Shri Ganesha Puja: Innocence within us must be first of all invoked

Zurich (Switzerland)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Zurich (Switzerland), 12 October 1980.

You have to see that all the negativity goes away, around us, around the universe. So first we sing the praise of the Goddess; when She destroyed a very negative, satanic incarnation of Mahishasura. And when he was killed, all the gods praised Her for saving them from the destruction, and that happened long, long time back – about ten thousand years back. So this is the praise of the Gods of that so that, whatever is the negativity, through those mantras it  will go away, because it surrounds us – you see that, all of them have been there coming; from ten thousand years they have been coming. But this is the way you can throw them out of the present into their proper places. All right? So, listen to it – it’s now in French luckily.

Sahaja Yogi (Gregoire): It’s in French, it doesn’t matter, Mother?

Shri Mataji: No, Sanskrit is not there?

Gregoire: Sanskrit is there, but it is …

Shri Mataji: You just read it in French, is all right.

(Reading of a description of the Gods praising the Goddess in French, followed by lots of background noise as they prepare the Ganesha Puja. All recite, “Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha pahimam, Shri Ganesha, Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha rakshamam.”

Shri Mataji: Now, what you are doing by saying these mantras, you are awakening the innocence within you; innocence is represented by Shri Ganesh. As you know, later on He incarnated as Lord Jesus Christ, but the innocence within us must be first of all invoked, because, before creating this universe, first of all innocence was created, because innocence has the greatest protective power, the greatest destructive power and it is the most powerful. So, first we are trying to invoke the innocence. Now, My feet here represent Ganesha, and they are innocent, and so, we are trying to worship those so that, within you, Ganesha should be invoked. Your innocence should be enlightened, all right? So you understand the meaning of it – come on.

(Yogis preparing Puja)

Gregoire: This is also?

Shri Mataji: This is also the same thing: representative of Shri Ganesha [INAUDIBLE Puja instructions]

Gregoire: There is the names. There is the names of Shri Ganesha.

Shri Mataji: Yes. Now, these are the names of Shri Ganesha, so that you invoke in you your innocence. You can follow in French, as well.

(Gregoire translates in French what Mother has just said, and then the names are read in Sanskrit. Mother interrupts to say that they should also give the meanings of the names.)

Gregoire : Ganagurupta.

Shri Mataji: You’ll tell also the meaning. Have you got the meaning, Gregoire?

Gregoire: No, You’d have to do it.

Shri Mataji: Ganadhyaksha is the one. The ganas are the two which are the angels, so the left hand side, like St. Michael and He is the lord of all the left hand side – ganyadar.
Grégoire: Ganamukta [namaha]. [All together recite: Om twameva shakshat Shri Ganamukta ya namaha] – [Mother]  means the one who liberates those ganas.
Ganadevata – is the one who is the God of all the ganas.
Ganamandalamadhyasta – is the one who sits in the center of all the ganas.
Gunateeta – this is beyond all the gunas: gunas, I’ll tell you later on. The gunas are the three aspects within us.
Gunaraja – He’s the king of all the gunas.
Gurupriya – He is the one who is loved by all the gurus.
Gurupujita – He is the one who is worshipped by all the gurus.
Gurudharmaduhramdaraya – He’s the one who looks after the Dharma of gurus.
Gauriganeshwara- His Mother is a virgin – Gauri – and He is the Ishwara for Her; He is the Lord for Her.
Gantatattwavide – [Mother: Granthatattwavideh]  – He’s the essence: He has no body, He is the essence.
Gangajalaraswadatshatura  – [Mother can’t understand Gregoire’s accent and neither can we!!]

Gregoire : It’s a very odd one. Ok.

Gaudarva/Gaudharba? – [Mother also not understanding accent again here] – ‘Gau’ is to the cows and ‘dharba’  is the one that they eat, the soft part, the grass.
Gavishwara – He’s the God of the cows; cows are the mildest animals in India, they are the mildest animals, because they give milk and everything; they’re extremely mild. They’re the mildest, and He’s the God.
Grahadevata – He’s the one who is the lord of the household, because it’s a child, you know?
Gudaladubuje – [Mother asks, “What is it?”, but She can’t understand Gregoire!]
Gupta – is a secret, He’s the secret part of it: He’s the private part, the secret part.

(Tape interrupted here to later on in the Puja)

Shri Mataji: … virgins, the girls below eight years are worshipped on this day, so we have got someone here who is sitting here, that is Helen. So she has to help Me.

[Instructions given here – “Take the ghee, on the spoon. Let Hari pour it …” INAUDIBLE ]

Now, this kajal is put in the eyes to take away all the negativity from your eyes. Sometimes the Mother has to weep also.

(Aside – I haven’t put the sindhur yet.)

This is the Sahasrara; by this, I worship your Sahasrara, by this I excite your Agnya, by honoring them.

You have to tie this into My hand; this is the play of the children, means that you are tying your Mother with your love.

I remember My grandchildren, when I went to their school: they used to tie My sari to the chair saying that, “You should not go out till we come here.” And the mother allows the children to play, so this they give Me for My protection, and this is all for all of your protection – means they tie up all My feet with this and then they tie up onto themselves.

[Aside – Yes, please tie up My feet.]

(Instructions to which foot – Mother says Her left foot.)

(Regarding the mangalasutra) This is the sign that She is married to Shiva, you see; She’s the wife of Shiva so this is offered by the children to their Mother who’s married. Shiva is the Spirit, I mean Sadashiva is Her husband and She is His power.

Now, the scent is offered from the Mother Earth, and the flowers are offered also. [Hindi.]

We were very lucky that I got a sari in London – I was just telling Rajesh that, “What a nice sari I got from them there, so fortunate.”

(About five minutes of Mother giving more instructions for preparing Her, but mostly silent in between. Someone takes some photos. Lots more silence – apart from the phone ringing a couple of times, and other unidentifiable noises! – Mixture of Hindi and English instructions.) Beautiful isn’t it? Just put it and take out … Come, put your hand. Even if you put your hand to them… I should have really needed a sari. Just take it [inaudible], can you remove this one for Me. [Hindi]

[Shri Mataji talks aside to yogis.] You have to tie it to everyone. Can I see the linen just a minute? You are going to give him one photograph [inaudible] [Hindi]

[Shri Mataji interacts with the yogis].

(The rest of Part 1 of talk is inaudible)

(44.40 very slow rendition of Aarti….)

Part 2:

[About Vishuddhi] …so that you’ll get the point. All kinds of guilts are accumulated there: She throws away, because She is the lightning, and lightning – what lightning does is to show all that is [impure?] She burns off all that [impurity?]. Vishnumaya – She’s thunderbolt. She’s a virgin, She’s a virgin: She dies just after Her death [birth?] in the sense that She was thrown away, but She’s a virgin and She prophesizes. She’s the One who gives prophecies. When you’ll catch, means you are actually going against Her, means you are developing within you a kind of a sin, which gets settled down as guilt; you accept it there the guilt and then you just avoid it. You think it’s a … once for all you ask – accept it as a guilt, your conscience is clear then, “Anything I have done was guilt, then what is there? Now, no more guilts, I am going to do.” Like that kind of a thing, attitude.

Tell them in French.

(Gregoire translates some, then telephone call interrupts – Mother thinks it might be Sir CP but it’s something about a nice cake!)

So, this Vishnumaya is important because here, you see, people are so intelligent: that whatever is wrong, they rationalize it and put it as guilt there.

(Gregoire translates for a while, probably a lot of what is missing at the beginning of this part of tape.)

You see, there could be three types of attitudes towards sin; one could be that, you should say, “Why should I commit sins? I’m not going to commit sins.” This could be one attitude. Another could be that, “This is not sin: I’ll do what I like.” That is on the right hand side. And the third could be that, “Yes, I know it is a sin: I’m the worst man, I’m a very bad person, I’m good for nothing – what to do? That’s why I’m doing the sins.” Now, the Incarnation is beyond sin because, whatever He does, He’s the [punya ?]. Even if He kills someone, it is necessary; even if He has to lay a diplomacy, [Gregoire translates ‘play a diplomacy’] it is necessary. But for human beings, it is necessary to know that, if you commit sins, then you go down in your Dharma. But after realization, you become really dharmateet, means ‘beyond Dharma’. Means, if you do anything wrong then immediately you’ll have the reaction on your vibrations, on all your stomach or something will happen to you. Like for example now, supposing you eat a kind of a food which you should not eat – immediately you get diarrhea. If you drink alcohol, you will vomit: it will happen to you automatically. That’s how you give up alcohol, smoking – all these things. You don’t even like the taste of it after some time. You just don’t want to have it. That means you have gone beyond dharma; means you do not have to establish it, it is just there – now it’s… the whole system is working. Means your attention has gone; your attention has gone beyond dharma. You don’t have to worry about keeping your dharma. Before this, you had to keep a watch as to be in the center in your dharma. Now, if you try to do anything, immediately it will show on your vibrations, or in your constitution it will show, so you don’t have to put full attention to it.

There was one fellow who used to go to a Greek church – Greek Orthodox Church – and I never told him, “Don’t go to church,” or anything, because they are all just trying to make money out of it and it’s nothing – it’s all bogus. But then, after realization he went to the church – his feet and hands and everything started burning. I mean, he was so greatly realized, I should say; he became so sensitive. The next time he went to the church, he thought there must be bhoots so he took some red powder and sprinkled it all over. So half of the people left the church, but he also walked out and they were all saying, “It was very hot in the church.” Then he came and asked Me about this phenomenon. I told him, “You’d better not go.” So he took a lot of this red thing, and all over he put cross and swastika with this on the church. I don’t know, but maybe he was saying that now, the church is practically vacant. But now they’ll go to the pub. (Mother laughs) They will not come to Sahaja Yoga – that is the problem.

I have told about Blake’s writing, isn’t it, yesterday? But the French people, they have not heard, so if you tell them, they’ll be very happy and they can tell Cathy, Lill and Murray about it.

(Gregoire explains in French, about previous talk regarding Blake’s poem, Milton, about the flames of the renewal coming from Surrey’s hills – where Shri Mataja lived – that the New Jerusalem later will there return, “Return, return to Lambeth Vale, …” where Shri Mataji put the first stone of the ashram as Linda Williams had found house in Chelsham Road.)

“Where the foundations are laid …” The letter is to return to Cathy.

Jerusalem. You’ll say that now, the whole story is, the name of this pilgrim is ‘Jerusalem of England’. I mean, He is going to establish Jerusalem now in England; He says now Jerusalem is going to be in England. This is it, Jerusalem – is the pilgrimage for Christ – is going to be in England. This is the head of those, the heading. He has prophesized all this. He has prophesized already. You must hear this. You didn’t hear this, Arneau? Letter. You must know this one. Did you follow? You see, Blake has written already about Me, long time back.

(Discussion with yogis referring to a letter that was read out the week before in Geneva)

Yogi: I know that we read it last week in Geneva

Shri Mataji: Read it.

Yogi: It’s not this one. Is so precise, it’s amazing, Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Imagine, to literally write ‘Lambeth Vale’ of all the things. And when I was in Surrey Hills, you see, to connect both the things, it’s remarkable. How could He prophesize? You see, He is a great prophesier, a great saint. I mean English people have not valued Him much. Of course, Shakespeare was a avadhuta [ascetic saint], that kind of gurus who live in the villages. You see, they tried to show that everything is futile: this romanticism is futile, this is futile, that is futile. Like, you see Hamlet – all his behavior – he listened to his mother’s bhoot, you see and his behavior also was futile. And what he did was he killed his own fiancée, he killed his own mother; I mean, everything is futile, that’s what he tried to show. Which is very true also, but they are very harsh, you know.

(Gregoire translates from Blake’s poem, “Milton” into French, although he only reads part of this passage, marked in blue: )

‘…The Surrey hills glow like the clinkers of the furnace;
Lambeth’s Vale Where Jerusalem’s foundations began;
Where they were laid in ruins
Where they were laid in ruins from every
Nation and Oak Groves rooted
Dark gleams before the Furnace-mouth, a heap of burning ashes.
When shall Jerusalem return and overspread all the Nations?
Return: return to Lambeth’s Vale, O building of human souls!
Thence stony Druid Temples overspread the Island white 
And thence from Jerusalems ruins… from her walls of salvation 
And praise: thro’ the whole Earth were rear’d from Ireland 
To Mexico & Peru west, & east to China & Japan; till Babel 
The Spectre of Albion frown’d over the Nations in glory & war 
All things begin & end in Albion’s ancient Druid rocky shore 
But now the Starry Heavens are fled from the mighty limbs of Albion
Loud sounds the Hammer of Los, loud turn the Wheels of Enitharmon 
Her Looms vibrate with soft affections, weaving the Web of Life 
Out from the ashes of the Dead; Los lifts his iron Ladles 
With molten ore: he heaves the iron cliffs in his rattling chains 
From Hyde Park to the Alms-houses of Mile-end & old Bow 
Here the Three Classes of Mortal Men take their fix’d destinations 
And hence they overspread the Nations of the whole Earth & hence 
The Web of Life is woven: & the tender sinews of life created 
And the Three Classes of Men regulated by Los’s hammer…’

Shri Mataji: Remarkable, and I laid the foundation stone only about – before coming – about say, I think, seventeen, eighteen days back. Maybe about twenty days back, I must have laid the foundation. And now this is published and this I received in Geneva.

(Tape interrupted.)

All right, so I think we all should rest now for a while, and relax. I think he has got it [referring to getting Realization], but I’ll have to work on her for a while. No, he has touched…, he’s felt it, twice. You see for her – now, if they work on the photograph they’ll get it, I mean their Kundalini has been awakened.

(Mother starts working on a woman. At the same time Gregoire speaks to yogis.))

Tell her not to put her feet towards Me. She should ask on the thing (photo?) whether, “You are Mother, You are Christ – You are Mother of Christ,” because her chakra of Christ is catching. Both of them can ask. You’ll be all right. Kundalini has awakened now, She’s clean now. I mean, they are awakened.

Let them ask the question, if they want. Ask in French [is Mother the Mother of Christ?]. Again; again, again [8 times.]. Aah! I’m feeling the cool breeze in the hands.

Yogi: He feels; she does not.

Shri Mataji: Both are there. She used to smoke? Did she smoke?

(Woman asks a question which Gregoire answers in French)

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Gregoire: Nothing, Mother. No, she was saying that she’s not sure of what’s going on here and I told her …

Shri Mataji: How can she be sure?

Gregoire: That’s exactly what I told her – how can she be sure?

Shri Mataji: Her eyes are not yet opened; see, her eyes are not opened as yet.

Gregoire: Of course, yeah, of course.

(Woman still questioning)

Shri Mataji: And do not think about it, because you won’t understand: your eyes are to be opened still. In darkness, you will not understand.

(Man also questions)

Gregoire: He says, we have been cheated once, so now we feel very …

Shri Mataji: No, but why will I cheat you? How much money did you give Me? What are you going to … What are you going to give Me? Did you talk to your guru, ask any questions first? Then to Me, you are asking all the questions. See where there is the Truth. Where the truth is there, human beings fall down, and when there is untruth, you just jump into it. What am I going to cheat you for?

We did not even allow you to come to Puja; I mean, you see, ours is a different system. Actually, it is I Who have to accept, not that you have to accept: it’s a question of My acceptance. Yes, I have to accept it; it is not that you have to accept Me – the position is different. See? You understand the point? It’s a different position actually. Now, see the vibrations. That’s why she was not feeling: he’s a devil. And how can you put Me on par with it, how can you get Realization?

As soon as you say something, as he was better! It’s a Mahamaya. It’s such a Mahamaya, you see, because it is testing you; it is testing you all the time. Because all the deities know it.

(Aside – He’s all right, it comes out. She is difficult. Yes, she works out but Vishuddhi is really bad, which doubts.)

See now, I told you – Gregoire, you tell them to judge like this, that when they go to Mahesh Yogi [Maharishi-TM] or anyone, they have to work: he doesn’t work. Here, I have to work. Secondly, the people who are here, they know what is your problem – they all know; even he knows. You see, everyone knows what is happening, where it is, and they all say the same thing. And they are not going to cheat you either. So, now you see, all right? So, it has to work out. You have to become: it cannot be just done by false certificate. It has to happen. Even the little girl, Estelle, will tell you. She can tell.

Now, you are all seekers, you are seeking the truth, and that’s why I am going all out for you. All right? And you all should get it: that’s your right to have it. All of you are going to get it, even you may go to any guru, or anything, I’m going to give you. You don’t have to worry. Now, don’t cry, come. Come here. Don’t cry; there’s nothing to cry, you are going to get it. All right? You are all seekers. You are going to get it; don’t worry, don’t be disappointed. Close your eyes.

She’s going now? (Referring to child who is leaving).

Gregoire: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Helen, are you going?

Helen: Yes, I am going.

Shri Mataji: Aaah.

Helen: Goodbye.

Shri Mataji: (Mother kisses her) Goodbye. I haven’t got anything to give to her. Helen, what should I give you?

Helen: Nothing. Give me Your love.

Shri Mataji: I’ll give that. Give her My photograph – at least something. I haven’t got anything for her; I didn’t know I was going to meet her.

(Mother continues working on the woman – “both the chakras are catching.”)

May God bless you. And you have to contact these patients, and Gregoire and [?] are going to work it out. All right, Doctor? Look after yourself.

(Yogi explains to Mother who else is catching).

All right, that’s good, very fine, thank you very much. No, this side.

(More talking among yogis).

Gregoire: Laurent a senti… Sorry, Mother, now I talk French with You! It’s very interesting – Laurent felt the left Mooladhara and this is the Siddhi course, You remember?

Shri Mataji: They are all sick: Siddhi course breaks the Mooladhara.

(Mother continues working on seekers from TM – She repeats “Sakshat Param” quite a few times)

(A child calls out)

Shri Mataji: (to woman seeker) She is your sister? He’s your brother. (To yogi) She’ll have to put her left hand towards the photograph and right hand on [Vishhuddhi ?]. Are you feeling better now, relaxed? The spirits are out.

(To a yogi) You took two days to be all right, isn’t it?

Gregoire: Mother, she’ll work it out on the photograph; that will be good.

Shri Mataji: Yes, and they also took … You took two days, isn’t it, to get your Realization? Or three days.

Gregoire: Four days.

Shri Mataji: Four days, so she’ll also take some time, that’s all. It’s all right. Don’t be disturbed, don’t be nervous – it is going to work out. It takes …Now you have done this course for so many days, you see – at least four days is all right? You are going to get it, and when you get it you write to Me, all right? (Mother kisses the seeker) She’ll be all right. You see, it takes time for … You see this, with this kind of TM [Transcendental Meditation] course, you do take a little time – three, four days, or something. All right? She’ll be all right.

(Mother is leaving)

Give My love to Kathy very much, and to the Moroccan girl, you see, and Monica, and to Esther also: very much. I remember them, all of them. Tell them not to worry, because you have also taken four days – so it doesn’t matter. Just come. And then they will know what is needed about the chakras and all that, then you can talk.

(To yogini) You are doing very good work in Paris, all right? I will try to come in Paris, on My way to India – maybe for one or two days. Then I will call you, all right? Maybe, maybe. So I’d like to see you all. By that time, you’ll all get Realization; you should become masters of Kundalini. I bless you very much. All right? Now we know such a lot about Kundalini – you will also learn.

(Tape ends)