10th Day of Navaratri Puja & Havan, Just surrender

Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (England)

1980-10-19 1 Navaratri Puja 1980 1, 14'
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Navaratri Puja. Hampstead, London (UK), 19 October 1980.

So you have already heard about the importance of today in the life of the Goddess. And that today is Ravana was killed and that’s how there were celebrations. It still reflects itself [unsure]

As you know very well that all the satanic forces which one had to face one at the time are all back on the stage and they are to be defeated. The greatest problem of modern times is that these satanic forces have taken a very subtle form and they enter into your psyches and into your egos. And you are the saints, you are the bhaktas, you are the devotees of the Goddess. It’s a very delicate situation.

When the confusion is there, when the saints are attacked, the aggressor can be removed, but the saint becomes mixed up or confused with negative forces, which is very difficult to make him see the light. And you have seen this situation very well. And the subtler you grow, the subtler they became. And they start giving you ideas which are so negative, but you cannot see them. So the problem today is very delicate. There are no absolute saints and there are no absolute bad people. Such a mixture, a confusion, that is what is Kali Yuga is, these modern times are.
The only way to get rid of them is to surrender. That is the only way, there is no other way around. Because when you surrender, the spirits, the negativities, the satanic forces just disappear because they are not effective. They have no business to be there. They have no interest in a person who is surrendered to God. They cannot surrender. If they surrender they’ll also become saints.

All the time to think: “What are my catches? What are my negativities?” Is not going to help you. Just surrender all these ideas that are coming to you and you’ll find that all absurd ideas will run away. This is the easiest way to get rid of your problems, is just to surrender. After all, all these horrible people, all the horrible deities, enemies, who came forward to fight the Goddess, are there as long as you nurture them. As soon as you surrender yourself, they find you of no use for themselves and they go to other half-baked people.
The growth will only come, when the surrender is complete. One has to know that the powers are tremendous. You cannot conceive it as it is said by Markandeya. You cannot conceive it; it is beyond your conception. Outwardly you cannot understand, you just cannot understand. Under such circumstances, the best thing is to surrender yourself. Now with surrendering, what do you surrender? What do you surrender? It’s your ego and your super-ego and it is completely cleansed and drenched in the blessing. Because you cannot give anything, you have to receive the blessings and to receive the blessings you have to just surrender. It is so simple. The easiest way to solve all your problems is to surrender.
Just say: “I surrender”. For Realized souls this should be their mantra. And you will be amazed how all your problems will vanish. Because not only that the powers are tremendous, but as you are Realized souls all the divine Forces, all the divine Deities, all the Eternal Beings, Chiranjivas, all the angels and the ganas, all of them are looking after you. But they know one thing, those who are surrendered and those who are not surrendered. You just surrender the problem, and you will be surprised that the answer will come in such a miraculous way. Just surrender. Do not take any responsibility upon yourself. Just surrender. Because how far you can go into the solution? Up to your rationality. Beyond that you are your Spirit, and the Spirit is connected to the Divine. So best is to surrender and the whole thing will show such light and such beauty and such meaning.

In the modern times now the work is not the same way as it was where it is described ,when the Raudrarupa or that the Chandrarupa you see there, was there at the back.
It’s a mine work, it’s a Mother, it’s a simple, loving, compassionate. For your protection, this rupa is there, but you do not see it. You are completely protected, be sure of it.
And all your powers after Realization of giving Kundalini awakening, or of curing people, or of talking about Sahaja Yoga, or spreading it, any, any kind of thing that you want is all granted, is all flowing through.
And as you know, that there are many saints, who have said, “Why these Sahaja Yogis, they should be granted this great boon?” So one can say it’s a whim, all right.

There is one more thing. I was happy to learn that the great poet of this country, Blake, had prophesied about Me. And it is so beautifully done, that He said that England is going to be the Jerusalem. This is going to be the pilgrimage. The venue has shifted. And then He has very beautifully- have you got the thing to read? Oh, haven’t brought it. But what reading, that He has said that first the furnace will be burning in Surrey Hills, where I came first, and then He has mentioned Lambeth Vale, where we have got our Ashram, where the foundations will be laid, we have laid the foundations. And that Jerusalem is going to be in England, not in India. And you are the people responsible for this Jerusalem.

Today is the day for which in India everybody is doing Puja. And all the Sahaja Yogis today, in every center there is a Puja today. And they are all thinking of you people. So you have to receive the supreme bliss today, the supreme bliss, only by surrender. Today the vibrations are tremendous. Keep all your doubts and all your nonsensical things outside. Just receive it and get it. These things are going to help you, nothing else. Because you don’t have to give Me anything, but receive it yourself. Receive it as much as you can.

This Havan you know is a very good thing for reciting the name of the Goddess. Her eyes are given by fire, [Agni] as they say, and in that light, in that fire, in the name of Goddess, we awaken our Deities within us and burn away all that is wrong in these particular chakras which invoke those powers. So with devotion and understanding you have to do it. Because you are really privileged people, today, extremely privileged. Be proud of that, and do with that devotion all these things.

Today is a very much better time because the Dashara and the Navaratri, both are combined at this time. And so it has worked out very well. We should do it with full devotion. I think very few people can put in the fire, but we can all do symbolically and say this. And how many names do you want to take away? Hundred-and-eight?
Sahaja Yogi: Thousand.
Shri Mataji: “What’s it?
Shri Mataji: You would like to thousand? That is a good idea. If you have that much devotion it will be the best because it will about take two hours at the most, at the most. Not two hours, I think one hour if we go fast. Will you be able to say all that?
Do you think it’s easy?”
Sahaja Yogi: “Yes.”
Shri Mataji: “One thousand names. Or else, you can give food to children. They will be tired. What do you say? What do you think?
Let’s try it. In India they would do one thousand.
Sahaja Yogi: Then we will do thousand.
12 :21 End of first track]

[They start preparing for the Havan. Yogis recite 108 names of Shri Mataji.]

Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of London. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of India. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of Britain. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of London. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the badhas of London Sahaj Yogis. Om Svaha!

Sahaja Yogi: The Ashram. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Brighton. The badhas of Brighton.
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of Brighton. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the other centers we should say.
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of Cambridge. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of Birmingham. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of Exter. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas of Leeds. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Northampton. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: York. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Preston, three times. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Liverpool. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Edinburgh. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Dublin. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Scotland. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Norland. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogini: Sheffield. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Norwich. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogini: Hampton. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: The Vale of Lambeth. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: The Surrey Hills. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: France. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Switzerland. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogini: Greece. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Italy. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Vatican. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Catholic. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: and protestant. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Jews. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Atheists. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Arabs. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Hindus.
Shri Mataji: Hindus. Om Svaha!

Sahaja Yogini: All the priesthood,
Shri Mataji: All the priests. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the Mullahs. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the Sikhs. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the Seekers. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the Gurus. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the fake gurus. Om Svaha!

Sahaja Yogi: All the Americans. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Australians. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Africans. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Malaysians. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Mauritians. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Indians. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All British Indians. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogini: South Africa.
Shri Mataji: South Africa. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: South Americans.
Shri Mataji: South Americans. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Russians.
Shri Mataji: Russians. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Our families,
Shri Mataji: All your families. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Chinese. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Communism. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Capitalism. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Liberalism. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: So-called-democracy. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Socialism. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: [INAUDIBLE]. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: [INAUDIBLE]. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogini: Racism.
Shri Mataji: Racism. Om Svaha!

Shri Mataji: All misidentification. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas in ourselves.
Shri Mataji: All right. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All our brothers and sisters in the world. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the Sahaja Yoga centers all over the world. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Indian centers. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the badhas in the husbands and wives. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi and Shri Mataji: All the badhas that make us see each others faults. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Ones that stops us being compassionate of each other. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: Ego. Yogi: Yes. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Jesus Christ. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Again. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Super-ego. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Left side. Om Svaha! Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Surrendering. Badhas preventing us surrendering. Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the lethargies. Om Svaha! Yogi: We should do seven. Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: All the badhas stopping our new ashram being built on time. Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the badhas of murmuring souls. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the badhas of the mediums. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Publicity. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the kings and heads of states. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All the warmongers. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: That which stop us from being strong warriors. Om Svaha!
Sahaja Yogi: That which is stopping us from being meek and mild. Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji: Yes. Om Svaha!
[INAUDIBLE]. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Keeping Sahaja Yoga from [INAUDIBLE]. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Emancipation of the whole human race. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Glorifying God and his worship. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: All troubling your Mother. Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha! Om Svaha!

Shri Mataji: Now everybody has today to decide that every one of you by the time I come back must at least give Realization to ten people. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Please try. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Once more. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Give me promise minimum of ten people each are going to get realization and you are going to make Sahaja Yogis. Getting over all the badhas of marriage and all the romancing. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Family problems. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Social problems. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Political problems. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: Economic problems. Om Svaha!
Shri Mataji: So now last, but important is the badha that comes in the progress of your own beings – your beings. May God bless you.

Bolo Jai Shri Bhagavati Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai!

Shri Mataji: “From where does this come? You should say this is the Holy Breeze, this is the Holy Breeze from the Holy Ghost. All right? Good. Left Vishuddhi. Now go on, he talked to whom?”

Sahaja Yogi: “[INAUDIBLE] We tried to tell them about it and.”

Shri Mataji: “Which people?”

Sahaja Yogi: “These were the people on the meditation course.”

Shri Mataji: “Which meditation course?”

Sahaja Yogi: That he did over a weekend Mother when he was here in London two weeks ago.

Shri Mataji: “Who has, Yogi Mahajan?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes.”

Shri Mataji: “He had a meditation course?

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes, Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “And what did they say?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Ahem, some of them sounded quite interested, but ah not very, and some of them whom were saying very unpleasant things.”

Shri Mataji: “But why, what was Yogi Mahajan doing there?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Ahem, basically he gave them a sort of meditation which gets them to look at themselves.”

Shri Mataji: “Really? Unless until Self-Realization comes. See this is what is it they will be all possessed. You try to put in any effort, see Yogi Mahajan has not been able to see the essence of Sahaja Yoga. If you try to put in any effort you go to the left and right and naturally they’ll be changed. Because they will be possessed by these devils you know. And that’s what he is doing again. I’ll have to rectify the whole thing. I wish I could talk to him. He doesn’t understand. It is very dangerous. He himself will be in trouble. How can you look at yourself when the self is nothing? What I’m saying, when you are not connected how can you look at your self? What is the self they’ll be watching? Moreover, now did he tell them to lead a righteous life and all that?”

Yogi: “Yes Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “He told them. So are they doing it?”

Yogi: “Ah, some of them. [INAUDIBLE]”

Shri Mataji: “What are they talking about? I don’t understand. Because, I tell you, some of them came to My program, and they just fainted. They started shivering and jumping. Horrible. Grégoire was there. Who else? You were there. Do you remember? No, no, no! In Delhi. You remember in Delhi? Horrible things happened to them. Naturally they will say. They started jumping and doing all kinds of things. They were from Rajneesh and horrible. And they fainted actually there. They couldn’t bear any more. So I told Yogi Mahajan you don’t play with these people. What is the use? They are all ready weak people. And what is he interested in weak people for; having a problem? He’ll be in trouble. He said that first he wants them to go to Rajneesh style and then bring to Sahaja Yoga. And this is it?”

Yogi: “I think his idea is that, ah.”

Shri Mataji: “First to cleanse them.”

Yogi: “Yes.”

Shri Mataji: “That he told me that the way is in the West whole thing is very [INAUDIBLE] in there and all that. But Sahaja Yoga is the best way into it. You see for yourself. Because your vibrations will only tell you. How much time we’ll have to wait now for cleansing? Like that. Sahaja Yoga; it works you are realized and start cleansing yourself automatically. They take too much time there. And maybe they will go around with this thing. How will they control their ego? First of all that’s the problem in the West, ego. Now how is he going to counter it without Realization? Have you talked to him? Is he coming back?”

Yogi: “Yes he came back about ten days ago. He said he wanted to see You.”

Shri Mataji: “Then I’ll be glad to speak to him. I’ll tell him that. Yes he told me this that Mother you don’t know the people who come to me. But all lunatic people go to him I think.”


Shri Mataji: “Ahh, I really tell you. He was telling me that they can never understand it, Sahaja Yoga. They have to be brought round and actually a very funny type he was telling. So what were they saying about getting on to come to Sahaja Yoga?”

Yogi: “Yes, some of them said that. But some of them had [INAUDIBLE] met you [INAUDIBLE]”

Shri Mataji: “What happened to them?”

Yogi: “I didn’t ask them very much about that.”

Shri Mataji: There were some who were from Rajneesh. He told them about it. He had to, because these people said he take out all these things otherwise they can’t get Realization. And some of these people were very funny and they started arguing and this and that. And then we had to ask them to go. And there was one fellow Yark, from Innsbruck something, he came in. Do you remember Huli? About five, seven of them from Yark, some fellow Yark. And they wouldn’t take their Realization. They said there must be some other way also apart from Kundalini. I said there is nothing. They said, “No I want to do in this way.” Then I said, “Why do you come here? If you come here then you have to accept Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise you go to your guru, why do you come here?” They were quite rude. Do you remember the way? They were very rude and they just came to pick up a fight. I said, “We don’t go to your guru to be destructive. Why should you come here?” Then they went on. I said, “It’s not easy.” I said, “We have paid for this hall and you can pay for your hall and can do what you like to do, to be destructive. It’s up to you.”

You see a simple question if you ask them, “Do you know where is the Kundalini? Do you know is happening? Do you know what is happening to another person?” They say, “No.” They do not understand. I mean you have no knowledge. How are you going to judge whether you are correct or not? There is no way out. But for Indians it is intrinsic. See because everybody talks of Kundalini. But yesterday I met another funny fellow. He told me that Kundalini starts from here. I said, “Very nice job.” He said, “My guru has told me to start to meditate on here.” I said, “Really?” He said something I can’t understand, “You have to put all the attention here.” I said, “It will break and I won’t be able to put it back.” I was quite amazed. And he said, “My guru has told me to concentrate on here, the Kundalini is here.” I said, “Really? This is something news to me that Kundalini is here.” So all such nonsense that is going on. So what to do with them, such people?

And now if you say that they are not ready, you tell them something else and manage it. They are going away from reality. You have to tell them this that there are many ways to waste the time. Last Judgment has started, there is no time to be wasted. And you must tell this fellow Mahajan, that he behaves responsible. This he must understand. That he should say nothing but Sahaja Yoga. Come to Sahaja Yoga and we’ll talk. Get your Realization, then we’ll talk. That’s what he has to do, otherwise he will be held responsible, because he has got his Realization.

Do we say that you can’t use the most suitable [INAUDIBLE]. But he should try giving people Realization. They get it or not, let’s see. What happened to the doctor?”

Yogini answers. [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: “But we have met a very nice doctor now in India and he is going to write a paper. It will be published here. Because in his presence I cured six people. I cured a cancer patient, I cured a paralysis patient, and a arthritis, and a [INAUDIBLE]. So he has wrote it down and he is going to publish all that and he is going to [INAUDIBLE] work the cures that we have done in India. Now see there is one case of leukemia. Just comes like that. [INAUDIBLE] ”

[There is still talking, but its subject is general and it is very [INAUDIBLE]]


[Talking about a book Grégoire is writing]

Shri Mataji: Before I leave I hope your book will be ready so that I have copies to take from you. It has come out very well, but it is also for the realized souls. You see after Realization you will forget that you were not realized once upon a time and those who are not realized they are blind. You have to talk to them sensibly. You have to talk in a very different way. So I’m also trying to make a small direct statement, by which people should know what they should be carefully looking, what they should expect, what should happen to them. So that actually in India people know what to expect, you see. But here people don’t know, so we have to write like that and that if you use then they will be prepared.

You see these small pamphlets that we are going to write now should be really transcribed and they should be sent all over. I mean it’s taking roots now. Because see the way things have happened in say France. It was tremendous you see. Because now people are finding it out that all this nonsense is on, and they have to find something for cancer.

And say in France now in three places I went to everywhere there were people from seventeen [INAUDIBLE] Everywhere! And then I went to Germany everywhere there were people from fifteen to twenty-five everywhere. And then I went to Germany, also came. So everywhere I found that there is an awakening and people were trying to understand that there has to be some real knowledge and they respect that. Some people who have been to other gurus are even better because they somehow or other understand the value of Sahaja Yoga in comparison. See how much money they have been paying and how much they are doing and how many years they have been working for their ascent.


Yogini: “Mother, I have transcribed about twelve tapes.”

Shri Mataji: “Really? So where are they?”

Yogini: “They are still in Brighton.”

Shri Mataji: “Will you send them over to me I would like to take them with me to India. That is good. That will help a lot. Because they want to publish small small booklets out of that. Would be good idea. Then you can translate. Because Grégoire is now writing another book, based on Advent, but in French. Because he says now I’m a very different person, back then I was not too much established because [INAUDIBLE]. Whatever I’ll say I’ll say with that authenticity. I said all right you do it.


Abu has bought a very nice tape recorder. I think all of you should buy one tape recorder, because you see that is one way of growing. Because Abu told me that when he started reading and listening to them his English improved tremendously. Of course you cannot really learn English. But he said, “The vibrations are coming from there and I started growing!” It is a very good idea to have tapes and at your spare time, put them on and listen to them. And it’s a very good thing – it helps a lot. That will really mature you very nicely. That is a very good idea.

Yogi Mahajan did not bring any foreign person to meet you. [INAUDIBLE] You are the only first person he sent and he only brought Indian people to meet Me.

Yogi: “I met some [INAUDIBLE] India and they were saying things like Sahaja Yoga is very difficult, it is not for me. Something silly like that.”

Shri Mataji: “Because they were fainting, na? They were fainting. Actually those two people who came in here [INAUDIBLE]. They were in such a bad manner. And then actually literally physically we had to lift them out of here. They were in such a shape. You remember? You don’t remember those two? You were there. Horrible business. For them the wisest thing is to follow Rajneesh, I think. That is the wisest thing with them.”

But now luckily, Rajneesh has been ousted from Pune. He is ousted from there and he has taken a place. Also there he has got a land but it was cancelled by government so now he is going to catch in another place. From there all the such people are just going on strike. Because you see he cannot travel much he is suffering from one of these ahh.

Yogi: “Can’t stand smells.”

Yogi: “Asthma.”

Yogi: “He is suffering from being a rakshasha.”

Shri Mataji: “I mean he cannot travel, he cannot move out even on a, what you call a, on a train, or anything. He cannot sit next to people and he cannot smell any good things like flowers or good scent or anything he cannot smell he gets into this spasm and he starts getting, what you call, asthma. He has got allergies from all these good things. He can only go near something filthy, there he can sit comfortably.”

[They start talking about organizing programs and dates of events. They also mention that there will be a program in Caxton Hall next night, which is the speech