Today there is a big urge to seek the truth, because the Last Judgment has started. There were never so many seekers before. Very few used to seek and extremely few used to receive. But the blossom time has come and so many of them have to become the fruits. That is the plan of God Almighty. We have to see how Switzerland faces it. When we are seeking the truth we must know what we are and what we have to seek. The first premises must be that we are not yet there, where we should be. There is something missing.

Now in a country like Switzerland where there is so much of affluence and people are very settled, still one finds that such a great rate of suicide exists in this country. Now every country has its own problems, but in that problem you can see the essence of its lacking. The lacking in all the affluent countries is that, that matter cannot be enjoyed. It can give you habits, enslavement, but it cannot give you joy. It can give you an ego pampering, but that happiness is combined with unhappiness. Those who also run away from all that are not happy. They have to rise above. How do you rise if there is no ideal beyond it? This is the seeking in the West. How to rise beyond matter? Because they are now understanding the value of matter; they are evolving to that point. We have to speak about the Spirit, Spirit which is being described by many saints, seers of ancient times. Christ has described it throughout. Moses came on this Earth to establish the sustenance for the human beings. He tried to tell people what human beings should do to be in the center of life. But if that was the end of all our seeking there was no need for Christ to come. Christ came on this Earth to say that we have to seek our Spirit. The message of His life is His resurrection. On the Easter day we give eggs to each other. It is very symbolic. In Indian language a bird is called as khaga – Kha-ga – and also dwijaha. The first one means the one which goes in the sky, flies in the sky. The second one means the twice-born. And a realized soul is also called as dwijaha.

Christ has talked about your second birth throughout. He has said you are to be born again. But I find in Christian nations there is no seeking. You cannot be satisfied unless and until you have had your second birth. That is how you are going to find out your Spirit. That is how you are going to become collectively conscious. That is how you are going to find meaning to your living. That is how you are going to find why the Lord has created this Universe. The scientists must ask a question to themselves: why human-beings were created out of an amoeba. Was that just a wasteful, a wasteful adventure of God? And what about all the sages who talked about your second birth? Were they all wrong when they said that you have to be born again? Krishna has said, “Yaa saa paschyati, saa pachyati,” meaning the one who can see, can see.

I happened to meet a great saint in Cambridge, near Cambridge. He was one Mr. Mascaro, who has translated Gita and has written lots of books about Upanishada, Bible, and he’s a great poet, well-known writer. He told Me, “Mother, people can’t see. I have a friend who has got a Nobel Prize but he can’t see.” “What can he not see?” “He cannot see that this whole universe is very [maintained], organized, worked out and loved by the energy of God’s love.”

The man in his freedom has chosen a path of enlightenment in a wrong way. The wrong way is to deny God to begin with. Those who do not deny God, accept some sort of a concept or a dogma. Truth is, lies in the center. It is a spontaneous thing that has to happen within us to know the truth. By what concept did we become human beings from monkeys? Or by what denial did we become human beings? The whole evolution has taken place as if like a seed sprouting. And now at this stage if anything has to happen, has to be spontaneous. You cannot get it by reading, or by talking, or going to library, or by being a king or a big man somewhere. You get it by the happening within you.

Today it was such a chance when I came from Rome and a very eminent doctor from India was travelling with Me in the plane, and he is very highly placed in W.H.O. He was just sitting next to Me. It happened or it happens, and he has heard about Me. He said, “Mother, can you give me realization in the plane?” I said, “Why not?” And he got it. He got it there in the plane. But he knows that this is realization, because though he is a doctor he is very well-equipped in Sanskrit and in the literature about realization. He knows what this means. I did not have to argue or discuss it. When he got it he knew it was there. He [said/says], “Why not do it for the whole world?” I said, “You cannot force people to get it. They have to grow. They have to accept it. But people have so much of ego in your profession of medicine. In India they think they are all English or Swiss. So, how will they listen to Me? For them this knowledge is naïve.” He said, “That’s true.” He said, “I know the problem.” But it will come the, once we know why the problems come to us.

The other problem that the West is facing is cancer. Now he knows that I have cured the President of India of his cancer. But how I cure is not so difficult to tell. It’s very simple. All the doctors are reaching very near us. So let us first see what we are within ourselves. And we are, on the left hand side, this is the power of desire which makes our past, and this is the power of our action which goes for our future, and this is the center of our sustenance. We have [been/reached] [missing part]

Shri Mataji: All these centers, the subtle centers in the spinal cord and the brain start manifesting. You start feeling them on your fingers where is the problem, and also you can feel the others’. For example, Antoinette has got two children who are born-realized. Now these two little things can immediately say what chakra is catching. They are not educated, they have not been to any, any university, but they will immediately say, “This is catching,” or “This is catching.” So this is what happens to us when the Kundalini rises all the way into the center and pierces through this fontanel bone area, that you become collectively conscious; you become. You become. Becoming is the point, not just giving you a big lecture about [this/it]. In the West, of course, the Kundalini rises [all right] much, much faster, maybe much faster than India, maybe. Yeah, because people are seeking, because they are saintly. They are from, they are saints.

Sahaja Yogi: [unclear] is it?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no, they are. But the Western style of deriving at everything through rationality, again brings them down. Then again they rise. There is a method of maintaining it there. But for Indians who are naive in this respect, their Kundalini stays all right.

Now this, on this side of the past, here is our past, beyond this, lies, you see the moon is, beyond this lies the collective subconscious area. We can say this is the lunar area. Now whatever has been dead in the lunar area resides here. I was amazed that the B.B.C. program we had the other time in London that they said that they have found out that there are protein matters which attack from some unknown area and trigger the cancer. Now this much they are, are accepting. I have said about it long time back. Now this happens; in this way is written by Gregoire in his book, Advent. He calls them as U.P.I. So, when we are in the center through the observance of sustenance we are not in dangerous position. But we always go to extremes. We cannot keep in the center in a relaxed manner. For example, Swiss people are extremely speedy. He was like that. Now, then you go on to the right-hand side, too much on the right, using your right side, planning for the future; and if you go too much on that side you go into the territory of supra-conscious. All the ambitious people and all the ambitious animals and all the ambitious vegetables, all of them lie in this area. Maybe Mr. Hitler may be somewhere there. It’s no wonder people take to violence so easily. Now, if you move to this area you go towards the people who are dead, who have died and who have been sly and – what you call –

Sahaja Yogi: Licentious.

Shri Mataji: Ha, licentious. Now the attention is spread out here. The chitta, it’s actually spread out here, because food and seeking is here. The attention starts getting subtler and subtler, when the attention from food goes to, say, power, to wealth. After getting to the extreme of our understanding of futility of power and wealth, we start seeking. We also sometimes seek in romanticism. That’s also not joy-giving. That could be very painful. Sometimes people discover that you have been befooled completely. So the seeking goes into unknown to find out what is the reality.

Now if you realize that everything has happened to you without any effort, you will not put in effort for your seeking, because you have become a human being without putting any effort. If it is a living process, the evolutionary process is, then there should be no effort. Supposing we stand on our heads, will this tree grow faster? Supposing we read many books before a seed, will it sprout? If this is a living process it should happen spontaneously. There should be no effort. But man in his ego thinks even we have to organize God. We cannot organize Him. He has to organize us. We have to ask for our realization and just stay in the center. The Kundalini rises like this when She is faced with somebody who is an authority of Kundalini. It would not move for anyone who is unauthorized by God. This authorization only comes when you are genuinely a self-realized person, of a very high quality. It cannot come by going to some theological college or getting some certificates from someone.

In India we have a system by which some, some Shankaracharya, who is not a real Shankaracharya, is giving certificate to give realization. And he himself is collecting money because he wants to have a big umbrella of gold and wants to put diamonds around. All this should be dust for a person who is doing holy work, especially when they are ascetics. They are not householders like Me. But still, still nobody can be a parasite and can sell this; for Christ was born a carpenter’s son, He lived like a carpenter’s son. Shri Krishna lived like a herd boy, herd boy, and Rama lived in the forest. But when Shri Krishna became a king, He wore the crown. He did not take, collect money from others to buy His own crown. All these things are suggestive of the person who’s trying to sell God. So the person like Christ who said, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing,” had to take a hunter and hit these people in the church. This cannot rise by the people who do not lead a holy life. Like I have known some gurus who are very nicely settled in your Switzerland with their big bank balances, have been using women for their own purposes. You must see their lifestyle; you should understand and should be aware of these [facts/frauds]. They are the fake ones.

The person who is at that level can sleep on the ground. For Me I was born in a very rich, royal family, and My husband’s well-off, but if you ask Me I can sleep anywhere, live anywhere. I have no problem. But people don’t understand this. They are lost in a circle. If somebody puts up a show they run after that show. In this country thousands of people are running after a such nonsensical guru.

One guru recently came to London from America and he said that, “If you give me a Rolls Royce only then I will come.” He has mesmerized people and they have got fifty, he has got already fifty-eighth Rolls Royce. And now these people starve themselves for one year to buy a Rolls Royce for this, this horrible person. Some of his disciples who have come to Sahaja Yoga went and talked to them. “What are you doing? You are all mesmerized.” They said, ”We are enjoying this very much and we are very happy. He has given us this. We have to give him matter to get the Spirit.” You cannot exchange matter for Spirit. You cannot pay for it. It is very difficult to digest this truth for human beings. The Spirit lies in your heart, detached from everything. It is an eternal thing. It enjoys by itself. It cannot enjoy what you enjoy. It watches you, every moment. He gives you a long rope to hang yourself. It cannot control you because you are free. But you have to choose Him in your freedom. Your freedom has to be respected. You cannot be mesmerized because you have to become absolutely free. The evolution could not go further without giving this freedom to human beings. At the development of this center the man raised his head above the animal life, and then this new development started growing into him. Before this, there was only this full, the superego which is the, which is the product of your desire, of your conditioning. This, Mr. Freud has only seen because he is so half-baked, only one side of man. We are not only our conditioning and desires. We are also our ego here, the great one, which he did not see. Because this gives you problem, because you suffer from mental problems. He was a psychologist; he wanted to make money out of our problems. So he paid only attention to this.

Now if, if you only worry about your conditioning and try to remove it, how do you do it? You use your ego to remove it. So the ego grows up like that, and puts down this superego down there. And man thinks he’s on top of the world. Ego gives you artificial happiness, like Hitler had. You see his face; even his moustache was on one side like that. Egoistical man is like that. He thinks no end of himself. He encroaches on the freedom of others and aggresses the free people. But after all, human being is the Spirit. He starts seeing this horrible thing within him, like a giant. Most of the young people in the Western countries started seeing it in their elders. So they started an anti-culture movement going to superego, taking to drugs and running away from reality. So, there is a wobbling between ego and superego. You have to be in the center there. So when the Kundalini rises, She pushes the attention just like a, from the [shawl] you can see how it pushes up and She pierces here. A happening takes place which attracts your attention as this, inside. Because if I tell you pay attention to yourself you cannot. But something falls off, you pay attention.

So if some happening takes place, your attention goes inside. Then the attention pierces here, and you become one with the Divine power. So, you get away from both the extremes. When it pierces, you start feeling from your hand cool breeze flowing. This is described in the Bible as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. It is described in Indian scriptures very, very clearly. It is called as chaitanya lahari, meaning the, the, the waves of compassion; no, enlightened conscience. But the enlightenment is of love; it is the love of God which has created the whole universe so beautiful. In every human being is placed everything so beautifully. This is the tree of life. And these vibrations, these are the water of life. It is said that, “I will appear before you as tongues of flames.” These are the tongues of flames. Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me, are with Me.” Who are they? He could not explain. In Rome I went and I located many, many of the deities in the paintings of Michelangelo.

Sahaja Yogi: Deities?

Shri Mataji: Haan! Deities.

Sahaja Yogi: Ah, oui, yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Because he was a realized soul and he had inspiration from his unconscious. He was honest and he painted that. They say we, it is not easy to recognize [unclear]. All these things have to happen within you. The Kundalini has to rise. You have to get your re-birth; that is your right to have it. But you have to be meek and fast to receive it. You cannot order God that, “You give me. Otherwise I’ll kill You.” We have to be humble. There is no shop here. Our attitude should not be of a shopper, but here you have come to receive, for I cannot take anything from you. I can just give My love, to sprout your Kundalini. I want this to be established in Switzerland. We have to have a nucleus. We have to awaken our people [to reality]. We have to save them; big salvage is needed. When I am in Switzerland I’m a Swiss and I feel that concern for this great country. [missing part]